Tera “I would love to see them turning on each other!” Keifer “Yeah, all signs are pointing to they will.”

Head of Household: JED
Nominations:Tera and Tina Kiefer
The Power of Veto Players are: everyone but Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Tera
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tera used the power of veto and Kiefer was the replacement

Big Brother Spoilers – Kiefer is now nominated. He will be evcited.

11:40pm Bedroom. Keifer and Tera.
Tera – just find your way in there tomorrow and see if anything happens. See if you find it. I am telling you its where that bed is.. like walk in, on the right side ..the furthest one. I put it down deep. Keifer – Mmmhhmm. Tera – I just don’t feel like Ty would feel like he needs to even look for anything. Keifer – yeah, I don’t know. I don’t have a clue about anything anymore. Tera – keep our eyes open. Have you ever seen someone get a power at this stage in the game that could save them later down the road? Keifer – no. Tera – no right. Keifer – no. I think my only hope is if Canada votes Thursday night after the episode. You know what I mean. Tera – yeah, you never know. Keifer – even then I am just ready.. Tera – I think Breydon wants to talk to you but he doesn’t know what to say. Keifer – what do you mean? Tera – he said that he feels brutal for Keif. He said I want to talk to him but I don’t know what to say. Keifer – oh yeah well it was me or him so its really whatever. Tera – and that’s what I told him .. that this wasn’t in your control. Its not that Keif would be upset at you. Keifer – no, I’m not. I am not even upset with them. I am just bewildered. Tera – bamboozled. Keifer – that’s good though .. maybe I will chat with him tonight. Tera – we just need to win. Keifer – I have a good feeling that you will win. Tera – I wonder what he would do if he won? Keifer – I don’t know. Tera – that’s why I would much rather prefer if Tina or I won. Tina – I don’t think Breydon wants to ruffle any feathers. Keifer – I think you could play the card .. that Austin would be screaming at the tv if he didn’t do anything. You know what I mean? Tera – and if he knew he had our full support. Keifer – all he needs is two vote. Tera – and I’m right here. Any direction he wants. I just don’t know how you can trust them after. Keifer – yeah, you really can’t. Tera – I never did to begin with. I would love to see them turning on each other! Keifer – yeah, all signs are pointing to they will.

12:50am Ty heads bed with Jed, Breydon and Beth watching and laughing from the door. Ty – this is ridiculous!

10:10 am Houseguests waking up having darts

10:20 am Tina and Beth
Beth tells her she’s been honest about her vote all season
Tina – I’m not going to campaign. Obviously, my stats are completely different.
Tina – in terms of the end game it’s better to keep me
Beth – I know that I need you
Tina – plus we gotta stick together
Beth – this is more of a game move on our end.
Tina – we have to stick toegther. that’s my plea to you we have to stick together on this or..
Beth – we’re next really
Tina – I’m not going to go into rooms and campaign against him
Beth – If anything changes I will be the first to come to tell you.

10:40 am Kiefer and Tina
Kiefer going over what he told Breydon last night. Says if they cut Kiefer like this they will cut Breydon quick. Kiefer told Breydon he needs to win HOH. Keifer goes over telling Breydon about the sunsetters.
Kief told him – your best bet is to put up Jed and Beth
Kiefer – Brey isn’t going after you guys (TnT).. it’s smoke and mirrors.. it’s three on three when I leave.
Kiefer – he had no clue he thought I was on my own
Tina – WOW he knows everything now
Kiefer – he knows everything except that you are a sunsetter to
Kiefer – two backdoor I’m a biter Jury and I know Vic is a bitter Jury.
Kiefer – if Breydon, you or Tera get to final 2 you win the game. (based on the assumption everyone is bitter
Kiefer thinks Ty will want to go to the end with Tina and Tera. “He won’t be upset if you guys won HOH”
tina – probably not cause then he won’t have to make teh shot
K – It’ll be you, Tera and BReydon against BETH
Kiefer – I like those odds.
Tina says the triple will come to Kiefer individual today to try and save face.
Kiefer – they want a jury vote that they don’t have.
Kiefer says they have three weeks to go.

10:50 am Tera tells Jed putting him up isn’t the obvious choice if she won HOH>

11:30 am Tera’s been working out..

