Christmas “Don’t tell me things that are going to taint my opinion of this team. NOT F***ING COOL!”

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10:05pm Kitchen. Josh, Paul and Alex. Paul – after big brother it goes down hill… every year there is a new big brother. If you expect to be the next big thing just because you were on big brother .. its not going to happen. Get over yourself. Everyone is always like .. I want to act. Okay have you ever done it before? Because it is an extremely difficult job and ah.. go stand in line. There are thousands of people going to auditions. Alex – it’s harder to be myself in here than to play someone else because I over think what I am in there. They don’t like the way that I say it. Like when you get in there and they don’t like how you say it and I’m like but that’s how I would say it. Paul – its not that they don’t like it. Its that maybe they want an different energy or angle. It needs to match up with how your demeanor is in that moment. Alex – this is way harder than being told how you should be. Paul – you don’t reflect on how you were in every situation. You wouldn’t know unless you do vlogging. I used to do snap chat so I kind of know. That and I did it last year and I’m sure my first DRs were all over the place.

10:25pm Bathroom. Josh, Paul and Christmas are hugging. Christmas says things are getting tough. Paul – you’re okay. It will get a little harder and then it will all be worth it guys. Josh – I just tell myself every five seconds to snap out of it.
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11:35pm Bathroom. Jason and Alex.
Jason – I was just wondering if I could sell this son of a b***h at the wrap party. Like just have a little auction, real quick. Alex – yeah, you could probably make like $100. Jason – well I ain’t selling it for $100, it cost me like $260! If I was going to buy a new one I would buy one that cost $500. Alex – I mean you could try. I don’t know how much your value is at this point. You have a better chance selling it online. Or going somewhere specific for your meet and greet. You have to remember were not B celebrities or even C celebrities, we’re only relevant for what is hot now. So if someone is a huge fan.. Jason – Yeah I just figured they would be there at the wrap party. Alex – I mean you can but how awkward would that be? Jason – I don’t know, that’s why I was asking. Alex – I wouldn’t do it. The reason why people don’t like reality tv stars is because it cheapens… you’re not famous because of your merit, you’re not famous because you did something cool, you’re not famous because you did something cool in a nationally know thing. You’re famous because you’re on a tv show for being who you are. Jason – which is arguably the coolest. Alex – but how annoying would it be to have someone trying to sell something to you immediately after? Jason – that would be a pain in the a$$ but I just want to sell THE hat and I would only do it if I got like $1000. Alex – people might ask you to auction it off for a charity. Jason – Why would I want to give them money?! I am the one trying to make some money here! Alex – I just think people would ask to sell in for a charity. Jason – f**K that!!! I don’t trust charities for as far as I can throw them. Alex – yeah.

12am Backyard. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – when he (Paul) says things I don’t just blindly agree. I will always challenge him. Josh – that’s where I’m at now. Christmas – my first HOH he wanted to me to put up Kevin and I said no I think this is what needs to happen instead. Josh – why Kevin. Christmas – because he doesn’t deserve to be here. Him and Raven have done NOTHING! And in the times that she needed to do something like in this veto, she blew it. You don’t get to be at the end of this game and be little miss sunshine squeaky f**king clean and win it. I don’t care what happens .. if that girl wins it.. Josh – if one of those people win, I will NEVER watch big brother again. Christmas – I wouldn’t either. Josh – I’m joking I would. Christmas – for one of us to not win it we would need to fail in the next two competitions.. EPIC EPIC .. its almost becoming impossible. The next HOH is the most important one. Josh – I think I want it. Christmas – what ever you need me to do. Josh – everyone hates her (Alex) in jury. Christmas – just remind her subtly how damn Cody tried to blow up your game before he left. She got into a fight with Elena and she was teammates with Jason. Christmas – Alex can’t go further. She needs to go. Josh – He (Paul) doesn’t want to do it. Christmas – I don’t care, then he shouldn’t be HOH. Josh – I’ll take it. Christmas – there is no way to keep Alex in this game and for us to be safe. She will come for me and you.

Josh – we’ve been a dynamic group. Christmas – we’ve played a clean game. Alex has to be first. Josh – he can control Alex. Christmas – she is not controllable completely and Raven is. Raven hasn’t been squeezed yet. She will flip her f**king lid. All you have to do right before a comp is talk sh*t to her. She turns red and she will not be able to compete. You, me and Paul are cool as f**king cucumbers! Bring it! Alex crumbles a little bit but she can recover. Josh – he has her locked in as a jury vote. I told him about the Jason comment and he instantly went and did damage control. I 100% believe he wants us in the top three but he wants to win. Christmas – that’s what he should be doing. That’s what we should be doing. Josh – we just have a lot more blood on our hands. Christmas – next week if Alex doesn’t go, that’s not okay with me. I am telling you there is no reason for Alex to stay in the game past next week. I am not okay with it. Josh – he thinks we have Raven. Christmas – okay then let me keep working her. I will take that emotional f**king torture. Josh – if I win HOH, I am straight shooting at her. 85% next weeks veto is BB comics. She is not winning it. Christmas – she came close in OTEV. If he doesn’t take Christmas out.. you have no idea the wrath of Christmas will reign down on this house. He will have no f**King clue what happened. Josh – this is a conversation that we have to have. Christmas – I know but this is the plan. The plan that we all decided on. There is no pivoting without us all collectively deciding. The only time we break away from each other is when we make top three. Josh – Okay I am just having this conversation with you because I have been analyzing his whole perspective. Christmas – I’ve heard the things too but I am not accepting the fact that he (Paul) would throw our games to protect one person (Alex). Josh – he is thinking they’re not threats. Josh – he is protecting us but also tainting us.. Christmas – okay I am DONE with this conversation. Josh – why? Christmas – I am pissy about it. Josh – why? Christmas – because I am hearing a lot of things that are not team related. Don’t tell me things that are going to taint my opinion of this team. NOT F**KING COOL! So back off on it! Josh – okay, can you hear me out? I don’t look at him like that. I said in there you could give me 25K and I wouldn’t take a shot at either of them (Paul or Christmas). Yeah he is playing this game but until he crosses me I am going to stick with him like white on rice. Christmas – okay that’s all I needed to know. Don’t plant seeds in my head that he is not loyal to us. You have to work your angle and I should too. Josh – his game unfolding in front of me does not push me to turn against him. Christmas – I know what he’s been doing since I’ve been on the block. Paul joins them.

