Demetres – “I’m telling you my word means stuff”

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Nominations are Ika and Demetres

Kevin and Jackie HOH (In Jackie’s defense not a lot of likes in this conversation)
Jackie says Ika scares the living shit out of her.
Jackie claims to be changing her gameplay. She doesn’t care that people know who her true targets are except for Ika because of what’s happened in the pat with her.
Jackie says the last thing she told Bruno before he left was that she’ll take Ika and Demetres out, “I’ll do it for him Sindy and Neda”
They agree Ika has been pitting everyone against each other. William against Jackie, Dillon against Kevin, etc etc..

Kevin says he really bought into the peasants alliance. It would have worked out if they got power that week. Jackie claims she never sold them out to Demetres.

Ika and Demetres

Kevin and Demetres HOH
Demetres says he knows how “this works” everyone is offering Kevin safety so he’s going to 1 up it.
Demetres – next week me and Ika win you’re off the block no backdoor no bullshit and if you end up on the block POV I’ll take you down Ika will take you down
Demetres – and you know I don’t have it in me to throw a comp.. I’m too competitive
Demetres – I’m telling you my word means stuff

Demetres – I just want to stay I just want to play..
Demetres says he never trusted Bruno and if he could trust him the 4 of them could have done great.

After Demetres leaves.. Kevin goes “Ohh this game”

William and Kevin HOH
Kevin says next week he’s got William playing for him and Maybe Dre. Ika and demetres whichever one stays will be pissed. He doesn’t trust Jackie either.
Kevin isn’t sure of about Karen and Dillon.
William says Dre won’t be coming after kevin.
Kevin – I know Ika and Demetres is the right move
Kevin says Demetres and Ika have promised a lot of stuff this morning.
Kevin says putting Karen or jackie up is a weak move.
William says Kevin will be unhappy if he puts Karen and Jackie.
William – Ika can manipulate a lot of people, Demetres can win comps.. Karen not too much.

Karen and Kevin HOH
Karen says Ika needs someone to hate.
Kevin agrees – “we’ve all taken turns”

Kevin says Jackie’s game is nauseating
Karen – I cannot stand your game.
Kevin – it’s awful.. it’s terrible..
Kevin says he promised Dre/William that they are safe. “I’m going to put Ika and Demetres on the block”
Kevin adds that Bruno told him if he helps out Karen/Dillon they will help him out. He believes he can trust them.
Karen warns him that William will never betray Dre.

Karen says nothing would make her happier if Ika went home after sh’es been so mean to Karen. Brings up going on the block last week and Ika ignoring her.

Kevin says the blow up they had was the best thing to happen to their relationship. says that Bruno “actually” enjoyed his conversations with Karen.
Karen – I think the kingdom is falling
Kevin – it is, it’s going to fall this week

Karen says Dre is hoping he puts Ika/Deemtres up too.
Karen thinks Demetres will stay up against Ika, she’s worried that the boys will band together and take out the girls.
Kevin doesn’t see that happening Demetres will be out for blood after Ika leaves.
kevin – I want to band together with Dillon.
Karen warns that Dre is working Dillon hard but Dillon trusts Karen more.
Kevin knows Dre is working everyone hard.
Karen says Dre and Ika are very close.

Dillon joins them.
Karen tells him they are going up and Jackie will be the replacement nomination.
Dillon – OK..
Kevin – Ika and Demetres are the nominees… Done..
Kevin says the last 8 hours have been unbelievable the deals people have offered him.

Karen says she’s the current person Ika hates. Kevin says it was him for about 10 days.
Kevin gets called to the pantry.
Karen says she’s on day 5 of the hatred.
Kevin leaves..

Karen says everyone is pushing for them to go up so game has changed.
Karen warns that he can’t tell Dre much right now
Dillon says Kevin and Karen are his people right now.
Karen I trust you.
Dillon – I trust you you’re my mom

Kevin Tells Ika and Demetres they are going up

Ika calls him a Mother F****er after he leaves.

