Becky about Vanessa “I want to push the eviction button & push her out the door!”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 12-44-52-927
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12:40pm HOH room – Becky says Vanessa lied about not wanting Shelli out of the game. She is not beyond lying. Vanessa does not want us in the game. She is pissed. She is not going after Shelli and John. If I don’t get taken out by her she will take you out. She is definitely more of a threat to our group than Shelli is. Becky says I just want to erase her (Vanessa) off the screen. (Memory wall) I want to push the eviction button and push her out the door. No, that would get me evicted. I wan to push her so she hits the eviction button. Becky says it just stinks I can’t play in the next HOH. I started all this for no reason. Jackie says you know me I hate changing targets.. Just so you know I am throwing down. I want to talk to Austin and the twins to make sure they want to keep us safe. Becky says I just want to punch her (Vanessa)! Jackie says we all have our groups. Becky says oh yeah I realize I am safe because of our group. Becky says I need to just relax I am getting too stress about the V word. We’ll just talk to Austin and see what they want to do. We want both these people gone .. how do we make it happen.

1:10pm Havenot room – Jackie tells James and Meg that Becky is coming around. She said that Meg is right. Meg says sure blame me. Jackie says obviously Vanessa gone is better for her but she’s coming around for the group. She wants to talk to Austin and see where he and the twins are at. She thinks she can just lay low and people will fire at each other. James says fat chance!! Jackie says you don’t want to get any blood on your hands .. like get the f**k out of here!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 13-18-14-906

1:10pm – 1:40pm Julia points out a hickey on Liz’s neck. “You look like a hoe!” You need to wear your hair down. Julia says he is marking his territory. Julia asks did you see it the entire time? Austin says yeah, I saw it this morning what was I going to say. The Austwins head out to lay out by the pool. Jackie joins them and says she just talked to Becky and she wants to talk to all of us together. Austin says Jackie says she didn’t say anything to me but she’s expecting me to vote for her. She said she isn’t going after you guys so that means she’s coming after me. Jackie says if I win I will put up Vanessa and Johnny Mac. Austin says I would put up Johnny Mac and Steve. Jackie says that’s good and then we would vote out Johnny Mac. Jackie says that Becky is worried about you guys being mad that she put up Vanessa. Austin says we’re not mad. Meg joins them. They talk about how obvious it is now that Johnny Mac and Steve are working together. Julia says Steve is shaking in his boots. Meg says I think we need to make Vanessa part of the plan. Austin says she’s not coming after any of us. I’m worried about Johnny Mac and Steve. Jackie tells Austwins to tell Becky you’re not going after her. Austwins says we’re not.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 13-27-53-576

In the bedroom – Shelli is packing her suit case.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 13-24-39-422

1:45pm – 1:55pm Bathroom – Johnny tells Shelli I just know we’re all in trouble. I don’t feel safe going into this double eviction. Johnny tells Shelli that Vanessa said she isn’t campaigning against you. Shelli says Vanessa is totally campaigning against me. I’m not a dumba$$. Johnny says there’s been a lot of scrambling going on. I don’t feel good about it. I don’t know what you can do. If you go home .. Vanessa, Me or Steve don’t win HOH .. then one of us is going home too. You didn’t do anything this week yet? You’ve just been laying low? Shelli says what is there for me to do? Is laying low really me best option? Johnny says I think there’s really nothing you can do. This thing with James .. he isn’t going to get over it. Shelli says that Vanessa knows things about Becky and she is telling them (James, Meg, Jackie). That’s how Vanessa is spinning this and its making Becky the target. I need to talk to Becky about it. It’s making me mad that Vanessa is doing this. Johnny tells Shelli to make James believe you’re not after him. Do it in public. Johnny says you need three more votes. Shelli asks do you know where Steve is at? Johnny says I can get him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 13-49-07-374

2pm Big Brother announces an indoor lock down. Big Brother is closing the backyard to start setting up for tomorrows Double Eviction HOH competitions.

