“If you win the veto don’t pull me off”

I really wish they would let us watch the feeds on day one as they come into the house. So much is missed :( From what I’ve pieced together the plan was to get Josh out for trying to expose a “pretty boy” alliance (they were just too damn pretty) and generally causing some sort of commotion. The morning of the vote (or the night before) Latoya appears to be the catalyst to flip the needed votes against Julie. Julie seems to have been disliked by some houseguests, sounds like she outed a lot of alliances, real and fake. Fearing eviction Julie blew up on Josh and swore right before the vote.

It’s apparent that Jedson and Tychon are core in a lot of alliances. Latoya also seems to be playing with a lot of people.

Austin Will be nominating Kiefer and Josh. If the power of veto is played this week. Rohan is the expected replacement. I believe the target is Josh but it’s still early. If Josh wins the veto I am unsure it’s cut and dry with Rohan leaving. There’s a lot of game to be played this weekend. :)

I won’t be keeping track of all the goofy side quests they add into BBCAN as it just means more feed blockage. there was one today that involved in Kiefer losing his bed he now has to share with someone. Some houseguests also have to eat PB&J all week. It’s murky.

11:30 am Tera and Austin had a chat in the “Destiny” bedroom.
Tera says it was really good for Austin that Julie left. Tera says whatever Austin decides this week she’s open.
Austin – you don’t have an agenda
Tera – no.. which makes me a little nervous. Are there alliances forming and I’m just not in it?
Austin says she “genuinely” likes their team.

Austin – I don’t think I can compete next week (superfan)
Tera – ohh that is maybe how the teams even out
Austin – maybe….. 5 to 7 ..
Austin says on the other team she hasn’t spoken more than a couple of words with Rohan. But she still likes him. she says she has no reason to put up Rohan, “At this point”.

Tera – did you hear ALL the alliance that came out? there was a few
Austin – I didn’t hear all of them.
Tera – I hate even saying them.. I forget who said them it was all chaos
Austin – I heard Julie say some.. I was like huh
Tera – they originally all came from Julie. I don’t know if they were real. Apparently, there was a final four with the first four houseguests that had Julie in it.
Tera – I heard the one that was you, Julie, Breydon, and Vic. Within that one there was a final 3 that didn’t involve VIc
Austin – that is ridiculous to me

Tera – the house knows Breydon is safe this week.

12:45 pm Victoria, Tina, and Breydon have a conversation about putting Kiefer and Josh up. Telling josh he’s the pawn.

Josh up to the HOH followed by Kiefer. Josh hinted at Jedson going up and Kiefer suggested ROHAN.

1:28 pm Kyle and Austin
Kyle is asking If Rohan goes up if veto is played. Austin says she doesn’t know.

Austin mentions how “they clicked with Julie the first day then never saw her again”
Kyle – we were the first four in I was like ok this could be an advantage to talk literally after the first day I didn’t talk to her once.
Austin – I noticed you are cool with Ro and close to Tina and Tera. Those people she’s not close to
Kyle says if he has Tina and Tera in his back pocket and she has Breydon, Beth, and Vic
Austin says no one will suspect that they are close “We can keep each other safe on the outs”.

Kyle – let’s say you put up Josh Kiefer who do you think?
Austin – I don’t know.. I did have that initial fear of Kiefer..
She explains her fear is Kiefer might go after her.
Kyle says if she decided to keep Kiefer he can get into his head and “sway him”.

1:52 pm Austin and Tychon

Austin talks about the vote to get Julie out and how that was good for her game. She always felt on the outs with Breydona, Julie, and Vic.
Tychon – Josh already planted ‘that pretty boys’ in everyone’s mind
A – are you tight with Kiefer. My worry with Kiefer is he’s also a fan. I don’t want to become that target.
Austin says she assumes that Josh goes out if she puts him up against Kiefer. If the Veto is played she’s going to have to put up RO.

