“If you put me up just send me home.. I would have never done this to you guys”

Head of Household: JED
Nominations:Tera and Tina Kiefer
The Power of Veto Players are: everyone but Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Tera
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tera used the power of veto and Kiefer was the replacement
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – Kiefer is now nominated. He will be evcited.

12:20 pm Sunsetters…

Kiefer – I get it.. If you put me up just send me home.. I would have never done this to you guys. I just wish it wasn’t you
K – I’m an idiot
Jed – no you are not
K – I am Jed
Ty – you played this game well
K – I’m such an idiot..

Kiefer – I will throw the next HOH I will do what I can. I feel like the decision is already made. If I go up next to Tina why would you keep me? In my head it makes sense.
Jed says they respect Keifer’s game so much.
Kiefer says they could have been the greatest alliance of all time
Jed says the alliance crumbled week 3 with Tina
K – do you guys have a name with the three?
Jed – the trio apparently

Jed says they can’t have the greatest alliance of all time because Tina faltered.
Jed – once LT went home it put a huge wrench in this alliance
Keifer points out that after they voted to evict him he won HOH
Kiefer – I kept the 3 people that voted against me safe
Kiefer says Breydon floated so hard “I f**ing worked for you guys.. and he gets to have those memories with you”
Keifer – I have to chill with Rohan and Vic

Jed – my number one thing is loyalty my number two thing is don’t play too emotionally
Jed says this is a game decision
K – this sucks
Jed – this sucks for all of us
K – can’t believe it’s me

jed goes on about kiefer beign thebest player
K – the best player wins Hed

K – it’s all good I’m just a kid from the rez..
Ty – you will be remembered
K – it hurts.

They hug.. Kiefer leaves..

12:40 pm Kiefer and TnT
Kiefer – go get those guys.
Tera – hey there might be a power.
Kiefer – they’re not keeping me.. I will look for a power.. it’s all good
Keifer says it was a tough conversation in the HOH. “I protected them”
Kiefer – I protected you guys to that is part of the reason

12:43 pm After Kiefer leaves…
Ty – F** this one hurts

12:45 pm Beth, Jed, Ty

Beth – Kiefer wouldn’t have been here right now if it wasn’t for us three.. he would have been gone a long time ago. He was a target from day one
Ty agrees says they were Kiefer’s shields Keifer had the confidence to make moves..

4:44 pm Kiefer, Tina and Tera
Tera talking about them finding a diamond veto “Imagine if we could take two people off”

Kiefer wonders what the game would have been liked if LT stayed and Beth had gone. They agree LT would have been a target every week.

Kiefer brings up Vic coming to him saying she was the invisible HOH and she was considering putting up Beth and Jed. Kiefer says he wasn’t against it but he thought for his game better to get rid of Austin.
Kiefer says they told him he’s being voted out, “Unless there’s a secret power.. I’m done’
Kiefer – I have to win every single competition to survive.. that just seems like work..

5:19 pm Feeds cut..

8:00 pm Kiefer and Tina
Kiefer – if I self evicted would I just go to Jury house or would I go home?
Tina – home
K – really?
Tina – Yo don’t go to Jury if you self evicted.

Tina asks if Jed and Ty have a final two.
Keifer doesn’t know he thinks if Ty has a just he’ll cut Jed because he’ll want to win. “There’s nobody left to make a big move on”
K – two days ago I was sure I was safe
Tina – I was convinced it was Breydon
K – me too
K – I don’t even feel like fighting. I want to but I don’t.. the writing is on the wall you know what I mean? Why would they put me up?
K – plus they told me
Tina – if you do go on Thursday give Ro sh1t in Jury
K – Ohh I will.. I will go on Thursday. We’ve been working together since day 2. the sunsetters you don’t just put one of us up and not take the shot
K – I had so many chances to burn them. I’ve lost count on my hands
Tina – they still could have a change of mind
K – seems like they are having a pretty good time
Tina says she talked to Ty last night he told her the plan was to get rid of Breydon.

Tina – I honestly didn’t think they would pull the trigger
Tina – how does Breydon benefit their game? How can they use him moving forward?

8:41 pm Current state of feeds

8:51 pm Tera hunting for powers

9:00 pm Tera finds a black ball.. Feeds cut.