Comic bedroom – Liz tells Vanessa no need to pack. Vanessa says no I need to. Vanessa tells Julia and Liz about her conversation with Johnny Mac. Austin says we just have to make sure Steve is on board. Vanessa says you guys cannot throw this HOH. Liz says I would never. Vanessa says if we don’t win its going to be Johnny Mac and he could f**k things up. Austin says the more we talk the more it makes sense to not even touch you this week and why we need you to stay in.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 14-06-06-647

2:25pm Austin and James are talking in the kitchen. James says that at first Becky was pissed about getting Shelli out instead but now she is starting to realize its better. I don’t see you guys pulling with Steve. Austin says no we don’t trust him. They agree that they think Steve will continue to try and float by a couple more weeks. Austin says Johnny Mac is so dumb .. all of a sudden he is walking around with Shelli.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 14-26-33-151

2pm Havenot room – Shelli talks to Jackie and Meg about how she knows and realizes Vanessa is flipping things around. Vanessa is with Austin and the twins. I have no one. The four of them will stick together no matter what. I am not coming after y’all. There are 4 people in this house that have been HOH twice. Vanessa is one of them. I am alone in this game and need people. If I stayed I would never go to them. I just don’t see how that is the best for y’all. Jackie asks was Becky giving you information? Shelli says all she told me was that when James was HOH she told us we were going on the block. Meg says our biggest worry is like last week with James and stuff. What we’re afraid of is that there are three of us and we could be alternated. Put two of us up and the other is the alternate. Shelli says Austin and the twins are super weak with out Vanessa. JOhnny joins them. He says he walked into the other bedroom to the others whispering and they stopped talking. What the f**k did I do!? Shelli asks why can’t we form something here? We need James to come back. Jackie says you need to talk to James. He feels like you’re going after him. Shelli says no one is going to make the first move against Austin and the twins. Why can it be all of us, James, and Steve. We get out Vanessa and then go after Austin and the twins. Shelli says he (James) was so close to Clay and that’s why we felt so hurt. I’m open to talking but I think its a little weird to say hey lets be buddies but I guess he feels the same way. Jackie says James knows you are coming after him and Vanessa promised him safety. Shelli says Vanessa promises everyone safety. Jackie says I’m not looking past that. She definitely finds loop holes. James joins them. Shelli tells him I am not a scary being and I don’t want you to be afraid of me. When you put Clay and I on the block I understood your reason. Each week you clean up and brush off. I am alone now and need someone to work with. Vanessa has 3 strong people that have her back. I want to bury the hatch with you. James says it hurt that you guys were coming after me. I had no issues with you guys I even took Clay to a steak dinner. Shelli says I can’t imagine where the idea of Clay and I coming after you came from. There is only one person I can think of that would say that. Shelli says every little bit of this information is coming from the master. I have no one. Meg says we just need to figure out how to keep us all safe.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 14-07-41-598

2:50am – 2:55pmAustin talks to Steve. I think its going to be unanimous to keep Vanessa. I think all three of them are going to flip and vote to keep Vanessa. Steve asks what about Becky. Austin says they’re pissed at Becky for doing all this. Steve says its great the house is convinced that you and the twins hate my guts. Austin says that Vanessa has a clear target in Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 14-59-48-993


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins

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I wanna thrash Jackie while I wear a Shark outfit!!!! Gets my Sharknado on.


Shelli’s mad because Vanessa is trying to save herself!! How dumb is that? She is not campaigning against Shelli, just telling everyone about Becky.


And right now Shelli is throwing Vanessa under the bus big time, her only arguments are how bad Vanessa is. How classless for someone that she was suppose to be friend with.


Vanessa has been trying to get Shelly out of the game for days! She also made sure that Shelly and Clay took the blame for all her backdoor plans! How is that being honest? Sometimes not saying anything is still louder than any verbal attack! Vanessa called Shelly cold hearted and calculating (or something like that ). Vanessa is the one that’s crazy and calculating!


I’d say it was honest because Shay were in fact a part of them. They even agreed that they would not let her take the blame alone. That’s how it’s honest I think.


I agree they were part of it, but it wasn’t their initial idea. Vanessa was in the bathroom and people came to her with twin/Jason /Austin nonsense….she comes up with these plans to start drama and she forces people to go along with her. For someone who doesn’t “really need the money or care” she sure as heck is selling her soul! That, or she’s just bat sh$t crazy! Just my opinion, but I feel as though I have a 87.8% chance of being right, lol.


