“If I win that veto I’m using that sh1t and if I’m HOH I’ll do the f***ing thing (Put Michael up)”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

1:45 pm Monte, Turner and Michael
Monte says Terrance had a conversation with Taylor, “trying to make amends with her”
Monte – after that conversation with her he comes up to me and says.. alright BRO I have Taylor locked in, I have turner locked in, I just need you for the third let’s make this official.. Blaze Blaze Bla
Monte – Okay sure do you have reassurances with these people?
Turner – he told me he has Taylor and just needs you but If I am in then you are in basically
Monte – that is what he said.. He thinks he has all the votes now.
Monte – he was trying to create mistrust between me and Taylor but at the same time trying to say if there is enough votes then she is down then I am down.
Monte – Brittany is suspicious of me and Taylor
Michael – or she told something to you and Taylor and she’s afraid you’ll compare notes.
Monte says Terrance is telling them all things that are not true to get them to vote to keep him.
Turner – copy that
Monte – I need to check in with Taylor to hear what the hell Brittany is telling her
Monte about Brittany – It’s becoming more apparent that she is doing things to incriminate herself
Turner – if You win tomorrow who are you putting up. If I win I’m trying to think, Brittany and Taylor. Taylor as the pawn or Alyssa as the pawn.
Monte – we need two votes to ensure we control things.. I’m not putting each other up as pawns or anything like that. It has to be some combination of the three. Alyssa, Brittany and Taylor.
Monte – I’m fine with putting Brittany and Alyssa up at the moment. To me Taylor has shown the most faith and given me this information I feel good that I can trust her. Whereas Brittany Not sure..
Turner asks if they are putting up Alyssa and Brittany are they targeting Brittany?
Turner – if you won the veto would you be comfortable with not taking Brittany down?
Michael – Brittany is doing way too much but I don’t see her as a competition threat. Alyssa isn’t doing too much but I view her as a jury threat. Between the three Taylor is the biggest Competition threat but I still feel confident that you know the three of us can beat her in a competition.
Monte – this is when the game gets tough.

Turner – Alyssa is also targeting Brittany.. she told me.
Michael – There was zero people targeting Brittany in the beginning now everyone is
Monte – everybody wants to put her on the block because of little…. umm… anyway..
Monte – for me I would put up Brittany and Alyssa and if someone uses veto Taylor goes up and move on from there.
Turner – Taylor said she would put me up do you know who she would put up next to me?
Monte – Alyssa
Turner asks who Brittany will put up.
Turner – It would be DOPE if Alyssa won because then she’s targeting Brittany then all three of us can play next week
Monte – Alyssa is a free agent like T she can say anything it won’t get back to anybody she can trust.. she can do anything because it’s not going to hurt anybody she can trust.

They agree Terrance has got to go this week.
monte – he’s got to go he’s all over the place
Turner – yesterday he goes This week I figured out exactly how to play the game I think I can do good at it now..
Michael – now.. 60 plus days in
Turner – that is dope dude
Monte – Talking too much gets you on the block and gets you evicted..

2:05 pm Michael alone
If Brittany goes up and I’m not on the block and I get the veto I’m going to pull her down. Brittany going home does not make sense for my game.

2:57 pm Monte and Taylor
T – when you had your one on won with Alyssa did you ask her about the all girls thing?
M – no she told me
Taylor laughs “I guess Turner told her because Turner told me and wow… IT’s exactly what I told you I was in that room and Alyssa was making this pitch to the three of us to make it to the end. I was like, Sure.”
T – Brittany is the one that is telling everybody about this apparently
M – Turner told her
Monte says Brittany tried to make a final 2 with Alyssa that same morning. “Said that she wanted to see them go to the end or whatever the hell that was pretty much the extent that is where the conflict arose. Turner is now comparing notes”
Monte – Both Turner and Alyssa are like Brittany has to go on the block next week. I don’t know why she’s playing so hard
T – Turner said she didn’t have a target on her but she’s putting a target on herself
T – Okay I feel less crazy. Alyssa told me it was Brittany who was running her mouth about it. Turner told me that is was Brittany
Monte – Before this week shouldn’t have been anybody’s target but now it’s like she has to go on the block. Everybody knows about her I think Turner was even talking about bringing it up to Michael.
T – Turner was saying that Brittany threw Michael under the bus to Turner
Monte – to what extent..
T – saying Michael has got to go
M – she must think Turner is a fool
M – My thought is if I win HOH Brittany and Alyssa..
Feeds flip to Alyssa and turner chatting
When we’re back.
Taylor is saying she’s been f**Ed by all girls alliances all season long she wouldn’t be down for one now.
Taylor – I have a solid four I feel good about you. I’m close to Brittany. Anybody who sits next to Brittany will win the game.
Taylor – I don’t make stupid moves I’m quiet.
Monte says Brittany is talking too much “Go to bed and chill.. I don’t know why she’s going about it this way”

