“If you POOCH yourself.. you POOCH yourself”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa Taylor and Nicole
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Daniel used the power of veto. Taylor and Nicole are nominated.
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

1:14 pm Joe and Jasmine
Joe – I’m hearing a bunch of stuff going around. She came to me yesterday and was like Hey I want to hear about the whole Ameearh stuff. their lies going around.
Joe – I haven’t talked to Monte much. I was just hearing that the veto stuff. she might have been ‘I don’t want to go up anymore
Joe – That to me is weird. Ameerah said do not trust Nicole or Daniel. I don’t know if that is because she was working with them and they betrayed her I don’t know.
Joe – I don’t have enough information to piece it all together.


1:22 pm Taylor

1:24 pm Joe and Michael
Joe says daniel screwed his side by not doing this he also screwed them because now they can’t stack the pairs.
Joe is saying if Daniel wins HOH he’s going after the people that have been lying to him this whole time which is Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa..
Micahel – I’m going to have to tell her I’m voting her out.

1:32 pm Kyle and Joe
Kyle is saying the only thing he didn’t do was straight up tell Daniel if he uses the veto he’s voting Nicole out.
Joe – but it’s too late.

Bros rub lotion.
Kyle- you’re lean.. lean fighting machine
Joe – thanks my boy
Joe – Jassmine seems pissed
Kyle – dude he (Daniel) knew the second Monte came in there this morning ‘we gotta talk’ he ran up to me. They realized.. Dude..
Michael Joins them.
Joe – He came to me and said ‘DUDE’ if “Monte wants to make a game-changing decision like that you talk to me with more time and let me fact check otherwise I’m going to stay the course and I hope Monte respects it’

1:34 pm Alyssa

1:35 pm Jasmine and Monte.
Jasmine feeds on slop (They also talk some game)

1:38 pm Kyle and Taylor
Kyle tells Taylor that Nicole and Daniel didn’t buy it from day one.
Kyle – it was a hail marry.. we don’t underestimate them
Taylor – Bye one will be gone.
Kyle – I want to make sure me and you are good.
Taylor -we are I mean that..
Taylor says she’s looking forward to wearing a “really cute outfit on the block”
Taylor says Terrance will 100% vote to keep her to stay over Nicole. “there’s no way Terrance will vote for Nicole after next week”
Kyle – I promise you if there was a glimmer of hope that he could be swayed this morning I would have taken it it was .. he was set.
Taylor – it was a lot to ask you to do with such a short amount of time.
Kyle – I’m sorry
Taylor- I’m not mad at you..
They hug and Smile

1:52 pm Daniel and Nicole
Daniel – I would like to ask him if Jasmine is part of the problem of not trusting us you could have put her on the block. What Happened?
Nicole – I’m waiting for him to come talk to me I’m not talking to him
Daniel – no he has no power unless it’s a split vote we all know how that is going to go
Daniel counts the vote they have to save Nicole “Me, Alyssa, Indy, I think Kyle is onboard now that he’s seen it all happen, Terrance says he’s on board, Jasmine”.
Daniel – interesting he [Monte] doesn’t want to talk to me. I even said hey we’ll talk he said ‘Yo it’s all good’ after the nominations he said ‘Yo we’ll talk later it’s all good I repsect it’

1:54 pm Michael and Brittany
Britt – run by me what you just said again
Michael – if Daniel thinks the vote will be 7 to 3 when it comes out 6 to 4 he’ll be like three people lied to me. We can pin it on the three girls.
Britt – why does he think it’ll be 7-3
Michael – we want him to think that.. three votes.. Monte was telling you three aren’t going where you think
Britt says Monte and Joe have gained trust with Daniel “they semi-warned him”
Britt wants to make sure if the girls win HOH next week they are not looking at the two of them.

