“If I win HOH I’m putting Christmas and Nicole together if one of them comes down put up the partner. or you know who.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony – Kevin used the veto on himself. Enzo nominates Christmas in his place.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

7:30 am Kaysar and Memphsis are the only houseguests up. No idea what happened last night to warrant a 8 hour feed outage.
They talk about the plans for the day. Memphis says he’ll play a couple games of Chess. Kaysar asks who he’s playing against, Does he want to lose or win. Memphis says unless he plays Enzo he’ll lose.
They laugh.
They chit chat about Instagram culture and how people today search for Instagram fame.
8:14 am David is now up.

No idea what all last night was about..

11:41 am Cody and Nicole
They’re whispering about Nicole having to get Christmas to tell Dani because “right now Dani will throw the HOH and we really need her to go for it”
Cody – does Christmas think it’s Dani
Nicole – yeah she thinks it’s Dani
Cody – ohh sh1t
Nicole – Christmas doesn’t like Dani I have to constantly talk her off the cliff
Nicole – Dani said something about being a have not and Christmas was like UGH double standards ..
Nicole says she feels that production has something planned for them today because they wanted them all up early.
Nicole – maybe it’s just a Facebook thing..
Nicole – Dani was like everything I’ve done I’ve gotten in trouble for I’m trying to help you, Cody and Tyler.
Nicole – oh my god it makes me feel guilty
Cody – she’s doing too much.
Cody – I would trust her 100% if every time I said something to her she didn’t go F**Ing running and do something. She’s doing it to herself.
Cody – she’s getting you and she’s getting me.. I’m kinda getting over it it’s exhausting

11:46 am Nicole and Dani
Nicole – you didn’t throw me under the bus did you
Dani – no she just told me everything (Christmas)
Nicole – are you stressed out
dani – yes we didn’t sleep, after midnight went into the DR
Feeds cut

NOON Cody and Enzo
Cody saying that Dani came to him wanting them to have a meeting to come up with a story incase Bayleigh tries to blow up the Slick6
Enzo – be like YO I don’t know what you are talking about that’s it/. I’m friends with everyone
Cody – Yeah.. then I got called into the DR i’m like YO..
Feeds cut When we’re back
Enzo says once they get rid of Bayleigh and Da’Vonne they will be “so close to Bayleigh”
Cody – if she throws me under the bus.. F** that there’s o getting close to Bayleigh
Cody – I said to Nicole YO watch what you say to Dani because everything you say says she runs around and tells everybody.
They agree the person that blows up the slick6 that person will be the one they blame it on saying they were the ones that created the alliance.

Enzo – I’m like YO i’m out of it I am friends with everyone
Enzo is warning that the girls are going to band together and blow up all their games.

Enzo calls Memphis a “Gimp” says “you’re going home to” says he likes him but why are they all stressed out Memphis goes to bed at 10 o’clock every “F**Ing night”
Enzo – we did too much too fast with too many people.. now these girls want to talk game to us.. I’m like Enough.. YO.. Earmuffs
They talk about if their alliance gets outed Cody will turn to Tyler and be like “You F**ed us, so what do you have to say”

Enzo – I’ll be like go eat Humus .. i’ll throw TOFU at you enough yo eat some f***ing meat YO too skinny..
they laugh like bevies and butthead

They joke around about wanting to leave .. “I’m just done I don’t want to be with them anymore.. I don’t even care about wining anymore.. it’s horrible yo”

12:14 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
Bayleigh brings up wanting to talk to Nicole yesterday and she said “My brain is dead lets talk tomorrow” when tomorrow rolled around every time Bay looked at her Nicole would look away.
Bayleigh – if I win HOH I’m putting Christmas and Nicole together if one of them comes down put up the partner.. or you know who..
Da’Vonne – wow OK

12:40 pm Bayleigh and Enzo
Enzo – how do you think that meeting was last night without Dani it was like YO at least people know what the f* is going on
Bayleigh – that, At least Tyler .. whatever
Enzo – if you win HOH if we got make a move we make a move
Enzo – you know Tyler is with it.. I think he’s with us.
Enzo saying that Dani wants to have a slick six meeting today
Enzo says Dani is “Too messy”
Bayleigh says Dani has already gotten to Christmas
Da’Vonne has joined them.