10:20 pm Beth
Beth – I didn’t think I would practically fall in love with somebody in this house. I did not think that for one second. Somebody that will win against me. I will be so happy if Jed won and I got out earlier. If I got out earlier and Jed won this game it would be the second-best thing to happen.
Beth – I will win against Tera but is that easy? Is that too easy?
Beth – I’m worried I’m living in a man’s world and they are just going to vote for Jed and Ty
Beth – I’ve done way more than Ty in this game. WAY MORE and people are still saying that he will win against me. It’s so frustrating. How is that a thing?
Beth – or is it more bada$$ to take one of them and beat them.
Beth – if miraculously Tera wins something what if she wins an HOH and backdoors one of the guys I think I will take the other guy with me.
Beth – of course, I want to go to final 3 with Jed and Ty. OF COURSE, I do. Nobody in this f**ing house sees as much as I’ve done.
Beth says she doesn’t trust “Big Brother” has made it look in the edit that she did nothing
Beth – I’ve done everything for this alliance.
Beth lists off all the things she’s done to calm the guys when they “go in too deep” and “Get too Alpha”
Beth – I have come to them with idea after idea after idea
Beth says the guys always take credit for her ideas.
Beth dances around the idea of getting rid of the guys.
Beth – Jed is one of the BEST men I have ever met. To do this too him is insane. this game is so much more than money. It’s the deepest game. I don’t think people realize how close you get to people in here (with daily banging it can happen)
Beth – these people have become my best friends. Jed and Ty. Someone I want to BE WITH when I leave this place.
Beth – for me to cut him?

Beth – for me to just cut him it’s disgusting.. it’s a disgusting thought.. I am a bada$$ I am but that … The next step is to get BReydon out.
Beth – I would rather get Breydon out next beside Tina or Tera.. maybe Tina next..
Beth – the boys want Tera out next but I don’t think that is best for my game
Beth – I can tell them Breydon is gunning for them.. he had a side deal with Rohan..
Beth – I am a strong woman I fight for strong women that’s what I do.. I will win against Tera that is the coolest part.

11:15 pm wrestling

11:25 pm ...

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Yes I agree


No we disagree


another name

So, um.
Would it be mean to hope Kiefer’s role in the Week Three blindside comes out now?
I know. I’m being an asshole.
I just figure do it before Ty figures out his pillow is a diamond butt veto.

BTW: Don’t know if anyone else clocked it. Look at Tera try to hide her excitement and glee.
It’s there. Look. She’s secretly happy.

another name

Beth is annoyed by floaters. She’s actually annoyed by coasters, but has forgotten the week two lesson where the difference was explained (she was there).
Sweetie, you want Kiefer gone because he was playing both sides. That’s classic definition floating. And you are dedicating your final 3 to him. Man.
Sweetie, if you hate floaters so much, why are you trying to make a side alliance with Tina and Tera. Why the attempt with Breydon and Ro? That would be preparation for floating. Being good on both sides of the house to keep yourself safe by running to power.
Classic definition floating not Rachel definition floating which is coasting.
Sa-weetie… quit being such an entitled little brat.

Kiefer. On my nopelist. I’m fine with him being on the block. I’m fine with him being backstabbed by the people that already showed him he was nothing to them in week three.
I’m fine with him getting his ego taken down a peg or twenty. He’s on my nopelist, and i’m going to popcorn my way through the schadenfreude. Meh.


ja ja schadenfreude!!

another name



No – he deserves for that to be exposed. We’ve only been ranting about it forever lol.

So— I’m missing part of something that got exposed—- Did Keifer tell them he knew Vic was invisible HOH “and had to talk her out of putting up Jed & Beth”?

He said that to TNT but the convo in the HOH room (before noms) sounds like he ALSO told them. They then used it against him as playing all sides & were pissed he didn’t tell them immediately when they were grappling with what to do about Vic.

I’m confused how he thought that would help him — all it did is reinforce he was playing all sides and retaining information that could help the quartet.

Do you know if that’s the gist of it?

While neither of us were fans of Keif & the braggadocio IMHO his greatest error was winning DE HOH. He knew that he was ahead & knew that Ro/Brey missed too many questions so he could’ve let someone else win. Hell, he even knew Ro wasn’t going to go after him if he’d won.

