Meech “If I do leave, I will definitely go calling him [Paulie] out as I walk out the door.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 17-26-53-158

5:15pm – 5:30pm Backyard – Nicole says Meech has not asked me if I’ll vote for her. She hasn’t asked Paulie either. She asked Nat, James and Corey. Maybe she thinks James is vetoing my vote. Paulie joins them. He says he is done trying to talk to her (Meech). I tried and then she called me out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 17-31-24-352

5pm HOH room – Meech and Vic. Meech asks who do you want to go home? Vic says I honestly want Z to go but I don’t vote. Meech says I honestly think we can do it if James uses his thing. Vic says yeah, it just depends on who he uses it on. Meech says I think he is scared to use it on certain people. Some people want me out because I said I would blow stuff up or something. Meech says you know I’m not coming for you or Bridgette. And I mean it. I wouldn’t be coming for Paul. Vic says yeah I think Paul knows that. Meech says its all about numbers now and having the numbers to stay. Do you trust Paulie, honestly!? Vic says yes. Meech asks even though he backdoored you? Vic says yeah, it was because of the alliance of eight. Meech says he (Paulie) is just really good at getting in peoples ear. I want you and Bridgette to go far. He (Paulie) has a really good social game. He is only looking out for him and his game. Vic says if you don’t win comps in this house you don’t have much power. After you win comps you need the numbers. Vic tells Meech to campaign. Meech says it just depends on if James has the balls to veto the two votes. Vic asks have you talked to him about it? Meech says yeah and he seems open to it. I don’t want that getting out there though. Do you know where Paul stands? Does he trust Paulie too? Vic says yeah. Meech asks really, so he acts like he has your back but he would cut you. Vic says I want you to stay. I know Z would gun for me. I just can’t fight too hard for you. Meech says I don’t want to see Paulie at the end. He’s gotten coaching by Derrick one of the best big brother players of all time. Its kind of an unfair advantage. Vic says his I think he was coached by Derrick and Cody. Meech says If I do leave this week, I will definitely go calling him out. Definitely! As I walk out the door. I’ll say if you guys don’t get him out. Vic says and you could have the round trip ticket too. Meech says I am coming back with a vengeance too! Be careful of who you trust. Meech says you know the vets get 25G’s just for being here.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 17-47-34-062

5:30pm – 6pm Meech says I’m going to pitch to Paul that if I go who is the next biggest target in the house. That and if I stay they can use me as a pawn. And maybe that I would throw the HOH. I’m obviously emotional and don’t do well under pressure. Lets just hope I can rope some people in. Vic says if not hopefully you have the round trip ticket or you come back in a jury buy back. Meech asks if I am going can you just let me know? Vic says he will. The conversation turns to talking about life stories from outside the house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 18-11-47-542

6pm – 6:20pm Safari room – Paul and Bridgette. Paul says in the short term I don’t think either would go after me. Bridgette says we’ll we all have to go after each other in the long term. Paul says I know I mean in the short term. Bridgette says I think its just funny that the whole house flipped in a day. Bridgette says I’m not convinced that Z would be next weeks target if she stayed. Paul asks why would you think that? Bridgette says I just thought those two people would be next for working with DaVonne. Paul says she Meech said she likes and won’t go after you and Vic which is funny because you and her haven’t gotten along and he put her up on the block. Bridgette says I want her to try and pitch to me and see what she says.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-09 18-11-56-728

6:35pm Bathroom – Meech says all I would need is both of you (Nat & Bridgette) and James. Bridgette says James won’t use his power strategically (to keep Meech) unless he believed people were on board. Bridgette you’re a super fan right? Meech says there is nothing I can do besides blowing up their game on the way out. But even that won’t get through to people. Natalie says everyone is too scared to make big moves. Meech says I’m going to call everyone out and say they’re scared .. except you and Bridgette. Natalie says I’m not scared. Meech says yeah that’s why I said not you two.

7:20pm – 7:55pm The house guests are playing pool, working out and lazing around chatting about random things. Victor is cleaning the kitchen. He says he does it for no one else but himself.

