BEASTMODE “We have to put that friend thing aside, Frankie I love you to death.. BUT..”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-08-31 19-53-14-115
7:52pm HOH Caleb, Frankie and Derrick
Talking about the person with a megaphone. Caleb just heard all their names didn’t hear what was said. Caleb says at this point he doesn’t care what people say.
7:54pm Nicole and Victoria
Talking about how horrible Christine’s laugh is.. Nicole is trying to figure out what to say in her speech tomorrow, “Something off the wall”

BB16-2014-08-31 20-38-24-763

8:03pm Storage room Derrick and Nicole
Derrick – Hey do me a favour to… stop acting like you are going home.
Nicole – I am going home
Derrick – I know but.. don’t be quitting because honestly I’ve been doing some talking I don’t know if it’s working.. but don’t quit until tomorrow. can you do that for me at least..
They shake on it.
Nicole – thanks
Derrick – don’t thank me yet wait until tomorrow i’m trying very unlikely but.. I have been dropping subtle hints.
Caleb comes int.. after he leaves..
very unlikely i’ve been having conversation.. I’ll know for sure tonight
Nicole doesn’t get what he means what are the possibilities he’s saying
Derrick – Just let me do my thing .. If it doesn’ t work
nicole – at least it was worth a try
Derrick – maybe I’ll tell ya tomorrow.. i’m just having conversations that’s all..

BB16-2014-08-31 20-11-39-777

Dino love

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BB16-2014-08-31 20-21-40-612
8:17pm COdy in the shower saying how one side of it is NASTY.
Caleb scares Cody..

BB16-2014-08-31 20-24-52-886

8:24pm living room
Derrick and Caleb talking about what they heard in the backyard.
Derrick – Crazy my heads just spinning.. thinking about what we were talking about.
Caleb – it makes sense
Derrick – I don’t think Frankie would come after me and you .. I really don’t think he would
Caleb – It’s not that he’s coming after us he’s Crushing us in the DR.. he’s using us basically

BB16-2014-08-31 20-46-27-230

8:47pm Caleb and Cody HOH
Caleb wants to do what’s best for his, Cody and Derrick’s game.
Caleb – is Nicole going to target Christine
Cody I think Nicole will target Christine.. you’re pretty much putting up Frankie that’s saving her life in this game.
Caleb – do you think Frankie is going to pull the trigger on us right now
Cody – the next HOH he wins he’s going to do it.. it could be the next one
Caleb – Nicole could win the next HOH and Slam us up there.. who are we going to beat the easiest.
Cody – Frankie is a monster
Caleb – Nicole is not showing
Cody – her life is on the line and she’s under performing in competitions.. and she knows her game is on the line
Caleb is bothered by Frankie whispering to people. He’s also pissed that Frankie ran to Nicole and told her Caleb was trying to keep Donny.
Cody – he’s covering his a$$
Cody – if Nicole stays and we just sent home Frankie that was her number one target.
Cody says they need to find out from Nicole who her target would be with Frankie out of the house.
Derrick – I don’t think i’m her target I don’t think you are her target
Cody – If Frankie strays he would put us up next to each other… after this week you only need two to stay.
Caleb – Ideal we send Frankie home first Christine wins the next HOH sends Nicole home
Cody – Christine will target Nicole 100%
Caleb – it will be all of us versus Nicole in the next HOH
Caleb – best scenario we send home Frankie, Nicole wins she puts up Christine if Christine wins she puts up Nicole.
Cody – Nicole wins the next week Victoria and Christine are nominated
Caleb – we’re guaranteed final 5
Derrick – Completely down with sending Frankie home.. but if Nicole wins HOH she puts up Caleb and Christine and if Nicole gets cute tries to get Christine back
Cody – I don’t think Nicole would risk that.
Derrick – I’m down.. if Nicole gets cute and tries to flip the house.. She has Victoria you know
Caleb – over you
Derrick – I don’t know
Cody – I don’t think so
Cody thinks Frankie would put Caleb and Cody up
Derrick doesn’t think he would do that next week
Caleb thinks he will, why waste a HOH their late in the game he’s going to take a shot at them.
Derrick is sacred about putting Frankie up if Nicole wins HOH she’ll put two guys up.
Cody says one of them are going up but he thinks Nicole will put Christine up. Caleb says Frankie will put up two guys for sure.
Derrick still scared runs scenarios that two of them go up. Cody says if two of them go up one o them 3 is going home.
Derrick – what are you saying to Frankie when you put him up
Caleb – going back to the beginning you threw me under the bus. you were trying to work with Christine.. just the other day after the POV you were whispering to Christine how you were going to make it to the end and we all suck and the end of the day if you want the next hOH you will put me up.
Derrick – if he’s going on the block he’s going home..
Cody – if he’s on that block there’s nothing period
Caleb – in a double eviction are we more likely to beat Frankie or Nicole
Cody -he has smoked Nicole in every competition.
Caleb – we have to put that friend thing aside.. frankie I love you to death..
Derick you ready to do this boys
Frankie comes in tells them the food is ready.

