Beth “Its actually crazy how clueless people are about me and you. I f**king love it!”

At this point Austin plans to nominate: Keifer and Josh

1:50am HOH room. Austin and Beth.
Beth – this is like our best case scenario .. like I am so f**king happy for you dude. Austin – I know. I would kind of like prefer if like thinking now .. if Keifer went. Beth – the thing with Josh is like.. its like a collective group thing. Like if any of us see us talking with him no one gives a sh*t because he is kind of useless now. Austin – yeah. Beth – no one shares any information with him, no one believes anything he says .. like if he were to make up a lie I would be like oh god. Austin – yeah like literally. I just feel like.. I don’t think Keifer likes me. Like whenever I speak he doesn’t engage with me. Beth – I’ve noticed. Austin – he doesn’t like me. I don’t want him around because he is like a wildcard that is a fan of the show. And he would be like lets do something crazy this week and everyone is like thrown off. Beth – oh and everyone would be like where did that come from? Austin – yeah. Beth – and why!? Austin – yeah. Beth – he knows the show. Austin – and he is tight with the guys. And like I have never spoken more with him than today. He was in my room twice. Beth – he was in your room twice? Austin – yeah. Beth – he is freaking out. Austin – yeah. Beth – its too early for people to be campaigning and sh*t. Like relax! Austin – I was like can we have a day!? I am not going to talk, I am just going to let people come to me and I am going to sit back. Beth – yeah. Austin – I am just going to act clueless and get as much info as I can get. Beth – 100%! 100% Dude! Austin – I am not going to be up in peoples faces and be like yeah totally you’re safe. Beth – yeah I know. Its actually crazy how clueless people are about me and you too. I f**king love it! We’ll keep talking and I will tell you everything .. you know that. Austin – yeah. What do you think that Braydon should do in terms of talking to people? Beth – like who he should get tight with? Austin – Like how do Jed and Tye feel about Braydon .. because I know they didn’t like Julie.. which was understandable. Beth – it was literally just Julie. Austin – Because I want Braydon to be okay. Beth – I know .. me and Braydon had a chat up here and I was like dude you need to get close to people. I don’t know if he knows how to talk game. That’s why I want him to be involved in something that is like me and you.. because he is like good at comps. Austin – I literally said that everyone is looking at Jed, Kyle or Tye.. Beth – in like two days.. instantly gone! Austin – literally. Long term for us we need to be covered from more angles than one. If it comes down to people and social .. they’re going to look at Jed and Tye. Beth – which is going to bite us in the a$$ down the road. Like they will take us far. Austin – Jed and Tye? Beth – yeah. You know what kind of sketched me out .. Jed came up to me in the pantry and was like I’m a little nervous. Austin – the six is gone obviously .. and I don’t know if that trust is established. You know what I mean? Beth – MMmmhhmm.

Austin – and like I am happy to be loyal to these people but like I don’t want it to flip on me. Beth – I can’t! Like I won’t! You and me are like playing good games. Austin – yeah I agree. Beth – Every time I walk in a room with Kyle and Tye.. its super super sketchy. Its happened 3 times. Austin – really!? really!? Beth – three times! Austin – I want to be loyal to Tye.. and Jed but.. Beth – but they have other sh*t going on. Austin – 100%! They have a final two. I don’t want to get too too far with big huge guys that are going to wipe the floor. Beth – that’s why we have to have a secret something else. Like who else is going far? Braydon is going far. Austin – I actually don’t feel ask sketchy with Kyle because he has been making it really clear over the last day that he is interested in me. Beth – in you? Austin – yes. Has he been doing it to you too? Beth – no. Austin – ok, because I think the boys are double crossing. Me or Beth or both.. one on each arm? Beth – I am really nervous of Tera .. she’s not sketchy she just says things that … she has kind of offended a couple people. Austin – I know. Beth – like without knowing it.. and I am not doing that. We do need other people… just in case Jed and Tye want to f**k off. Like I do want to look at all angles. Like who is going to screw us over. Or one of us because hopefully no one ever finds out we’re together. Austin – yeah. Jed joins them and breaks up the conversation.