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Dear Bridgette………THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally have someone to vote for ACP3!!!

Smart girl….has it all figured out. Hope she can pitch to enough people to pull off a Z eviction.
Would LOVE to see Paulie’s face…


Meech is definitely mentally unstable. She needs to go get professional help when she gets done with big brother.


Fml is right. I worry for her. The way she is always so down on herself. I worry when she gets out she’ll read all the stuff about her and there’s no telling what that would do to her. Not really sure why yall gave FML comment a thumbs down.


AGREE about Bridgette. BUT, her plan will never happen bc James doesn’t have the balls to flip the house, and it’ll cost him in the end.

It's me

James is a coward. Why did people give him this advantage? He’ll never use it. His big move is whatever the house wants. James = sh*t casting


I am not sure why the hell he keeps coming up as first place in these polls, either. He kinda sucks. Natalie should be America’s favorite then Bridge a close second. S**t, I think Meech should be higher than James because at least she has hypothetical balls.


Why would natalie be AF? What has she done? Nada…except for being annoying with those juvenile cheer moves.


Yep. A couple post updates ago people were saying she’s Paulies puppet. I’m thinking to those that said that, well then you’re not paying attention to Bridgette.

She is 100% NOT his puppet. But she is playing nice because she knows he’s in power and she has none right now. The minute she’s in position to strike, I’m confident she will.

Powder Puff Girl

I have been #teamBridgette since she teamed up with Frank my number 1. Knew she was not sleeping on the job!


Bridgette is smarter than most think. Once she has a chance she will be fearless. She’s strong and it showed how she handled herself while being shunned and ostracized. If she can stay long enough she will make a big bold move. She’s the best IMO.


Use your vote wisely. I plan on voteing Victor super safety. Then after DE Bridgette or Nat shared HOH. If things work out they will have a chance to take out Paulie.


Can’t vote for Nat. She already got one. Only one per houseguest.

John Coffey. Like the drink, only not spelled the same

Meech seems like the type of girl that you hear about on the news stabbing her husband a hundred times in his sleep. All because he came home an hour too late and the dinner got cold.


dude, stay off the


John Coffey. Like the drink, only not spelled the same

I’m actually one of the few Americans who needs legal or illegal substances in order to cope with daily life. I know, crazy huh?


Meech is that type a chick that would cut her husbands dick off for getting caught cheating.

She is mentally unstable.

Powder Puff Girl

Bridgette told Paul in so many words that Paulie will not cut Z. What is it going to take to get for Victor and Paul to realize their days are numbered.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I think Paul is starting to get it and Vic is dumber than a box of rocks! He won’t get it even after Paulie puts him up and out again. He still trust Paulie? I bet his family and friends who are watching are not surprised by his stupidity. James won’t veto anybody’s votes unless everyone is on board? If they are all on board then he wouldn’t have to use them! Damn he’s a pu$$y! Nicole can’t win anything and she’s acting like she’s so freaking important. Right now I’m pulling for a miracle for Bridge to make it through Thursday and Paul to fully wake up. He’s a douche but maybe he’ll make it interesting.


This is exactly why I wanted Tiffany to win the battle back and not Vic. I knew he would do that same exact thing he did the first time around. All that big talk about him targeting Paulie. Then it took 3.5 seconds back in the house for him to drop it and go back under Paulies spell. So stupid. Ugh

sunny dee

someone needs to leak out that paulie wants both james and paul gone next, that might shake them up a bit more lol.


Natalie needs to get into Victor’s ear. Or have all three girl try talking to victor and Paul alone.

Powder Puff Girl

I think Victor would run to Paulie and tell him a girl’s alliance is forming. Then he will tell James time to cut Natalie!


Get into Vic’s ear? No way!!!! Vic is Paulie’s bitch.


Vic is so wrapped up in himself and doesn’t focus on what’s going on around him. He can’t keep his pie hole shut and tells Paulie everything. It’s right smack in his face but he’s oblivious.


nicole has definitely positioned herself nicely to go all the way keep it up girl!!!