12:25am Paul, Christmas, Josh.
They talk about needing to keep close to Raven. Paul – I’ll do it. Josh – I could do it too. Christmas – I just need a day off from her. Kevin joins them. Alex, Raven and Jason come out and they play corn hole.

1am Kitchen. Kevin to Jason – There’s one damn thing I don’t like. I don’t like people being this nice to me. Something is f**king up. You know what I mean. When they were mean at least you knew where they were. Now they’re being nice, I’m like what the f**k?! Are they being nice to you? Jason – MMMhhnMMm. Kevin – like they feel bad. That’s the worst thing we wanted. I don’t want no one to feel bad for me. I’ve still got 7 kids to go home to and a wife. These motherf**kers have got their Instagram to go home to. Jason – that ain’t no sh*t.

1:12am HOH room. Josh to the camera. I’ve been trying to talk to Christmas and let her know the game that Paul is playing. Not because I don’t trust him, not because I want to turn on him, not because I doubt him. To work as a team that benefits the three of us. I understand the angle that he needs to work as a vet. I understand that he needs to work everybody and I understand he is securing the votes to win. More power to you but if we’re a team, I think we should do whats right by the team. As business owners, as athletes, as everything, I think the three of us understand that. She thinks that I’m trying to plant seeds in her head, that I’m trying to create doubt and that I am trying to separate the team. That is not my intent. You can pay me right now as much as I needed 25K, 15K, 10K, 5K to turn on these people and I won’t say f**k no. There is not one part of my heart that does not trust Paul. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return – Josh – I think being such a huge fan of the game, I can see what a great game he is playing. He is playing an aggressive and intense game. And I f**king love it for him but I am playing against him. I am playing in this house against him and I am playing with him. So in his plan he needs to do something that benefits the three of us. It can’t benefit him. The funny thing is he reminds me of my brother. There is no mistrust. There is no me wanting to turn on him. Even though it might sound like that because I don’t know how to word it and say it because when I see something I instantly react. But I’ve connected the dots on his game, his mindset and what he is doing and I want to voice it to her so that we can speak as a team and make sure that everyone of his plans we dissect it and do what is best for the team. She is taking it as that I am trying to create double in the team. That is not my intent. I am not naive. I can see moves before they’re made. I can connect the dots easily. I am a team player. I want to win for me and my family. I know he is looking out for the three of us but he is protecting himself. I don’t know if I drop it because she has gotten annoyed with me. We’ve gotten into arguments, we’ve gotten heated, we’ve walked away from conversations. I don’t know if I have to drop it because she is getting heated. Or if I need to act on it?

I know that I am never going to turn on those two but I also know that I am not going to sit back and play someone elses hand. Either we play together or we have to sit down and talk. The one thing that the men in my life have taught me is how to separate business from personal. This is business and I am trying to separate the two. I want this so bad but would be happy if one of them wins. I am not going to have my game tainted. I am not going to start playing dirty for no ones game. All we need to do is have a conversation. He has his agenda. It doesn’t mean I want to go against him, it doesn’t mean I want to clip him. It just means pump the breaks and lets do what is best for the three of us. That’s it. I am cranking it the F**K up and zoning in on the top three. Hopefully Paul realizes its about the three of us because I am thinking about the three of us.

1:20am – 2:20am Paul – I’m challenging you to a nut sack corn eating contest. Paul and Jason playing corn hole standing above the board as they toss the bean bags back and forth at each other.

2:30am Christmas, Paul and Raven head up to the HOH room and tell Josh all about the nut sack corn hole game they’ve been playing.

3:05am Backyard hammock. Josh – I’ve grown so attached to Jason and I know he needs to go. I know he’s my target this week but its hard. I don’t feel good blindsiding him at all. I feel like sh*t about it. I wish I could tell him. It feels brutal. The way that its being done is not the way that I wanted it to go down. Josh says his favourite players are Evil Dick and Daniele Donato. He was fearless as f**k and that’s the way I want to be.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Deez Nutz

I can’t believe I once thought Xmas was hot….


she is attractive, but its her crappy personality that has shined through the past few weeks that makes her unattractive.


Until you get Christmas and Raven side by side Christmas looks okay. But put them together and ravens beauty shines and puts out Christmas’ flame.

i wish Raven and Jason would hook up, I think they would have amazingly pretty babies.

Finally, love him or hate him, Kevin is a power player, he manipulates conversations the way he wants them to go and gets into the heads of the others.

Alex is perhaps one of the greatest BB players but is being held back by Josh, if he would let her play her game it would have a different outcome.

Overall, a very good year with lots of excitement and twists!

Luv’n it


Jason is a married man!


Is this person watching the same show we all are?!?! hahaha I almost fell off my chair laughing reading this!


Hilarious isn’t it…..and to think its actually people who agree with that person. This is by far the worse season I’ve watched…….. Its disrespectful to the past greats. Evil dick..mike boogie etc. Its been five people that have played this season>>>Cody..Jessica… Paul with to much help this season he must be related to an executive or producer.. Jason and Alex but she’s on and off……she doesn’t know if she want to follow or lead. The rest are perpetrating BB play. They’re very delusional individuals. The actually believe they’re playing a good game. Hilarious this must be BB comedy addition.

CBS Production

Paul’s mother works for CBS production, but has been told she cannot intervene in the show.