With how well Keif was situated in the house I always thought one of his best moves would’ve been to secretly form a REAL F2 alliance with Ro & then sat back since he wouldn’t be targeted by ANY of them. It would’ve behooved him to study dates with Ro too knowing DE tends to be date related. Then Ro could’ve broken up the trio (and we know Jed would be the primary target). Ty would pull closer to him if that went down & Keif would have the two main guys on each side of the house going after each other while he sat back and nurtured relationships with the others.

another name

Kief exposed to the triangle on… Friday I think (sat at latest) that he knew Vic was the invisible HOH. He was taking credit for her move after her eviction. He had told TNT at some point earlier (I think Thurs. night).
I honestly think Kief was pumping his own tires that HE controlled Vic’s Invisible HOH.
He was resume building through subterfuge… as if jurors don’t talk.
But… we didn’t see their convos with all the feed cuts that week. Coulda happened.


Thank goodness I didn’t care which side wins…however, now I only want Breydon to win.
NOT ONE of the trio deserve to win and I so hope they loose, if they backdoor Kief, their number 4! It is brutal that the trio think they could have made it to this point without their fourth, Kief. ALL three deserve to lose.

It is like they are not thinking jury votes…Vic is already bitter, now with Kief as a bitter jury member, they will have ZERO chance to win. IMHO haha

Such an annoying season! Haha If Tina or Tera win it will be a huge shame of a season. While nice people, they have not played a good game whatsoever, unless you find being a floater a good game move! Tina, Tera or Breydon for HOH!! I want Beth gone before Jed or Ty…hope it is Breydon that boots her out! haha

I hope, if Kief ends up the block (very likely), that he can somehow convince them to keep him so he can put one of the trio up and boot them!

another name

A true floater game is the most difficult game to play in Big Brother.
It is a mastery of comprehending social dynamics, and being able to successfully keep the target off yourself by always having social coin with all sides of the house. Enough social coin that they can simultaneously be good with both sides in a two sided dynamic without being a target.
It’s way harder than join an alliance of 6-8 and ride roughshod.
It’s way harder than coasting, which is just hoping you maintain value to the house as a vote until jury.

Truly floating has been maligned. It’s the most difficult way to play the game.
When one group has been in power since week 4 and is now cannibalizing it’s own, nobody is floating. They’re just being downgraded as a priority.
Right now it’s a case of preening entitled brats thinking big moves are what wins the game.
That was Beth’s hubris, and Kiefer’s hubris, and now Jed’s hubris. They are so intent on the big move that they are cannibalizing before they’ve wiped out their targets. That’s a great move suggesting big moves to the trio on the part of Breydon, Tera and Tina. Hate to say it, they bamboozled the trio by playing ‘i’m the biggest loser not worth being evicted because nobody will respect it as a move in jury’ to the egomaniacs.

When some people chose sunsetters over oddballs, deciding they were the nice people, they jumped over just how they treated Josh. they jumped over just how they treated Kiefer on the block before he won veto in week two (acceptable casualty to the alliance was what Ty and LaToya decided), let alone how they treated Kiefer on the block week three (he may have been playing victim, but if he hadn’t been, the cruelty expressed by his alliance repeatedly would have been even more despicable).
The way I see it… If Ty or Jed had Kiefer’s body, or even Rohan’s body, a lot of the fanstanning about the sunsetters would have been dead on week three. Given how they were talking to and about others, no way the social media etiquette police would have given them a pass if they weren’t models / former models. The lattitude would have been extinguished weeks ago if they weren’t hot. My Opinion. Nobody has to agree, but I’m sticking to it, so nobody is going to change my mind.

Jed and/or Ty gets Vic and Kief’s votes no matter what. Vic is bitter about Beth and Beth only. Kief will always vote man over woman, it’s who he is. Rohan votes for the finalist with the most comp wins hands down.


I do not see the floaters game as a good one. However if people think it is a good game, that’s cool! 🙂

I still think Kief, Jed, Ty and Beth are all good people and I like them. They are just making a bad move…IMO

I chose to root for the Sunsetters (Kief, Ty, Jed and Beth…I do not count Tina as a Sunsetter) since they seemed to be the only alliance that was loyal. Now that there has been no real alliance, I am annoyed and disappointed at the same time! Haha If one of the trio wins the game I will be disappointed. I get that loyalty when playing this game is almost impossible, however I still prefer to see people who can be loyal and win. It somehow makes all the harshness of the game more bearable? I do not know…I hate that having no loyalty and being the sneakiest person is what wins. This season is a game of no loyal alliances…just a bunch of duos, a trio and singles. 🙁

Breydons game only started after Austin left, but it has been okay since. So if Kief cant get himself out of this mess I will be rooting for Breydon! haha I have no loyalty 😉

I get that you think the jury will be fair, but I don’t see that either! We will see when this all ends! 

