“If Da’vonne’s going up and Tiffany do you think they’re going to send you home over them” James

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots James and Natalie

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 02-29-12-023

12:51am Hot Tub Da’Vonne, Natalie and James
Da’Vonne is worried about being nominated.
Da’Vonne and Natalie say they will not f*** James over
Da’Vonne – I know I got you I got Michelle .. ahahhaah
Da’Vonne says BIG MEECH will never vote against Natalie she told Da’Vonne that.
Natalie – Yeah I would never vote against her..

Da’Vonne counts the votes.. “Zakiyah say she has my back.. Paul say he has my back I’m just like theres a lot of stuff going around and this game is not for people who aren’t strong minded.. If you are easily influenced.. You’ll crack in this game.
Da’Vonne says “They” have been going around planting some serious seeds about her.
James – trying to get you to crack
Da – no , trying to get these people to turn against me … all kinda seeds.. The things he’s saying is false information I hope the people are strong enough to read the BS because if they are not.. I could be GONE..

James- well I hope this doesn’t happen.. If it does you did make it further than last season
Da’Vonne – we’re not going to say that james
Natalie – we’re not putting that into the universe
Da – that’s right
Da thinks Tiffany is “Gone”
Natalie says that is what everyone has been saying.
James – so Tiffany is 1000% doing it (putting Da up)
Da’Vonne – 1000%
Jame s- I figured she would go after Nicole.. Because Corey.. You know the next best thing if I can’t get Corey I’ll get Nicole..
Da thinks it’s a bit of Frank and Tiffany’s concoction, “Frank on into her ear and told her Da has been playing you da is this, that, or other.. I don’t understand how I play her in anyway.. I don’t tell Tiffany anything.. Nothign.. You know what I mean I don’t trust her.. I know what her sister did “

DA – I feel like we only have personal conversations.. Where i’m trying to calm her down
James says in this season you get caught talking to people you are not supposed to talk to you are in the line of fire.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 01-50-35-242

Da’Vonne says Tiffany went to Corey, Nicole and Paulie and told them DA’Vonne is going up, her reason is da’Vonne is a “Super strategist” she’s playing everyone in the house, She’s in all these alliances..
Da’Vonne – I’ve won 1 competitions really”
Da goes on about there’s no alliances in the house there’s just pairs..
Da’Vonne names out all the pairs (Usual suspects) in the house says Michelle and Paul are a pair.

Da – I have a cool relationship with Michelle.. If anything would occur she would tell me.. She even made a statement tonight..
Da explains Michelle telling her once Tiffany goes Frank will be going after the showmance.
Da – that leaves me, her (Meech), you (Frank/Nat) off the radar.. So i’m just like OHHH please let this work out
James – Frank’s gunning for PAulie .. they are trying to get Paulei out next week.. Paulie knows that..
Da – Paulie can’t play next week I feel like they are banking on you to win HOH next week
Jame s- who
Da – that team (Showmances) .. banking on you to win HOH who else is strong enough to beat Frank..

Da’Vonne wishes she had talked to Natalie earlier but Natalie was attached to Bridgette and Da’Vonne never trusted Bridgette one bit
Natale – I’m friendly with everyone that’s just the way I am.. On a personal level I didn’t know she said those things..
Da – When I heard her say those things about you and Bronte.. I got confused..
Nat – what do you mean
Da – Ohh she said you guys are a wreck and you she always has to calm you down
Nat – oh that’s nice
Da – Ohh you didn’t know that..
Nat – no
Da – oh .. I thought you knew that .. ahhh .. of course you can’t repeat that
Nat – she just tries to get information out of me.. I don’t know anything to give
James- I tell you what you need to know ..

James comments that Zakiyah is running up stairs with paulie.
Nat – they’re cute
Da – they’re adorable

James mentions how this season is so much more intense than last season.
Da – it’s ridiculous.. I’ve heard so many things about me today.. I’m like where I’m at
James – where I’m at

Da says Tiffany has been going around saying she’s going confront her but she never did.
Da adds that now Tiffany ios sleeping with Bridgette
Nat warns that Bridgette knows the game very well
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 02-23-42-114

James doesn’t understand why paulie didn’t win the Veto says that Paulie had a chance
Da – I don’t understand why they didn’t throw it to me I had a reason to keep the noms the same.. If corey goes down I go up. That doesn’t look sketch on anybody else’s part.. But.. that didn’t happen so I just have to trust. That’s all I have to do Trust…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 01-07-50-935

1:06am Frank and Bridgette cam 3-4

Frank – I’ll give it to Tiffany she did a good job working paul today
Zaikyah walks by says Michelle is America’s Favorite because she’s so funny
Frank tells BRidgette sometimes ZAkiyah really annoys him.
Frank – one thing if people have a issue say something about it.. All that Beef was because I popped them in the Butt a couple times.
Bridgette – why you popping people on the butt Frank
Frank – I’m not anymore.. I was even.. You know it was completely platonic

