“Kiefer is non stop talking about how he’s winning this game… I wouldn’t be that confident”

Head of Household: JED
Nominations:Tera and Tina
The Power of Veto Players are: everyone but BReydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Tera
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?????
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – Tera will use the veto on herself and Kiefer is the planned the replacement nomiantion. I predict massive waffling this week.

9:44 am Jed and Beth
Talking about Tera getting spooked if she finds out Kiefer is going up. Jed considers what if Tera doesn’t use it.
THey’re surprised nobody took a shot at them. Jed explains it’s because they were in power the entire time. V had a chance but she didn’t take it.
Jed says Kiefer is “technically” coming for them because in final 5 he can beat them in comps and will put up the three.
Jed – I think about it as if I am watching as a fan. what’s the best move?
Jed – emotionally it would be Breydon, strategically it’s Kief
Jed – I told Ty he has to lay up with him more
Jed – he was like YEAH I will take one for the team
Jed – I wonder if Ty wins HOH him and Breydon will be in here then we would have the defender to ourselves and they (TnT) would have destiny to themselves. It would be two, two and two
Beth – WOW
Jed – that could be fun
Beth – we could go nuts
They laugh
Jed – we can just into different beds to switch it up
Beth – Oh my god the f*** shack in there
Jed – they change the name on the door the smash sack
Jed – the slop shack..
Feeds cut..

11:38 am Tina and Tera
Tina saying the conversations closer to eviction day will be more important. They seem to think Breydon is the replacement.
Tina – even at the end of the day if they are changing their minds they won’t tell me

Tera wonders if Kiefer has the same conversations with the two sides about “Winning”
Tina – No
Tina brings up Kiefer bragging about all his wins being more than Rohans. Suggests this isn’t a good idea for Kiefer because it’s putting into everyone’s head he’s a threat.

Tera – did you come here to win
Tina – I would like to win of course.. why not why would you come in here and not want to win
Tera – I came here for MONEY
Tera brings up the other side saying she should be happy to make it this far it’s an accomplishment.

Tera – straight up it’s another pretty boy situation but they have a different f***ing name and that season pissed me off so bad.. so bad
Tina – I wold just hate for him to go out like that (Kiefer)
Tera – at the end of the day he’s in the best position in this house
Tina – hands down

Tera – that is why he’s is openly, vocally telling everybody he’s going to win.
Tina – that’s a bad move on his part though he shouldn’t be doing that he should be deflecting away from that
Tera – you would think
Tina – I wouldn’t be that confident
Tera – with those guys and their egos, I can’t see them.
Tina – they want to get to the end and say they made a BIG move. What’s a big move right?
Tera – it’s not Breydon and it’s not you

Tera – if they do that to Keifer (put him up) it’s got nothing to do with us it’s because Keifer is non stop talking about how he’s winning this game.
Tina – he needs to shut it down
Tera – I love Kief I don’t even have the ego these guys have and it’s bugging me too.. all their egos are pissing me off.
They bring up Kiefer acting like he doesn’t know the “Bingo numbers”
Tina – Kiefer knows a lot more than he’s letting on

Tera- we got to start winning next HOH has to be me or you. it can’t be Keifer. In every scenario, we go up.
Tera – if they don’t put up Kiefer that means Kiefer is heavily protected by both sides. IF nobody takes the shot at him the will win

Tera – I feel like Ty will fight for Breydon, Don’t yo see they are really close. Don’t yo see that Ty sees Beth and Jed are a thing?
Ti a- Kieder might be his thing to
Tera – Keifer told me his rid or die is Jed
Tina – how long ago
Tera – when I was sitting on the block next to V

Kiefer joins them..

