“I’m going to be honest with you I don’t think I’m going to miss this that much.. I did 80 days That’s enough man”

11:30am They are finally awake.

2:05pm Xmas doing makeup..

2:05pm Paul talking about owning a clothing company “20 minutes later I got a $200 order from here… I offered it for free..”
Josh – that’s dope as f*

2:18pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin – listen make me a promise and I’ll do the same.. If I leave don’t let people bad mouth me
Kevin – just say listen man the dude’s my friend and he’s gone Let’s go to the next person we’re going to screw over
Kevin doesn’t want to go home and find out after he left they were saying sh1t about him.
kevin doesn’t think Paul or Josh will..
Kevin – I don’t think Alex will .. not know.. you look ridiculous if you do that now.. you look bad.
Kevin – it’s a f*ing show.. I told Matt that and he used it..

Kevin says Paul should teach a class on conversation.. Says they can just pull a topic out of the box and let him go on about it, “75% he knows what he’s talking about”
Kevin – he knows everything for a young kid that’s amazing
Jason – he definitely has an opinion on everything (bingo)

Kevin – this f*ing Paul, I’m telling you, they should have him back for next year every f*ing year Paul should be back (for the love of Kraken no)

Kevin – they’re building some kinda big comp out there.. you hear it?
Jason – yeah..

2:26pm (Kevin sums up BB19)
Kevin – here’s the thing Jason, you have people who.. who want to go further in the game right now and they know Paul is a BIG player. So they aren’t going to ever question anything he says they are going to roll with it.
Jason – right
Kevin starts nodding his head – Yup.. because they’re number 1 insecurity is they are going out, right.. and figuring if they do that then he’ll stay with them.
Kevin – LIttle do they know Paul wants to win himself you know what I mean
jason – yeah
Kevin – the bottom line is Paul wants to win too so if he has the chance to get somebody out
Jason – that’s a smart move
Kevin – exactly right

Kevin – how are you feeling? got a weight off your shoulders
Jason – f*k it.. You don’t want to be on the block so the reason you have anxiety because you try to figure out how to stay off the block
Jason – one you are on the block you’re just like… well f* I can’t do a f*ing thing about it now
Kevin – that’s how I feel


Kevin – I’m going to be honest with you I don’t think I’m going to miss this that much.. I did 80 days That’s enough man

Jason – I can’t believe I haven’t lost my mind
Kevin – I did
Jason – I learnt a lot about myself in here

Kevin – I know what you’ve learned.. you won’t leave you f*ing wife a kids for 4 months again

They laugh
Jason – no..
Kevin – never right
Jason – she put that in writing..
Kevin – I don’t think they know the deprivation here.. From Tuesday night to Sunday things are closed down
Jason goes on to tell a story about when he was riding bulls and his wife was a full time student at college.
Jason – my wife’s family.. dirt f*ing poor..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back
Jason – so every morning I would put 20 bucks in her purse because I didn’t want her to not have any money, her parents weren’t going so send her any money
Jason – her mom didn’t even come to her college graduation because she’s never driven a car to de moine before..
Jason – for the first 10 years I supplied all the money .. go be a model.. I was working man.. I was making 18 bucks an hour and I was riding bulls.

4:35pm Chess

5:25pm HOH Paul and JOsh

Paul – if they play home videos don’t get all emotional and f*ed up. Don’t let your emotions take over. Understand that we have to make this move tomorrow
Josh – mmmm hmmmm
Paul – or else.. we’re done
Josh – F*ed
Paul – it has to happen or we’ll literally lose.. I guarantee it (Paul will lose)
Paul – are you good
JOsh – mmmhmmm

Paul – black yourself out on the speech or you’ll trip yourself up…
JOsh – it’ll be hard.. Fool.. he’s leaving no matter what
JOsh – it’ll be hard the way I’m going about it.. that’s what’s hard for me
Paul says if Jason knew he was going home they would have had a more stressful week
Josh says it’s been more stressful for him not telling Jason.
Josh – Alex has to go next week
Paul- that’s why we’re doing it the way we’re doing it..
Paul – I’m trying to win.. but you have to keep me safe at 5
josh – mmmmhmmmm
Paul – I’ll put Raven and Kevin up
Josh – I don’t think that’s smart, put her straight up. What if Alex wins the veto
Paul – than Raven goes
JOsh – why would we want to take Alex to 5
Paul – we wouldn’t but Alex is playing in the veto no matter what ..
Paul doesn’t want Alex “Activated”
Paul – if she’s not on the block she necessarily doesn’t want to win