Frank – That’s the way I was with my mom and Nanne
BRidgette – someone said you called Da’Vonne a slut
Frank – I never did that
Bridgette – that was told to me twice
Frank – by whom..
Bridgette won’t tell him
Frank – thats bullsh1t
Bridgette – I thought it was
Frank – I’ve never ev3er.. That’s absolutely absurd.. When did you hear that .
Bridgette – about a week ago
Bridgette goes on to explain that someone spread it to Natalie that you popped Da’Vonne in the a$$ and called her a alut and she started crying
Frank – that’s absolutely absurd.. She came out of DR already seemed upset. . And I popped her on the butt that was right after I won roadkill .. It was a happy moment I wanted to tell her she was safe.. You know.. I didn’t..its not like I’m handing it like this and grabbing ass (See gif below)
Frank – I kinda did it like that… almost hurt a little bit (See gif below)

Bridgette says Da’Vonne spread some sh1t after that incident
Frank explains how after he apologized… “What a piece of sh1t”

Bridgette says the girls Bronte and Natalie were upset with Frank as was all the other girls
Frank – I never called Da a slut but she’s a f****g piece of sh1t, how about that
Bridgette – you heard it hear first
Frank – that’s just definition of character it’s unnecessary
Bridgette – the women of the house made me feel like I was with a guy that belittles women and sh1t..
Frank – you know that’s not the truth
Bridgette knows adds that they started it early in the week to put the target on Frank.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 01-26-01-931

1:21am Paulie and Zakiyah
Paulie – he’s a man way ahead of hears years.. The most brilliant guys I know his wisdom runs deep.. Badass motherf***r the stories of him as a kid..
Paulie – he’s a damn stud
Zakiyah – I wonder what he’s thinking now
Paulie – just want to make my family proud..
Paulie – If I can be 1/2 the father he was I would be a damn good father..
Paulie says he works his a$$ to the ground so his parents can be “Chillin”
Zakiyah talks about her mom and how she looks up to her..

PAulie and Zakiyah HOH
Zakiyah feel she is slacking off on the show because she has won yet
Paulie says if she knew about the competitions 3 months before and she could have practiced and didn’t then she should feel like she’s slacking
Zakiyah says her mom is a super fan
Paulie laughs says his dad and Brother even Derek told him “Do not win comps” early on “Opps”
PAulie says as long as Frank is in the house he’s shielded but once Frank’s gone…
Zakiyah brings up that Michelle got quiet with her today, “She got in her feelings.. Saying everybody has somebody.. Somebody got in her head”
Paulie – when was she saying that
Zakiyah – not too long ago.. She was like I don’t care I just had a moment..

Paulie – She’s a cutie
Zakiyah – She is, I think even Paul is cute.. I was like you better freakin talk to him before a the hoes pop up… A lotta hoes going to be coming after him..
Paulie – her personality is hilarious
Zakiyah – she’s funny as hell.. She’s blunt I don’t want to say blunt I don’t want to say she’s not tactful.. I dunno
Zakiyah says after the show she doesn’t see her and Frank being cool. At first she was excited because they were lived close back home but now hell no.

Paulie – you wearing a bathing suit
Zakiyah – you going swimming
Zakiyah – I can’t swim

Zakiyah asks him what his soccer program is called.
Paulie – PCFC.. Paulie Calafiore Football club .. all ages.. The name of my entertainment company is Royal entertainment.. HAshtag make it Royal
Zakiyah – I’m not saying it sound bad.

Paulei offers food..
Zakiyah – I feel heavy.. I’m a women.. I feel thick.. I feel jiggly
Zakiyah – You feel that.. it jiggle
PAulie – I don’t mind that

Zakiyah jokes that PAulie is wearing panties.. “You supported”
Paulie – I feel supported but plenty of room.. i’m not cutting off circulation

Paulie – I don’t like underwear
Paulie goes on to say he never use to wear underwear until he got a girlfriend and she would yell at him to put some on because ‘Everyone can see your d1ck”. Paulie explains he wore tight jeans.
Zakiyah – everyone can see you’re little bulge (hahah)
Paulie – I was like don’t you want people to know you’re boy holds it down.. and she was like no that’s only for me
Zakiyah – Damn
Paulie says there’s no difference between that and a girl wearing a sexy dress, “My assets just as good”
Paulie adds that is how he was when he was younger.

