“I want to dig deeper with you but I feel like I need to be honest with you about my life.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Doesn’t sounds like Joe is going to be backdoored but it’s still very much a possibility. Chances are veto won’t be used leaving POOCH and Taylor to battle for votes.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


12:10pm Backyard. Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Taylor, Brittany and Nicole.
Jasmine – don’t get in my head today.. as in you’re thinking about that whole thing. It makes me uneasy. But I am also not trying to focus on that because we’ve got bigger fish to fry. Ameerah – she (Indy?) is unhinged. Jasmine – that’s the thing, one little thing makes her unhinged. Ameerah – yeah because last night she was saying Joseph.. Jasmine – oh.. its getting crazy! When I tell you what she said when she was sitting on my bed it took every bit of me to sit my a$$ on that couch and not say what I wanted to say.. because I was about to one, two, three old Jasmine… the outside house Jasmine! Because I said one two three what’s wrong with me .. five six forget it.. seven eight night everything is going to be fine.. ten eleven twelve… its not going to be like hell.. thirteen fourteen sixteen I am not going to start hitting. Like I had to talk my a$$ out of it. Ameerah – I have never heard that before.. Jasmine – its mine, that’s why. You heard what she said on the bed when she said do you want to go up?! I was like ohhhhh… wow!!! That is why I got quiet! She was talking about if she possibly won HOH and I was like mmmm… I don’t know about that. And she was like well do you want to go up?! It took everything in me not to take it there! Don’t play with me!

12:44pm HOH room. Nicole and Daniel.
Nicole – The reason why I wanted to come up here and have this conversation and the feels on your whole matter with your brother is because I want to dig deeper with you but I feel like I need to be honest with you about my life. I was a police officer for 10 years. Daniel – oh my god. Nicole – before I became a chef. So it literally is my secret coming into this house. No one know and no one will know. Daniel – I would never think once. Nicole – that’s why I am the way I am. That is why I can turn off every emotion and just keep pushing forward.. and hearing about your brother all I wanted to do was to just hug you and say I am really sorry because I know what its like to work in that world and to have to tell a victim that we can’t do something as small as a burglary let alone something as big as a murder or someone being r@ped. Like I was a good f**king cop! Daniel – I believe it. I was really good at my job.. and I just couldn’t do it any longer. I fell in love with cooking. I had over 100 cases sitting on my desk.. that’s over 100 victims.. and more than half of those cases could not be solved. So you have over 100 people sitting in their homes not feeling safe. I trust you so much and you saying you want to put together something for victims .. I want to help you do that. I hope that we can do something outside of here together. Daniel puts his head in his hand and cries. Daniel – It doesn’t feel real.. like looking back it feels like a movie I watch and my dad had to die without knowing what happened. (Daniel was 14 when his 22 year old brother was stabbed to death in Toronto and the police removed all the information from the internet. It was basically erased like it never happened.) I grew up seeing him sitting in a room just staring at a wall most of my life. Not all the time.. I couldn’t have asked for a better dad.. he was so on top of it. If I think about my brothers death everyday… Big Brother switches the feeds. Daniel – …tomorrow you can die. I think about this with everyone I love. Part of its good because I appreciate every moment and everything you say and everything we experience together. But the thing is I hold onto those things and I am waiting to get a call to say that someone I love died. It f**king sucks! Nicole – none of us are ever fixed from our experiences. I hate when people say stop cry. Like screw you, you don’t even know what I am going through. Like get over it! Like get out of my face, I don’t want to talk to you. I applaud you tremendously because you are doing all the things in your life right to get where you are. I absolutely adore you. I trust you. You’re amazing! Thank you and thank you for being here. Do you know how hard it was not to tell Jas? Her sister is gay and an ex cop. Do you know how hard it was to not tell her?!

1:25pm Backyard suntanning..