Taylor – She touches the block next week.. with either Turner or Alyssa..
Taylor – who are we voting out.
Monte – Alyssa
Monte – Brittany may be acting like a fool. It doesn’t give me any reason to evict but it does give me reason to put her up.
Taylor – I’m not close to Alyssa, none of us are.
Taylor – it would be stupid for me to target Brittany over Turner

Taylor – in a perfect world if somebody doesn’t win the veto next week… (take out Michael)
Monte – yeah.. but yes very much if we don’t then we’ll look like fools
Monte – if I win that veto I’m using that sh1t and if I’m HOH I’ll do the f***ing thing my hope would be I’m not public enemy number one next week
Taylor says even with all of Brittany’s bullsh1t it doesn’t make sense for them to take out early.
Taylor – In a perfect worlds he’s gone this week he’s gone next week then it’s us three and Turner and Alyssa
Monte – Turner is the biggest competition threat.
Monte says if Michael wins the veto next week “we know he won’t use it on Brittany. Brittany stays on the block the true target goes home”

3:04 pm Turner and Alyssa
They’re complaining about Brittany right now. Turner says she’s been starring at him.
Alyssa – I don’t even want to be near here.
Turner – If I win HOH tomorrow I’m putting her up.
Alyssa – would also do that. I don’t want to put up Michael but I don’t want him to win and take her off. That is the question mark we can discuss
Turner – Brittany told me if Taylor wins I’m going up. I told Taylor that and she confirmed it.
Turner – I just hope Taylor or Brittany don’t win
Turner – Terrance BIG time thinks he’s staying
Turner – you are totally fine, Terrance is going to be blindsided because he thinks he’s staying.
Alyssa – Michael told me Terrance told him yesterday everyone is feeding me bullshit I’m going home
Turner- that’s him trying to play into the fact .. Michael doesn’t want Terrance to stay

4:08 am

5:12 pm chit chat and working out

6:00 pm

6:10 pm Terrance and Monte
Terrance – I’ll tell you this if I don’t make it or whatever and you make it to the final and it’s between you or her you know where my vote is going
Monte – I appreciate you BRO
T – and that’s real
M – Alyssa staying is indication that she can get away with that every week. There’s people that get away like that every year. her and Brittany are the biggest floaters of all time. If there is a chance to get out a floater and keep someone I can work with I’m 100% down with that.
M – If I stand up and shout out too much about it then it’s my a$$ next week
Monte says Taylor is still upset about last week. “She’s holding onto that for dear life” (Terrance trying to save Kyle)
T – that is why I gave her the opportunity last night to air out her grievances..
M – the good thing if this week coming up Michael can’t win HOH. So I’m hoping this is my shot to finally come up. If everything goes well..
T – I’ll be seeing his ass
M – If I take that shot. I kinda have to. If I take that shot what is my future like the following week. Now I have to win the veto to make sure they don’t get any funny ideas about putting my a$$ up for taking that shot.

6:27 pm Terrance filling his suitcase up with Blankets?