They talk about making a fake alliance with Nicole so Daniel thinks they voted to keep her.
Britt – if we did a fake alliance it means we would be two of the four that kept her. Who would he assume the other two are?
Michael – Terrance. Unless we can convince Terrance to sit her down on Wednesday night and tell her you are going home like she did to him (LOL)

1:56 pm Terrance and Nicole
Nicole – I’m going to tell you everything that happened this morning. I get woke up Kyle says hey Monte wants to talk to you. I’m like for what. Daniel comes in and Daniel is like ‘Hey Monte wants to talk to us’
Nicole – remember last night I told you all those people I saw in the room?
Terrance – yeah
Nicole – those mother f**kers are working together
Terrance – ohh they’re all working together
Nicole -yeas
Terrance – so Micheal, Brittany, Turner
Nicole – and Joe, Monte, and Taylor
Terrance – ohh sh1t.
Nicole – they realized they don’t have the votes if Taylor and I go up on the block.
Terrance – what was up with keeping the nominations the same?
Nicole – Monte told me that jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa are working against me and they want to vote to get me out.
Terrance – wow
Nicole – here’s my thing.
Nicole brings up that when talking to Michael this morning she asked him “So last night did you guys come up with an idea of who you want to send home? He was like. he didn’t know what to say”
Nicole says they are trying to keep Taylor
Terrance – ohh shit
Nicole – she is part of that Alliance now.

Nicole – we even have the numbers to keep you if you hit the block with them. Think about it. Monte and Joe are on the block with you. We have more votes to keep you than they have votes to keep them. We are the larger number in the house. Me, you, daniel, Kyle, Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine .. that’s 7 people that is more than 1/2 the house that is Jury.

Nicole – Monte just told Daniel not to use the power of veto and she goes what? he told me that you told him that you don’t have me 100%.
Terrance – who said that?
Nicole – Monte told me that jasmine doesn’t have my back
Terrance – ohh jass doesn’t have your back.. oh..
Nicole – he told me that Alyssa and Indy are talking shit behind my back to him
Nicole – he goes ‘I had a conversation with them yesterday where they pretty much told me that they want you out of the house’
Nicole – he had the audacity to say ‘and you can go FACT CHECK and find out’
Terrance – jas, indy, and Alyssa they’re stolid right
Nicole – that’s is solid, we’re solid, Daniel and Kyle solid

2:00 pm Daniel and indy
Daniel – ok this is the latest. Monte is now throwing me and Nicole under the bus to jasmine saying we don’t trust you guys so just be prepared to hear some bullshit.
Daniel – he’s trying to pitch that Nicole is going paranoid to put a target on her.
Daniel – bro you f**8ed up he told me that Jasmine was the root of all of this and you two were agreeing with ehr and you probably would keep Nicole. I told Jasmine the reason he saying that is because Ameerah whispered in her ear. She didn’t say shit like that. She said Pack her bags. His lie is based on that ‘She whispered in her ear and said don’t trust Nicole’
Daniel – try not to get to inside your head about it and know we have your back. We saved you I love hanging out with you guys there’s no reason I would f** with it.
Indy – I will never vote Nicole out. Never. That never crossed my mind
Daniel – that is why he’s worried there some die-hard friends in this house
Daniel – you are safe and we have your back. any lies you hear come we want to hear it
Indy – they don’t talk sh1t to me.

2:07 pm Daniel, Alyssa and Jasmine
Daniel – he’s going to try and pin the target on Nicole and the only way he can do that is to say she’s paranoid he’s going to force us to think she is. Whatever happens Nicole is a F***ing Hommie and she’s not acting paranoid.

Daniel – I don’t care what I hear I’m not changing
Alyssa – same
Daniel – Nicole can say to my face I’m going against you I’ll be like COOL I’ll keep you. We have to get this done. Any bullshit you hear let me know
Alyssa – same with me
Daniel – I’m done with these clones look at them they’re all separate being all sad a mopey
Alyssa – stupid
Alyssa leaves.
Daniel says Joe is “playing it up”
Daniel – he knows more than he’s letting on. Do you know what he tells me? ‘Obviously, we’re voting out Taylor right?’
Daniel – see how that’s different. “Obviously” He’s already trying to flip votes.
Jasmine says Ameerah never said to her not to trust Nicole and Daniel. “I have never said anything negative about y’all”
Daniel – people are bullshitting when they talk about you
Nicole joins them.
Daniel – I have to make sure Kyle is onboard and Terrance.
Jasmine – I love him but I don’t talk a lot of game with Kyle
Daniel – I’m his bestie and I laid all this information on him. I dropped an hour of information on him.

Daniel – [Monte] told us not to use the power of veto. yes, he wanted to backdoor Alyssa.. Verbally he said I want to get Alyssa out.


