“I’m ok being a terrible human. Winning this game is more important than keeping my word”

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1:40am – 3:30am Steve heads to the comic room and starts hitting himself with a pillow. I never had any intention of going to the final 5 with the scamper squad. What I need to do is break this down and figure it out. The first thing I have to acknowledge is there is risk in either scenario. I need to play the odds. He starts laying out m&m’s. One thing that I do believe from Vanessa is that Austin is going to throw it tomorrow. Steve starts whispering very quietly and moving the candy around. He goes through scenarios. Steve then lays in bed staring off at the wall. Sh*t I give up! I give Up!! He then says he needs to go to bed.. Steve then lays there restlessly. He then gets up had goes to sit at the chess table. He wonders around the house and then goes back to the candy’s. He starts laughing and says OH I’m so hilarious. I could just stand back and let.. He wonders around the room and then says I’m going to bed. He shuts off the lights.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 04-55-35-340

4am – 4:40am Steve still hasn’t gone to sleep and is up whispering to the camera but his mic is off so you can’t hear what he’s saying. He then goes back to counting out scenarios with the M&M’s. Steve goes back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 05-04-36-103

5:25am The boy can’t sleep..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 05-22-15-004

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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114 thoughts on ““I’m ok being a terrible human. Winning this game is more important than keeping my word”

    1. Does Steve finally grow some balls? Doubt it but it makes too much sense for him & Jmac to flip the votes. Meg goes home, the only people who wont put Jmac up are Steve & James this week. It will probably be Jmac that goes unless he wins HOH or veto. Steve would go up if Jmac wins veto and they could vote out him because he’s more connected and bigger comp threat than James. The longer you wait Steve the less chance you have on winning.
      MAN THE F#*K UP!

    2. Steve knows that Julia should go…they all do. Nobody but James has the balls to do it. Happy Double Eviction Thursday! Please let it be exciting!!!!

      1. well… james DOESN’T have the balls to do it, he was contemplating putting up john and steve up during the DE
        and it’s not like he wants to make the big move to vote out julia, he just wants to save his girl

        1. Maybe, but it jon & steve go to him and say they are going save meg if he agrees put up them . James would honor it. But I want meg to go hme bcz shes killing james game. I think he will be more focused with her out

      2. Exactly! Vanessa said she wanted F2 with Julia. Why can’t Steve see this with his M&M scenarios? And If Austin really is Liz’s “Boyfriend” would you not tell him what Vanessa just said and insinuated? What idiot would keep that a secret with a girl YOU MET IN A COMPETITION Helllllooooooooo?!!!!!!!! Instead, she says nothing. Vanessa heavily implied that Austin is the reason they are there and the reason they can be taken out. “Austin’s blessing” my arss!!!

    3. Cmon John, do it! If you say it’s a good idea, Steve will do it unless… of course he’ll go and ask Vanessa what she thinks. lol. Steve, Vanessa has it already set up to get you out. Don’t be a coward, make a move. The reason you’re getting sick over the decision is you know what the right move is versus playing the game scared.

    4. Seriously. I like Jmac and Steve with meg and james a lot more than i like them with Vanessa. NAd it would shock the hell out of the rest of the house.

      And he almost seems like he might.

      This is maddening. These guys can’t stay on an idea longer than 10 mins!! I hope this is the big flip we all keep hoping this season has.. cause otherwise, i mean shit!

    5. Honestly I don’t understand all this love for Meg. It’s some odd product of all this Jason-Da’Vonne love, which I also didn’t understand. Meg’s an entitled loser with no game insight. She’s the type of final 3 houseguest that you people love to hate (Victoria, Spencer, Gina Marie). If you want James to win, you need to thump him up side of the head and tell him to align with Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac to get out Liz, then Austin. Then align with Steve & JM to get out Vanessa. Oh well. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Meg delusions.

      1. Oh Meg is an annoying ally but an ally nonetheless, she has made a lot of decisions that screw her side and thinks that she’s a really savvy player. Having said so her staying in the house increases the chance of James (the only player apart from Vanessa who made decisions and moves that benefited himself, stayed loyal to his alliance and won competitions) and JMac (the second if not most likeable person in the house) winning. If Julie stays, the probability of one of the two staying decreases, especially that the next HOH for DE is a crap shoot. James aligning with Vanessa? Why would James align with someone that had been wanting to get him out since week one. That will be the same as BB6 Howie listening to Maggie.