Da’Vonne says That Tyler makes her nervous. They’re glad that Tyler is with them.
Enzo – i was like YO she’s f***ing our games up .. F** that yo.. four people out the game has started YO
Enzo says from now on “you up and you yup you’re the champs.. i’m not f***ing around anymore. I might have gotten lucky this week because of the Kaysar sh1t.. after this everyone has to get Bloody” (You’re a clown .. YO)

(they had a slick6 meeting last night without Dani where they decided to target her next.)
Feeds are as touchy as ever today.. Kaysar still going home nothing has changed there.

2:02 pm Christmas and Dani (Feeds go to stars all the time)
Christmas – “apparently Bayleigh was told (by production) she could keep whatever, like certain things until the end of the season and then Janelle would get it back season finale..
Feeds cut
When we’re back they are talking about “whey protein”

Dani talks about them playing Charades tonight.
Christmas says playing charades pissed her off the judging isn’t fair.

3:45 pm Here’s the feed update.. seriously the feeds are unwatchable I’ve never experienced it this bad before.

3:48 pm Enzo and Tyler
Talking about Backdooring Dani. Tyler says she was talking to them late last night saying how bay and Day are going to flip on them.
Enzo – we already flipped don you
Tyler says Bayleigh talked to Dani for an hour yesterday and never said who she was targeting “you idiot just stick to you plan.. stick to Memphis”
Enzo says he’s going to tell bayleigh she better win HOH
Enzo – she knows too much of our sh1t you
Enzo – she’s f**Ing up our game yo..

4:42:58 pm CAM 1 Bayleigh alone and she farts.. (LOL check the timestamp)
Upstairs on the other feeds Dani, Nicole, Tyler, Cody etc are playing 20 questions. So the farting Bayleigh is the better feed.

4:45 pm Cody and Enzo
Cody – so yo, Dani went to talk to Christmas and she said to Dani that Bayleigh said it’s two people from the camera room
Enzo – the what room?
Cody – yeah where I sleep, you sleep and Dani sleeps .. I don’t know if she means now. It could be me and Nicole
Cody – she said to Christmas it’s two people that are in the camera room that are playing both sides.
Cody – who are the only other people that are there Tyler, Dani, You, me, David.. Kevin..
They figure it’s not Kevin, David
Cody – she’s making it seem like it’s me
Enzo – you’re not the target yo

Cody says now that he said his name she’s his target. “Once you say my name. Kaysar and Janelle have been spewing my name out and I’ve been going at them Guns blazing”
Enzo says it’s a lot of Da’Vonne
Basically Bayleigh told Christmas that the two people in the camera room are working playing the house.
Enzo – what are we doing doing charades? lets do something tonight
Enzo – you have Christmas playing with Kaysar. Why are you wasting your time with Kaysar that shits’ over. She’s like just in case there’s a battle back.. I swear to god this house.

Cody – I’m about to ask Da’Vonne listen I’m going to clear something up. David came to you and he was obviously f**ing lying then you come to me and our conversation is.. then why are you going back to him and say I’m lying.. You know how that looks to me? If you want to have a convo lets have a convo why are you talking to David when I haven’t had a talk with David
Enzo – like you David and her..
(Cody is cracking. )
Enzo says she’s doing that because she wants Cody against David. He’s certain she wants David gone.
Cody – what Da’Vonne is doing is trying to plant seeds in David. I’m not going to be like oh i’ll wait for him to win HOH. Cody says he’s got a lot of “ammo” against Da’Vonne it was her trying to get David on teh block this week not Cody.
Enzo says if David wins HOH they have ammo to “Sit him down”
Enzo says Nicole is scared in the game because she’s a champion that is why when he gets rid of Ian Nicole will be shivering because she’s next.

5:17 pm Dani and Nicole
Dani – Bayleigh asked Christmas, whose your plus one. Christmas goes I honestly don’t know I don’t have one she. She asks who’s yours and she said Da’Vonne ..
Dani – what they are trying to do is they re trying to get Bayleigh, DA’Vonne, Kevin, David and Christmas because next week that will be the majority
Dani says if Da’Vonne wins HOH they have the majority
Dani – me and Cody are gunning hard for it
Nicole – me too I’m gunning HARD
Dani says she tried to tell Tyler, “He doesn’t listen it’s so frustrating.. he goes you’re just being paranoid ”
Dani – he’s hard to talk to
Nicole – yeah I don’t talk to him
Nicole asks if there will be a flip this week
Dani – zero percent
Dani – Bayleigh doesn’t talk to me anymore
Nicole – she doesn’t talk to me
Dani – she use to talk to me
Nicole thinks it’s her and Cody that Bayleigh thinks it playing the whole house.
Nicole – i’m not playing both sides I’ve never pretended to play with Bayleigh.
Dani says it’s her and Cody they have the alliance on both sides.
Nicole – I would bet 80% it’s me and Cody. that seems too obvious with what the Yeller said. Why would you withhold that info
Dani – stop talking about that
Nicole – everything is just different I dunno
Dani – we have to get HOH. I don’t f***ing wanna win ..
Nicole – you have no choice.
Dani doesn’t want to have to put Bayleigh and Da’Vonne up.
Dani – this is so annoying of all the f***ing people you are ratting me out.. c’mon
Nicole – at least you know
Dani says Day/Bay don’t tell them anything anymore.
Dani leaves..

