“I swear to you on my mother’s cancer he is lying to all of us” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa Taylor and Nicole
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Daniel used the power of veto. Taylor and Nicole are nominated.
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

3:48 pm Jasmine and Nicole
Jasmine talking about Monte saying that Ameerah told jasmine on the way out not to trust Daniel and Nicole
Jasmine – she asked me to pack her clothes and like where her shoes were located that’s it
Jasmine – she said open your eyes you can’t trust who you think you can trust
Nicole – he (monte) basically said you bombarded him after I left
Jasmine – what did I bombard him? I’ve been minding my own business on this slop
Nicole – he said he had an individual conversation with Alyssa and Indy. He said they were against me and so are you
Jasmine – I don’t know what I can tell you they’ve never said that to me and I feel like I’m pretty close to them.

Nicole tells her that there’s something forming between Monte, Turner, Michael, Brittnay, and Taylor. They were up late for 2 hours last night.
Jasmine – Brittany know not to say two words to me
Nicole – ohh I’m going to f*** her a$$ up
Jasmine – she really gets under my skin now
Nicole – I love how she blatantly lies
Jasmine – and she’s like a F**ing mosquito at a BBQ she’s not p there for the f***ing plate she’s out there to suck people’s blood and then leave
Nicole – that is what she did today

3:57 pm A bunch of houseguests are working out outside

4:20 pm Nicole tells her they can’t trust Monte

Feeds flip to Jasmine watching the working out houseguests

4:30 pm Nicole and indy
Nicole is giving Indy a brief of everything that went down today. Monte pulled her up to the HOH and told her he doesn’t want her on the block because he doesn’t have the votes for her to stay. Nicole talks about the meeting in the Head of household last night where the 6 of them (Leftovers minus Kyle) where scheming till 5 in the morning.
Nicole – he told jasmine that me and Daniel threw her under the bus
Nicole – I’m really sorry to have to tell you this but Michael is part of it.
Indy – I don’t really care.. it’s ok we have the numbers
Nicole says that when she and DNAiel were talking to Daniel this morning in the HOH he told them don’t use the veto Daniel because I don’t feel safe with Nicole going on the block.
Nicole – I swear to you on my mother’s cancer I swear to you on my OWN LIFE and this friendship that we have. I’m telling you he is lying to all of us (Damn this b1tch crazy)
Nicole – he said you would not vote to keep me if I went up against Taylor then he said Alyssa would not vote to keep me.
Nicole – he said jasmine specifically told him she wouldn’t vote to keep me off the block and that you and her both went up to him and talked to him yesterday because you both are suspicious of me for being in the room with him yesterday morning for an hour and a half.

4:37 pm Jasmine and Terrance
Jasmine says the girls have nothing with Nicole “I want to make that very clear”
Jasmine says the only common thing they have is Nicole wanted to keep Ameerah like the girls did.
Terrance – I just don’t trust her.
Terrance – you were talking shit about me in a room full of people.
Terrance plans on telling Nicole what she did was f***ed up “Your vote was 50/50 last week so is mine”
Jasmine – so you want to keep Taylor here?
Terrance – I’m cool I’m just trying to get a vibe from her to see where her head is. I don’t know if you [taylor] are playing a weirdo game or..
Jasmine – i’m a loner game..
Terrance- do you not want to be a part of anything do you not want to have conversations? it’s f***ing stupid
Jasmine – she feels comfortable because she think she has a bigger something
Terrance – if she has something bigger around her what would that be? the only people she talks to are Michael, Brittany, She talks to Turner..

4:53 pm Nicole, Daniel, Terrance, Jasmine, Indy
Nicole going on about Monte telling her to ‘FACT CHECK’
5:00 pm Jasmine, Nicole, Daniel, INdy, Terrance
Jasmine complains about her lips being burnt
Terrance – get your sh1t together that’s all I can say

5:33 pm Brittany, Michael, Monte and Kyle
Kyle asks them if there is a way they can get everyone to flip and have a unanimous vote to evict Nicole.
They agree Terrance isn’t cool with Nicole and Daniel.
Kyle says Nicole and Daniel Hate Taylor SO MUCH.
Monte – why are they so bothered by another person?
Brittany – they talk sh1t about everybody..
Kyle – so annoying
Brittany – what is the plan to get the girls onboard what do we tell them to ensure Daniel stays in the dark same as Nicole?

5:47 pm Terrance and Taylor
Chit chat about how Nicole must hate it that they are talking.

