“If it looks like we keep losing things, the jury will vote for who won the most. We need to start winning sh*t.”

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9pm Bedroom. Paul, Josh, Raven and Christmas are laying in bed talking about their university experience. Paul talks about taking Josh to a brothel in Prague. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Kevin and Jason are talking about their eviction speeches. Kevin – they put us against each other… unbelievable. Jason heads to the kitchen where Alex is cleaning. When she’s done Alex starts pointing at the house guests getting him to tell her their eviction dates.

9:35pm Lounge room. Alex, Jason and Josh.
Josh talks about how they need to please the jury… F**k that! If Raven goes to the end she is going to win. Alex – its me, you, Jason and Paul against her. Jason – yeah there is no way she is going to beat us. Alex – I was thinking about.. I should have just taken a shot at Kevin. Jason – it don’t matter. Alex – but if it looks like we keep loosing things.. the jury will vote for who won the most.. and if it looks like we’re always losing because they only watch the competitions with sound we’ll look like newbies. Well this person didn’t do anything, they’re always losing. So we need to start winning sh*t. Josh – yeah. I don’t see myself. I am fearless and I voice my opinion but I know that is going to hurt them (jury members). I know they’re going to hold that against me and I’m not going to kiss their a$$ while I’m up there. I’ll be like you played a shaddy game and I called you out for it. Alex – if we truly are 14 days out I don’t care, I love all of them. I just want out. Josh – do you really think we’re 14 days out. Alex – if we end on the 20th. Josh – it makes me anxious. If god had that plan for me (to win BB19) it would change my families life. Right now I am just happy that we made it.

11pm Josh, Raven and Paul go to bed.

12am All the house guests are in bed.

12:40am Bedroom. Paul and Josh.
Paul – I feel bad too but its just the way it is. You know if they stay, we’re f**ked. This is the best way to go about it for next week. If you wanted next week to be risky as f**k we just got to keep playing one more week. Then its done and we don’t have to do anymore crazy sh*t. We’re almost done bro.. there’s like 2 weeks left. Josh – just they way that we’ve handled this its not how I would go about it. Its not how I handle things, you know?! Paul – but in this scenario you can’t be up front because people can blow sh*t up. Some times calling people out is not the best scenario because it will not end up good for you. You just have to rip the bandaid off. This is where it gets hard. Its either them or us.. that’s what it comes down to. Understand that they think they have you in their pocket. They underestimate you, this is your time to show them. Its not a personal thing against Jason.. its the game. Josh – yeah. I’m going to bed.

1:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Wow Raven really need some counseling after tonight’s episode where she just picks up her shirt and shows Bobby her scar… I think the only attention she’s gotten her whole life has been about her being sick she has no other value in herself than that. That’s how she gets her attention it’s kind of sad. Bobby was hilarious though on tonight’s episode ..


I am glad that Josh is waking up to Paul’s ways but I still can’t root for him after all the bullying he did earlier in the game. Don’t forget that he was so selfish that he also picked the Golden Apple and served his entire team up too.

I’m so torn because I hate Paul but I am feeling like Josh is our best shot to get rid of Paulhole.

I love Ginger


Does anything else matter?

My heavens she is pure beauty.

The world would be a better place if we had more Ravens.

Raven's pacemaker

Your comment reveals that you are 1 of 4 possible people:
1. You do not watch the feeds, and therefore are not aware that the rest of the BB19 viewing community’s (except for Raven’s mom) consider Raven to be a cheap, whorish, screechy con-artist/fashion victim;
2. You do watch the feeds, but are hopelessly insane, and so actually believe that Raven is a former Olympic athlete, her mom holds the record for the women’s mile in Arkansas, and the movie Titanic is based on the experiences of one of her grandparents, or something like that;
3. You are a $hit-stirrer;
4. You are Raven’s mom.


i thought the rules here to post were that you cant insult people?? just as you rambled on with your garbage, people are allowed to say as they wish, you can disagree without insulting them, just because we watch BB does not mean we can past judgement on the houseguest, but your rambling post proved that you got nothing else to do all day and nite but to watch the live feeds, must be nice, im not even a raven fan, she has got some mental issues, but i can see you coming in a close 2nd


I dont think the writer is trying to be insulting, just funny. Lets analyze:
1. No naming calling here. The author presumes ignorance based on an inexplicable statement.
2. Close, she is implying that the poster may be insane. maybe its just her expressing her confusion, and trying to come up with a plausible explanation.
3. That sounds like a grudging compliment.
4. “Raven’s mom”. no, you’re right. Definitely an insult.

Ravens pacemaker

Lighten up, Francis.

Im LIke

Well xmas said she knows what pauls doing but I doubt she will do anything!!! We want Meech to be on the show to f with Paul please I’m dying here. Bring her back in the role they had Dr.No expression Will in last year but let Paul see the jurist being QA by her .Please, pretty, please I know production doesn’t like her but I don’t give an F what they like their job is to entertain us so Fing do it!!! I don’t care if she crys she is the only person that gets under Paul’s skin!!!He still talks about her…Please CBS that would be funny and Entertaining a fing change for this season.

Kim Jackson

Oh my gosh…you need help too if you think we need more Ravens! She’s an initial liar!

Cody For AFHG


Can you please check the ranking voting system? Raven has cracked a 1.2 rating and I suspect Chicago style ballot box stuffing.

Thank you,

A Concerned Voter


I agree with you. Josh is actually being the smartest person in the house right now, miracles do happen! But I still cannot root for him because of how he played this game for 70 something days. He’s a huge hypocrite!! His “calling people out” is getting in their faces and telling them they played themselves and they are liars. The only two things he’s ever said, and then when people call him out, he runs and cries! Can’t have someone like that win.