1:38pm Storage room. Kyle and Monte.
Monte – I talked to Ameerah about moving forward and if we have any ideas lets just chat through it first if we want to be in a solid alliance.. because if I come up to you with some curve ball sh*t like you probably wouldn’t feel good about that. Kyle – well I look at the facts that Taylor has specifically said backdoor Monte next week.. like that is the facts. I understand where they’re coming from but Pooch has said Michael .. Pooch is saying Brittany, Michael, Indy, Terrance.. everyone. Look at the facts… I understand both are threats to our alliance but one seems to be more immediate and more directed at .. and that’s where they come in and say I’m going to be that heartless b***h and I am like lets look at the facts. Take emotion out. That’s what ruins games. Monte – you have to look at immediate threats .. Taylor was an immediate threat. Pooch is not an immediate threat. Kyle – I’m getting a little worried because Jasmine took me up into her room and she was like everyone wants Pooch. The whole thing was a lie to be honest. I think she wants Pooch out. And then she sat down with Pooch and I asked him how it went and he said he feels so much better. And I am like Jasmine is dangerous. She is a snake.. not a snake .. sneaky.

2:20pm Joe and Monte put together a fruit plater and come out as pool boys to feed the other house guests.

2:28pm Backyard loungers – Taylor and Ameerah.
Taylor – Jasmine was frustrated with Indy? Is that what she was saying? Ameerah – she said that Indy was freaking out this morning because she said she doesn’t have a final two. I’m like do people have final twos?! Taylor – umm.. okay!?! Ameerah – like its literally week two! Taylor – its a pretty simple goal. Seven girls in the house, get them all to at least jury and then make sure two are final two. Ameerah – yeah final two girls.. when is the last time that happened? That is my goal whether I am in it or not.

2:33pm Bedroom. Kyle and Michael.
Kyle – I think it will be close if Monte and I vote to keep Pooch. Like between one or two votes. Michael – like 8 – 4. Kyle – but that is plenty.. like me vote wouldn’t be necessary. The reason I would vote to keep Pooch would be to vote to keep those relationships with everyone else. So you think it would be me, Monte, Joe and Turner (votes to keep Pooch). Do you think there is a girls thing? Michael – I don’t think anything official just an understanding. It does happen a lot where the women pick each other off and the guys swoop in at the end. Kyle – it makes sense .. I am just hoping that the six stay strong.

3:09pm Backyard. Ameerah and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I feel like we have to say something to Turner like right before (the Thursday vote) and say like oh my god this is happening and we just have to go with it… because there is no way we can say we voted to keep Pooch because we have to vote with the girls. Ameerah – no we have to tell him before. We have to tell Turner and we have to tell Joseph.. but then they’re going to run back to Monte and Kyle. Maybe we should talk to Monte and Kyle.. we need to talk to both of them because that is what is going to keep us safe by talking to them first. Alyssa – Monte keep saying we need to talk to him but I don’t want Indy to see me talking to him. Alyssa – and get a game plan going. Ameerah – does she (Indy) like him (Monte)? Alyssa – she thinks he’s really really cute and if she didn’t have a guy she would be with him.

3:15pm Hammock – Monte, Joe and Indy.
Monte – how are you feeling? Indy – I am just like I really will be super disappointed if you guys both of you betray me. Monte – how so? What are you talking about? Where are you getting this from? Indy – I don’t know. Its just going to be really hurtful for me.. and you guys cannot say anything .. because if I hear that I will be mad.. its just between the three of us.. Joe – I told you if we hear anything we put it away. Who telling you I was going for you? Indy – its not you’re going for me.. its one of the people you like out. Joe – if I hear that I note it but its not like what I am doing. And obviously people are already picking out targets .. I am not. Indy – I know the people that I want to be with at the end. Joe – same. Indy – and I trust you and Monte.. that’s it. But if you guys are like no Indy .. that doesn’t work for us… just let me know? Its okay, I won’t get mad at you. But I will get mad if you like .. Joe – if I play you .. yes of course. Indy – this is what will break my heart.

4:20pm The house guests are sitting around the backyard chatting about random things.

