Steve “If either of you win HOH, I’m not going up am? Can you swear on your family?”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 09-32-17-945

9:30am Julia ask Steve what’s wrong with him? Steve says he’s exhausted. Julia says it took her a long time to fall asleep. Steve says MMMmmHmmm. Steve heads to the bedroom. Austin and Liz comment on how Steve was up a lot last night. Steve says he was sick. Austin asks from what? Steve says he doesn’t know. Austin says from nerves? Steve asks you can get sick from that? Austin says yes. Some athletes get sick from the nerves before a game. Steve head up to the HOH to get in his corner. Vanessa says that she talked to Johnny Mac and presented all the same things to him if we voted the other way. Vanesssa says so you’ve agreed. Steve says I think so. Vanessa asks did you talk to Austin? Steve says no because he would obviously want to keep Julia. Vanessa says oh so you were literally going to do it even though he wouldn’t approve? Steve says no it was an idea. Vanessa asks okay got it so you would never do this without me being on board? You realize I would be the most lonely depresses blindsided cookie of all time. Because I’m reasonable. Steve says I know you are. Vanessa says if you told me you had to do this I would hear you out.. I would just disagree. I would respect that ..way more than random. Steve says I didn’t sleep much and I was throwing up. Vanessa asks ohh.. why?! Are you okay!? Steve says he isn’t sure. Steve heads down stairs.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 09-53-22-774

Havenot room – Meg says it was surprisingly easy to pack all her things. James says me too. Meg says you were already packed. James says he’ll hide in her suit case. James says he is going to try and take at least one more person out after you leave. If I win HOH they are going to be sweating bullets. Even Steve! Meg says he is so annoying. James asks did I offend you?! He always tries to act like he’s 12 years old. He is doing the whole Ian (Terry) act.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 09-52-21-148

9:50am Steve asks to talk to Julia and Liz in the Cabana room. Steve says I know I am being really stupid. I am just covering my bases. I’m not going up if you win right?! If either of you win HOH, I’m not going up am? Liz says a million percent! Oh my god! Steve asks at the nomination ceremony or the veto ceremony? Julia says no. Liz says 100% no. Steve asks can you swear on your family? Can we shake on it? They shake. Liz asks is that why you’re nervous? Steve says no, I’m just trying to cover my bases. I trust you 100%. Julia says she overheard James saying this HOH was so important. Steve says they’re scampering, I am just nipping everything in the bud. I am telling you right here, right now you have my vote. Steve reiterates I’m not going up at the nomination ceremony or the veto ceremony? Julia and Liz both shake his hands again. Julia says you’re not even going up as a pawn. I’ve been used as a pawn and no. Steve says thank you. They all leave the room. Steve heads up to the HOH room. Steve and Johnny agree not to vote out Julia. Its too risky.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-03 09-57-25-084
10:10am – 10:15am The house guests start heading up to the HOH room in preparation for the HOH lock down. Big Brother switches the feeds the live feeds highlights.

12:10pm The live feeds are still blocked.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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oh well
now we don’t need to say that john and steve made a bad move
we just need to wait for the outcome of this double eviction
if liz/austin gets evicted, then it would be the right move
but if john is evicted, then it would be the wrong move

Canadian Kevin

Fuck i wish someone’s balls would drop.

Other than Vanessa’s, Again, i don’t like her – but i admire how she works the game. She’s in it to win it, and the guppies are handing her the check, while patting themselves on the back for being strategic, or clever.

I hope Steve does NOT get America’s player.


It’s official Steve isn’t the Ian Terry of the house….he’s the Victoria(bb16). Except Victoria will have made it further than him.


You’re right; He isn’t the Ian Terry of the house – Ian was a bit of an arse. Steve is a much nicer fellow it seems.


Here’s a novel idea. How about James and Meg offer Johnny and James a final 4 deal? Oh right, those 2 goblins are idiots and don’t want any deal that doesn’t include Austin. Also, James breaks safety deals made in front of the whole house so why should anyone even believe him. In sum, Meg and James are reaping what they sow.


I assume you mean James and Meg offer STEVE and John a final 4 deal? It would be tough for James to offer himself a deal even though THEY are the idiots.