12:18 pm Kiefer still laying in the hockey room. Doesn’t want to go make food until Beth, Jed, and Ty leave.
Tina tries to make him feel better by saying that she still might. Kiefer knows he’s gone.

2:00 pm Kiefer and Beth
Beth – the boys made a huge mistake putting you up. For me I think its good cause you were playing a boys game. You were going to take them to three
K – I wasn’t going to take Ty
Beth – he’s the easiest one to beat right now
K – I’m not about easy. I didn’t pick you guys the strongest players in the game for an easy game. I was down for a final 4 showdown.
K – I wanted to be in the best alliance of all time I’m not and you are.
Beth asks if it helps her game got him to be in the house
Kiefer says yes
Beth – then let’s talk about it.
Beth – we live in a man’s world the jury is voting for those boys to win even if I am sitting next to them.
K – your backdoor to V was a good backdoor. I was NEVER coming for JED
Beth – I don’t know if Hed made this move based on Game play or he didn’t want to waste it on Tera or Breydon
Beth – he looked at the move I made last week and wanted to do something big as well.

Kiefer says he was always planning on going up against the best the sunsetters. Explains that he always says he’s going to win because he wants to stay confident, “Otherwise you turn into Tera’
K – I’m going to be known as the idiot that was backdoored by his closest people
Kiefer says day one he had something with Jed he would have never expected it from him. Maybe Ty but never Jed.

Kiefer – I’m hurt
Beth says Keifer against her would be his biggest hope in final 2.
K – I’ve done everything I can do there’s nothing left.. I need three votes to stay no way Ty keeps me. Tera is not voting out blue line.
K – there is no use to me stirring the pot.. I’m hoping I go to jury and feel better.
Kiefer says he would have put TnT/Breydon up if he won HOH.
Kiefer – it’s the worst way to go out.

Beth runs up to HOH and Tells Ty and Breydon that Keifer is pissed at Jed

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Apparently, the small black ball Tera found in the pit was previously also found by Jed and Ty so it’s unlikely to be anything.

Interesting notes from tonight’s feeds & show:

  • Seeing the POV play out I get why Tera was ticked about being targeted. What I don’t understand was her giving up. Sure, she knew she couldn’t win — BUT — in her place I would’ve gone straight to Brey and said if I help you win will you keep Tina and I safe? Then got him and Tina to give me every white ball with an x to fill up Jed’s canister. If Tera had done that odds are Brey would’ve won HOH.
  • Then again, the fact she didn’t do that & Keif never read out Brey’s total came across as production manipulation.
  • Tera had another talk with Brey relaying how the trio is always pushing them to target Brey and she assumes are doing the same with him. She asked if she’ll have his support if she wins HOH & confirmed he would have hers.
  • Brey/Tera said they feel like they are essentially playing just waiting to be picked off and have no desire to just play into the trio’s desires.
  • Tina tells Keif/Tera she’s convinced Brey would put TNT up if he won HOH
  • Keif actually gives some great advice to ensure that doesn’t happen. Telling them just ask him what he thinks Austin is at home screaming at the TV & what she would want him to do — you know she wants you to break them up. And Tera tosses in plus we tell him we’re 100% supportive of his actions.
  • The other big takeaway I thought was Keif asking Tina if he should spill to Brey how he’s NOT SAFE at all with the trio.

That last factor could be an important discussion b/c while Brey is socially adept – he has no idea how the trio have trashed him. I’m trying to think back to what conversations Keifer has been privy to. He was definitely in the room on one occasion when Jed ranted about being annoyed Brey doesn’t have the social graces to knock before entering or asking if he can join. I think he was also there on one of Beth’s many recent rants about wanting Brey to leave them alone & take a hint.

And, for sure Beth could take some hits if both TNT (and/or Keif) have intel to share from Beth’s mouth regarding things she has said about Brey. He already knows Beth made other F2’s so that won’t be surprising to him – — but learning she’s been saying worse could make an impression.

What I’m NOT sure of is whether Keif has ever been around when they’ve discussed & laughed AT how Ty was playing into the flirtmance with Brey. That would be devastating for Brey to learn but by the same token it would be the perfect reason for him to target the group. Tina alluded to the fact she even knows Ty is playing it up so it could come out.