JOsh – tomorrow.. do I throw it to you
Paul – it’s up to you.. i would rather you take 5.. (HOH)

JOsh – I’m worried
Paul – Fool, next week nothing wrong can happen, we’re fine..
Josh is worried if Alex wins
Paul tells him let him separate and tie in with Alex.
Paul – she underestimates you and Xmas she thinks you guys f*ing suck..
Paul will reinforce to Alex that Josh and Xmas suck and Raven is more of a comp threat.
Paul – Raven voted jason out.. Kevin might turn the f* up.. Kevin’s a f*, she still hates Kevin it’s not like she’s going to love Kevin
Paul – I’ll be like if you get Kevin out there’s not blood on your hands .. and raven’s a competitor.
Paul – I can convince her not to put you guys uop.. That’s the whole point of this plan
Josh is worried Alex will rage.
Paul – she just wants to get to the end of the game, She’s not going to risk flipping out

Paul says if she turns on the whole house she’s out for sure. Points out that Alex listens to all his advice he simply tells her he knows how to get them to the end of the game and convince her to put up Raven and Kevin.
Paul – nothing wrong can happen we control the votes as long as we’re not both up there.. that’s the whole point of the plan
JOsh says Alex won’t beat them in comics
Paul – you don’t know that Fool
JOsh – she won’t.. she panics

Josh says he wishes they had gone about this week differently.
Paul goes on about knowing Jason mentality and knowing that it would have been worse had they told him.

8:06pm Cooking

8:16pm Jason and Alex
Jason – we’re still on track
Alex – for Dinner
Jason – no.. HOH.. i’m going full tilt
Alex – just go for it..
Alex – Now that I’m thinking about it.. They’re (jury) are going to see me lose and if it comes down to who won more vetos. If it’s me and Paul they will think choose Paul because Alex keeps losing”
Alex – so I should have just won it was the smartest move for safety (LOL)
Jason – yeah..
Jason – f* the jury votes.. I’m gunning for everything
Alex – because if they (Jury) watch it on mute.. I didn’t know they watched it on mute it’ll look like I just lost.. they won’t know I threw it.

8:30pm Dinner…

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Pauls pigs are flying

After tonight’s episode I can’t believe this but I’m actually rooting for Josh


Then you’re as goofy as him and proof why the downfall of this show is casting superfans, folks who know all the jargon but lack the savvy or skill to play the game.

He sees how Paul is protecting himself…but immediately gives the awful jury vote pitch. Never crosses his mind to realize Xmas is still focused on getting to the point where jury votes even come into play. Never crosses his mind to do a little inception, to see Xmas has an ego so lead her to reach your conclusion with some what if questions…or even suggest a scam on Alex of pitching a phony final 4, say Jason is just too big a liability with Kevin, so cut him loose and you’re in with us.

Nope. Instead Josh has the foresight of an ant, the subtlety of an ad for fireworks….and what’s funny is that the Xmas haters can’t figure out why she thinks Paul is a better bet to reach the end with than Josh, much less that she knows Josh is literally her pawn, sacrificed in a worse case scenario to protect the queen…but superfans here just see the surface, can’t realize that the reason everybody falls all over themselves to work with Paul is because he’s the only one who can sell, who can talk the game in a way that benefits others…nobody else does.


How many of you can see already that in the end it will be as nature intended?
Josh the ant will eat Paul the tiger.

Im LIke

I’m tired of the scenarios about Pauls skills… 4 weeks of being safe allows you to make more subtle moves and get to know the people because you are not worried or stressed about being on the block. Plus it gives heads up to these people that you are liked and favored so people change there game to work around that. They probably also don’t want to tick that main player or god ( production) off so they are not kicked out by some random power they may throw in if you piss off there favorite player(Paul) . Raven is def a liar and has some whoppers of fish tales but the biggest B#llsh*ter is Paul he just lies better and makes it more believable because its what he does in real life. Also ,sidebar Dr.Will needs to stop with the plastic surgeries already dudes face doesn’t move


@ IM like…Best I’ve read tonight!! Thank you!!

Meatballs for Dinner

Keep your damn mouth shut Josh!! Never going to happen lol, but if he was quiet about it, he could clip (sorry) an oblivious Paul. So sweet it would be! However, sadly he’s on the road to spilling the beans. No filter = great character, but flawed BB player.