BB16-2014-08-31 21-17-12-286

9:17pm Caleb waiting for Derrick they have a Chess game planned for tonight.
9:32pm The chess game concludes.. Caleb to Derrick – “You’re one piece there ran right through me.. it won’t happen again”
9:53pm Derrick wins the second game, Caleb – “I just suck..”

BB16-2014-08-31 21-48-04-187

9:51pm Kitchen Chit chat playing with the play dough and the paints. Nicole improves upon the tattoo on Cody.

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Make it happen Caleb!!!!! You will finally be loved by America!


Caleb would definitely be loved by AMERICA if he gets that pink cockatoo perv out of the house. I would then hope that Caleb wins BB, but not getting my hopes up because it never works this season.

Caleb is loyal

Caleb is loyal to a fault. I think that he could see through people. I think he may also see through Derrick as well. I look back to the Amber / Caleb stuff and Caleb did not go off the deep end. Amber didn’t encourage it like Derrick has with Victoria. Funny how Amber handled the infatuation with Caleb better than Derrick has handled it with Victoria..
Anyone who would defend Derricks behavior toward Victoria probably is as greedy as he is. He exemplifies gluttony in all his behavior. You can hate Derrick and also call him out for being a cheater. You can also like Derrick and call him out for being a cheater. A cheater is a cheater in all areas of their life. That’s Why Derrick is just being consistent when he comes on to Victoria. He’s a glutton for money and women and power. Just an all around vile man. I think Caleb sees that in Derrick now and he knows that he can’t trust Derrick.


I CAN”T believe I am about to say this, but if Caleb pulls this off and takes Frankie out, He will be my new favorite. That’s amazing to say as he has been soooo nuts most this season. But I have to give him credit for pushing this to happen. WOW!!! And I really hope Derrick really does back this, and then the next few days would be priceless to watch Frankie employed. Yay!!!


I dont know about favorite but if he does pull the trigger I will be hoping for a Nicole/Caleb Final 2.


i agree. I have been voting Caleb as a favourite recently anyway, but if he has the willpower to not knuckle under Derrick’s manipulations, who goes way overboard trying to appear to not be doing what he’s doing, he runs himself into a circle.

Why don’t they just ask Nicole who she would want to go out, altho she’s going to be worried sick about what she says going right back to Frankie obviously and probably won’t say frankie.


” Caleb – we have to put that friend thing aside.. frankie I love you to death..”
Go for it Caleb…BB followers will love you more.

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That will be a nice present for Donny to see Frankie walk in the jury house behind him. Then Donny can tell him all about his offer from CBS to be on The Bold & the Beautiful. I just pray they have cameras on that conversation and air it on one of the episodes. Frankie is going to explode. lol


Caleb is the reason Frankie is even still there! Seriously, did everyone forget that Frankie was supposed to go home weeks ago except that Caleb couldn’t correctly throw the comp? And then he became best friends with him after he found out who his sister is? Remeber that?


OMFG #BackdoorFrankie is trending!!


boo….he gets out the most hated houseguest and now he’s america’s favorite? i hope he does send frankie packing but i’m not forgetting about the delusional tool he’s been the entire season.


tbh he’ll be a saviour we need right now lol and Zach still rules allalongside Donny but Caleb will get a ton of love for ridding us of that human trash.


