“The only way you go out this week is by Austin’s Blessing”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 20-30-44-553_jpg

8:29pm Steve and Jmac
Steve tells him to practice his days tonight

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 20-32-47-556_jpg

8:33pm last night of the GOBLINS

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 20-38-32-417_jpg

8:43pm Meg and James
James who is Austin working with he could be working with everyone but us or he could be secretly working with them and with us
Meg doesn’t know how to approach Austin “It’s so awkward from yesterday”

The goblins agree Johnnymac has told Vanessa everything they were proposing this week
James – I’m f**ked for next week
9:03pm Goblin meg still packing, James watching, Austin is now with them
James – that’s a bad ass suitcase
James – if you do go home tomorrow tells Jackie I say HEY

They start talking about how much alcohol they are going to drink when they get out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 21-31-04-098_jpg

9:16pm HOH Vanessa and the twins
Vanessa – I know it’s stressful being on the block I have your back 100%
Julia – Did he say something
Liz – J-U-L-I-A -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
VAnessa – have you thought of things from Austin’s perspective
Liz – what’s his perspective.. I don’t see why he would vote against us Meg is clearly not on our side

Vanessa – no one is going to do anything with Austin’s blessing you just make sure Austin realizing not to f** a round..
Vanessa – he says he’s going to (Vote for Julia to stay) but you never know..
Vanessa – I just think of incentives.. you think Austin wants t6o twin the game
liz – at first I didn’t know but I have seen a attitude change from him.
Julia – He might vote me out to get closer to you (Liz)
Vanessa – what happens if it comes down to you three.. Is that good for Austin
Liz – No
Vanessa – that’s my only concern
Vanessa – I’m saying this because I’m worried about you girls
Liz – i’ve told him If she goes home I will self evict
Vanessa says the only way Julia goes home this week is if the house has Austin’s blessing to vote her out.

Julia says it’s painfully awkward how austin has been around her, “You are dating my sister, he doesn’t say a word”
Vanessa says Austin has never said anything to her about taking out the twins “he knows I would tell you “
Vanessa says Austin and Steve were whispering on the hammock..
Vanesa – you have to trust me .. I’m good when I want something I’m a good campaigner.. I have your back i’m not going to let it happen..
Vanessa – The reason I’m telling you I want Liz to help me combat him from that angle.
Julia tells Liz to tell Austin tonight “Pillow talk” that if he votes out Julia it will break her heart.

Julia – I trust Steve more than Austin
Liz – If the vote is f*** up tomorrow I know it’s Austin that’s how Sure I am of Steve
Vanessa says if Steve voters out Julia he never would do it alone
Vanessa is only concerned about Austin and Steve having something planned because they were whispering in the hammock.

the twins eat this up Liz says if Austin vote sout Julia they are done she will never talk to him again.
Vanessa says she knows exactly what Austin would say “I read his mind”
Vanessa asks them to not tell Austin any of this. “The two of you have an unbreakable bond you are family… “
Warns them if Austin finds out she was talking to them he might make a move tomorrow.

Julia starts practicing her speech.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 21-52-43-729_jpg

9:38pm Goblins going over what Meg should say to Austin.
James points out that the Jury is filled with other goblins, “Becky, Jackie, You, Shelli” (Not sure why they are thinking Shelli was with them)
James points out those people are not going to vote for Vanessa to win it.
Meg says Steve’s game isn’t original
James likes Jmac’s game so does Meg.
James – you think Julia is worried at all she could go home
Meg – no
James – that’s crazy

They talk about campaigning and how awkward it is to do right now..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 22-01-31-413_jpg

9:38pm HOH, Vanessa and Twins
VAnessa keeps saying that Austin wants to keep James in his back pocket
9:51pm Vanessa and Julia
VAnessa is saying that Austin’s dream scenario is the final 2 with Liz
Vanessa- he did not say anything
Vanessa going on and on about never lying to Julia and if there is a flipo she’ll stop it.
Julia says Austin is being a a$$hole and rude.
Vanessa- I know exactly what that feels like he did that to me
Julia – he’s mean he’s not nice
Vanessa says she will handle Austin. Vanessa says it’s Steve that will vote out Julia and Austin will try to blame it on Steve.