2:34 pm Rohan and Austin  Chit chat…
Rohan – we’re good.. I just wanted to get into your head a little bit and see what you are thinking
Austin – I just hope the noms stay the same so I don’t have to do it twice
Rohan – I hope noms stay the same too
Austin – they will we just don’t want Josh to win

Rohan says nobody on his team will use the veto unless it’s Josh or Kiefer winning.
Rohan says he likes Breydon and is going to try and establish a closer relationship with him.
Austin – glad we’re on the same page.
Rohan – love it
Austin – love it. I’m excited
R- I’m excited for you.

The one thread of sun attracts the houseguests

2:43 pm Rohan, Kiefer, Breydon, Jedson talking about how they need to win the veto so it’s not used.
Jedson – if I win POV should I keep them the same
Kiefer – keep them the same.
Rohan leaves.
Kiefer tells them he thinks he’s in a very good spot doesn’t hold it against Austin. Says him not talking to her early on is on him, not her.

3:30 pm Kiefer, Laytoa, Tychon
Kiefer says he’s positive he’ll be nominated. Mentions his talk with Austin earlier today. Adds that Austin said the target is Josh 100%.
Kiefer – I said having me there doesn’t make complete sense because I am not the strongest competitor I said that’s basically the only pitch I don’t have.
L – that’s a good pitch.
K – we got the numbers no matter what..
Kiefer brings up Austin asking him if Josh comes down who goes up.
K – I said the easiest option would be Rohan
L – yeah .. I would assume
K – She said yeah .. and I would feel good against RO as well.
Kiefer – If you win the veto don’t pull me off
T – yeah
K – That would expose. If you pull me off it makes no sense. People ask me have you talked to Latoya? I said Latoya has given me nothing she’s stone-cold super real says it’s too early.
K – We have to make sure it doesn’t look like we’re all working together and we are until the six is the six you know what I’m saying? We can’t start getting picked off now.
K – If we start getting picked off now are you going to bring someone else in
L – no
T – you just have to make sure not to make yourself a target.

Agreeing they have the votes to keep Kiefer safe this week if he’s up against Josh.

3:55 pm Kyle and Rohan want to keep Kiefer.

6:00 pm Just some fun before Nominations.

7:20 Beth dances



9:05 pm Feeds have been down for awhile. It’s BBCAN who knows if they’ll come back tonight.

9:17 pm Feeds come back Nominations are Kiefer and Josh.

9:20 pm Josh and Victoria
Josh – I told Austin I don’t care if you nominated me just don’t say anything embarrassing as the reason why.
Josh goes on about it being embarrassing going out second and not being memorable. .
Vic – Kiefer isn’t helping his case with the things he says
Josh thinks he’s the pawn. Says that he was the easy nomination for Austin to get Kiefer out.
Victoria – you’re not the target.

10:52 pm Together working on a song ..

11:31 pm Most of the house is hanging out in the living room. NONE of them know anything about the live feeds. Josh brings up a season where someone was given a h@ndy  and it made it one of the live feeds. JOsh  “Kiefer knows” Bethg “Really?” Josh “I dunno, Kiefer was tuning in”



1 am – 1:20 am HOH room. Braydon and Austin.

Austin – I don’t know if there is any escaping that everyone knows we’re friends. Braydon – I don’t know.. because it is what it is at this point. Austin – because everyone is like well you’re obviously not putting up Braydon. Braydon – but that’s what I hate because that’s the same as it was with Julie. And I don’t want you to be put in that situation. Did I tell you that I talked to Jed? Austin – no. Braydon – I was like I am really happy with like the 5 of us that we have now. And I was like let me know. And he was like he never had a chance to talk to me like alone about game because Julie was over there and like whenever we talked about possibilities of who to put up it was always like you, Austin and Julie. And I always wanted to put up Julie. And he was like I thought you and her were a lot close. And I was like no. And he was like you name and her’s was really thrown around a lot but don’t worry we were always going to get Julie out.. like we were never going to get you out. And I was like what?! Austin – I literally never heard your name once. I am like how the hell aren’t people targeting Tina and Tera? Braydon – I know because Tera is going to start winning things. Austin – you think? Braydon – yeah, she almost won that one. Austin – true. Braydon – same with Tina.