3:30 pm Kiefer and Ty
Ty – Time is going by real slow
Kiefer – I feel helluva anxious today
Ty – why?
Kiefer – I dunno
Ty – about what?
Kiefer – I dunno maybe I just have bad anxiety today
Ty – is it a bad feeling
Kiefer- yeah
Ty – ohh shit
K – I know
Ty – when was the last time you had a bad feeling
K – When I went up on the f**Ing block
Ty – seriously .. no another time recently,… what the f* was is?
K – Oh Ro won the veto.
Kiefer – I don’t think I am going on the block
Ty – I don’t think so either

Ty – do you think somebody has A power?
Kiefer – if Vreydon has a power we’ll flush it out here and send Tina out

6:50 pm Ty and Kiefer
K – I just hope my loyalty gets me far cause there was times I coulda..
Ty – burned us
K – So many times. I stuck my neck out for us.. All of us. I just don’t want to get done TOO dirty. I want to be taken out by one of you but not when there’s 3 other f***ing people left in this house
Ty – I know that’s what we always said
K – I know where I stand in the four
TY – I know where I stand
K – I’m the four, I get it
Ty – I’m the third wheel on a vehicle that’s not a good situation is it?
K – I feel like I’m getting drove by
K – Its all good I can hang my hat and be proud of what I did in this game.
Kiefer says BReydon is very comfortable and that is making him feel uncomfortable. Keifer wants to tell Breydon, “After the POV ceremony of course”
Ty – tell him what he’s going home
Kiefer says Blue line and Tera are getting in his head telling him he might go up.
Kiefer – I’ve just done so much for the squad
Ty – I know, put in so much work
K – F*** I don’t think he’ll do it.
Ty – Jed’s a loyal guy
K – I hope, I’m down to compete against you, Jed and Beth. If I go I go. Obviously, the odds are stacked against me.. when I go against you guys.
Ty – Why do you say that?
K – there’s no way I get kept
Ty – You can win HOH
K – that’s the plan
Ty – even if you don’t win HOH you can win Veto
K – that’s also the plan
Ty – at that point it’s whoever wins
Ty points out you can understand how someone would want to take the path of least resistance at final 4.
K – I hope he’s still, if you want to be the best you have to beat the best.
Ty – that’s how I always thought
K – I’m down, If I win HOH next week I’ll prove it YET again

Ty asks why is Kiefer worried about Jed.
K – I dunno he’s just not looking me in the eye lately
K – Like something’s changed
Ty – since when?
K – Since he became HOH
Ty – isn’t that crazy how that can happen?
K – YES Yes.. it is what it is.
Ty – they always say that the block and HOH can change people
K – whoever wins these next couple comps will win the game out of the 4 of us.
Ty – that’s true

9:30 pm family dinner

11:05 pm Chilling

1:40am Feeds are off air..

11:15 am Feeds down until Noon apparently..

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another name

Not being said as a slutshame. Being said as a slutcelebration:
TNT tell Beth it’s raining.
Beth takes off ala roadrunner to see it raining.
You’d almost think TNT were the Weathergirls and they just told Beth it’s raining men.
80’s flashback… like everything from the 80’s isn’t a flashback.

Lots of talk of bingo numbers in the ball pit. How many did Au/Brey tell Ky/Ro they’d found? And TNT think Kief has found THE numbers.

Fun reward idea: two people are called to compete secretly. They have to figure out a scavenger hunt, that leads to bingo letters and numbers flashing on the different screens in the yard, expedia, etc. then they have to dive into the ball pit and find the five letters, as well as the five numbers in order to get a Bingo on a hidden Bingo Card in a tunnel in the backyard … that…. leads to a Marsha visit. They are tasked to get undercover drunk, and make a mess that leads to everyone having to do their laundry with sunlight In order to WINNNNNNN: a Pizza Party for everyone in memory of Nikki Grahame. All during a feed block. That lasts 36 hours.