Mr unhappy

Hilarious isn’t it…..and to think its actually people who agree with that person. This is by far the worse season I’ve watched…….. Its disrespectful to the past greats. Evil dick..mike boogie etc. Its been five people that have played this season>>>Cody..Jessica… Paul with to much help this season he must be related to an executive or producer.. Jason and Alex but she’s on and off……she doesn’t know if she want to follow or lead. The rest are perpetrating BB play. They’re very delusional individuals. The actually believe they’re playing a good game. Hilarious this must be BB comedy addition

Franks Fumes

I think that’s his objective…….they are funny posts.


I agree Kevin is aware more than he lets on and is letting them take out each other. But Alex is far from being one of the greats. Every time Jason was on to a plot or Paul she screamed him down and said stop being stupid. Jason was right. Just like last week he went to grab an apple to try to save himeself. Alex screamed at him, “Jason you better not take an apple.” She didn’t want to screw up Paul’s plan, naively thinking Jason is just a pawn. She hates Kevin out of jealously cuz he’s close to Jason and he’s on to her.


AND unfortunately…Jason has become a total failure! A total horse’s a**! Never thought, that I would say this about him.
Really disappointed in him!!


This comment must be coming from BB Production or CBS!


Huh? Are you even watching the show?

Ms. Conspiracy

Hands down, strangest comment all season.


This comment is better than ipecac.


Is it Opposite Day?


Is it Opposite Day?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Obviously Raven’s pig of a mother wrote this……………. between trips to the refrigerator that is.


Lolol!!! Hilarious!


What excitement and what twists? What Big Brother are you watching?


CBS, please stop casting wanna be actors, models, spokespersons on this show. They all fight for air time by being outrageous, and not in a good way. Whatever happened to “real people” mixed in of all ages. Go back to the first few seasons and revamp…without Grodner who seems to interfere and favors her choices on the show.

Little Paulie the Butt Pirate

Christmas has a hot body but it is all down hill from there. Once she gets out of the house she will be using her motivational skills to ask ” Do you want fries with that? “


not a fan, but she is a pretty accomplished lady. also read that cbs has plans for her to have her own reality show

Cody For AFHG

Those plans are scrapped now that America has seen what she is really like.

The name xmas was your first clue

She’s transgendered, check out her adois belt, fool.


Women can have it too.

you made my point

yeah, transgendered women.


Xmas is only pretty with makeup. With it, she is a 7. Without it, she is a 5.5.


That guy was never hot!!! He’s done a good job of working out since his foot got injured but he’s no Andre Agassi!


Lol. I’ve been calling her “She-Dude” from day 1!

Paul is your dad

Wow wow wow ….. Xmas loves Paul …. she wants to stab Josh every time he almost wakes up and realizes Paul is winning this game … why does anyone listen to favorite holiday name…. Josh’s only chance to win is to take out Paul and be sitting next to Alex or Xmas ….


Josh has chance to send Paul to jury at F4 (need only POV) and F3 (need win final HOH).


Josh said, “I’m not going to have my game tainted.” Is he kidding? He has been harassing HGs since day 1 with Meghan. Paul saw his volatility and used him as his henchman. Josh’s game has been tainted since day 1. I think he’s now realizing and trying to do damage control too late. Please BB, get Paul out. Sad but the only people I can tolerate to win this game are Kevin and then Jason, (he at least has some remorse.) PLEASE GIVE UP GOLDEN POV OR COUP D’ETAT and save Kevin and Jason!!!

Im LIke

Xmas is arrogant. Paul is arrogant. I think Alex has now been clued in by production about how she looks on the show …which makes me wonder what direction they are going….but at the end of the day, I have just been alienated so I’m watching less and less.. The only way I would watch now is if they did bring back Michelle aka Meech to F with Paul because that would be fun. The look on his face if she was asking the jury about why and who they would vote for would be priceless… Other wise I’m bored….Ahh I guess summer really is over boo

Infected nose ring hole

I think everyone has been clues in. And for Josh to say ” i know Paul has played the best game but….”etc and anything about simply suggests that production is getting way to involved when they should of gotten involved in the bullying . There’s no way you can accidentally put this many stupid people in one room .. nobody wants to win .wtf

Little Paulie the Butt Pirate

Just wanted to say ….digging the screen name.


I wish they would sneak Michelle and Bridgette into the house tomorrow morning. When HGS wake up M & B are sitting on the couch. They spend the day talking to each other about everyone’s game. And leave right before the show starts. 5 minute talk with Julie. Then participate in both exit interviews.


And meech can destroy every blow up in the house and leave notes for paul..last year grabbing that damn duck was the best!!


Oh please as soon as anyone would open their mouth to confront Big Meech she would run and cry. She could dish it out but can’t take it.

Im LIke

I think Michelle over thought things and new production was not on her side. I say this because she knew something was up when they aired her parents ..she said I know when my parents are not happy even when they are smiling why are they not happy. plus everytime she started coming out of the DR and watching other people come out and go straight to others she was not happy.. She was a super fan so much like a lot of people on this board she could tell when production was doing things she actually said it once to Natalie after Natalie came out of a dr gunning for victor instaed of Paul and Nicole which were their targets in the beginning and actually the people that made it to the finale 2 so she was right…plus she knew she was working with people who were not catching on. I think a lot of people on this board if they were in this house or last years (this year being worse) I think they would cry or punch something especially when you can see whats going on and everyone else tells u that your nuts

Not so fast!!!

