“If one of those girls came up with a plan. This is their chance to blow up this entire alliance “

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Doesn’t sounds like Joe is going to be backdoored but it’s still very much a possibility. Chances are veto won’t be used leaving POOCH and Taylor to battle for votes.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


10:25 am Kyle and Monte
Monte – I think it’s time for the 6 to unite..
Kyle – Yeah for sure
Monte – It sounds like this week is sorta taken care of
Monte – Are you still voting for POOCh or what are you thinking
Kyle – We need to establish how the votes are going to go so Joe isn’t blindsided cause that’s going to suck for us if he’s like what’s going on
Monte – I’ve been playing this fiddle that I have no idea what is going on
Monte – now that the yard is open we can have quick conversations
Kyle – like I’m nervous BRO..
Monte – What next week?
Kyle – Yeah, just the way they are so aggressive about POOCH.. It wasn’t a rational conversation it was. I mean that was intense.
Monte – I would have been fine if they had communicated just let us know what you are thinking then we’ll come up to an agreement. it was we’re getting POOCH out.
Monte – Wait what about Taylor? what about the person you told me was going to backdoor one of us. Not just me but one of us.
Kyle – I know
Monte – That part I’m just a little bit antsy about. Me and you we have good conversations let me know what you are thinking I’ll tell you what I am thinking. Same with Michael.
Kyle – An Alyssa
Monte – when Ameerah and Nicole are like ‘I’m going to protect you guys by getting rid of’
Monte says he would have felt comfortable taking a shot at POOCH later in the game.
Kyle – Same
Monte – everybody knows POOCH is a wild boy I would have been fine taking that shot and dealing with the repercussions later. We would have more than the majority of votes with less people.
monte – you’re taking the shot early and now trying to convince everyone to vote POOCH out. Why not communicate that early then we come up with a plan. there was no plan. Ameerah and Nicole strong armed that decision. We have to be aware of that sh1t moving forward.
Monte – we gotta win some HOH’s man
Kyle – For sure get up in that room I agree. Hopefully this one is a physical comp so we can dominate.
Kyle – it will be a test of our alliance if Taylor goes home next week for sure. Even if we have an opportunity to backdoor someone else. NO it’s Taylor next week.
Monte – If they try and say Turner. I don’t like that idea
Kyle – no..

POOCH and Joe join them.
Kyle says one of the reason these large alliances win in the end is because throughout the season they win at least 50% of the competitions
POOCH – can we get two vote then start winning HOHs
Pooch says if they can get Terrance that’ll put him at a tie.
Pooch – I’m going to keep working on Michael. We just need to make him feel safe for next week. We won’t put him up.
Monte – do you feel good about Alyssa?
POOCH – yeah unless her and Jasmine are up to something But I don’t think they are.
Joe – there’s no way Michael would use the veto and put one of us up right?
pooch – no
Joe – the thing is you know how Ameerah after that talk we had with her. Ameerah was always willing to talk game and after this she shut down completely. She’s not giving me any info.
Kyle – after the veto
Joe – Yeah. she was always open to working with me in a sense and POOCH. She then shut down completely. She was like who would you put up, what’s your plan, blah blah.. Then for her she turned into I don’t know I like everybody. That’s bullshit
Pooch – the night before the Veto she was like how can we get to jury who should we take out.
POOCH – I was like Indy, Terrance, Michael, Nicole and one other person. Trimming the fat. Next thing you know they’re all in the same room together
Joe – yeah every person that he named
Joe – Terrance needs to be with us. we don’t have the numbers to moving the way we do and be cocky the way we do and NOT WINNING HOH’S the way we f***Ing do.
Monte – that’s a good point we gotta give ourselves some grace there’s been two f***ing HOH’s
At some point Turner has joined them. Looks like Kyle has left.
Pooch – They hate Taylor so much
Joe – I’m hoping we’re giving them too much credit. At the same time never underestimate anyone in this F**ing game.
Joe – if one of those girls came up with a plan this is their chance to blow up this entire alliance
POOCH – they can try. If they are smart they go to Taylor. you are a free agent the boys don’t have your back we have your back we are going to give you a second chance. we’re going to get POOCH out and you come with us and help get out the guys.
Pooch says if that happens the guys are down two, “You all will be f***ed”
Pooch – with me on the block we have 5 solid votes.. I feel good about Terrance.
Joe – the only thing with Terrance is he’s such a easy target with the girls.
POOCH points out that Terrance is never alone with the girls in the room but Michael is.
Joe – Brittany is so smart she’s 100% gunning through everything. She’s aligned with Michael who is one of the top comp beasts.