After Kevin leaves.. Ika and Demetres go on about not trusting kevin. Demetres seems to be taking it harder than Ika.

Jackie and Dre

Ika says if they leave her in this house it will be their biggest nightmare
Ika – nothing makes me smile more than revenge.. it fills me with joy..

Ika’s rampage complete

Dre goes up to the HOH Fill William in on what Ika was saying.. Mocking her.
William says Ika should go f*** herself.
Dillon brings up his encounter with Ika. She was accusing him of throwing her under the bus.

Jackie joins them. They start laughing. They all agree Kevin didn’t say anything he didn’t tell Ika they all threw her under the bus.

Ika’s rampage continues..

The first video has Dre thinking she deserves an Oscar award. Karen and William join her and they start talking about Ika. Karen calls Jackie’s game “Flip flop floaterville”

6:01pm Feeds come back Ika and Demetres moaning about Dre being ungrateful for all they’ve done for her in this game.

(THey had a task involved houseguests licking whip cream off each others faces . Sounds like they may be getting alcohol)

6:25pm Ika and Demetres in the Bathroom

8:10pm Jackie and Dre
Talking about wanting Ika out.
Announcement on the Speakers says the nominations ceremony is in 1 hour.

Kevin tells them he’s putting them up.

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I swear if the final 3 ends up being Dillon Karen and Jackie, I will lose my sh*t.

It would force me to support Jackie because she’s been through the most!

Dillon and Karen are playing such weird non strategic games!


Jackie’s curse persists. Jackie was with Bru/Kev (Peasants alliance), then Bruno goes. During that week Jackie jumps ship to Ika/Demetres, now one of Ika/Demetres is leaving.


Hope Kevin keeps his word and puts up Dem and Ika , and hopefully Dem goes to Jury , Ika cant wint squat. She probably couldnt even fight her way out of a wet paper sack

kevin's a fool

Knowing what kevin knows, I would have put up dillion and jackie with karen as the replacement. He knows everyone wants ika and demetri out, why do their work? You’re safe for another week, no matter who goes home. And, at noms I’d say ‘dre, i know you want me to take out ika and demetri, but for my game I can’t do it. Good luck’. Then I’d go to the kitchen and make popcorn.

sunny dee

leaving them makes a shield for himself, with the way he must know that the vets are being targeted directly by the newbies, he’d be nuts to take them out and do the newbies dirty work. it is not a weak move to put up dre and karen, knowing that karen is the most likely drag to the end for final 3 because she can’t win any of the comps necessary to be final HOH to choose, and because no one will vote for her. now i suppose kevin is planning to be one of the draggers of karen, rather than keep the shields up as targets that are most likely to be put up by anyone else rather than himself.

BB Facepalm

“leaving them makes a shield for himself,”

Do you not know how the BB game works? He can only get ONE out on his HoH, not BOTH!!!!!

if Demetre wins pov, Demetre will be the target again next round. If Demetre gets evicted Ika will be the target next round!


Kevin not targeting Demetre this week would be the worst game move.
Demetre has the best resume in this house to win the game, and Kevin can not compete with him.

Demika WOULD target Kevin next round 100%

Kevin's a fool

kevin won’t make it to the end by putting up ika and demetri. You’re right only one will go, leaving kevin on the block the following week with whoever stays. If demetri stays statistically he has a better chance of winning hoh and veto over kevin, meaning kevin goes home. If ika stays, kevin goes on the block with her. Maybe he wins veto, but again, statically he’s competing against the house and, jac, dillion, and will won’t take him down, for fear of dre going up and kevin is is sent home over Ika cause statically she isn’t winning anything and no one’s taking her to final two.
The only move to make is to put up jac and dill with karen as the replacement and of course ratting out dre and by default will. Then sit back make popcorn and watch the fallout and relax for the next two weeks

Guy From Canada

It’s too early still for Demetris to win it out. Yes better comp record, but that would put will and Kevin at the top of everyone’s list after he goes to build their resume. If everyone is saying Ika, let someone else take a shot and make a deal with someone who can repay it with actions.