Yeah, this all came out of Tina finding O-63 ball under the pool table.
Feeds were down. they returned to Kief telling Jed that TIna and Tera had warned Kief he might be renom. Jed tells him those two are constantly paranoid, stirring up crap that makes everyone else paranoid.
Don’t know it that solidifies the plan, or makes Jed think that the plan has gotten out.
It should make Jed think it’s clarification that Tina and Tera are team Kiefer, to warn him.
It could make Jed think, did Breydon squeal.
Either it possible.

another name

Trying to decipher Tera’s conversation with Jed is weird.
She’s said she knows she’s bottom of the pecking order in the house, even with her alliance. This confirms she is working with Kiefer because she asks if Kiefer has been bragging he’d win to them too. She says she’s thinking about herself beyond team.
She says Breydon is the wildcard. He’d likely throw her on the block if he won. confirming she isn’t working with Breydon.
She asks Jed about loyalty (that word is a damned albatross now), and whether loyalty to the four she thinks he has with Kiefer supercedes the loyalty to his final threes and final twos she is sure he has in place.
Tera is reading Jed’s entire game to Jed. with footnotes. This is odd, not because it’s not a Tera thing, it is, but because it’s not a BB thing that is done.
Tera says Breydon is a move, but rationally is he the big move? If there is a power out there already, should Jed take the opportunity to flush it out?
Tera says Kief is far more loyal to Tina than to her, she’s keenly aware.
She asks if Kiefer pushed more for her to stay or Vic to stay. Jed says he always said Vic staying was better for his game.
So, Jed is giving Tera partially correct answers to turn Tera against Kiefer. Is this to get her to vote him out, or to get her to break with Kiefer if he stays? I’m not sure at all.
Tera is being far more open about Kiefer saying he will win the game.
It’s similar to the conversation she had with Ty (yesterday I think).
Jed may be letting too much out to too many people NOT to make the move against Kiefer.
I mean, he’s being pretty loose trying to get consensus that Kiefer is THE move.

If my read of this is off, please correct me. I have a hard time with Terasations because I ignored or muted her a lot for weeks.


Yeah – I picked up on this yesterday even prior to her winning the POV. As noted in a prior post it became crystal clear to Tera last week that Keif was playing TNT/the Trio off against one another AND she knew he also had Vic. It’s a total guess on my part BUT I think she also got slightly annoyed at Tina last week especially when things got heated with Keif and Tina didn’t do much to back her up.

We forget that Tera knows about the SunSetter b/c Tina told her wayyyyyyyyyyyy back. Funny how Tina is suddenly bringing up the SS F5 in every convo with the trio (something she didn’t do for weeks on end). The SS knowledge could be why Tera has constantly been crusty toward the other side of the house. She hears them screaming loyalty and pushing her for information never feeling that it’s reciprocal. The reality is both sides are guilty – the trio didn’t share intel with TNT (or even Tina) & TNT didn’t share with them (more egregious by Tina than Tera given her “membership” in SS).

The entire game Tera has frequently had a bad read or said the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time — case in point: “I was going to put you and Jed up” to Ty.

For all her quirks she has moments of utter honesty that are refreshing. I’m wondering if she’s been bolstered by her win — knowing there is likely an endurance coming which typically is easiest for shorter/smaller people (which would mean Tera vs. Beth as the likely winners). It’s also possible much of the pressure she put on herself had more to do with making it to Monday and not being a target on that day even over winning the game.

Now she’ll be taking herself off the block on the anniversary of her brother’s death and will pay homage to him. Whoever you’re pulling for in the game that will be a feel good moment of the season.

As for the Jed convo’s whether intentional or not it was IMHO good game management by Tera. She knows Tina is Keif’s #1 and after last week she’s never trusted the pre 90’s trio took precedence over the guys. With Jed confirming Keif was ready to cut her last week for Vic – that also means if Brey leaves this week she’ll be Keif’s “optional” target vs. Beth.

Deep down she wants to be able to say to Tina & Keif — I told you so (about the trio/guys) but I think there is more to this. Aside from Tina –she got the most game intel from KyRo and Aus/Brey — it wasn’t a constant flow of information but it was honest. The big thing for Tera IMHO was being made to feel she was “part” of an alliance. The SS +her, the pink ladies & Pre 90’s all existed but either didn’t feel real or were only called upon when the members needed information or a vote.

