Enzo “You were The Hitmen. We were The Brigade. You were Level Six.” Cody “We’re Triple Thr3at”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony – Kevin used the veto on himself. Enzo nominates Christmas in his place.
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7pm Lounge room. Christmas and Tyler.
Christmas – Dani is spinning out a little bit. And Bay asked me last night who my untouchable is. Tyler – that’s like asking who your final 2 is. Christmas – right!? I didn’t answer. Tyler – good. Christmas – she wanted to connect too just in case it was a double. Tyler – there are so many people doing too much. Enzo and Cody love you! Like they boarder line want to make an alliance. Enzo does but I don’t think Cody does because of the comity. He doesn’t want to double dip. Christmas – yeah Enzo was like yeah girl I got you to the end .. he said it. Which is good because Enzo is straight forward and super loyal to the end. And he doesn’t like what Day is doing. He doesn’t like what Dani is doing. He is not sure about Nicole. And he doesn’t like what Bay is doing either. Me and Enzo totally connected this week. Tyler – he said the same thing to me and said that he likes you, Cody and Christmas and that is it. Christmas – he wanted to pull in Kevin. And I told him hey why don’t you get Kevin to pull me in so then Kevin doesn’t feel like he is the outsider. Enzo did exactly what I told him to do.. and I am like this dude is listening to me. Bay is getting too comfortable and a little too sassy. Tyler – if you put her up though you have to be prepared for her wrath. Ian and Nicole join them. They start playing 20 questions.

7:46pm -8:45pm HOH room. Enzo, Cody and Tyler.
Enzo – what are we going to call ourselves. Cody – I want to be The bandits. Tyler – I’m already the bantit. Enzo – what about the elite three. No?! Is that too f**king cheesy. Tyler – you’ve got to come up with it whatever it is .. but that ain’t it. Cody – just start spit balling. Say anything that comes to your head. Enzo – the sneaky three, the elite three.. Why can’t we be the Bandits?! Because he is a bandit!?Got to be something.. got to name it something. You were the hitmen, we were the brigade, you (Tyler) were what? Tyler – Level Six. Cody – we were the bomb squad .. then the detonators plus Caleb. Enzo – the brigade is the best name .. we all know that. The Henchmen? Cody – Triple Threat? Enzo – I like that. Cody – you’re the shun dance kid, he is the bandit and I’m Zuko. Alright so Triple Threat. I love it. Enzo – if Dani wins HOH .. David is definitely going up. Tyler – I want Christmas to win this sh*t. Cody – I am Zuko with an S.. Suko. Tyler – you know when the type it out on twitter they’re going to call you sucko. Cody – I love triple threat .. and I love that we all have nicknames. Tyler – and every there is an E in it you put a 3. (Tripl3 Thr3at) Cody then says Triple spelt normal and then Thr3at. Tyler – pay attention to the bill board in the backyard. I think that is going to be something. Dani joins them.

10:15pm HOH room. Nicole and Dani chatting. Meanwhile the others are in the kithcn making dinner

10:20pm HOH room. Dani and Nicole.
Dani – you need to start getting a little closer to Tyler. Nicole – I just go off my vibes. My vibes with him are not.. Dani – but that’s the thing you need to start talking to him about random stuff. You have to Nicole. Nicole – why what did he say? Dani – he doesn’t fully trust you. He keeps making comments about.. Nicole – I don’t trust him either. Dani – but he only doesn’t trust you because he doesn’t talk to you. But we’re always putting in good words for you. I said look, you need to start trusting Nicole more. And he was like why? Because she really likes you. She never said a bad thing about you. She likes all of us and we get some information out of her. That is what I said. Because I was not saying anything about Christmas and I was trying to say how I think those two are going to flip and throw us under the bus without saying it .. when you’re saying it ..is kind of like where is this coming from and I was like .. he made a comment ..Maybe Nicole told Day that you are not close with Bay at all but she is close to Day. And he goes maybe she told Day about the comity. And Cody was like no.. he just doesn’t know because he is not close to you. Nicole – I will put his a$$ up, I don’t care! Dani – Nicole! Listen to me. He is not going after you ..I am saying that he doesn’t fully trust you because he doesn’t talk to you.. that’s all. Nicole – I don’t want to talk to him. I would be honest I thought I could .. He is a nice dude but he goes to haywire for me. Dani – what do you mean? Nicole – he does not stay on the railroad tracks. He does this and this.. Dani – he doesn’t listen very much. It is very frustrating for me. I really like him though. Nicole – nothing against him personally .. he is just really hard to play this game with. Dani – I think what Cody was saying is somewhat true. Like last time he (Tyler) freakin ran the game. So he is just trying to find his place where he can win this game but also he doesn’t want to run it .. but he wants to .. does that kind of make sense. Nicole – one thing I don’t like is he always thinks I am scheming. Dani – why? He says that? Nicole – always thinks I’m scheming. Yes everything I do he thinks is strategy. Is he hiding in here? Dani – you are way too paranoid! Nicole – I don’t trust him. Dani – you are not on his radar because you don’t talk to him. If you don’t talk to someone of course he doesn’t trust you. Nicole I don’t give him information that’s why he doesn’t trust me. Dani – yeah because you don’t talk to him. Nicole – but I already told him I’m not the type to run around and give people information to try and get trust.. Trust me until I wrong you .. and once I wrong you don’t trust me anymore. Straight up I told him. Dani – yeah but you can’t trust people who don’t talk to you in this house. Nicole – yeah you can. I don’t talk to Enzo that much. I wouldn’t be surprised if he put me up. Dani – he is not .. stop being paranoid DaVonne. Dani – he has a dry sense of humor where he pokes a lot. Nicole – I like him and want to work with him but it is frustrating that he doesn’t trust me I guess. I’m not upset about it.. because I’ve given him no reason not to trust me. Dani – its not that he thinks you’re some liar .. he just doesn’t talk to you enough. And he thinks that you and Day are really close. And you have to remember he does not trust her at all.