You think Josh is smart?? OMG. A walking dummy if I have ever seen one.


Everyone on this board keeps hoping there is a way for this season to be salvaged. It seems we are now pinning that hope on Josh or Kevin. But I think whoever wins HOH will put up whoever Paul tells them to. And even if they don’t, it won’t matter. Someone besides Paul will go home. He will win veto at F4, and HOH at F3. For me this season has surpassed BB16 as Worst Ever. And if Raven gets 2nd place, there will be no possibility of any subsequent season being worse.


OMG, so true. I hated season 16. Yes Derr worked his butt off 24/7 making sure things went his way. Mean while the rest of them were so worried about how the looked or getting nexted to Cody. Oh and Victoria, the worst player ever….. Well move over Vic, meet Raven….


Nope – all these fools are going to keep letting Paul control their games. Only hope is maybe – just maybe – at the final 3 mark – if Paul doesn’t win that last challenge to determine who he wants to bring with him for final 2 – whoever does win it will make the decision to not take Paul to the end. But I think they are all still delusional in thinking how they all played a great game and no one would vote for a vet to win. They’ll be in for a surprise when they have to face the jury!


I don’t think Josh will do anything…..I will be really surprised if he does. I think that he is all talk and is scared that he will be yelled at by Christmas again if he questions or goes against her and Paul. But I do think he is right….Paul is playing all sides and making them look bad….I just don’t think he will do anything about it except yell and carry on in the DR…..


Since the episode yesterday and his diary room sessions, josh has had a conversation with the camera when he was by himself that he still trusts Paul and still wants to go to Final 3 with him.


That is Xmas only weapon is to belittle people and put them in a place that she feels comfortable with. Xmas will not take Josh to final two if by some chance she wins. Xmas is just there for her brand for her gym franchising and her movie about her life coming out next year. Xmas just wants to make it to final two against Paul. After seeing the way Xmas acts after being handed two HoH’s she just wants to lose to the mastermind of the game to give her ego an excuse.

Butters Mom

who the heck needs to pay to see a movie about christmas when you can watch her 24/7 on live feeds for the past 3 months and know exactly what kind of person she is… not paying for that.


Give butters our love

Bah humbug

Christmas is a typical mean girl. Can’t stand that bitch. I hope when she gets back out into the real world she’s held accountable for her terrible behavior and not able to profit on her BB experience.

Paul for Pres.

Not so sure why you hate Paul so much ummmmm oh yea maybe because he is one of the best players ever, he should have won last season instead of the floater most of the game all season she was
Ahhhh haa who will Paul put out next week. Thought the slap, kick & punch comp was awesome.
Hey I have an idea Paul lets get Josh out big dopey crybaby

Paul Sucks

I think the hate stems from Paul being such an asshole.

Butters Mom

and… his unfair huge advantages from production that got him where he is.


And his Paul worship.


Yeah, he should have won last year, but, he’s such an asshole this year that he doesn’t deserve it. I hope they ‘clip’ him at 3. I would love to see his face so so much.

Cody Is A Robot

Becuse he is a scumbag. Is that simple enough for you to understand?


One person alone can’t get rid of someone. Even if Josh did put Paul on the block, it wouldn’t get him out. Paul has Christmas, Raven, and Alex in his back pocket.

Even if Josh did spill the beans to the other houseguests, they would just think that’s what Paul HAD to tell Josh, but Paul’s REALLY with them…

Andddd Christmas would be mad at him, and Josh doesn’t want that.

Paul’s going final 3 for sure.


Paul is nit he’ll joke, if anyone is josh he’s the one that harassed Jessica and Cody and getting in everyone faces! He’s nit one any HOH except one and it was pure luck, I think he’s a puke and big Billy! You guys need to get a life cuz Paul is the best cuz he knows the game no one else dies there idiots

was a fan until this season

Did anyone else catch josh confessing to being reached out to by 17 to be on the show and that he did NOT go to a casting call? Hr said it in the blue rokm lasr nigh on BBAD That means as in every other BB season there are paid people on the show whether they are ” model picks or the ” geek pick” for casting they are paid to be on the show as a “character ” and can generally be moved around by production to effect the game whatever way they like. They cannot win because they are paid to be on show but can go to finals. Who else I wonder?

sunny dee

pretty sure having production reach out to you is not the same thing as paying to be on BB

josh is a super fan, so is jessica for that matter and she claims she was contacted/recruited. the thing is, people aren’t just found out of the blue randomly looking at instagram, they’d have to be searchable by BB, who are most likely going to be talking about BB

there is a guy who was on BBCAN who got into twitter arguments with peter brown, who had been on an earlier season. obviously found by BBCAN thru that interaction. met the other criteria, as in tall, goodlooking athletic check box, so invited to participate. jessica met the criteria of being the sexy chick criteria.


Josh should tell Paul since they think they have Josh in their pockets why not let them keep thinking that and let Josh and Alex vote against Kevin and let Paul and Raven vote against Jason. See what Paul says then. It would still be a tie vote with Christmas deciding. Josh could tell him he’ll take the heat for Alex instead of Jason since he’s closer to Jason now. The argument Paul would give him might open Christmas’s eyes. Kevin or Josh for the win Cody for AFP since Kevin already has 25 thousand dollars. Plus Cody tried to take out Paul at the beginning which would have saved us from this mind numbing season.


