Britt – “Turner I love him but be very careful what you say to him he slips up a lot.” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

It’s a really slow day.. Terrance is still getting evicted. Brittany has increased her lameness level to 11. That’s about it.

10:43 am Britt and Alyssa
They’re talking about their horrible sleep schedule of staying up until 6 am every night.

Alyssa says Terrance is going to bed early.
Britt – but he’s going home.
Britt – we have to pull through next week we have to
Alyssa – we should make a final 2 we should make a name.. I was thinking full circle. we were the ones that were supposed to go home week one. We got separated in the game and somehow found each other.
Britt – Full body goosebumps I’m not even lying I love that.
Alyssa – we were both backstage week one could have gone home but we didn’t and the next couple weeks got jumbled up but now we found our way back.
Britt – that would be such a good story. I was really all in with girls girls.. that is why it hurts me so much about Ameerah.
Alyssa – that is what I want to be sitting next to a woman that never happens.
Britt – never happens
Alyssa – I don’t know if it’s happened on Big Brother USA it’s happened in BB Canada.. It’s impossible to get to .
Britt – we have to win I feel really good about Taylor and Michael. You are staying this week but there was a discussion and it wasn’t a discussion with me or Taylor. We have to win next week.
Britt – even if there is discussion, if there’s a split vote Michael decides. You have me and Taylor for sure cause Michael will keep you. Everybody said they were on board at the end but it was not a ….
Alyssa – Monte and Turner have each other at the end of the day.
Britt – they do. Note everyone in this house believes me on that glad you do.
Britt – Turner I love him but be very careful what you say to him he slips up a lot.
Britt – he’s a very strong competitor
Britt says Monte doesn’t know the game like they do “I know he’s studying but he’s not studying the right things”

Britt says she wouldn’t be so certain Turner wouldn’t come after Alyssa “Based on conversations yesterday”
Britt – Alyssa we have to win. I’m telling you right now. If they do get to take a shot at Michael they will take that.
Britt says she is the only person that has beat Michael in a veto he’s played in (He threw it to her)
Britt – isn’t that crazy?
Alyssa says if she won HOH she wouldn’t go after Michael
Britt – of course not we’re benefitting from him being her the others are not.

Monte joins them. They chit chat about Butterflies

A fly gets in Alyssa way and she swats is away. “Flies I don’t mess around with” Feeds flip to the sex butterfly

12:12 pm workout

12:22 pm Shower

12:41 pm Sleepy

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Chit chat..

4:14 pm Brittany and Monte
Brittany brings up her “Acting days” and “My Story” she wants to interview Monte about his fitness business.
(I Flip the feeds)

5:27 pm Terrance and Taylor
Terrance says he wants to work with Taylor he doesn’t know why they never could. He’s going to explain some thing that happened throughout the season.
Terrance – you want another black person to win this game you think she’s helping with that rally? She on your side for that?
Taylor – no
Terrance – I know you are pissed at me I know you hold grudges..
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Terrance – I hope we can find a way to work together.
Terrance – monte said he will vote for me, Brittany said she will vote for me. Maybe they aren’t saying it to you face.. they’re not but that is how they feel
Terrance – no matter what it is she’s always protected.. everybody wanted her up and to be evicted and she evades it every way possible. It never happens.
Terrance – I have bene up in place of her, You have been up in place of her.
Taylor says she’s struggling with this.
Terrance – why vote out an ally for the cause
Taylor – you stay who do you put up and who do you target
Terrance – to me if we all working together for what we want then the only thing I could put up is Turner.. and you know what I’m saying.. that’s the person I would have to target.
Terrance says when they came back into the house from Dyre fest Turner, Kyle and Alyssa instantly turned on them.
Taylor – who goes next to him?
Terrance – I’ll have to figure it out. If I win HOH next week I would have the most blood on their hands I would make the most pivotal move everyone wants to happen.
Terrance – I leave who is your TRUE allies? like for real (LOL)
Taylor – that’s been a question for me lately..
Taylor – is it the white girl that cries all the time or the black man that tried to get me evicted next to someone that did something racist.
Taylor – that’s been a hard pill to swallow
Terrance points out that Taylor has been running with the people that have been winning and running the house.
Terrance – we have moves to make and they have moves.. We have more irons in the fire to win HOH and make the biggest move.. It would be Me, You, Monte along with Turner.. and Umm… Brittany.. that’s three against 2 to win HOH (Terrance is suggesting they form a Cookout2 alliance)
Terrance – that’s three against 2.. then you can make the move you want to make. you put up who you want to put up.
Terrance – I am a better option than her
Taylor – are you telling me Alyssa has been lying to my face since she walk back through those doors?
Terrance – I don’t have to have this conversation with you.. you see what I’m saying. because I can for you and I’ll f*** with you adn I know we’ve done some f***ed up sh1t but I’m not going to lie to you about that. I want you going into this fully understanding who the F** she really is G and what the F** was really said out in Dyre fest.