One episode makes you all root for a person who was hated for the first 25 episodes or however many there have been? Yeesh!

Go rewatch all previous episodes, maybe you just need a reminder of why you wern’t rooting for him in the first place??

Josh being the Big Brother winner? JOSH???



Keep in mind that since this episode and those diary room sessions Josh has said to the camera (when he was completely by himself) that he still wants to go final 3 with Paul and Christmas… soooo don’t get your hopes up that he’s actually going to go after Paul like he said in episode.

Judgmental Judy

Me too! And here’s why – Paul I hate now anyway even though he’s clearly played the best (dirty ugly stinky) game. Christmas is such a jerk! Josh is the youngest a-hole in there and was wound up and used to do Paul and Christmas’s dirty work. The biggest screw you to Paul, Christmas and Alex would be that Josh took their first place prize lol. He’s young, he can change. Poor Kevin doesn’t have a chance, and he honestly hasn’t played the game. This year playing a good social game just means you didn’t microwave anyone’s puppies.

Butters Mom

because Josh is the youngest a hole in there and there is hope for him to change… i dont think he will change if he wins… he needs to feel the anger that is going to be directed towards him for the mean stuff he did in order to feel remorse for it… rewarding him with the win will cause him to think it was worth it to be a despicable human and he will probably turn out just like Paul and Christmas.


If you truly think about it, Paul is probably the best person left in the house….Jason made a joke about rape…rape is no joke,Alex is a bitch just for the sake of being one,Kevin did everything but sleep with Christmas while his wife and daughters watched from home,Josh has attacked everyone and don’t tell me at the direction of others because more than a few times he took it upon himself to be a jerk and he only feels guilty now because he is counting jury votes. Raven,oh Raven really are we even going to talk about her????? Christmas was ever bit as much at fault with flirting with Kevin untill she didn’t need him anymore and then there’s Paul… someone who came in with their back already pinned to the wall but have used the rules of the game and a whole lot of education to take charge…he even wanted to work with Cody early on but Cody had an agenda …Cody wouldn’t even ask for a friendship bracelet that would probably had changed the whole game…he could have kept Paul close till it was time for him to go…there is no one left to stop the best player now..he doesn’t want the hoh but he wants the pov…mso he can’t be backdoored.

Butters Mom

He did ask some questions that lead us to believe he was thinking about it at the jury house. Paul had no intention of giving cody a friendship bracelet and lets face it, Cody’s personality… there is no way a guy like cody would “ask for a friendship bracelet” lol…. seriously. thats the part that got me.

Captain obvious

Anyone thats smart enough to see through pauls BS at this point deserves to win.


The whole Josh having it all figured out is production leading him. Watching the DR’s, they keep having Paul repeat how he’s the puppeteer and keep feeding Josh questions about Paul that freak him out because he’s so paranoid. He’s been paranoid since day 1.

Even though he’s right, it’s obvious how he came to that conclusion.

Matt the Cereal Killer

I miss the good days, back when doctor Will and Boogie made it fun to be a terrible person…

Backseat Driver

I am now watching BB Season 2 on the CBS app. with Will and Boogie…….and really enjoying the “newness” of Big Brother. The food comps., the HG’s having a weekly meeting to blow off steam, etc. This show has been completely blown up to what we are currently watching…..and it’s 100% bullshit!
CBS please let this show go…..you are embarrassing yourself especially after Sunday’s pathetic episode.
Thank you Simon and Dawg for all your hard work!


Speak of sunday. Wheres the respect for the game in that competition? The one where u and paul speak of that cody,jessica,elena etc didnt have.such bullshit .


I agree it’s time for bb usa to be put to rest. It has begone to be so boring and I have lost interest. Just be over…

Anti Paul Puppet

Tonight’s show cut out the HG speeches for the Veto. Wasn’t this part of the show that EVERYONE got so upset that CODY would participate in? At least he wasn’t so BORING of a player that they had to cut that part of the show all together.

Smitten Kitten

This shit show can’t be over soon enough.


Is this a quote from kevin?

Jessica's Birth Control

Everybody realizes that paul wants to win, but they have a houseful of pussies who lie in bed and whine about it? Goodness sake Mr Goodfella and Mr Cowboy, get out your balls, polish them off, and do SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!! You all just sit around and hope you arent pauls target. Get off his dick and start acting like men. If I were jason or kevin’s wife, I dont think I would want to f@ck them anymore. Wimps

BB Cat Lady

That was hilarious Jessica’s Birth Control!