      2. Meg is a meat vote, and a meat shield. No one can say anything good about her game, not even she herself. Her campaigning amounts to another vote for the other guy. Don’t get it twisted, Meg’s just less hated than the chronic social disease & hate machine that is Julie, Liz, Vanessa & Austin.

        It happens all the time. It’s how Obama got elected twice– it was either him or the wierd religion guy Mitt with his Magic Underwear planning Armageddon with the polygamists in Utah. You really have to see that Broadway musical by the creators of South Park. BB just prepares us Americans for presidential politics– this year its Dynasty starring the Hillary Hatfield v. Jeb McCoy with the hating hairpieceTrumpeteabagger in a 3rd party from hell. Aren’t you Canadians jealous? Time to move north, unless that is, the North Pole melts and we’re all washed to South America. Comienza practicando su Español ahora amigos!

        1. Meg is p*ssed because her plan of doing nothing and floating to final two is being thrashed by Vanessa. She does not care about James. It’s all about poor Meg.

    6. So we’re depending on the boy who sits down to pee to make an independent decision, without his Mommy Vanessa’s approval. Good Luck with that. I think I will just have to be content to make lizard and rat jokes while this gruesome season grinds down. Still can’t pull for JMac. Just do not like him. JamesFTW! Like that’s gonna happen. BB is ill, and getting iller. Grodner Out!

      1. I guess you just pee wherever. Steve (regardless of his bathroom habits- WHO CARES?!! ) is trying to make an important game decision.

    7. James is the biggest loser today. After protecting Meg, going all soft on Clay, keeping Vanessa, bromancing Clay & Austin, wearing Clay’s unwashed clothes that smell like him, chasing girls & being Vanessa’s whipping boy…he is alone packing to leave and he isn’t even on the block….

      Stab to the heart, Meg his beloved, won’t fight for him giving up on his Operation Trojan Horse, convinces him he hasn’t got a chance. Salt on the wound, she won’t even talk to Austin, he’s sexy, he acts like he runs this house, people like that. You won’t wear lingerie at Jury House? NO. You wouldn’t choose me over Austin? NO. Even if he had chloroformed you, you wouldn’t call out for James? NO, I would let that egoist smelly fishy fingered sasquatch molest me and do nasty things with his food covered pony beard! If I had chloroformed you, and played My Best Friend song, would you f*ck me then? NO! I would still f*ck Austin he runs this house. Would you be friends with my crush Austin outside this house? No, laments James, he’s too tall. Unless he chloroformed me.

      How many bar fights do you get into James, why? Is that a substitute for sex? And you don’t want Austin to have your back? Poor James, no one picks him, even if their chloroformed. And so he packs…

      1. I had your reaction to James packing for a millisecond. Until I realized that he was doing it to make Meg feel better as she packed.

        1. THEY NEVER EVEN TALKED TO AUSTIN! They gave up completely, half hearted confused campaigning! What reasoning dI’d she use, poor me I never got a chance. They put tons more effort, emotion, convincing in PotBall and Vanessa’s courtroom prosecuting James & Austin for bruising Meg all over and bashing her eye with candy. WHY ISN’T SHE TELLING THEM THEIR GAME IS OVER if they don’t keep James/Meg for votes? WHY DID THEY NOT BRING IT UP WHEN AUSTIN WAS FISHING FOR DEALS IN HAVE NOT ROOM LAST NIGHT??

          I was a Meg James fan until these may 2 days, when they whine cry they already left mentally. On Feeds, on BBAD, Meg says she’s not even going to talk to Austin. Jane’s days he’s going home today. It’s double eviction and we know this. Why won’t she help his game if she’s a real friend by attempting to stay in the house. THEY SLEPT ALL DAY, to stay up all night NO– Steve is up puking, they could be pouring this deal together with JMAC while everyone snores. Jame’s trying to make Meg feel better talking about Austin friendship outside the house? and the f*ing chloroform again? Why is it okay they talk incessantly about their eviction a forgone conclusion? If James is staying, why not plot his next moves, who he should align with. No Meg cries, don’t work for that her. There is no no other side, you quit!

          These two never knew and haven’t learned how to build an alliance even by watching one from the block and have not room. They do not try to play the game, they don’t deserve to win, especially if Steve is the only one to flip it for his own benefit. They don’t want it bad enough–they wrote Vanessa the check voting out all their friends fire temporary protection and flipping on Becky keeping Van their executioner in overy and over. They will probably vote Van winner from jury cuz they’ve helped her more than anyone on her side by killing their own alliance and sleeping whining through eviction. Great campaign.