At times I must remind myself it is just a game…haha 😉


to add…lol…I guess some could say the trio is a loyal alliance, but no. The trio (un-named, to my knowledge?) would no longer be a trio if not for Kief…and even Vic. I did not feel they owed Vic any loyalty since she was never a Sunsetter. With Kief he is an original Sunsetter, from like day two or three!?!, who never went against them, unlike Tina, who they plan to keep. The Sunsetters (Kief, Beth, Jed and Ty) was the only real alliance after week three, IMO. 🙂

another name

The sunsetters were never a loyal alliance. they were a group that said loyalty a lot. From the beginning the boys made it clear enough to Tina that they didn’t consider her one of them, or on their level perhaps is a better way of putting it. They asked LaToya to deal with her because she was too much. Tell me a time Tina has been too much. I’ll wait.
Week 2 We started with Beth Jed and Ty weighing whether to go with Sunsetters they’d already joined, or the showmance alliance with Austin.
What was the first thing Beth said to Austin on feeds: maybe we should back door LaToya. Week two first night of Austin’s HOH. Also week 2. Ty and LaToya discuss maybe letting Kiefer be evicted, and get the loss out of the way early. The sunsetters shunned Kiefer until he won Veto.
Week 3, TIna left the group because it was a dictatorship not an alliance.
Kiefer is on the block with LaToya. The group decides the moment LaToya is in danger: get to steppin Kief. Like it was THEIR DECISION. Kiefer even kiefed to LaToya on Thursday night, 11 minutes after being told the plan, that he was supposed to act sad, the other nominee was the real target. And we still had that much drama and shunning.
Week 4: Beth is already planting seeds to get Ty or Kiefer voted out. Meanwhile Ty and Kief are having little side talks about how maybe blowing bubbles with Beth is distracting Jed from the plan.
I can go on. There’s a good eight or night examples from week 5-now. THEY WERE NEVER LOYAL.

New Kid

I 100% agree. I have zero respect for the trio at this point. My only hopes to salvage this crap season is for Breydon to win! He might not have played the best game but he’s the only player left who’s still deserving and can made a valid case of why he should win. Jed, Ty and Beth are completely ridiculous for getting rid of Keifer. One of them will be gone by next week for sure


New Kid, I hope you are correct and next week one of them is gone! I still have hope that Kief will start to fight to stay. He would only need to convince Ty, Tera and Brey, that cant be that hard? haha 😉 Tell Ty that Jed will for sure bring Beth to final two, tell Brey he will make the shot at Beth and Jed, tell Tera that he is much more likely to win than Tina and would protect her to final two…there is hope.

I am very over the trio…crazy that they think they have been the ones saving Kief!? Like what! haha 🙂

Lets hope for Keif to pull out all that confidence we know he has and go hard campaigning!! I do not want a trio member to win! He has ZERO loyalty to any of them now and really can say anything…lol Fingers crossed it works!!

Right now I can hardly watch feeds, as the trios egos are painful…

you aint winning now brah

the mouthbreather is done, what a great day. poetic justice. Kief you wasted your 2 hoh’s on emotional moves Shouldve focused on real threats like Ty Jed and Beth. BWAHHAHHAHA!
dumb ass


Haha mouth breather… so true lmao


I can’t believe what is going to be left in this house. All horrible players, none of which deserve to win the game. What a waste.

Guy from GTA

This is depressing to watch. The season could have been great too.


Jed is disgusting to do that to Kiefer…so is beth and Ty…they are dirty!!!

New Kid

Jed and Ty more so than Beth. Atleast Beth can say it was part of her strategy in getting rid of players like Keifer and Vic who were closer to Jed and Ty but for the boys this is an absolute crap decision and there’s no way anyone in the jury will respect this move. Especially with how much they preach about loyalty


Fk Keifer… thats Karma for the massive hate he had for Rohan that he could not let go of. Keif and Ro could have worked together but Keifer held the grudge the whole time

Also keifer is dumb to get stabbed twice in the front by his own “alliance.” What a bitch.

They voted you out the first time and now it will happen… bitch.