No, Donnie is still America’s Favorite Player. We just won’t despise Caleb anymore.


Thank you.


Poor Vic may have just blown up Nicole chances of staying and she doesn’t even realize by telling Derrick Nicole would go after Cody is going to put her on the block and not Frankie. Which I believe is a lie, Nicole would put up Christine as the target with Cody. I hope Caleb can see this and not think Nicole is coming after Cody, besides who else is she going to put up with Christine, the usual pawn Vic. I also hope Caleb realizes even if she puts up Cody with Christine and Cody is her target, they control the votes of who goes home. Please don’t let Derrick get his way this week……

pants on fire

Hold on a sec…late in BBAD Victoria spilled some of Nicoles game talk to Derrick…expect the master mistologist to spray his magic to get Nicole out!! I certainly hope not!!

Hellena Handbasket

for the last 10 days or so, after the last bullhorn blast, Caleb has had something rattling around in his head which has made him pause and think “It now makes sense.” Those were his words. And apparently have they have stayed in the forefront of his mind. Add to that whatever input he’s hearing in the DR and voila! The light started to dawn.

Caleb knows what needs to be done – the question is will he?

don't get your hopes up

I expect “Frankie, please go to the Diary Room” in the next 10-15 minutes, then him all of a sudden wanting a 1 on 1 with BMC

Roisen Dubh

I’m saying right now. When it comes out that Derrick is a cop, the feeling of betrayal is gonna be one weird moment. That’s why Derrick won’t get 500k. The Butthurt will be through the roof.


eh…they won’t tell the others that Derrick’s a cop until AFTER the winner is announced

Another Anonymous

This group is too dumb to even care about that. I think people could tell them now and he would just explain it away.

Roisen Dubh

Wanna bet? This finale is gonna be Springer circa 1998.


I loved that Springer episode!!!

I don’t think they will say anything about it until its over. Caleb will be all over that saying “No wonder this and that” as he scratches his head.
I actually think Donny will be impressed about it. (In a good way)

Epic Finale

The cop is going to be let out of the bag…it’s only fair. If you go into a game with a PhD in manipulations and have trained as an undercover cop and you do what you get paid to do in real life, that is no accomplishment. That is called a ringer! Derrick doesn’t deserve to win and somehow, it’s going to come out before the jury vote. It truly is going to be like a Springer show. But, still not sure that Derrick will get past final 4.


Caleb don’t be giving me false hope. If you send Frankie home america might love you lots…




Could someone explain to me WHY Derrick is so dead set on saving Frankie over Nicole?
It seems to me as if he’s trying too hard to shut Caleb and Cody down, he’ll end up making them distrust him because of it…
I just don’t get it…

Eure ka!

IMO Derrick believes he can more easily beat Frankie than Nicole in the final 2 2. He is trying to cover all possibilities and giving himself the best odds of winning under all scenarios.

Giga Fan

He wants to keep Frankie around because of the TA missions…5ooo a pop remember!


If they continue the TA missions with 2 of them left, then I guess the TA missions will also go on with just 1 left…


I don’t think they’re getting anymore missions. I think production is mad they didn’t save Donnie. besides with only a few people left in the house and a few weeks left no one wants to give them anymore money


and i think derrick is saying to nicole wait until tomorrow because Monday is like the very latest they could find out about a TA mission in order to do it in time for filming. If they don’t get one, then he knows it is over and out Frankie goes.

obviously the shouters outside the BB house said some things that Caleb could hear about Frankie, and unflattering things for sure.

Did anyone else love tonight’s episode (exaggerating the ‘love’ word, overused BB word) ?? It picked out all of the hateful things that I watched on BB AD after the HOH comp, and illustrated to the non-feeders exactly what feeders have been saying for weeks, that Frankie is not fun loving dancing upbeat guy, he’s pretty nasty.


Oh chit! Last night I decided I would not watch the drivel and would not watch a replay of Donny be evicted. Is there a synopsis anywhere?


I am SO happy right now. Fuck Frankie.


OMG… They are actually thinking about putting Frankie up tomorrow. Oh sweet Jesus sweet Jesus let this happen. It would be epic!!!!!!!!#


Is that you, Jocasta?