Yeah Dre and Ika and their relationship are the lynch-pins of the whole game in the house. Even though Dre is plotting against Ika via others, Dre is afraid to do it directly. She holds a great deal of power because Ika trusts her, and she is able to carry out relationships with Jackie, Dillon, and Karen based on their plotting / mutual interest to take out Ika and because Dre is bringing back intel from Demika.

Once Ika/Demetres leaves, I wonder how much basis there would be for them to work with Dre over anyone else. DIllon is smarter to take Karen over her. She is working on Jackie, but Jackie’s loyalty is always predicated on the existence of a mutual enemy. William may chose her but may chose Kevin over her if it came to it.

I would seek to eliminate the Dre/Ika dynamic, as I see this as the key blockade for opening up game-play in the house. This can be accomplished by elimination of Dre or Ika (by putting them next to strategically sound respective partners: Dre with Jackie, or Ika with Demetres), and/or the destruction of trust between the two.

Karen and Dillon are two innocuous players: by which I mean they do not seek to make enemies and respond in reaction or retaliation only. They seem to play circularly. Dillon has no head for overall strategy: he is a follower and right now he follows Dre. Karen plays fearfully. Neither would lead an attack/big moves. Dre has exploited these characteristics well in the past two weeks. So if I were Kevin, I would fee relatively safe by talking to Karen and DIllon (following Dre’s suit).

The key question is: I wonder when or whether Kevin would reveal Dre’s betrayal to Ika, as Ika to this point still has no idea. That she has had no idea what Dre has been doing since Dillon’s HoH does expose certain blind-spots in her frenetic game play. In many ways, she has become very lucky by circumstances this season. It is a matter of her luck having run out.

Jackie's Curse

It’s true, Kevin has made the same mistake that Demika made last week, putting up two big targets who are essentially a shield. Once they go, who’s next on the chopping block? HE IS. Unless his loverboy William wins HOH next week he should expect to be on the block once again.


He should put Ika and Dem up – with the goal to back door Dre!! Work to the end with Ika and Dem.


Sucks that kevin is gona go home in the triple again. Poor guy.


I was feeling so confused last night because I like Kevin so much and I knew that him putting up Ika and Demetres was probably not best for his game, BUT I dislike Ika and Demetres so much and I wanted them on the block so bad. I couldn’t decide if I wanted Ika and Demetres out more than I cared if Kevin was in a good position, or if I wanted Kevin to be in a good position more than I wanted Ika or Demetres to go.

Ika or Demetres going won. Sorry Kevin! Lol.

kevin's a fool

Why the down votes? How is that a bad move? What’s your point? Other than getting to the end, you have to take someone out, doesn’t matter who at this point, when everyone is coming after you.
If kevin puts up jac, dillion, or karen, nobody cares, and you let ika know that dre want her out and by default will. If anyone wins next week they put up ika and demetri and kevin’s the replacement. What are the chance of kevin going home if ika or demetri are on the block. I stand by what i said. Tell me i’m wrong.
And, dre’s a say-nothing-baby-bitch, only talking shit when ika can’t hear her.


Dude I’m on the same page as you and I get down votes as well, its because people want Ika and Demetres gone.

But were being real and saying it is good for kevins game to keep them in the game as shields for him, yet we get down votes. When literally once Ika, Demetres and Kevin all get evicted. All these down voters are gonna be saying, this season has got soooo boring.

Instead of having hate for Ika and Demetres people should appreciate their game (more Ikas, demetres just does what Ika says after he’s won competition), because it is a hell of a lot better than,
Karen (delusional woman with no strategy except smack talk)
Dillon (once a big target in the game, has proven time again he can’t win competition so now no one is afraid of him and has zero strategy)
Jackie (girl who gets used and abused, and has nothing on her resume except she’s the perfect pawn)
William (Hes good at some competitions but his lose lips with Dre and Kevin will eventually get him evicted, and he should have picked better closer allies because both Kevin and Dre will cut him to sit next to Jackie or Karen in the final 2)


“kevins game to keep them”

“keep THEM”
“keep THEM”

Kevin can only get ONE out on his HoH!!