6:38 pm Taylor telling Monte as she walks to the bedroom.
Taylor – come join the downstairs party.. front room party
Terrance passes by Monte on his way tot he bathroom. “I’m a sell out party.. you know my speech tomorrow is toing to be brutal”
Monte- ohh shit

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un autre nom

What I’m noting:
Britt has been in diary for a good 2 hours or more today. I really really dislike these prolonged d/r sessions. I know for a fact that an entire episode of d/r contributions only takes a max of 45 minutes. Even the worst d/r performer… 45 minutes to do a long enough session to pick about 20 d/r clips.
Taylor has avoided speaking to Michael one on one all week, to the point of obvious avoidance. All information comes through Monte.
Alyssa and Turner, who suggested or first used the words final two in their Britt discussions (Alyssa approached it with a final 2 name chosen) have twisted it for their benefit. Not a gripe, a fact. Britt went to Turner to set up a final 2 with him in case Michael was evicted, but he was the first to state it.
Turner is most upset that Britt has been calling out facts, and that’s why he wants her gone. Yes, she’s a paranoid bagofcats hyperhypnotoading, but her reads regarding Turner and Monte (with d/r assistance) are on point. This is what has Monte most upset as well.
Michael isn’t the ally I’d want from one point of view: Michael doesn’t share info with his allies to actually help the team get further. Michael sits on info that would help his allies. Not a dumb game move, not a smart ally move.


Michael entered this game with a clear sharp focus and he’s nobody’s fool. He analyzes and knows he could be thrown under the bus in an instant by any one of them since he’s such a big threat. He’s playing a sharp game, I loved watching this summer because of him.


get a room for god sakes!!!!!!!


I’m female!
You must be jealous of his intelligence and skill, clearly!


LC ha ha I am a straight female too! I can’t believe people are still so mad at Michael for Kyle‘s own words. Like that makes noooo sense!!


I KNOW!! Even Kyle admitted his actions were “rooted in racist”thought. Kyle will be ok and he will grow and learn from the experience.

Michael is a remarkable player and he’s playing the game of BB!


LC oh my Lord I am so with you!!
Michael has made this season so good for me. He’s extremely brilliant and clever and I think he’s a really good guy!


Absolutely a good guy. It would be fun to know him and his fiancé on the outside and learn what this experience was like for him.


He’s a comp beast and deserves the win for that, but the strategy, of ruining someone’s life for a buck, is disgusting, in my opinion. There will be consequences for both men outside the house and that’s the biggest shame.


If anyone other than Britt wins HOH and doesn’t put Britt and Michael on the block at the get-go deserves to lose this game! Everyone is playing in the veto (including Michael) and if he wins again he will have to take himself down. This would ensure it would be one of the two. I would not trust Michael to not use the veto on Britt since he has shielded her all season. To think that he would change his tune suddenly is stupid on their part.


He’d definitely use it on her, unless he’s on the block of course and obviously would use it on himself.


I totally agree, if they don’t put both of them up they deserve to lose. really strange that right now the only one saying they’d put them on the block together is alyssa.


That’s why it is pretty much guaranteed that Michael or Brittany goes home after Terrance. It is a safe bet.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

please make it happen monte

Mike Honcho

Monte and Turner are bozos for trusting/working with Michael. They deserve to lose. I’d work with Terrance over that snake. Alyssa should go this week. They are all playing a bad game and will lose because of it. Michael plans to drag Britt to the end. They should do whatever is NOT in Michael’s interest.


I would keep Alyssa around just for eye candy.

Mike Honcho

I agree, that top she was wearing at the veto ceremony… goodness. She’s still team Michael and Terrance is not. Sounds like he’s going anyway. I must say my boy was much more entertaining G.


Why do you hate Michael so much? It’s so rude to call him a snake. He’s a great guy and a great player. People should really watch their words online I feel….


Jealousy is the cause. They know in a million years they wouldn’t be able to do what Michael has done this season.


Let’s see! Would I rather be Michael the Snake, that America now shuns, or me? I choose me.


a sneaky snake


I love that Terrance is convinced he’s staying ? I can’t wait to see his reaction tomorrow night


I know, the problem is he MIGHT be staying!


He knows he is gone. Monte just confirmed.

The Kats Meow

My take on the HG’s that are left.