5:30pm Nicole alone.
Nicole – I think Tyler is flipping on us. Do we have Tyler or do we not have Tyler. If he flipped.. wow.. Ian, Me, Cody, Dani, we were supposed to have Tyler.

5:46 pm Tyler and Dani
Talking about Bayleigh eating all the vegan chicken nuggets. Tyler says on his season Bay would be pissed at fessie for eating all her vegan stuff and now that she’s not a vegan she’s eating their Vegan stuff.
Dani – Christmas told me specifically that she[ was saving those for you guys and then you eat them the day we have food. It’s rude
Tyler – it’s is rude that’s how people are. Sometimes she doesn’t think

6:04 pm Bayleigh and Da’Vonne
They’re talking about Dani and Nicole and how they don’t care now targeting them. vaguely talking about what they did to break their trust.
Bay brings up Dani walking around with a grumpy face then when she’s upstairs with the core she’s hollering and laughing.
They want Kasyar to blow up people’s game before he leaves
Bayleigh – what does he have to lose.

6:16 pm Da’Vonne and Tyler
Tyler tells her when they have their Slick6 meeting to night her and Bay need to stick to the getting Memphis out line otherwise Dani will be suspicious
Tyler adds that Dani already has a thought that they might flip “She had an alarming conversation with Bayleigh”
Tyler – stick to the plan
Da’Vonne – she is something else
Da’Vonne thinks bay never told Dani because she’s sacred Dani will run and tell Memphis.
Tyler warns that Dani will take whatever she can and goes around the house with it
Da’Vonne – what seeds is she planting
T – you guys are playing everybody and you want to out the alliance and you guys are coming after me and Cody..
Da’Vonne – I don’t get her
T – it’s not personal she always says I like them. She wants to sit in the middle and us go after them.
Da’Vonne – she’s snatched up Christmas..
T – Christmas
Da’Vonne – I think so
T – she snatched up Nicole
Da’Vonne – that I know for sure
Tyler again says the best way for them to turn down Dani’s paranoia is for them to stick to the Memphis plan.
Da’Vonne – me and Kevin have been getting really really close
T – I love Kevin I wish we could get closer.
Da’Vonne – his thing is he really wants to be in an alliance.
Da’Vonne says Kevin wants to be in an alliance with Tyler and her.
Tyler – dang I never talk to Kevin like that .

6:40 pm house full of chit chat now..

6:55 pm Chit chat.
Nicole is proposing they play 21 questions.

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so is da’vonne actually working with bayleigh and not immediately flipping on someone the second they align with her for once? just getting caught up now. i’m very disappointed she’s in the cast. she has no game whatsoever.


Reality shows are not for her

another name

To be clear.
Enzo is playing both sides… of his own alliance.
because yo he’s gonna cause chaos yo.

Kevin is still a clown.
he’s playing both sides… of a non existent alliance he wants to form that includes the whole house.

OF COURSE PLOT COURSE CORRECTIONS HAPPENED WHILE FEEDS WERE OUT FOR 9 HOURS. How else was Grod going to give them hours of instruction????


Any clue yet as to what happened. I am hoping Bayleigh finally wins an HOH and goes hard against high level members of that group

another name

There was another attempted wall yeller.
I’m of the opinion feeds were cut for the night to punish fans for wall yelling.
Because heavens to betsy it would be horrible if a preseason alliance rigged game had interference from the rubes that pay to watch.

Team Janelle

Production should take that as a clue that this season is crap, instead of blocking feeds perhaps they should switch something up. Give K the DPOV or something jeesh

another name

That would mean deviating from projected season plot line.
Let’s be honest.
We’ve alllll wondered how SOME of these people got cast as all-stars.
Simple: they aren’t. they never will be. they were intentionally cast to be easy pickings for a preseason alliance that production endorsed.