5:48 pm Alyssa and Nicole
Nicole says this morning Monte told her the girls don’t trust her. “you guys are mad at me because of Ameerah”

6:06 pm Chit chat about her grandmother being the favorite server of Mohamid Ali and there was a picture of the two of them. They start chatting about Jim Crowe and the feeds flip.

6:17 pm Daniel and Nicole
Daniel – if Terrance wants to stand a chance he’ll have to roll with us
Daniel says Monte is going around telling people that they threw Jasmine and the two girls under the bus. Same shit he did to them he did to us.
Daniel – He’s saying you are starting to be paranoid he’s trying to plant that in people’s heads so they view you as a paranoid person
Daniel – Monte won’t look at me. I said to him bro you didn’t give me enough time to fact check anything it’s as simple as that.

Nicole – Michael is trying to set in paranoia as well. He’s like what do you think of this alliance
Daniel – the one that he’s in?
Nicole smiles
Daniel – oh my god
They bring up how bad of a liar Brittany is.
Daniel – I think she’s better than Monte and Joe
Nicole – She believes her lies.
Daniel – so bad
Nicole – Joe is so funny he totally tries ..
Feed flip

6:35 pm Alyssa and Brittany
Chit chat.

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Paul Sucks

What does swearing on your Mother’s cancer do? Nicole must be losing her mind. She much realize that she pooched it by now right?


why someone on the wrong side of the vote the previous week would think being on the block would be good is crazy

Just a viewer

How do Nicole continue to threaten Brittany and Taylor with physical harm or suggest someone else does it, while production is listening and nothing is done about it. Are they waiting for this nut job to attack some one? Why haven’t production called her out or removed her. Her attitude is becoming more volatile. This woman was a cop?? She’s giving good cops like Derek a bad name. Every single person in that house has a right to play their own game and don’t owe her anything. Nor do they owe her an explanation.


Jasmine is also a hypocrite, she said that she has tried to make everyone feel welcome, she has always been approachable. She has said more than once, Brittany knows not to say anything to me, she knows not to come talk with me, why? What did Britt Do ?

I agree, why is Nicole allowed to say she is going to F@#K Brittany up. Just because Britt is playing the game, this is big brother, you. “Lie, Deceive, Pretend, Plot against others”, so Britt is not allowed to play her own game, she has to be under Narcissistic Nicole’s control.

As for her being a former Cop, I bet leaving was not her choice. From the behavior she has shown us over the past 3 – 4 weeks, Nicole is an emotional train wreck waiting, can you imagine this mean spirited, jealous, cruel, egotistical woman carrying a Gun.

Nicole needs to stop with the threats about what she is going to do to Britt, I don’t hear her saying she is going to do anything to Joe, or anyone else that does not want to play the game according to how Nicole directs you to play. This woman is crazy, and I can’t wait to see her evicted, I’m tired of listening to her go on and on about absolutely nothing.

Daniel and Nicole are Emotional players, I’ve been watching Big Brother from day 1, I do not like when they have idiots in the house who play mean nasty game play, that’s exactly how Daniel and Nicole play, they are bullies with the people they think they can get away with treating badly.


Agreed 100 percent. Daniel and Nichole are two nut case, Daniel is an embarrassment to Elvis Presley and Nicole gave Cops a bad name.

Blindside Butterbeans

I was thinking the same thing about Nicole. It was not her choice to leave the police force.


I thought I was the only thinking the same. Agreed 100%

un autre nom

Terrance and Jasmine are complaining about dishes and ants.
Jasmine says they have ants because Turner left the slop out.
She continues by saying she asked him to leave the slop and pan out for her.

So she’s complaining that he did what she asked, so it’s his fault they have ants?
Oh, she must just be pissy that he didn’t cook for her?
I don’t get it.

Then again, it’s like this house saw Team ants coming, and decided to roll out the red carpet.

Mad Max

There are probably no ants at Jas’ house because there are NEVER any leftovers! lol

The Corey's

Is Nicole going home or what?


100% yes; Cruel Chef will be talking to Julie with a scowl on her face come Thursday.

At WORST Monte will break the 5-5 (JasMEAN/Indy/Alyssa/Evil Elvis/Terrance vs Turner/Joseph/Brittany/Michael/Kyle) tie to send her home.

That would be the amazing to watch but not ideal for The Leftovers of course.