Zakiyah – you want to be be my friend
Paulie – I want to be your friend
Zakyah – we can never cross any boundaries
they giggle
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 03-59-45-772

They are watching the fish sounds like theres a fish near death just kind floating around the coral. Another fish is nibbling off it.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 04-02-03-769

Paulie taps the glass ‘C’mon little guy fight.. c’mon buddy fight fight’

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 04-00-56-769
Paulie – Hey.. what are you hungry you b1tch.. ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 04-04-17-768
Paulie yells for production asks them how he saves “This damn fish”
Paulie tapping all over the tank “Cmon.. cmon dory” “Is there any stick or something to stick in there..”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 04-04-31-771
Big Brother – Stop that
Paulie – hey man there’s a dead fish I’m trying to save dory she aint moving
hey i said stop that
Paulie – the fish is stuck in the coral

Zakiyah – the fin is still going..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 04-07-08-769

Big brother – “Paulie what is it about STOP that you don’t understand”
Zakiyah – we’re trying to save the fish
PAulie – the fish is going to die ..
Paulie – they might be sleeping.. there’s another stuck in the coral … you see it
Zakiyah ya ok.. i guess they’re just sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 01-38-07-290
1:37am Cam 3-4 Natalie and Da’Vonne
(Hard to hear because Da is washing her hands.. )
Natalie is saying she respects Da. (I think she also mentions JAmes and her being a good match)
Da – and I respect for you to.. You came in here to do things the right way
Natalie – we really click
Da – it’s adorable

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 01-35-58-586

1:47am Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany
Chit chat about music.. Frank blows a giant fart apologizes says he’s extra gassy lately.
Frank can’t believe Bridgette hasn’t seen Gremlins..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 02-07-43-080

1:58am cam 3-4 Natalie and James
Nat – why is it so cliquey..

Nat whimpers that the have nots room is scary..
James makes a scary voice and she squeals.. “JAMZS”
JAmes – I’m sorry babe…
Natalie – I cannot sleep alone..
James- I’m here .. you want to stick out hands out the car and we can touch fingertips (PIc) (LOL this is too cute)

James – we’re a good team.. I know you won’t mess me over..
Nat – I would not do that to you
James- I won’t’ mess you over..
James – worse comes to worse me and you end up in jury together that would be pretty cool
Nat – we’ll have so much fun

Nat – I feel good about being on the block now that one day was tough
James – you’re doing good you’re almost there..
Nat – I’m nervous for my friends and my family my mom is going to cry
James farts.. “It slipped i’m sorry”
Nat – you and Frank..

Nat – I don’t know what I would do without you in this game
James – If Da’vonne is going up and Tiffany do you think they are going to send you home over them
Nat – no cause I’m not a threat.

James – I never voted against Bronte
Nat – James – I never doubted you for one second

Nat – it’s so obvious who voted and who didn’t
James – he knows now.. I just wanted to get the heat off us because we obviously didn’t do it..
James says as long as Frank and Paulie are mad they’ll make it to Jury.
Natalie makes a big deal about them just making it to Jury and making it as far as they can.

James says her social game has improved a lot because she’s not attached to the other side.

James says Paulie is a real standup guy “He’s not scared to look someone in the eye and be like your my target”
James says if he ever won he wouldn’t target Paulie.
Nat – I know you would make the right decisions.. I would never second guess your decisions
James- I would never second guess yours

James- you’re a really sweet girl Natalie
Natalie – You’re a really sweet guy James
James says the VEto ceremony is on Sunday, ‘Tiffany told me she’s not putting me up.. Like today she’s like JAmes I’m not putting you up”

James – I told TIffany today I won’t vote against Natalie

Nat – i’m blessed with good vision
James – you got bedroom eyes.. I could stare at them all day
Nat – really.. I love when people comment about my eyes.. Nobody ever comments on them Because they’re brown..
Nat – I use to want to be blonde hair blue eyed so bad

Natalie says she has a strong strong inkling that someone from pre jury comes back.
If someone comes back i’m hiding
James- if Vic comes back i’m hiding
James doesn’t think it’ll be pre-jury he think it’ll be after jury..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-17 04-46-05-769
3:14am Corey, James and Natalie Have nots
Corey – HEY..
Nat – oh my god you scared me
Corey – Sorry… were you saying that to me
Nat – what
Corey – were you just saying that to me
Nat – what was I saying
Corey – wait.. It sounded like someone said.. Are you OK … are you OK with that..
Nat – No.. I just got out of the DR and I walked into the room
Frank (from the other room) “you alright BRAH
Corey – ya
Nat – sorry
James- what happened
Natalie – In don’t know
James – did he just sleep walk.. I think COrey is just sleepwalking..

THey go back to sweetie talk
James says he was said because she was gone.. “It would suck if I was in here by myself..”

Natalie and JAmes saying they are scared in the have nots

They start talking about movies.. James says he likes Nicholas Spark films

It could be worst James and Natalie this could be in the have nots.