X-mas will never let that happen. She understands keeping Paul is best chance of making any the F2 money. I think Paul is truly awful but at this point he is the only one who “deserves’ the money. Even when these sheep figure out Paul is strictly ‘Team Paul’ they still grovel to him hoping for the scraps. Paul has manipulated every nomination (with the 1 exception of Jason not putting up Kevin), every eviction and most of the HOH and VETO comps (seriously, how do bells not go off when the one-legged wins a racing comp and never has to leave the line). Paul was so obviously protected the first few weeks of the game that people were scared to get on his list – any dissent and you are gone. The most pathetic group of players EVER! Alex – biggest disappointment EVER! Can’t wait to see her face tonight.


He’s basically become Zach from BB8. He’s sided with the forces of evil but he’s conscious enough to realize he needs to take a shot at the biggest threat in the house. For Zach that was Evil Dick, for Josh it’s Evil Paul.


Ideal but very unlikely scenario.

Josh wins HON puts raven and Alex up (everything going to plan – paul doesnt care about winning POV) Josh or Alex wins POV. Josh explains to Alex last week was all Paul’s plan – does she really think him Xmas and raven came up with it behind Paul’s back? Alex realizes she’s a huge idiot. Alex comes off Paul goes up. Josh turns to Kevin says you were Paul’s next target after Alex – a sitting duck, you ready to play and reset the board Kevin? Kevin and Alex vote Paul out in most epic zombie sheep rebellion ever.

Laurie Loves Big Brother

Please let this happen!


Would be great but it will NEVER happen. Josh is too scared. They all are too scared to even say Paul’s name.


Plus, production would never let that happen either. The 2nd HOH comp tonight is for Paul… mark my words. He will win it!


Artie wished he looked that good


I can’t believe that no one remembers that Paul has not been on the block!! I was literally yelling at the TV.


He’ll try to compare himself to Derrick. Derrick’s cast was also filled with quite a few idiots, not entirely but they were very tractable. This group though…last nights Andy Griffith had a more surprising twist in it.


I was hoping someone would mention that too.

Kim Jackson

I agree. I think that’s how she gets attention. I think she’s starving for attention. I also believe she’s an obitual liar and needs counciling! Does she not realize that the other house guest know she’s full of sh**? It’s actually pitiful! Then there’s her mumbling that I think she needs speech therapy for. I don’t see how Matt felt with that! It would have drove me crazy! I think she has some mental issues she needs to take care of. I feel sorry for her. I bet she doesn’t have many friends due to her issues but could have many of she got help. Matt was very patient with her. I believe Matt has a good heart!


Nope Matt just had a banging partner


OK I do not want to be greedy but in tonights double eviction can we please take out any of these four:


I don’t even care which ones. Just two from this list please.


That’s not really possible as the first eviction is between Kevin and Jason – not on your list! The best you can hope for is 1 on your list with the 2nd eviction. My choice – Christmas though I don’t see any scenario that will cause that to actually happen.

Ravens Semen Storage Device

Paul run run run……..Xmas is after your little pee pee.


Jason seemed really starstruck when he saw Bobby …it reminded me of Talledega nights when Ricky Bobby first was on camera and didn’t know what to do with his hands it was Funny.. I will miss Jason it sucks …. And I did not think the competition was funny thought it was dumb.


1000% they have told Alex and Paul and maybe Christmas to quit being so mean to Kevin because it all of a sudden it has stopped … I cannot wait to see Alex’s face the shock poor Jason but I think Alex is so arrogant and so stupid she won’t get it not fully …..


How do we find out what happens to the houseguests guestsafter the show is there a website or a YouTube channel or something.. This is the only year I have ever cared ..


Who of the meek wil temporarily inherit the earth as the brief HoH: Kevin, (bound to be pissed off) Alex, Raven, or Josh?


As much as I dislike Alex….I kind of hope she gets HOH and puts up Josh and Christmas and one of them goes home in the Double just because I want there to be a damper in Paul’s plans…..

OR – Kevin wins and puts up whoever……At this point, Kevin is the only one that I can stomach.


Can anyone tell me if Xmas or Paul’s social media followers etc have been impacted on the outside by their horrible behavior? I just wonder what if any consequences they will endure when BB comes to an end? Thanks!

Not Happy

Is it wrong that the only reason I am participating in the AFP vote is because Jason has another kid on the way. Right now not seeing another reason to vote


Nope, not wrong. I’m torn between Jason and Kevin. Jason because despite some of the things he’s said, I think he’s basically a good guy and Kevin just to pi$$ off Alex.


I don’t understand how people even like Cody. No social skills, a bully also, has a daughter and fu**** Jessica on national tv. What a great role model ! Not in by book.


Everyone keeps talking about them having sex while in the Big Brother house.

WHO CARES? Seriously though, who cares???? Can someone tell me why everyone cares sooo much? Sex is a completely natural part of life. His daughter too will have sex when she’s older (shocking, I know). When she’s older, if she were to find out from someone that her dad had sex, I’m pretty sure it won’t be that much of a surprise to her that her Dad has had sex in life (I mean, she is on the planet…). I even know MY dad has had sex before and I DON’T EFFING CARE – it doesn’t scar me. The comments about the houseguests having sex blow my mind – you don’t have to watch – it’s not like they’re airing it on the episode.


WOW Jessica you really think it’s alright to have sex on national tv. It must be your moral upbringing since you told Cody your father was a stripper and prostituted himself to male clients. Daughter like father having sex with Cody hoping he would get you further in the game. I was so happy to see you both leave the game .


Like his personality or not, once Cody left, BB was no longer a competitive game but a summer camp with Paul as the camp counselor surrounded by a bunch of 6 year olds.


Jason’s kid is not my concern, especially after his comments about Kevin’s wife and kids.