They’d have to get their balls back from Paul.

I wouldn't

After the way Kevin was “cuddling” with Xmas the first month or so, and Jason’s rape talk, their wives probably already decided not to f@ck them anymore.
But you are right… it’s time for one or both to gather up their balls and put Paul on blast. F it!


In the history of big brother this are the most stupid house guest in the history


I enjoyed reading this convo between Kevin and Jason+++. The first time in weeks I’ve enjoyed reading an entire post because there wasn’t a single thing about any of the others. I know both have made mistakes (Jason in particular), but I’ll be sorry to see them go. I had them for F2 from way back, and I could cheerfully wring Alex’s neck.


And not in a good way Simon!

Everything's nuts

The world is crazy right now… hurricanes, earthquakes, solar flares, and the BB house:

Min O'Pause

Don’t forget small duck dong in N. Korea.

Everything's nuts



Is there any way josh votes to keep whistle without telling xmas/Paul?

Jessica's Birth Control

Nope. He would have to convince BOTH raven and alex to make it A 3-1 VOTE. if its 2-2 xmas breaks the tie. He might have a shot with raven. But he has no relationship with alex and he knows that paul does. paul got alex to dump the HoH.


So the plan isn’t for Paul and Alex to vote to keep Alex and for josh and raven to vote out Kevin? I thought that’s what Paul wanted so Xmas would have to vote Jason out, and in that scenario josh would have the chance to vote with Paul and Alex so all the heat is on Xmas and raven and not himself. I’m just so lost and can’t believe that nobody will make the move that needs to be made. Here’s hoping Kevin wins the hoh and every veto from here on out.


I just wish Jason would come clean with his vulgar comments to Kevin before one of them leaves. I think Jason regrets it but would love to see him own up to it. Even with that comment, Jason is still the better one in the house (excluding Kevin of course)

Bolt Uprite.

He probably forgot it as soon as he said it. It was just spew that meant nothing.


Please someone shoot me now!


BANG! BANG! The second shot was for me.


Xmas scolding Josh reminds me of Vanessa scolding Steve. Steve just took it, booted her out at final three, then won the game. Hopefully history repeats itself. Go Josh. Or Kevin.


Josh has no spine. Xmas is a disgusting excuse for a human being. Guess I could say that about the others too!


Who knew “inverted spine” was contagious?!


Vanessa confronted Steve because JohnnyMac told her Steve was orchestrating a plan to take her out. She was rightfully pissed.

Xmas scolded Josh because her ego was bruised when he walked away from her.


Xmas projecting from a situation with a past lover I suppose. Can’t treat a man like that and expect him to stick around.


If Christmas tried to talk to me that way, she’d be talking to my back as I walk away. She’s a bossy broad.


that slut tried to get with Kevin I the beginning but he didn’t bite then she moved to Josh so she could boss him around and that laugh is enough to wish you were deaf I cant stand her she should not even be there she cant play in most games as far as I’m concerned if she stayed she should not have a vote if she didn’t compete what do u think?


Lol im going to win Big Brother.


You definitely earned it and I’m all for the idea floated that you be invited back…as long as production is replaced and the new crew gives you a cast who aren’t goofy semi-fame chasers just happy to be on TV and instead everybody in the house is there to win, nothing else, just win.


What absolutely drives me crazy about these house guests is they cannot think for themselves …they let Paul do all the thinking ..Christmas was all over Kevin she even called him her big brother husband then Paul had Christmas do the punishment with him and turn her against Kevin all of a sudden Kevin was a piece of crap you can’t trust him he’s annoying but before she didn’t think that at all she love being around him they would have hot chocolate dates out in the yard …that’s what drives me so crazy about Christmas she thinks she’s thinking for herself but she is so far from thinking for herself Kevin was a good guy one day and the next day he’s not ..that is what’s wrong with this whole season


Xmas is a ho ho ho!


This show is fixed, they set up Paul to win from the beginning! Even if these other HG wanted to win they are under contract and can’t! BB losing fans fast, they should try to save the show and get Paul off!


This is so rigged for Paul. Give us a break. When he got 2 weeks with no way of going up I knew way back then it was fixed by the producers. Sickening how this show has seen mean fights.