4:15am Everyone is sleeping…..


7:27am they are sleeping I should be..

8:45am Still sleeping


9:53am zzz

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I hope James and Nat can get it together and pull in a few comps. I think most of the house likes them and this would put them in a position to “surprise” a few HGs by nominating them. It would create a little tension and further divide the house.


Not likely. Not to be mean but she isn’t too bright. Personally, not a fan. James might win at a few. He better start soon if he wants to protect her. She reminds me of Jordan.


Well at least he gave us a laugh first thing in the am! The two of them act like a couple of 12 y/o “you are cute smoopie” “no you are cute smoopie” James may have a comp or two in him but Nat’s only shot is a crap shoot comp. Even IF they win one I see them being “told” what to do by the godfather (in his mind) Paulie. So many big talkers with zero game play this year.


Omg Natalie looks beautiful in them pony tails..I’d like to see her throw on a school girl uniform and send her to the Tokyo room and have a deep discussion about Hello Kitty….


You’re starting to sound a bit creepy Pervy. Just thought I’d toss that out there.


Yeah…you don’t know the half. I’d “toss” . but hey while we’re putting it out there on front street. Der it is.


Not really to difficult to figure out what you are “tossing” you creepy perv.


no shame in my game.
Point, Blank and the Period boo….

Big Jim

Nice Seinfeld reference made me laugh!


I love their phone conversations. They just “get” each other, they have the same sense of humor.


One of the funniest moments in BB was season 11 when Jeff was trying to teach Jordan how to tell time. You can see it on YouTube


Honestly, I am trying to remind myself that these people are young and stuck in the same house with nothing to do but talk about wearing no underwear because it is the same thing as a girl in a tight dress. Or about how no one ever compliments my eyes because they are brown.

Tiff vs Da

It’s the match Frank had wanted for a long time, Tiff vs Da. Now my question is.. Who gets evicted come Thursday?
Tiffany- the flip flopper
Davonne- the gossiper

Like for Tiffany
Dislike for Davonne


How is Tiffany a flip flopper? You realize there’s a very limited number of people she can put up as replacement nom? she has to pick the one that she thinks people could possibly want to vote out over her. That’s not flip flopping, that’s common sense.


I don’t agree that Tiffany is a flip flopper. She found out she was being played and lied about. I haven’t heard one lie come out of her mouth. If I’m wrong enlighten me. Not saying I’m a Tiffany fan but I will say she’s played with some integrity. That being said I’m looking forward to the demise of Da, Paul and Michelle. They seem to be the shady flip flopping liars.

Tiffany the Female Chauvinist

Davonne the gossiper?

More like Davonne the lying shit talker that can’t win comps in her life depended on it.


They don’t have the votes to boot Davonne do they?


I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for them to get the votes to get day out. Improbable but definitely not impossible. Depends a lot on nic and Corey. With the right convos, they could be swayed. They both want her out anyway


It doesn’t matter who leaves, because I’m ready for Victor or Jozea to return!!! Also I find it funny how Frank wants Da out so bad after he “popped” her on the ass, but she isn’t supposed to get mad. I knew that was going to backfire on her, that’s why she said she was afraid of saying something from the get, she didn’t want to be a target.


I’m sorry but that’s absurd…and I’m not defending Frank, just looking at something that could have been handled very differently.

Let’s give her the complete benefit of the doubt that she always hated the physicality but just went along with it….and didn’t simply use it to bash Frank once she decided he was a target. They were friendly enough that Frank thought it was fine, so rather than tell anybody else, she could have spoken to him in private, not blown it up thereby making him defensive, and simply said “I know you don’t mean anything but I’m just not comfortable, so lets just stop and never speak of it again”. It stays between them, Frank gets the message clearly, and the behavior stops.

But instead she told EVERYBODY but Frank, then waited until she blew it up so much bigger than it needed to be, bigger than if she’d nipped it in the bud at the start…and lets not pretend she’s some shrinking violet, who can’t speak her mind. How she handled it totally made it so she could be seen in a bad light.


Couldn’t agree with you more!!! She completely blew that out of proportion big time. She could have been a mature woman, and told him directly to knock it off. Instead she put on the water-works to get everybody against him. That is so f’d up! Talking about, “I have a daughter, blah blah..” Well, you had a daughter when you signed up to do Big Brother AGAIN, right? What are you teaching your daughter now? To basically sell up to 3 months of your life for the off-chance you win 500k, crammed in a houseful of idiots, all the while gossiping and spreading rumors? YUP, you’re right Da. Franks flick of his finger that he lovingly does to his Nonna is WAAAAYYYY worse…


Totally agree. If you think you are being sexually harassed don’t go along with it and smile.



Joe Kerr

Michelle as AFP??? Ha! Good one Z. Girl has jokes.