The sad part is: 90% of the fans will fall into the trap of seeing all of the “other side” get picked off, except one or two. Then when all we have left is the stragglers and the preseason predetermined people… the fans will choose who is the least jerky of all the jerks, and call out a fan rallying cry to support that least jerky one that is going to “save the season” just like they have intended us to.


There is no saving this season! Unless they flip on St#@mas, who literally told Tyler she is running Enzos HOH to a tee! Please let Tyler relay that to Enzo! Then we will have a game!


Exactly. Now Bayleigh and Kevin go to Kaysar about blowing up everyone’s game. Um, Kaysar was there week 1. You both gave him so much stress and shit. Figure it out yourselves. Kaysar should say , “I’ll help if you get the votes to evict xmas”. Other than that, peace out!!!!! They have the votes. Kevin, Da’vonne, Bayleigh, Ian, Tyler, David. David will do it if Tyler approaches him. David said he owes Tyler big time. It’s time! But who am I fooling. Enzo would be upset for a split second, but he’ll get over it. If not; they need something that will throw Kaysar right back into the house.


That’s what I’m saying, if they want to play big brother this is the only scenario that makes sense!


They have the votes, keep Kaysar Tyler! Let’s see everyone flip it and Kaysar, Ian and Tyler can go to the end.


But they won’t, they are spineless saps!


It’s not that they are spineless saps. Kaysar is so convinced tyler is ring leader of the other side he won’t even talk to him. All it would take is kaysar and Ian going up to tyler and talking like they have been and tyler tells them his concerns have been the same then they can gather the rest in a group as a 3 and say look right here we have the numbers in this room. Boom he is saved. Kaysar has a bad read and keeps targeting tyler so it won’t happen. Just 30 minutes ago he was telling Ian he had to put up Tyler.


Maybe Tyler should tell Enzo what Christmas said and that just might make Enzo want her out.


That’s not completely true.

Ian sat down with Kaysar and outlined the alliances. He knows Cody/Nic F are the MAIN F2 so that means he’s being used as an extra NicF shield.

Ian of course wants NicF to himself (and is a little hurt by her for keeping so much hidden) AND as Another Name points out this all conveniently is getting discussed now that the wall yeller confirmed Cody/NicF are running the show.

Anyway – Ian’s view of the house is 2 big alliances of which only Cody/Dani are both part of. He believes there is a “guys’ alliance” that Enzo/Tyler are part of but at the bottom and just ahead of David.

Like I said Ian has most of it figured out but not all -Memphis for example deserves big time props b/c NO ONE is on to him being part of the 6 or in with Cody. Then again, Memphis played with Dan & let him nominate him so he knows how to be chill.

The danger right now is people trusting Kevin and/or Xmas b/c they run & tell everything so we can’t have nice things.

What is in the way is Ty thought/thinks he was closer to Xmas than he is b/c she’s trying to play Enzo/Ty/Memphis all as F2 buddies to her. It could work if Ty told Enzo that but I doubt he will b/c they think Xmas will go after either Dani or Bay so they won’t have to.

For this to change it would take Ian pulling in both Ty/Kay today & all of them spilling – ie. the alliance Ian has with Dani/Cody/Nic & Ty disclosing the Memphis 6 & Slick 6. Once everything was on the table & they agreed they need to save Ty to get out Cody/Dani/NicF then it could work. Unfortunately, I don’t see Ian being open to taking that big of a chance (and he’ll never want to give up NicF b/c he knows he likely beat Dan b/c Dan was a prev winner so he NEEDS NicF or someone like a Kevin or David at F2 to win again) & while Tyler is leaning away from NicF/Dani that tie to Enzo/Cody is strong b/c Cody is a bigger target aka shield & he likes Enzo.

Again what might help is Cody has already started to try to paint Ty as the problem b/c he’s not willing to keep Dani/NicF & his influence on Enzo is bothering the control freak.

“IF” somehow Ty could learn that intel today (please Enzo tell Tyler that Cody is annoyed with him) prior to voting then I could see a path for Bay/Day/Kevin/Ty/Ian & David voting to keep Kaysar. I just don’t have faith it will happen


Yeah! He should be telling them that he will inform them on Friday.


If they wanted to punish the fans, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to keep the feeds on NicF (who still has not found a cure to Janellousy) for the whole 9 hours?