At least Victoria had spandex to look at. Steve sucks, with his shitty beard.
The boy needs to stop sucking Vanessa’s teet and grow up and a man. He let go of mamas titty and he latched on to Vanessa’s….

Steve is stealth

there is more going on than you realize. Steve is in position to put this away after tonight. sit and watch haters.

go get ’em Steve-O


Not if James wins HOH! James said he would probably put up Vanessa and Austin, with Steve as a renom if either came down. And if the Austwins win, then James and JMac go up with Steve as the renom there too. A so called super fan would never ever leave a 3 headed monster in the game with 7 houseguests remaining unless they were one of the heads of that monster. And Steve isn’t! He thinks he has JMac and Vanessa, but JMac will take out Vanessa before James, so he only really has a duo deal with two different people. Such a dumb move Steve, and not worthy to be called a super fan!!


There is also the argument that Steve would then become a target over Jmac and James. Right now he can use them as a shield. He is third on the list to go to jury, behind Jmac and James.

Voting out Julia really puts him in a dangerous spot in the immediate future. But if he can win vetos, it could work. It isn’t that he is a coward, it is a very risky move either way.

I am BOY...Are You Watching Me Puke for Effect?

Cut the Vanessa theatrics Steven, your bio mommy isn’t here so stop the crying, eating too much candy, and puking while staring into the camera. Your soliloquies into the camera, in front of Vanessa “feeders I need to get the Twins out I know” is bullshit staged to get AFP votes. We’re not stupid BOY, we dont think you give good speech, good monologs and your stumbling bumbling I’m sick with heartache nightly roaming is conning only his bio mommy. Vanessa can’t stand his crap, crying at Jackie’s eviction, hugs how are you, I’m a hugger. Picks nose non-stop, refuses to wash his hands, refuses to plan or plot except in his head and to his teddy bear on camera.

Steve will be surprised how few fans he’s got, no moves, no prizes, no Voice of BB17 jobs, and no girls. You are the voice of a Victoria but she was better than you, and Derrick was better than your surrogate mommy Van. You’re no Ian your no Andy, your no Steve, you are a bad actor. Cut the ancient BB trivia–he said he only stayed watching because his mom was obsessed and needed attention from mommy. His mom was the fan and applied numerous times to be on BB–can we switch him out? Mommy’s just proud he hasn’t pooped his pants on live TV’ but there is always next week.

Vanessa & Twins know he almost flipped without telling them, he won’t get the chance next week! Broadcast won’t be live tonight due to Football right? Thank goodness. After watching Meg James snore through Operation Trojan Quitters, I don’t care who gets voted out. I don’t even care if porn star Asstink & cheater Vanasty win, everyone gave them the check anyway. Who are we to disagree. This season is a farce. Recruit new producers from Tindr they’d do better casting!


Tell us how you really feel.


LOL!!! Operation Trojan Quitters, Asstank, and Vanasty is HILARIOUS!! Thank you I Am Boy…Are You Watching Me Puke for Effect!!! That was awesome!!! What about the Twins? Any names for them? Like Tinder Twats or…?

Hahaha BullsEye Steve is the Biggest Target Now!

OMG–Steve’s such a blathering idiot people pleaser he tells everyone the day of eviction he was gonna flip the house, without telling Van, without even asking Austin, after all the hugs, strategy info Van game him, after playing in her underwear drawer, after Van makes him Final 2 (who isn’t)…VANESSA & AUSTWITS WILL EVICT HIM NEXT!! She’s gonna go apesh*t and will make it haopen even during DE. She’s gonna say Steve flipped and would pull this on sick a crucial day when she can’t play?? The Twins will turn on him so quick. Austin never cared about him, he likes James better. Hell Van trusts everyone more than Steve now!

Thank you Steve you sealed your fate, stupidest player in BB history. Thank you for extracting prOmises from Twins before their breakfast. Thank you for freaking out the freaking Twits who hold grudges. Thanks for making Van pee her pants, when she doesn’t get a vote or get to play HOH. Thanks for your fake candy barfing sickness, real or staged, Austin Van know you were serious and you showed them your hand. Need for approval? Confess to Mommy for her attention & gratitude? Can’t wait to see her explode when she’s alone with Austins Angels. I LOVE it when she’s telling Steve he better get to bed if he’s sick, to stop him from scampering. Van better do more damage control. Steve will get to steppin if she gets her way. He won’t be close to Finals, because she can read people. Did he forget Vanessa’s favorite motto: If your gonna take a swing, you better land it, cause I’m coming back to kill you. Fool her once…HaHaHaHa epic backfire! Operation Horses Ass in play.

