Ika to Demetres – “you’re ok.. ok, I’ll take care of it”

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Kevin won the Head of household
Karen, Ika and Jackie are Have nots
Bruno was evicted 5-1
Triple eviction next week

(Videos are taking forever to upload tonight 🙁 )

Demetres and Ika in the have nots
Demetres says if he’s on the block come eviction day everyone in the house will know who is target is. Ika says if Demetres is on the block and she’s not beside him He’ll have the votes to stay.
Ika – me and Dre, you’re guaranteed 2 votes.
Demetres – nobody wants us here.. no one
They say with the exception of Jackie everyone has cruised this season.
They agree the entire house should be scared of them.
Demetres thinks Dillon is going to tell Kevin everything they said about him.
Ika – I don’t care.. so is Jackie.. I don’t care
Demetres wonders if Dre will help them.
Ika – her and William both suck..
Karen comes in temporarily to set up her bed.
After she leaves.. Ika says “Karen is worst than slop”
Demetres says if Kevin had won the HOH and Bruno was still in the house they would still be sitting in the have nots “Shitting our pants”
Ika agrees.
Ika says Bruno was Playing her when he said that Dre was running the show.

Complaining that all Bruno did in the game was lie.
Demetres says the whole house hates Bruno and Kevin.
They regret “Flipping” the house off Bruno and Kevin during the backwards week.
Demetres – pre jury go f*** yourself
Ika’s sad because she couldn’t win the HOH to protect Demetres.
Demetres tells her she doesn’t need to win HOH to put people on the block she’s that good
Ika to Demetres – “you’re ok.. ok I’ll take care of it”
Sounds like there Kevin tried to make a deal with Dre. Demetres wishes he was playing in the HOH.
Demetres – Kevin.. you can take the deal and shove it up your butt
Video cuts.. to Kevin picking William’s back zits for 3 minutes.. when it flips back the have nots. Demetres is telling Ika how good she looked today.
Demetres says the entire cast sucks, “I don’t want to talk to any of them” (boo fuc**g hoo)
Ika says the people left in the house would be in hell if they got him out, “I would run around this house and crate chaos..”

Ika says Jackie hung around them and gave them her curse.
Demetres – Kevin said he would put up Karen and Jackie
Ika – Kevin’s a liar
Demetres – f****g liar

Demetres says they have to bury it with him and form up a group, Dre, William, Ika, Demetres and Kevin.
Demetres – if he gets us out this week… he’s a sitting duck next week
Demetres – you guys were saying this before we sent Bruno home it should mean even more now when we have less numbers
Ika – he’s a liar..

Ika in the HOH
Ika tells them Karen is worst than Slop, “She’s already in there saying a bunch of sh1t”
Ika says Bruno tried to campaign to her 1 hour before the eviction. After he told her he had her back in this game he went downstairs and Told Demetres that it was Ika that tried to flip the house week 1 and get him out.
Ika goes on and on about week 1 and Bruno’s final attempt to stay in the house..

10:55pm Kevin and Ika in the HOH

Kevin – you and Demetres are the biggest threats in the house right now. If I go after you, that’s what everyone else wants. It would be totally beneficial for us to work together. Ika – I know, I do get it. Can I tell you something? We gave Ika a reward that she would not be on the block or be a replacement nominee. And we kept it, and that’s Jackie.

10:55pm Dre and William in the red room

11:20pm Kevin tells William
Kevin – I think putting Ika and Demetres up is the best
Kevin says it’s a sexy move.
Kevin mentions that Ika and Demetres just put him and Bruno on the block and they didn’t want William to use the veto.
Kevin – Ika and Demetres is the play but i’m going to talk to everybody
Dre comes in. Kevin tells her she’s safe along with William.