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un autre nom

as i watch turner float around in the pool with his finger up his nose….

i’m repulsed enough that once again it hits me.
Kyle was one of the people pushing for Pooch to go.
He seems to be forgetting that he told this to Alyssa, prompting her to put the bug in Jasmine’s ear. Yes. the three women had mentioned Pooch before. But ALYSSA wasn’t going to push that button without having backing from her meatshield.

How many times are Monte and Kyle going to have the exact same conversation?
Has there been one new fact introduced? Nope.
Are both Kyle and Monte excluding the same facts they’ve been excluding for at least a day? Yup.
Kyle knows Pooch is after alliance members. Kyle SUGGESTED one of them (Nic).
Monte and Kyle BOTH know Pooch has mentioned Monte as renom as the bigger threat that keeps Pooch in the game.
At this point it’s just an ego circlejerk.

Again, this just reinforces the idea that it’s a man leaving that is the problem. That combined with Monte not being the leader with acolytes following his word as law.
They don’t want discussion. They had discussion. Alyssa, Michael, Nic and Ameerah with Monte. Kyle wasn’t present. Everyone but Monte wanted Pooch out. That’s where I got the idea that Monte’s alliance definition was dictatorial. He didn’t want to vote with his alliance. So the majority wanted one thing, Monte refused. He’s just mad his refusal didn’t make everyone else cave to his opinion.

un autre nom

Monte brought it up. Jasmine exposing Pooch’s foolery.
Aaaand…. doesn’t believe it.
Kyle doesn’t tell him Pooch said the same to him.

It’s not about Taylor. It’s about a man leaving and Monte not getting his way without question.



un autre nom

Why not ask their alliance if Pooch has said it? Michael is in their alliance and he’s the veto holder.
They don’t want to know, but I bet they’ll use it as the reason when Joe and Turner get pissy.


Nicole is trying to talk reason into Kyle

un autre nom

And she’ll have to reinforce that every 4 hours until Thursday.
Slowly, comfortably spinning out of control (if that makes sense) Kyle will open a waffle stand all for himself by Thursday for sure.

Only Reading Feeds

Hope this season gets better

un autre nom

I don’t know if Indy bought it when she confronted Joseph.
Anyone else?
She stuck with the Taylor is the target lie.
Ameerah told her last night that Joseph named 5 people to go next including Michael, Britt and Indy on the list.
Joseph said it’s Michael that targets Indy in group conversations.

Let’s see where this leads.
When did Indy get into this fake alliance with Monte and Joseph anyway????


I think it occurred one day in the gym where the trio discussed aligning. She is really into Monte always telling him how cute he is & she’s smarter than people give her credit for seeing Joe/Monte as potential comp beasts (READ: if I’m aligned with them – I’ll be safe).

Joe is such a bad strategic player b/c he’s telling someone who clearly plays with emotions & will spill the beans that Michael is the one bringing up her name.

She KNOWS Joe has repeatedly said he wants Michael out & she NEVER sees them talk game or hang out. Indy is just as likely to go ask Michael if he’s ever said her name. Sure she might believe Joe but if she asks ANY of the women they’ll be like NO it’s not Michael who said your name.

That’s partially Joe pushing his agenda (to get out Michael) onto Indy in case she wins HOH so she goes after him. The truth is it was Ameerah who told her Joe said her name & as it was Amee watered it down to make it seem like she (Indy) was the last of the 5 when the truth is she was in the initial noms (alongside Brit).

In fairness, I think if Joe won now he’d be looking to take out Nicole and/or Ameerah b/c while he’s terrible at the social game he is on point at picking out the people who are threats to the him/his bros.

Indy told Monte/Joe it was “a guy” who told her so Joe thinks it was Michael & they also told her the person who said this is just trying to cause problems. Little do they know it was Ameerah – & I’m not sure how Indy truly feels with her. Would she believe Amee over Joe/Monte? Not sure. Based on her not revealing everything to them my gut says she trusts Amee over them but will play along b/c she likes hanging out with them.