Nothing about that week was about trying to start drama. It was Shay and Julia who were both pissed enough at Austin to be fine with nominating him. It was then Liz and Shay who came to her with their reservations. Julia was actually disappointed when she came back into the house to find he survived. What would be the point to do all of that to start drama? Vanessa thought she could get Jackie to do the nominating but when that fell through she was left with the tough decision of doing it herself and therein risking him outting the entire alliance. That plus Liz and Shay coming to her about why it would be a dumb move to evict a member of her own alliance is what changed things. It was never supposed to happen the way that it did. And she told Shay explicitly that she couldn’t nom Jason without sharing the blame. Shay were on board to “draw a line in the sand” then acted like they didn’t want to do that at all afterwards. And Vanessa never told anyone outside the alliance that Shay wanted to backdoor Austin. She has always claimed that it was because she lied to him and was alway vague about why. She DID tell people they were a part of the Jason nom though because they all agreed that that was how it would be handled.

Shelli Takes a Swing!

Gurrl it’s on, Shelli’s off her a$$ pitching to the formerly known as 8-person alliance, mostly Goblins and James, while Vanessa is preaching from the Bible’s Book of Job, and the Twins roll their eyes. Smite the flip-floppers Lord. Austin is scared of her, Twins say she’s creepy, weird, unreliable. Whew, her makeover didn’t stick. Looks like those heathen Goblins are gonna flop again! Stay in the fight Shelli, it aint over yet.


Listening to them on the feeds now, they’re not changing. The problem with shelli saying all that about Austin/twins is that now the goblins are already in a 6 person “group” with them. So that wasn’t exactly shelli’s best argument. MAYBE if she threw out 6th sense, but she didn’t. She only threw vanessa under the bus, which Van hasnt said a single bad word about her. So that doesn’t look so good on shelli. Plus jmac coming in only solidified the whole shelli is teaming up with jmac and Steve thing. Then to top it off Austin came in right behind shelli and jmac and blew up everything jmac just said. Now Jackie and Meg wonder why jmac would think they wouldn’t find out.

Ms Chiff

Yesterday, thought there was a chance things might swing back in the other direction, and that Shellie might wind up staying – but now that I hear her pitch, not sure it’s going to happen.

She still seems to be mad at James. And it sounds like the alternative targets she’s proposing are the Austwins? Because she doesn’t know that they just formed a new 6-person alliance.

Would expect James to stick with Vanessa, because her target for next week would be the same as James’ – Becky and Johnnie Mac since they really, really want her out.

Will be interesting to see who makes it back into the house from the jury house, if someone winds up coming back! Maybe Shellie will come back then, since she’s so good at comps.


I can’t believe Vanessa is not campaigning against Shelli. She must genuinely want to be friends with Sixth Sense after the game. She hasn’t said anything about Shelli or Austwins.

I think Julia genuinely like Vanessa while Liztin are not as into her. I actually think Austin really dislikes Vanessa now.

Simmah down nah

Vanessa and Shell are both campaigning to stay, and there is nothing wrong with what either one is doing.
Just about everyone in the house has talked crap about one or more of the others at one time or another and every single person in the house has lied to get further in the game.

It’s Big Brother, and this is the show at its best!


I’m confused… so Liz is into Austin now? If not, she is doing a great job at pretending. I’ve always been pretty creeped out by Austin, but now I’m starting to feel bad for him. Can you imagine being made into a fool on national television?

Also, Shelli get off your butt and do something! Don’t just say there’s nothing for you to do. I won’t even feel bad for you if you get sent to jury. You barely put up a fight.

Pinocchio Obama

Liz had better hope that is only a hickey……..

Eeeewwaah Liz Has Got More Than a Hickey

Love it when Julia outs Liz’s hickey, calls her a Ho and Austin keys her wear it around all day like a badge. That’s what she’ll put out for half way, woder what she’ll do for Final 4. She’ll be pregnant for the Finale! Grooss! You just know what else they’re doing. We see his hands under the blanket, spooning, you know he’s turned on…my eyes, my eyes, I can’t unsee that. Little Austins scampering around with beards, no shirts….hurl!

James Better Not See It!