Rohan was very genuine with her & included her in strategy talks, would tell her “it’s okay to throw me UTB, & I’ll do it too to deflect” that’s not something Keif ever gave her. I’d put good odds on the fact Ro had said to her – if I leave stick to Brey he’ll protect you & no matter how the semantics look outwardly he’s the one you can trust.

Now, factor in the other major component (her heart) — what Brey did yesterday by grabbing the ping pong ball for her to commemorate her win was a genuine gesture. Compare that to Keif saying how HE protected TNT & would win the game (and likely said the same thing to TNT as he did to Ty about Brey grabbing the ping pong ball for her “that’s sweet – he can tell them all about it in jury” … it’s not a far reach to explain why Tera is doing a better job of protecting Brey than Keif.

That said — this is Tera – who is equally wont to spin out of control, although the “safe” Tera is clearly much more adept at navigating the game. My guess is you’re on the money about her wanting Keif gone to free up Tina for F2 but I also think there’s the possibility she trusts Brey to make a move on the trio more than she does Keif (or at least she believes Keif would ONLY target Beth and would use her as the pawn).

Although we can’t envision Tera getting to F2 or being a deserving winner — IF—Keif leaves this week — & IF —she wins the next HOH —& breaks up the trio her resume is suddenly better than Ty, Brey & Tina and on par (if not bigger given the target & working alliances) with Jed & Beth. That’s the little quirk of this season the hamsters keep taking out the comp winners — Austin, Ro, Vic (& potentially Keif) are gone. Of those remaining (not including Keif) only Jed has multiple comp wins (1 POV, 1 HOH). Even though it tends to get easier to win as the numbers dwindle – the trio won’t ever say that b/c that would mean their comp wins lose value.

Moving forward, Jed may waffle but he’s told Breydon what his intentions are (or implied it) so it’s similar to last week with Vic – he can’t afford to switch gears now b/c then Keif would learn of it & “likely” gun for him. With Tera playing to his ego that Keif is a big resume move & Brey is a wild card it theoretically should bolster his decision. (and btw FOR SURE the DR said something to Keif about the backdoor).

Tera will cement Tina to her, the house will be 3 females/3 males but of those Brey will lean to TNT (if he or they are in power). All in all, (barring no hinky production interference) a solid week for Tera.

The news of Jed saying Brey F2 is uber interesting — could he be looking at votes & realizing if Ty/Beth/Keif are in jury that’s three guaranteed votes for him? I can’t imagine Ty ever cuts Jed given the choice & as much as Beth wants to get the guys out she did say in her on camera chats she would take Jed if he was there at the end.

It still feels like production will throw a wrench in this with Keif getting a special power — & if it’s inevitable (fingers crossed) Keif shifts gears assuming he makes the renoms & puts up Beth/Ty. The fan gold would be a 2-2 vote so Jed has to break the tie (no pun intended). Otherwise I think Ty would go (even though Keif would want Beth out – which is precisely WHY I think Ty would go).

I’d love to believe if Tera then won HOH she’d put up Jed & Keif b/c they would be the two biggest threats (and Jed/Beth would dump everything Keif said) but Blue Line would push her to keep him safe, Breydon would again be vulnerable, however more useful — to both sides with Jed/Beth wanting Keif gone now & TNT perhaps recognizing Brey would be the safer ally to keep.

Tera winning POV switched up a predictable week & season end — now let’s see if TPTB can keep their fingers out of it.

another name

Don’t shoot the messenger.
Kiefer’s body language, facial expressions, etc. after just leaving D/R.
Remember when bananas gave Vic a heads up?
I think they’ve given Kief a heads up.
Tension is a living thing in the room.
He’s looking mighty Eeyore for someone saying let’s tell Breydon he’s going on the block and going home.