This is so wrong

It was 3 weeks I think

Go home Paul

It’s Lord of the Flies….and lil gnome is disgusting. I wish Simon and Dawg could fuzz out his image.

Daisy Duke

$200 for a pair of Daisy Dukes with Red Suspenders? Paul has such great fashion sense…
Throw in a rubber ducky waist floaty and I’m in!


He reminded me of Pinocchio! Just wish his nose would extend as much as all his lies…

Kid Rock



Agreed Simon. If I could give a thousand thumbs up, I would

Botox Pelosi

This is all going to come down to the questions in the last HOH competition. I can see Josh or Christmas saying goodbye to Paul if they get the chance to cut him at the end. That would be so sweet to see Paul get bounced last.

The only other chance is for Paul to totally tank the questions to the jury like he did last season. When you get shown up by Nicole you know you choked big time.


The comp where they ask about how well they know the other houseguests is going to be fun. They should ask about Kevin, Cody, Matt and. JEssica. I don’t think Paul could answer any of them. Helll after watching I don’t think I know one thing about Matt other than he thinks Raven should win and things they can’t ask in prime time.

Something we all know about Matt

His favorite food is cereal.

What is Gastroparesis?

This question is worth 500 points. What disease process is Raven passionate about?


Consumeous Scabititous

Franks Fumes

Lol Paul out debated by Nicole…….what could be more embarrassing to his ego.


At this point I truly believe Paul could look at each one of them and tell them they are pieces of crap that he’s going to win no matter what so they might as will just do what he says he wants them to do …and they would still want to work with him …I mean after watching everybody throwing the competitions to say the season is bizarre does not even scratch the surface of how weird upsetting disturbing f Ed up the season really is it sad just sad..

Karen White

If bb production is going to pick the winner way even watch. This season blows


Why is there no fight in any of these people? How did they find a houseful of folks who, god forbid, would never make a move on Paul! I must be mystified by the tiny dude too!
Wow!!! A whole season of no moves on Paul! What?!?!?


Yep, and ENTIRE season without moves. The Paul Show.


Hey! I tried get Paul out but the little shit was protected!


Sorry for not keeping up, life is like that.

Anyway who do you think is going home tomorrow?

I hope it’s Jason and not Kevin. Both are toast either way I think but Kevin is more likeable even though his game is garbage,

If Christmas targets Paul she will redeem herself in my eyes. Good luck getting anyone to help her though.

Karen White

Christmas should have been medically removed awhile back. Total BS. THIS SEASON SUCKS


Kevin is useless. I don’t think he knows his own name. Maybe he has demensia. I don’t like how Paul treats him. If I lived in that house with him, he would drive me nuts. He claims he was the house father. Why can’t he make his own food?


Love watching Paul and Alex getting punched slapped and kicked, over and over and over lol.


I think this was a deliberate move by production. You people need to be slapped kicked and the butt punched in the gut to maybe get you in the friken game,

Butters Mom

I just wish there had been a middle finger one that flipped them off during that comp as well…. it would serve them right for flipping off the apple tree this whole time.


What this show has become 🙁


I do really feel sorry for Jason because he is going to go out looking like a fool and I think he’s just always gonna beat himself up for that …


I doubt he will look back at taking time from his family and be glad. Hope the guilt and shame doesn’t follow him his entire life.


Good, he sucks and deserves it!

Raven's ugly horse hair

Well Raven’s scammer pig of a mother has the GoFundMe page running again and you all need to check it out. (Goggle – “BB 19 Raven Walton GoFundMe.”)
One person donated $5 and in the comment box states, “0.05 for each of your 100 illness or use it for the psych help your mother needs!””
Another person donated $5 and asks for, “A six pack of butt nuggets.” LOL

Also, check out the ”updates” link on the page. Raven’s mother states on it that the GoFundMe was started by a fan after Christmas suggested it on the show. THAT’S A HUGE LIE!!! Raven told the houseguests about her GoFundMe on the live feeds and BEGGED viewers to donate to it.
Two words to describe this family, “Trailer Trash.

Raven's ugly horse hair

Okay to add to my post above….someone else donated $5 on behalf of her relatives that were on the Titanic (LOL) and someone else $5 because of her “Inverted Spine & Rough Kneecap Syndrome.”” That person added, “Feel better.” LOL
I’m thinking of donating .01 cent because of the news she shared that she is unable to get a breast reduction because of her cyst.

