IKA – “If the F*** Bride of Chucky looks at me one more time I’ll punch her eyes out”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 20-07-05-466

11:04pm Girls alliance (Ika, Sabrina, Neda and Rachelle)

Ika saying she had a gut feeling Sarah was going to flip the vote
IKA stressing says the guys are after her.
Adel wonders if Rachelle can maybe help her.
IKA – “Racehlle is stupid she put you on slop she put Sabrina on slop she left Andrew and Kenny off slop and wants Heather gone she’s not going to help this week.. I’m screwed ”
IKA – “Sarah knew the whole time they were coming after me”
Adel brushes it off tells her she has him and an entire week to build an alliance.
IKA syas that Sabrina is way closer toe Rachelle than she is.
Adel doesn’t care tells her to get in there, “Stay in there and keep chilling.
IKA tells him Racehlle will be putting up Heather and New girl, “They’re so stupid Adel so stupid”

Adel says that Sabrina wants New girl out because she is making out with Andrew
IKA – “The cold sore lip one”
IKA laughs “the cold sore lip Andrew.. he picks his nose to eat from it”
Adel suggests she not push Rachelle she can’t afford for her to be made at her. Adel says he warned Rachelle to talk to everyone one by one but make sure Sabrina is not in the room.

Adel – F*** Sabrina

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 20-10-46-100
11:00pm Living Room

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 20-39-44-231

11:26pm Bedroom IKA, Rachelle and NEDA
IKA saying the boys are coming after them they are not targeting Adel anymore. NEDA suggest they leave Heather and target the boys.

The three girls all say they were getting a weird vibe during the vote.

Rachelle about Sarah “I don’t even look at her anymore she’s disgusting”
Sounds like the last two in the competition were Sarah and Rachelle. They agree Sarah isn’t worth getting rid of this week. They also mention that Heather is a waste of a HOH.

NEda says they are in a good position now that Racehlle has one HOH. IKA “The minute you won you should have seen Andrew and Kenny’s faces”

NEDA – “They’re faces dropped”
Racehlle says the boys will be really nice to her this week. IKA wishes Racehlle would have put Kenny and Andrew on Slop. Rachelle explains that by not putting them on slop she gains a bit of trust.
They suspect Arlie is bullshitting them the entire time.

Sabrina joins them. IKA says it was a waste of a HOH and she feels so betrayed.
Sabrina says that Sarah was her best friend and she betrayed Sabrina, ‘She didn’t care that I was exposed”

Ika starts crying again says Andrew got exactly what he wanted.

Sabrina says that Heather told the four girls that voted her out to go s**ck a d**ck. NEda – “Why don’t I ever hear this”

IKa starts getting feisty says she’ll go tell Heather to go suck something.
Sabrina says that Heather gained 15 now that she is on slop she can lose those 15 pounds.
Sabrina – “you know how you lose 30lbs you chop off your head”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 20-41-32-234

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-20 20-56-57-679

11:48pm Bedroom Sabrina, RAcehlle, Kenny and jon

Bashing heather because she doesn’t know who “Howie” is from Big Brother Season 6 and 7. Sabrina – “She claims she’s a super fan”
Jon doesn’t get it says he doesn’t know who Howie is. Kenny says Howie was a big deal.

12:06AM Backyard Arlie and IKA
IKA crying becuase her HOH was a waste she wanted Heather gone. IKA calls Sarah stupid says that the girls she rolls with are not stupid
IKA “Racehlle is a beast.. I’m not going to get with girls that are useless they are not useless” (LOL IKA may be more full of lies than Sabrina)
Arlie says he never thought they were weak or stupid, he stresses that Sarah has never been in any game conversations with him he doesn’t believe she is with the guys.

Adel joins them and says Heather going home would have helped the entire house, tells IKA she’s safe this week and next week is a entirely new week.

IKa says she hates Heather not only because of her voice but also because she’s a coaster.

IKA – “Its the whole house against us and Adel.. even though Rachelle won HOH”

IKA goes on and on about how stupid everyone is. Arlie really plays up how he doesn’t know what is going on in the house. He’s embarrassed

IKA points out that arlie is at the bottom of the guys just like IKA is on the bottom of the girls. They head to teh hot tub room. on the way there IKA has this to say,
IKA – “If the F*** Bride of Chucky looks at me one more time I’ll punch her eyes out”

(Bride of Chucky = Heather)

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a next wasted hoh … i will bet one of those douche bags kenny or andrew win pov tell rachell nominate ika or they are gunning for her ….