Tina is… off as well. Her cadence, facial expression and vocal tone. She’s out of breath from walking from the bathroom to the HOH. Anxiety on High.
Are we about to have a blindside callout?
That’s what it feels like the atmosphere is building toward.
Tina with Tera is acting like she’s almost desperate to warn Kiefer. Tera is telling Tina to KEEP OUT OF IT, because Tina is going to be on the block still.
So of course Tina goes to Jed to campaign on Kiefer’s behalf. She’s pushing guilt trip about loyalty. Tera is the one that is going to have to babysit Tina at the moment. That’s a switch.

Jed already knows from Tera that Kief and Tina are glued together.
What efffect is this going to have on Jed is my question.
Jed says Tina and Jed have been the most loyal straight shooters in the house. So Jed is snowing Tina, because he doesn’t think Tina has been loyal?

Meanwhile, with Kiefer saying he feels anxious, and hasn’t felt this anxious since he volunteered to go on the block week 2… yeah wipe the banana from the side of your mouth Kiefer. Of course, Kiefer has been highly annoyed since Ty noted Kiefer is a sore winner.
Ty tells Kiefer of course he’s not going on the block.

Jed is telling babyvoicing lady macBeth that he’s liking the blunt honesty of conversing with Tera now. Tera and Tina’s lack of samebraining has been clocked. Tera’s honesty about seeing Kiefer as the big move has impressed Jed. Tina weighing both options to both Beth and Jed isn’t as impressive.

Tera tells Tina to stay out of it again. it’s only been about 20 minutes since the last time. Tera is going to really start getting annoyed soon. Tera’s tired of being number 3 to Tina. She wants to be number 2 to her final 2.
Kiefer is saying he feels better now that he’s eaten, and misses his family.
He says he is getting revenge on every member of KARB (Kyle, Austin and Ro so far) and then it’s Beth’s turn.
What is he getting revenge for? The people that voted to keep him in when he was on the block against LaToya? Someone make him make sense. He’s mad Austin put him on the block week 2? He’s still going on about the pantry at the beginning of week three? What? I’m actually confused. The people that voted to keep him deserved revenge? Oh. Okay.
Saying Beth is next is probably a bad idea.

another name

The gossipgang is back at it.
Last time there was a whodidwhat convo,
we learned that it was Austin that tipped off the sunsetters that LaToya was leaving because she didn’t want them to be blindsided.
This makes the throwing of the HOH right after that even more questionable.
So this time, I think Jed and Beth are insinuating that Ty and LaToya had a week one fling before feeds. I can see it. Either that or they are saying Beth’s fling with Ty and Jed’s fling with LaToya (i would not count what he was doing with LaToya as a fling… more of a swing and a miss).

Parascam had Beth belittling Tina’s game, as only playing week to week and not having a long term strategy.

Jed doesn’t want to be in a room alone with Kiefer, and is dodging him. He’s afraid he’ll just let the cat out of the bag.

Tera on Wendy’s: well now I can say I’ve been on a date with Jed n Ty. Just call me Beth. feeds cut.
Tera on Veto necklace: i didn’t know it would be that long.
Ty: how long did it go.
Tera deadpan: down to my v.
guy in control room: …. someone shut her uuuup.
other guy in control room: relax, it’s not breydon, we don’t have to cut the cams.

another name

This won’t be appreciated I don’t think, and it would never impress jury in lieu of comp wins mentality.
Last week, Breydon backed a bus over Victoria to plant seeds with Beth that Vic was the move. Remember her Parascam tallk: she wanted to take out Tera at first.
This week: knowing he’s in danger, he waits for a waffle, and drives the bus headed for Kiefer up to the HOH to talk to Jed. Pointing out just how many times Kiefer has mentioned or joked about taking out Beth is the exact thing that should be said to Jed.
This isn’t a social move of the same caliber as last week’s Vic seed planting, because it depended on an outside waffle, but it’s still a good hail mary move. IF IT WORKS.