Have they not seen a huge drop in viewers and so many people cancelling their feeds before they have to pay?

BB production is the kid who talks big game on the court and brings a nice new ball, gets smoked, then runs away crying and taking the ball with them. Then talks shit at school, to everyone who wasn’t there, about how they couldn’t be beat, dunked on people and broke the backboard, as well as ankles.

I think the next megaphone should ensure that Cody, Memphis, and NicF are outside and then yell that “Derrick and Dan have been arrested for fraud and illegal tampering of over $500k”.


I don`t see anyone putting Enzo up…like ever


Im rooting for Enzo but how stupid is he? Every other word is either yo or a curse word.


I was really excited for this season but damn it got boring quick 🙁

Julie's gerbils

Hopefully Memphis back pain issue is a life or death situation & he will gracefully crawl out tomorrow on eviction night & Kaysar can stay.


I was wondering if Memphis is faking his back injury? Sounds like a “Dan” ploy that he told Memphis to do if he is feeling that he’ll get nominated or backdoored; and light a fire under his ass to win another HOH.


Didn’t anyone notice that he made a comment during the veto, after the first green goo grenade, that he seized his back?

Dude is old. Threw out his back, sitting in a chair and having a surprise response that made him jump.

The Beef

Speaking as someone with a bad back (refereed NCAA college basketball for 18 years – high school for 9 years before that – bad discs SUCK), you don’t have to be OLD, to have a bad back. I hope his is related to the muscles in his back and not the discs, as bad disc problems are very hard to fix, especially if they are multiple. All of the lower discs in my back were messed up due to the many years of pounding up and down with the kids, which I loved doing. Just didn’t know I was messing up my back in the process. Now I pay the price for the rest of my life. Sounds dramatic, I know, but back pain does suck, and having to take pain medicine, and the side effects from those is not much fun either. I hope Memphis’ back problems are only temporary, and he can heal up quickly.


You should try marijuana

Houka Inumuta

Ian is still killing it.

Cody is mad at 1995 Tyler and even turned enzo against him too.

My prediction is right. it was just two years late.

Miss Impression

Why do you exist?


I won’t be mean Houka, but my goodness what universe are you from?? But then again your predictions are still better than this season is panning out. I will actually take your side for once and hope for a Ian,Tyler, and a few others backdoor Sh*tmas and send her out the door. Then maybe Dani or NicF next week.. Won’t happen but I wish it would.

Julie's gerbils

Blonde hair is Dani’s kryptonite. Hopefully she will win the next HOH & in her basket of HOH goodies will be some black hair dye and some scissors. She cuts her hair to a reasonable length and dyes it black & starts playing the game like the Dani we’ve all grown to love over the years. 1st order of business will be her backstabbing Nicole, putting her on slop,and using everything Nicole has confided in her about to throw her under the bus to get her evicted unanimously while in a humilitard costume fit for a clown with a tail.


Dani has the best hair ever


F Dani and Nicole, but I’m starting to hate Enzo too.


Whoever’s directing the feeds this year is a complete retard.

another name

so afraid someone ELSE is going to talk pre-season plan
that they cut to stars when someone is talking about their own photo on the memory wall.


They use to cut to another camera when they were talking about something they didn’t want aired. Not to background and music every time. Also, why do they cut all the feeds when that happens? Why not just cut those certain people/cameras and play music and let the other section air ?

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 22 HGs

This season is a gas.

I need Ian to do something.

Nicole F. I just can’t.

Ranking: 5%


They need to have a comp for special power and call it BB RESPECT FOR THE GAME, have all the questions about past seasons. If your an all star you should have studyed your competition and even if you didnt study before the season, A pro whould be doing that in the house. If there not going to let us vote atleast shake it up.

Save the All Star Season

That would be awesome.


would even be better if all questions were about the first all stars. Would show all house guests how the fans feel about this season. cody and nicole would flip out.


They really need the Coup d’Etat to come back into play. Also would be nice if Julie would tell the HGs it’s a Non Eviction Show…that’ll make them shit major bricks!!


anything at this point to shake up the game, at the end of the day your making a tv show. If it gets predictable it makes it dumb. I would really like them to do something crazy. This is not expect the unexpected. This is all stars they need to crank it up.

Golden Gate Granny

A non-eviction week is what I’m hoping for too. A Coup d’Etat would be SUCH a game changer. On lotsa levels, including my attitude.


I think a quadruple eviction based on fan votes would be best.