Big Jim

So who will the replacement nominee be? Hopefully Da. I would prefer Nicole but no one will vote her out.


I don’t really picture DaVonne getting evicted at this point. If she does, I don’t picture her winning her way back. She doesn’t seem to have any comp skills. I think it would be the same confusion as the past few days-would she team up with the side that put her otb or the side that didn’t keep her safe, or would she keep going back and forth? I think it would make my brain hurt.

Will the returnee get one week of safety? I hope so. That’s the only way to make it really interesting.
Glenn-Too far out of the loop. Knows nothing about the house dynamics. After one week in the house he would realize he definitely likes dogs better than people and would volunteer to be evicted.
Jozea-Would be shocked at the house dynamics and mortified that Paulie has taken his rightful spot as the king. He wouldn’t have a major impact on the game but could be the glue that reunites the fractured house. After one week of living with him the rest of the house would put their differences aside to get rid of Jozea and his underwear.
Bronte-I don’t think she could squeeze into the power group and I think the Spy Girls are fractured. If they did get back together, well I don’t really want to watch pillow fights, manicure parties and giggling for the rest of the summer.
Tiffany-She would obviously have the biggest impact. Especially if she has a week of safety and Frank or Bridget win HOH and then one of the 3 of them win HOH the following week. That would completely shake up the power groups.
Victor-He is the question mark. Listening to his exit interview, he seemed to like Frank. Although he may not hold a grudge I am sure there is still a sting from Paulie lying to him and sending him home. If he has a safe week to reassess the new house dynamics and then went on to win HOH the following week he could cause some damage. My questions-Would he be disappointed to see that Paul has sold his soul to become a court jester for the same people that plotted Victor’s demise? Would Victor approve of the rat game or is he more of a snitches get stitches type of guy? Would Paul be PISSED that his new position in the game could be threatened or would he offer Victor FRIENDSHIP? And, would Paulie have second thoughts about sharing all of his game plans with Paul?


Sometimes it’s a comp of randomness. Like pick a skittle and go with that…


James,Corey or Paul gets evicted…and then Bronte comes back.


I think Victor could do the most damage. Pauline sent him out and I think he liked Frank a lot. He can win comps and would be another number for Frank. Jozea would be a disaster. He along with either Glenn, Bronte or Da/Tiff would go right back out the door. Vic would be the best to last more than one week.


I like that for Victor’s chances you have a video of Jocasta. I think if Davonne is the next one gone, she will be the one returning and she will be wreaking havoc on the remaining house guests


Omg did Z really say “some ho” will snatch up Paul? How desperate is this girl? Hey Z other women are just that you mean girl, women not hoes and in what world is Paul a catch? Have I lost my mind or is this really happening.


Oh it’s not ok for a woman to say hoes, but it’s ok to say Paul is not a catch. U suck Lena Dunham


I’m glad you did. Yes a snitch who bows down to the emperor is no catch. Paul has shown to have an awful personality. And Z seems threatened by all women, the way she attached herself to Paulie, the way she thinks Michelle should chase Paul before other women get to him is pathetic. I’m glad you too have an awesome personality and insult people on the Internet. Your life must be awesome! Rock on bro!


Oh please the point of that post was probably because you Tiff fans are on the hunt to destroy anyone who clashes with her. I’ve seen so much negative crap about those houseguests these last two days all because they want precious Tiff out. It’s nuts. Stop worshipping false idols.
And now because Frank may be in her side, he’s alright with you.


What does the op commenting on Z calling other girls in the house hoes and thots have to do with Tiffany or her fans? She’s never called Tiffany any of those things so I’m not sure where you’re making the correlation between the two?


Oh it’s not ok for him to insult people on the internet but it’s ok for you to insult Z, and Paul. Hypocrite.


U do suck, cmon ragging on him for insulting you yet his response was to you insulting Zak and Paul. Kettle meet Pot.


I wasnt insulting Z just so much as surprised that she keeps showing a mean side and focusing on chasing guys when the point of the game ia to chase $500G. As a fan of game Id like to see players who do latter.
Also, there is a difference between personal insults and being critical of certain behaviours.


I found that demeaning to women as well. I think Paul has some class and would want a deep relationship and not some girl that just likes him for being on BB. He is growing on me. I just hope he slows down in his gossiping both sides to keep his name out of it. If he goes too fast, both sides will catch on and unite against him.


I don’t know who to root for. The only person who is likable at this point is James and he isn’t playing the game. I thought he was until he said that Paulie was a stand up guy and that he wouldn’t target him. Through all the bits of gossip and information floating around the one thing that should be clear to James is that he is not in Paulie’s final plans. Why the hell wouldn’t James target him? Any combo of Paulie, Corey, Frank removes one more road block to help him to the end.