If it works, his subtle social game is good.
Could it continue to work?
If TNT win does he have dirt on the triangle? Yup.
If the trianble wins does he have dirt on TNT? Yup.
He’s been trashtalk collecting since before Austin left, and now he’s recycling.
It would NEVER get him a win without Comp wins. Never.
But I think it should still be stated.
I still don’t trust this week. I still think things have been off this week.
I just wanted to say that I don’t see Breydon winning, but I think it’s fair to point out what game he is playing.
What he needs? He needs for us to know if he’s truly doing the middle, or if he’s all in on being the fourth to the triangle. If he’s trying to play middle still, he’s failing. He doesn’t have enough of a relationship with TNT. If he’s all in on the triangle… how does he outlast two of them? This is why I don’t see an avenue that takes him to the winner’s circle. He’s great at running buses over his rivals. But long term that can’t get him a win.

I’m going to honestly think about Kiefer’s game next. Not taking him off my nopelist, he earned his spot. However, I can be logical and look at his game.

another name

We had an hour long feed cut.
Kiefer is going over what a loyal game he has played to softie Ty.
Kiefer has gotten Ty alone. He’s laying on the final four guilt like someone that knows he’s going on the block. It’s been stated previously, Ty is the weak link in terms of sentimentality. Kiefer has worked him good. I wonder what the effect will be.
Has the plan gone too far for Ty to get sentimental and have it switched again? I don’t know. Too many people know about the plan. That could be detrimental.
The ball pit has opened.
It is now a have not room. Ty was chosen by Jed to be the have not room person, hoping Ty would find a power.

In terms of his game:
Kiefer has been working all sides for weeks. He’s repeatedly set himself up as being covered on most angles. He’s been with Vic, Pre90’s, and the Trio, whle setting his sites on one enemy: Rohan. He played all sides very well from week 3 to week 6. His mask slipped a little after the HOH when he spent the night with Tera and Tina instead of the triangle.
This isn’t bad game. It’s good game if you can keep your bases covered. This is the problem. As more people leave, he’s been exposing his bases.
What he has to depend on is pushing Loyalty at this point.
He’s good at doing that.
In terms of comp wins, he’s had 2 thrown to him and won one. But wins are wins. I don’t begrudge a win, I just point out when they are earned vs. thrown for clarity.
He’s got a lot of secrets. Only about half of his secrets have been exposed. He’s got to bury them or die by them.
He does a very good job at finding weaknesses and exploiting them in his social game. I give him that as credit.

another name

Tera and Breydon have had their second solo game talk since move in.
No, seriously.
Tera is asking if she can count on Breydon’s vote if she wins hoh and makes THE move.
Breydon gives his usual of course as an answer.
That was the major in the convo.
Breydon cam talks for the first time ever.
doesn’t know what to make of Tera campaigning to get rid of him (as per Beth), but if somehow Tera wins, and Breydon doesn’t touch the block he’s down for a kiki with her.
The control room, of course, cut to someone else during this camtalk.
sideye. Someone in the camroom hates him. Seriously.

Thoughts on game progress:
Was getting rid of Vic good for the triangle? Yes and No. Horrible for Kiefer. Bad for Jed and Ty. Good for Beth. Overall: Only good if you want control of the game, because a chaotic game element can’t be anticipated or controlled. Chaos gonna Chaos if you don’t remove it.
Was getting rid of Rohan good for the triangle: Mostly Yes. He would have targeted them if he had power. Compared to Breydon, who they believe they can intimidate more easily. Strangely enough bad or Beth: he would have taken the shot she needs taken. Worse for Kiefer (the most ironic part): in making Rohan his archnemesis, he was reliable. Without an archnemesis, his target is unknown, his allegiance is questioned, he becomes biggest house target.
This week: I’m going to curveball the lot of you. Kiefer is a bad move for Jed and Ty. Good move for Beth. Breydon is a good move for Jed, bad move for Beth or Ty.
Best move: take out Tina.
Listen: Tina is the glue that keeps Tera and Kiefer together. Tina is the dragalong to the end for the easy win temptation. Tina gone keeps Kiefer allegiant.
It’s not the big resume move. It’s the smart move because it breaks up the other side trio by removing the glue.