10:30pm Havenot room. Tyler and Nicole.
Nicole – Its hard to get you alone. Do you trust me? Tyler – I trust you Nicole. I just feel like a dumba$$ for the other day because of this one. Nicole – people are saying that you don’t trust me. Tyler – I never said that .. who said that?! Nicole – do you trust me? Tyler – I swear on everything I do and I always have. I just feel like a dumba$$ for trying to freakin lie to you. Nicole – I would have done the same thing. Tyler – I was trying to cover her and whoever else. Nicole – I don’t at all care about that. I am past that .. its fine. If I need to talk to you more to make you trust me. Tyler – you dont have to .. we’re solid .. we’re good. I don’t think I talked to Brett for four weeks once on my season. Nicole – its not that I don’t want to talk to you. Navigating this game I don’t want to be sitting there talking to the people I trust the most. Tyler – you don’t have to feel like you have to maintain me. Nicole – okay. I just thought we were cool so I wanted to double check. Tyler – I trust you. Nicole – If I win I want you to feel like you can freaking chill. Tyler – I got out your biggest freaking target. We’re in the same boat .. we’re on the same team. Nicole – this season is weird because people are telling me who I can and can’t talk to. Tyler – we’re good. Nicole leaves.

11pm – 1am The house guests are cooking a big meal and eating..

12:33am Lounge room. Kaysar and Bay.
Kaysar – there is not one alliance .. there are two. That is the reason why when I went to Enzo he didn’t want to put up David because he is an alliance with David. Bay – so the boys thing. Enzo – the boys have an alliance. And then Cody, Nicole and Dani have an alliance. And then Nicole and Cody are controlling both sides. They’re sitting in the middle of both of them. That’s now they’re able to get the votes right away because they work in between. Bay – I wanted to win HOH anyway.. Kaysar – I am going to try and blow up .. If I don’t set fire to the whole thing tomorrow.. you need to .. blow up their alliance and make them decide who to save. Basically Cody is sitting between both. What you could do is put Tyler and Dani up. Tyler will most likely get himself of the block and then you backdoor Cody. But that is not the most important part you need to get both alliances to fight each other. The way you do that is obviously Dani and Nicole have a thing .. so if Dani is on the block she is going to expect that someone is going to save her. Tyler is on the block and he is expecting Cody to save him. The problem is Dani will also expect him to save her. And you know how sassy she is. She will blow the whole thing up. Bay – yeah she will. Kaysar – so Cody will have a decision to make and be stuck between two choices. It would cause complete chaos.

1am HOH room. Enzo and Bay.
Bay – what is the deal with the all boys thing? Enzo – what all boys thing? Bay – you know the rumor of the all buys thing? Enzo – yeah.. the all boys alliance is what we’re in. The three guys. Me, Tyler and Cody.. Bay – David wasn’t included? Enzo – no. I have a good relationship with David. I like David because he’s the rookie. Bay – I like David too. Day joins them. Bay – do you want to tell him or me? Day – they got to go. Bay – Dani and Nicole.. Day – they got to go! Bay – Now that Tyler didn’t respond to Nicole taking us out .. now they’ve told Ian. Ian has said they want you guys out. Enzo – Ian said he want’s me out? Day and Bay – no. Day – they’re trying to get Ian to put us up. Enzo – who said that Ian wants you guys? From Nicole or Dani. Day – this is apparently from Nicole Bay – Nicole is going to Ian. Dani is going to Tyler. And they’re both going to David. Enzo – I am f**king with … The head of the snake for me is f**king Dani. Bay – how do we do it without Dani completely blowing everyones game up? Enzo – I don’t think she will. Day and Bay – I think she will. Enzo – you think if she is on the block she will? Day and Bay – HHHhmmmHhmmm! Enzo – then she is f**king done! That’s it! If she doesn’t go on the block this week and we don’t get her out .. then she is the main target for next week. That is it! Day – my preference .. Dani has to go prejury.. Nicole can go to the jury house. Enzo – if people won’t go after Ian and Nicole.. then why are you in this f**king house?! They won their sh*t .. they’re not winning this season. You don’t think I thought of that.. but I had to get Kaysar out first. I don’t trust him. To me Dani in my HOH showed me a lot of disrespect. Dani joins them. Dani – should we all talk? Dani opens the door and yells for Tyler to join.

1:12am HOH room. Tyler, Enzo, Bay, Day
Bay tells Tyler that since it didn’t work on him Dani has got directly to Ian to tell him to put us up. Kaysar came to talk to me and now it makes complete sense. Ian told me this first. Tyler – oh so Dani and Nicole are trying to get Ian to come after you. And Ian told you guys that? Bay – Ian told me that there were people trying to ..that would rather have us go against each other. Tyler – and what did Kaysar have to do with it? Day – Kaysar put the name on it. Dani and Cody join them. Bay – because Memphis is now hurt is his name off the table? Day – I don’t want to make him a havenot. Bay – because he has to crawl. So if we don’t make him a havenot then we can feel free to nominate him. Cody – I feel like that is fair. Tyler – and that is smartest because you want to get him at his weakest.