        2. What show have you been watching? The King and Queen of summer camp cry in their preverbial beer sleeping all day while the opposition campaigns, plots and laughs at their horrible play.
          James & Meg flipped their votes on everyone, Becky, Shelli, JMac, Jackie voting with the house aka the opposition the entire summer. Now they can’t stick with a flip plan for more than an hour?

          They can’t believe Steve and Austin are working together? Ate they blind, oh yeah sleeping all day. Meg says her plan after nomination is hibernating. Steve hangs on Van Austin Twins drooling, laying unset their hammock, while they call him BOY and this is news to James Meg at 3am last night? They aren’t fans, Megs was recruited as a waitress with friend is a Survivor, hoping to get discovered in New York. Jame’s ex-wife is the BB applicant super fan and he got hired because he was a Kentucky fried Asian character. So mane they came in stupid. Even Van & Austin admit their mistakes in the game, why can’t these 2 learn from theirs?

          Its not personal Meg is numbers and you refuse to keep any because you’re too self absorbed,v refuse to talk to people even when James tries to save you. You sober offers all over Vanessa and refuse to ask Austin? Crazy pants who really doesn’t want it bad enough for her or her BF James. Why should we cry or root for her or him if they gave up on their plan, their game, their numbers?

      2. That was a really weird tangent you just went on about James. James doesn’t have grace, I’ll give you that, but he IS the underdog, so we like him!

        And, I don’t think Production is asking JMac and Steve to fake this scenario just for t.v., as they mostly don’t air these final moments AND Steve would be able to sleep right away. He really is perplexed, walking, talking, asking his Mommy for help, then whips out the M&Ms, and that means he really is torn. Vanessa said she wants JMac gone if James wins HOH or the veto. Steve Doesn’t.

    8. I think this is going to be like all the other times we have heard all the big talk. We will get no action and Meg will be voted out.


  2. Pull the trigger Steve. You, Meg, James, and JMac would only be playing for the HOH against Liz and Austin. The numbers are on your side if you pull the damn trigger!!

    1. What none of them realize is Vanessa helped Steve in a HUGE way by telling the twins that a flip would only happen if Austin approved, and put herself in an even better position by doing so. She can tell Steve is wavering, but she’s telling them he would never betray Julia, it would have to be Austin. If Julia leaves, the twins now trust her more than Austin (jury votes for Van). Steve would still have Vanessa and JMac and gain Meg and James. He’d be in the best situation of ANY of the houseguests because Meg, James, and JMac still don’t trust Vanessa. It would be extremely hard to realize this from inside the house, but if there’s anyone that can think like a feedster this season, it’s Steve.

      And don’t give me “Jason could do it” because even though he knew when they do certain comps and DE, he was throwing out conspiracy/twist theories left and right, just wildly guessing America’s player and all that crap.

    2. Steve sees the game. But in order to flip, he would need to talk strategy with James. Mommy won’t allow that to happen. Cry real tears, boy. You are toast.

  3. To those people that think the house is going to flip and vote out Julia instead:

    The only flip that will happen in the BB house is when Meg flips from sleeping on one side to the other to prevent herself from getting bed sores.

    1. Good lord isn’t that the truth. I log on the feeds and where’s Meg? Freaking asleep. I log off for most of the day, come back and SHES STILL ASLEEP. And she’s on the block! Lol poor James, I know everyone wants the flip to happen but I really think James will be much better off with her gone.

    2. Van might flip the hammock when she goes to get out of it and steps on Steve’s face, not realizing he had crawled back under there.

    3. I agree This season was transparent from week 4. Try to keep the public interested by dangling other names out there for eviction. Got old fast. Balls… They also need balls that would make the season interesting.

  4. Well bless my soul…swear to God Steve’s voice is getting deeper. I believe he is finally growing some balls…..hope Vanessa doesn’t clip them off.

    1. Chima wouldn’t think twice about tearing off Steve’s scrotum with her bare hands. She would then proceed to dehydrate his nut sack and make a coin purse out of it complete with a Louis Vuitton label on it.

  5. Oh Steve! I’m praying that you grow a pair……………..

    But I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

    But…………wouldn’t it be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C’mon James……….win HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am so nervous about tonight. This is a HUGE chance for Steve and Jmac to make the others recognize that they too have game changing power. Voting out Meg is a joke! You have a Dann twin on the block. Freshen up the air in that house and get that useless nasty Julia out. OK Meg is with James so what. Best case scenario Julia is voted out, Liz self evicts and now is n even playing field. Austin/Van, James/Meg, Steve/Jmac GANE ON!