Cody for AFP

I wanna see it (Raven go fund me) but when I google it only gives me option to donate (hell no! That scammer family isn’t getting $1 from me) Is there anyway to check it out without donating 1st??


On her own gofundme page it says her condition is chronic not terminal and she was diagnosed at age 16…also states that the page was pulled down to bullying and that they have medical records of all Ravens conditions

Raven's ugly horse hair

What they left out was that she needs the money for a $40K car, Disney vacation and a second dance studio. Oh wait….she already bought that stuff with the original GoFundMe. Oh I remember…..she said on the live feeds she was going to use GoFundMe money to move. Maybe she’ll buy another fur coat as well, like we saw in her photos being shared.


I’d like to see those medical records prooving she has Rough Knee Syndrome and Inverted Spine because I am a medical professional and neither of those conditions exist.


Go to the go fund me main page and do a search for Raven Walton

Raven's ugly horse hair

OMG yes “”Cody for AFP. That’s a message that comes up sometimes urging people to donate (LOL). Just ignore that, click the little X in the corner and it gets rid of the message. Hey I was kidding about donating the penny…….I don’t donate to scams.

Franks Fumes

Raven also has a “Go Grind me Page”.


Simon, is Jason definitely leaving tomorrow or will Josh step up and go against Paul

Crossroads of America

This show has the most disgusting of the starting group of players left to win. Raven has done nothing but cartwheels. How is she still playing?Head of Household given in a track race to a woman on crutch. Are you kidding me? Josh has finally wised up but it may be too late. He was so obnoxious banging pans together. Wanted Jason to win because he seems to be a family man but he is a threat to Big Paul’s game. And why is Paul given another chance when it has never happened before. Ridiculous!


If Josh was smart he would vote out Kevin. But not going to happen. Said he was going to let Jason know tomorrow he is going home. Hope Jason can get his thoughts together and expose Paul for all the final 3 and 2 deals he has with everyone. Maybe then everyone would start playing their own game instead of letting Paul dictate to them how it should be played. Hope Alex can win HOH in double eviction and put him on the block and not believe his lies.


Alex is never going to put Paul up or vote him out unless she has more insight.


Live feeds: Paul having a “conversation” with Raven. He told her exactly how to think and what the next move will be. First he asked her what she was thinking and she couldn’t come up much of anything. Then he told her what to think and she repeated him. He told her to throw HOH to him when he said gumpy, she said ok. No thinking for herself whatsoever. Her one thought was that Josh was a good competitor and when Paul said no he isn’t, Raven agreed. Raven has zero thoughts in her head other than Paul’s thoughts. Paul really does have some powerful manipulation ability.


For the love of God , stick it to all of them and vote Cody for AFP!!!!!


Cameron never annoyed me. He gets my vote.


Cody was a bully too. I would never promote that.


Even Bobby Moynahan agreed with Cody that Paul should have been gone week one.

Wishin' and Hopin'

In the episode tonight Production is probably just cutting clips together to make it look like Josh might go against Paul, but if he did and decided to vote out Kevin without telling Paul he would be my hero. It would be the best blindside ever if Josh would do this, the look on Paul’s face when his trained monkey turns on him would be priceless! He knows Paul is setting him up to possibly go out on the double. If Alex wins the double she will put up Xmas and Josh and Paul will make sure Josh goes because he dared to speak his mind.


It would be great, but he doesn’t have the votes…only he and Alex would vote Kevin. Josh and Raven vote Jason and Christmas breaks tie and Jason walks out the door. Josh becomes Paul’s next victim. It’s too little to late now to get Paul out, no one will listen.


It only changes if Paul is so confident that everyone votes how he told them and he votes out Kevin to act surprised about a rogue vote to get out Jason and get closer to Alex. Pretty sure he plans on doing that but not sure Josh will. Keep your fingers crossed. He made one mistake talking to Josh tonight telling him that he controls what Alex does by telling her that gets THEM (Paul/Alex) closer to the end. Sound familiar?


Exactly right, Jason goes home anyway…it’s too late!

Wishin' and Hopin'

Actually he would have the votes, Paul is voting for Kevin to keep up the guise of him not turning on Jalex, so if Josh just votes Kevin there is no tiebreaker vote for Xmas to make. Jason stays and the look on Paul and Xmas faces gives away their plan. Paul is so confident that Josh will do what he says that he’s not even thinking of this possibility, all because he wants to look like the good guy while Josh and Xmas take the heat. After seeing how Josh’s opinion is not valued, he should see that this isn’t a team. If it was me I would make that move and use it at the end of the game as to why I should be the winner, it’s a game changer!