Cody for AFP.

social experiment

so one comment by Jason disqualifes him but all of Cody’s antisocial, tyrannical behaviore is just fine. Cody was first to set up an alliance and they all agreed to target Paul but when that was not possible, Cody went his own way and betrayed his alliance and then blamed them for not just following his orders. Cody was never a nice guy, never social, never pleasant, just antisocial and always angry. IMO, rewarding Cody angry antisocial behavior would be unfortunate.

Butters Mom

Cody was forced to put up 5 nominations in the first week of the game. his only downfall was not telling his alliance his plans… but then again… he found out that paul had the safety and had to make a different choice… on the spot. after that, everyone treated him like he had the plague except for jessica… so… antisocial behavior?… well, i’d say everyone else treated him antisocially as well. angry?… i get that. his exit, walking across the coffee table and not speaking to any of them on the way out and his comments to Julie about hating all of them was the high light of the season for me. He gets my vote for AFP.


I think a lot of his antisocial tendencies had to do with the fact he felt the producers tried to screw him on purpose. He was done with the show after that and just stuck around so he’d get paid.

Oh Come On

Cody was not FORCED to put up 5 nominations. Had he and Jessica been more compassionate with Megan then she wouldn’t have self evicted. Yes, I know Josh went off on her for no reason but he later apologized and she accepted it and they were fine as they could be with each other. It was Cody and Jess that pushed her over the edge and then he had to nominate someone else. He also put Alex up there even though he didn’t really want her to go so he didn’t gun it for the veto. He let her win it and subsequently had to nominate someone else. Then he put Paul up there knowing that every other season with vets there is some sort of protection for them in place during the beginning of the game. Even if there wasn’t, he had heard from everyone in his alliance that they all liked Paul so he knew he didn’t have the votes to make it happen. So no….he didn’t HAVE to nominate five people.


The comment by Jason was wrong but the tape everyone is showing cuts off that he knew he crossed a line and said he was thinking of the worst possible thing he could say and that was it. Two of Kevin’s daughters run his Twitter account and they haven’t said anything negative about Jason. They hate Alex. Jason made a very poor joke buy Alex has been merciless.

TV is not your friend

Yes yes yes Thank You! It had shock value for sure but did no one watch the whole scene? He seems to be a very generous compassionate man. Misguided at the moment- and they’re all going to learn a lot about themselves after this experience.


TV. I believe you have to take the whole of the man. He’s been caught up with the others bashing Kevin but I think that was survival in the house. I hated it when I heard him going along but he is also the man that stood up for Kevin by not putting him on the block, helping him cook slop when it was obvious he didn’t know how, continuing to walk and talk with him when everyone was ostrasizing him and he refers to him as his friend. Jason is brash and crass at times but also sweet and caring. He loves his wife and absolutely respects her as a person. He is proud of his work ethic and deservidly so. Its obvious he came from nothing and works harder than anyone else on this show to make a life for his family. I think all the other houseguests see his goodness and likeability and that is why they are having a hard time voting him out. He is the biggest threat because he is well liked and he can win competitions. Does he deserve AFP? I don’t know but he certainly deserves it more than anyone else left in this game.

Tv is not your friend (in general)

Ha, must have come out wrong.. I’m agreeing with you. If others watched the entire scene and see it for what it’s worth or they’re just reacting from sound bites. I’m still voting for Jason!


TV. No it came out right. I knew you agreed I just felt I wanted to explain more why I couldn’t judge him on one terrible comment that people are only half hearing.
I think from all the comments there is not going to be any clear winner for AFP.,I would like to see the 3 top vote getters be Jason, Mark (who took a lot of abuse with good humor and at least tried very hard) , and perhaps Kevin (for no real reason other than to spit in Alex’s face). I think Cody will probably be in that group of 3 for reasons only other people could explain but it seems that there is no real obvious front runner.

social experiment

I agree! I think Paul created a Lord of the Flies atmosphere with supposed adults and folks did and said things to fit in and that included Jason but he never went to the level of Cody, Alex and Josh.
And he has always been Kevin’s best friend in the house and even protected him from Paul and Alex despite the personal risk. I say good for him! My AFP for sure

was a fan until this season

I agree he did say he was just trying to say the worst possible thing and sodnt mean it if u line it up against paul amd alexs whole dialogue of nastiness all season and the DID mean it it pales by comparison . He obviiously wasnt being literal.

Moonlight madness

I get what you’re saying but…..just because everyone else is crass and disgusting with their bashing why did Jason either A. Walk away or B. Say nothing . This is a mob mentality to jump in and do damage. What type of person would even think of saying what he said? Who does that? If he felt the need to say something surely there was some other less violent and morally objectionable comment he could have said. An apology after the fact….sorry but something rather deviant about his character, The apology was probably only because someone (possibly production) said something and he had to cover his ass. Sure he will owe quite the explanation when his wife and family call him on it. Sorry does not get my vote. He is not my favorite anything.


That’s a worthy reason… but I’m more vindictive than that. I’m voting for Cody…. mainly because I can’t wait to see the expression on these bullying, clueless, idiots faces when the FANS (that they are constantly talking about having) choose CODY, who they all think is the biggest jerk ever!! THAT will be the first moment they begin to realize how the public views them, and I’d love to see it! Lol

Botox Pelosi

That is the same reason I am voting Cody. I want to see Paul, Alex, Josh and Christmas pucker. I also like that Cody was the only one smart enough to know that Paul had to go day one.

For the people calling Cody a bully I will buy that argument if you are voting for Kevin but if your voting for any of the others left in the house you don’t have a case.


Why is it that just because someone has a kid on the way, they’re somehow a candidate for a handout? He’s probably one in a billion that has a kid on the way. It’s not like the stork drops these little buggers off on a whim without anyone knowing why or how it happened. If he didn’t plan it, that’s HIS problem.