Dre – I just want to give my truth so that you see the difference between stories. Kevin – yes. Dre – I did feel safe with you being the HOH. Kevin – yes. Dre – I don’t know what you’re going to do but I know you have a lot of trust in Ika and Demetres. Kevin – yes and no. Because I know they’ve been taking stuff back to Dillon and Jackie. I really feel like they’ve been trying to pit people against me. Dre – yes. Because after you said we had the votes, I stopped campaigning to Will. You two, Ika, Demetres and I. But I know they’ve been taking stuff back to other people and that’s very concerning. Dre – from the perspective of your game it might be better for you not to go after Ika and Demetres… because that leaves big targets in the house. And the rest of the people will try and go after Ika and Demetres anyway. Not that you’re not a big target. You’re probably the next big target after them because they’re a duo. However, right now how its positioned .. especially after the veto and super power of veto is that people see you guys (Kevin & Will) as a duo now. If you don’t want to be a biggest target I think keeping Ika and Demetres are better.

Demetres and Ika poolside

Dillon & Dre.
Dre – I know that… I strongly feel that Kevin is going after Ika and Demetres. Very strongly feel like that but I’m not sure, not 100%. That scares me that .. should I have just won that comp? Dillon – so that you could have done it? Dre – yeah, would that have been better? Dillon – I don’t know. I think he is going after them. I don’t know. It could be me on the block. But what do I know. Dre – but that’s the thing .. I feel that if I did that and its going to be someone else other than them, then its going to annoy me. Dillon – yup. Dre – because I could have done it. As much as it would have hurt me and I would have been sad. I would have maybe felt bad, I could have maybe done it. Dillon – what it didn’t seem like he was when you guys were up there? Dre – he didn’t say anything. He’s trying to say he is going to wait and talk to everyone and see what everyone says and then I’m going to judge an opinion. I think he is saying that so he can cover his a$$ and not .. so no one can say he said this and this. I just told him ..like .. I just told him .. listen .. I don’t trust him. I don’t want him to go back to them and say Dre said that. I said listen if you keep Ika and Demetres they’re big targets so its true you hide behind big targets if you keep them in the house. At the same time if you don’t they’re going to come after you so its the matter of who comes after who first. I said you see what you want to do knowing that they’re the ones that put you and Bruno on the block, obviously. Like we didn’t do that. Dillon – there’s a reason why Bruno went home. Dre – exactly, so I see no reason for him not to go after them. And a part of me just feels bad. I’m going to do what I have to do for us to stay in here but I just feel bad. Dillon – you feel bad for putting Ika and Demetres up … or wanting to? Dre – MMmmHHmmm. Dillon – its just like you said yesterday .. its just a matter of time before they come after us.. and now is a better time than any. I hope he puts them up. I should have won that competition. Dre – I was trying to influence him without influencing him.. and I was like you know Ika and Demetres have said things that are not true bla bla bla. I feel bad, my heart is too soft for this thing. I want him (Kevin) to get them (Ika & Demetres) out so that we can get him (Kevin) out after.

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Worst season of BBC ever.

Not sure why but just not as exciting as previous years.


Every year someone moans and cries. Dear God. Every year is different. If you don’t like it then go and read Simon’s and Dowg’s previous seasons pages. This season had so many house flipping, backstabbing and unpredictable moments. It’s been bb on steroids… Even the veterans are admitting it. How can you say it’s not exciting is beyond me.

BB Facepalm

“This season had so many house flipping, backstabbing and unpredictable moments.”
What are you smoking?

“so many house flipping” – The last 7 out of 8 evictions have been House votes, where the target never flipped!
(Dallas 12-0; Cassandra 11-0; Gary 1-0; Emily 8-1; Neda 7-1; Sindy 6-1; Bruno 5?1)

“backstabbing” – The only backstab move was Sindy putting up Neda, and that will go down as the worst move in BB history

“unpredictable moments” – every week the noms and the evictees have been VERY predictable”


No moaning here I really like it!


It’s so much better than season 4 or 2 where people use brawns to win challenges for safety . This season is all about intellectual manupliation and while playing the game. It’s a pitty you can’t appreciate that.


Season 3 was by far the worst. Boring cast and so many twist in favor of Britt & Sarah late in the game.


you’re probs one of those downer fans that says that about every season.
step aside please.

BB Obvious

its obvious why! The cast SUX! The newbies were there as cannon fodder for the vets, but the vets turned on each other!

Its been one bad game move after another all season long! Everyone this season has played like SH*T!

it Sad too because this season has been a breath of fresh air compared to some recent seasons (BBUS *cough*) Where they were Twist Trigger happy!