2:15am HOH room. Enzo, Tyler and Bay.
Bay – when it does happen it is going to be explosive. Tyler – we just blame it on Kaysar .. if we do it the wrong way she (Dani) will out the whole alliance. Enzo – once Kaysar is out of this house we can blame him. Bay – exactly. Enzo – he told me this.. that is it. Tyler – that’s how we get out of it. Enzo – she is very messy yo! She f**ked with me on my HOH. That is f**ked up. Tyler – the rest of the alliance might have to keep her at bay too. If you (Bay) win HOH.. you backdoor her.. She will probably come to me or us and be like what the f**k is she doing .. why is Bay going rogue.. and we might have to be like we’re keeping you .. to keep her from blowing up. Bay -I just want it to be as quiet and smooth as possible. Enzo – If she wins HOH ..what the f**k is going to happen?! Bay – That’s why I would prefer I win HOH because if Day wins HOH she is blowing sh*t up too. Like not in a bad way but she is not playing that. Tyler – that’s how we play it and then we’re good and then we’re able to stay solid and stick together and nobody knows. Enzo – yeah I am wit it. I hope you win this HOH! Tyler – if it comes down to me and you I will throw it to you. Bay leaves.

Tyler and Enzo talk. Enzo – it sucks because she (Dani) is Evil Dicks daughter and I love him. But YO! She is playing too messy. She knows too much ..she knows too much about my game. She is calling out other people right in front of us. I really wanted to work with her but from what I’ve seen ..I’m done Yo! Tyler – it doesn’t even matter honestly because all that matters now is that we know for a fact that Dani is coming after Day and Bay .. and Day and Bay are coming after Dani. We know that they’re not going to f**k with us! Enzo – that’s it. If she wins the HOH she is going to be like I am coming after you! Right after the HOH comp. If Christmas, Day or Bay win .. Dani is out YO! I think if Ian wins we will be good .. he will go after them. Tyler – but why is Ian telling them this!? Enzo – what the f**k.. I don’t understand. Christmas scares me too. I just feel like she is easily manipulated. Tyler – we’re good, she likes us. You showed her that you were keeping her safe.

3:40am Havenot room. Dani and Tyler.
They talk about their past seasons. Dani – Bay within the last week and a half .. her personality has changed so much. You can tell that she is over people and over stuff. She is just so transparent. Tyler – watch if Bay wins HOH. Then you’ll see. Dani – what do you think she will do? Tyler – I don’t know .. she’s changed not but when she won HOH on my season .. it was power trip city! Dani – I could see that. I can tell you one thing if I win HOH she is not allowed in my HOH basket! She ate ALL the snacks like they were hers.

3:50am All the house guests are going to bed.

8:44 am Early start in the Big Brother house.
Gramps and David are up.

12:23 pm Feeds return with the house guests getting ready for the big show.

2:10 pm Cody and Nicole
Cody saying Ian is playing both sides.

They’re agreeing that Ian has jumped ahead of everyone as a target.
Cody – I’ve been saying he’s gotta go.
Nicole – what weirded me out is how bad he wants me to throw the HOH. what is he planning on doing with that.
Cody – yeah I know, I don’t know what the part of that is
Nicole says Tyler has turned on them “He’s not with us anymore”

2:13 pm Kaysar and Tyler
Tyler tells him he’s keeping Christmas today
Kaysar – on a personal level. you know how I feel about you. under other circumstances you and I could have played together
Kaysar – you played a good game.
Tyler says it never stopped him throwing his name out there.
Kaysar – I have all the alliance mapped out I’m not stupid you know..
Tyler- alright blow it up in your speech
Kaysar – I might
Kaysar – you’re a comp beast and a good guy..
Tyler – it’s been great getting to know you..
they hung.

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I hope Tyler is biding his time, because Cody and Enzo are bro’ed out losers. Enzo is like in his late 40s or early 50s, right? Grow up man!

another name

He’s 42. I know he looks like a meth’d out 55 year old that did one too many raves in the late 90’s. but 42.


Tyler is not a alpha male, he always need someone to hide behind, so this alliance is for real.

another name

This alliance is fake to Tyler. Huge fake. Tyler’s raison d’etre in Big Brother isn’t hiding, it’s trickery.
He hid in plain sight as a double agent week 1-4 in 20. Then switched off with Brett in week 5/6 (which was a big error because Brett wasn’t sharing the intelligence).
Look at why Bayleigh and Tyler were at loggerheads to begin with. He’d played injured that KrazyKait was evicted, and Bayleigh felt bad and gave him a pass for the week as a sweet wounded baby bird. A week later she was having her meltdown on him at the ceremony.
Tyler’s gamestyle is to lay low, emotionally manipulate, then strike.


imagine if all 16 people were playing Tyler`s game? how boring would that be….In fact there would not even be a show for CBS to put together…And you can include Ian there too.


OMGosh, I love it “Tyler’s raison d’etre” Might as well as a disciple of Mithras or Cthulhu! I find his laid back dumb surfer blonde yet emotionally manipulative sneak creep just fine — I’m a bit tired though of the over used phrase “he had my name in his mouth” Oh reeely? Where else should it be? He talks about other people all the time. His name is not sacrosanct or exempt from game play. Gah

another name

Cody is worse for that.
Last night he was mad that Bay didn’t say his name but that the idea of his name might have maybe come out of her mouth.

Mary Altman

Just made a donation,wish it could have been a lot more!!!! Thank you Simon & Dawg!!!!!


Honestly, you’re doing the work of angels. I could not watch those feeds this year like ya’ll do — sacrifice, it is. Full stop. Thank you. Not going to stop watching, but I’m having more fun here than I am watching the show! Let the snark fly!