I still don’t understand what happened with DaVonne. Getting the votes for Tiffany to stay was always a long shot but to totally flip like she did was pointless. Everyone wants to call Tiff a flip flopper and talk about how quick she turns on people but DaVonne has been pushing all the buttons. I really was pulling for the single girls (Da, Mich and Tiff) to take on the power couples but Da’s game is going nowhere fast and, just like last year, she has no one to blame but herself. I think what irritates me the most is that everyone knows that DaVonne can’t be trusted, even her besties in the house, yet they have always been cool with her (Paulie loves Mama Day) and treated Tiff like a leper. I would have had way more respect for Paulie if he had just admitted he was afraid of Tiffany because he was afraid he couldn’t beat her. Like I said last night, Paulie has me rooting for a guy that I hated for an entire season. It takes a really special snowflake to do that. Paulie’s plan for Corey, Paul and himself to win back to back HOH/POV’s is probably not going to happen. I think Frank and Bridget have a better shot at that.

One last thing-Paul seemed a little bothered last night when Paulie started laying out their entire plan and their order of evictions. He seemed particularly bothered by how quickly they want to get rid of DaVonne. (Didn’t Paulie say that once Tiffany is gone then Da can go before Frank?) I think Paul pictured Frank always being the target every week and himself slaying the giant to be the hero to all the girls. Just wondering if his conscience will make him share this info with Da. If he does tell her, will it be before Thursday. If so, DaVonne is really going to regret screwing Tiffany over because she could have stayed off the block and they could have had the votes to take a shot at the couples alliance.


As much as Bridgette seems to be Frank’s puppet, she’s actually doing a really good job of turning Frank against certain people. I doubt that she is intentional doing this, but I like to believe that she is trying to turn him on her enemys because she knows he is a comp beast.


Bridgette would have been a Manson girl back in the day. She is super creepy.

String Cheese Theory

Bridgette would have been a Manson girl back in the day. She is super creepy.


I get her game….she`s doing what Christine did….she wants to be the only girl in the house with all the boys.

Fuzzy Num Num

I see where you got that. But I think the true Christine, is Big Meh, er Meech.


Num Num I definitely agree that Meech is the Christine of the season. Frankly I don’t get all the Bridge hate here. She was on the wrong side week 1.Watched her folks get picked off and aligned with Frank the Tank. Seems to make a lot of BB sense to me. You have a bigger target in front of you and a huge comp threat. The house has isolated her for the most part. Especially the mean girls and her friend Nat is James crazy as far as killing time goes.

Bridge has done ok for being out of the loop. This week I think Tiff will go unless they redirect on Nat. Don’t see Paulie sending home Da on a tie over Tiff so Tiff needs 5 votes. Just don’t see it happening sadly. Corey will use the veto and unless Tiff puts up James I don’t see how she stays this week. James is a long shot but maybe a little girl power.

James start playing the game and pick a side. Another of the many idiots talking crap about folks not in the room. Going to get your ass in trouble if you continue.

Powder Puff Girls

Bridgette did not have a tight alliance with any player at the start she was on the outskirts. She had to find someone to play with.


Gnat and James……{Boring}????????

Coaster Dive



It’s so BB boilerplate romance….and as likable as I find James, his gameplay is just horrendous. He doesn’t even see to be scheming to protect his girl out of affection or strategy, much less win the game. He’s a “just want to make jury” guy.

I don’t think those who view Nat cynically using James are being fair….but she reminds me of a girl I know. Very insecure, responds to positive attention and will temporarily cling to whomever gives it….but struggles with intimacy, to commit, and is more motivated by superficial attention than anything substantive.

So it’s like a puppy dog following her around, sweet, cute….and boring as f*ck….


I agree, and when James said that Paulie is a “stand up guy” I was whoa this guy has no read on the game or these people..


I feel like he is playing purely for america’s favorite player. It’s 50K right? Probably not a bad strategy really seeing as though it worked last time.


$25k I think


Day and Tiffany cant go…but if they do go they gotta comeback…

But I wish Paul would be evicted and Bronte comes back.

What happend with all the girl power? Just like in every single season….after 2 weeks all the girls turns into each other…and another man goes for the win….


Is that you Donald because I know it’s not me. I also know this isn’t the first time you have done this. Why don’t you try being a little more creative.


There was a problem in the past with usernames being mixed up by the webpage software.


Thanks for telling me. I didn’t know that. I have seen a couple comments that I know I didn’t post so I thought someone was messing with me.