Who ever stays will be the next target

Kevin's a fool

BB Facepalm When I was growing up we called people like you retarded. Let me explain it to you one last time.
– Kevin puts up jac and dill with karen as a replacement – who cares
Next week kevin’s safe cause EVERYBODY’S going after dem and ika, even if he’s a replacement, he doesn’t go home against ika or demetri.
If demetri or ika win next week, again, kevin’s safe b/c they’ll go after will and dre, and again if kevin’s put up as a replacement he won’t go home against a duo.

What don’t you understand? I think your judgement is clouded by your dislike for ika, or you are genuinely retarded. My sympathies if you’re the latter, and I hope my breaking it down in point form helps.

kevin's a fool

Oh and another thing regarding the above scenario. If ika or demetri win next week you better believe that jackie at the very least will confirm kevin ratting out dre.

Guy From Canada

Except for the insults at another persons ideas, I agree with your overall ideals….just not the choice of words. Kev has a lot of information to blow up stuff like selling out Dre. Dre has been Ikas number two, and that information of her selling demika out would be huge. An enemy of my enemy is my friend…. Except Kevin is a poor player, and won’t do that move, as we From the outside see that as his best move forward. Maybe if he smuggled in his computer briefcase he would go further………

BB Facepalm

Ive seen every BBCan / BBUS and Feeds.
Ive seen every BBUK, and Celeb BBUK
Ive seen every BBAUS, and some BBAFRICA

Ill school you in this game son!

My dislike for IKA??? lol what?
i dont dislike Ika, shes not a threat!
Shes only needs to be nominated next to Demetre so she doesnt win pov and use it on Demetre, and to break up a showmance incase Demetre wins pov!

Ika lost this game long ago and already burnt her remaining bridges this morning.

Demetre is the biggest threat to win this game and already tried to get Kevin out and Kevin knows that!

Theres greater odds Kevin will be on the Block next round if Demetre stays in this house.

the last 3 times Demetre has been HoH he has went with what the “house” wanted.

if Demetre is still in this game he will go after Kevin 100% because thats what the “house” will want!


Well looks like when you were growing up calling people retarded. BB Facepalm was watching Big Brother.

kevin's a fool

One more time for intellectually stunted.

kevin’s best move, because nobody but will has his back. And he knows this. You don’t even have to know about the triple, it’s a great move, b/c it keeps kevin for at least 2 weeks.
1 put up dillion and jack, replacement karen – who cares – doesn’t even matter who stays cause whoever stays will only go after ika and demetri
2. at noms tell dre “i’m sorry dre i’m not making your move for you”
= ratting dre out for plotting against ika
How does this work in his favor?
1. if dem or ika win hoh next week
– they’ll put up dre and will b/c jackie or dillion or karen (whoever stays), will confirm dre’s plotting against ika as to stay off the block
2. if someone else wins next week
– they’ll put up ika and demetri
At worst kevin becomes the replacement in both cases and nobody will keep a duo ika and demetri / will and dre over kevin.

Do you get it now?

What a loser

“Ive seen every BBCan / BBUS and Feeds.
Ive seen every BBUK, and Celeb BBUK
Ive seen every BBAUS, and some BBAFRICA”
LOL – You should get a life and not watch so much television.

BB Facepalm

i do have a life. Im a business owner who works from home.

ive also seen BBUK TEEN, which was really good, because they had to vote each other out and choose their own winner.

Also The Glass House aired on ABC 2012. it also had Feeds and the viewers got to evict and choose the winner!

Utopia aired on FOX 2014, it also had feeds and the players nominated and banished each other!

Ive also seen every Survivor including Survivor UK and AUS

Im currently learning spanish so i can watch Gran Hermano US

kevin's a fool

Well kevin just ruined his game by putting up ika and demetri – What a dummy.