After the last two nights of BBAD I think Paul and Christmas are both dilusional. First, Paul says he was only 2 fights away from Pro MMA and when he is done with this (as he covers his face) money maker he will become a pro MMA. Good luck w/that. Christmas (what a beautiful name for such a vile human).. talks about how her life is so positive, she is a positive speaker and owns her own business and has employees that she pays their mortages, etc. with her own life positive experiences. Her smile is her business. I am sticking my finger down my throat. I hope these two get back what they have given out in the last 70 days. (cruel, vile, mean, the biggest bullies and instigators, using Josh and Ravin for their own needs.) Real life should show them the reruns over and over again. Paul keeps saying when this game is over everyone will forget the unthinkable treatment and be friends. Doubt that.


ugh.. it’s the worst.


No, They’ll bring in Will Kirby, ( aka dr.Will ) He steer them, to voting for Paul. ( as production wants. ) Of course providing Paul gets to the end.


She was probably recruited to help Paul win and has been told she will win next year.




Xmas. From multiple comments on the feeds I think she is fully expecting to come back next year as the new Paul and BB owes her the chance to do it because of her foot. I think at this point she is actually gunning for 2nd place to Paul, not 1st. This ain’t the bachelorette!!! But Xmas thinks she will come back like an adored jilted contestant and win next season, hahahhah. More exposure for her and her “brand,” she just doesn’t realize yet that the exposure she’s getting now is mostly negative.


Xmas is the most delusional person left in the house. She’s gained no feed fans and if anything has lost fans due to how she’s acted. I use to be a mini xmas abbott fan, not really anymore.

TV only watchers will probably love her.. I dunno I gave up watching the show after the first episode. 😉


Speaking of returning, of BBAD Alex and Xmas talking about other reality shows, Alex said she would do Survivor, Amazing race and yes, hang on she would go on the Bachelorette???? OK then, she and the holiday, need to go away, far far away…….

Paul Sucks/Josh Sucks/Alex Sucks/Xmas Sucks


What the duck

Josh if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck. Paul is using you. Xmas is an idiot. You are not wrong. Never thought I would root for you, yet I am.


Yes Kevin told Josh this in their fight; Kevin knows what’s up and maybe that’s what undimmed Josh’s light bulb a little bit. I too never thought I would find myself rooting for Josh, it just goes to show how horrible the rest of them are. I feel for Kevin though, knowing the most about what’s going on yet he can’t do anything but follow Paul’s orders. If he doesn’t he’s done. His only hope would be to compete and win, and Paul is literally next to him threatening him if he even tries to play. Then Paul turns around and complains Kevin “hasn’t done anything.” It’s disgusting. I hope the negative backlash will keep future hg’s from trying to play a bb19 style game. If that’s the road bb is going down I think the game will be done too.


Christmas talks a lot about Kevin not winning anything, but weren’t all of her wins thrown to her??? Can she really count those as “wins”?


Xmas should have been sent home once she got injured. She supposedly does know Paul outside the house. Maybe that’s why she ran to his side as soon as he became a HG. Cody was so right on with trying to evict her after he couldn’t nominate Paul due to that ridiculous THREE WEEK SAFETY (who ever got that before!) Cody said Xmas was close to Paul as the reason for nominating her, yet his alliance turned on him viciously, especially Matt. She obviously is there and kept there for Paul’s benefit. So sick of Production’s obvious motives and intentions. After that disgusting display of a HOH comp (a sprint where no one moves off the block and a girl on crutches wins)…give me a break. That’s so disrespectful to the fans, the former players and to themselves.


She shouldn’t have been allowed to participate with a broken foot let alone win a relay race with one. I’m betting that production was hearing all the dialog about throwing it to her so they let her go. Pathetic. So tired of watching Paul and his brain dead puppets. I’d rank this as worst BB so far.


Everyone should have just stood up all at once…. there you go Xmas, you won


Paul threw both wins for HOH to Christmas. When Cody watched Christmas win HOH against Paul last week, he immediately said, “Look, Paul threw it to Xmas.” She has nothing to brag about except being a plant to help Paul win, and that’s really nothing to brag about. Go home both of them. He’s rich and she’s got her own successful business though I can’t imagine her motivational speaking gigs will be plentiful after her nasty performance on BB.


Xmas is SUPER delusional about her performance this season. Just wait, She’s going to take enormous amounts of credit after the show.


Paul isn’t rich, his parents are. They still pay his rent while he plays rock star and tee shirt designer (neither one bring in enough $ to cover his rent.)

Paul's Beard

He lives at home


Unfortunately not everyone watched Big Brother.

social experiment

Watching Jury house response to everyone throwing foot race to X might be best part on Thurs show. And jury will surely tell Jason that Josh and Christmas whatever Paul tells them to do. Only reason to watch finale is to see Paul there and see him rejected. Loser


This post is unreliable. Someone forgot to put new line between different speakers. I couldn’t follow or understood.

Cry me a river Raven

Then pay for feeds and get your own blog. Simon and Dawg do an awesome job! They have to sit through all the mindless and disturbing banter. I think they deserve an award!


Get some barbie dolls, write the remaining contestants name on their foreheads. Every time someones name appears with a dash after it, pick that doll up and imitate their voice. You’re welcome.


I wonder who did that.. If it was Dawg I suggest we all send him ice cream cones through the mail. He lives in Victoria it’s hot there today.


I’ve been to Victoria on a cruise ship stop. Such a beautiful place:-) I remember touring a castle type building while there. Dawg is a lucky man!


Was it Craigdarroch castle ?


Kraken Castle


LOL that’s where I want to live.


Simon. Isn’t that where the “Holy Lords of Kraken” live?


The holy lords move around but the castle is a popular place for them.


I think that was it. I remember our tour bus driving through the city and how the streets were lined with beautiful flowers and trees and how picturesque it all was. Another tour stop on the Alaska cruise was White Pass in Yukon. Those were the only places I have seen in western Canada and was very impressed:-)


I’ll bet it was…also, The Empress Hotel on the bay as you enter VIA U.S. Ferry from Port Angeles is lovely too!


We are very smokey in the western part of B.C and Washington…it is very disorienting. The sun is bright orange and the visibility is almost nothing! My car was covered in ash yesterday! Hope Dawg’s new baby is indoors with a humidifier.