But go ahead, doooo iiiit. it makes the game an inevitable victory in a war instead of a steamroll. I can at least watch without doing irreparable harm to my eyes with all the rolling.

another name

Might crash early.
IF the move is to nom Kiefer how would you cover your ass about it?
I wouldn’t tell him. After he’s on the block I’d say
Me: I’d ask him why he’s sketching out and sewing dissent over the past 24 hours acting like he’s in danger if we’re such a loyal group. That’s sketchy as hell, and means you don’t trust me so you have to go on the block. You show you don’t trust me, you’re on the block.
I’d tell him Tina or Tera gotta go, Tera won veto and Kiefer has been trying to protect Tina’s ass since week three, so he’s gotta go on the block to make sure Tina is voted out. Too bad, that’s the way it is, she hasn’t been one of us in weeks, and we’re not having a flip this week. Not up for discussion. Not breaking a tie.
in scenario 2 tell everyone what you’ve said (along with telling Tina he’s not actually targeting her).

Either way you are putting the move on him for sketching out, or putting the move on him for protecting Tina. Deflect and essentially put it on him because he’s been double dipping anyway.


Pretty quiet day in the house with a few notables:

  • Ty feigning ignorance to Keif is expected but he plays up the “Jed is loyal – he’d never do that” part’ just that little extra that screams “jury management”. The thing is Keifer KNOWS Jed/Ty NEVER make a decision w/o consulting each other.
  • This ^^ ironically after Jed/Ty reaffirm their F2
  • ^^^ we know Beth has figured out she won’t likely be given credit over TJ but she remains delusional about who’ll take her to F2 (Jed WON’T if Ty is F3). She thinks Tina, Jed & Brey all take her. The ONLY way that happens is if Tina/Brey/Tera have to pick from Beth & another of the trio. Presumably her plan is to get out Keif followed by Ty & split TNT.
  • Will TPTB hid a hidden power? Is Ty the likely recipient as the ONLY have not in the ball pit? OR — will they find a way to “gift” Keifer?
  • TNT show cracks in foundation – not being completely honest with each other & Tina in particular by lobbying to keep Keif off the block just proved to Tera he was really her real ride or die.
  • KUDOS to Tera for stepping up & managing HER GAME. She can’t trust Keif not to put her up whereas Brey –even if she’s not 100% sure – – the odds are better he won’t. So the frank talk with Jed IMHO was done on purpose to get Keif out.
  • Conversely, Tina pitching Brey probably SEALED Keif’s fate and if your the trio the fact she never shared intel or had game talks has to be disconcerting. She’s been tied to them since week one but only decided to start chatting last week to ensure she’s solid to F5 with SS, pushing for Tera to stay, pitching Brey be initial nom & replacement instead of Keif. An interesting choice given she’s on the block. She was mute 99% of the game but suddenly feels confident enough to push for Keif? I have a feeling that choice may have longer lasting effects as the trio discusses it. Can’t you just see Ty/Jed getting annoyed by how Tina expected to keep her two closest allies AND be protected by the trio?
  • As per above is there a world where Brey & Tera could end up partnering? Tina can’t be either of their options but it would also require lucky timing & a lot to go right – but let’s keep an eye on that.
  • To that end ^^ if Keif goes this week & Jed gets ousted will Ty want to keep a guy in the mix knowing the girls could align w/o any of them taking him whereas he might think he can trust Brey as a F2 partner.

The one thing I can’t shake (and to reiterate from a prior post) this season has been extremely unusual in regards to comps. Ro/Vic (and presumably Keif) will all be jurors and were the main comp winners. Jed with 1 HOH & 1 POV leads those remaining with Beth/Ty/Tera each having one comp win & Brey/Tina none.

What that means is any of the F6 (again assuming Keif is evicted) could go on a run with the max potential being six comp wins from here to end game. It would require winning one HOH/POV at F6/F5. At F4 winning both as it’s the first time an HOH can play in POV and then two of the three-part final HOH. The question is how much credence would the jury give someone other than Ty/Jed doing that?