2am Jed and Austin.
Jed – who do you think you’re throwing up? Austin – I don’t know I need to talk to everyone. So everyone can let me know how they’re feeling. Jed – that’s fair. Austin – I feel like its fresh. What are your thoughts? Jed – my initial reaction would be Keifer for stepping on toes and Josh but I don’t know what will happen over the next week. I mean .. I don’t even know when noms are. Austin – me neither. I mean obviously I am good with you. Jed – I don’t know. Austin – what do you mean you don’t know? Jed – I don’t know.. I feel like everyone would sweat in this situation. Austin – we don’t need to sweat.. we have the four of us. We had the six of us. So I wouldn’t be sweatin’. Jed – at the end of the day it is your HOH but its a team decision so like it can’t all fall on you. Austin – I just hope with this veto everything stays the same or I am going to be like f**k! Like what do I do!? I would have no one to choose from. Jed – that would be really hard. Austin – I am really actually shook that Julie said this stuff.. and it wasn’t even accurate. Me, Julie, Braydon, and Vic is that what it was? Jed – yeah she told us that. Austin – That literally isn’t an alliance that ever happened. I was like LOL. I swear on everything I wasn’t in that. Jed – I never thought you were. I think you just chill out and take your time. We literally have all the numbers so whatever you want to do we will do. Its a good position to be in. Obviously moving forward we are tight. And obviously you can’t play next week so we got you. Jed and Austin hug and Jed heads out of the HOH room.

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Feeds Gold

If its a 10 week season, 14 people, theres only enough weeks for one double, no triple, if no battlebacks or fake evictions happen

Looking at past seasons, the double dates are day 27 or 55

Will be interesting to see if the veto again is only 5 players with hoh not playing

I expect the team format to last until jury…probably a 7 person jury, so after 5 are evicted at final 9 when it will become individual phase…so kind of like survivor

Thanks for covering the season again guys

Sunshine Sparkle Face

Arisa said teams would be a few weeks, so im thinking its only gonna last for 3 evictions..hopefully

Feeds Gold

Simon whens the first kraken hour on Saturday? During veto comp?


I will shoot for Saturday night :) Hopefully this one doesn’t get removed.

Feeds Gold


Feeds Gold

Braydon and Austin chatting together they remind me a bit of the Gary and Cass connection

Guy from Canada

Why am I having PTSD from that like conversation. I feel like I have um liked blocked that unliked conversation format from my brain for like some reason or like some other reason..

oh Keifer shooting himself in the foot easy already. If he is a true super fan and not a couch fan he would know how the social aspect works…..well this is a let down if he goes home this week.

thanks for the first night updates, looking forward to the future ones!


Like exactly.


If like the “like this” “like that” “like like like” keeps up, I’m like out of like here. Good God, like get a vocabulary.


I do feel for you Dawg.


Kiefer and Josh going up.
Austin wants Kiefer out but the votes appear to be against Josh. (too early to get excited)
If Veto is played Rohan is the replacement.


What did I miss, why do they want Keifer gone?

Guy from Canada

Hopefully someone explains it but he is rubbing people the wrong way. On the first show, you see how annoyed Tina is being stuck in a room with him when he asks boys vs girls…

It's Cameron Motherfuckers

I don’t rly get why people are mad julie went she literally target my bb Josh and was so rude and couldnt stop try to stir shit up sorry girl you dug your own crave adios


The more I watch the feeds today the more I realize she went overboard with stirring the pot. She should have tapped the brakes for a week we need that pot-stirring week 3 onwards

Sunshine Sparkle Face

ya she did go overboard, on the episode as soon as i saw her take the info from Josh about the guys alliance and spread it, i texted my friend that shes playing the Rat game and OMG has she never watched BB before? This is gonna blow up in her face.

After she confronted Latoya, then made the DR statement about “Not how you talk to Julie Vu” the episode didnt show anything else, seems like it went straight to voting. i cant believe they didnt show anything that led up to her getting voted out.

Im so sad because i was a fan of her youtube for the past several years and wanted her to go onto BBCan.

another name


Making mental note of the alliance of Austin/Beth/Jed/Tay for my alliance surveillance system. Just hearing the ‘the boys will carry us far’ strategy Beth has brewing made me want the vomit a little bit…. but hey, it’s a strategy. Why do I get the feeling that, to the bros, this alliance is priority three at max?