Me, too! I hardly read the feeds, and come for the comments


Oh boy, another “alliance”. Riveting gameplay this season.

Jack Mayhoff

Does anyone think there is a chance Kaysar might stay?

another name

About the same chance as Kevin becoming a season mastermind.
About the same chance as Dani being nice.
About the same chance as Enzo dropping YO.

Dixie Rekt

Dani may be mean and play a messy game. But she makes great tv. She’s really the only wrench to be thrown in this boring ass season right now and to mess up the shit six alliance. Tyler, Cody, and Enzo need to be broken up. I have faith Dani will do it. Just like how she broke up Jeff from his alliance on her last season.


If Dani goes, the season is over for good. Nobody will have the balls to do anything against the 3 guys and they will fly to the final 3.

another name

My statement has nothing to do with effectiveness in the game.
It has to do with her character as a person. She’s bitter, jealous, superficial, micro agressive, just plain agressive and MEAN.
There’s in game strategy. There’s personal statements just for the sake of being rotten. She doesn’t draw a line.
It’s getting to the point where she could make the move of the game, and I’d be looking at her and saying so what… still a bitch.

Dixie Rekt

Good. This season needs a villain to screw everyone’s game up right now. I have faith Dani will do it.

another name

villain? Most of them are to some level or other playing the villain game.
What the season lacks isn’t villainy. it’s the hero. there isn’t one.

The Beef

This season is FULL of villains! They came in with pre-season alliances, which made villains of all of them that did it in my mind, because THAT is against the rules of the game. If you cheat, you are a villain by definition, so Cody, NicF., Dani, Enzo, Memphis, Tyler and Christmas are ALL villains for doing that.

You can make the argument that others should be included in that, but they were mostly aligned with only one other person. Ian for example with Nic.F. Bay and Day were together for sure. Also Janelle and Kaysar. But the way those first 7 aligned certainly destroyed any chance for a fair game in the house, so to me, they are all villains and will always be the ones who destroyed our chances of having a great All-Star season of Big Brother during season 22.


Tyler was not part of that pregame alliance that you have listed. However he did join it but like he says if someone asks you to join an alliance you don’t say no. He would have been stupid to turn them down when they were trying to bring him in after the game started.

The Beef

Tyler pre-gamed with Chistmas, David and Bay. I think that is pretty much a given. He may not have been in with the Cody, Dani, NicF. Memphs, Derrick, Dan deal from the beginning – meaning before the game started – but he certainly pre-gamed with 3 of the others, which makes him just as guilty, IMHO, and Tyler is one of my favorites. I probably should have included Bay in with the villains since she did pre-game with him and David along with DaVonne.

Hard to include David, since he’s such a putz.

another name

Tyler mentioned meeting with Derrick.
he was one of the ones reached out to as a gaslight.
just like dani reached out to janelle as a gaslight.
Tyler just made a side plan of his own with three separate pregame calls to Ovi for David. To Bay. To Christmas through her friend ANGELA.


She’s just getting good edits!


and who cares??? Do you??….Good for you….I love Mean Girl Dani


*”the only monkey to be thrown in the wrench yo”

Dixie Rekt

Right. I don’t see how any true BB fan can dislike Dani. She is BB gold for tv.


100% zero chance. He has no game whatsoever and has ruined the game for everyone that he has talked to. I love Kaysar but he could’ve handed himself over to Enzo, given him control of his noms if he won HOH and vote whichever way he wants him to for 3 weeks or whatever but he did nothing other than tell Enzo that his target was his alliance. Sorry Kaysar, you gotta go!

Guy From Canada

Riveting feeds……


Stars are awesome, have some more…


So funny when the feeds are down, all the goofballs know that Ian is playing both sides. They have all of these revelations. Now Dani wants to play HOH, when she initially said she was not. Thanks production. Xmas is going to be an issue!!!! She should go now. Nicole went in there crying. To wall yellers called me out twice& supposedly a banner with something about Nicole. Why is productions l trying so hard to protect a winner’s game????? Nicole you really don’t like Ian, your using him for your agenda, like all of your showmances. Couple guys, couple tries. Whiney!!!!!! Run Victor……. Kaysar better get some kind of miracle when he’s evicted.

another name

Checks what has been going on. Gets ready for many eyerolls. Sideye Recaps:

After d/r Nicf has a “feeling” that a new alliance has formed. A half hour before it forms. Yeah. mmm-kay.

Tyler is giving Cinqodemayo exactly what someone he has learned is with Nicf and Dani would want to hear. Tells her about the Slick Six? Collects her final 3 with Enzo and Kevin. Sucks to be Da and Bay. NO matter who she goes back and squeels to, he is covered.

Tyler and Nicf Have not room chat: Oh he’s using wounded baby bird tone and she’s using sweet innocent victim tone. Excuse me while i check my blood sugar.

How you know today is revisionist course correction: NO WAFFLES.
There is ALWAYS at least one weighing of options, even if it’s nothing. Nope production has gotten all they needed in terms of old school nostalgia ratings. He can go. He got his redemption… He outlasted Janelle for the first time.

Oh look. Stock in Massengill goes WAY up as a fake final three Triple Thr3at is named.
And there’s Cody so testosteroned out planning Merch that I’m sure Nicf can smell it on the other side of the house, and is running in circles salivating because she can sniff male pheremones. Now I can put a name on the FAKE alliances Chart.

Ian is soooooooooooooooo done with Nicf???? The eyeroll. Gee. she didnt “feel” that. I’m sure she will in one of her next 3 d/rs.

Dani doesn’t WANT to win HOH? NIcf “feels” it could be a knock out, so get to work Grod.