It’s smokey as all hell where I am too.


What area are you in Simon?


North Vancouver Island. Westcoast Canada.

Botox Pelosi

Simon is that where they shoot the History Channel show Alone?


Yeah! about 3 hours north of me. I’m on the inside coast the outside coast is much more remote.

Botox Pelosi

Wow it is beautiful there. You and Dawg should just cruise the island and sell those contestants bags of Doritos and Hostess cupcakes for $500 each. Those people are always starving.

Thanks for all you and Dawg do for us Simon. We all really appreciate your efforts.


You’re welcome 🙂

I know the first two seasons were filmed there not sure about the new ones. I only watched the first 2.


Simon, my husband used to work up that way…Campville River. ( sp ) He working in the logging Industry. ( as a food caterer, to the loggers. ) Are you near there? This was back in the 90’s.
I’m from Ontario, but lived in Burnaby, for a few years.


Hey Maria!
Campbell river is about 40 minutes North of me.

Guy From Canada

If Dawg loves ice cream, there is an ice cream Shoppe on cook street called cold comfort. If he wants I’ll get him a custom ice cream made up and waiting for him ?


LOL I don’t know if Dawg does like Ice cream.. HAHA I don’t even know whereabouts Dawg works anymore..


Last night on BBAD, Paul was talking about his many trips to Canada. He has done a lot of meet and greets there. There was a discussion about how intimidating and tough it is going thru Customs. Paul and Christmas said the people in Canada are so nice. Customs is tough to keep it that way.

So I guess Canada loved Paul after last season. Wonder if they still do? What do you think, Simon and Dawg?


TV only fans will still like him as the CBS edit has been.. Kraken.

Feed fans will feel the same .. Canadian or US.


Ano- I hope you made a donation before you posted that.


Why Why Why are they so clueless? Josh and Christmas believe that Paul is their best friend but the only reason he is working with them is because he thinks he can beat them in the final 4 and final 3 competitions and win at final 2 against either of them. And Christmas is using Josh because she had noone else(but she sure tried with Jason & Kevin earlier in the game)and because she can manipulate him. Also, Christmas has treated Josh real shitty at times and Paul has used him over and over to start fights. And still Josh thinks the three of them are going to be friends for life. Paul could have just as easily picked Jalex as his final 3 and thrown Xmas & Josh under the bus but Paul is too afraid to take Alex and Jason to the end bc they will beat him in the competitions.
Alex is completely fooled by Paul, Josh and Christmas even though there have been so many clues that they are working together but Alex is too cocky and angry at others(especially Kevin) that she has zero idea what is going on. Xmas picking Raven for the veto comp. Xmas putting both her and Jason on the block makes absolutely zero sense when there is only 7 ppl left in the game and there supposedly is only 2 targets Raven and Kevin. Even when she caught the 3 of them secretly talking in the Rose room with the lights out and Josh was over by Xmas and Paul’s bed she comes up with their excuse for them. “Oh Josh were you trying to sneak up on them to scare them”. OMG. Alex throwing the last HOH has cost Jason his game. STUPID STUPID STUPID Then there is Jason that unfortunately isn’t intelligent enough to understand what is going on because even though his gut says he is danger any time he voices his concern Alex calls him stupid or paranoid and Paul talks him out of any question he has.

Raven and Kevin – nothing really to say but clueless with no game strategy.

I only have 1 hope left to save the show which is probably less then a 1% chance of happening: Josh tells Jalex what is going on and they keep secret from Paul and Xmas and then Josh is the 3rd vote to evict Kevin. I would love to see Paul and Xmas’ face if this happened. Then, Jason wins the double eviction HOH and gets Paul (or Xmas) out.


That would be epic


It would be, but I just don’t want Alex to benefit in any way. She needs to go.


Paul will take Raven to final two. Then all of America and the Jury House will be like WTF. He doth protest too much when it comes to Raven. It’s all for show.

Bob Cobb

LOL Christmas…”You don’t get to be at the end of this game and be little miss sunshine squeaky f**king clean and win it. I don’t care what happens”…it’s obvious she didn’t watch Big Brother last season.

Just Sayin'

Of course Jason wouldn’t give money to charity, and him and Alex say charity isn’t to be trusted… terrible, terrible people. Also, you couldn’t pay me to put on that disgusting hat that jason has been wearing all season, who the f#ck is buying that for $1000?!


I know! Plus he wants to try to sell that disgusting hat at the wrap party?? Who goes to the wrap party expecting to buy a sweaty, dirty old hat?? I believe he thinks he is more famous than he actually is. Wait until he finds out all the negative attention he received in the media from his comments in the house. Even Goodwill won’t want his hat as a donation after that!


Most charities are just huge corporations that don’t pay taxes. As long as they give 1% of the money they collect to the people they are supposed to be helping they are not breaking any laws. Being non profit just means after giving that 1% to benefit a group or cause the other 99% is played out in expenses and CEO salaries so there is no profit. There are good ones out there that spend 70% of what they collect on an actual cause but check them out before you send them a check. Example..I give to Wounded Warriers every month, not because they should even exist, because the VA should be covering all the expenses for our veterans as part of the cost of war, but they don’t and WW does do good. I was very disappointed recently with the news of how much they spend on travel expenses and parties for management and employees. They are remedying that but still disappointed. So don’t jump to conclusions when Jason says he doesn’t trust charities. He may have been burned in the past. Sorry for the rant.


i have a really hard time giving to charities where i don’t personally know someone working for the charity because of how easy it is to “cheat” at being a charity. look at the horrible pink month in the nfl, it’s been exposed as way less generous than advertised, gives outdated medical advice, and still keeps churning. meanwhile in a lot of cases high salaries and perks to boost morale and compete for appropriate talent in the for-profit sector are absolutely necessary (medical charities should probably be run by someone qualified to run a hospital for example, and the salary that job commands is high. just assuming that you can find someone qualified for that job willing to take a significant pay cut out of “the goodness of their heart” is unrealistic and dangerous), but doing research on charities you support is important. and if you’re lazy about it like me, the least you can do is see if you have friends who do do that research or work for charities themselves, and make your decisions that way.