Unfortunately with this cast, they would rig it. If there was any challenge, Ian would win after the first round.

Grod would probably want questions like:
-What is Derrick’s first name?
-Name a season # of BB.
-What country is BBUS played in?
-Yes or no, have you played BB before this season?
-True or False: Julie is the host.
-Tiebreaking question: write a number bigger than zero but less than 1,000.

Holly Hill

whatever kind of person this makes me I am so ready for Day to go off like she has done in the past. I just wish she would not be so far up Bays ass

Holly Hill

who else has a hard time understanding Enzo?


Yo or expletive, nothing else is said.


Sounds like some people realize they are in trouble. At the same time seems production has talked to them about the “outside info” and they aren’t supposed to let that impact the game…


Production is cutting the feeds every other second because they don’t want the fans to know what the HGs are talking about … Maybe production should have disinvited the pregaming HGs, so that we would have an authentic BB season and they wouldn’t have to worry about cutting the feeds.

Golden Gate Granny

Simon? Haven’t received a membership email and I’m hoping for some Dawg slobber and membership goodies. When ya get a chance, of course. =)

Golden Gate Granny

Thanky Sweetums!


Wait, what?! There’s membership goodies? I never got any! LOL
Hey, I just checked my email, the first time I donated to OBB Creative Solutions CAN was 2013! W00t!


Me too! Donated on the 16th?


Me too pretty please


Btw, did you get mine on August 10th?


I couldn’t figure out how to use it lol

Lady E

Wait, is this for people that donated? Just sent one on 8/23. Thank you!


Why we hating on Enzo? He does that fast talk repeat stuff on purpose. He’s playing a masterful game let’s not kid ourselves. Also who doesn’t wanna see Beavis and Butthead go far? Sheesh


I can’t stand all of the “Yos”. I have never heard anyone in the real word use that “word” so much! He talks like he is a wannabe gangster, you know what I’m sayin’, Yo?! Plus, he is all talk, no action. He is Tyler and Cody’s puppet 100%. He talked about how he was going to make big moves this week and is targeting Kaysar who has no alliance, has won no comps, and no one even listens to him, so how is he a threat? How is that a big move? A big move would have been Tyler and Cody who everyone knows is 100% running the house. Even breaking up Da and Bay or Nicf and Dani. Yo! 🙂


Vacation in Bayonne and youll be very accustomed to that speech.


Please do not hate me for saying this, but Dani really need to breakaway from Cody, Ratcole, and Enzo and get with Bayleigh and DaVonne to break up the Core Four; and the Derrick influenced Cody and Ratcole! If they can do it, they’d be strong, but the only thing is that Dani has to drill in Davonne’s to keep her big mouth shut!! They also have to keep Tyler, Enzo, Ian, Kevin, David, Christmas, and Memphis at arms length in order for their alliance to dominate the house. C’mon, Dani! You’ve done it on BB 13 with Kahlia and Porsha…maybe this time it’ll work.


IMO Ian and Tyler’s biggest mistake in the game so far is not teaming up with Janelle and Kaysar. Ian is Raticole’s pet monkey. So far he’s nothing more than a decoration in the house. Useless. Tyler’s decisions have been so disappointing…he chose to be apart of the egotistical cool kids. Cody has Enzos balls. Enzo just flaps his gums and struts around like a thug in the neighborhood. Shitmas & Cody are 2 of a kind. I can’t stand them. Nicole is and always will be a snake. Her entire persona is fake. Her sourpuss face and whinny complaining is too much. She is constantly a victim. Ok I’m done with my rant. Lol


Too late for dani. Everyone is targeting her


Difference here is that Dani loved Kalia and liked Porshe. Bay and Day are awful and does not know how to play this game. They only care for each other and if you say anything they don`t like that means you are a terrible person.

Dani really tried to get close with Day, but Day is all about herself and Bay


Dani tried to get close to Day?? LOL! And isn’t Dani all about herself and Nicole??

Terry Mabe

First of all,why are the feeds down most of the time? And secondly why is After Dark not on? It’s the only way I can get information on the house guests, because right now I have no idea what’s going on in the house.

another name

Kevin thinks the rogue votes were Janelle or Kaysar.
oh ffs.

Golden Gate Granny

Poor Kaysar is coming out to some major ICK here at home. He has no idea that we’ve been completely surrounded by wildfires here, (caused by 11,000 dry lightning strikes), for about a month now and where there isn’t fire STILL burning… we are all choking on THICK smoke here in the SF Bay Area.