Bay and Kaysar talk. He’s still trying to set her up for success after she’s been a complete whatever the fuq that was. Old school vs New School lesson: New School says if only we won an HOH. Old school says you can defy the HOH if it doesn’t fit your game.

All this and as far as I can tell stiiiiill no Slick Six everybody lies to each other bullshit appreciation society meeting?


Man… How many alliance names are they going to come up with this year ??? By this time you at least know the name of ONE… and it’s like every time they are so happy to make up a new name. Like really??? How about you just stick to one name at this point and then add/subtract members. So annoyed (sigh)

another name

So far: between 19 and 22.


closing in on their IQ Number!

Dixie Rekt

Which also happen to be the worst seasons of Big Brother.


And they’re always so thrilled & pleased when they come up with a “new name”…sheesh…like they just invented the wheel. What a pack of nimrods.

another name

Slick Six meeting:
Dani yelled out from the door for Tyler to start an alliance meeting. Enzo is non plus. Cody is trying to avoid being there.
Tyler has been informed by Bay in a lull that Ian has been given marching orders by Nicf and Dani to target Da and Bay.
Cody is dragged along so he can’t deny everything later (didn’t he want to blow up and call people out and be a big man in this meeting? He talked about it 3x). more all talk Cody.

And Let the smoke blow:
Memphis mentioned as on the table.
David mentioned as on the table.
Dani is asked who she would target breaking her noticeable silence. Says Memphis would be fine. It’s noticeable she doesn’t want to name names out loud. Too noticeable.
Cody tries to explain his sketchy paranoia attitude and no longer the master of the house behavior of the last couple days. I found his explanation to be weak. I wouldn’t have bought it. Kevin wouldn’t have bought it. That tells you just how weak his ‘someone is after me but I don’t know who’ stuff was.

Dani asks why Kaysar hasn’t campaigned (almost like she’s disappointed she couldn’t humiliate him). Oh wait. That’s exactly it. Whatta wench.

Meanwhile and After:
NicF wants to adopt? That whole worry that her kids won’t be little blue eyed blondes is reeeeaaaally in her head.
Kevin has gotten spooked that everyone but him and David are in the HOH forming a super pact not to target each other. He thinks Ian and Memphis are excluded. Christmas and Nicf aren’t there either but he doesn’t acknowledge that. SO Kevin has joined the HOH.

Kaysar is trying to download to Christmas. Oh Dude. You had ONE conversation with her in week one. Give. It. UP. So much of his and Janelle’s game downfall was based on Kaysar’s belief that Christmas was HIS. Never was.
Tells her about men’s alliance David thinks he is in. tells her about Cody and Nicole. blahblahblah. If his hubris regarding his connection to Christmas had been dropped two weeks ago when he was told she was in Nicf’s pocket, Things would be different in a lot of ways. He’d still be a target. He’d still be going. He wouldn’t look like an idiot when finding out she volunteered. She’s currently digging for dirt. Kaysar is still blind. Hey Kevin… run.

Course Correction Complete….
Bayleigh does something stupid. She tells Cody about Ian telling her she’s in danger, and Nicf Dani telling him to target her. Man. Bay. FOUTTE MOVE. Tells both Tyler and Cody that Ian didn’t name who is after her, and that Kaysar told her Nic and Dani were after her.
She exposes that Ian and Kaysar are super tight. Okay. All of you saying Ian will save the season:
Not anymore.
The Cody talk of Ian needing to go from 8 hours ago finally has context in a show edit. D/R Bayleigh is now House Bayleigh. She’s playing the screw everybody I could align with… I’mafine being the rat as long as i’m a floating rat. New School definition float in that one.
Seriously, all her fans, go ahead and come for me: I’m holding receipts, And I know an even quicker way to take out those braids would be clippers. Insert that Tyra Banks we were rooting for you gif here.

Da knows Dani knows Da knows Dani is after Da and Da is after Dani. She basically says this to Kevin. Kevin in his brain is trying to figure out how this can be spun to Da and Dani have formed an alliance with Tyler to take out Kevin. You can see the hamster in his head saying …..dude. All this info dump Da is giving Kevin. He’s going to try to dig Nicf and Dani out of trouble here because he SOOO wants to be a COOLKID. Not Even On a Glacier. Sorry. Not so much.

AAAAND now. Enzo is completing his circle of being both Team Cody and Team Tyler as long as Cody and Tyler don’t like each other. So broken brigade… with Christmas insulting the place that was Britney. Christmas could NEVER D/R like Britney. EVER. But that’s Enzo’s Britney. God help our heaving guts. Note to self: a from scratch Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie only tastes good the first time it’s in your mouth. Not if you are tasting it in reverse.


another name

Dani tries to bond with Tyler. oh yeah. it loooks real bondy. yeesh.
Da’ wants to get the core that took out NicA. Bitch please. The social justice so I’m going to vote out someone I have a final three with thing was a bad look. Blaming others for your own dumbassery: not cute.
Bay meanwhile info dumps. To Xmas. The same Xmas that she said she’d put on the block earlier today. Yeah. this d/r course correction is getting confusing as hell.
So she knows that Christmas reports everything she says to Nicf and Dani. And she’s giving her an entire road map. FOUTTE LIVES!!!!!

Bay and Da’ stand at the front door every week for 4 weeks waving buh-bye and voting against interest. Now they talk about numbers and strategic group voting.
AND who does Bay tell this too? Christmas.
Don’t let the door hit your Foutte ass on the way out.

another name

Kevin says a banner last night was the reason for the feed block.
A banner that said Nicole is a liar.
Don’t know if this is real. Or just production covering it’s punish the paying viewers crap with an excuse. Considering banner companies used to be paid after season 2 to inform production if one was coming….