Kevin's a fool is nasty

“we called people like you retarded.”
Wow.. what a despicable comment. I’m not even bothered to read your post. When I grew up we called people like you (_._) and we still do.

kevin's a fool

Obviously you need a dictionary.
verb (used with object)
1. to make slow; delay the development or progress of (an action, process, etc.); hinder or impede.
verb (used without object)
2. to be delayed.
3. a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine.

Slang: Disparaging and Offensive.

a contemptuous term used to refer to a person who is cognitively impaired
a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: BB facepalm
a hopeless social retard.

kevin's a fool

I could careless what you call me. I know who I am. And, I’m no dummy. Not one of you can debate my logic when it comes to this hoh. Mark my words kevin’s gone. He could have been safe for at least 2 evictions, by keeping ika and demetri, and getting rid of dil, jack, or karen. And further his safety by having dre/will fighting ika/demetri. Now he’ll be gone in 2.

BB Facepalm

NOT targeting Demetre this week, (when he couldn’t play HoH), would be the WORST game move! Regardless who the HoH is.

He has the best resume in the house to win this game. HOH 3 – Veto 1 – Nom 2

Like you said,… “doesn’t matter who at this point, when everyone is coming after you.”

And who ever stays between Demetre and Ika, WILL be the next target.

Kevin's a fool

why would you do the work of the newbies and take out ika and demetri?
The house will take out ika and demetri the following week making kevin safe for another week. And, at the same time you get rid of either dillion or jackie.
And, if he ratted out dre to ika, he’d be safe from demetri and ika the following week cause they’d be going after will and dre.

Ika's Rampage

He probably thinks the house will be soooo grateful to him for getting rid of either the “King” or “Queen”, that they will keep him safe. Nope, he’s too strong of a player, I predict he’ll be joining the others in jury unless he wins his way to the end. Outside of William I can’t see anyone else keeping him around much longer.


Ika chew with your mouth closed… PLEASE!!!


This is gonna be soooo exciting!!!! Between Dem and Ika I’d rather Dem stay. I’m not sure what Ika was expecting. Should they all fall on their sword for her. How can she not see that she and Dem are THE biggest threats in the house. I’m so ready for an Ika /Dre Showdown!


William is re-telling the story Brokeback Mountain while eating lunch. I wonder for whoms benefit is this.


Kevin is in a tight spot this Week. He wants to make a big game move for his ‘ RESUME ‘ so he thinks the best move would be to throw Ika and Demetres up on the block. However by doing that he also takes one of them out and leaves himself wide open for the next eviction, which just so happens to be a Triple. Right now he is playing stupid because just like his 3-some of Sindy, himself and Bruno were broken up it is time for him to break up Dillon, Karen and Dre. Sure he might go home during the Triple but you have to play in the moment and Kevin is leaving himself no allies except for William. – Especially after every single person came to Kevin and told him they want Ika out why not keep her, throw Dre and Dillon on the block, let the Wrath of Ika scare Dre all Week long so she doesn’t win the Veto. You just know after all of this Ika and Demetres see through everyone else now. But sadly I haven’t seen the smarts from Kevin yet this Season.


Keep in mind that Kevin doesn’t know that next week is a triple.

Poor Kevin

I don’t know why so many people think Kevin will get another week out of this. If Ika stays this week and Dem goes, the house will get rid of Kevin before Ika. Kevin can win things and Ika can’t, plain and simple, they’ll evict the person they consider to be the “stronger” player. But its a triple eviction so there’s a good chance both of them will be heading there unless they win HOH or the Veto. Of the people still left, outside of Kevin, Dillon, and Demetre (maybe even William if I’m being generous) most of these players have been carried through the game and will be carried to the end, and that sucks.