Beth joins them. Braydon talks about how Keifer has been telling everyone that if he wins the power of veto .. like him ..  he is like I am not using it. Beth – him?! Stop it right now! Braydon – he has been like this is the best thing for our team.. this ensures Josh goes home. He was like if I get house guest choice and I pick you Jed.. and you win..  don’t use the veto on me. Don’t use it at all. Beth – I hate over confidence like that.. even if he was like the pawn I would be like BYE! Are you insane dude! Beth to Austin – is everyone aware of your plan? That it is the Keif .. that is happening. Austin – I don’t even know if that’s my plan though. I don’t know if I could use that angle and be like listen as discussed your idea of being a pawn like so smart! Braydon – Keifer is such a wildcard with me.

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Cameron From Brazil

Josh can’t go He’s so adorable and fine

I wish they could put up at least another gay or bi in the house to make out with him lol not trying to be mean but breydon is ugly and doesnt matches him lmao

anyways i hope jed and ty gets exposed soon cause i dont wanna another bb22 the bros domination style kinda season

Cameron From Brazil

I have faith in those girls to take out those bros (kyle jed ty ) one by one

canadian girls are way better than the females from us style like franzel and dani cat donato

Cameron From Brazil

They shouldve bought back Brooke and Sheldon from last year, such a waste of people

Poteen Queen of Saskatoon

Ewwwww, no! Who wants to see Brooke following Sheldon around in heat again!!! No thanks!

another name


You’re Josh.
You’re on an optics driven season that promotes equality for all people. You’ve already told Kyle3 he won’t win this season because he’s a cis white male.
Are you a schemy enough houseguest to point out the optics of the first 2 evictees BOTH being LGBT, and how that COULD look like a thing, as a tactic to save yourself?

I am not endorsing the move. I am not saying it’s what is happening. I’m not saying it’s a good angle to take. I am not saying it’s part of anyone’s strategy.

I am wondering if JOSH would pull on that string. Because he’s Josh.

another name

Well, his drama started because he pointed out the bros all bonding and leaving him out. I partially think Rohan dislikes him BECAUSE the brolliance was Rohan’s big plan, and it got outed before it got inned. Well that and a wannabe puppetmaster like Rohan would not want loners around. Too hard to pull on those strings.
Kiefer better do SOMEthing other than make his whole alliance think he’s more trouble than he’s worth. Because those pots are going to start stirring themselves if he doesn’t chill.

Guy from Canada

Right before the feeds cut earlier, I was watching the Josh vic conversation. He mentioned he didn’t understand them targeting Julie early on as a trans gender, but then realised later and agreed she was targeted for who she was personality wise. I don’t think Josh will play thr sexual orientation card

another name

I’m not sure. I hope not. Why it was a scenario that could happen in my head? It’s the tactic he used to try to pull in Julie (the whole have to stick together solidarity route). Plus, if he’s not saying it’s the reason, but it might LOOK like it’s a thing to viewers. I don’t know. It’s part of how I see his mind working.
Yeah, I say this after listening to the group expedia session where two people said he’s got to go because he said he wants an lgbt to win this season.
Yeah, I say this after listening to another conversation where the topic of next target being Breydon comes up (because of his closeness to Austin).
No, I don’t think the reason for Julie’s eviction, or Josh’s nom is because LGBT. But, let’s say Josh is second evicted, and week three the woman that said maybe we should target Breydon next wins HOH and does so. I CAN reasonably see a bunch of people in the viewing audience saying oh… and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation, even subconsciously? Riiiight. The assumption would be wrong, situations in the house have dictated the moves… but i never discount the viewership’s perception of the optics.
Realistically, with the stat being between 75 and 80% of LGBT cast members from season 1-7 leaving during a special eviction episode (fan vote, instant, double or triple), I can see why the optics perception has become a thing.