Wasn’t my banner. I’d have said Christmas to flip the vote.

Feeds Gold

i dont think anyone thinks ian will save the season…he would shake things up if he were to win hoh though

another name

Go back to the day Ian swung on the hammock and had, in his words, the conversation of the season. With Kevin of all people. Then the variation with Da. Later his talk with Bay, Kevin, and Kaysar.
Check social media reaction and even some comments on here in that timespan.
The sentiment was certainly there that Ian would now be breaking up the status quo and saving the season. Saving the season was used more than once.
Thanks to Bay however, Cody knows not to throw HOH to Ian as they discussed. Dani and Nicf will know that Ian has talked. Ian has now become a primary target, not the sleeper awakening to shake up the steamroll.


“COOLKId, Not Even On a Glacier”
Thats classic, another name.
Har Har


My favorite was, “God help our heaving guts”!
Maybe because my guts really are heaving with this crap. That was priceless!

Feeds Gold

tyler to enzo: “nicoles gotta go first”


snakeole/dani on the block going apeshit as enzo and tyler laugh and cody gets pissy will be good to see

another name

But isn’t Enzo saying this so that he can stay cool with Dani and Cody, with Cody still targeting Tyler and Dani still targeting Bayleigh? So that he can keep sliding through the middle while also being cool with Tyler and Bayleigh?

Feeds Gold

i misheard tyler and just wanted to clarify…he said nicoles gotta go soon(not first)…so dani then nic

but if those 2 girls are on the block i think dani has a good chance of winning veto then nic would be out pre jury


Tyler has not a say. Enzo and Cody will decide.

Feeds Gold

im thinking/hoping it will shape up like this…

tyler, enzo, day, bay(and hopefully xmas via both tyler/enzo influence) will target both snakeole and dani

cody (and nic/dani?) targeting day/bay

ian, kevin targeting cody

memphis and david targeting eachother

maybe an entertaining week

lets see some fireworks

Feeds Gold

3:30am kevin and davonne bathroom…

kevin: I could do cody and nicole…just bam…and just call shenanigans shenanigans…and just be like i got spooked
day: you have a right to…you dont have any ties to nicole
kevin: but i would have to break my word with her…i made an agreement she wont come for me and i wont come for her
day: she’d put you up
kevin: you think she would straight up lie?
day: hell yes
kevin: after the banner said shes a liar?(he points upwards, as if pointing to the sky)
day: hell yes…(then a big pause with shocked face after registering what he just said)…it said she was a liar?
kevin: you dont know what the(feeds cut)

was the 9 hour feed cut yesterday due to a plane banner? or does he mean the yeller?


So who do people is the “inspector clouseau” of the group. Meaning who do you think will make a good Game move but in a completely idiotic and bumbling fashion

another name

the question at this point is:
who wouldn’t.



Just Sayin'

I’m sorry did Cody really nickname himself Zuko? And then Suko…? At least Tyler got it right by saying everyone will call him Sucko. I am so so sick of people trying to make an alliance and a name to become like trending or whatever. No. All your names are ridiculous and stupid and no one cares. Also I refuse to put a 3 in Triple Threat. Just nope.


There’s so many damn alliances and names. This new way of play.. it’s as if these idiots just come here for fame only (duh) and then to make stupid alliances with people for bestie making and to create dumb af names. No one comes to play and just make alliances to make it further. They are too excited trying to name every GD thing. So they can be first dumb af alliance to be destroyed ? I don’t get it. I really feel it’s the excitement of creating stupid names. Not actually playing the damn game. Of which they have yet to play properly. Old school BB will forever have my heart


You are so right. Every time they come up with a new alliance, the first thing is what to name it. I was going to say they are like a bunch of high schoolers but really they are like a bunch of middle schoolers.

Feeds Gold

a funny moment earlier in the day…

nicole asked ian if he needed help cooking

ian(serious tone): “i know how to boil pasta, thank you”

ians pissed with her haha


So Tuesday night there as a banner plane?

another name

That’s what Kevin said to Da’vonne. He told her what the banner said because she didn’t know.
So if it came from anyone else I’d say YES….. but it came from Kevin so…..


Expect the unexpected with BB! The irony of the phrase and this season with us expecting All stars?? Certainly unexpected!
We thought we saw it all with production over the years but add pregame shenanigans, social covid disqualifications, side deals, temper tantrums and political correctness a foot, we have exactly what we should expect. A hot mess of a show…
Anyone have any great game twists that could potentially shake this game up? The best of BB this year for me has been the commentary about the look and feel of BB right here on OBB.
What can they do to save it…or at LEAST make it entertaining versus painful to watch??

Holly Hill

I can not stand dani she is so bossy and whiny, and bay’s ego is out of control. at this point I don’t know who I want out more dani or bay


The way Bayleigh talked to Kayser last night was very rude. I hope she’s shocked and full of regret when her butt is on the block, she should have tried to keep Kayser, he would have at least tried to protect her. He’s the only one who can hold an intelligent conversation that’s not full his bs.


It was rude. But this is BB is not miss America. It is Boring when everyone is just so nice to each other.

Holly Hill

I really want Kaysar to go out with a bang I hope he blows up everything so we can see some drama. how fun would it be to watch if day and bay went off then throw in Christmas and we have party. it would be great


I really want him to stay, if not please blow up their game!