Did I hear Frank say he didn’t call Da a slut? I believe that’s what he said when she called him a douche. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t tell Bridgette the truth. Da was nasty to him and he was nasty back. Pauline and Z talking about who? Some bad a$$ motherf$cker? Wife beater wearing who tongues his boys? Whatever. Shut up you douche


Because he didn’t tell her flat out, “Hey Da you’re a slut!” It was in jest and in response to her name calling him. Yes, he didn’t use the best choice of words, but whatever, get over it. If you are a slut, it upsets you. If you aren’t then let it go- who cares. Plus they were all teasing each other. WHat? She can dish it but not take it?

Cosby Kids

Look how much happier Tiffany looks when she’s working with Frank. She just needs a strong man to for psychological protection. That keeps the crazy in check. Give up that lesbo life, girl.


Lesbo or not, all women go a little crazy without some dick around. They need that dick guidance. Don’t be offended ladies, we’d go a little crazy without that pussy around too.

Frank and Tiff for F2

Cosby and all these other screen names spewing hate in this update are that lonely miserable in life Clay person.

This board is mostly good people. Then we have Clay, Donald and a couple others on multiple sceen names trolling. Poor things.

Aunt Cunt

How did Davonne go from getting the house to flip for Tiffany to becoming Tiffanys target? Why have a speech like that on eviction night then try and join forces with Frank? I think instability runs in Tiffanys family.


Yeah you’re apparently missing a few key components that lead up to your questions. Go back and reread some of the updates. The answers are all right there.


The energy you used to wrote that condescending post you could have just answered the question asshole!


comment and user name 100 thumbs down!


Go to sleep Vanessa!


My comment was a reply to “Cosby kids” but I guess you approve of drugging and raping women and calling them lesbos?


Lots of pretty girl feet this season. Nicole, Meech, Nat, Bridgette, even Tiff.

Cosby Kids

Feet people are weirdos.


So are old men who drug and molest women. weird choice of a user name IMO

Imagine the drama if

They vote out Tiff, announce there is one of the 5 coming back and that returner is the next HOH. The scrambling would be insane trying to pre-align based on who they think is coming back.


Great idea and you are right, lots of drama. Before each new season of BB, AG and her minions should have an online suggestion box where fans can give input as to comp ideas, house design and type of hgs we would like to see. I never want another season with a Skankie Frankie.

Gordon Ramsey

Michelle might be the most forgettable HG of all time. She’s a non-entity on every level of this season.


Not a paulie fan but atleast hes putting himself out there to be a target cant say the same for his brother cody who had no balls at all. I have no idea who to cheer for this season i like james but hes not there for the game just for the girl. Cant stand nicole shes the fakest girl on the show. Dont like da but atleast shes not fake i have no idea what cory is paul is just creepy and weird the only people playing the game is frank tiff and paulie. The team thing is stupid. We need a season of people like dan,will, dick, janelle, rachelle, danielle, derek, vanessa, boogie there the real gamers why cant we get a season of all the best no floaters just people who want to play the game hard and see who the real king is my money would be on dan will or dick.

Team Edward

Don’t diss Cody…..or I will call you out!!!!


In my opinion, once Ian floated to the end and beat Dan it signaled a fundamental change in the game. From then on people weren’t rewarded for playing strategically and making sophisticated moves. The winner is whoever didn’t hurt the feelings of the jurors.


The reason Big Brother is not the same because when u look at the winners…none of them deserved to win…..Ian, Andy, the guy from last year….and so on…..And I dont think u will ever see a deserving winner anymore..


I think Steve deserved to win. He did hitch his ride with the Vanessa train and cut her like a hot knife in butter when the time was right. He made the moves he needed to and granted he was overshadowed by Vanessa the entire time but that was a reason his game worked. Derrick was in a season of goats and many in last season were mindless idiots.

BB is life

If Tiff goes Thursday and as of now it’s looking like it. I don’t see Nic and Corey flipping and voting out Day though it’s best for them. And Michelle and Paul and James are still up Paulie the midgets ass so yeah.

Tiff goes and she is clearly the fav to come back and upset the house most which is what we want. Go Tiff.


For Nicole, voting out day would not be flipping. She has wanted day out for the last two weeks. More so than anybody. Corey also appears to be on the dump day train. He has never really liked her and he knows she’s been talking about getting him out. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they both voted her out. It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility.


Corey will never go against King Paulie and Nicole will always follow Corey. She is so infatuated with him she will do anything not to get on his bad side. He gave her the cold shoulder yesterday and she was crying because of it. She will always care what he thinks about her and not go against him. She will only flip if Corey agrees with it.


I hope Da’vonne does get reckless with Tiffany in front of everyone. Tiffany can call her out out on every lie that she has done. Hoping the houseguest compare notes and realize that Da’Vonne has been the one behind every lie, the one who started rumors and the one who is the snake.

safe rule

just battle of the block any1 that safe can still go on the block!


I have an idea, why don’t we have a Big Brother show and then another show called Let’s Just Make It To Jury show. This way, we can separate the LJMITJ people from the BB people that want to play the game!