1. Monte, the man who has done absolutely nothing the entire game and who I look at as the male version of Jealyssa. Except he didn’t f*ck anybody on a pool floatie on national TV.
2. Jealyssa, well she’s still there I supposed that’s something. She also is leaning on Turner far too much, it’s creepy. He’s lucky he has a gf back home he loves, because if not she would have hooked her her claws into him. With the 10-second dynamo Kyle, gone I know she’s feening. Run Turner!
3. Turner, I really like watching him come out of his shell. For most of the game he was sitting around with this clueless or get me out of here look on his face. Now it seems like with less people he’s able to open up, talk to people, and seemingly enjoy himself. Can’t hate on him for that.
4 Brittany has always been a difficult person for me in that house. I find her perfectly nice and generally someone that goes out of their way to try and help the other HG’s. But she really has this obnoxious know it all part of her personality that slips in far too often. Which then lead to her spiraling and self doubt days. Sometimes she makes it difficult to have compassion for her. I’d hope to see her go in the DE.
5. Michael and Taylor are both playing smart right now and laying back in the cut. They’re taking in all these conversations that people are running to them with and not really committing to anything. This far in the game, I think that’s really smart.
6. Last and definitely least is that goddamn vile potato Terrance. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a HG’s as much as I do the pathetic “Mr I Got You.” That nomination couch seat warmer has been a useless bore. I can’t wait to see the door hit him where the good Lord split him tomorrow night. Time for “Ya Boy” to go to jury, go directly to jury, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just get the f*ck out!


Ha ha I agree with your entire assessment, especially about Terrance. Can you believe how ridiculous he looked during the veto? He actually thought he was a super hero who could win, but he didn’t have a hope in hell…. it was truly laughable.


Thanks for this great rundown of who’s left. Im in agreement with this great analysis!

If/when pathetic Terrance is booted out, it will be a great day for BB. Miserable HG, miserable person.


Watching BB comics, Terrence used the strategy you should never use. Everyone should know by now: 1st make sure the order is correct then correct for details


You’re assuming Terrance is capable of strategy. He doesn’t have the intelligence.


I really do not think Monte & Turner are very smart, do they not notice when they are alone with Michael in the HOH room, they are the ones doing all of the talking?

Michael has not really shared any information with them, they are pushing putting up Brittany and Alyssa. This is just as dumb as when Taylor wanted Kyle to use the Veto, and Taylor would then backdoor Alyssa, because Alyssa took the London Trip from her.

Monte & Turner are giving off the vibe of being scared, nervous, they are not really paying attention that Michael is not sharing much information with them, they know Michael likes to think, process and then reveal a plan. Have they not noticed, Michael has not been all hyped up when the 3 of them are alone plotting in the HOH, Monte and Turner need to shut up.

If they are dumb enough to put Brittany and Alyssa on the block, then Michael can win another Veto, he will take Brittany off the block, don’t be pissed when they find one of them up on the block as a replacement.

Michael, Turner and Taylor need to work together, get Michael out. If they actually want a chance to win the 750k, put their ego’s aside, work together, don’t be afraid to take the shot in the Double Eviction, Put Michael and Brittany both on the block. This way, you will be able to get rid of either Michael, if not then get rid of Brittany.

If Brittany wins HOH, Monte & Tuner will be on the block. If they don’t win the Veto, then most likely, Monte is going to the Jury house on the DE. Monte, Taylor and Turner, better get it together and take the shot, Michael is well aware that there’s a BIG TARGET on his back, and anyone would love to be able to brag, and say they Evicted Michael.

Michael is not working with Monte & Turner, Michael is planning on taking Brittany all the way to Final 2. He’s banking on the Jury to be fair, and vote for him to win, Michael does not think 100% that he will lose to Brittany.


I like your optimism about Michael, but really question whether he can make it through Thursday. Way lots of pressure and everyone there waiting for him to slip up and jump on it. With exception of B.


Brittany really is a flea. She will throw Michael under the bus in a heartbeat, but she expects him to do what is best for her game and not what is best for his.


I completely agree. I picked up on this with her feed conversations with other HG such as Monte. I’m sure Michael is aware, he’s too sharp not to be.


????hahaha flea, I agree


I hope will will get a chance to see what’s going on in the Jury House on Thursday night’s show. I want to get a feel on if they are going to vote based on “Game Play” or if they are going to be petty and make it “Personal”.