What a disgusting bunch of people. All those dishes left in the sink for the same people to have to clean in the morning. It’s always the same ones cleaning up. That’s some lazy entitled people. They could at least do the dishes since they weren’t the ones that cooked. It’s really sad.




When Cody played in season 16 he was vastly different. One of the main reasons is he had Derrick to talk to and keep him calm. Cody was the Pippen to Derrick’s MJ or in BB terms, Cody was the equivalent of Boogie or Memphis to winners Dr. Will & Dan.

This season he’s trying to be the top dog but the winning qualities Will, Dan and Derrick possessed aren’t characteristics Cody has honed. Will was charming and could cajole anyone into anything, Dan was the master of making you feel like he cared about you personally and Derrick the undercover cop profiled every person so knew which buttons to push to get the result he desired. Each of the trio was also highly intelligent and capable of exuding calm and confidence. The closest Cody comes would be the confidence but it comes across as bravado and arrogance.

Cody isn’t charming, polite or cunning which is (on top of many) why this season is so brutal. In fact, he’s not even as chill or remotely close to the Cody he was in 16. He knows the show is rigged for him but he’s unable to inspire or calm down anyone. The closest he gets is with Enzo and Tyler but even then it’s Tyler’s calm and Enzo’s one for all and all for one shtick that dominates.

I bring this up because Cody also doesn’t possess the ability to think ahead (even when he was given all the crib notes in advance) well enough to prevent leaks. He believes everyone should just do as he says and wants to control everyone—- and even though we know about the major production manipulation the reality is even Enzo who seems like his most die hard ‘ride or die’ yes man will align with the calmer, more strategic Tyler to take out Dani and Nicole which are the two people Cody wants to remain until at least F4 if not F3.

He’s vacillating on Dani but as we’ve noted he’s tried to get people to refocus on Bay or Day over Dani and that attempt failed miserably. All could be switched via TPTB (the powers that be) DEMANDS but the reality is if Bay, Day, Ian or Xmas (& possibly Kevin or David) win the upcoming HOH Dani is going on the block either directly with Nicole or via a back door.

Cody can feel things slipping away hence his “I didn’t tell you that you could talk to him” angry bark at Dani or his fury that he’ll blame Tyler if things come out & call him out. The latter b/c he senses Tyler is seizing control over him.

Cody as it turns out is much more like his brother Paulie than what we witnessed of him in his original season.

Personally, I’d rather see him on the block with Nicole b/c then we’d get the two sides of the spectrum – the woe is me victim muffling in the corner Nic versus the blow up by Cody for how dare anyone nominate him when he’s calling the shots.

While this is said with the knowledge production will do everything to make sure he stays if he loses it like his brother Paulie did TPTB might not be able to save him b/c who knows how far he’ll spiral. Imagine Dani or Dayvonne if he gets in their face publicly – both would know precisely the right buttons to push & I highly doubt he would deal with a similar Bayleigh rant like Tyler did last season – he’d snap and I’m betting would end up saying something he’d regret or that would be deemed socially unacceptable.

Who was it yesterday (I think Tyler – but may have been Ian) that commented on Cody’s limited vocabulary.

I’m hoping beyond all hope Ian wins HOH (or Day/Bay) b/c I think Ian would put up Cody/Dani although I’m not convinced he’d put up Nicole as a replacement – perhaps the wiser choice would be Enzo anyway to ensure Cody leaves. Bay/Day will target the ladies but hopefully wouldn’t be averse to putting up Cody if one comes down to split the trio.

Some great insights on here regarding the uncertainty anything tangible can occur especially when Bayleigh, Day & Kevin can’t be trusting to not out information to the wrong people or TPTB heavy hand — still — it feels like Cyclone Cody will be unleashed very shortly.

another name

What’s your opinion on Nicf post d/r announcing she thinks there is a new alliance a half hour before it forms?
Or Dani (an hour after d/r) talking about david/kevin/bay/da/christmas forming a voting block an hour before 2 different pairs discuss such a thing?
Maybe it was a bad idea for me to watch what new and startling ideas come to these people just after d/r. It’s just ticking me off.


Yeah – you’re spot on the DR is totally manipulating the game even down to minute details.

Yet another example of OGs vs New Age players – I recall Dan & Derrick specifically being furious coming out of DR. At least back then the hamsters would fight back or knew enough to come up with plot options that Grodner would rubber stamp –

For example, do we truly believe Dan’s funeral sold Frank or do you think TPTB pushed Frank to go in that direction? I mean he had to know it was the beginning of the end to his game. As great as the theatre of it was it’s also why it never bothered me that Ian won. They both had two great moments – Dan’s was the funeral and more impressively IMHO convincing Danielle to take him off the block only to evict Shane (now THAT was brilliant).

Likewise, Ian served up two theatrical moments first with the coordination & subsequent eviction of Boogie and that glorious goodbye video and winning the Double Eviction POV (shark puzzle) to save his own ass even though he had no idea how much jeopardy he was in at the time.

I digressed a little there (sorry) but yes I do think it’s all TPTB manipulating. The irony is the only one in the house that really knows a way around it is Dani. Remember in her second season how she would whisper so low you couldn’t hear her? It wasn’t for the benefit of the other hamsters overhearing, it was so the DR/TPTB couldn’t hear/learn the plans.

To your point about Bay “pulling a FOUTTE” I think that’s also the DR. Remember she had a really good read of the house UNTIL she got power & suddenly it went to her head — she won HOH wanted to take out Brett but Ty/Angela/Kaycee/JC & Sam kept him & dropped Rachel. That all stemmed from Bay telling Rachel that Ty had tried to get her to put up Angela which Rachel passed along & once it got back to Ty the group (READ: Ty) decided Brett was the better person to keep. The next week Bay was Angela’s renom & ousted. The moral of the story is Bay knows loose lips sink ships so 100% it’s DR pulling the strings.