Ravens Battery

A couple of my soldiers applied to the Wounded Warrior Fund for help when they exited the Army. Wounded Warrior sent them hats and bumper stickers. Fuck the WW Fund as it is a money making scheme for the board.


Can someone tell me the Jason “comment” Josh was talking about? The one Josh said Paul went to do damage control for.

The Worst

What kind of season is this that Josh may have become the best (read: least worst) choice to win among this remaining group of dislikable people who played a horrible game.

Kid Rock

If Josh n Xmas are smart they will Take Raven to final 3 with them…. Josh has a big heart and seems like a good kid outside of the house… He is no dummy by any means… A little naive but that comes from being young! I know you guys don’t like him but he has played a helluva game! He would have been gone the first night if he didn’t take that Apple!! He still was almost gone after week 2…. I give props where pros are due…. Josh has done so much dirty for others that he deserves to be in FINAL 3 or Final 2… He didn’t take the easy road and lay low like Kevin, Matt n Raven….


If Paul the terrible gets to F2 (please Nooooo!) he will definitely take Raven or Josh. Raven, I even forget she’s there half the time. Only since Matt left has she been around more. Josh is disliked because of his over the top harassment of the HGs, so Paul may take him. But if he does, most of the jury will know that Paul was behind EVERY DISGUSTING BLOW UP, HUMILIATION AND TAUNTING. It might backfire on Paul..Let’s hope someone wakes up and SENDS PAUL HOME. Please don’t reward Paul for the bullying, unwatchable lack of decency and game play this season given to the fans.


Paul is not going to take a woman to final 2….why do people keep suggesting he take Raven in their comments? He has planned to take Josh cause he thinks that no one in Jury will vote for Josh. He only wants Christmas in final 3 because he knows he can beat her in comps.


I don’t see how being a stooge, a nasty ruthless stooge for Paul and Christmas is playing a great game. Good heart? He is evil. Torturing people for money, and for his own popularity (in his mind he is being evil dick) is not good hearted. I’d rather Raven win over Josh.

Little Paulie the Butt Pirate

” Josh has a big heart?” I hope that ahole comes to your house banging his pots and pans.

Of the people left in the house only Kevin isn’t a major league asshole in my opinion.

team of taints

This show is on its death bed

Christmas's Ego

These entitled f*tards needed more spankings as children. No respect or manners for anyone!


What the heck is Christmas’s problem? She seems to have a short fuse when it comes to people questioning her judgement…… The way she talks to people, especially Josh, is disgusting……and I think it’s about time she goes… At this point I think it would be quite entertaining (at least to me) if Raven and Kevin made it to final 2 with Kevin for the win…..How pissed would Paul and his minions be?? OMG…..That would be funny….

Infected nose ring hole

Xmas : Josh , you don’t wanna see me all up in your face homie . I don’t ever wanna hear you contradict us .that one of us is winning this game , ever. It’s not in the plan . Don’t be a bitch by trying to take this game away from Paul. He’s worked hard for a long time and I’ve been trying to ensure he wins this whole season. Just shut up and go with the plan CBS have is . Or I’ll go pots and pans on your ass




Josh is basically saying when DR told him to help Paul win he said ‘pay me what I need, $25,000 and I will make sure Paul wins’. Says to Xmas he told them on the DR he wasn’t to going to go against Paul ever. Basically what I am hearing is production wants Paul for the win and Xmas for 2nd and. Josh told them he is okay with that as long as he gets the $25,000 for AFP. So peeps forget who YOU want for AFP.


Whom ever in charge of casting? Needs to be fired. (bottom line)


Amen! Get new casting agents/producers. And stop casting actors/models.

Butters Mom

We have been saying that for years… back when Amanda was ruining the show and it was found out that she is friends with the producer… still waiting …. not going to happen.

Go with your gut

Whomever decides to GROW a pair and evict Paul WILL be the winner of this season. The question is … Will that happen?


Alex: “Like when you get in there and they don’t like how you say it and I’m like but that’s how I would say it.”

Proof that production is trying to make Alex look innocent on the tv show. Ha! She must be making it hard for them to give her a “good” edit. Even they know how vile she is.

But I don’t like how they are manipulating the tv audience. Affects the AFP vote.

Kevin for AFP!


CODY FOR AFP!!! We owe it to ourselves to see their fucking surprised faces.

Anti Paul Puppet

How to stay in the game the longest this year.

1.) Pledge undying loyalty to Paul
2.) Be incredibly stupid and absolutely do not have any independent thoughts
3.) Be bad at comps
4.) Do not question Paul, when he says jump, you say yes master and jump until he says stop
5.) Find nitch such as Paul’s attack dog, also learn cool tricks such as barking on command, sitting, rolling over all whenever Paul requests.

Basically be the worst BB player you can possibly be. If you do all of this you may make it to the end to win SECOND PLACE!!!

Season is almost over and I really don’t care about it. The only thing left to care about is AFP. Which CODY for AFP! Thanks for not being a PUPPET! My worst fear is this season will set a precedence for future seasons. I never want to see a season like this again.

jessica's birth control

Jason – that would be a pain in the a$$ but I just want to sell THE hat and I would only do it if I got like $1000.
Alex – people might ask you to auction it off for a charity.
Jason – Why would I want to give them money?! I am the one trying to make some money here!
Alex – I just think people would ask to sell in for a charity.
Jason – f**K that!!! I don’t trust charities for as far as I can throw them. Alex – yeah.