Say what you want, but if Michael makes it to the end, if I was on the Jury, I’d vote for Michael to win the 750k.

If I was in the Jury, the next person that would get my vote as the Winner, would be the person that took the shot, and was finally able to EVICT Michael !! If Alyssa makes it to Final 2, that is a big waste.

Alyssa does not deserve 75k or 750k. Alyssa’s been playing the Dating Game, or Love Island, maybe the Love Boat, 10-Second Love Connection.

She has been just what Zingbot said “USELESS”. She does not deserve a single dime.


I’m wholeheartedly with you, I’d vote for Michael as he’s clearly done more than anyone else.

I just don’t think it’s going to happen because he’s too much of a threat.

Alyssa truly is the definition of worthless float. But these floats can still win..

un autre nom

Turner planned Michael back door.
Michael won veto. Backdoor backburnered.
Kyle renom.
Everyone gunning for Micahel.
Micahel wins HOH. Not even close.
Air 2427 message… flip to backup channel
Michael refuses to go after Turner and break his promise.
Terrance didn’t take it well.
Britt wants Turner to be renom.
Post nominations D/R
Michael: Dyrefest was out to get me, so promise to Turner means 2 targets. Terrance is the goat. I don’t want a goat.
Terrance: Part of plan? I’m not holding the bag.
Turner: if there’s a replacement nom I’m ascurrred.
Britt: I get why he’s morally doing it, strategically stupid.
Alyssa: I thought I spilled enough to be safe.
Alyssa Michael talk:
you’d save Terrance. Alyssa still wants to work with Michael.
Alyssa and Turner talk:
Let’s hope Terrance keeps his mouth shut.
Turner d/r: throw Terrance under bus so that he isn’t exposed.
Terrance Michael talk:
The plan was me, Michael says. Terrance says who would have done it?
Leftovers are just finishing the scraps. Michael d/r: no denial there was a plan.
Terrance pitches: right people win it… I’m poisoning the Jury.
Terrance doesn’t like Michael and Britt manipulating the Kyle situation. Basics: they’re racists too.
Michael D/R: nice threats.
Kitchen convo. Turner, Michael, with Britt and Taylor looking on:
Michael says Terrance threw Turner under the bus. Turner is lying to save himself.
Michael says promise and morals are all that are saving Turner. ED. Gee… um how many seasons have people said you can bounce checks in big brother… maybe you’ll see that when everyone bounces their checks to Michael. d’oh.
Turner/Monte (Taylor present): LGBT discussion. Turner has been open about being bisexuality. Black/White/Grey area.
Monte wants to learn and likes Turner. ED. Still not showing they have a final 2.
Michael doens’t want Monte to win veto and use it. Makes Michael break a promise.
Alyssa picks Britt. Terrance picks HG Choice: Taylor. Turner gobsmacked he wasn’t chosen. Terrance can’t trust Turner.
Turner d/r: Terrance doesn’t know i’m throwing him under the bus… yes Terrance does.
Terrance asks Britt who is nom if veto is used: Britt says he isn’t her target. Britt really wants a bigger threat gone.
Turner can win comps. The promise is stupid.
Michael is saying moral or game. ED. snore. stupid. Went for you once and you know it. Lied to your allies and broke alliance last week… so is a promise to a liar worth keeping?
Alyssa goes first explaining comp. 13:37
lit vs unlit. wrist band noticed. tongue on Kyle isn’t curvy. Pooch is her error.
Taylor: 12:13
needs to build resume. stops to stare at herself. Indy and Joseph issues. but had 5 wrong initially.
Britt: 13:35
bad fall every time. Ameerah soundbite: big brother isn’t that hard comment. Short order Crook not cook. oops.
Monte: 13:58
doesn’t want to be replacement. slow as possible on zipline. He’s out of order on top. Joseph wrong.
Micheal: 9:06 MICHAEL WINS HIS 6th VETO
Now he knows too many comp wins. Trouble is difference in Britt. Indy wrong.
Terrance: 25:19
faster and higher than he thought. DJ SNOWTIME NOT SHOWTIME. oops. Turner does shower. every other day. Most of top row wrong.
16 year old veto record on the line. BUT FIRST….17 commercials.
Only option is to keep winning Michael says.
Monte d/r: taking shot at Michael. Let’s hope he doesn’t put me up as replace nom.
Terrance d/r: runaway train. gotta make plans.
Britt d/r: go after a bigger threat than Terrance push. Again.
ED. Always wonder what the real times were. Smiles and sideyes. Show it on feeds if it’s kosher.
We’re vying for second. Stop the train?
Turner: why would I go to the end. Selling crap.
Monte: why is he telling me Monte and Turner are working together?
Britt says Turner and Monte are together: Michael: I don’t want to shift. I don’t want to take a shot… ED. and leave the middle. He is allergic to confrontation and waves. Knows the house is after him and wants to take out the weakest compeitor. That’s stupid for his ally Britt, and she sees it.
Turner exposes Britt’s Backup Plan:
You’ve won comps, people will go after Michael. Britt is throwing you under the bus.
Britt is a superfan… so Michael believes Turner. Britt is going panic mode. She leaks. Michael is nervous. But sticking to his plan. ED. and not telling Britt to quit panicking… because… she was always his goat 2nd place runner up.
Michael chooses NOT to use VETO.
Michael: kept my word. I have to win my way there. Hope Britt wins HOH.
Britt: go for the stronger. I don’t want to play without Michael. HOH is mandatory.
Alyssa: Roses are red, violets are blue, the only one meeting Julie is going to be you.
Terrance: Got plans.
Turner… thanks for being snowed Michael, I’m gonna come get you, facts.


