Dillon – “Whoever wins HOH and puts [Ika] up there will be fireworks I can’t wait, I want it to be me”

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Spoilers – Bruno Evicted 5-1 (Kevin was his only vote)
Next week is a triple eviction
HOH is endurance kevin won

Bruno and Kevin Storage room
Kevin – we can go upstairs.. Grab Dillon Grab Jackie sit them down say those guys are the enemies
Kevi – Jackie is in with Ika and Demetres she thinks she is but she’s not
Bruno – does she believe them
Kevin ya
Bruno – then there’s no point .. it’s so f****g sad..
Kevin says the reason they didn’t put Jackie up as the replacement nominee is the reason she thinks she’s with Ika/Demetres.
Bruno – you better not end up in Jury brother
Kevin – I’ll try not to
Bruno and Kevin agree they didn’t like Dre’s personality in the game.
Bruno – I can’t even pretend it like it I just can’t
Kevin agrees , “Just don’t like her.. She doesn’t like me”

Bruno says Ika was saying shit about Jackie to Karen and Karen’s dumb enough to tell Jackie. If they can make Jackie realize that Ika is trying to pit them against each other.

Bruno – you think Karen would blow that shit up before eviction
Kevin – she might it’s Karen

They talk about how bad of a game move Sindy taking Neda out was. They laugh about how they were invisible on the TV show this year.

They talk about how Ika is pitting everyone against each other right now. Bruno and Kevin agree Jackie is buying it.
Kevin thinks Dre is buying it. But Dillon and Karen are not.
Kevin doesn’t think people like Ika. There will be fans that appreciate her game.
Bruno says Ika and Demetres are very arrogant.
There’s a very strong trio Ika, Demetres and Dre it’ll be hard to break that.
Bruno – let’s hope there’s something tonight, Canada votes.
Bruno – the only play left is get Karen and Jackie to talk
So they can compare notes about what Ika is saying to them.

Ika and Karen Red Room
Ika – do you think you’re staying
Karen – I think something’s going to happen and I’ll be in the jury today for some reason
Ika – isn’t that your mind playing tricks on you
Karen – I’m at the bottom now I’m below Jackie
Ika – no you’re not at the bottom now

Jackie and Dillon Blue Room
Dillon telling her to be aware that if they don’t do something about Ika and Demetres they will win the game.
Dillon – right now we have numbers to ensure..
Dillon says if you’re trying to take down an empire and take the queen down you have to take out the strong soldiers.. “Demetres that’s you”.
Jackie – I like that
Dillon – whoever wins has to understand it has to happen NOW.. he’s not playing in the HOH we have to take him out.
Dillon – if he wins Veto he wins Veto we take Ika out.
Dillon – One of those 2 needs to go this week it’s imperative for all our games
They agree whoever takes Ika/Demetres out will have a HUGE plus on thier game resume.
Dillon – we have to take them out in order for us to have a chance at winning the game cause they are going to come after us
Jackie – yup.. I wish it was a instant
Dillon – she’s going to go off
Jackie – it’s going to be scary.. I’m going to be hiding

Dillon gives Jackie some ammunition to say to Ika.
Jackie laughs “you can say that but If I she’ll punch me in the face”
Dillon – she’s a very vain human being .. Whoever wins HOH and puts her (Ika) up there will be fireworks I can’t wait I want it to be me
Dillon says he’s got tons of comebacks for whatever Ika throws at him.

Dre and Ika Red Room
Ika says whatever happens they’ll be OK.
Dre thinks something is going to happen.
Dre says she wants Bruno to go and she wants to win HOH, “I said Baby Jesus you know how bad I want this.. I call Shaka Zulu because he is a warrior”
Next week all they need is 3 votes to stay.
Ika says even if Jackie wins HOH she’ll be fine. Dre agrees says Jackie will put up Kevin and William.
Ika – we just need to get past this week.
Ika calls Kevin a Slimy politician.
They think anyone but Kevin winning and they’ll be safe.

Jackie and Ika BAthroom
Ika trying to get Jackie to put Kevin and William on the block if they win HOH.
Ika says that Kevin ‘Sore on his mom that he’s not coming after me’ (if he didn’t get nominate)
Jackie says she’s not falling for it anymore she’s not taking anything from Kevin seriously. Iak says Kevin was pushing for Ika, Dre, William and Demetres to be a strong 5 and go after everyone else.
Ika says Kevin called Jackie a Liar.
Jackie – LIke Like
Ika – he’s a liar.. it’s easy for him to make other people look like a liar

Ika and Dillon HOH
Ika says Kevin has been running around trying top make deals and lie.
Ika – He sore on his mom to me, Demetres and Dre that he’s not coming after us .. I’m not joking..
Ika says Kevin told her Dillon, Jackie and Karen are his targets.
Ika – when I give my word it means something in this house
Iak – he’s playing a very dirty game..
Dillon – you can’t be swearing on everything
Ika – he sore on his mom
Dillon – yeah it’s crazy
Ika – he sore on his mom.. he did
Ika goes on about how Kevin is trying to get Dillon and Jackie put up.
Ika goes on about how dirty Kevin is. “I can’t wait to turn up on his a$$”
Ika now says she won’t swear on her kids unless she’s willing to go through with it
Ika – Dre needs to know William is not with her.
Ika says she’s going to put Kevin and William on the block, “and i’ll tear them up with that f***g speech”
Dillon laughs “I can’t wait”

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I’m kinda sad to see Bruno go, he seems like a sweet guy in real life (I used to dislike him but he grew on me). The last couple weeks of the game will be so boring without Demika/Bruno/Kevin, not a bad season so far though!


Dillon to win a HoH you actually have to win it yourself NOT handed to you !! And I don’t see you winning anymore to put up Ika lol I hope Kevin win HoH and puts Dre up with someone. Please Kevin win Hoh !!