It’s unlikely anyone will accomplish that feat but not inconceivable – – the timeliness of the wins & who gets evicted would carry more weight. I think Brey would probably get more credit for doing it since he’ll have needed to overcome being alone since F9 without a partner or “real” alliance.

We won’t forget production has a plan and it’s unlikely to include TNT or Brey so we’ll see how they manipulate the script. In the interim, Tera winning POV at least offered something that didn’t fit the perfect plot line for TPTB.

Should be an interesting day today with Keif likely pulling out all the stops via guilt trips and sad Eeyore routine. Doubtful there are Vic-like house meetings or attacks but the “special power” potential looms.

Feeds Gold

hopefully everything can be restored this morning for mondays feeds

Feeds Gold

for those who enjoy other versions of bb, the new australian bb season starts april 26 and im thinking will go until around mid to late june, and there will also be another season in 2021, likely airing around september to november


anyone else fed up with the season or just me?
julie and josh were right ON WEEK 1

another name

In the immortal words of Jozea

Cherubs sing his name

Praise be thy name holy messiah with the blood of Corey’s sacrificed goat

another name


  • in one day Jed mentioned or reaffirmed multiple final 2’s. I know he’s indecisive, but pretty soon he’s going to even be thinking Tera. Now we’re actually left with does he choose Ty or Beth… the same question we’ve had for weeks.
  • So now that it isn’t Oddballs as have nots every week… someone has to sleep in the havenot room. sideye and a mmmhmmm. Tera says the child size bed is perfect size for her, oh yeah. Ty’s going to be comfortable. Not saying it. You know what I want to say. Not saying it.
  • life feeds down. Power outage? Yes, I’ve seen the video of the moment power went out and the hamsters started scrambling. Odd that Hydro didn’t have the area listed as affected by power outage last night. The only outage listed was south of Yorkdale and the Allen near Downsview Airport and the park (canter… canton…. who remembers). as of noon feeds will have been down 11.5 hours.
  • Ty was the deciding voice to oust Kiefer. Ty is the one with moral conflict. Jed wouldn’t have gone all in on the move if Ty hadn’t said, “Kief is the move.”
  • Kiefer. He’s gotten a heads up. Everyone saying, oh no, it’s because TNT have beeen paranoid… no. He left D/R, he went to HOH, his entire body was different, he was back to victim Kiefer from week two and three. End of night he’s telling Tera on the couch he’s 100% safe. This is some bullshit right here. For episode Bullshit.
  • Tina. decides we can’t trust Kiefer at all, he’s always staying with the trio on Thursday. She’s actively trying to save him on Sunday. Which is it? C’mon Tina, stop acting so shagged up, whaddya at g’wan b’y, don’t be stunned as a lump you’re starting t’act crooked as sin.
  • Kiefer saying Breydon’s too comfortable. Have you met Breydon? He’s always like that. He’s like that on the block. What I think Kiefer means is why isn’t everyone avoiding and shunning Breydon and making fun of him the way they have everyone else on the block. It’s not how Breydon is acting, that’s been a constant, it’s how the others are acting, that’s the difference.

Kiefer has found out he’s a possible renom.
He’s not taking it well. the guy that yesterday said Beth’s next, is saying he’d never have done this to them. He’s working the guilt angle huge.
He’s already told them he should have come clean long ago. Who knows what that was about, but… he’s been caught in at least one of this secrets. Invisible HOH.
Gotta tell you, as remixes go, Vic’s original mix was better.

Kiefer is genuinely hurt. BUT. Kiefer has been bragging and boasting he was going to win.
Is Kiefer hurt by the betrayal he’s known about since yesterday, or is Kiefer hurt by looking like a chump for bragging and boasting and having his game called on him? I know. I’m heartless. Meh.

He’s not dying. He’s going to jury. Quit yer blubberin. LMAO. I know. Still heartless. Still meh.

IRONY OVERLOAD: The three people that are putting Kiefer on the block are now dedicating themselves to winning the season for Kiefer. There’s gotta be a psychological diagnosis that covers that shit.