Simon or Dawg, I have a question because of what I heard some houseguests talking about in the backyard: Was the Big Brother House ever physically in Mexico? They seemed to think so and mentioned something about passports. I don’t know if this is for real or if they are just being more idiotic


Ahhh. Ok, that makes more sense

un autre nom

I wonder:
If Indy spoke without an accent, or say… if she was from nowheresville….
would the house be so, frankly, condescending?
Admittedly, I don’t think she knows squat about us Big Brother. But they seem to hear her accent and automatically assume her opinion is of lesser value, or she’s automatically lacking in intelligence.
Do I think she’s great? Not really… but she is playing.
Do I think she’s a moron? Her blunt sardonic commentary is actually one of the things i’m enjoying.
The entire house seems to think she’s less than, not equal to them.
Is it because she’s an immigrant with an accent is my concern.
I don’t get it.


So watching Part 2 of the HoH competition on tonight’s episode, I think of it like Otev meets the State Fair

Paul Sucks

Why does Daniel hosting comps annoy me so much? Hoping he gets evicted soon.

un autre nom

preamble: gonna be something to watch so many people throw. Let’s count questionable image spin d/r’s. (personally i like Taylor but….)
No clue what will happen to the Thursday episode. possibility: the episode occurs an hour earlier?
nothing much but oddness. lots of oddness.
Okay. Jasmine left the podium landing on her left foot and grabbed her right. what exactly happened?
Taylor: one step from the HOH.
Daniel blahblahblah… oy vey no.
Terrance: gotta go hard…. um.
Po’s Pack. my brain keeps hearing hosebag.
Nic invited to the popack.
Injury results…not broken. few days? she’s gonna stretch that for as many weeks as possible.
Britt: reset? new version hasn’t learned to edit her infodumps.
Pooch: Guys alliance hint.
Indy: hates losing. Crying. At least it wasn’t because of Paloma.
Alyssa sucks up to Taylor. we didn’t hear any target talk. just big moves.
Farmer crackpipe announces HOH2. At least hippie Joe Dirt (turner) isn’t host.
Wait… Jasmine won a pie eating contest? um. hmm. be nice…. yeesh.
Lots and lots of questionable d/r. The Monte d/r… oh. um. hmmm. yeesh2.
Trivia Questions about house.
no hands. true or false. chin buzzer. pies get bigger each round.
2 eliminated round one.
Kyle and Monte out.
2 eliminated round two.
Joe and Taylor out.
Pooch questionalbe d/r. he likes Taylor?
1 eliminated round three.
Edit isn’t showing Michael and Britt have a final 2.
Ameerah got the wrong letter. Ameerah out. (later admits she threw).
Final round: Michael vs. Jasmine.
Jasmine is asking him to throw. (Later did he admit he threw, i think he did?)
Taylor thinks she will be a pawn and has an ok relationship with Jasmine…. oh.
Michael wants to work with Taylor… a bigger target.
Nicole spills the Mamba. Daniel says he’s fine.
Pooch has a bold plan….. cue clown music. VOLUNTEERS as a backdoor pawn.
Alyssa, Michael and Ameerah think good plan… clown. buhbye.
Indy: sex coach d/r. spatula talk with Pooch.
Pooch takes the clown show to HOH.
Put up Britt, you can even use veto on her.
Taylor chats with Jasmine.
THIS is where the bigger shot post veto target comes from: Jasmine to Taylor?
Skipping everyone going to Jasmine saying lets’ take out Pooch? That’s a choice.
Skipping Pooch beginning to worry when he finds out the plan is changed?
The SCOOTER… another flashback…. aaaargh.
Taylor and Pooch nominated.
Jasmine: don’t change noms.
Taylor: pawn/queen veto weight on neck.
Pooch: plan was Taylor backdoor… but i’m confident.
Ameerah last word: in essence clowns belong in the circus.