I think Kaysar lives in Orange County, not the bay area.


Not much smoke here in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

another name

Pretty much guessing Ian isn’t allowed to talk about his revelations anymore? because they got enough for the episode, now shut up?
Pretty much guessing this whole Kevin thing is like when they used to call Sam into d/r and she’d come out convinced everyone but her boyfriend in the d/r was playing her.
Pretty mush guessing the entire day is just a bullshit rewrite of what was actually happening before feeds went down. Because the chosen triangle was targeted by the entire house.

I still say they are definitely designing a Cody with the preseasons vs. Tyler with the Redemption arc people.

Why i’m having major difficulty with what is being sold today with all of the feedbreaks?
The idea that someone would put up Christmas next week. She’s on the block. Just vote her ass out. But no. Put her up next week with ONE of the three in the triangle. riiiiiight. saves the triangle and gets rid of one of the people prod. can’t figure out where to put in the side vs. side dynamic. oh. You know. IF that were to happen……


Bayleigh aint gonna win shit or do shit lol who’s this idiot trying to fool?


Are we thinking Bayleigh and Da’vonne are the only hope for the season? Well, this is a season.


Feeds are frustrating today… it has been focus on the boring people or just when some stuff is about to be said … Stars… they have us seeing stars.

Cody and Franzel are loosing it… Tyler is running back and forth on the catwalk… Nicole is on the couch or something on the catwalk whispering about how afraid of Tyler she is and wanting him out. Some are paranoid Bay is about to expose the six and blowing u their games….

Seriously???? I mean Seriously??? Lets calla head count after Kayser leaves…

MOST OF THE HOUSE ID IN THE SIX ANS DANI IS THE ONE WHO TOLD NICOLE… not Day. I my god the only people in the house left to tell is Ian, David, and Kevin… Memphis (and he can not do a physical challenge.) is in the Committee…what are they going to do? At most they loose 1 out of six or in their allowance… Honestly the best thing for most of their games is to ditch Franzel and Dani… boot them… get them out and start playing Big Brother.

another name

Episode Oddities
Kevin and David have been in an alliance since week one night 3.
They’ve been a pair since later night 3.
It’s not a new pair or alliance. Just an alliance that didn’t include Cody or Nicf, so production didn’t care to show it.
I’m as confused as Kaysar by this edit with Bay d/r. Slick Six was dying by that convo. very odd.
David wins veto. and cries. i’m tired of him crying. alllll. the. time.
Ian is the public face distraction with Nicf. She doesn’t care. d/r lies. He’s a toy, not an ally. sheesh. but yeah, an ally she wants to keep for 2 more weeks.
Meh. This episode is actually annoying more than entertaining.
It feels… they’ve been so set on one course that they keep having to go back and correct stuff.
Christmas volunteers. here’s the thing. episodes havent’ shown christmas and enzo are working together. until just now. so backstory be damned.
Dani slipping up the meeting in front of Nicf… Enzo and Cody know that Nicf knows. so this is also weird. Tyler left out. mmmhmmm. but episodes don’t know that. ohhhh.
Enzo acted cocky.
Enzo played neutered.
Enzo false bravado speech.
Ho hum.

BB SmallStars

Ok so it’s one thing to read about the feeds (nice work Simon and Dawg) but it’s another to see it play out on tv. Bay is NASTY. Rude, mean, and nasty. She barks about how she doesn’t like Kaysar’s tone but is completely deaf to her own. Speaks to him and about him with zero respect ( yet wants Kaysar to give her info and blow stuff up before he leaves so that it helps her). Says her loyalty was to Janelle not him. Yeah that went over real well; didn’t vote for her or even try to find a way to get some votes. Oh wait, that means that she would have been playing the game, which she doesn’t know how to do. Hope she has another epic shrieking meltdown like she did with Tyler in her season, gets nominated next week, and gets played! Delusional and thinks she’s as smart as Janelle; just a joke. This whole season. BB messed this season up so bad. PS- that Veto competition? Production clearly had no intention of giving Kaysar a chance to win and try to save this season. Frustrating.


Oh, you never knew she was an idiot. Missed her season 2 years ago?
Plus, she is the stereotypical ABW.


To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.
— James Baldwin


The conversations become so circular that I’m suddenly lost. Is everyone against Dani now? Did she get caught telling different stories to people? Is Tyler onto the fact he is not in a top 4 or 3 or 2 alliance?
Are the condos with Kaysar from Ian And Kevin to get Kaysar to out all the alliances?