But the backward week twist maybe the worst twist in history , especially for a season with vets.
Production screwed over Gary with that twist.


Did you see BB US last year? LOL…this season is kind of sad though in that the Vets should have owned the game this year. It was their game to lose and they did because of their stupid egos and paranoia….at this point a floater will most likely win.


Watch the show without expectation from VETs treat them as people playing the games without thinking about their history. Then maybe you will enjoy the season more. Without expectation.

Ps Nicole was a floater in that US Season.


Oh STFU, don’t you say this every year.


that i use dailymotion upload videos now!


Alot of hardcore campaigning and over playing will make no difference due to the triple eviction next week.

It is anyones game come next week.


I’m not sure about this triple evection. I don’t think I like that.


Kevin is a disappointing player. When he said to himself in the storage room he would have no problems cutting Bruno soon he lost all respect for me.


props to him for being honest to the bb fans though. after the pov ceremony, if he was still up against bruno, you can’t blame him for not wanting to just lay over and die. he literally would have had no other option for fighting for his life on the game.


Ugh. Kevin, really?? Disappointed.


can we get letters from home watch ika go nuts


I really hope demetres goes this week and hopefully ika wins during the triple and decides Kevin as a veteran is worth keeping. And nominates dre Karen and Dillon. And they will keep dre.
Leaving William And dre
Potentially Jackie and ika. And then Kevin will be the swing vote hopefully on ikas side!


Triple eviction is going to get Kevin against this year… he shouldn’t have won this week… rip kevin


survivior Kaoh Rong. allocer again hoh


No link


it was hoh challenfe this this around simlierto it


Oh suck it up, Ika, Jesus.

Club H.O.H

B.B. Gods please have Kevin put up Dre and Karen as a pawn with Dem winning POV! Couldn’t stand Dre in the HOH and all the fakeness! She literally told Kevin she hated him now she thinks it’s her HOH.

BB Facepalm

Are you new to BB?


Just watched the episode and so disappointed that Kevin said to William they don’t have a showmance! I thought it was really cruel


You could see the hurt on William’s face. As much as it is just a game, I thought the same thing. The way Kevin has used William’s feelings is so tasteless.


Everyone was calling Kevin cruel for pretending to be in a showmance with Will, and now everyone’s calling Kevin cruel for being honest to Will.

The guy can’t win!


I’m happy he was being honest with William. Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.


Will gets what he deserves at this point. He knows Kevin is using him. He has been told enough times, and now Kevin says outright this is not a showmance. Will is not playing big brother. Fool needs to go!


Kelvin is going home next week on triple can’t wait !


That HOH comp was geared to a man winning. It reminded me of the paint challenge that Gillian went out first in season 1.

Everyone has their preferences – and many won’t agree with mine or my take but here’s my LENTHY 2 cents & desire for this week.

Wins & Game Play of remaining players:

Demetres: 3 HOH wins 1 POV win/lets Ika tell him what to do

Kevin: 1HOH/1 POV ($10k plus $1k from the Brick)/ most diabolical player in the house. Would have slit his ride or dies throat. Has played a poor game in terms of tricking anyone into trusting him (even Bruno knew it deep down – funny how Bruno is always so accepting of it from a man – but can’t appreciate it in a woman)

Dillon: 1 HOH handed to him, 1 POV win in a comp geared to size Let Emily, Neda, Bruno & now Dre tell him what to do

William: 1 HOH/1POV (and via luck?? 1 special POV). Aligned with his French counterpart & trying to play house with Kevin (who he doesn’t recognize would discard as fast as a used tissue).

Karen: shared HOH with Sindy/won advantage via Step Challenge & has been best source of humor this season (sometimes unintentionally.. can’t help myself I love her).

Jackie: Won a critical POV in double eviction/holds the most intel in the house in spite of no one trusting her. Proven to clearly be bad luck for anyone who attaches to her – (can this ring true for Dre please). Will spill anyone’s tea to anyone – especially when in trouble.

Dre: Hasn’t won anything & IMHO didn’t start playing until Dillon won HOH when she was pushing to get out Dem

Ika: hasn’t won (hasn’t needed to). Again IMHO played best overall strategic/social game. Miscalculated Dre’s loyalty & should have left HOH/socialized more last week but the issue has been her inability to see Dre leading the charge to take her/Dem out. THAT will change this week with hopefully both Ika/Dem remaining in house to wage all out war against whoever is left after the debris settles from the upcoming triple-eviction.