Everyone who reads here knows I was choked over the trio going there this past weekend b/c it’s cruel and unnecessary. Part of me wants Brey to win just so he could put up Jed & Ty and say…

“Game is game. I’m not naive to miss the fact several alliances were offered by your trio to different people who’ve you’ve since betrayed. I get it — that’s game.

But, what really hit home was I thought we had genuine friendships. Learning you felt burdened by my presence and worse strategized to lead me on with fake feelings then laughed about it behind closed doors spoke volumes. For a group who preaches loyalty and honesty let me be clear, you are on the block based on your standing in the game but your efforts to embarrass and humiliate me publicly did influence my nominations. I hope it was worth it. Good luck in the POV.”

So yeah — as much as I don’t want Breydon hurt – I hope Keif does tell him (if he knows) so Brey can have the last laugh.


Love your Breydon speech to the boys!! HAHA It totally sounds like something he would say…fingers crossed he gets a chance to give a speech like this as some point before it is done! I would want this kind of speech on the show, not just for the live feeders!


Interesting point about Bray result not being announced and possible production manipulation. In the past BB seems to be addicted to love (sex) angles and now triangles…… Re the threesome … Barf.. .. Rather than interesting game play. . I thought it might be a good season. But the three lovesick puppy backstabbing floaters ruined it for me.


One of my favorite moments of this season occurred last night at bedtime between Keif and Brey who were the only ones in that bedroom. It was a rare insight into Keif’s thinking into his game play and he definitely showed his softer and more generous side.

I think what fueled it partially was Tera telling him how badly Brey felt for Keif – asking her how he could make him feel better. That seemed to touch Keif who elected at bed time to spill the majority of his game moves as well as intel to give Brey tips on things he should be memorizing throughout the house.

After spending the day bemoaning his position, it seems Keif hasn’t decided to fight to get out Tina and for him to stay (yet). Instead, it seems like his first instinct is to motivate Brey to win the game as he goes through a series of things Brey needs to do to prepare. Keif gives him examples of what types of date related questions he needs to study for and also what things around the house to memorize (inventory).

Although Keif has reason to want someone to take out the trio b/c he feels they are doing him dirty by the same token (and maybe I’m reading this wrong) I do think Keif has a genuine fondness for Brey. He might also believe Brey is more likely to win than Tina or Tera.

Perhaps I’ve just missed Keif telling these same things to the trio or TNT but at least the feeds I’ve watched never included these tips. Nor was it the typical Keif bragging – whereas he told the trio he knew Vic was invisible HOH & influenced her noms he was honest with Brey saying she told me an hour after winning & I just said I’d support her noms.

We’ll have to monitor this as the week plays out to see if Keif will start helping Brey study dates to help prepare him — that could be huge for Brey.

It was a side of Keifer I’ve literally never seen this season — and prefer to the guy we typically saw.

Seriously, Keif DUMPED all kinds of information on Brey who is now fully aware the trio do NOT have Brey’s back at all — in fact Keif made it clear that Brey should throw HOH to TNT if possible & only fight for it if Beth/Ty look like they’ll win b/c the plan will be to backdoor Brey unless he wins POV (although Keif says they’ll play cool until after POV).

As per my other post, I wondered what the trio had said about Brey around Keif. I wasn’t sure if Keif was there when they’ve been laughing about Ty flirtmancing him “taking one for the team” or how they don’t like him being there trying to get information and don’t trust him. I’m not sure if Keif held back info he knows or honestly hasn’t heard the trio doing it.

Brey asked Keif about TNT and informed them how the trio kept telling them TNT were gunning for him. Keif was shocked to hear how far back the trio were pushing this narrative and adamantly said that is NOT the case. It was another big piece of information for Brey to learn b/c he’s been torn between trusting TNT based on the lies Beth & the trio were telling him. It’s primarily been Beth who has dumped lies on Brey so he’ll be very aware of her moving forward.

One part of what Keif said that I’m not sure is accurate is he believes Ty would be fine breaking up the trio and that he knows he can’t beat Jed (Keifer even thought he would lose to Beth). Because of that Keif vacillated initially saying to put up Ty/Jed but later saying put up Jed/Beth b/c Ty wouldn’t use POV if he won. There’s NO WAY I’d take the latter advice b/c the reality is the Jed/Ty would gun for POV & beat Beth which would save one & allow the replacement to be Beth.