Just my opinion

Wouldn’t Paul jump ship back to Jalex since both of them would never be the wiser that he was trying to evict Jason?


Simon can you change Paul’s picture a gnome I am so sick of having to see that ugly PoS


Ah the days of fun pictures, trying for First! and super short comments.


I can’t take it anymore…. Christmas wheeling around on that scooter. She needs a little bell and streamers on the handles… then one of the house bullies to push her off:) haha that would make me happy (for a minute)


I believe Paul is Joseph Goebbels reincarnated.


Wow!!! For the first time all season, Josh went into the DR and spoke at a normal volume. And what did he have to say?
“Before I came into this house, I said I was going to win. Paul has played the best game this season. But I’m going to do whatever it takes to win. If I have the opportunity to take a shot, I’m going to take it.”

Who knew that Josh could address us in the DR without shouting at the top of his voice? I didn’t even have to turn down the volume on my TV.
Now then. All he has to do is realize that Christmas has long since stopped playing for three, and is only looking out for her own game.
In summary:
Paul is using Josh and Christmas.
Christmas is using Josh and Paul.
Josh needs another wake-up call, as he has pressed the SNOOZE button with respect to Christmas.
C’mon Josh!! There is no TEAM!!! There is only you. If you continue to rely on your so-called team, in your own words, “Ya playin’ ya-self.”


Paul is using Raven.
Paul is using Alex.
Paul is telling Josh he HAS to protect him if he’s (Josh’s) to win. (??!!!)
Paul made sure everyone in jury would hate Josh, Alex and Raven by getting them to be loudmouths.
Paul is using Christmas.
Paul will take Kevin to final 2. Too bad Kevin hasn’t been told. (??!!)

Punchy Silo

I don’t think Christmas is playing for herself, she is playing for Paul to win,
she just wants exposure, ” Airtime” She has delusions that she
will be invited to comeback next season and as she says she will
play a different game and win it all , but right now she wants to help Paul win..

Paul's beard flea

Why doesn’t mommas boy “call Paul out on his sh*t”? Tell him he played himself and ask him to confess to all his lies like he’s done to everyone else he deemed a liar? He’s a joke and his family should be ashamed. Candyass!!!


Played with the grandkids tonight had a great time and it doesn’t sound like I missed a thing. Only way I would consider watching again is if Jason would stay, not crazy about him but I think he really does have feelings. He kept Kevin and everyone else wanted him gone.


No, Josh. Bobby Moynihan is not a fan of YOURS. He is a fan of BIG BROTHER!
Oh, and feel free to share that fact with Raven and Paul, just in case they too are suffering from the same delusion. (I can’t believe she flashed him her pace-maker, instead of making a proper introduction and shaking his hand.- So embarrassing.)

Crap. Josh is back to shouting in the DR. “So I walk out to the yard, and I see… big crates, little crates, medium crates! And this is awesome… ship all of these meatballs out of here!
Oh well, it was too good to last.


who ever ends up in the end with paul has to sell the fact that they worked with him and made joint decisions. may not be true but they need to keep saying it anyways. if its josh, he then needs to tell jury that he did all the dirty work cause paul was too scared to, hopefully the jury buys it!

Jessica's Birth Control

xMAS went up in my book. She knows exactly whats up with paul. She wants to coast to a final 3 and then take her shot at paul and josh. Its a 33% chance of winning 550k. Or she can make a bold move now and have it backfire. In her mind her expected value is much better. Particularly with a double eviction coming up.

Kevin went down in my book. A clueless doddering old fool, looking for a handout. He is not part of any game talk and has to know that he may be going after jason. yet he is making no social moves. A waste of space.


Christmas is delusional enough to think the jury wouldn’t vote for Paul? What planet does she think they’re from? Of course they already know Paul is steering the ship and they WILL vote for him. What a dumb blonde!


It actually feels like the mentality has changed so new players try for the runner up position to the returning players. Which will allow them to return and become the next vet. Christmas talks about what her next experience will be like.

It also means $550,000 made in 2 years (runner up then winner). Damn right I’m doing everything to get the vet to the end.


Maybe but she’s a bitch.


Christmas has proven that Josh is much smarter than her. She and her bad ass routine are going to look like fools when she gets out.