9:56pm Austin, Vanessa, Twins and Jmac playing Chess

10:06pm Bathroom Goblin talk
James – I gotta ally with somebody even if I get f*** over
James says he wishes they would have taken the twins out back when they’re was just 1 of them.
Meg says at the time they didn’t want a person coming back in.
Steve goes in to use the toilet
James wonders why Steve sits down when he pees
Steve says he doesn’t always sometimes he doesn’t trust his coordination
Meg – why are you limping
James – cause my nuts are heavy
Steve – did he get blue balls watching you pack
meg – ewwww
Steve – was that a line..
Liz – James has said worst

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 22-20-19-184_jpg

10:14pm Hammock room Steve and Meg
Meg says she’s certain she’s going home “95% sure”
Meg asks for his vote she’s talked to Johnnymac and he’s open. She points out there’s a strong threesome in the house.
They hug 5 minutes later they are done.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 22-21-40-381_jpg

10:14pm Twins
Agreeing that Austin is “So mean”
Julia – he asks like I’m not even there
Julia – I don’t like him at all he’s really mean
Liz says if Austin votes out Julia she’s going to know and she will never talk to him again. he should know this.
Liz – why is he acting like this
Julia – he’s mean I don’t like him for you
Julia calls Austin a spoiled a$$hole brat
Juli a- I’m over it I’m so over it I want to go home..
Liz – No you don’t
Julia – Home Miami

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 22-38-47-354_jpg
10:36pm Chess table Austin and Steve
Steve mentions Meg talking to him in the hammock room
Austin – She’s not doing much
Austin wants to talk to James so they can secure something in case Jmac wins.
Austin – We need to work with Johnny Mac right now.. Vanessa’s right when I’m down to final 5 what do You doi I never thought we would make it this far.. I don’t want to be Diane
Steve – we’ll talk later.
James joins them. Steve and Austin start up another game.
james chit chats and leaves.

10:41pm bathroom James and Jmac
James says he walked up to the chess table and Austin and Steve were whispering and when they saw him they stopped. they agree they both need to win the next competition.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 22-55-59-526_jpg
10:43pm Have nots Goblins
They are suspecting Austin is working with Steve.
Meg – Steve is working with one of them (Austwins) way more closer than we think

After some more goblins talking they start saying that Vanessa, Steve and Vanessa have something.
James says he feels like there’s 6 firing squads after him.
James thinks there’s a final 6 he’s got to win eh HOH
James is going to call Austin out on his shit.

James says Austin is the brains of Liz, “Once Austin leaves this house will break down.. Vanessa will bring them together”

Meg – you see it nights like this everyone is against us, You can see who works together

Meg tells him he’s got all the Jury votes
jame s- not Shelli
Meg – wait until I get there
Meg – I want to call out Austin.. but it will hurt your game
James leaves he’s going to go see where Jmac is at “if he’s up there (Chess) i’m going to be like F****”

11:11pm Bathroom Jmac and James
Jmac says he can’t flip the vote himself. James knows, he’s planning for the next week. Warns them Steve and Austin are working together.
Jamc – we either win or we die.. take it from there.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-02 23-44-13-807_jpg
11:40pm JAmes is packing all his stuff just in case something comes up
meg – It’s going to be me not you
james – It’s going to be me… next week
meg talks to the camera says JAmes is packing his stuff and he’s not even on the block.

Midnight. The goblins are giggling in the Have nots. Austin and Jmac chatting in the kitchen while Austin makes food. The twins are up playing Chess with Steve watching and Vanessa is sleeping in the HOH.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Hi guys…great job and THANKS for all your hard work here.
If I buy thru Amazon any time through the year, will it still go to you?


Simon, I don’t think you answered Patty’s question. How do we order to help you–exactly. Thanks


I just found the amazon link. Go to the very top of this page and click the menu bars ( 3 bars on top left of this page). Scroll down, you will see the Amazon link for either Canada or the US. Save the link to your favorites and get to amazon through that link to help Simon and Dawg. Hope that helps.


I know it’s hard but they seriously need to vote Julia out!

Canadian Kevin

Vanessa never quits. I do not like her, but i respect her work ethic.

Julia, if you go home it is because of Austin. Subtext, vote for me from jury. And it is time for Austin to begin being isolated…


vote julia out

Pinocchio Obama

I think Meg is history and James will follow shortly after since everyone else thinks they are in an alliance with Vanessa.


Are there other ways to donate besides a credit card?


I use paypal.