Meg’s gonna hafta start putting out, once James sees that hickey. Put yo hair down Liz! You knows she knows it’s there, she wasn’t asleep, Austins no Bill Cosby.


I think Liz is only saying she now is liking Austwit to make herself not look like such a user.She probably realized (or was told) that her actions may not not look so good once the game is over.

Pinocchio Obama

I’m not sure who is getting voted out and that is why I love this season.

Stevie's aching tooth

Most of the hg are extremely threatened by shelli but all of them seem to have forgotten about a possible chance for her to re enter the game if evicted!!


I forgot if it was Meg, Jakie, or Jason who mentioned it..But I think they are trying to avoid Shelli taking on of them out more than the possibility of her coming back in at this point.


This game really changes on a dime.


what that becky vanessa stayn!

Too funny

I love Ausdumbs comment last night abt how working with jjm n how they all have the same intellect… ya u n the twins r dumb n jjm is dumb cuz none of this plan is going to pan out n ur all going to turn on each other if either team gets hoh in de u watch… its so silly to watch these numbskills turn on there own allience members on a dime n say nasty things abt 1 another… n loose brass tacts u dnt even know what it means u say it abt everything!!! They act like no one else can talk alone but them… hello dumb dumbs jmac is probably getting called to the dr abt his dental practice. Get over it n stop making it a big damn deal… im soo over these two dumb groupes of slackers who just want to skate to the end cuz there to chicken to play the game…

I survived last seasons BB

In the bedroom – Shelli is packing her suit case.

Why not ? She has mentally packed it in already, might as well do the physical next


Shelli just revealed to Meg and Jackie that Becky told them they (Shelli and Clay) were going on the block… that info will be the final nail in Shelli’s coffin and prove that Becky is the rat James feels she is.

Becky getting vanessa out for playing both sides when she in fact was also playing both sides. I love me a good hypocrite lol

Canadian Bacon

Shelli will be crushed when she learns that Cody has already signed Clay up to work out of his Gay Prostitute Agency.


Whoever noted the JU DD comparison to JMAC was so spot on. Both are fan favorites, laid low, and come DE they become the main target from every group for no reason. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Is JMAC the best player? Not even close, but losing him this early is a shame and the GobIdiots better be ready for Vanessa and the AusTwins to wreck their shit. Then it could be Vanessa vs AusTwins. If the twins win this game………… How Steve, Becky, and JMAC are being targeted OVER TWINS is insane.

JMAC and Steve need to pull out 2 straight HOHs……..Wow what a change of events


Jmac is the Big Brother verson of “Bobcat Goldthwait”.


So the plan is to….? Everyone is all over the place it’s confusing :/


Send Shelli home as of now.


It seems that they will be voting Shellie out …
James has his group set on it …
James wanted Shellie gone last week and he seems to kinda like Vanessa.
Austwins would rather keep Vanessa … Although Austin is one of the top dumbest players
He forgets he threw Julia UTB, basicly turned on his own alliance to try to get some booty
and is pissed at Vanessa for calling him out on it?
Becky has been exposed as an A1 Bit(h, rat, snitch … James hates her now
So he is going against her HOH wishes knowing that Vanessa will eliminate Becky asap
I hope somehow Becky goes in the DE …
Everyone is scared of DE … It’s the “As long as it’s not me or my group” train of thought


Vanessa made an agreement with James, back when he was HOH. She would not nominate nor backdoor James until the Final 7. So far, Vanessa has honored this deal, and James has no reason to believe that Van will go back on her word.

Pinocchio Obama

It will be interesting to compare tomorrow night the actual nominations versus what everyone is saying their nominations will be now.


Steve is a floater and a Rat. Johnny is a rat and a floater. Becky is a floater and a Rat and a flipflopper. She is a FlipFloppingFloatingRat! There’s nothing worse than a FlipFloppingRatFloater! Time to call the Exterminators.


Why are the twins so mad that Steve and JohnnyMac are working together? You have your twin sister in there and a big oaf who is willing to fall in his sword for you. And other people can’t work together. Every moron in that house should be going after oh I dunno The Twins!!!!


No one is telling the truth….the plan for everyone is going to be to strike at the other side. For example Vanessa wins HOH she will strike at Becky and maybe James. Austin wins James and Johnny Mac. No one will go after Steve they can get him out at anytime. A bunch of lies!