Here’s what I want to happen this week:
I’m not usually one for special powers, but the truth is Ika/Dre have protected Dre all season & now that it’s down to mostly newbies she has turned her back on them planting crap left & right. I’d buy her argument if she hadn’t said to Ika all season “William isn’t even playing”, tossed several negative comments at Karen/Jackie. Let’s be honest she has been as bad or worse than Ika. To constantly throw IKA shade “I’m such a kind person but I’m having a problem forgiving her, still I’ll regret if I”m wrong … ” is nothing but B.S. She wanted Dem out on Dillon’s HOH just so she had the majority taking her F2. In fact, Bruno was right – if either Ika or Dem left she would be their F2, she is Will’s F2 has worked on getting Jackie to become her F2 & is keen to get out Karen so she is Dillon’s F2. It seriously feels like she’s hid in I/D’s shadow letting them protect her & the first opportunity she gets to cut off her BFF’s head she’s swinging the machete with malice.

Also the fact Kevin put Ika/Dem/Karen on slop when Dre has never been on it is head scratching. If he thinks for one second she’ll keep him safe he’s delusional. I enjoyed Dre early, but this extremely pompous version is not very likeable. Besides I’m sick of not knowing what her/William are discussing b/c they speak French far too fast for someone to catch (who hasn’t studied it since HS…a long time ago, lol) I’m annoyed production doesn’t call them out on it more often.

Since we don’t know how the triple eviction works we are left to assume it will either be Kevin nominating 3 people with 2 leaving and either an instant or double. OR WHAT I’M HOPING FOR (b/c I love drama) would be another Britt/Sarah type special double POV in the have not room which IKA finds. Then the following happens to ramp up the drama leading into nomination night….

1) At some point this week Kevin lets it slip to one of Dre or Dillon that William won the special POV. They in turn share it so it spreads through the house like wild fire.

2) Ika finds the special power prior to the POV comp so she knows she can let Dem win or someone else (or even throw it to Karen assuming she’ll be the 3rd nominee)

3. BB producers alter the way the special POV plays out unlike when Britney won it and let the house vote showing Ika/Dem that Dre/Will DON’T have their backs via their votes.

4) Just as Arisa goes to announce the vote IKA stands & says wait a minute I’d like to replace the nominees & pulls out her special power. She proceeds to remove whoever she needs to in order to put up both Dre/William reminding the house Will saved Kevin & Dre who she protected the entire game & thought of as a sister has been the worst traitor in BB history. Then Karen, Dem & IKA vote out both Will/Dre.

5) Ika or Dem win instant or double HOH and sends Kevin packing.

6) the other one wins the next HOH & takes out Jackie

Final 4 is Karen, Dillon, Ika & Dem with Dillon

IMO Ika has played the best game and other than her being snowed by Dre (although she has been questioning it) has read all the proper signs in the house & made the timely choices. So, while I’d prefer Ika win, I’d also be okay with either Dem or gasp (I know) Karen winning just b/c she’s a trip. Dillon started off the season pretty crass, but I’ve warmed to him & he did get the shaft by Bruno/Kev and CONTINUES to be used by Dre … he just doesn’t know it (yet). Nor have I witnessed Dillon showing much game sense.

We’ll see, and I recognize this won’t be everyone’s perfect scenario, but I’m crossing my fingers its how it goes down.


they complain bout my long posts!


Why do people like Bruno in general? I can’t seem to get why.
All he does is
1. A guy that always play the family card a lot
2. Sit down and looks pretty
3. Occasionally complains a lot and throw his temper around when he gets angry

I don’t see his value much.


If I were Kevin…put Dem and Ika up. If one gets POV…put Dre up. ( suppose it’s not going to matter a hell of a lot, being as a triple eviction )
William…I like the kid, but what is he doing in the BB house? He just sits there; puppy dog eyes at Kevin. I just don’t get him!