Canadian Kevin

Yeah yeah Helen, we know.

It’s too soon..



Nah, Steve is set up to get evicted, Vanessa is going to open her trap about him thinking about evicting Julia if Austwins win HOH this week, in order to save Jmac and her from the block in case James wins POV.


It is a lose lose for situation for Steve. He votes out Julia…Austin/Liz would become an enemy. Van most likely would never trust him again. He would have Jmac only. It blows up all his alliances but one. If he doesn’t vote out Julia…he leaves a strong threesome in the house.

He is risking a lot to make the move on Julia. Right now James and Jmac are ahead of him going to jury. He has a cushion to work with. If he votes out Julia, he would become enemy number one by 2 or 3 people in the house.

If it was Liz on the block, I say yes vote her out immediately. The ideal situation for Steve, is Liz or Julia win hoh get out James. Then following hoh him or Jmac win, then go after the Austwins.

BB Wizard says.....

If Steve was really that smart he would just vote out Julia and breaking up the Austin/twins! Throw the HOH since its most likely not a brain competition and let Austin/Liz, James, Johnny-mac battle for it! If either of them wins it they would target each other or Vanessa. Then win the next HOH and target the remaining power players while using Meg as a pawn to sure they’re evicted! He would still have other people as threats compared to him to be taken out. If he does that then he will make it to final 3 easily with Meg or J-mac and win it all. Jackie is the only one in Jury that Steve sent home but she has already forgiven him so no bitter jury for him. All he needs is 4! Shelli = alliance, Becky = rooting for him, Jackie = forgave him, J-mac = friend


You are clueless as to whats going on in that house. If he votes out Julia, he absolutely can’t throw the next hoh. He will go out the door next if austin or liz wins hoh. Austin and liz would for sure put up Steve/Jmac. Meg/James/Liz or Austin would vote out Steve.


Steve and JMac could give Meg 1 vote and Julia 1 vote. That way Julia would have 2 to evict. They know James is voting to keep Meg. How would Julia know it was one of them and not Austin? They are already paranoid that he is going to flip. That would break them away from Austin if they think he did it, get rid of Meg (#2 for James) then Steve, JMac and Vanessa would be the biggest power group in the house.

BB Drafter

Figures Steve would back down. Such a boy.

kathie from canada

It amazes me how Vanessa can load this kid up with a guilt trip and he immediately folds like a deck of cards! He is beyond spineless! How is he going to make his way through life? Mommy won’t be there forever.


steve is a spineless twat if he doesn’t evict Julia and since WHEN does anybody need austink’s approval?!?!!?UGH!! vanessa is such a demon!!!!! If I was American and ran into her, I would go ape sh1t and give her a huge piece of my mind.

Bob Cobb

Steve, you’re a dumb a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I survived last seasons BB

And there You have it….Steve punking out and letting His Handlers have their way

Knew it was too good to be true

Nothing Personal

You mean “Mommy Dearest”.


Come on Steve, are you playing for yourself or just there to help Vanessa win? So she would be upset, too bad! Go ahead and assume the position of scared little boy hiding behind mommy Vanessa’s apron….


bunch of P-s$ies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go James!!


There’s your hero, folks. Little Stevie peepee pants.


Steve needs to get it together and see that he is expendible in the scampering squad. He needs to flip the vote and get Julia out!!


Steve is an idiot. He is too afraid to make a big move.


I disagree if they vote out Julia who would ever take out meg because she does nothing at least by leaving Julia Austin will probably throw the hoh and then you get out a twin, preferably Liz because everyone realizes they need to go


What the hell had Julia done?


Nothing but the jury loves her and hates the twins


Damn it!


In Meg’s speech tonight she needs to go ahead and congratulate the twins on winning BB (1st and 2nd place). That will give them something to think about while casting their votes. It is ridiculous how stupid JMAC and Steve are being.


James told her exactly that and she said “no, that would be mean”. Ugghhh for the love of Pete, Meg, at least contribute SOMETHING to the game.