Moving forward, there are still three days until eviction so we’ll have to keep an eye on Keif who seems to feel there is nothing he can do to stay. He doesn’t even want Tera searching for a DPOV. The question is whether Keif will start to plant some seeds of doubt into Ty’s head regarding Jed/Beth & tell him he’d be smarter to break them up & get them out if at all possible. I highly doubt Ty would veer from the path should he win HOH at F6 for example, but perhaps Keif could convince him to not take both deep in the game if he wins a timely POV for example.

Again, this was a complete game dump by Keifer to Brey and an extremely valuable one at that.


One more thing I’ll be curious to watch over the next few days is what (if any) type of interaction Keifer has with Ty. Will Keif have a similar discussion with Ty regarding his inability to beat Jed (or Beth). Will he suggest Ty align with Brey? Or will Keif avoid Ty and the trio completely?


AHA — and just as I thought (per above post)- around 9AM this morning Keif suggests he help Brey study for upcoming HOH in case it’s date related.

Funny – when Ty was the one selected to go into Ball Pit to sleep it was with the trio thinking there might be a “special power” so Ty would find it.

Whether they’ll be a power or not is unknown but with Ty not in the room it could be the most costly mistake the trio has made since it meant Brey/Keif were alone in the bedroom affording them the privacy they’ll need to study.

Very interesting shift in the potential dynamics of the game– Keifer really surprising me I have to admit.

another name

Kiefer doesn’t know the Brey/Ty fauxmance is a plot by the triangle as far as their converstaions about it, and their complaints about it. He wasn’t part of the conversations to start the flirtmance, and he hasn’t been part of the take one for the team conversations. That was a Triangle plot, not a sunsetter plot. I am not calling them the sauce. Nope.
A few days ago, Kiefer told Tina and Tera that the flirtmance was all in fun and wasn’t serious to either Ty or Brey.

My worry with Kiefer helping anyone study: he’s so used to throwing out false information when asked (date numbers wrong) that I don’t know if he remembers the real dates.

Still confused by Prodo telling them they couldn’t reveal the alliance name or members to Vic. I’ve never heard of a season where someone couldn’t explain their game to a juror that didn’t involve a potential juror battle back.

alex legere

any awards that may be given for the loudest, most obnoxious, sleazy does nothing but sleep around BETH you got my vote, and way to make your family proud

another name

When the logic behind getting rid of Austin was she’d be a bitter juror… who led that charge? Oh right. Lemonhead the flatulent toad. The bitterking. Is that Irony? Not alanis morrisette irony, but real irony.

I’m laughing that the trio has realized they’ve only ever cooked breakfast. Sad. Explains why Jed’s dinner was cereal last night.
I remember Jun saying whoever controls the kitchen controls the house, years ago.
Petty me: only cooks for the members of the house that weren’t in on the meeting to put me on the block. No really. Extravagant six course meals for 4. Screw the other three.
I’d make it a game. a petty game. A maybe you should eat slop game.

Let’s face it, Ofjedandty most likely would burn a salad. Ty admits he doesn’t really know how to cook that much or that well, and Jed’s eating cereal when they’re almost out of almondmilk.

Brey is currently putting in ride or die talks with Ty. How much of the logic Brey is using on Ty actually sinks in? Not sure. You have to talk feels not facts to Ty to really get his brain to assimilate. This was the same problem Ro and Vic had: thinks vs. feels.

I don’t mind most of the advice that Kiefer gave Breydon. Most of it. I don’t think the ‘throw HOH if it’s TNT but not if it’s gruesome twosome’ advice. I don’t like anyone advising throw an HOH at final 6. Ever.

I do think in his retells to Tera and Tina re: the first talk with Brey, Kiefer is perhaps peppering the retell. It’s just my feeling that he’s maybe Kiefing it a bit, in terms of what was actually said. But that’s just my take. Maybe it was that good, but I get the gut feel it was good, but not that good.
Why would Kief do this? He’s trying very hard for someone to get revenge for him. He doesn’t want Brey and TNT to aim at anyone but Jed and Beth. At the same time he’s most disappointed in Ty (the one he was sure he had wrapped around his finger). I’m not surprised he’s saying he’d tell the jury that Ty was the one that was carried.