Well keifer if you wernt such a dumb ass and put those two boys on the block you wouldnt be going home one of them would be. Jed and Ty on the block one of them wins veto they come down beth goes up and their power crumbles it is now 4 against 2 and all her jumping around, mirror talking would not save her butt. You keifer would still be in the game but You thinking they are with you was your mistake. You are on the block because of your mistake should have put them up.

another name

The deal.
I’ve pointed out what Kiefer does well in the game. Now I’m going to look at Kiefer’s game errors.
Week Two: gets chirpy during the HOH comp, specifically knocking the person that would eventually win the comp. Admits he’s barely spoken to her. Realizes this was his game error. Once informed he’s going on the block, Kief goes out of his way to make multiple little side deals claiming his weakness but undying loyalty to the non sunsetters… Until he get the Veto at which point he ghosts and chirps the cockytalk. A couple days later he starts Kiefing to get the people he’d begged to only days before targeted. He gets caught.
Week Three: is a pawn and part of the plot to get rid of a member of his own alliance.
Gets treated like a subhuman by his own alliance, who then vote against him, even though we NOW know they’d gotten a heads up from Austin. Not Kiefer. Austin.
Week Four: becomes HOH and protects the people that treated him like he was subhuman to target the people that kept him over LaToya. (Said he didn’t want to be on the bottom of an 8, he’d rather be on the bottom of a 4. Logically, if he’d stuck to Vic as his partner making the group 4 pairs… he’s in a definite 2, not 4th in a 4). He makes a promise to the other finalist in the HOH comp and bounces the check, while harping about loyalty.
Week Five: Invisible week. Doesn’t tell his alliance who the invisible HOH is (they knew, we know Vic told Jed, but he kept is mostly secret). Becomes the braggart douche of the house claiming his invincibility. To everyone. Constantly. Gets clocked as suspected of playing both sides… by both sides. Starts to push for a 2 with Ty.
Week Six: post veto pushes for Tera to leave hard until flipping to pushing for Vic to go hard. Brags even more about how he’s made for the game and how he’s the winner, while at the same time getting sketchy, fearing his tower of lies and kiefing will be exposed. Keeps pushing a 2 with Ty, while also acting sketch. Loses Tera’s trust.
Week Six B: wins HOH to take out his archnemesis reason for living. Tells half the house Beth would have been his renom. Becomes an even bigger braggart.
Week Seven: Spends HOH night with the losing side of the HOH comp. Talks about throwing the veto. Brags more. Gets tipped he’s going on the block. sad sacks.

Still don’t believe he’s going to be evicted. The week is too full of oddity.
However, I’d say the same if he stays, because everything I’ve listed happened. And he’d likely still crawl back to the cool kids and push for Brey and Tera to be evicted.
Sidenote: the Entertainment Tonight focus on Beth and Tera is starting to get muy pavoroso.
If anyone’s looking for where the microaggression line is actually starting this season: look no further than the ET hot takes on season development.


ok i dont like keifer but the trio are giving themselves a lot of credit for keifer’s success in the game. he has won as many comps individually as the trio has put together. he kept them safe throughout this game, not the other way around.

another name

Well, what do you expect from a trio of entitled brats that already voted him out once.
They literally packed his bags for him in week three and said seeya round… who gets his bed?

Feeds Gold

breydon: “grim reaper? okay, queefer”

Cindy spinner

I really don’t like the trio! I have watched bb since season 1 USA and am a super fan. I really do not like any of these 3 people. If Kiefer goes for the first time I believe I will not watch this season anymore.
after the disaster last year with everyone self evicting or being pull out they really need a good year and with these 3 just running over everyone and basically making the whole show about them it just as sucky. Kiefer adds so much to the show without him what else is there watch here. I believe him going is disappointment to this show. Tina, brayden, tera even have done nothing and add nothing all to the show. All breydon did for weeks is lay around isolating with Austin. I understand you want to go against weak people in the end but my god this is horrible.
your just saying come on the show lay around do nothing and win.

Guy From Canada

I feel your frustration on watching. I gave up on “Allstars ” and actually stopped watching. This season I’m waiting to see the trio implode when Beth cuts one. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll be cracking a bottle of Kraken.

another name

The feeds died last night. Cause of feed death has been determined to be Raccoon.
The suspect died while committing the feed death.


Wooooo happy dance!!

another name

How i feel about my nope list people:
I hated them:

SOOOOO much. It it it..feel…felt… flame… flames…
flames on the side of my face
heaving breaths.

Madeline Kahn.


That’s BRUTAL!!!!! Worst players ever! Let’s go Breydon


Keifer chilling with TNT commiserating over their position – some interesting side notes—

Tera mentions how Brey/Beth/Jed likely have a F3 but it can’t be trusted based on their lack of loyalty. Keifer says I didn’t have a F3 with them & Tera astutely jumps on that & asks if he had a F4 with the trio. B/c Tina is in the room he lies & says “no – that was probably my mistake”. (not sure Tera is buying it).