I agree!!! What are they going to do if you say something mean? Vote you out again? This group was too nice and worried about everyone except themselves.


Too bad Steve can’t call his Mommy so she can tell him what to do.

Nothing Personal

He doesn’t need to call mommy, he can go to the HOH and sit in his new mommy’s corner.


This will be the move that Steve regrets for the rest of his life! They HAVE NO CHOICE but to put his ass on the block if James wins the veto. Then it will be too late for him to realize he is an asshole. AND if James wins the HOH and puts his ass up, he will be gone against anyone else, when he could have made a pact with James/Meg. This was stupid. And his downfall. Idiot.


Picked you but could of been any of 2 dozen comments. Steve is correct to vote out Meg. The timing is the issue not the importance of splitting up the twins. This is a case of addition by subtraction. You leave Meg/James in who do they team up with? Right back to Liztin and Van now it’s 5 versus 2. Meg will never work with Steve/J Mac. Meg simply hates J Mac. They might be able to reel in a solo James. It’s still just a shot and appears if he wins HOH he’s going after Van and Austin.
I want the twins gone as much as the next guy. Until either Van or Austin decide it’s time to split them up it’s simply Steve/J Mac gotta do the dirty work.


Stop avoiding the fact STEVE MADE A DRAMA SCENE about his big decision to keep Julia, after promising all week he’s got their back 100%. Then he advertises he was thinking of changing his mind by himself over night, nobody campaigned to him made him offers. He put himself on the Plank confessing to crazytown Asstinks Angels who murder people for the smallest manufactured slight. They won’t think twice breaking their deals with him after threatening them morning of DE. He thinks he’s puking now? He’s gonna be shitting real bricks on the block today! One douchey little boy move too many!


With friends like Steve, Johnny Mac doesn’t need enemies. Sneaky Steve gives no information, is always disengenous, is weak and vacilating, and has the human charisma of a pet rock. On top of all of this, he’s wildly ambitious to win as a tribute to Mommy, for whom Vanessa periodically acts as an emotional stand in. It’s like a BB version of Oedipus Rex. The two of them, Sneaky (Steve) and Tricky (Vanessa), certainly deserve each other, but the thought of them winding up on top makes me nauseous.


All that hyp, so ddisappointin, but not ssurprise. Stick a fork in me, I DONE!


Steve is a punk and deserves to lose since he had the opportunity to break up the twins and is too scared to do it!! But you never know maybe he will change his mind during the live show but I doubt it! Vanessa has him so controled it’s not even funny. If james and jmac leave the show I am done. Could you imagine if the twins make it to final 3 ughhh.


Mother is not pleased.


and once again Vanessa manipulates the house to vote the way she wants. Even when she isn’t HOH she is the one who determines who goes home. Simply amazing. I can’t stand her, but I have to give it up to her. If she makes it to final 2 against anyone, she will deserve to win.


Jurors hold grudges and don’t necessarily vote for someone just because they had a hand in every eviction: Russell Hantz ring any bells? So far there will be 4 jurors not pleased with her and may very well vote for whomever is sitting next to Vanessa, even if it is Julia. At least Julia didn’t bully and lie her way to the end.


Not true. Becky and Shelli both said what a good game Vanessa was playing and repeatedly said “she’s good”. I think Meg would vote personal because well Meg is just clueless about the game to begin with, and possibly Jackie. Although I think in the end Jackie would vote for the best game when it comes down to it.


The fastest way to a bitter jury is for Van to say in her speech all the BS about Her Word, Her Integrity, being all alone, etc. I think if she doesn’t own her game they won’t give her the win.

AKA Twistin'...

I so agree with you on this. It would be a deal-breaker for me if she didn’t own her shit. Her whole thing is I can do it because I’m an honest and decent person. You can’t do the EXACT same thing because YOU are a liar. This is exactly what made me stop liking her as a player. Her attempts at bribing the other HGs, her telling dumb-ass Steve (who deserves to be smacked in to the middle of next week!!!) how lonely and depressed she is going to be if he votes differently than she wants…yea…she has climbed up on my very last nerve. If she thinks she deserves to win and is sitting in the final 2, she needs to own her shit.

She totally disgusts me but Steve…he has no business in this game. Totally irked.

James for the win.