So do you josh fanboys still think hes AFP now????? scumbag!


I meant Jason fanboys. Jason is fast becoming one of the bigger scumbags in the house!


Jason’s stories and his banter with Alex and Kevin were great for the first 4 weeks. Once it became Apparent that Alex was full on potato head and that Jason was going to throw his game to her his stupidness (new word) started to increase a lot. He’s damaged his popularity at this point.


“stupidness” pretty much sums up this year’s BB!


Josh ‘s family lives in Florida and I’m wondering if they will let him know their is a possibility of a huge hurricane named Irma making landfall where he lives.


Since its going straight to miami and josh has some sick relatives they need to let him know..maybe video from parents so it is screened to let josh know they r safe..if they dont let him know..something is really messed up!


No, he signed up for this and has no idea a hurricane is coming.

Bolt Uprite.

At this point it is just a possibility. Ridiculous. Hurricanes have been hitting Florida and Miami for forever.


its just a possibility it will hit Florida?? Live through a few and then complain so flippantly. This isnt your regular run of the mill one

jessica's birth control

Josh – everyone hates her (Alex) in jury.
Christmas – She got into a fight with Elena and she was teammates with Jason.
Christmas – Alex can’t go further. She needs to go.

Huh?????? If everyone hates her in jury, then you want to take her along for the final 3 ride!!! xmas just keeps shutting down even the hint of taking paul out. She actually is angered every time josh broaches the subject, The only reason this is logical, is that she wants to keep production off balance and do it suddenly with no warning. Otherwise she has been paid off with a bonus by allison grodner and has given up on 1st place and has been promised a slot on BB20.


Whoever takes out Paul should win….Josh

Butters Mom

Christmas, Alex, Paul, Josh… all talking about how they have not been “themselves” this season… that they couldnt be in this house…. Christmas saying she would play the game differently if she is able to come back next season… I just want to gag at the BS they were spewing on after dark due to them being told by production how they were being perceived on the show and them trying to either give sound bites to be recorded for the show or trying to “fix” their image for the AFP. Christmas is so full of sh*t, I just can not stand her. I guess what makes me mad is that I’ve seen her true colors, and I know people who watch this show have short memories (including myself after time goes by), Christmas is still going to go on and profit from this show … her business may take an initial hit from the way she’s behaved… but it will bounce back… and I think she’s already been told she will be asked to come back next season… due to her foot… so she’s going to give the game to Paul and then next year we get to watch everyone give the game to her. nope… Im going to remember this… if she’s back on here next season… not watching… same goes for Frankie and Vanessa and Rachel, Elissa, amanda… or any relatives of these asshats that have been on these past seasons. There are plenty of people who apply for this show to choose from without recycling past house guests and their family members. There are plenty of people who apply for this show without having to hire people who have never heard of this show and just are looking for an opportunity to get their face on tv to promote them for something else. Go back to the basics please or just end it. I think those of us who have watched every season are more turned off by what is going on than the casual fan. Im really disappointed this season.. I’ve been disappointed for a while and its only gotten worse these past few seasons. There is not a single person left in that house that I am able to be happy for if they win. There hasnt been since Mark left and sadly I wouldnt have been happy if he won either if he worked with Paul. Paul has tainted this season for every other house guest there. He ruined it. Im voting for Cody for AFP… because he’s the only one that saw the need to get rid of Paul from the beginning. If Paul had gone in the beginning this season might have had a chance. Thank you Simon and Dawg for getting me through another season of BB… my son will be ordering his college books by this weekend through your site on amazon. Hang in there… while I cant watch the show, I do enjoy reading your recaps.


The 2nd most offensive thing Jason has said,is his distrust of charities! Really??? And of course potatohead goes right along with it! Vile!!! There are people in his home state receiving life sustaining charity right this moment.
Arms around Bainbridge, a local charity here, provided my sister with 4 years worth of ferry tickets for her weekly chemo sessions at University of Washington Medical center,bill payments, medical insurance payments, car insurance, whatever she needed until she died of Ovarian Cancer last October. They even paid for a beautiful Memorial service in her honor. They are a godsend to families here, and god forbid Jason or his family had to confront such a catastrophic hit to his family.
God Bless all volunteers and charities.

Butters Mom

Unfortunately the bad charities that are in it for profit put a bad light on the good ones. A huge article just came out that discloses how donations are being misused by the red cross that were given to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey. There are good ones out there that do great work and give 100% towards the designated need and people need to do their research before giving so they dont give to those who only do it for profit and self gain. Jason may have seen some shady things going on with charities he’s been part of in the past. He mentioned that he showed up for a disabled child that loved him as a rodeo clown because the childs parents asked him to. Jason doesnt think before he speaks. This has been his downfall this season… he is not a leader… he’s easily distracted and gullible.


Whoever tries or succeeds to take out paul should win or get AFP. Right now, josh is the only mofo even talking about it. If he succeeds I dont give a shit about the bullying and his douchebaggery. If he tries and fails he deserves AFP, for at least being aware.


Just a heads up. Until Finale, Weekdays our updates won’t start until 4pm. If something big happens I will go back and cover it. There so little game talk going on at this point I don’t see this causing an issue.


Is that PST? Since I live East I need to know if I won’t see anything B-4 9:00 PM.




Thank you Simon


I’m just spit-balling here, but I would feel so much better about her “intellect” if it turned out that Christmas won’t let Josh criticize Paul b/c she is afraid Josh would repeat their conversation, awaken all of the nap-takers, and Paul would find out about it, through the grape-vine? If she consistently refuses to participate in the “blasphemy,” Josh can’t make any verbal slip-ups. That way, Paul can’t even accidentally hear anything negative that came from Christmas’s lips. And if she really believes she and Paul will be the final 2, she would not want Josh to interfere.
Sadly, the alternative to this possible explanation is that Christmas is simply too dumb to stand upright.