Has voting for AFP already begun?


Will production tell Josh about Hurricane Irma?? He lives in Homestead/Miami area and it looks as though they will be hit hard. That could potentially change things… Praying for everyone in Irmas Path.


Good point.

Maybe BB will release Josh so he can go bang pots and pans and scream at Irma. That might be enough to drive her away.


I’m sure BB has been in touch with Josh’s family. If they don’t tell Josh it will be because the family didn’t want to worry him and wanted him to stay..Right now they probably are looking at Josh being in final 2. They may need that money if Irma decides to hit Miami. Either way there is nothing Josh can do but worry.


If Josh makes it to f2 with Paul then he and the cast find out about Irma and Josh’s family has been affected, the jury may actually vote for Josh to win out of a combination of sympathy for Josh and bitterness towards Paul. Of course a reality tv show is of small importance compared to millions of people in the path of a hurricane, but honestly if that were to happen even though Josh has been a horrible player and so obnoxious at times I would be rooting for him to take the $ home to his family. Added bonus if Paul comes in 2nd, AGAIN.

Gee Whiz

If Alex doesn’t win HOH she is next out the door. Even if Josh wants Paul on the block, the votes aren’t there to send him packing. Raven win the whole thing????? Yeah like that’s gunna happen; she’s been the most insignificant player in BB history. Quintessential Raven: “Hi I’m Raven these are my scars, & this here is my pacemaker”.


What this season comes down to, is that 3 people came to play the game and win the prize, Cory, Jessica, and Paul. The rest for fame and glory.
Cory and Jessica, came to play and win (probable someone made a mistake in production when these 2 were picked). Paul was picked by production after last season because he was favorite by fans to win, and production scripted this years season by picking low IQ tested followers to minimize any damage to Paul’s scripted day by day plan.
Hard to fathom that there are so many stupid people in one season that are brain dead without directions by Paul or production interference in the DR.
I somehow get the feeling Paul knew, or knows many of his cult followers outside the house and Paul helped production in many of the players picked for this season???


Jessica came for fame. Her agent got her this gig and then she did Bold & Beautiful. Cody has zero social skills.


Kevins one game move was trying to make a deal with Cody..he wasn’t won a single comp…he was berated on this sight a month ago for cuddling with Xmas… I like Kevin’s stories but he hasn’t done zero gamewise

was a fan until this season

Xmas keeps screwing up her lines she did it again im excerpt on last niggts show of her and joshs fight…i was surprised they didnt edit and reshoot which they do comstantly.

jessica's birth control

Who the fuck is Cory?


Sure can tell you’re only watching the TV not linefeed you can’t even get the names right

Oh Come On

You’re calling people stupid yet you don’t even know the correct names of the house guests. Since you don’t know their names and you think they came to play the game, that just tells me you’re one of the many people on here who barely watch the show but love to share your uninformed opinion anyway.

This is so wrong

I am still voting Cody for AFP. He was on to Paul. It would have been a different game if not for production giving him safety.


I don’t remember, when do we start voting for AFP?


A week before finale I think.


I agree and this is my main motivation for voting Cody for AFP–an anti-interference by production vote. Giving the lone vet 3 weeks of safety coming in the door effectively ruined the season for me. I would much rather have seen these nitwits battle it out old school instead of Paul’s predictable production-aided pied piper season of bullying and intimidation.


It would have been a very different game if Cody hadn’t had to nominate 1/2 the house on his first HOH. It would have been a different game if Cody would have respected the alliance he gained by winning HOH and included them in his plans and maybe kept some of them at the end of his HOH. Of course the defining moment in this entire game was production letting everyone know that their preferred houseguest was Paul by having ‘friendship’ bracelets and 3 full weeks of safety. Pretty hard for anyone to compete against Production Paul.


It would have been a different game if Cody had never won Battle back and Dominique would have come back in .

Canadian BBFan

After 3 weeks of giving up on this show I thought I would watch last night’s episode, really just wanted to see Bobby but, just couldn’t do it. Deleted the show after 10 mts, when you want to jump through the tv to choke or scream at somebody it’s time to move on. Stopped recording the shows, after dark weeks ago, CBS really screwed up this year, of course as long as they have people talking about it they’re happy. I hope what CBS has scripted and produced the last few years is not a true picture of the younger generation of America because, if it is: god help us all. I will watch the final just to see the explosions when/if these idiots realize how they have been brainwashed and controlled by Paul all season.

Simon & Dawg there’s not enough donations in the world to repay you guys for agreeing to watch this bunch of ignorant HG. Lastly my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of the storms, please stay safe.


I feel so bad for Kevin. I really like him and he is not being mean to nobody and the house is treating him unfairly. I would love to see him to the end.

was a fan until this season

I like kevin too but when jason didnt use the veto that he was supposed to pull Matt down and put Kevin up and did him a solid hr did not stand behind Jason or help him AT ALL when he was yelled and screamed at for hours after he just stood back and let Jason take the flack which was not cool he saved his butt and he did say a word.


When I saw Bobby Moynihan come in the house with pots and pans I was disappointed in him. The pots and pans represent the bullying going on in the house. I thought Bobby’s was a bad joke. What does it say about him. Did production put him up to it?

C'mon Johnny

You don’t think that Bobby Moyihan’s appearance was as scripted as BB has become? I thought that competition was funny because it basically let the house guests know about their bullying this year. You don’t think the house guests knew this Veto was set up to show them their own behaviours? If you connect the dots and also watch all their sad faces while the comp was happening and with all the scripted crap the house guests are told in the diary room….they fully clued into the fact that this veto comp was to show them their own shadows.