I fear this week is a repeat of last week. Demetres blew caution to the wind by getting Bruno out. Bruno explained in detail what was happening with the rest of the house, even going to so far as to ask Ika why she was letting Dre run her HOH and voting Bruno out. Demetres was only thinking about the end of the game and was afraid that Bruno did so well coming off 3 of the last 4 weeks on slop and almost beating him, that Bruno would beat him at the end. He forgot that he had to GET to the end. This week Kevin wants revenge and knows that one of them has to go this week. Unfortunately he doesn’t know about the triple. Best scenario is that Demetres leaves and Ika has made herself so hated that no one hones in on Kevin. This week Kevin needs to solidify with Dillon and Karen so he has a solid four for this next week along with William. This way Jackie and Dre will be odd men out. Kevin does not trust Dre or Jackie, so this could work to his advantage, and if it does he owes Bruno bIg time.


After this triple eviction, I don’t think any Veterans will be in the game.

I’m also incredibly surprised that there hasn’t been a buy back into the game. Do we think they aren’t doing one this year, or they will do it with the 6 jury (veterans and probably jackie) members after the triple eviction!


if i were krecvin back door ika jackie right beside her we allknow what would happen jackie on thr block you go home


Every Vet to be sitting on the block come eviction night has been evicted. They have all been on the block for their first time this season and they have all been sitting next to a rookie.


Dem will win Veto he stays then he wins HoH in the triple. Dem puts up Kevin Karen, Dillion . They all vote to keep ONE safe ! Who do they keep? Remember Ika is gone before the triple. I would put up Will, Dre, Kevin in the triple ! And keep Kevin. Then Dem and Kevin could get rid of Dillin and Jackie keep Karen for F3 she wont win crap !


yet why not backdoor ika?


BBCAN is trash it use to be good but even the tasks are done to give the same 2 or 3 hgs favorite tv shows, i sick of Kevin and Will geting all the money and prizes in tasks and comps when people such as Jackie get nothing.

Guy From Canada

Very interesting. So demika is using essentially the same argument that Bruno and Kevin did and Kevin isn’t buying the argument either with his turn power. If Dem saves himself, I see him possible being a parrot for someone else.

Looking next week, If Dem wins the triple, that could be huge to trim some fat in the house. If Dem doesn’t win the triple I see Ika, Kevin and Dem with a strong possiblity gone in 6 days. Kevins social game in the house is horrible, how can he see Karen not going against him after her rant last week? She says she wants the vets out, so team up with demika, go with two most trustworthy peeps. Okays no one is trustworthy but being real no one is in a good spot for trusting at this point. Going off everyone else’s a tactions/words who are more reciprocating trustwise…… Like flipping Jackie, nasty Karen, rat Dre, loose lips will, or dumb Dillion….. actually Dillion may have the most clout to his words but has had little power to prove it.

Looking longer game, Yes taking out demika this week is good as it’s still a little far off to win out the season so I see the point to strike at them now. However, because there are still enough bodies in the house, and to can’t win it out yet, keeping demika and making a 3 with Kevin may be best to take out the floaters and make a more exciting end game for the show.

Let’s do a break down if last bbcan and end games. My only beef with season 2 was Jon steam rolling at the end and giving Sabs money for being a goat. I believe it was Sabs who won Goh f4 and Jon sent Heather home? Season 1 was alright with Emmett Villian and Gaaary fighting it out at the end game, reasonable season. Season three a robbery when Godfrey stepped it up to late and a bitter jury (sorry team Godfrey for life hated Sarah relying on winning twists to stay in the house). Season 4 was a train wreck and remember it as bbaus 4. They way season 5 is shaping up, explosive. I’d like to see strong players at the end battling it out and not Karen, Dillion and Jackie on a f3, three people who played poor game (yes Karen was entertaining at times but poor game play).

So I would lean towards keeping Demika intact, have the house go against them, and see a better end game battle while Kevin repairs relationships after striking a f3 with Demika. I’m like 75/25 in favor of this, but either way this week will be fun . Sorry for the rant, and vote team Dawg

Club H.O.H

Sorry Sna-cole you have been dethroned! Dre take your seat! Biggest snake ever I hope she goes in the triple.


My word means ‘stuff’ lmao….. so convincing