    1. Hate to burst your butterflies but none of that will happen. Especially the Liz self evicting part. She will never do that. She’s just trying to freak Austin out and was talking her normal shit.

      Unfortunately Liz is a pretty decent competititor, if they take out Julia she’ll turn around and get James out. Watch.

    1. I think people are being a bit quick to judge Steve this week. Julia and Liz can be beaten in nearly any veto competition and they would also lose against anyone in the final 2. Whereas Meg is loved by the jury even though she is bad at comps.

      So if that’s what Steve believes then he might think there is a chance he can boot the twins out after Meg & James are gone (2 big threats IMO).

  7. Dang it Steve!!!!!!!!! Grow a effing pair and KEEP MEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Perfect scenario for tonight – Steve and Johnny Mac team up with James evict Julia then it will be Meg, James, Steve and Johnny Mac vs Austin, Liz,and Vanessa. Vanessa Cant play HOH 4 vs 2 They Win HOH nominate Austin and Liz with Vanessa as a backdoor option if Veto is won and played. 2 Austwits leave the house tonight !! I can only dream right …….

    1. The truly perfect would be for Meg to win HOH (yes I know but it’s a game of chance) and put up Liz/Van and Van goes home at Meg’s hands…come on you want to see that don’t you?

  9. Could Steve actually have figured out that what’s good for Van’s game isn’t good for his? Can he grow a pair and break away from Mommy? Stay tuned!

  10. Are you an idiot? Live up to your word like Austwins do. If Julia goes home I am done with this season, obviously fixed.

  11. Steve, that is your instinct talking to you. Listen to and follow it. As a BB superfan, you know this is the kind of move that could win the game for you.

  12. Only reason Vanessa wants Julia is to take her to the end… she is useless as Meg but with no friends. Voting Julia out really won’t her Vanessa, imo. She knows the Austin and Liz will target JMac and Steve.

  13. I would love Steve SO much if he flipped! I’d forgive him for stupidly sending Jackie home. Julia NEEDS to leave! Buh-bye, twit!!!

    1. Could be REAL interesting if Johnny says he flipped his vote cause Austin told him to. Liz wins HOH takes Austin out because he doesn’t have enough time to prove it wasn’t him. It would be PERFECT karma from weeks ago when Austin changed his vote to make it look like Steve did it.

      Well….one can dream

  14. JohnnyMac and Steve.. DO IT. Make a fucking power move. It’s about time someone other than James has the balls to really do something. At this point, for sheer strategy and ability to manipulate, Vanessa is the best player left. James certainly has the biggest balls… but if JMac & Steve flip this and break up the Austwins / FingerBangBunch, they’ll have major game moves to tout if they make it to the final 2. Let’s shake this shit up guys, come on.

  15. Jeeezus Steve, Vanessa said she’s putting you up, she’s not taking you to Finals!! He’s deaf, dumb and blind now? She told him she was taking the weakest players, she’s too hated in Jury, she’d never win. I think I’m here to help myself win not help Julia win. He’s been put up over and over by these people. Van treks him to mind Julia so his game is over? Steve’s mom can’t be proud he’s really going out playing the patsy for the worst team. Numbers were off since the beginning or want going to work. He thinks he’s Final 2 with Vanessa??? She makes F2s with everyone and no one else believes it. He’s not a smart player at all. Let’s hug I like hugs. He’s the only one deluding himself he is friends with anyone.

    Meg doesn’t promise Austin anything? He needs votes when it comes down to him vs. Van, Twins etc. She’s going to skip it, she throws out Operation Trojan Horse. They’re dropping like flies on an endurance comp. Disappointing.

    Notice Vanessa smiling while she watches everyone figure out their doomed? She should be nervous for DE no, just setting up Austin as fall guy, Steve as fall guy, Liz as fall guy, her 1-2-3…strongest players out.

  16. omg, if Steve agrees to flip it he will become a fan favourite for sure (fingers crossed)…he’s smart, he knows what needs to be done, he just needs the courage to do it…unfortunately, he’s being bullied in the house by the popular kids and I don’t think he’ll have the balls to do anything other than what Vanessa tells him to do. Hope I’m wrong.

  17. They can vote Julia out and say Austin led them to believe they should. But sure as hell make deals with James first. If Austin pulls in Meg and James they are screwed. Screwed also if Meg invents a master plan and opens her mouth. Van might be pissed if her intent is to take Julia to final three.
    But I don’t think a flip will happen. Every week lately I seem to get my hopes up that a newly devised plan will flip the votes. Think this is production’s way of creating drama in the dead zone from Monday til Thursday.