another name

Seriously Deep Thoughts:

Josh brought a hat collection, but he’s not channeling Vanessa. Too bad. It would have been fun to see a Canadian spin on a Rousso rant.
Kyle3 has had hat hair for 2 days. I’ve yet to see him wear a hat.
Beth dances like the prize student at the Raven school of Dance.
Seriously Tay and Jed, if either of you win HOH who are you going to nom? You’re in an alliance with EVERYONE.
So far the habitual cleaners are Josh and Tera. Don’t they know bbcan habitual cleaners usually go home pre jury?
I don’t like the OLG room.
I don’t like the sound in the expedia room.
I still dislike the HOH bathroom redo from last season, almost as much as I loathe the peasant bathroom.
PBJ? Surprised they haven’t had a wayback machine PBJ Pass yet. Well, we know nobody has a nut allergy this season.

another name

after i wrote that I see Kyle3 in a hat.
i know.

on this day one season ago, Nico was long quit. Carol’s talk of quitting had the feeds down for over an hour, and Chris failed to recognize his own mother.

another name

the day one alliance chart looked a mess to me. I took a few minutes to try to find a pattern. The pattern i’ve keyed into is Tay and Jed have over-extended themselves into core, and multiple backup of lesser importance. There’s a max of three people they are not currently in talks to be in at least one alliance with. Out of 13 people. Hope this clears things up, and that I am not completely in left field here. Still.

bbcan9 WEEKONE.jpg
another name

Due to what I’m assuming is pbj brain…

Kyle and Rohan have outed backup alliance 2 to LaToya. They don’t want to be in Backup alliance 1 anymore because apparently they are worried about Jed and Tay being too in with the girls, and they’ve gone to Tera, Tina and LaToya about forming a big alliance to combat the other big alliance (that is a fake alliance to 3/4 of it’s members that KYLE was asked to JOIN). Now that veto is coming up, and they aren’t playing in it, it seems they have no interest in joining up with Austin and Breydon anymore. Kyle doesn’t want to be steamrolled by the group he was asked to join. That is fake. mm-kay. And they go to the ALPHA of the ACTUAL big alliance to form a new big alliance. eyeroll.
Kyle and Rohan are the final 2. Kyle is mad at Beth (who he was flirting with before, because she’s fake). They consider nomming Jed and Tay if they win HOH.

Okay. The Chart made sense until about an hour ago. NOW EVERYTHING LABELLED “IN THE WORKS” DOESN”T EXIST because Kyle decided HE wanted to be the ALPHA of the BIG ALLIANCE, I assume.

Beth is TOTALLY in with WHICHEVER ALLIANCE she is in the room with… AT THAT MOMENT. But, I highly push that she will ALWAYS be most loyal to whichever group has the most males to carry her far in the game. That’s her strategy. She has now warned Tay that Kyle is snaky, and pledged loyalty to LaToya. Twice. In an hour. Pretty much on demand.

The block shunning and ‘it’s not bullying” moments in the last hour have me liking JOSH atm. I don’t like Josh, so this annoys the hell out of me.
It was insipid when LaToya used “he put… a HAT… on MY bed” yesterday as hate fodder, but I just figured she was being a micromanaging princess. Now? I guess I expect Kyle to be downright rude and dismissive… he and Josh don’t get along at all. Beth? It’s getting into rude behavior and lack of common respect when the complaint has become, “I hate when he walks into a room.” He walked into the bedroom where HE SLEEPS. Get the tar and feathers. They had a GROUP rag session. followed by MULTIPLE small rag sessions. That FEELS wrong to me.

Yeah, I think Josh is a POOR casting choice, and I don’t see what he brings to the game.
BUT due to block shunning: JOSH for VETO. yeesh. That felt wrong, i’m not a fan of him in the game, but I’m going for it because the rest are being jerks.