What exactly has she gotten herself into? Is it the hand in Coreys pants position? BC from around noon until 5 AM thats all I have seen from Miss Coinslot Nostrils this season…and a few nasally “youuuuu guyyyyssss” here and there. But nice attempt at trolling

Powder Puff Girl

Nicole will be lucky if she makes through double eviction.

Crayzee Eyez Killa Corey

Nicole has her head stuck so far up my ass that when I am evicted, she will have no choice butt to follow directly behind me.

Taylor Swift

I can’t wait to get together with Corey. In fact I’ve already written our breakup song “You’ve got a big old handle, but you couldn’t make it work for me. You made me dress like a boy, but you didn’t like the way I pee.”

The Real Taylor Swift

Hey Stop that! Is that you,Kanye?


Nicely positioned kneeling behind Corey.

Corrrrrrrrrreeeeeeyyyyyy llllleeeettttttssss mmmmaaaaakkkkeeeee ooooouuuuuttttttttt aaannndddd hhhaaavvvveee bbbbaaaaabbbbbiiiiieeessss


Nicole is going to be the new Britney of this season. The Board will cut her just like the Brigade cut Britney.


Well, I don’t think straddling Corey under the covers is very good position (get a hotel, please), but you’re entitled to your opinion, Honey.

These girls are hornier than the brass section of a marching band.


I like that Michelle has finally started using her brain but all this campaigning will be futile unless Nutless (Neutered) James also plays ball and uses his power wisely. But I am afraid his master Paulie won’t let him off the leash so easily. Oh well let’s see if he can magically grow a pair….doubt it though.


Neutered Hahahhahaha thank you for the laugh 🙂

Literally at the end of the day

His nuts shrunk to raisins.


natalie may soon be saying “james joseph no balls huling!”


I really don’t care which one goes home. Neither one is a threat.


What did Paulie lie to Michelle about? Did Michelle get saved by 2 weeks under Paulie’s HOH because of category 4? Does Natalie know Michelle will target James eventually? The DR has influenced Natalie to keep Michelle to target Paulie so that they have the episode of campaigning to stay. Has Natalie ever thought James is the next target after Paulie? If Paulie and James on the block, James will be more likely evicted because James will be seen as a couple with Natalie while Paulie will be seen as alone with assumption of Zakiyah is evicted this week.


Michelle sure didn’t mind Paulie winning when she was on his team which made her safe week after week. It gave her lots of time to be a mean girl and talk about everybody cause she couldn’t be put on the block week after week. Now she wants to blow up paulie’s game cause she’s finally on the block. Send her lazy ass home!! I think we’ve all had enough of the mean, crying, lazy slacker.

Only can wish

Paulie didn’t save Michelle. She laid low just like some of the other HGS did. Several HGS including Paulie seen that Frank had the upper-hand in the game and wanted him out. That’s when King Ding-a-Ling(Paulie) thought he was the sh!t….He didn’t use his POV on anyone but himself. He does feel threaten by what Michelle said because if he didn’t he would not be trying to defend himself to the other HGS.

Michelle's eyebrows

I actually want Michelle to stay because shes a loose canon and will call Paulie out on his shit. He’s an idiot who thinks he can piss wherever he wants (seriously gross of him to piss in the hot tub btw), and at this point I’m rooting for ANYONE but him to win. And what’s with Jame’s stupid spiel about not wanting to “show his cards”? I bet that fool will be saying that on final night if he gets that far.

sunny dee

i’ve hated her for quite some time (but heck if bridgette can forgive her, who am i to argue with that), but the sole reason i’d like her to stay is because Paulie wants her gone. people have flipped votes on what he wanted before, so it isn’t like it hasn’t happened before. plus i think going into these noms ppl thought he wanted Z out, he’s only changed that storyline. before this he thought it was great vic wins, and he can take out z so paulie doesn’t have to. so what changed his mind along the way, she’s just as much of a bunny boiler as she always was. it was not the pov ceremony where michelle once again runs her mouth, the target was already there.