2:17 pm Alyssa still enjoying the sun

2:50 pm Monte and Terrance
Monte is saying that Nicole is going around now throwing him under the bus.
Terrance – let me tell you what they told me. coming to me’ Hey Daniel went rogue and used the power of veto so monte is mad at me”
Monte – mad
Terrance hear me out, I used the power of veto and he told me to keep the noms the same but I went against it so now we have to protect Nicole.
Terrance- I’m like explain to me if this man told you not to f***ing use it and you trying to protect Nicole why would you put her on the block.
they laugh
Monte – it’s so a$$ backward.
Terrance- am I stupid bro? I had two beers that definitely not enough bro
they laugh
Terrance – I’m like Nicole so why does it make sense?
Terrance says Nicole didn’t want the noms to stay the same because they wanted to vote out Alyssa
Terrance- Alyssa? the baby of the hose.. oh my god.
Terrance – we fight next week me and Joe so we’re in this same position next week. Either you coming to his HOH or mine. We can make some f**ing moves.. Bro it aight going to work with them bro
Monte – it looks a lot like the week that POOCH, POOCHED himself.
Terrance – exact same.
Monte – The more they conspire and lay these seeds of doubt and mistrust and all that sorta stuff.. like .. I don’t have to do that I’m going to sit back and let your actions speak for themselves and if you POOCH yourself.. you POOCH yourself (LOL)
Monte – if not you.. I’m looking forward to somebody winning HOH and taking control next week and having some safety and moving forward. This is tiring man..
Terrance complains about how tiring it is this week is with Nicole talking to him.

3:18 pm Jasmine continues to feed off have not approved foods

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un autre nom

The cynic in me says,
“well now we know why they wanted that stupid bumper pool tournament”
a two prong reason:
a) trying to push the showmance envelope
b) ensuring that the leftovers didn’t game until it was too late to actually make a coherent plan that worked.

This is not me saying I wanted Alyssa or Indy to be on the block more than one of my nopes. This is me saying it was last minute plotting because bb told them we like seeing them play bumper pool. I don’t. not sure about you, but i’d rather they game than everyone cram into a small room and pretend they are singing kumbaya.

The current house alignment says even if it’s a 5-5 tie, Monte is the deciding vote.
Everyone telling Taylor they’ll do everything in their power to keep her? You mean we’ll vote as an alliance and Monte is tie breaker so you’re good. right?


yeah, bb definitely wants to work the alyssa/kyle showmance angle and they obviously can’t do that without alyssa. a lot of the episodes have made some reference to it existing, though i get major repressed homosexual vibes from kyle and everything i read about the feeds suggests the showmance isn’t happening despite alyssa’s best efforts.


As the season progresses, Production always has the houseguests do things “to fill the time”. This was a stupid plan to begin with so I don’t think Production having them do an activity did any more harm than they were already doing to themselves. The only place where Production may have gotten involved was the timing of the Veto meeting since they woke up so late

un autre nom

It’s week 4, and the night before veto ceremony. If they have them do some stupidity it’s usually saturday night or tuesday afternoon in past seasons, and usually they don’t do the added content stuff until week 5 or 6 when the numbers are low enough that they have the space in the wednesday episode.
Judging by their cut on the Sunday episode… they can’t even include 3/4 of the game right now in their edit.

The Beef

They better be working Terrance to make sure he feels a part of all this, or his vote could accidentally go the wrong way. I don’t think he’d do that after the Leftovers saved him last week, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and 5-5 is just too close if I’m Taylor and it’s my butt keeping that block warm, especially when you’ve got a moron like Brittany as one of your votes. She’s already proven she’s way too worried about her own personal game with the new plan “c” from last night, so there’s no guarantee she doesn’t haul off and do something stupid like decide to try and keep Nicole and get in the good graces of her and those women on TOS of the house.


Someone needs to remind Brittany that none of the girls like her at all.

Rachel not Rielly

Im loving how the other side keeps counting kyle in on their side of the vote.


Love that bro on bro action


The conversations today, especially now, is the exact reason Monte’s and Joe’s idea of having a unanimous vote originally was never going to happen


DAAYYUUMM Taylor’s got a perfect body, Thanks camera operator !!!!

un autre nom

Nic got bonked in the eye for the second time in two days. Both times trying to scare Alyssa.
Again. Again. Do it again!


Has anyone asked Pooch yet his feelings on his nickname now being iconic for something to NOT do in Big Brother lol?

Palm Oil's Meds

I love how pooch is a verb this season. lol

Palm Oil's Meds

It looks like Jasmine has lost some pounds. The slop diet is working. lol