Would be nice if one of those twins left. So bratty and entitled! On the flip side, Meg would have been guaranteed 2nd place if she stayed. I guess Julia is the new Meg now. If she doesn’t go, she getting dragged to the end.


I was hoping they would flip the house. Now I really don’t even want to watch tonight’s episode. I will just read the results on here and if it’s a good night then I will watch it. I’ll have it taped just in case. This season is boring, no big moves at all. I’m wondering when Austin will realize that when the show is over Liz is going to dump him. He deserves it anyway. James is the only one that has any guts. I hope he wins the favorite player, he deserves it.


Absolutely Liz will not continue to date Austin outside of this experimental setting. I’ve seen it over and over in Los Angeles: Girl Moves to LA for Guy. Girl sees other Hot LA Guys. Girl dumps Guy for Hotter Guys. This is what happens when you move to LA… HAHAHAHHAHHAAH! Stupid ass Stank and Skank!


A month ago I would have said Johnnie Mac had Americas favourite locked up. The Meg/James camping talks plus other assorted light hearted moments plus he actually carries a pair have moved him up to at least 2nd ATM. Maybe right now 1st pretty close. Wonder how he plays without meg in the eyes of America?


I still can’t believe Steve didn’t pick up on Vanessa’s remark that she would like to sit next to Julia in the F2!!! I understand Vanessa’s moves but don’t understand Steve’s. In the double if James doesn’t win I believe JM will be going home. The twins and Austin target will be JM. James Austin / Vanessa / Twins. JM and Steve ….. I don’t know? I don’t think they have the balls to do what James will do. Because of the double … James will be put up by everyone. The only that I don’t think will put up James is Austin. I am afraid, James and JM are the “easy” targets. Can’t remember what the conversations were around what each would do after James goes. I know Vanessa and Steve want James gone as they are sure he will hook up with Austin. My daughter and I are praying to the BB Gods that the house will flip. I am 1 for 1 with my prayers being answered.


Noooooo……those weak little punks!!!! BB please help James!!!! The Delusionals are all gunning for him!

Vanessa La Loca

Vanessa is so transparent to everyone but these dumbasses. Her asking Steve if he was considering going through with flipping without Austin on board, was her just trying to get some ammunition for later.


This season is not any better than last years.


Not true! It has slowed down, but it still way better than last year.


Meg is probably going home but there is still a chance someone gets smart and takes out one of the threesome. Unlike last year when there was no chance of a flip.


At least we are not constantly hearing about the HOUSE says this, the HOUSE says that. I wanted to stab my eye everytime I heard that. Now I just want to stab my eye everytime I hear Vanessa, Austin or the twinssehhhh

Misty Beethoven

Maybe eating that raw pork a couple of weeks ago is catching up with Steve? Trichinosis or worms? He’d never be allowed in anyone’s room again.


Steve should have told JohnnyMac that the twins promised he (Steve) wasn’t going up if they won HOH. Then JohnnyMac would realize he and James would be on the block.

Nothing Personal

OMG, I can’t believe how easily these people are to manipulate and how on target Vanessa is with reading them and knowing what to say. What she does is not game play, it really is psychological warfare. She played the twins’ insecurity/dislike about Austin, played Steve about being alone and being his mama, and played James into thinking she’ll work with him next week, Austin into pretending to trust him but getting ready to knock him out. Jmac knows he’s being played, but is doing what he has to do to get through the competitions. If he and James don’t win tonight they’re both probably out.

I survived last seasons BB

Steve and Johnny agree not to vote out Julia. Its too risky.

Risky ? Risky ? Seriously ???
Yeah leaving a powerhouse like Meg in the game is FAR riskier than leaving a Trio Alliance intact..NOT !!!!

And Stevie Boy…Why do You think Vanessa is so against it ? because YOU will go before Her this way


To quote the movie “A Bronx tale”…………… The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.


Steve is what you call a poor excuse of a man what a coward go hide under you mommy dress


A trio that is going after James and then Jmac, not Steve.

Vote out Julia, then Austin/Liz will gun 100% for his head. James/Meg would assist, as long as it isn’t them going out.

You guys are blinded by your hate for the twins.

steve punk

Hey steve, you’re just the last branch on their totem pole…LIZ AND JULIA ARE SAYING ANYTHING YOU WANT TO HEAR>>and bust their party up!