I would be o.k. if Demetres ended up going (if Demika went on the block this week)…because all I care about anymore in this game is Dre getting exposed…while Ika is still in the house.

It would great feeds if Ika somehow won HOH, and the house races to spill each other’s tea first (especially Dre’s tea)…to avoid being the nommed. In fact, I want it to be the Boston Tea Party up in there!

But, her dumb ass would probably just focus on a Kevin/William nomination…with a Karen renom…before anythings get exposed anyway.


These people can’t be that stupid. Ika talks in circles to everyone in the house. Compare notes and you’ll see who the snake is the grass is. I would love to see Ika sitting on the block trying to unlie her way out of the web she has created. Karen and Ika beside each other would make for an entertaining week!


If Bruno and Kevin know that some of the newbies are against Ika and Demetres (from yesterday’s update), why don’t they tell Ika and Demetres to get their vote (with William and Dre – they could lie to them about the reason) for Bruno to stay?

It seems from yesterday’s pos that, instead, they are trying to convince the newbies gang that Bruno is strongly against Demika, so that they keep him as a stronger player than Karen to be on their team. This does not seem to be as strong of a play.


Bruno tried that strategy as soon as Dem won the HOH. His pitch was to team up since any vet in the house offered protection to the other vets an the next big target after Kevin and Bruno and Ika and Demetres. Anyone with half a brain can see that. I think Ika and Dem feel very secure in their spot so I am not sure they would go for that.

BB Facepalm

You don’t watch the feeds or the show, do you?


Would be nice to see Ika and Dem up on the block next week , send Dem home , Ika cant win squat, then the following week Ika and Dre send Ika home then.


Ika won an HOH and a veto in S2. At this point, with Demetres sitting out and Bruno almost certainly gone tonight, it’s really anyone’s to win.

sunny dee

because of the Dre double dealing and backstabbing, i really want Ika to win the HOH just to expose that. the regret as well for not keeping bruno would be elevated tho if kevin and bruno weren’t actively encouraging ika/dem on the block, and instead came and told them. in fact, just more fail by those two to actually stay loyal to one plan in their focus on getting ika out is what brought them to the point of being on the block and one leaving in the first place.

if they banded together maybe they could get ika, kevin and william to keep bruno, since anyne can show to william that dre is part of trying to separate william and kevin all the time.


Jackie said like 82 times in a less than 7 minute convo with Ika. Like, I actually counted likes. I’m losing it.

Guy From Canada

So, how nervous is she with 82 like? 82%?

BB Baked

At least she’s not saying ATEOTD!


Bruno will leave for sure and it just depends who wins HOH on who goes on the block next! Everyone is in playoff mode now so everyone for themselves after this point it’s all game people have used people to take them this far but soon everyone has to get picked off!!! Keep in mind none of these people are going home they’re going to become jury members so the game has changed in that sense because you can’t ruffle anyone’s feathers in the end you have to keep good with everybody you need to keep a good vibe to stay in the house and you need to keep a good vibe to get the #Vote out of the house so it’s survival of the fittest May the best housguest win win !!!!!!!!!! #teamdemika & the #Frenchconnection final 4


Bruno has been more entertaining since he got nominated. He just seems to be enjoying himself more. What I don’t care for about him is his level of pettiness. He is upset that Ika, Demetres and Dre have very likely outlasted him and he sounds like he intends to poison the jury. He will definitely be a bitter jury member.

Guy From Canada

People don’t listen to him in jury. This was s seen in season 3 when he tried to convinced the jury that Godfrey was the better player in the backyard interviews. Godfrey was the better player, but Bruno was so poor at convincing anyone in jury to the point they sabotaged the questions on the live taped finale only giving Godfrey 3 of 9 questions from the jurors. He won’t poison anything, but together with Cindy and Neda, there will be a very bitter jury house.


Bruno has accepted that he cannot get the votes. Demetres/Ika acknowledged that he had great points, but Demetres admitted to Bruno that Bruno might beat him at the end so that is why Bruno is not staying. What Demetres did not think about and is quite funny, is the fact he HAS TO GET TO THE END!!! Without Bruno and Kevin in their corner this next week (and they would have been according to their conversations) even if one of them is left on the block, they won’t have the votes to stay. With Bruno there, they would have. Bruno told them already that the rest are against them, but they chose to play it this way. Bruno will not poison the jury, Ika already did that. Bruno has already said that he will vote for Ika if she makes it. That, my friend is not a bitter juror.


The proof is in the pudding. Let’s see who how objective everyone else is once they get eliminated.


Kelvin can go home during triple . Memory lane haha


Dillon for HoH


Thank god Bruno is gone. Hated that fucker. Let’s see if Kev buddies up with William now.


bye bye bruno!i knerw it karen or kevin get hoh letter from hone shredded up!ika goes home!kervin new champion


get ika out, she is an idiot


simon will thwere be letter from home this week to let hope so because we need revenge ika did


Very happy Bruno was well received by the audience, and the houseguests could tell, for the most part that they weren’t happy about him leaving. No cheers and there were a few groans. When Ika voted Bruno out there were a few groans and boos for her, and as she was leaving the room she gave a (f **k you) wave. Very ladylike as usual. Now this week the Queen is sleeping like a Peasant…..ha ha ha, and gets to listen to Karen cry and bitch all week long. Glad to see Karen finally gave in and she and Bruno had their moment. He really genuinely cares for her, and her message for him was nice. I’m sure that meant a lot to him. I hope Kevin’s promise to get Ika/Demetres out comes to fruition this week. Ika/Demetres are in for one hell of a shock as they lay on the dirt floor and once again rip Bruno apart. These people sure think their shit don’t stink.


which combo bigger elimination for kevin game?