Gut feeling: I still get the feeling Tina would throw another HOH, even at 6. She’s honestly thinking she’s the new fourth with the trio, I think. But how can she buy the loyalty of the sunsetters? No, really. How can she buy it?
Gut feeling 2: Tera would make A move, but which one? I don’t trust her logic process in terms of actually taking the shot without unintentionally evicting Breydon.
Gut feeling3: Brey might take the shot, or might misfire on TNT, depending on if he even tries in the HOH. He’s thrown more than a few once he got to the top 4 in the comp.
Gut feeling4: Ty would not actually fire at Beth to ensure that Jed isn’t blowing bubbles in the final 2. He thinks bros before beths is real. Not sure of that. But it would be a night one to finale story. He’s not on slop, just sleeping in a little bed. For three nights.
Gut feeling 5: Beth would want Tina gone, but would strike at Breydon, but would wonder if Tina was the right move but would wait until D/R asked her to have a Parascam moment about each situation before calling her to them, and telling her which way sounded better.
Beth saying she’s all about strong women yesterday still has me rolling my eyes. No sweetie, you want to take Tera ‘cus you think a jury never votes Tera cus she’s Tera.
Reality: she’d love someone to take a shot at the boys, but wants to go to final three with the boys, but thinks the boys have to be separated, but thinks she can win against the boys if she gets in front of THAT jury. Oh. That jury ain’t buying the fights for strong women line, that’s for damn sure.

another name

Interested in the opinions:
Beth and Kiefer talk in the OLG
At first it felt like a jury management talk.
did anyone else get the feeling Beth wanted to waffle the vote to make sure Tera became yet another F2 option for Beth?
Kiefer seemed to shut down any consideration of staying in that conversation, but.
Did anyone get the feeling Beth is indeed trying to flip the vote?
Reason: takes Jed’s big jury move off the table.
Reason2: Thinks it makes Tera her bitch.
Reason3: Thinks if she is the factor that saves Kiefer that Kiefer wouldn’t target her ass if he won HOH.
Reason4: she wanted Breydon to be her little gbf puppy, but is now annoyed that puppies need maintenance. (now when she can’t even take care of one pet, she thinks she wants another in Tera… explain).

Beth thinks she can flip Tera’s vote like (snap of fingers). Oh D/R, stop pumping up that tire, she’s blown.
Kiefer tells Beth he’s upset he didn’t even get the chance to save himself with Veto. Reminder: everyone but Breydon and the HOH Jed played in Veto this week. He had the chance. He didn’t win.

another name

Notes on Kiefer camtalk:

  • You weren’t back doored. You were blindsided. You played in veto. You should know the difference Mr. Superfan.
  • You WERE playing all sides to stay in the centre so that when they took shots at each other you would be safe. You told us that when you conspired with Vic weeks ago. Stop pulling the Loyalty card. You’ve been trying to figure out how to cut Beth out for weeks (since week 2 in conversation with LaToya and Tina). To you the alliance wasn’t sunsetters it was Kiefer and the two bros.
  • The whole talk sounds just like the Ryan set up talk before the Canada Veto in Season 6. It’s even on the same bed. So if they have a save vote just remember, that means buhbye Breydon. Just to say that in advance.

Kieefyore is in full sulk, but thinks he will be saved. As much as he said he didn’t want to be saved, he doesn’t think he’s leaving Thusday.

The brains

Or we could all vote Tina.

another name

Same result. I say if they have the don’t save option… push it.


As far as I am concerned Ty, Beth and Jed are two faced liars and cowards. Bullies… There’s three of them and they are afraid to allow Kiefer to be a part of final four as promised.. Like they don’t think he’s good enough for them to play with. Except to use as a fool. They told him he was part of their alliance. They were helped in the game due to Kiefer’s game play. Sure deception is part of the game. But at what point do people cross the line of human decency. Kiefer was raised to be honest. He was raised right in a close and loving family and community. It was hard for him to believe other people, could be so fake and wicked. Especially as the game features alliances. I feel so bad for the guy.

Mr George H Lewis

I don’t its a game. Evicting someone in a game is not agaisnt human decency, they are hardly starving him.