You can’t make this stuff up!!
WTF JohnnyMac!!! Going to HN with Shelli to campaign for her to Jackie and Meg. And if that isn’t weird enough, Shelli is throwing Becky under the bus, in front of JMac. JMac needed to be as far away from this conversation as possible. Shelli clearly doesn’t want to talk to James, she probably thinks she can flip the girls if he isn’t there. Jackie and Meg are going to be rolling on the floor laughing when this conversation ends. Shelli wanted to get the twins in the house, now it is going to bite her in the ass. I don’t know how any of them thought having twins in the house was a good idea. They are two votes, good thing if they are with you, not good if they aren’t.

The Truth

Honestly, the players who were in favor of bringing in the other twin makes my mind boggle! BIG Brother 101 is getting players out, avoiding letting players be invested in each other’s play (like showmance, relatives) …letting that twin, no matter how dim they each May be, was the dumbest move evah! It’s going to bring a good players game to an end sooner rather than later. Giving away a block of 3 votes is not a smart plan. Examples are evident whenever the HG says “we can’t do that, it’ll make Austin and twins mad…”


If they keep Vanessa and then find out she is a manipulative, poker playing millionaire who lies and double deals, they will feel like idiots. Sick of her calling everyone out and yet she is the one who controls the house. And the twins voices are so annoying. Austin’s got to go also.These three are skating by and are three jury votes. Wake up James, Meg and Jackie, get Vanessa out while you can. She will run you all to the jury house. Stay with the original plan guys, and go from there. Shelli, start spinning your info. Jason must be watching his friends and screaming at the screen.

The Twins

We knooooowwwwwwaaaaa!!


So Shelli is mad that Van is blowing Becky up…… Yet isn’t that exactly what her and Clay did to Austin in hopes of staying? Not once has Van said anything negative about Shelli she is just is fighting to stay by stating the facts. She’s got nothing to lose. It’s called good game playing. Shelli is laying around expecting to stay because Becky told her she’s got her. Like Becky is some kind of BB mastermind all of a sudden. BAHHAHAHHA Becky is so bad at this game and Shelli is a better player then that. Becky actually thought Van would quietly go away knowing all she knows about Becky. So she blind sides her and tells everyone, I want all the blood on my hands .. Well ya got it!!!! If your gunna swing, you better not miss and Becky MISSED and still is confused on why “I’ll be hurt you if don’t vote her out” isn’t working on anyone!


First Shellie threw Becky UTB … which is ok because I completely dislike Becky the snitch rat
Then Shellie threw Vanessa UTB big time and made up lies .. what a back stabbing Bit(h Shellie is … but we knew that.
That didn’t work so she tried throwing Autwins UTB
Shellies a cu^t! and may the other(Becky) follow her out the door


JM says the trend is, Vanessa yells at you, then your Memory Wall picture goes black & white. Meg: “That’s terrifying.”


Shelli has been talking to goblins for about an hour. Shelli get the vibe, they aren’t going to save you. They made a deal with Austwins, you are getting voted out.


John, Steve, Meg and Jackie all said they would throw the comps this week. I’m wondering if even their little pea brains have figured out by now that they absolutely must try to win every time. John is starting to sound like he’ll go for it but that may just be today. They all wanted to ride under the radar to the end and that still seems to be their main plan. I can’t feel sorry for them, I think it’s a stupid plan.


I really really wish they would edit the episodes differently for the feed followers. That is what I liked about BBC you can follow online bb but still wanted to watch the show because there was something going on. Marsha the Moose was hilarious. Give us more DR time, so we can hear what the hgs strategies really are. Well, JM and Steve just may win the next HOH, they are famous for winning when they have to. JM knows he’s in trouble but I am not sure Steve is aware.


I can’t muster up any sympathy for Becky at all. It was HER idea to put Vanessa up, and she gleefully informed the Goblins the she “wanted ALL the blood on HER hands and that she’d happily announce at the Veto ceremony that it was all HER decision!!” Then she launched a vicious personal attack during the ceremony and crowed afterwards about what “great TV” it was going to be…best backdoor of the season!! Nope, I don’t feel sorry for her at all.


Flip it back Shelli. Vanesss is so damn annoying.