These houseguests are not smart enough to put 2 and 2 together. They have no idea that they are not loved by most of America. They have put Paul on such a pedestal that they cannot see past that. It was nice to josh finally realizing what was going on, however, I think he will be too scared to do anything about it. Such a sad and predictable season.


Well said also Josh better be careful having this fake fight with Paul …remember meatball Paul things 10 moves ahead and this could be your demise..


I thought the same thing too and I’m pretty sure that I saw Josh’s ego grow….. Now he thinks everyone loves him.


He did not look like he was really into doing it. Bobby usually goes all out and commits to a bit.

Meatball Mania

Alex and Jason get theirs tonight! Those meatballs played themselves!!! 😉

Jessica's Birth Control

josh wins HoH
Paul tells him raven and alex should go up
Josh tells the DR he is not pauls puppett and will make a big move
Josh puts up Raven and Alex.
paul talks to raven and alex separatley and blames josh. Paul tells them separately that he will try to take you down.
Raven and alex are so grateful they believe everything he says,they do not question it, and they do not compare notes.
Alex is evicted
Both Raven and Alex are grateful to paul and blame josh and xmas
Paul now has more than enough jury votes to beat anyone
Next week raven and kevin go up
rinse and repeat the above process
raven is evicted.

social experiment

Sounds about right presuming no one already at jury can break through the fog

Jessica's Birth Control

Paul is working EVERYONE! Here is my Poll question:
Who does paul want for his Final 2 opponent?

Kevin gets another $50k???

Kevin. Paul already has everyone hating Kevin and Kevin has done nothing in the game except grab $25k. Easiest to beat if Paul could swing it.


Paul wants Josh at the end.

jessica's birth control

I agree with Josh. I am guessing he is hated most for the bullying and insulting people on the way out. Josh really blew up his game with the pots and pans bullshit. He could have been a likable lug if he played it better. The Rob Gronkowski of BB19. Without the talent, good looks, muscles, and sex appeal of Gronk. Come to think of it, this asshole is nothing like Gronk.


Anyone but Nicole.


Raven. The only vote she will get is from Matt.



Butters Mom


sunny dee

after alex and jason are gone, it won’t make a bit of difference.

even tho xmas has ‘won’ hohs, the last 2 have both been clearly and painfully obviously give to her by paul. he literally had to answer one of the questions wrong to give her the win because she couldn’t answer correctly when he was giving her all the time in world to do that

i think originally his plan was kevin, but that was before he could see the other 3 weren’t winning anything and not because they weren’t trying


I wonder if production will give these creeps a heads up on what to expect when they reenter the real world.

I’m sure it will come as quite a shock to find out that they’ve destroyed their entire futures by showing the world exactly who and what they are..

Kid Rock (

I don’t watch the show on CBS anymore and now the updates have become soooooo boring…. Nothing new, no game talk by RAVEN, JASON, KEVIN OR ALEX! It’s sad that one of my favorite shows has come to this…. I stopped watching Amazing Race all together and now it seems BB is next….. All I have left is Survivor, which never fails me


Well I won’t jump on the “I am never watching again” bandwagon I can say for the first time this is the least amount I have watched/cared. I think for the past couple of weeks I open the DVR and decide to just delete AD because it has just been so boring and predictable. (you know it is bad when you miss pot ball) I fast forward the CBS show to just catch the bits and pieces Simon and Dawg can’t cover due to feeds being down. I even find myself skimming through some of the posts here when say Josh rambles to the cameras or they are just sitting around bashing someone (besides Raven as those are quite enjoyable). Hoping and waiting for one of these clowns to make a move or play the game is like hoping and waiting to be able to walk again, I know it will never happen but refuse to give up hope

sunny dee

i used to skip and not watch AD during derrick/frankie’s season, i watch more of it now compared to that season, but for sure i do just delete unwatched, or by skipping thru to see if there is anything potentially interesting.

as long as they group together in one big lump there isn’t going to be anything interesting or chances for them to talk about anything. that’s what i found with frankie’s season, everything centred in the backyard at the pool table.


I don’t see why Josh gets blamed for bullying when all he did was bang pots and pans and called people out for shady game play. While Cody threatened him outside the house . Jessica called him fat and stupid. Kevin almost throws a glass at his head . This is a game Kevin is 56 years old Cody is 32 years old and Jessica is 26 years old. Josh is a 34 year old who has been sheltered most of his life by his mom. Paul is 24 year old but has more of a life experience than Josh and knows how to manipulate people. Just saying I don’t agree on how everybody just constantly balks about about josh being a bully and nobody else gets blamed for their actions.


Everything said and done to Fat Josh was done in self defense. No one came at him unprovoked. He’s an idiot stooge. Josh attacked people thinking he’s cute and funny, then got all upset and balled his eyes out when they fought back. Fat baby.

Same Ol' Same Ol'

You are kidding right? Do you read the comments? They are all getting called out on this board. Most people here find the majority of the cast horrible. I do! I stopped watching several weeks ago. I come here to get the scoop, but that is all.


There is offense and defense….josh was always the instigator…being told by paul but still…everyone was defending themselves against josh. If someone grabbed pans and was singing in josh face and coming at him unprovoct…i must have missed that

Butters Mom

The excuses you are making for Josh’s behavior is exactly why he thinks he can behave the way he does and get away with it. Josh provoked every single altercation he got in … and then he cried about it after he got the reaction he was seeking. He’s 24 btw… and he knows better… or at least he should. Dont make excuses for him.


Raven showing off her pacemaker scar to Bobby was equivalent to a 4 yr old losing a tooth and showing it off. Except a 4 yr old is cute not creepy when they do it. What a hot mess!!!!