You didn’t get my point..I was referring to not cheating to win a game. Human decency is also all tied up with respect in civilized society. They played him for a sucker because they don’t respect him. Had no interest in how it would make him feel. In fact the idea he’d be crushed made them laugh.

another name

Jury question that would sink some of the houseguests
therefore a jury question that will never be asked:


As I said yesterday,
even if Kiefer stays, he doesn’t ditch the boys, he goes right back to sucking up to them,
while giving his I can beat them talk.
After his talk with Jed, what does he say?
Take Jed to the final 2 and beat him.

Not at all shocked. It’s who he is.
The asshat just said sunsetters for life.

The day after revealing the sunsetters (except Tina) to Breydon and the day he told Tera.

He just told Tera if he stays he’d have to put her on the block.

another name

BBCAN FESSIEJED is now telling Beth it might be better to break up the powerduo of Tina and Tera. The two of them couldn’t conduct power with an electrocuted raccoon. But go on there Fessiejed, try to convince yourself it’s a big move (it’s a move, and every move is a move… well wait, with Kiefer still saying sunsetters for life like a brain injured nincompoop, maybe it is a good move).
The complete mess of a fool that is Jed just said “the big move is putting a big player on the block, and NOT sending them home.”
Let’s all remember: Jed seeks all probabilities to find the one where NOBODY targets him. He twists logic in every way possible so that he can believe nobody would. Production has been very accommodating to keep him comfortable.
Beth… she was fine with it when it would be HER move, but I get the feeling she’s annoyed that Kief bypassed her and went to Jed.
Kief just gave an amazing impersonation of Tera in his campaign to TY. He told Ty he’d be down to F4, and everyone, Kief included takes Jed to final 2, with Jed taking Beth. Yeah Kiefer, you SOLD that to Ty…… if he did Ty is spending way too much time in D/R.
Kiefer refused to say if he stayed and won that Beth could be nom option. Oh. Ty, if you are for keeping Kief now, you know he is taking Jed to final 2 and refusing to take a shot at Beth. WHY would you feel comfortable keeping him? Oh he’s backtracked and covered and he’s tossing Beth under every bus.

Yeah. All of this is happening after an hour long feed cut. Why do you ask? How did you know?
Tera might have been down, but Kiefer told her if he stays he has to put her on the block. Um, Kiefer, telling Tera you’d scurry RIGHT back to the Sunsetters like a moron… that there is a CHOICE. But… Tera has done weirder things. Who knows.

What is going on? No, really. What is this poop? Still think there’s a twist involved this week. Sorry. I’m gonna think that not because of the ballpit crap, but because of season timing. it’s the only week that makes sense unless they do a Season One return juror thing… remember when they brought back a juror at final…4 was it? That there was some bullshit in terms of timing.

This feels… even more off than the weird conversations between HOH and Veto. The conversations that felt like everyone was adlibbing in between D/R visits.

Okay everyone, I think D/R has told Jed about his entire family going live with LaToya to slag Beth. Beth and Jed have agreed they aren’t in love, they just love each other the same way they love Ty and other people. If Ty is doing all that mattress floppery with Jed too… why didn’t anybody say something? Oh wait. Beth got her period. Of course Jed doesn’t love her for a few days…. said WHAT i said. Though then he still leaves with an I think I love you. barf.

another name

Oh. I think I get it. When Kiefer says superfan, he means he enjoyed Season 7. It’s the only one he quotes, and he admitted he’s never seen season 4.


So I just watched the last HOH competition, that was pathetic! Those two women quit because they weren’t going to win??? No but you could of made sure none of those 3 won with the x balls! I was just shaking my head at the stupidness

another name

If they’d wanted to be petty, they could have gone just for x balls and overflowed the trio.
But then we wouldn’t have gotten the foreshadow moment of Tera telling Kiefer they were going to turn on him.

Lucy goosey

Tell me you watch BB occasionally without telling me you watch BB occasionally 😉 lol


What has happened no physical comps why all mind games? I hope tera puts up the boys one comes down and bye bye Beth and on Beth’s way out she says ” hope your not going to tell the jury house everything you did because we just sent someone in before you to tell them you did nothing!” Beth would be livid but it seems like this house is much to nice for that