10:37 am Jasmine and Alyssa (Hard to hear water running talking about INdy I think)
Alyssa – I’m so scared of her
Jasmine – I’m not SO scared of her but I’m nervous how she acts.
Jasmine – she wants POOCH gone when I say Joe’s name she’s like NO we have to stick tot he plan and get POOCH out.
Alyssa – everyone is confusing me she’s now saying If I win HOH next week Joe is going home.
Alyssa – she’s all over the board she stresses me out. I need to Ask Michael if he heard what I thought I heard her say. that makes me quesiton… Like are you talking to Monte or are you saying Bullshit. like are you low key working with Monte?
Jasmine – She always has good things to say about him.. like you’re so cute.. Girl you better save that relationship stuff for when we get out of this house we got a mission.

10:38 am Nicole and Ameerah
Ameerah – last night Daniel was talking saying we have the ultimate power right now because we have the numbers and all we’re doing is taking out POOCH and so Joe’s name came out then everyone started getting split decisions.
Ameerah – I told her just a FYI joe and POOCH gave me their top five and you are one of them and she was shocked.
Ameerah – I told Indy .. she was number 5 she was so mad.. so pissed.. she was like I make them food
Nicole – They don’t care. this is why I’m not doing shit this week.
Ameerah – is she not understanding this game still? it doesn’t matter what you do for somebody
Nicole – she’s thinking about life and what you do for people on the outside and it rewards itself..

Nicole – I told Daniel last night maybe Indy should get Head of Household next week.
Nicole says Indy has BIG ASS crush on Monte.
Nicole – if next week Taylor wins HOH and backdoors Monte.. (Raises hands)
Ameerah – ohh well.. it wouldn’t even hurt us at all if that happened.
Nicole – we are going to protect the people we are loyal to. What are your thoughts on Monte though?
Ameerah – he wants us to be the final 6 but he wants to place himself first by a lot. He makes decision that benefit him over the group.
Ameerah – Daniel was saying we should put someone up that’s powerful. It’s only week two are we willing to draw the line that quick?
Ameerah – gives us a higher chance of being on the block.
Nicole – exactly
Ameerah – I’m already worried about being put on the block if Turner or Joe get HOH
Nicole- I’m right there with you 100%
Ameerah – in the meantime not ruin that relationship when it goes down on Thursday
Nicole – Number one will be not to vote out POOCH
Ameerah – well that’s over with. I’m voting him out
Nicole – it’s a wise move. Long run. the game is get people out so you can make it to the end. I have your back and I don’t want that to change.
Ameerah – I never hear anyone say your name in the house
Nicole – I never hear anyone say your name which means people are saying our names behind our backs.
Ameerah – they don’t know I’m cool with you they would have said your name to me.

Nicole says even though her and Indy are close and she knows she’s safe they’ve never talked game.
Ameerah – I have with her now.
Ameerah – I think she’s got to go. I think Brittany’s got to go and Taylor. Those are the girls I think are not playing a good game and I can’t protect them.
Ameerah – for the guys, joe, he’s a strong competitor I don’t want o see him in the jury..
Nicole – Turner, Joe, Brittany, Taylor, Indy.. Indy has to be last
Ameerah – I agree.. I don’t know what type of shit she’s talking about to Monte when she’s saying she sees herself at the end with him.
Nicole – here’s the thing. If she wins HOH. he’ll be in bed with her all the time.
Ameerah – apparently she told jasmine that Monte is her type
nicole – Oh my god.. what is happening in this house. Can we not.
Ameerah – people are getting lonely I guess. I’ve been single for 5 years.. I’m good. I’m solid
Nicole – I’m single two not celibate
Ameerah – no solid
they laugh.

11:45 am “I’m so happy the backyard is open”

11:50 am

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un autre nom

Alyssa and Michael are good at communication say the broskis.
No, they both fear confrontation, so will acquiesce to whatever two big guys say.
Ameerah was the same way until they brought in Nicole. Nicole, who Monte decided was the perfect fit (most likely because she didn’t say boo last week).
Now it’s not free ride without question.
I still say the idea or concept of alliance is flawed for Kyle and Monte only because Monte wants control and underlings, not allies, and Kyle has only watched season 16 so his concept of alliance is…. that.
Nicole, for her part, doesn’t want to be in that alliance that existed before she entered it, with people she doesn’t want to align with. She’s attempting to alliance bust… and take Ameerah with her.

un autre nom

i agree with Indy.
She said she’d put up 2 big guys if she was HOH, and use Taylor as replacement.
Jasmine didn’t want her to put up Kyle (or I think Joe) because she likes them.
Indy asked if Jasmine wanted to go on the block in their place.

Jasmine isn’t in an alliance with any of them, so if she’s so sentimental about their game over hers, maybe she should be the pawn.

I’ve NEVER understood the whole ‘oh you can’t put him on the block, i like him’ thing. is he in the alliance? no. Wanna line up at the door so he can win?