I like it when they evict a boring person, so I think last week was good. Paul was too scared to come out of his room. If you start taking out the good players this early, it’s gets boring really fast. (Like what happened with the MVP twist) As much as you want to see the “bad guys” get evicted, it always sucks right after.

Last year, I didn’t even watch bb15 after they voted out Amanda. The bad guys give you something to route for/against. If they vote Heather out, I’ll be happy. She’s boring.


I wish Neda won hoh she knows who to go after.


She’s too smart to win it when she doesn’t need to. Winning HOH is a blessing and a curse. You get to take out someone, but you make at LEAST one enemy in the process. She isn’t in any danger and neither is Jon. Winning HOH this week would have been a bad move.


I agree with Stooks. Jon and Neda are still in a great position as they are working both sides of the house without emotions getting too involved (aka. Sarah and Sabrina who are playing a great game but a very emotional one).


I completely agree as well. Neda seems to be the only player with skills of perception and has the better sense to know that there are a lot of snakes in the house and to be wary of everyone. I really hope her and Jon go far in the game, I love that pairing.


I’m hoping rachelle listens to Neda, she’s the only girl that has been using her head in the game. Although i’m already expecting Heather and Allison to be on the block.


Sabrina says that Heather told the four girls that voted her out to go s**ck a d**ck. NEda – “Why don’t I ever hear this”

Is this Neda’s subtle way of pointing out that Sabrina is lying? Obviously, Heather doesn’t talk like that. Sabrina needs to tone down the campaign of lies.


Sabrina had a one on one discussion about Heather telling Sabrina (and only Sabrina) that. So it seems it’s at least partlially true.


with Heather*


I can’t believe Rachelle is on board with backdooring Ika. What is wrong with her? Ika is one of her allies and shes gonna do it just cause Sabrina says so?

UGH this is gonna be a brutal week to watch.

Johhny (the European one!)

oh, Simon and Dawg, please upload this too!!! I can’t see any feed and I’m solely relying on you guys!!!
Rachelle going against Ika? In what parallel universe have we gotten into? Or is she just bs’ing Sabrina (who she did put on slop, after all!)
I have no idea what is going on in Rachelle’s head…


Comun! Ika is a freaking mom, this is getting ridiculous.


Aw poor Ika feels so betrayed. Now that makes me feel so much better for what she did to Heather. Poor Ika.


Why the fuck is Ika feels shes so entitled like shut up it’s Big Brother you should have known putting up Paul beside Heather would have sent him home. If you really wanted to shake things up you should have used your POV put up Kenny making sure Heather goes home.


I want Andrew and Kenny up so bad. They totally over estimate themselves. Go adel, neda and ika!


Jon is really a good-hearted man. I hope Janelle loves him as much as he loves her when he talks about her. East coast guys seems to be all the rage – maybe I’ll move and get me some of that Monaghan charm that seems to come from the men out there.


As Janelle’s best friend, I can certainly say she loves him just as much :)…. That’s very nice of you to say!! The East Coast boys are where it’s at!!!!


I don’t get why you people what the girls aliance to get in top, remember how shitty the last season of Big Brother (US) turned out?


What is wrong with BBCA? Their audio is absolutely the worst! Missed the whole convo of Sarah n Rachelle in the storage. Not to mention the volume is never ever level. A def monkey could do a better job with the audio. They even keep loosing it on the “Live” lol feeds show. How many unemployed competent audio guys are out there who would love that job? To bad we can’t vote out the audio guy. …. just had to vent……


probably cbc employees


Oh ika you have no one to blame but yourself….suck it up.


Heather needs to win POV (its obvious she’s getting put up by Sabrina’s minion Rachelle). If Jon gets to play POV and wins, would be save Heather?

Need a map

Just a random question – where the f**k is Persia? I hear people saying I’m Persian. Then saying I came over from Iran. So what are they Persian or Iranian? Isn’t Persian an intiquated word? Is there such a thing?

Johhny (the European one!)

Since you’re able to post on this forum, I’ll just go ahead and assume that you have Internet access.
Look it up. Wikipedia is really smart.


If Rachelle puts up Ika she’s even dumber than I thought


these girls are sooo stupid. They can easily put up kenny and andrew and convince the house of the benefits of evicting one of them in order to level the playing field. Instead of gossipping all day.. start campaigning to remove the disgust head of the first 5


I CANNOT wait until Ika and Neda find out about how nasty Sabrina is, and that she’s on the guys side.