Hi Marie, If you would prefer to send a donation as a cheque, just email us at obbcreativesolutions@gmail.com


Those twits are something else. Neither one of them have a logical brain cell among them. Plain stupid…

main main

love and hate them. damn I will miss GOBLINS.


I will miss James & Meg so much!
And, do not care about any of the remaining HG’s.

Nothing Personal

Vanessa definitely knows how to play everyone against each other. People sleeping are missing out. Thank you Simon and Dawg for everything.


Vanessa is setting Austin up for the fall, in case Julia is voted out. LOL, The twins are so naïve!
I noticed tonight when Meg and Steve talked, he did not tell her he had promised his vote to Julia, I want to hope that he is going to allow John to talk to him about flipping the vote. Keeping Julia does not help John, nor Steve, and after Steve’s talk with Vanessa he should know if all 3 of them go to the finals, Vanessa will choose Julia over him. In fact he better realize, that in the Scamper Squad he is low man on the totem pole.


Did Vanessa really say, “I read Austin’s mind?” OMG These TWINS ARE SO F’IN STUPID! MENTALLY CHALLENGED AT BEST. Do you think BB would allow a psychic into the house on meds? Sorry, but that was HIlarious!!!!!!




“Make him fly, Mommy”.

freud's cigar

Hey Simon, I wish you’d included the line out of Meg’s mouth that actually made me fall out of my chair laughing.
“They need to get us out first. We have brains.”
After James says he wishes he’d seen Steve working with Austin coming (the alliance Jmac told them both about last week).
Maybe they can finally decide if Audrey was telling the truth before tomorrow.


Looks like after sleeping the entire season they are finally waking up.


It’s too bad they woke up just in time to pack for the jury house.


Julia vs Dr Will: Who is best in your opinion?


She got to eat as a have not without penalty in sequester.
She hasn’t had to manipulate the house since she entered under her own name, and is still in the game.
She got somebody booted off the memory wall.
All achievements not even Will can call his own.
if you can’t read the dripping sarcasm, go ahead and thumbs down.


This sucks, it really really does..not for Meg’s sake, but the obvious….predictable , no drama no turning on one another..This is the Time! Not down the road….what is to expect but the inevitable , tweeker bitch Vanessa winning…so set up, even worse than last year with derrick, script fucking followers…fuck Vanessa and derrick seasons, shit went down the tubes last couple of years

Straight Shooter

OMG. It occurred to me that if Julia was evicted tonight and Liz then self-evicted (as she says she would do) and the DE still happened…then it would be possible to be free of Austwins or the twins and Vanessa all in one night! C’mooooooon vote flip.


I’d like to see Julia out just to see if Liz does self evict. It would say a lot about her.


It would be fun to see Austin try to make it up to her.


Liz will not self evict. One thing about the twins; they talk a ton of shit when they get mad lol. They do it every time but then forget about it or do a complete 360 ten minutes later.


The only way Meg is staying is if Steve and Jmac flip the vote.
It could happen ! Steve is a sneaky SOB


I really hope James goes after Vanessa and Steve. Now that would be funny. The HGs are stupid if they don’t try. Might as well write her the check right now.

freud's cigar

Megtoria or Vicjulia? Does it REALLY matter?
No. Really.
Neither matters.
Keep Meg: James will be on the block with her again the next time someone other than James wins. If he loses Veto he’ll get to hear about how horrible this is for her until eviction.
Keep Julia: She’ll become the new pawnstar. She won’t win a comp. She’d vote out anyone but her sister. She’ll believe everything anyone tells her. be the last person to speak to her before every eviction and you control her vote.
It only matters if you like one of them. It doesn’t matter to the game.


Not sure Meg has realized, but she has spent the last 72hrs in a dentist chair.

Bunny Slipper

Huh, Austin who knew? Austin is the brains. I thought he was the beauty.

BB leak

Its just a show and some people need to chill out! The vanessa haters especially, you dont have to be so mean and vulgur to get your point across. If you think the game is not rigid or scripted your dillusional, its a tv show plain n simple. We all watch bb for the entertainment and its a cool show and yes it sucks when certain people are favored like derrick last year and who knows jmac, vanessa or possibly james this year. I see all 3 getting favortism. I enjoy watching the show regardless every year and dont see them changing it just cause some people dont like there person not winning or getting far in the game. I personally enjoy this site and what people have to say i just wish it didnt have to get so nasty sometimes. They are real people with feelings too just like all of us. I hope james or jmac wins this season.