Then they discuss Keif/Tina being Canada’s favorites to start the game & how great it would be to be given a DPOV to save them both. Tera says – you put up Ty/Breydon & vote out Ty.

Keifer’s face on that comment made me laugh b/c he would put up BETH all day every day. The question is whether in his pitch to stay he shares how the girls won’t go after Beth or not. It’s also savvy comment by Tera b/c she’s already talked to Breydon to make inroads for them to work together to target the trio.

Tina looks like someone kicked her dog b/c her true ride or die is sitting beside her on the block. I think Tina likes Tera but she also played up they were closer (than her & Keif) so she would always be safe if the two went on the block. Tera caught part of this dynamic (Tina/Keif) last week but I wonder if she’s processed just how much Tina wasn’t committed to keeping her as long as Keif was in the house.

Feeds Gold

another names reaction when it was confirmed jed put queefer on the block…


pacing, like scott, in the first 20 seconds of the video, waiting for confirmation
then it was party time haha
(unmute audio for best audio/visual experience)

another name

LMAO. After Kiefer left the room and everyone was crying when feeds came back
I was more like the season 6 Liv D/R clip:

He didn’t die. He’s just out of the house. with an eyeroll.

Feeds Gold

queefer to trio(pleads his case):

we’re no strangers to love
the 3 of you are in a threesome…and im just 4th wheel
a full commitments what im thinkin of…
you wouldnt get this from any other guy
iiiiiiiii………just wanna tell you how im feeling
gotta make you understand
never gonna give you up…never gonna let you down
never gonna run around and desert you
never gonna make you cry…never gonna say goodbye
never gonna tell a lie and hurt you
weve known each other for so long
your hearts been aching, but…youre too shy to say it
inside, we both know whats been goin on
we know the game and were gonna play it
aaaaaaaand if you ask me how im feeling
dont tell me youre too blind to see
trio to queefer(their backdoor decision):

jed: we’re gonna give you up…we’re gonna let you down
ty: we’re gonna run around and desert you
jed: we’re gonna make you cry…we’re gonna say goodbye
ty: and we’re gonna tell a lie and hurt you
jed: we’re gonna give you up…we’re gonna let you down
ty: we’re gonna run around and desert you
jed: we’re gonna make you cry…we’re gonna say goodbye
ty: and we’re gonna tell a lie and hurt you
beth(backing vocals): oooooh, give you up
beth(backing vocals): ohh oooooh, give you up
jed/ty: gonna give gonna give
beth(backing vocals): ohh oooooh, give you up
jed/ty: gonna give gonna give
jed/ty/beth: we’re gonna give you up


This started off as a great bb Canada but I don’t understand how stupid everyone is keeping Jed Ty and Beth in the game. Invisible HOH blown on someone not dangerous it would have been the perfect time to take a shot on those 3 idiots.


Wonder if THAT is the power — hmm — The question though is if the power goes beyond this week would she actually use it to save Keifer OR — would she wait & use it next week to blindside Jed?

Also — Another Name — I’d love your insight here — BUT WHY was she only looking on the outside edges & what was she reaching down for (SIDE EYE— as if instructed on where to look and WHAT to look for).

another name

Everyone ALWAYS searches the edges of the room. During a big on feeds search so far… NOBODY has gone centre mass. They all go to the back wall and corners.
Partially they could be instructed. Partially it’s human nature in that type of endeavor to search the edges because searching the bulk is something the brain considers too difficult.

another name

D/R would not allow Beth to mention or name the sunsetters and their membership in her goodbye message to Vic.
What do you make of that?
I mean, in past seasons, (looking at bb22 for example) they’ve made a big deal about the reveal especially to Jury because it’s a game point.
So, why not? Upcoming Shenanigans and the balls in have not are a red herring?
Just a thought. Gary 2.0?

Feeds Gold

sunsetters ehhh?

its only jed/ty left with beth there for the hj’s

another name

Preamble: expecting lots of eyerolls and lots of editing ‘choices’ and time twisting.
As the show starts, Tera finds a bigger black ball in the ballpit on feeds.

Reminder: Breydon was the absolute target until after the veto comp feed return Twilight Zone. If they go different.. It’s edit bullshit.

Episode begins with a Nikki memorial tribute and psa for eating disorder help and awareness.
RIP Nikki.