Terrance goes on about how angry he is about Dyre fest and what happened.
Taylor says they will circle back to talk later.
6:20 pm Taylor meets up with Terrance after a 10 minute break.
He goes over what happened after Dyre Fest with the afterparty.
Taylor asks him if he puts up Turner and Michael and Michael wins the veto who does he put up.
Terrance – I need your help with that

6:19 pm Alyssa and Turner
Turner – I’m not voting you out of this F**ing house dude
Alyssa – really?
Turner – I would never put you up I would never vote you out
T – You are my best friend in this house
A – thank you that means so much.
T – this is going to sound so rude but Brittany is driving me f***ing crazy .. is it just me? I swear to god I can’t go anywhere without hearing her screaming in some room. I can’t deal with this no matter where I am I hear that. I just hate it.
A – if things change let me know
T – of course but they won’t
T – if you won HOH would you put up?
A – Michael and Brittany.. that makes the most sense to me they are both people that nominated me.
T – I was up with Brittany the other night and she was like Alyssa is trying to make game plans and you are not involved in them.
A – she told me the exact same thing about you.
T – of course she is she’s playing both sides. that is why she is pissing me off. Literally telling people I am a target then she’s telling people everybody what they want to hear.
T – she told me at 6 in the morning “I want you to know Alyssa is trying to pair up with me And Taylor and you are not involved in this’
A – she said to me that you were fighting to send me home.
A – interesting
T – Very interesting
T – she is trying to make a final 2 with me.
A – she pushed the same thing to me
T – of course she did. I’m going to nominate her so f***ing hard and go crazy in my speech
T – Brittany is playing everybody in the house right now. She’s going through Backstage all over again she’s losing her mind
Alyssa brings up how she would warn her about Turner because he’s won so many comps
Turner – I’ve won 2
A – what do you think of taylor?
T- from Brittany you are trying to start a girls thing with Taylor.. those three.
T – yeah I bet.. Taylor is so easy to sway where she goes. When she was HOH she had like 8 targets. Whenever we presented something to her she was like ohh that’s my target
T – Brittany is a dangerous person in this house she’s trying to manipulate everyone
They agree They can’t trust Brittany at all.
Turner – she has no game she just hold onto Michael’s leg. Flea vibes

6:37 pm Turner and Monte
Turner says that Brittany tried to make a final 2 wither Alyssa “the same thing she tried to do with me”
Monte – wow Brittany is playing hard man.
Turner – she’s going haywire.

6:59 pm Monte and Alyssa
Monte tells her the house wants her to stay.

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L.L. Bean Dip

I wonder if Aunt Becky/ Olivia Jade will be leaving this week. She really sucks as a player. Her whole strategy is just clinging onto a guy. And you can tell she wishes she could latch onto Turner now. The same way she did Kyle. She can’t win anything and has no social game. So it would be really stupid to get rid of her over Terrence.


Michael is playing a winning game. The group needs to get rid of coattail Brittany that may mess up his game play. He will be without an ally.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

both of them out of this game would be like christmas morning.


Disagree, Michael is the ONLY player that has given us something worthy of watching this summer. Turner comes in a far away second.


Sadly they are all extremely threatened by his amazing skill and he will be their target at the DE Thursday.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

My opinion changed of Michael after the house meeting and everything surrounding it. But the idea of Brittney, Alyssa, Taylor, or Terrence winning makes me cringe. I had high hopes for Taylor and Britney but Taylor’s game is a hot mess and Brittney has done nothing. She and Alyssa should call their Final 2 “Dead Weight”.

Let’s Play Fair

Is it just me, or is Alyssa’s face looking even more blank than normal?


I see it too. Additional worthlessness is seeping in..

Mike Honcho

Terrance my boy G. He gonna pull this thing if he can flip Tay Tay. Go boy! I got you!

Then the jury house can also no longer be a sexless house 😀


Hahahahah! Worthless Terrance will finally be out Thursday.

Mike Honcho

Get used to seeing that but crack and beautiful belly. Michael has a good sixth sense. He told Brittany he thinks Terrance has everyone flipped but Brittany. The family reunion bout to make a mess of this beeyotch. Fingers crossed Michael slips up in the next veto comp.


I don’t see the house flipping and keeping Terrance..but this is BB!

if Michael slips up, he’s out, and the summer proceeds to become boring and ho hum. It has been an incredible watching his skill and intellect and calm and focus. Without him, the advertisers would be pulling out because no one would be watching.

Steven M Berry-Brooks

Let’s hope i’m sick of just hearing him


Why does Terrence keep doing the “I will only speak with this particular person when I need to”?


Because remains under the illusion that anyone actually wants to talk to him!


Dawg/Simon just donated. Thanks for all the hard work!

un autre nom

Not having a good day today, sorry. Allergic to most aspects of nature, especially during season changes.
All I’ve basically picked up is Britt and Alyssa made a final 2 called full circle that lasted less than 12 hours once Turner thrrew Britt under the bus (as he was convinced to do by Michael). Now Turner and Monte are trying to figure out how to convince Alyssa that Monte wants to work with her.
Terrance has campaigned to Taylor, saying his target is Turner. He further exposed that Monte was pulled into the After Party, and Monte knew about last week’s plan.

So, Britt’s been exposed. Monte is getting exposed but nowhere near as much as Britt. Britt’s toast.
If Alyssa and Taylor ever compared notes, what would that do? I don’t know.
Back to bed. cheers.

Rachel E Kennedy

Feel better soon!
hope you get the rest you need 🙂


Thanks for the update on Alyssa and Brittany’s short lived F2. I thought it was pretty funny, 2 players incapable of doing anything except talk and then more talk.

What’s even funnier is the lame Alyssa could still win BB.


Thanks, and feel better!

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Brit shut up.


She can’t help herself. I just lower the volume..


I mute or FF!


I have to laugh reading the feeds of a**hole Terrance trying to suck up to Taylor after bad mouthing her all summer!!


theres been multiple US seasons with 2 girls as the final 2 – omg these dumbos


I know! And multiple times in reality competition shows that the floating goat gets the big money $$

Game fan

Yeah , are they not suppose to be fans?
It’s not like it was only back than in s3&4&6 but also at s11&13 .. how they can call themselves fans?