Actual conversation between Natalie and James lying the bumper car room:

Natalie: So it’s saturday. Is it gonna be … is it Saturday, like, what’s … is
it Saturday now or is it saturday tomorrow?

James: Saturday now

N: So it’s going to be Sunday tomorrow?

J: Yeah

N: Like meaning like, like Satur… wait so Thurday’s live eviction, Friday’s Road Kill, Saturday
is power of veto comp. So it’s going to be Sunday.

J: Yeah

N: Um, so when we wake up it’s going to be Sunday.

J: Yeah

N: Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Ok I can get through this.

Fuzzy Num Num


Fuzzy Num Num

Wouldn’t be surprised to see James and NatNat on Amazing Race.


Which is probably a thought they both had. James has said before he wants to do more reality TV shows. James wants to get paid to be James.


I don’t know why BB is going to have a battle back. We all know Tiffany will come back in FOR SURE. So why even speculate. Boy that Paulie is really something else. I FF whenever Paulie, or Michelle and Zakiyah are on my screen. Vain and stupid is what they are. James is going to find himself in the same predicament he was in last season. He needs to start working on his game or he’s going to coast his ass right to jury. Nicole… WHY! Corey is so creepy. Paul shut your mouth,stop being a RAT and just be. I’m really irritated at the act that GNAT has going. Does she have any brain cells?
Why are these people being told stuff ahead of time. It takes the fun out of the game. No surprises, no nothing. Geez Louise!!!


I cant tell who is lying to whom. What are the alliances?

All your ideas suck

I’m glad you people don’t produce the show. It wouldn’t have lasted 2 seasons. The producers and staff do a great job! BB is second longest running reality show ever! Only Survivor has had longer run.

Stop bitchin’ so much. You a bunch of debbie downers.


Paulie stated yesterday that Derrick knew that Vanessa or her sister was coming on the show, and that his Dad found a picture of Tiffany online and showed him. I thought all these people were told to keep quiet about coming on the show. Am I wrong in this? Also Derrick told him to get Tiffany out ASAP. Paulie’s obsession with Tiffany is creepy to say the least. Vanessa ended in 3rd spot, and Cody in 2nd spot. Whats your point Paulie? I think a few of his alliance members might be getting their eyes opened by him right now. When Corey went to him last night regarding what Tifffany told him, Paulie wouldn’t even let him finish a sentence. Then mentions Paul in their alliance and you could see the look on Corey’s face. He didn’t like it. When talking with Tiffany, so much now made sense to him, and Nicole agreed with him about Day’s sneaking around and lying. Nicole also stated that she believed what Tiffany was saying. I think Corey would consider keeping Tiffany at this point if given a shove. Paulie’s shitty attitude and “Don Corleone”attitude might make him rethink his loyalties. Noone likes to have their opinions brushed aside.


Can someone explain all the Paulie hate of late? Please don’t tell me it’s because of all the Tiffany love from some viewers, I’m no Paulie fan but I’m also no Tiff fan. So please give me some unbiased explanations. Was it HOHiatus?


The Paulie hate is because Paulie is starting to show his true colors. He talks nonstop. It’s basically always about how great he is. He dictates instead of being a team member. If anyone brings up any point at all, he interruptes them and gives them 1000 reasons why he’s right.

Hes just basically REALLY full of himself and pretty much douchie. I can’t even listen to him anymore. If he’s on a cam, I switch it because I really don’t need to hear any more reasons as to why he’s so awesome.

Powder Puff Girls

Paulie is the #1 dictator in the house – he told Paul what he can say and what not to say. Frank was taking the reigns of the 8pack because no one else stood up to the plate he was more of a strategist.


Yes a serious case of HOHitis. He has been very annoying and his ego is the size of the moon! I am not a vanessa/ tiff fan, but he makes me want to be fans of theirs with all his talk. He has just been acting like a dictator and calling the shots in the most obnoxious way possible. He is CONSTANTLY talking about Tiff/Vanessa and how she has got to go. If you watch the feeds you will see his obsession. Also he acts like he is the godfather. I use to like Polly, but he has gotten a big ego.

You're ideas suck too

BB seems to have run its course. It’s just a popularity contest. No real game play. Just a bunch of assholes throwing comps and feeding their egos.


I swear Corey looks like he’s tweeking or just smoked crack. His bug eyes are CraaCraa


Can someone explain exactly what rumors did Da start that she is getting so much hate. From what I’ve seen it all started with Tiff. But all I saw her say was that tiff was too emotional. It was the fight between tiff and Frank that started the battle within the 8 is that not correct. And then everybody felt some kinda way when frank told paulie about the 8 and that’s when people started to give frank the side eye. Just wondering?