Why do they do an HOH lock down on Thursdays? Just curious.


Clean house for the live show.


It’s so they can build the sets for the comps.


I thought they tell the house guests to clean the house themselves and they only put them on house not HOH lock down when they’re building outside.


That’s exactly what it is and someone gave me a thumbs down. Lmao

I’ve had the feeds for a few years now, they are put on lockdown so they can build the set outside. Obviously they don’t want them to see what the comp is. So they cannot go outside or see outside during the lockdown.

They do clean on Thursdays but they’re not locked down to clean. They are locked down because of the comps. Sometimes they are locked down for a pretty long time (if it’s a big comp)

Houseguest wannabe

The Boy remains a boy. Did not become a Man today… How can it be a risky move today but not next Week? May not have the opportunity to boot a twin again….. My neck hurts from shaking my head too much…….

Houseguest wannabe

How many times have the Autwins promised something that they promptly broke said promise? Steve, you are being a fool……..Think Marcellas Steve!!!!! Your behind will soon be gone!!!


3 ppl that at this point is guaranteed NOT to win Jmac, Steve, and Vanessa.. Vanessa becasue Austwins will take her out if she’s ever on the block again, and Steve & Jmac, because they’re fucking idiots, it’s always TOO RISKY to go against the ppl that put u on the block constantly… This season is so fucking boring, it’s all been about getting twins as far as possible, and lead one of them to the 500k without them having to do anything.

Houseguest wannabe

How can being #5 in a group of 5 be better than being #2 or 3 at worst in a group of 4? You could have destroyed the Autwins and been in a group of 4 against 3. Now you will be in a group of 5 against 2 and will be the first one to go from your group. The will dump you before Jmac.

Former Fan

There you have it, Meg is out and Steve needs medication, for his stomach problems. Another reason that we don’t to watch tonight, CBS is preempting again due to football. Who cares anyway at this point. Hoping that James survives tonight.

Houseguest wannabe

CBS is not preempting for Football. CBS does not have a national game tonight. If your local team is playing and your Local CBS station normally carries your team’s preseason games, then you local station is preempting. You need to see if your cable carrier has another station that will broadcast the CBS network shows tonight or it will be played later on tonight on the CBS channel. Both are happening in my area.

Football is HERE!!

NFL Network baby! During football season it’s Directv FTW!!!
oops, wrong web site

Former Fan

Thank you, Houseguest Wannbe…..I have it dvr’d just in case my twitter friends say something exciting has happened in the house. lol

Why Watch? Then We'll All Be Puking!

Steve the douche and Vanasty Todd us what’s happening. Pay Vanessa’s bribes and move Survivor up


Steve’s puking because his balls dropped lastnight then immediately shot back inside. He’s not used to that feeling.


Ha Ha


First time post long time reader but anyway here’s my two cents. I think if Meg, James, Steve and JMAC would have agreed to to vote out Julia then went to Vanessa and promised her if any of them win HOH she would be safe because they would just get rid of Austin and Liz in the next round. Then James could have said if Autstin and Liz win HOH tell them it was all James idea to take out Liz. Win Win for Vanessa, JMAC and Steve. Then James can go back to his whole win the VETO at all cost plan.


They wouldn’t need to say anything to Vanessa. They could simply blame the flip on Austin like Vanessa was doing or point it at Vanessa saying she put Julia on the block to get rid of her. That would isolate Vanessa and make everyone leery of dealing with her again.

Houseguest wannabe

Somehow, I could still see Austin pulling a Judas and voting Julia out if he is totally convinced Steve is wimping out and Judas will vote with James and Jmac and the Boy will be blamed for it. Not counting on it as can not see James, Jmac or Austin all keeping their mouths shut.

another name

Some things that would have made the flip happen:
James actually speaking to Steve and offering him an actual future alternative.
Meg campaigning to Steve beyond there’s three of them. She didn’t offer him an alliance. She doesn’t want to work with him. Way to state the obvious Meg.
Instead they just figured he’s with THEM. There’s no point in trying.
Blame Steve all you want.
The Goblins threw in the towel without digging deep and offering any assurances. They quit campaigning.
When they look back and see how close it was to happening and realize they could have changed Meg’s fate if they’d gotten out of the dentist chairs and offered him an alliance, they can eat the egg off each other’s faces.
Three votes to save. They needed two more. They should have offered the moon to all three. They didn’t.