Roisin Dubh

Simon, Dawg, So glad to see this site still up and running. Hope all is well with you guys and your families and everyone here. Haven’t been here in a while. Didn’t give a rip about BB until last week when I was reminded it’s on. I saw the cast, got a fuzzy feeling and binged watched up until last Sunday. Dude, WTF? The I’m the cool kid clique is just rediculous. Dude They brought back Enzo, I would’ve brought back powerhouse with him, those two would’ve been comedy gold. Cody needs to get kicked in the nuts. Nicole just confirmed that she’s got an evil side and comes out on the regular. Kayser and Day’s convo’s is very much needed. No, I’m not a lib, but that is just common sense and it’s a conversation that is long overdue and not to be dismissed. Janelle got done dirty, Superfan got her just fruits. Rookie. I hope Kayser can flip the house. Dani, man I love her, but her timing sucks this time around. Tyler and david bring the crazy. Everyone is talking trash, but nobody is gonna make a big move ie taking out Cody, Nicole and Enzo. Memphis is cool. the conspiracy side in me wonders if he’s selling an injury. Everyone mad about a pre season alliance. So what? You’re a fool if you didn’;t try and do that. 500k people. Ian didn’t l know anything until the wall yeller. If he did, Kayser would have the votes to stay. The feeds are cutting because that was a huge monkey wrench. We all know how production rolls. I wish Old school BB would’ve won out, but that takes balls and these guys haven’t had them for a long time.


If he ever gets there..I really don’t know with this cast.


I think its the new school BB is who doesn’t have the balls, but agree with the rest of your thoughts.


This is how either of the 3 big sharks would win the game>>>> let all women target each other, let’s all the floaters target the women …………final weeks the sharks would send home any women or floater left. Tyler Cody and Memphis would win the big prize. End of story.


Enzo sporting his Unibomber attire again. Yo

Kats Alien Bitch

A lot of seasons go as follows:

  1. Shortly after the first HOH a dominant alliance forms.
  2. That alliance gets nonmembers out.
  3. The non-alliance members wake up, and figure out they need to do something.
  4. I start to cheer for the non-alliance members
  5. The non-alliance members win an HOH – and it looks like there might be drama.
  6. The dominant alliance wins the next few HOH and decimates the non-alliance.
  7. There is no one likable left, and I lost interest.

Seems like we are on step 3.


Been like that recently but cant blame the power alliance for constantly winning.


After watching tonight Enzo is getting too big for his britches I’m sad kaysar is leaving but not surprised still can’t stand Nicole and Baley has a ugly ass attitude rooting for Tyler and Memphis at this point the rest suck!!

Feeds Gold

really enjoying this kaysar/ian chat comparing notes and the bs nicole has given ian

ian: “nicole still thinks she has me…i have to keep up appearances with that group”

ian: “the play this season has been lacklustre”

working out who to nom and how to cause max damage to try to implode the big group

cbs please find a way to keep kaysar…send him to the secret suite for a week to battleback versus next weeks evictee…then throw in an extra double later in the season

i want this kaysar/ian game relationship/friendship to develop…the season needs it

Feeds Gold

after this the ian/nic convo

ian “mhmm” throughout and looked bored

after she leaves he makes a face like he didnt enjoy that convo haha


Tonight’s episode and these CBS cuts?!?! This sh*t is rigged, and it’s rigged for absolute sh*t gameplay. F*ck!!!!!!


I miss watching the BB fish when the feeds cut. Kinda feel like 24/7 feeds of them would be more entertainting than this season :/

let's get to All Starts !

They’ve already blown it by taking out Janelle, BUT….. Let’s get rid of the people that DON’T BELONG IN ALL STARS and then play the game for real. Let’s take out David, Day, Bay, i guess Kaysar ( but I like him ), Christmas, and Enzo ….There may be one or 2 i’m missing but get to the previous winners, Runner ups and the couple others that MAY belong there and get on with a potentially good season. GET RID OF THE HYENAS as Tony from Survivor would say


Hey there Simon and Dawg…just sent a donation your way!. Thanks so much for all of your hard work!
Can’t find much good about this season. Sure wish TPTB would give us a little of that “unexpected” that we all loved in years gone by.


Why do Dani and Christmas care so much about Bay wearing clothes the Janelle left for her?? Why does that bother them so much????? Grown a** women caring about something that is so petty and non of their business.