I sure hope he wins his 7th veto on double eviction


I really hope they take out Michael next week he already won the veto record he can’t hit 10 comps and break queen Janelles one season comp record


Why don’t you want him to break Janelle’s record? Its not a monopoly, if someone else has the skill, they deserve it!


Watching Terrence steal a blanket. Meh. Why doesn’t that surprise me. Hope BB checks the luggage.


Haha!!!! Why am I not surprised! A little comic relief.


If accurate, he’s hardly the 1st to take something from a place someone has stayed whether it be a robe or something else from a hotel room


yeah, guess the bus gets a little chilly up there on the Southside in winter!

Not Jason’s Holly

I’m thinking BB doesn’t reuse the blankets, so he’s good! A lot of players have walked out with house items in the past. Maybe he’s bringing his wife an anniversary gift since he didn’t get to shopping and he’s not coming home with the 750k! ??

un autre nom

The unused Paloma comic cover:


How sweet. They are all practically asleep/napping at 10:46 East Coast time

un autre nom

Britt plan: only game talk going on right now… so before I take some more allergy meds and crash, that’s the only game talk going on.
If she wins HOH, she noms Monte and Turner. If Turner win veto, Taylor renom to ensure Monte goes, if Monte wins veto, Alyssa renom to ensure Turner goes.
Flaw in argument… if Al wins and removes Turn or if Tay wins and removes Mon? Then it’s chaos?

Britt has done it to herself in large part in terms of her predicament, but we all saw the signs weeks ago.
The final 3 with Michael and Taylor was her dream… and immediately Taylor says let’s get rid of Michael. Michael talks about team, talks about Janelle and Kaysar, but doesn’t actually play an ally game. He plays a loner game. That means he doesn’t actually care what she thinks, and dismisses her. There was an entire day they didn’t speak because he was unwilling to listen to her. But the big reason Britt started her road to meltdown? She KNOWS everyone is targeting Michael, and fears being on the block with him.

That isn’t to say the week one character assassination plotting isn’t happening. There isn’t a conversation that happens where Turner and Monte aren’t crucifying her. The reason: it isn’t the untrustworthy, it isn’t the moving weird. It’s that she’s on to them. That is why she’s got to go. She’s figured out their final 2 (d/r). She knows Monte was in on last week’s plot (she saw them leave the HOH last week when Monte joined the group). That’s why.


Alyssa is a pathetic player. So at this stage in the game she is trying to form alliances? And why would anyone align with a person who has yet to come close on even ONE challenge? And she wants to worm this alliance with Brittany who won ONE challenge?