Yay, Another alliance.

another name

Hey. Just wanted to make sure I’d said this as a stand alone.
The NEW alliance is actually not new.
The night Slick Six was formed the unnamed final three between the guys was made.
It’s NOT NEW. It just has a NAME now.


Dani must listen to Nicole and win HOH. Hopefully it is something based on lucky and Dani wins even if she does not want too.


Pressure cooker atmosphere. So somethings gotta give. I would love to see Cody and Bailey go at each other. We need some entertainment.



Supposed video of the banner plane. Right after this event feeds went down for the night.

Feeds Gold

thanks for that

and ian just said in the bathroom he dreamed about banner planes getting them locked down

“there was banner plane after banner plane after banner plane”, and how they kept being locked down over and over, and talking about how he kept trying to open the awnings to see

so banner planes are on peoples minds


I was hoping that someone was physically on the property trying to sneak into the house. If it is not addressed on tv, then I will assume whoever is handling the feeds is sloppy. They could have just focused on one room with the cameras instead of shutting down the live feed for that long

another name

Before anyone goes nuts.
The Tyler and Ian thing isn’t new either.
Week one they agreed to look out but never speak unless necessary.
So now it’s upgraded to a named pair

Feeds Gold

cody: “its turning against us(cody/nic/dani)”

nic: “tyler is against us now”

cody: “tyler is for himself”

cody telling nic about ian playing both sides and playing nic…ians pretty screwed now if cody/nic/dani win…nic getting pissy ian telling kaysar info about her

another name

Last season I predicted winners of comps with a fairly high degree of accuracy. By looking at who disappeared for a long period of time when called to the upstairs d/r. Usually for at least an hour the night before or hours before that comp.
Season 18 I scrutinized d/r revelations on feeds because of their frequency.
Until two days ago I was avoiding watching for d/r calls and new / amazing almost precognitive reads that would happen. I’ve now seen 3. In 2 days. Very Season 18 style precognitive situational reads.

I’m not saying this Prediction as fact:
Watch for Bayleigh’s performance in tonight’s HOH.
The entire house talked about her being in upstairs d/r for an hour this afternoon.
THIS IS A TEST to see if they are doing season 21 SHENANIGANS in season 22.
I hope they aren’t but…. it’s a possibility.


Do you what I want as a twist with the next room… Somebody plays the challenge for safety… They get safety but are taking out of the game for two weeks… watching everything that is said on live feeds.

another name

What I want as a twist in the next room? A gitmo style prison suite where they are hooked up to a lie detector and asked about pregaming. You have to pass the test or you are nominated for eviction.
The viewers get to submit the questions.


Ian for HOH

another name

I’m bored.
Do you know what that means?
ding ding
It’s time to get conspiratorial.

Here is my newest version of what was going on in the Pre-Production Plot Department meetings.
This is the map that I think Grod would have followed once Derrick and Dan informed her of the preseasoning they were up to in order to make (in their opinion) an All-Star season great.?


A work of art.

another name

Finally getting a chance to use those English (creative writing fiction specialization) and Fine Arts double major degrees.

Feeds Gold

tyler/ian handshake “the insurance policy”


I guarantee that new room will be a shared HOH, in some fashion.



another name

Episode: Week 4 Eviction. Revisions
Enzo wasn’t going after Ian. He decided against it.
Enzo and Cody knew Nicole was in on the Slick Six. Everyone but Tyler knew. Three alliance overhang does that.
Part One The slick six suck as a team
Memphis. Deluded. His alliance doesn’t exist except when Production wants it to exist.
Enzo being told about the Memphisalliance. Ummm. and Enzo doesn’t sketch. *we know what that means not saying just saying.
Slick Six never trusted each other. It’s a fakelliance.
Tyler plants seeds.
Gee Cody, the paranoia in that alliance comes from Cody. Still not showing that Cody has a final 2 with Dani? Oh.
Part Two the Ian segment
Ian. The Kaysar Papers. To Kevin. Of all people. Kevin.
Ian. to Bayleigh now. She’s been read the Kaysar papers for 4 weeks. snore.
Instead of saving Kaysar get him to save your ass segment. With no incentive.
The crying for that fan support segment. mmmhmmm. eyeroll.
Part Three the vote
Nom pleas:
christmas: stupid speech. rhyming. stupidity. memorized from d/r days ago. repeatedly.
kaysar: weak ass reveal. not enough to shock really. Just enough to cover for the wall yellers and plane banners. So now it can be discussed more openly. no fire at all.

Cody votes: kaysar. Memphis votes: kaysar. Dani: kaysar. Ian: kaysar. Kevin: Kaysar. Da’vonne: Kaysar. David: Kaysar. Bayleigh: Kaysar. Nicf: Kaysar. Tyler: Kaysar.
Unanimous to evict Kaysar. Like it was in doubt.
Part Four the new hoh and basement reveal.
As always I’m going to watch this and not divide attention.


Where is the tip jar!! My student loans are in stand still so I have extra cash until Dec 31, 2020…..

Cody needs to live in the BB22 house and not in the houses from the past, who cares what alliances did what. I care about what you are doing now!! Different people, different game!!

Does Cody still live at home?

another name

Yes. That’s why they joked that Cody doesn’t ever make his bed or wash his sheets. Dani washes his sheets for him now, and his mom makes his bed at home.


With 3 “game changing powers” and god know show many banner drones and bullhorn girls. This week might be alright.