even tho we’ve seen nat and james talk about using the powers on paulie so paul can vote, i just don’t see him doing that now. and who is going to tell these guys that paulie keeps running their names out to other people, everyone assume Z will do what he tells her, just as we know that vic did noms that paulie wanted (as in he wanted Z out originally), so why would they want to keep her in the game as a mini paulie,

bridgette sees what we see, paulie fears and hates the women. james if for no other reason than that should be targeting or thwarting paulie’s wishes, otherwise natalie and james will be up next, and if james doesn’t help flip, i hope a person who plans to put him and nat up does that, to teach him a lesson lol

michelle says the vets get 25k (that was based on getting to jury) and i don’t think that is the actual deal, tho day kept getting cut off, i think she was saying their stipend is double the other HGs. which if i calculate it right if they go as far as jury should be a tidy sum. a whille ago someone discussing it (BB14 maybe) sounded like 100/day, 13 weeks, around 9,000 thru jury, wouldn’t be a big surprise if that increased, and reg members get over 10k, so vets get over 20k. if i were a vet i wouldn’t agree to come back for the same rate, so big deal. plus why say that if trying to get james on her side lol. (keep going back to that big mouth).

nicole is funny, earlier she says; michelle isn’t campaigning i’d have more respect if she was (meanwhile, michelle was actually doing just that). so then later nicole finds out she was, and says, ‘oh, she hasn’t talked to ME” about a vote, so like it doesn’t count, i thought you said you’d have more respect for her hhhmmm??? lol

i’m also kind of surprised when people latch onto something, often that didn’t ever happen, and use it as ‘proof’ that someone is always up to no good. Nicole might get votes if F2 for being ‘crafty’ and clever and spot on social game, when the reality is she was given a lot of credit (and blame) for stuff she had nothing to do with, and was never doing. rumour has it…


i like your first line

people need to get over themselves, these 2 girls seem to have

the game changes and game dynamics change

you can go from friend to foe or foe to friend in terms of aligning in the blink of an eye


Come on James! I swear if he screws this up… Something really needs to flip in this game.
If I told myself two weeks ago that I would be rooting for Michelle to stay later in the game, I would slap myself. Haha


One thing I do not get why Michelle gets mad at Paulie unless the DR has the big influence on her. Paulie does not make final 5,4,3,2 deal with her? Has Michelle asked herself why does she expect Paulie to evict all other houseguests and take her to the end so that she can win. Michelle formed the fatal 5 alliance behind Paulie’s back, what does she expect Paulie to do?

Fuzzy Num Num

Not-Cody was instrumental in her nomination. He doesn’t want his bed buddy going home. He needs her to final 3 so he has a easy person to control. One who isn’t likely to put up too much of a fuss. He is trying to control the house in the way Derrick (season 16) did. He was coached by Derrick and Cody. She is valid in pointing out to the other houseguest that he is a danger to her game. But, it is her fault she is in this position in the first place. If she had worked harder to make more diverse alliances. And didn’t just sit back floating and bitching. She’d have a better chance of convincing people how dangerous to their games Not Cody is. He really is in the best position to win the game. Just like his idol, Derrick. He really has lined up the guys, just like Derrick did. And when he’s ready, he’ll knock them down one by one. Until it’s just him, Max-Z, and probably Corey.

Pull my finger

All these girls want to hook up with the guys. But they’re all fags except for James. And even Natalie isn’t interested in him. It’s funny how sexually confused all these people are.


im starting to root for bridgette and michelle to work together.. maybe form an alliance.


I’m hoping Natalie will break free of James and work with Bridgette. She needs to play her own game. She knows exactly what’s going on and has less fear than James!


this actually worked out to production’s advantage. HOH must be quick so it has to be questions. It couldn’t be questions b/c Victor wasn’t there for 3 weeks but now he can’t play as outgoing HOH so this should be a question HOH.