Funny, after BB got the negative feedback on having all the players throw the running competition the people in the house suddenly want to try hard at competitions. What a coincidence (but not really).


That is probably why they made it a prize comp. It’s not enough to compete and win power and or safety, they need an extra incentive not to throw it. Although Alex was about to until Jason told her not to.

Cry me a river Raven

I laugh everyday when I rank the pod people. It cracks me up! If only there was a way for someone to sling shot a copy of the weekly grid over the wall. The looks on their faces would be priceless! Anybody in LA up for mission? LOL


OMG I can’t stop laughing. Watching BBAD and they are talking about going to Canada. Jason says the money is all plastic and colourful and Paul says “yah, that’s because it rains and snows up there!”


Well Paul will fit in with neda perfect pair both are so full of themselves


So Josh feels bad because they are being decent to, but blindsiding Jason , but had no real problem bullying and torturing all of the previous evicted? He’s still an idiot. He’s Paul and xmas’ dumb fat stooge. Looks like he’s taking xmas’ “advice” to be unrepentant and tell the jury members they deserved their bullying because josh was just telling them like it is. His jury speech will be worse than Russel Hantz on Survivor. He’s a fool and has zero chance of winning. .

Just sayin...

By calling him names you aren’t much better than him.


Im not following him around in a closed environment where he can not fight or leave. I’m venting on a message board because I like the people he attacked. Josh can choose to read this or not. BIG difference.

Just sayin...

You’re invalidating your point by resorting to name calling, which is a form of bullying. It just goes to show you that we can all reach low levels. I’m just not sure how threatening physical violence can be so easily forgiven but the yelling and the pots and pans are so unforgivable. I think just about everyone’s behavior had been deplorable this season but those who threatened violence are just at a higher level in my opinion.


Josh Is very fortunate that he was only threatened. He is attacking people who are not allowed to leave the environment. You keep poking a bear into a corner you are going to get eaten. Kevin was past the point of caring about rules and almost got him. What did he expect them to do? He deserves every bit of what they dished back, and whatever backlash he gets when he leaves. Maybe he’ll learn to think for himself.


Hearing Jason say that he wanted to hold an auction for his cowboy hat on finale night made me sick. On live feeds. Potato head tried to tell him that wouldn’t be a good look..only smart thing she’s said all season. What a tool!! NOBODY wants to buy his cowboy hat, only a d’bag would assume he’s that important. He’s gonna need to sell more than his cowboy hat to salvage his reputation when he gets out. When you google his name all you see are articles about his rape ‘jokes’. How can you still have a career as a rodeo clown after all this mess? Being around the public and kids? He’s screwed. So is Raven. Idiots. Hope that bs stipend and 5 secs of fame was worth it fruit loop dingus.

was a fan until this season

For the person who feels jason will not be able to work after this based on one comment that if u listen to the whole thing he says he was just tryin to think of worst possible thing to say and didnt mean it. If you take Pauls inciting bullying and jumpin up and down in excitement about treating HG after HG like dirt and bein super personal about it I say HE will be the one that kind find work or much else. Jason never took part in bullying and was really bothered by it.


this show was fixed from the start. they let Christmas still continue when she couldn’t compete in most comps then the let paul in the mix and allows him to control everyone worst cast of big brother in history of program. this year cost cbs a lot of viewers..will not continue watching this ,what I call garbage tv.would rather watch grass grow.cbs you really blew it this year for a lot of fans.


Yes … and then they let Christmas play in a competition that involved running, knowing everyone was throwing it.

But he lied about the fries..

Bless Kevin’s heart..He is trying to tell Jason that he is the strongest player and he if he just thinks about it he is in danger of going home.Jason for whatever reason is just not getting it through his mind that he is the target. Sigh… Jason, get it through your brain cells and listen to Kevin you are a big threat and you are leaving.. I do not understand why Jason does not see this

Judge Janie

Oh Alex, the reason you always look like a loser is because you keep trusting Paul. Now your best friend Jason is getting evicted this week because of it. So that makes you the worst player ever, Big Al. Congrats.


Even when Jason leaves she won’t care because she thinks she has a final 2 with the loser. If he tells her to throw the comp she probably will. I didn’t think the conspiracy theory for Paul by the network could be true but now I am a firm believer. People in this game just don’t throw all these comps this late in the game.


Genuinely curious – why do people think CBS would want to rig it for Paul? I’ve watched all seasons from the first, and never understood when people would suggest this. Is the line of thinking that CBS preplans the winner to try and get the best ratings?


@ JUDGE JANIE…I still find it hard to believe, that Alex threw that hoh. Now her ride or die goes home. She’s next!
How is it possible, for people to be so stupid???

Judge Janie

@MARIA…I’m in complete disbelief too! Even after seeing her throw the comp with my own eyes. Who does that???


I bet you their next focus will still be Kevin. It’s hella annoying cuz no one is playing for their true nature as to why they came to the house.

jessica's birth control

Its gonna be funny to watch Jasons face when the vote comes down. This has been a bad season, but when these idiots see how badly paul made them into bottom bitches, it just maybe worth it. And I dont think too many of them will have their 15 minutes of fame at club openings and appearances.

jessica's birth control

Xmas and Josh will be the final 2.
Josh will give the worst speech in BB history
At some point he will cry
Josh will get one vote (alex).
xmas wins
Josh will be the surprise guest for next year


Christmas has made a complete fool of herself. Josh walked away from a conversation that was going nowhere. Where does she think she has the right to chastise him. I don’t see motivational speaking in her future. She’s the epitome of a bully.