C’mon, Josh!!! If you REALLY know how to “separate business from personal,” now is the time. Rally the troops and forget about Christmas. At this point, she is barely tolerating you. She is invested in Paul to the exclusion of all others, including you. You can still PLAY TO WIN!!! You know you WANT to, but Paul and Christmas are running YOUR game. Before, it was understandable because you were still napping. But now you have no excuse. WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, YOU ARE OBLIGED TO DO BETTER!!!'s time to make your big move

Josh can secretly rally the votes to evict Kevin instead of Jason. Then Josh can secretly bring together his old team (Jason and Alex) to overpower Paul and Christmas. This would be a very risky move for Josh….but it might be his last chance for survival.


I don’t get why Kevin puckers up like a fish when he looks into a mirror. I laugh my a** of every time. He must think it makes him look good but it makes him look so stupid. The rest of HG have noticed it and comments on it. Jason should at least tell him it looks silly for a grown man of 56 years old to be puckering up like a fish at the cameras. LOL

Bolt Uprite.

You’ve never seen the movie “Zoolander”? That look is called “Blue Steel” and is the default facial expression of fashion models the world over. lol

P adams

Josh and Kevin. Final two. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!!!


Was wondering if Production will advise Josh of the impending Hurricane Irma since he and family live in Miami? I know I would like to be told, but then I don’t think anything was said to them about Harvey.


Why would his family want to tell him? He’s better off not knowing. I wouldn’t mind them telling him because I’m pretty sure he’d leave, but if I was his family I wouldn’t want him to know unless I physically needed to to leave the game to help with things.


If Production tells Josh of the impending hurricane in Florida he would come unhinged. More so than he already is. I don’t think he could handle it and would panic. Maybe they will wait for a few days to see what direction it shifts to. I would assume his family would make the decision to tell him or not?

Love BB hate BB19

more transparency! once the houseguests are selected and in sequester all the comps should be posted online in their up coming order. this way production has no influence on situations like what is happening with piss-miss! How do we know that the comps have not been moved around and inserted based on the housegyuests strengths?? Easy to do…AND even if they “cleared her” pissmiss the last HOH comp. there is no way she should have won! C’mon the only reason she was allowed to play in that was because Production KNEW that the houseguests were going to throw it…they made a mockery of the show, and its viewers!! what an embarrassment! And I agree with all the comments about this selection of house guests being the worst..its un believable there is zero accountability anymore for these kids to be able to treat people the way they do. YA Ya its a game….but where is the line??


The line forms behind Paul.

The Voice Of Reason

There is absolutely no medical reason why Christmas would have been unable to compete in the last HOH comp. The only comps that she isn’t cleared for are the ones that can further damage her foot…such as falling on it wrong off a wall or hot dog. Just because she would have had to hop instead of run in the Ready, Set, Go comp does not mean she should have been excluded from it. I get being salty because she didn’t win it fair and square but to say that she would have been banned from playing in it is ludicrous.


Christmas actually thinks she can win against Paul in F2?! haahhahaahhahaahhaa


Josh – he is protecting us but also tainting us.. Christmas – okay I am DONE with this conversation. Josh – why? Christmas – I am pissy about it. Josh – why? Christmas – because I am hearing a lot of things that are not team related. Don’t tell me things that are going to taint my opinion of this team. NOT F**KING COOL! So back off on it! Josh – okay, can you hear Holy arroz con pollo, this woman needs to be tortured by some big ol’ frying pans!!!!!!!!!

Lenny Lipkin

Well, I like Paul. I think he’s playing the game to win even though it may not be so pretty. I’m sure he’s a decent dude outside of the BB house. My pick for AFP would be Mark. Iv’e stopped watching a number of seasons due to “production interference”. Obviously the game would of been different if Paul wasn’t there, or any vet for that matter. Paul faced the odds last season and made it to final 2 and somehow convinced a lot of knuckle heads to do his dirty work this season. Yeah, it may not be pretty but he’s playing the game. So you might not like these comments, but whom am I suppose to like, Cody? I think not.


If, next season there is one returning player or not ordinary HGs that are like us, I won’t watch. I will also wait before signing up for a 24/7 CBS if things don’t change.
At present I no longer watch the 24/7 nor broadcasted edited version to make these idiots look good.
Not going to watch a scripted reality show like this again. Not worth it.
Of the remaining players, Kevin is the only one that should win, if not, and it is written that Raven use the winnings for professional help, I could maybe go for her winning. As to Paul, Xmas, and Alex, all 3 losers, (whom I wish the worst in their outside lives). Josh needs to grow up before he qualifies to win.

Jessica's Birth Control

Josh knows he will lose to paul in a F2. Too much blood on his hands. So he is looking at 2nd or even 3rd place money
Xmas seems to think she could beat paul. Huh??? xmas has too blood on her hands. So she is looking at 2nd or even 3rd place money

Paul has an easier time in a F2 with josh
Josh would have an easier time against xmas.
xmas would have an easier time against josh.
The logical move is xmas and josh to work together for final 2. Not to risk it with paul. i am not sure why xmas is missing this point? Unless she thinks she and josh can smoke paul in the final comps. And that is an easier road than battling kev alex and raven. Its risky.


So two nights ago paul was crying and last night xmas was crying….wth? is the DR telling each person they are screwed once they leave? odd

Dead Bears speak

News flash Alex blows dead bears not true saw one move


Hey? What is that thing on Josh’s picture and what does it mean?


It’s a bottle of Kraken..

Alex's bbies

Best season ever. Love watching someone lead everyone around by the nose rings LOL. Highlite so far is Jose the retard calling mack a cry baby. A friggen cry baby.. this from jose who cries when his bath gets cpld. What an ahole.

Oh come on

Highlight instead of highlite, cold instead of cpld, Josh instead of jose, Mark instead of mack, and virtually any other word instead of retard. Your welcome.