I don’t like Michelle but I dislike zak even more. I may be reaching here but I hope Michelle has the round trip and either her or brig wins hoh. Puts up Paulie and Corey. If one wins veto then replace em with Nicole. Idc who leaves. Between them 3. Then brig wins safety for the week. Oh how I wish.


Me too. But every week everyone says the person going that week has it and they never do. It’s probably Paulie that has it. Smh

Butters Mom

The fire lit under Michelles butt to save herself definitely was sparked in the DR. She has been coached. What else was production going to do… these people cant think for themselves and its turning into the Paulie dog and pony show. A sick circus at that.

Crayzee Eyez Killa Corey

The round trip would be like a christmas present

Keeping it Real

Well, Paulie has completely brainwashed Vic, and unfortunately, Vic is allowing himself to become the biggest tool.

Everything Michelle says sounds right, had it been said two weeks ago. Natalie, Bridge, and James already had this figured out. It’s nice to see Nat beginning to play. I can see final three being Nat, James, and Bridge if Bridge stops playing for Paulie. Thing is, Bridge sees Paulie’s play and knows he will take her to final 2 (as Victoria). I’m not convinced she’ll jump on board to sink Paulie.

Meech is crazy if she thinks Bridge will have her back! Karma is about to move-in.

Right now Paul is trying to figure out what to do. Without Paulie, though, Paul will be weeded out. Does he really think he (Paul) has himself to thank for making it to jury???

Paulie’ s efforts to build a partial jury may end up completely fruitless.

Shame on Nicole for making everything about her (wanting James to cancel her vote). I’m not liking the way Nicole is presenting herself at all.

I’m now rooting for Nat 100% with Bridge as my #2. If James comes through on Thursday, l will move him back up

I’m honestly enjoying watching Paulie crumble a bit.

We screwed up

Why the hell did we vote for James to get this package???? This was NOT a popularity vote, it was supposed to go to the person who had the balls to use this GIFT and make a gutsy move. What a waste.

Min O'Pause

If these people wise up and flip this house and get Palsy out soon, I’ll gladly eat crow with humble pie for dessert. Hope they get ‘er done.


Paulie will never evict Z… in spite of what he says, he will take her to the final 2… which is why James needs to null Paulie;’s vote and keep Michelle in the house…. the look on Paulie’s face would be priceless…


As long as people don’t tell him beforehand, then he’ll just work with it somehow – magically.




I’ve been a Bridgette fan since Week 1. She’s the only cool person in the house, and clearly the smartest. The rest are shallow idiots? If she wins this it would be one of the greatest comebacks in BB history! God, I hope she wins the next HOH! Go Bridge!!


If there is a time for a new alliance it is now. Michelle/Bridgette (Ms.Swan)/Natalie with Victor and Paul on the side and maybe a lil James.


Is Zakiyah going to campaign at all? The only campaigning I have seen from her is with Paulie! She has completely handed her game of to Paulie.

Back home we refer to Paulie’s behavior as lower than a snake’ s belly in a wagon rut.

*wake me up if the hounds start to holler (I wear ear plugs because of gramps’ dang snoring)


Coinslot nostrils might b the funniest description I’ve ever heard.

Keeping it Real

America’s vote for care packages has clearly been a popularity contest, but we are ending up with only Bridgette left as deserving a care package now. I fear what is going to happen with those future care packages!


What is wrong with you people!?!
All of your sympathy votes for Bridgette, Natalie and now crazy Michelle… This is not a who is the worst player contest. These girls have been totally unaware that big brother is even being played (except for meech who has hiding behind Paulie’s game to get to this point, his wins have gotten her this far, not her game play of kissing days butt and playing mean girl)
So what, we FINALLY have someone who is playing big brother and playing it well and all of you want to burn him at the stake for it. Paulie is playing a good game. No one else in there is. How can you call yourselves fans and not appreciate good game play?!?!

Froot Loop Dingus

Oh, that conversation with Meech and Vic… can he really be that naive? For that matter Paul too. There is no way Paulie will take either of them to final 3. His best shot for a win is Final 3 with Corey and Z.