Hahaha bye Jason, the look on Alex’s face will be priceless. Then when they tell them about double eviction it will get crazy! If Alex wins this HOH tonight she better gun for Paul and put Christmas or Josh against him. if not Paul is winning this game! Although I don’t think she will and even if she does will they other vote Paul out! And for sure if she doesn’t win that second eviction is going to be Alex, raven or kevin leaving!

One Dumb Meatball

I can sort of understand Josh being about the lesser of evils at this point, but he is a putz.
I don’t have feeds or after dark, and this is only forum I read.
But between his DR sessions, his talking to cams, and the stuff I read here, he’s just so obnoxious that it makes him look as dumb as he probably really is.
Would have liked to have seen him leave long ago, but at this point he needs to go.


I feel sorry for the families of these people.

How embarrassing.

Backseat Driver

I’ve been thinking the same thing…….

Alex ruined the season

Double evict episode. Can’t wait!. Alex will know Jason is leaving by air time. If she doesn’t already. But if she doesn’t win H.O.H tonite. Bye btch! Never cared!

I am not a Jason fan as much as some of you. I will enjoy every second of the Witch and her lapdog getting the boot back to back tonite!

I will be able to watch the feeds again the last 2 weeks now that the vile disgusting witch will be gone! Seriously. If the btchwitch goes tonite the party starts in my house. Poppin’ bottles and all.

She will try and act like she not pissed as she leaves. But we all know she will be holding back tears and butthurt af. She will talk to Julie and not blame Paul at all. She will say somehow Kevin flipped the house. BOFL


Hope that ugly faced Alex (half man/half woman) or mentally challenged Raven goes second tonight ! What a bunch of freaks ! ! !
Paul (aka Svengali or Jim Jones of TV) will hopefully go next week ! ! ! Then, I don’t give a flip who wins ! ! !

Bah humbug!

Apparently the only thing xmas knows how to do is exercise. She’s made a complete ass out of herself and I cans imagine why anyone would want to hear her speak or have anything to do with her merchandise. Terrible personality! Reality check is coming!

These people

I think next season, if they get a next season, they need to go back to the basics, no returning players, no fans voting for rewards, no stupid “twists” they were all so lame. They really jumped the shark this year.

sunny dee

what i miss is the food comps

all they do now is the twist comps and those aren’t nearly as fun or interesting. also miss the havenots food, there was a lot more participating viewers, but this year they chose the temptations, last year the care packages, none of which go to the more deserving due to the way the votes fall out and who won hoh.

BB Fan

WTF Xmas is HOH and she spends her time sleeping in bed with Paul in rose room and these idiots don’t find that suspicious ?

BB Fan

Just saw Xmas talking last night about how she’s so in love with Paul he makes her heart flutter while she’s watching him move around kitchen on her spy TV. Creepy that girl is nuts big time.


Josh is a third grader hiding in a big mans body….Big crybaby…and for all the Paul haters—that like josh christmas or Raven….None of them would be there without Paul…So laud All of them…Yeah josh may know but he is too much of a mama’s boy to do anything about it….Big pussy…

Bolt Uprite.

Wait until Josh finds out that Christmas is in love with Paul (see video feed at Jessica’s twitter). I wonder how long it would take Josh to call her or Paul out once he discovers Christmas is prepared to sacrifice everything (and I mean everything) to assure the sawed-off bearded plague wins the $500,000. Josh needs to go medieval on them.


OMG- just saw Jessica’s video of Christmas’ love confession to Paul. Always knew it, but didn’t think she’d have the nerve to admit it since he will not be interested in her outside the house. It actually sucks for Josh because she is protecting Paul and not Josh.
Have you seen Christmas/Paul in bed – snuggled tightly but never saw anything like Raven/Matt or Jessica/Cody getting it on type of thing.


So the next HOH is the chicken coop. It’s a toss up between Raven, Paul and Alex capable of winning it. But Paul has told them both to throw it to him so Paul is the next HOH. All he has to say is the word gumpy – it’s all preplanned. He puts up Alex and Kevin -OR- Raven and Kevin and backdoor Alex. Either way, by Alex.

sunny dee

josh won’t win that one, sadly. i dont think it is chicken coop, it is double evict hoh comp, so it has to be faster. lots of backyard stuff because they have to have hoh comp set and veto comp set really


When Jason said, “How the hell do you know if I am or am not the target? I don’t even know.” About kevin telling him he was the target….. All I could do is scream at the screen BECAUSE HE’S NOT A F*&^%$# IDIOT!! lol


Top 4
Paul Josh Christmas Kevin
Hoh paul
On the block Josh and christmas
Kevin votes out christmas
Josh wins hoh and votes out paul
Josh and Kevin top 2
Lmao all of that confidence 3rd place or worse.
Sorry but at this point, I hope Josh wins.

Matt is an idiot

Since CBS has been prohibiting booing when the HG’s get evicted , I hope the cast gets the uncomfortable silence that Matt got last week. I just rewatched it last night and I still loved it.


Josh wins Kevin comes second Cody for AFP.

Butters Mom

I just checked out Jessica Grafs twitter… she has videos of Raven eating her scabs, boogers and ear wax… it is simply disgusting… how have I not seen this before or heard about it before?!! I wonder what that disease is called because I think it might be the worst thing she has!


I can’t wait for Matt to view Jessica’s twitter!


I finally got a chance to watch the veto competition and as much as I dislike potatohead, piss-ant paul actually says something like “What are you doing, you’re suppose to throw this competition” Huh, she’s on the block d-bag?
At least they gave xmess a not so favorable edit.
(I know all the results of the competitions beforehand, but still want to see the favoritism in the edits. I must sound like a glutton for punishment with this remaining cast )