Vanessa the pimp. Advising Liz how to get to Austin during “pillow talk”, later tonight. She knows how easy and stupid they are which makes it so damn easy to manipulate them. Vanessa has such a nasty vendictiveness about her and that is what makes her unlikable.


repeat after me: vanessa is a good person. vanessa has a big heart. vanessa is not shtty. vanessa is a good person. vanessa doesn’t play personal.

skeptical onlooker

I have a feeling James will win HOH tomorrow. He will..more than likely..put up Vanessa and Liz…If Vanessa wins POV…up goes Austin.
Liz gets voted out.
This will then start a great downward spiral.
Although Meg is a really bad game player..all round…she has made friends…and is the most laughing person. ( Christine laughed all the time…but it was just sinister
Meg will most certainly be pushing the jury house members to vote for James. If he gets to final 2….that’s good..although my fave is still JMac.
Oh….Baleigh is the most adorable kiddie.
Hope Vanessa goes..but not on Double eviction. I want to see her melt down for a week.
And can you imagine the whining if the twins are on the block together? Shiver.


Meg should do James a favor and not attempt to “campaign” for him in jury. Her campaigning is awkward and hard to watch. I watched the flashback of her “campaign” to Austin and had to just turn it off. It’s bad.

I like meg as a person but honestly she needs to go to jury and just have fun for the next couple weeks. Let James do his own thing.

Greese the Goblins

James will be voted out in the double eviction tonight and he can go to the jury house with Meg. Vanessa controls the house.


OMG!!!! Steve is currently tinkering the idea of voting out Julia after his diary room session. Thank you prod! :)))))))

still crossing my fingers that he will pull through though i doubt it since he needs his mommy Vanessa’s permission. :)))))))


Big Brother Mt. Rushmore : Liz, Austin, Julia, and Vanessa. Legends, wire to wire.


OMG Steve is thinking about evicting Julia… finally he’s coming to his senses and sees that Austwins will stick together and they want Jmack out, he also knows Vanessa will do what’s good for HER game and says he has to do what’s good for HIS game and that’s breaking up the Austwins, hopefully when he finds out tomorrow is the DE he’ll talk Jmack into voting Julia out with him and realize it will be 4 against 2 in the HOH comp


Steve already thinks today is a DE. He’s been saying it for several days.


It is so degrading how they call Steve “The Boy.” To his face, nonetheless!!! That alone should tell Steve that they think he is immature and incapable of making any game play at all. AND just when we see him second guessing the vote this week, attempting at a game play, there she is Vanessa Hantz- the bubble burster, ready to put him back in his place, as nothing but “The Boy.”


I’m really hope that James and JMAC can work together and knock others out of the game ~~~~

Greese the Goblins

If James were to win HOH he would probably nominate himself.


That pic of meg sitting in the bed looking and the camera is straight up Joker. Every variant of clown.


LOL, Steve to the DR 3 times during the late hours while everyone else is sleeping. They are really messing with his head. Production wants some drama and poor Steve’s head might explode.


To the people who complained all season that Meg was this season’s village idiot…
“Liz – i’ve told him If she goes home I will self evict”
“Julia – I trust Steve more than Austin”
“Liz – If the vote is f*** up tomorrow I know it’s Austin that’s how Sure I am of Steve”

Need I say more?


RE: Vanessa- She has played so hard. She has “managed”the masses. She excels at Big Brother. It is a given that if you are in that house, you MUST be willing to say and/or do whatever it takes to make it to the end. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It is game-play.
Why then, does Vanessa consistently pick fights with her targets in order to justify giving them the boot? It is as thouugh she needs the fake fight/ argument in order to prove to herself that she is only doing what is necessary to save herself. She refuses to simply own her “stuff,” and keep it moving. She even, in her egomaniaclal need for TOTAL acceptance, expects her targets to go down peacefully, never challenging her verbally, or daring to try to defeat her in her efforts.
As good as she is at this game, Vanessa doesn’t get that the pre-eviction arguments she stages are totally unnecessary and do nothing to rehabilitate her image. The argument with James was to justify getting rid of Meg. She knew Meg herself wouldn’t fight back, so she needed James as a surrogate. Why bother with it, Vanessa? Has she orchestrated a single eviction that did not include a pre-boot, conspicuously staged argument, followed by “how dare they” tears?