And good lord, why does no one have the guts to make a move? If James the pu$$y just nullifies Nicole and Cory’s votes, Paulie votes to evict Meech and then Nat, Bridgette and James vote to evict Z. Doesn’t even matter how Paul votes. Then Paulie goes into DE distracted that it got flipped and even if he wins he has to scramble to choose nominees, which will then show his hand. Even if he gets out Vic or James it still pretty much splits the house.

Wouldn’t that be exciting? Of course, weasel James won’t make any such move, So summer camp will continue.

Paulie's Girls

Any plan that involves James having a pair is going to fail. And any future plan that depends on Vic having a brain is also doomed. Only hope for a shake up is if Bridgette or Nat get HOH. Apparently no one else can count and they all think that Paulie has that special F2 gleam in his eye when he is talking to them. God knows going out and actually trying to win a comp is out of the question.


Some people on here initially said this season was about Frank and Davonne. They complained this season was boring. They wanted Frank and Davonne gone. When Frank and Davonne got evicted, these people wanted them back. When Paulie found his way to flip the house, now these people still complained this season is boring and want Paulie gone.


Paul is totally lying to Michelle about his “clothing line” and she is catching him in all these lies and he keeps lying telling bigger lies as he goes. BOFL!

That was the biggest lie fest 15 minutes I ever saw on BB and there has been some big ass liars. Paul is king though hands down.

Omg he doesn’t stop.

Crumps Brother

Sweet, an almost boob shot hahaha.


it’s been a slow month for the Nat fan club

Grandma cleta

If you get victor to promise . he will keep his promise. Make him do the sign Natalie. It’s a Catholic thing.
Make him promise to keep this information to himself first.


I really hate the fact that James has this power. “He wont use it strategically with out everyone else being okay with it” You mean Paulie right? WTF who ever voted for James to have this package needs some lashes with the cane. What were you thinking? Everyone knows he doesn’t do shit so why give it to him. Would have been interesting to see if Bridgette or Michelle got it. I would say Corey but the power might scare him lols.

Huggy Hutch

Glad to see Bridgette step up although Paulie knows what’s going on so she must be careful who she tells
If Zakiyah leaves they have major potential to oust Paulie
I truly hope Paul or James win HOH even the entire game based on they are funny and competitive
Corey and Nicole suck all Corey won was a cupcake organizing POV and was an inch away from losing from the opening night to Glenn

Fine Chicks

Michelle needs to stay and blow up their games anyway! Round up some troops and tell them your plan and get them on board, I bet it would work. What is Z’s plan? “I will say something or make big moves maybe if I stay” <<——Oh Joy!


The more these people give Paulie his way the bigger of a bully he is going to become. Yes he wins comps but his social game is also important. If James (ha ha never gonna happen), Paul, Vic, Bridgette and Nat come together to get out Z then he has to change his strategy. He wouldn’t have the numbers and he can’t get them all plus Nic and Cory haven’t won squat.
I would even bet that he would make Nic his biggest target (never a guy esp one as dumb as Cory) just to appease the larger group. Unfortunately BB culture has devolved into sheep mentality. Even someone like Paul who seems like a rebel wants to sit back and wait to see what happens. What will happen is he will get to watch the action from jury with all of Paulie’s other used tissues.

Just wondering...

What happened to the James\Nat showmance/friendship? Looks like now they don’t even speak.


If I was James or Cory I would my girl a foot rub every day!


Michelle needs to make a strong pitch to James. Tell him that America gave him the power for a reason and try to appeal to him in that way… I don’t know…I just need something interesting to happen this week..

sunny dee

Victor is the only HOH who has a tidy HOH room. I noticed him on after dark as well, cleaning stuff up, dishes whatever, just always busy doing that, and cooking as well. don’t blame him, imagine how boring the days must be if all you do is sit on your a$$es and can’t even pick up your own towels, or clothing.


I find Nic hilarious worrying about jury votes. Even if God forbid she made it to F2 I guarantee that all of the girls in jury who said they wanted a girl to win would not vote for her even if she was sitting next to Victor. They all know what a lying snitch she has been.