The week 6 Vic backdoor. A faux show of allegiance causing the hot tub massacre that was never a test of allegiance, it was dramatainment for the entitled brats.
The week 6b Rohan eviction. Ty’s swordplay… oh. How are they going to innuendo more….
Who has the balls to be HOH. KNEW THAT WAS COMING.
grimace. The writers are 12 year olds.

NOTE. when Kiefer talks about the alliance, he doesn’t include Beth as having a role. Just sayin’. Guys guy.
Breydon feels bad Ro left after working so hard last week.
Vic throwing Brey under the bus. There was so much of this edited out. mmkay. We’re getting the Trio makes sense edit, not the trio are hypersensitive entitled brats edit. GOOD TO KNOW.
Beth calling herself the bad bitch. ummm. Bad bitches aren’t afraid to tell their target they are going home. kitten without claws. Go lie down. Oh wait, that’s the other half of her strategy (lie down with manwhores).
TNT know they’re next.
Tina is getting her 17th D/R of the season and… um. it’s a choice in editing. With a sunsetter d/r push any guess why she was pushing for Brey so hard as a nom? just checking. If her other D/R’s are so Sunsetter directed the end of the samebraining will be explained.
Sunsetters getting cocky. Like real cocky.
Kiefer goes Mr. Ego to tell them about the Invisible HOH.
Kiefer thinks he cemented them. the knowledge coming a week late… bad. More like buried himself in cement.
Kiefer is all feeling himself. Mr. Mullet? Did he call himself Mr. Mullet… as a GOOD thing??????????????
TNT Brey talk. more how do we get rid of them talk. humiliation talk. The weekly chat.
Tera D/R. And it’s a little odd. It’s almost Beth level screechy. had to look to see why Beth was imitating Tera in D/R. Nope. Just Tera. being… exuberant in a cringe way.
Kiefer final 7 talk. Oh this foreshadow schadenfreude is going to be fuuuun.
Episode returns to the Beth pantry talk. That makes no sense compared to her next three Parascam moments. It’s almost like they had her do one for each part in the choose your own adventure Popularity Contest Week of Big Brother Canada.
Tera gets the whole tinkly piano victim rising to wannabe hero edit.

HOH BallPit Blitz. The Popularity Contest.
search for white balls. 5 balls at a time.
Red x balls in opponents tube takes away a point. 20 minute time limit.
Breydon’s plan avoid red x just get points.
everyone is after Tera. mmhmm.
Jed and Brey have the most points so far.
Tina gets another d/r…. are we in the twilight zone?
1/2 way point and they are going against tera big.
Breydon is doing well, seems to be going all white no red x as much as he can.
Jed is overflow. Brey is overflow.
Brey found Kief’s glasses.
five against one cowards moment for Tera. she’s done. Tera is piiiiissed.
Tera telling Kief he’s going to get picked off after he chirps her.
Brey is hoping he’ll win. Jed hoping he won’t.
Verified by BB count. sideye.
Tera is really pissed. Not wrong in what she’s saying. But really salty.
64 poitnts for Jed. they don’t reveal Breydon’s total.
NO HAVE NOTS. ask me my thoughts. No Really. Go Ahead.
the victory edit music… i’ve never liked it. It’s like a really really really cheap take off riff from an Eminem song on loop…. performed by a first year music student.
Tera is pissed in D/R. She wanted her family to see her do well. Tera is getting underdog edit that’s going to pay off with the Veto episode.
Tera and Jed talk. it’s still a hottalk. not as hot as Jed described it later.
Beth is pissy about Breydon and Tina and Tera.
Beth, who has been proud of her game being played on her back with two manwhores, is mad other people have been carried. Oh take a seat toots, I’ve had enough of your self righteous screeching for one episode.
Kiefer says they are a million percent against Breydon, TINA GETS ANOTHER D/R…. whu? She may hit 20 or 21 for the season tonight…. wow.
So Tina is pushing Breydon over Tina on the block to save Tera. That’s an edit choice…Tina wasn’t saving Tera, Tina was saving Tina to not go on the block herself. We have to point that out. Strange edit choice.

WENDY’S FILLER. Tera had JUST EATEN. Jed wants to pick her brain.. depending on which personality arrives that could be interesting? Tera pushes Brey as the target after talking to Tina who talked to Kiefer.
She actually throws Tina under the bus because NOBODY says Tina.
Brey is checking in with Jed. Jed lies to Breydon. Jed is stringing Brey in this talk.
TNT have to go Beth says. If Tera comes off… Jed says Kiefer. Oh, one of the two talks that mentioned Kiefer that were hypothetical in the 200 anti Breydon talks / time twister things. Another editing choice to set up the post veto shift that made no sense. Eyeroll again. THEY WENT THE BULLSHIT ROUTE.