Heads up, you monkeys!! Paul is already planning for the double eviction. Is there anyone among you who can think fast enough to get him on the block FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL SEASON??
How is it that absolutely NO ONE past or present has noticed that Paul has never done time on the block? They don’t even consider him as an option! He is neither target, nor pawn, in ANYONE’s mind.
Dim, dim bulbs…


Maybe they think he is still safe??? This cast is that stupid!


I want Kevin to stay but it would be awesome to see Josh vote Kevin and blame it on Raven.. He is expecting a tie and when Julie said the words “by a vote of 3 to 1” Paul would sh*t his pants as they say.
I’m curious if any returning player has ever made it to final 2 and not won? From what I remember Boogie, Jordan, Evel Dick, Dan & Nicole all won their second time around… So why would they not realize this?? Oh wait I forgot… Dumbest cast in the history of BB..

BB Nerd

Jordan, Evel Dick and Dan won their first season’s in the house. Dan got 2nd place his returning season. Nicole and Rachel won their returning seasons.


Josh needs to team up with Kevin. Josh has the inside scoop on Paul and there’s no way he can’t break that to Alex that she’s been played and have her and Kevin vote Paul out. Now, how to get Paul on the block?

Backseat Driver

I never thought I would say this but I hate Paul more than Frankie.


Last nights BBAD Paul and Xmas telling everyone how great and nice Canadians are and that border control is so hard to get through because they want to keep it that way. As a Canadian I want border control to please put the names of all these assholes on the DO NOT ENTER list. Especially scammer Raven who said oh I’d love to go there I’ve never been. We don’t want you and to Paul last year you were the underdog and that’s why people liked you. This year you are a POS and no one does.


This show is fixed, they set up Paul to win from the beginning! Even if these other HG wanted to win they are under contract and can’t! BB losing fans fast, they should try to save the show and get Paul off!

posters worse than players

Please post your FACTS and NUMBERS on the loss of BB fans. Prove it.


I know of three personally, and only two who are still watching of the five die hard fans I know. How would you like me to prove that to you?

Jessica's Birth Control

Jason evicted. And the double eviction will be Raven and Alex.
josh, xmas, paul, and kevin team up for final 4. Then kevin is left in the lurch and is their final victim. He will lie down like a dog you put to sleep.kevin wont fuss, fight, or campaign. He’ll just hope (as he has done all season) that paul will spare him. Not gonna happen
Final 3 will be a battle between paul and xmas as they fight over taking josh to final 2. Both xmas and paul think josh has killed himself in the jury ( he has!) and both want to take josh. Josh will want to take xmas, as he thinks paul has less blood on his hands and josh may have a shot versus xmas..

Crushed Nutz

Maybe it’s just me, but I was hoping Paul’s boxing glove was positioned a little more down South if ya know what I mean.


To add to my other comment, since Alex is so confident that Kevin is going she could decide to stir the pot again and throw her vote to Jason to blame someone else and accidentally vote out Kevin. The votes would be what she expected but everyone else would be flipping out and not know who did it.. Double blindside straight into a double eviction!


After watching tonight’s CBS edit, I’ve developed “Gastreo-Production-Itis”:
I vomit every time I see Big Brother on CBS…

Comedy Bang Bang > Bobby Moynihan > Fourville! == Best Comedy Routine Ever!


I remember when it got more exciting this time of the game… Paul deserves to win, over the other idiots that are left in the game. It’s too bad Matt, Elena, and Mark couldn’t see what Cody and Jess were trying to do by getting Paul out. Really sad season when 3 people, Cody, Jess, Paul…are the only people who wanted to actually win the game. Not just want to make it to Jury. Yet I still watch.. haha


Is Production setting up a Josh win?
At this point, anything but Benito-Paul-Mussolini! (Google it…)


C’mon Josh! Anyone? Buelleur?


Just finished watching AGT semi finials these people actually have talent deserve a break the BB people are the Kim Kardasians wanna be . Personally i don’t give a shit about what she wears or anything else she does. Don’t care don’t follow don’t give a shit. That’s where this group of assholes will be after this season unless BB brings them back I’ll never hear anything more about them


Actually saw Julie on some show about BB and she said that most of the fans hate returning guests. Some survey they did but too late for this season. Hopefully they listen I’m sure recruited guests are also on the list.

Bolt Uprite.

I just hope the end of this season is the last time I ever set eyes on that sawed-off bearded plague. He taints everything he touches. Yes, I said taint.