    1. I give it about a 10% chance of happening. If it does though Austin will be completely screwed! Vanessa has him all set up to take the fall. Lol

  18. Im with Steve here… This is a really difficult decision. I hope they evict Julia for the entertainment factor alone…
    I do believe Vans entire strategy is being in the end with the twins, as crazy as that sounds. Her actions and “integrity” have all indicated that’s where her loyalty lies.
    It would be lovely if Van goes after Julia tonight? Just imagine.
    Ohhhh and imagine if Liz self evicts after Julia. OMG…
    Put me in my happy place!

  19. now Vanessa says she wants to publish her strategies in a series of books to purchase after the show? lol
    hope she goes in the DE tonite!
    HG’s are owned by CBS for a year after the show…she cant make $ off it….and who the hell would pay $ to read her ramblings anyway?
    her book should be called “How to Play the Victim”

    1. The BB16 contract, I think, showed up online not long ago. If I recall, they’re under direct contract for a year and can’t write or publish abuot BB for 3 years.

      I think Vanessa offered the BB lawyers a new car if they’d let her blog, though.

    2. Vanessa’s strategy:

      1. you must have a reason to target someone no matter how convoluted it is.
      2. when in doubt, cry.
      3. when you don’t agree, cry.
      4. when all else fails, bribe.

  20. I still don’t think it’s going to happen. It will be just like every other time people get excited and then not a damn thing changes lol

  21. Sounds great to Me..But I refuse to pin My hopes on Steve, or for that matter how wishy-washy they become on eviction day

    So I wont get My hopes up..But it would be EPIC !!!

  22. I know! Just make the move you wimp! I don’t know about this philosophy of “if you need to win, you’ve already lost”

    1. Peter Brown from BBCAN1 said it. And he came in 6th so don’t take his advice Steve… unless 6th and being a butthurt jury member are what you’re gunning for. Peter Brown sucks!

      1. Steve and iMac should save Meg. 1. It’s the right move. 2. We the fans may not think much of her game but she adorable. We love her She hardly ever swears oh god !! Is pretty out there for her. She continue to have a great deal of self respect. She not crude or malicious 3 one of the nicest people to ever appear on BB. 4. always positive. 5 . If I were 20 years younger these boys wouldn’t have a chance!!!!

  23. I hope the Boy becomes a Man today. Would finally get some much needed excitement to this otherwise mundane season. Everything has been so predictable. Would love to see a couple of jaws drop with Liz, Vanessa, and Austin all in panic mode for the double eviction tonight.

  24. This always happens before eviction. They give us a little hope, but I think it’s something production tells them to do for good t.v. Alway happens the night before thursday, I wish they would vote Julia out, but it’s not going to happen.

  25. Steve and Jmac should make a final 5 deal with the goblins and Vanessa but have a real final 4 with Meg and James. They would have their bases covered if Vanessa wins at final 5 but should not take her past that point if they’re smart. But voting out Meg now seems like the best move..obviously…

  26. Look at the pic of Julia flipping Steve off..That is exactly what Austwins will do to Him if He is too DUMB NOT to flip on Julia..

    As for Vanessa,,it is actually a GOOD move for Her,,She can play the innocent card

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Liz’s face if Julia goes tonight !! AND She would be mad at Vanessa for using Julia as a pawn too

    Steve !!! For God’s sakes !! STOP being “The boy” and start being the Man

  27. Funny every comment here is the same. “Grow some balls Steve” of course i agree, it would be best for him. If he doesn’t now and has teased fans he can defiantly kiss the Americas Favorite Player good-bye.

  28. look at last DE…they all sat on couch twiddling their thumbs in silence…i heard a cricket lol…
    think that will happen again? will they get up and fight, strategize? Will the HOH at least converse with their allie? we shall see…but if its steve again…doubt it.

  29. For all you trigger pullers out there…there is one thing to remember…Steve does not handle confrontation well and he knows he will feel the full brunt of it from Vanessa, Liz and Austin (especially if A is blamed for it). All that just to save Meg? He votes out Meg…no fuss, no muss!! There are not enough corners in that house that he can hide in!!

  30. Steve, you gots to do it. No other way for you and Jmac to get to the final 2. you are 5th of 5 with the Autwins and Vanessa. Vanessa is 4th of 5 and still to chicken to take out any of the 3 above her. If She won’t take out Julia, why would you just quit? You at least have a chance with Jmac and the goblins!