They are going to hope that Terrance at least votes out Cruel Chef (karma is a bitch) to make it 6-4.

They also want to try and get JasMEAN/Alyssa/Indy to flip to make it as much as 9-1 but I doubt they will.

I think it will be 6-4 and I can’t wait to see Evil Elvis’ face and for Monte to say to him “I told you she wasn’t safe!”


Can’t wait.


How poetic


Alyssa finally kissed Kyle, she took so many showers today, hoping Kyle join her. This girl is no5 playing the game just want to hook up. Have a little respect for yourself Alyssa.

Keri Helen

Going to be a long couple of days lol

Guy From Canada

Alyssa with her hands down her pants watching others work out? Bad timing for an itch and a screen shot…. oh my!


You must mean J”ass”

Big Brother Fan

That was Jasmine I believe.


You mean Jasmine not alyssa.


nicole toxic. please join ameerah pre jury

Only Reading Feeds

Very toxic. Thursday just hurry up. She isn’t deserving of anything except a kick out the door.


Do they definitely have the votes? Only 5 leftovers vote. That’s leaves the girls plus Daniel and Terrance. Will Terrence definitely vote out Nicole? If not, tie goes to Monte, exposing his game or betraying his alliance. Tough spot.


Terrence is on my last nerve! Is he really eating up what Nicole is serving??? What a waste!!! Please tell me he is just doing an award winning performance for Nicole?


I hope so, because the boys safe his ass last week.


He IS doing a good job, has me wondering too. However, Nic voted him out last week…


I love tie breaker votes.

Monte will send Cruel Chef out the door no doubt.

But I need to see the alliance talk about that scenario since it is a likely one.

It will either be 5-5 or 6-4.

EDIT: If Kyle gives Alyssa a last minute head’s up she might make it 7-3. Or he could even convince her under the covers anytime between now and Thursday… Girl is insatiable and can’t get enough!


Does Nicole ever shut up? I’m so tired of her and Daniel. Nicole said she is not going to go and talk with Monte, she’s waiting for him to approach her, well I hope she does not just sit around waiting for that to happen.

Nicole needs to be getting her things together, packed, and ready to leave after she has been evicted, thanks to her idiot pal Evil Elvis, who thought they had the votes to keep her.

Terrance needs to tell Nicole 10 minutes prior to her Eviction, you are not going to be here next week. You don’t have the votes, you did not have my back last week, so it’s karma, I don’t have your back this week, I voted for Taylor, you understand, see ya, Deuces !!

I am so glad we do not have to hear Nicole’s voice, or crazy thoughts next week.

Evil Elvis needs to follow her out the door after his nervous breakdown he will have this coming Thursday night. He can relax and chill with injured Jasmine until his eviction hopefully next week, and I’d love for Taylor to be the HOH who put him on the block.


I just don’t understand why Daniel used the Veto. He’ll be responsible for Nicole leaving.

Julie Chen

Isn’t it delicious! Shaping up to be a great season.

The Beef

The guy thinks he’s a genius and has it all figured out, when in reality he’s totally lost in the weeds. It’s Kyle that really has him duped, but even if they had Kyle (and Terrance, which is far from certain) a 6-4 split in your favor is WAAAAAAAY too close to be putting your number one person OTB, especially when you know the guy who breaks the tie is going the other way.

It’s just poor game play on his part, and hers too if she signed off on it. Especially after what happened to Ameerah last week. That should have been a HUGE wake up call to both of them, but it doesn’t seem to have fazed them at all, other then they’re mad she’s gone.


Isn’t there some type of rule about physically threatening other players? So far, there have been threats on Taylor by Nicole and Jasmine. That is something that should at least get them a warning. Didn’t it used to be that after three warnings you were sent out?
I don’t remember.
Regardless, where I live verbal threats are still assault and people should really be careful about saying they are going to “fuque her up” or “beat her a$$”.
Sure hope Nicole leaves Thursday. Won’t miss her. Also glad she’s no longer a cop (if she truly was)

Palm Oil's Meds

Also, Indy threatened to pour hot soup on Taylor. They really casted some trashy people this season.


I can’t wait for The Nicole to leave
She will not only find out about the leftovers but she will find out about the girls girls alliance.
Remember she does not no about it
I hope Britany Tells her about it 10 minutes before the show on Thursday

She will have a fit

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Jasmine “Brittany know not to say two words to me” what’s she going to do… Sit on her? Chase her on her scooter? Flick her with a press on nail? Faint?