Tera and Tina.
Tera you say my name and you are an emotional wildcard.
Tina we are superficial friends, but ur team Tera.
Jed D/R: I may have something big up my sleeve wait and see.

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delusional beth WAKE THE F UP

you are NOT beating ty or jed in f2

0% chance of winning against either

if you want to take either to f2 you are a moron

you are hated by ro, vic and queefer likes jed/ty way more so youre already 3 votes down

trying to claim you carried the 2 guys to the end, the jury will laugh in your face as they give ty or jed the win 7-0

your only chance is sitting next to one of the other 3…a better chance of beating tera, not as good a chance against tina or brey

or is she fine with 2nd place(thinking she can spend jeds 1st place cash on the outside)?

Gertrude Namayanja

I find it not fair if we the viewers don’t vote strong contestants get evicted Rohan was a strong and intelligent person

another name

The problem with Rohan:
He had no clue how to read the motivations, emotions, or strategies of others if they didn’t fit into how he thought the game should go.
He had THE WORST READS of the house EVER.
He intentionally set himself up as underdog to the extent that he didn’t use the veto to save one ally, and fight to save the other, instead preferring to take the loss and further play underdog.
He relied on winning Vetoes. You can’t rely on winning every veto.

Gertrude Namayanja

Breydon, has come from far if he wins HOH NEXT WEEK he has the potential to win the game

Feeds Gold

i want this hoh to be an epic battle of endurance wall style comp

tera defeating beth

we havent really had a proper endurance this season(apart from the teams comp which wasnt an actual hoh)

come on production, you know its time

another name

Waffle number One.
Beth and Jed.
Maybe we should keep Kiefer and evict Tina.
Expect at least 750 more.

This is after Beth’s I am woman hear me roar moment that made everyone on feeds gasp and wait for lightning to strike her down.
I remind you, this is the same one that said ‘i knew when I got here that i wouldn’t work with any women, and they’d have to go. I said i wanted a couple guys and a gay best friend to ride with.’

I don’t care how post modern your feminist theory… Beth ain’t it.
And this has nothing to do with LaToya and Jed’s sister (?) currently doing a live chat about Beth not being it. Dear Beth, Jed lives off the kindness of his mother, you’re out.

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ah the trio waffle sessions are back

another name

Well now that Beth is thinking of the Entertainment Tonight dream of Beth and Tera final 2…. of course she needs Tina gone.
Tbh, if they’d told Kief he has to be on the block to ensure Tina leaves and they’ve already decided the vote, he’s fine…. Tina would be the wise course of action.
She’s the glue that bonded Tera and Kiefer before tonight.
And let’s face it, Kiefer would still be begging Ty and Jed to like him like a pathetic fool.

another name

I want some honest reaction:

Ty asked Kiefer if he was going to cook them dinner tonight.


another name

added for your pleasure: tonight Jed’s dinner was cereal.

then again. Kiefer, who said tonight, “no use crying over spilled milk”
cried for over an hour, and is in about hour 9 of a sulkfest.
Has been a lump on a couch saying he wants to self evict, and wishing they’d just vote now so he can go. And would STILL crawl back to the boys if given the chance. He. would.
Can’t even own it.

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time for pots and pans?

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beef stew?

another name

still my go to in every food related fu situation:

minny pie.jpg

All I have to say to Kiefer is: Bahahahahaha! Couldn’t have happened to a more delusional player.

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late night chat sesh in bed…queefer to brey: me, tina, tera and ro decides who wins the game…im not gonna say im gonna be a bitter jury member but no fucking way im voting for them if theres somebody next to them whos not them

tells brey the sunsetters is the name of the alliance

brey has 3 nights with queefer just the 2 of them in that room

queefer will arrive at jury bitter at the trio, with a lasting good impression of brey

brey also ticks all queefers boxes…poc, team defender and a guy

if brey can survive, he has a shot to win against anyone…social game social game social game

another name

But, does Kiefer try to get Tina and Tera to trust Brey and vice versa
Does Kiefer try to stay, by selling Tina Tera and Brey as together to the triangle
Does Kiefer try to sell himself as a better stronger ally to Tera and Breydon and guilt Ty?
It’s Monday night.
With Kiefer you never know because Kief gonna kief.


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