She is never going to flip the goblins by throwing the Austwins under the bus. Wrong strategy.


She threw the whole house and the kitchen sink under the bus. I still don’t think it will work.


Come on Shelli flip them back around and get Vanessa out the house!! If they are stupid enough to keep Vanessa I hope she wins the entire game!


Godd*mn it Shelli, if you had started this three days ago you wouldn’t be in this position.


I didn’t know hickeys were thing after middle school…I’m as confused as Steve with the Colonel Angus joke.

bb or go broke

at this time they(the goblins) should just stick with the plan, Shelli coming to them now is just a little too LATE! Until she found out that she’s really being aced out by her own alliance.. and it looked like she was going home then she turned to James, but she told the twins her first priority was to get James out…that’s a fact..Johnymac better get on the right page or it looks like he’s out the door next. If the Goblins flip again, they are going to look like the biggest flipfloppers ever!


Yesterday the Goblins said they wanted to go Becky as a group and explain their decision but this morning it was just Jackie telling her. Had the group changed their minds on that or was Jackie doing it on her own? If she did it on her own I don’t imagine James will be too happy about that and will remember it later down the road.l

Operation bye bye

Vanessa plz stop talking!!! Shes the energizer bunny she just keeps talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. My ears are bleeding!!!! Someone give her some sleeping pills and put us out of our misery for a couple hours.


Pairs of three…must go free


Has Shelli exposed the sixth sense alliance to the goblins? If not I feel like that’s her one hope of staying. Would show how close Vanessa is to Austwins and would bring her more trust with the goblins (more distrust with Vanessa)

Just an opinion

This season is such a good one. Schemer’s, gameplayers, liars, and floaters all combined. It’s not the brilliant undercover who wins BB 16, (and survivor (NYC cop)). It’s not a float-tastic “rat” who forms exterminators. Nor Ian, who could have lost everything had he lost the final HOH. It’s such a good game. I feel like I have a bead on this season and then some “one” gets HOH and all hell breaks loose. Goblins/gremlins are tight. Austwins, are like, making babies, so they’re “tight”. And then Vanessa, who is very very smart and could also be the quintessential floater. Steve being inaccurately portrayed as an Ian (my uneducated mind thinks he has Aspergers, I’ve been around Aspergers clients). Johnny is lumped into Becky’s floater peronona. Shelli bout to be shown door. Becky is a joke. I Like her, yet I don’t. I find myself liking lots of these people. Because it’s a game! And then, B/c of obviously brass tacks, I don’t like them. This season…so epic. Please continue.


Jesus calling Vanessa a floater is absurd in every way that that word has ever been used to pertain to Big Brother. Originally a floater was someone who did not stay loyal to any group and gravitated toward power. Vanessa has always been on the Sixth Sense side of the house. Her deals with those in power are only short-term in nature and she shared significantly more information with her side than anyone else. Rachel changed the meaning of floater to refer to someone who doesn’t win competitions. Vanessa has won three so obviously wrong there.


Super need a few HG’s to say screw it and make it their mission to get Meg and Jackie out during the DE. Purely because they are so incredibly annoying talking strategy like they’ve been killing it since day one. For all the talk about Jmac and Steve being sneaky floaters how is it nobody has even said sh*t to/about Meg for basically doing f**k all? I enjoyed her upbeat personality and demeanor for about 2 weeks and now whenever she talks I find myself zoning out and getting lost in thought about how much I just want to stuff a sock in her mouth and lock her in a closet.



I don’t understand James, Meg and Jackie’s logic. Vanessa is the reason JASON, their ally, went home. It was her HOH. She’s also responsible for manipulating the other HOH’s to nominate who she wanted and all their people (Mama Joyce, Jason, etc) went home. Every time you trusted Vanuessa, one of your allies left. I’m sure Vanessa has got her good points, but in this game she is a huge threat. Like Derrick, she reads and manipulates people for a living! Remember, she is a multi-millionaire world famous poker player, #2 woman player in the WORLD…James-you guys better wake up and vote her out tonight or you, Meg or Jackie are out in the Double eviction tonight. I am rooting for the good guys. And am really tired of the twins and Austin sliding by. One of them should go tonight also. WAKE UP!