Watch Steeeva look straight at Vannmess when he gets put up or evected. Oh my God Steveea shake. And it”s double tonight!


Here we go again… everyone afraid to make a big move and Vanessa get what she wants. They need to introduce a rule or motivation to actually play the game and do something. Could work out for Steve, but why depend on things happening. He could have taken control of game and picked off Austin, Vannessa and Liz… CANNOT stand Vanessa, but have to give credit to her gameplay. She knows how to manipulate different people in different ways based on their personality. Interesting to see.


I’m starting to root for Vanessa after James goes, but I just don’t believe she will get past Austwins, UNLESS Austin is taken out 1st, which I highly doubt.. CBS wants a Twins to win, and I think it’s going to happen.

Susie Q

Steve, don’t be such a numb-nuts. What more incentive do you need to flip the vote than Vanessa saying, “I would be the most lonely depresses blindsided cookie of all time.” Blindsiding Vanessa = jury votes!


Our only hope at an interesting turn tonight is James winning the first HOH. I really, really hope he’d have the good sense to put up the twins or Liz / Austin. Vanessa is a threat (and the best player right now by miles, imo) but she has no real squad. Austwins cannot survive another week… PLEASE.


This season has really disappointed me. I might not even tune in next season. I used to really like Steve (because he was the underdog), but he annoys me more each passing week. I am unbelievably disgusted by the twins/Austin. I cannot believe that Steve doesn’t have enough courage to evict Julia. It’d be best for his game and frankly it’d be one of the most exciting things to happen this season. This season got boring really quickly. I just don’t see a scenario where I am going to be happy about the final 2. I would not be shocked if Julia and Liz were sitting there in the end. Even though I know it’s very unlikely for James or J-Mac to win, I still have to hold out hope.


“I might not even tune in next week” lol yes you will.

Confirmed! Final Twist for BB17 Season

CBS and Big Brother executives confirmed today the final twist for the closing weeks of BB17. They will be introducing a modification of the BB season 14 “Coaches” twist. The houseguests will be split into pairs and each pair assigned a professional therapist to help drag their sorry asses through the rest of the season.

The therapists will compete in a grueling endurance competition. The winner gets to go home.


I’m sick of Meg in this game, anyway.


They have spent the last 72hrs laying on a dentist chair.

James is an idiot for not using that time to make deals. A complete idiot.


That’s really the problem of just about everyone other than Vanessa. If they aren’t on the block, HoH, or think they are the next target people just sit around waiting for something to happen. Even if they think they are next they focus on the comp and not schmoozing the others to gain some trust, information, or anything to help their game.

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

20 DAYS LEFT !!!

I oncelovedstoopidpeoplebutnowitsover

Now that it’s settled, Meg leaving, even the posts here are getting boring (same ol shit)..No offense Simon and Dawg, you’re doing a FANTASTIC job!! . Best site by far!….That being said, it seems so clearly evident that production is going to get their way, and has the entire game. I only have one question to ask “production”. What in the world are you thinking? Do you honestly believe the viewing public wants to see it go down “your way”??This is not good TV.. Do you think this is good television? Don’t you want your so-called twists to have an effect? Ok, I know, that’s more than 1 question, but C’mon man! Do SOMEthing! Make us want to watch. I cannot remember a cast so lame, so you must do something to liven it up. One more day of listening to those twinskanks chirp and Vansketcha rant is UNBEARABLE!!! that is all


Steve does not have any balls he is a fucking useless player. Eventually you have to put the twins and they only care about themselve not you. Why not break them up its going to same. ian terry had balls and stood up for.what is right. Lamest is player of all time is steve. What a moms boy. playing a peter brown is dumb he went out 6th place and he was an asshole should have won hoh during the midpoint.




OMG. How annoying to watch Steve. Last week, he beg Austin to not put him with John and he almost got evicted, this week Vanessa told him she will take Julia to the top three because Julia can’t win anything , I mean common seriously? This could be a chance to get out one of three big threat. He knows number, yet too much pussy.
I really want James to win this HOH . Go James!!! Looks like you are the only one could destroy Vanessa’s world.