  31. Steve and JMac need to put on their big boy panties, grow a pair, and flip the vote. And after they evict Julia, they ALL should refuse to discuss how they voted, why they voted the way they did, etc with Vanessa. It’ll make her head explode trying to think how it happened. And Liz would join her in going off the deep end.

  32. Yup, those are Clay’s balls that Steve is packing under his sweatpants. The only reason that they’re so big is that rigor mortis has started to set in, otherwise, they’d be the size of peas, and that’s a generous comparison.

  33. I see why Jmac wants to keep Meg. He is first to go after James. But I still think for Steve’s best interest, he should keep Julia. Jmac has no clue how close he is with Austwins.

    Steve currently has no direct enemies. Why create 2 possibly 3 new enemies by flipping the vote. James and Meg will not have his back 100%.

    1. I get the down votes. Almost everyone hates the twins. I watch the show as a game player. Running scenarios, I can’t see how voting out Julia this week helps his game. In fact it could really hurt his game in the near future, by creating enemies that don’t exist.

      Can someone breakdown the advantage in detail. Julia goes then what…you really think James/Meg would have his back 100%. Matter of fact I think he would then move below Jmac and be the low man.

      1. I don’t think anyone has anyones back 100% (except Austin having Liz’s and the twins having each others). Austwins could very well put up Steve and JMac up again in DE. If Austin wins i dont see him putting up James. Austwins wants to take out JMac and Goblins want to take out Vanessa so it all depends on who Steve wants to save. Keeping Julia keeps Steve out of the loop and at the bottom of the totem pole. Taking out Julia takes away the numbers for Liztin and evens the playing field.

        1. Austin is going to throw the hoh, just watch. Twins will target James, Jmac possible backdoor. James will target Van and Austin.

          Steve is sitting pretty right now keeping Julia. He would create ww3 on himself if he flopped, his whole game would blow up.

          If James goes…Steve, Jmac, Van are in a really good position.

  34. Am I hearing this right! The Goblins are finally growing a brain…….Johnny Mac is finally getting a backbone……………and Steve is finally getting some balls!

  35. Steve cannot make a move this big because he needs his mommy. The only way he can grow a pair is if he gets permission, dah!!!

  36. Vanessa told Steve she wanted Julia (someone weak like Julia) Steve Vanessa F3. She said she wanted that because the odds of Julia winning part of the final hoh were so low that it meant Steve Vanessa controlled the final hoh which didn’t scare her because she and Steve have a deal (not exact quote, taking her answers to his questions and pasting them together as her argument).
    BUT, Vanessa does have F2 deals with Steve, John, Julia, and Austin.
    BUT, Steve does have F2 deals with Vanessa and John.
    From reading Steve’s indicators (keep John, keep John, why not John as the third) I’d guess that she figures an F3 with Steve and John means probable 3rd place for Vanessa.
    As a whole, Vanessa has been planting flip/don’t flip thoughts in John and Steve’s heads for days. She’s giving them arguments for either scenario, then saying but don’t flip, but if you do keep me in the loop. She’s then gone to the twins and convinced them that if there is a flip, Austin has to be aware of and giving his blessing to the flip since she’s gotten both John and Steve to say they wouldn’t flip without informing Austin.
    I don’t think she wants the vote to flip, but I think she’s preparing herself for the flip. She’s trying to make sure only one person in the house (James) is targeting her if there is a flip.
    I can understand Steve’s indecision. His personality type (INTJ) usually likes to go into situations with a predetermined course of action. He’s being given too many mixed messages and non definitive statements from both Vanessa and John. Meg’s campaign to Steve was a declaration of the obvious: there are three of them, without incentive: we should work together never left her mouth. In the five minute campaign that she seemed to leave as quickly as i’ve ever seen her move. So nobody is offering him incentive to flip, or declaring that they want to flip, and are leaving the decision in his hands alone by saying should we or shouldn’t we do you want to think about it. Look at how well he’s handled such pressures in the past. Somebodies going to get an ulcer and be spewing chunks by morning.
    I DOUBT they will flip unless John declares he wants to flip. definitively. and being definitive isn’t John’s strong suit in conversation unless he’s on the block. He’s more the yeah we should after someone else declares (i get the feeling it’s so he can say it wasn’t my idea).
    I’ve already gotten carried away and re-edited this twice to try to decrease it’s size and its still a novel. i’ve got to break the novel habit. sorry, i’ve overthought about this.

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