Josh. Oh. You’re going to target Jed route…. To. Austin. oh God love a duck. Think.

Kiefer. So far he’s pushed nom Rohan instead of me to 5 people since the HOH. He’s shown Josh (his most likely block mate) his system for remembering house events. He’s made it hyper obvious he’s panicking. He’s going on the block against the house target that has resting victim face, and he’s spiraling. Not a good sign for how he’s going to do when he isn’t a member of the majority alliance. He’s now spoken to Austin 3 times since she won HOH. She mentioned last night (when it was two times) that is the most he’s engaged with her since they moved in. THAT is why he is a nomination choice. Anyone else TOTALLY get the subtle read that while Kiefer says if he won HOH VIc and Tera would be noms… what his thought bubble said was “with you, Austin, as the real target.” I think I actually saw Austin READING the bubble. Aaaand they took his bed, He’s going to have to share a bed. Eeyore moment countdown.

LaToya. What is the deal with LaToya? How has she amassed a power position on week two in such a way that she’s controlling an HOH without ever speaking TO the HOH? Simple. Everyone viewed her by the way she carries herself as the strongest woman. The Bros tapped her to be a Bro. The Sisterhood of the transferrable membership wanted her in because she looks strong. And… because she’s pushy and comes off as a bit judgmental… of course she’s going to push alpha status. I really want to like her, but she is realllly edging closer to that button that makes me say nope. Not because she has amassed a power position, but because of how she speaks to people. I’m no likin that. The tone. It’s… a tone. If you know what I mean. She held a team meeting… without the HOH… who is supposed to be on that team… to tell everyone to make sure to vote Josh out. Before the nominations. Oh that’s not taking alpha too far into micromanaging territory. At. All. (can’t decide if i’m bugeye, sideye, eyeroll or stinkeye on that one).

Imagine what’s going to happen in a week where the vote doesn’t go how LaToya and Tina have already decided how the vote is going to go… a day before nominations. That could be popcorn. OOOOh, story editors, get on that, cus I’ve got a whole box of pandemic popcorn I haven’t even opened yet. I actually grinch smiled at the thought.

If. If Austin were more of an alpha in terms of her personality, she could at THIS point have 4 votes go her way. This week five votes are required to cause a tie break. If she wants to expend the social capital, she could push forward on the Rohan Kyle side deal in the works with Braydon and Victoria. Or she could push forward with the consolidation of most of her side deals becoming one big voltron alliance. She could push her secret showmantic alliance (that, let’s be real, I think Jed is just using for safety on a one way street) to vote her way. Getting both of her in the works side arrangements to vote her way… a LOT of social capital expenditure. Over a battle between… josh. and. kiefer. Really. Is that the hill you expend all your capital on… week two?

I have no idea who, or how (maybe there was a competition this morning?) but if i caught it correctly from the sunny side of the hot tub area… there are have nots this week. There was some mention of an advantage (for veto?). I was in the midst of pouring coffee and I just don’t care enough yet today to do a rewind. I know. Day two of feeds and i’m already metering out whether or not I care enough to rewind and catch it, or just go with what I think I heard. hehe… this could be fun from one of those ‘what alternate feeds was he watching nobody said that’ perspectives. If The HOH chat between Kyle and Austin, and his snack refusal, means anything… he’s a have not.


I have a post coming. Nothing HUGE has really happened. More of the pre-feed drama is found out and Julie’s demise becomes clearer.

Josh and Kiefer still the planned Noms. Josh is likely the target. If Veto is played Rohan will be going up. As is stand now Kiefer has the votes again JOsh but probably not against Rohan.

another name

Due to covid, there will be nobody in the wendy’s window this season?
So, If they haven’t let her leave yet from last season, Chris’ mom can finally go home.
He’s probably forgotten what she looks like. Oh. Wait.


they found her in the camera runs. Chris still cant recognize her
comment image&f=1&nofb=1

RJ Squirrel

It’s hard to tell Jed and Ty apart. any advice?