Guy From Canada

I will watch the show later this weekend, but is the triple the same as season 3 or have they not announced it yet?


they’ve haven’t announced how it’s gonna go down yet. But I would assume it’ll be the same.


All the Dre haters can suck it. GO Dre GO!


Nobody likes her cuz she’s turning on queen ika. But aside from that she’s the only houseguest focused on the prize. Her worst game move would be to win a HOH considering almost everyone trusts her. Still tho she’s a snake.


I am enjoying the conversations between Kevin and Dre. They are both egg-heads, and think quite co-pathetically in terms of the game. They are both emotionally even and calm (unlike Ika).

I think the trio of Kevin, William, and Dre would work quite successfully to the end.

PS Lol at Dillon, they keep telling him to come back after 5 or 10 more minutes… like 4 times


I don’t see a Dre/Kevin alliance lasting past his HOH week. She’s said numerous times she wants all the vets out and Kevin has been on her radar since the beginning. He’s a strong, manipulative player who has her “ride-or-die” William wrapped around his little finger….as well as 3 guaranteed jury votes (Neda, Sindy, Bruno). If she has any say in the matter, I just can’t see her keeping him around.


For the life of me: please tell me that Kevin is the favorite player in this blog’s poll because of how people remember him on whatever season he was first introduced. Because, honestly, he is a bad player. This week he wasn’t able to control Jackie! He wasn’t even able to lie to her about the conversation in the HOH room. I wonder: what type of professional poker player is he? Then he goes and take a sh!t all over his FWB William by telling him they are not a showmance… just after William SAVED his @ss from eviction. I’m like: whaaaaaaat? Honestly, can someone please explain to me what is his appeal? I think I’m gonna receive a lot of thumbs down but instead I’d really appreciate an explanation as to what is the reason he’s so admired as a player. I don’t get it. He also says some stuff in the diary room that make me cringe. The day he said he was gonna use even his sexuality to win the game, I was appalled. I wonder if he’s gonna complain about how editing portrayed him in the show. One cannot complain about things like that when he himself gives editors so much crap to be used against him. Now, William… you gotta stop, dude. You were called a boytoy, you were manipulated by Kevin with the Veto, and all of the things you share with him are spilled right away to the rest of the house… so, William, what’s wrong with you, boy? My sister has an opinion: it’s the ugly partner’s syndrome. People who are considered ugly by society see themselves as lesser than and accepts any crumbs their partners throw at them. It’s the classic case of men who put up with annoying and selfish girls/wives because they seem them as trophies. I see the reasoning behind William’s attempt to keep Kevin to benefit his game instead of Ika’s, and it may really pay off this week since Kevin is HOH, but… boy… get a grip. He’s not that into you… at all. And he made it perfectly clear.

P.S.- Don’t understand the hate for Dre. Possibly one of the best players this season. Not even Ika can see her true intentions.


Finally someone with a great post. I agree with you 100%. And sadly you are right about William too. You can tell the kid wants to be liked. When Kevin distanced himself after using him, William’s face broke my heart.


He told William there was no showmance in order to separate from him a bit as the rest of the house looks at them like a pair. I’m not sure you’re saying the “Whhhhhat?” as if it were a bad game move for Kevin to do that or if you just think it was mean, but in terms of game play he feels he has to get away from him a bit, which is true. If you’re saying it was mean, everyone called Kevin mean for being in a fake showmance and now everyone is calling him mean for being honest with Will – the guy can’t win.

That’s a pretty presumptuous thing to say about it being “ugly partner’s syndrome.” I don’t think Will is ugly, not in the least, and I don’t think society does either (at least I would hope not). Although I can’t say for sure obviously, why would Will think he was considered ugly by society? There would be no reason to considered he is a fine looking guy!

Kevin was in a good alliance that kept him safe the first half of the season, kept himself at the bottom of the shitlist in that alliance by laying low AND by showmancing someone on the other side (he’s on Big Brother and doing what he has to do to get to the end…). He got someone to use a secret power of Veto on him… that’s huge! He won Veto when he had to save his number 1, and won HOH when he knew he was on people’s radars (although I don’t think he had to win it this week, I’m guessing he wanted to in order to build on some relationships and he doesn’t know it’s a triple next week). On a side note, he’s also going after Ika and Demetres and anyone that did that would have earned some brownie points with me, haha. In all seriousness though, aside from Ika and MAYBE Demetres (although he just credits for the comp wins, the rest of his game has been doing what Ika tells him to do), there’s really not any all star Big Brother players in the house… they are all just kind of floating along. Dre only stepped up her game in the last week or two but prior to that she was lost, didn’t have any idea what was going on, didn’t win any comps, etc.). Ika blew up her game last week and is just too mean of a person.

Sindy messed Kevin’s game up, not Kevin. He’s done well.


‘That’s a pretty presumptuous thing to say about it being “ugly partner’s syndrome.”’ ‘
You obviously do not watch the feeds.
William repeatedly expressed his insecurities about this appearance, and even used the words “I’m ugly”.

You seem to be making exaggerated or wishful assumptions and claims in order to support your subjective opinion.

RE your comment “the guy can’t win”
Usually when someone flip flops his position, this is an indication of duplicity, lack-of-authenticity.
I’m not sure whether you realize that by admitting Kevin represented two conflicting positions, you sabotage your defense of at least one of those positions.


Well said. And I completely agree that Kevin’s abilities are over-exaggerated.

I think people like him because of his show-edit, and because he is well-spoken and kind of more attractive (I don’t find him all that personally). For example, on the show, the editors portrayed him as making this great social read and call in the control room when he didn’t use the Veto to save Dillon or Emily (when the other side was plotting to put up Bruno as replacement) – in reality Ika told him about the plan via Neda, and he was completely duped. Just like he was completely duped in Season 3 being in this fake alliance with JP (hilariously, in Season 3, he was the only person making his fake alliance sign in DR).

Perhaps the show-editors want to make him out to be after the pattern of Vanessa from BB-US. Except Vanessa is a legitimate world-caliber high-stakes poker-player, who plays live in-person. On the other hand, Kevin only plays poker online, and plays small-stakes (hundreds and couple thousands of dollars). Playing online and playing many games small-stakes is a very important distinction, because one does not ‘read’ people so much as use statistics and plays percentages. The factual indications that Kevin is not good at reading when people are lying to his face are abundant: he was in a fake alliance in Season 3, he would have used the Veto on William’s HoH (which would have allowed Bruno to be backdoored).

Concerning his good-looks and charm: from what I can see, in both this and Season 3, he gets to whichever point he ends up using showmances and friendships. He was protected in Season 3 by his girl-friend Pili, her best-friend Ashley, and Ashley’s showmance: he was well protected by falling into this strong two-pair block who could win challenges. People may want to say that he tactically joined this two-pair block, but it is very apparent throughout this season that he was more preoccupied in falling in love with what became his IRL girlfriend.

I think that Kevin makes inconsistent statements and gestures towards William as a way to further use William in the game and lead him on in many instances. Just to list a few: stating repeatedly a deep emotional connection (I really like you, care for you, feel a deep connection, etc), giving William hand-jobs (at least one caught on camera), kissing on the lips, touching/affection that is more than friendship territory. Despite his sometimes saying this is not a showmance, he said in DR that he will use his sexuality to get further in the game, and he had been leading William on.

I agree that William needs to get a grip. But I feel more sorry for him because he is so much younger and less experienced than Kevin, and because this experience seems to be more of a ‘fish out of water’ situation for him. For example: he wanted to leave during the first week, was having a really difficult time adjusting, had a lot problems with the language difficulty. Because of these considerations, I attribute more guilt and blame to Kevin, because he seems to know what he is doing. On a personal level, I find it appalling as well.


Completely agree with this comment!! Very well said.


Dillon and Demetrus on the block. Let the two of them compete for veto. Would really split the house for votes.

Or Dre and Demetrus, cut a duo, and other one ends up on double.

Or Karen and Jackie, safe bet and probably protects him during triple, with duos in play.


History may repeat itself with Kevin getting thrown out during the triple eviction.
I am rooting for a newbie to win this season. Dre is doing pretty well so far.


Last time he was the HoH right before the triple eviction, and so he went home right after his one HoH.


So if Demetres doesnt win veto this week, he is going home?


Just want to thank Simon and Dawg for all you do to keep us informed about life in the house!