I hope Caleb doesn’t back out on this. Good riddance frankie!!!!

Lawon's Special Power

Caleb….this is the most sense you have made ALL season. Now just make your actions equal your words and send Frankie home.


If Skankie goes up, Nicole needs to keep quiet and honestly stop talking. She throws herself under the bus. Just agree to whatever they say and go with it for awhile.


get farnk out NOW


No matter what Caleb wants to do Derrick is going to talk him out of it (yawning). No excitement coming from me, I ain’t getting fooled again into thinking something big is going to happen.


Maybe when Nicole and Victoria leave during the DE, maybe the game will pick up… AFTER AN ENTIRE SEASON OF ONE-SIDED BS… oh, who am I kidding, Derrick’s gonna find a way to ruin that too.


Omg! This is really happening!? I don’t want to get too excited because this group goes back and forth a lot… but YESSS!!!! Get Frankie out! Can’t wait to see his face if it happens.


Yes every time before eviction and before POV they always talk about making a big move and never to it. I really hope Frankie goes this week. It makes you wonder if Production are the ones on that bull horn, because Frankie is the only one that always gets talked about. I mean seriously no one blew up TA even after Donny left. No one says anything about Derrick or tell Victoria she’s being played, nothing. I mean they’re only fixated on Frankie. I think Production wants Frankie out to. And I am glad. He needs to go followed by Christine, Cody and Derrick. As much as Victoria is a floater, at this point she deserves to be in the final three at least, thanks to Derrick and his minions for not getting rid of her. Everyone wanted her gone, but thanks to Derrick she’s still there, so again at this point she deserves to be there, and so does Caleb and Nicole at this point. Nicole has fought to be there, and Caleb has definitely picked his game up and starting to think for himself since Amber is gone. I hope this Thursday is Frankie and Christine that goes home. I also hope Victoria wins HOH for the first HOH on Thursday because she would send Christine home (just hope Christine don’t win POV) and I hope Nicole wins the second HOH Thursday which should be interesting, because she may keep her word and not put up Caleb for saving her, and she won’t put up Vic which leaves Derrick and Cody. BB would finally become an interesting game finally. It would be late in the season but this way it would finally be good.

Caleb's Friend

Yes! Caleb you’re on the right track now! Banish the flamingo!

Production Sucks

I just HOPE that DePrick does not try to convince Caleb that Nicole should go home. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE SEND Fakie home so that he can catch up on reading all about himself on the internet.


Please Caleb redeem this season! The look on Frankie’s face when he gets put up would give me enough ecstasy to forget all the wrong that has happened this season! I just want to see Nicole outlast Frankie!


YES! I am so happy right now! Goodbye Frankie! And hopefully Christine follows him out the door in the DE this Thursday.

BB16 is the worst season ever

FINALLY !!!!!! The light bulb comes on . To see Pervboy Frankie get backdoored would SAVE this season , T

If they don’t follow through on this, They will go down as the worst Players ever

Brittany for the win

I think production finally got it through Caleb’s head. They pointed out what virtually everyone on this site has been saying. If Caleb wants to win, he has to eliminate Frankie. We can only hope that the BMC sticks to his guns and ignores Derrick. Wouldn’t “Frankie pop a squat” be music to our ears, at the next POV ceremony.


Love BMC and if he actually puts Frankie up and gets that freak out of the house then I am BMC for the win!!!!!!


I don’t know if I’d go so far as wanting him to WIN. That’s kinda like wanting GM to win. Dumb but loyal delusional stalkers. Caleb will waste all that money on studio time trying to further his “music career” anyway. lol


Please don’t let them just be getting our hopes up again for nothing. PLEASE. Please Caleb – PUT FRANKIE UP ON THE BLOCK! Do what your brother said – just put on your big boy pants & JUST DO IT!! Frankie has long worn out his welcome. Be a real BMC & if you get Frankie out I will be rooting for you to win!!

pee rock

Maybe the people with the bull horn could yell “Amber loves you but Frankie wouldn’t let her tell you.” That would make Caleb put him up for sure.


Could Derrick be afraid Frankie will rat out Americas Team? After all, money doesn’t seen that important to him.


What were they saying about Victoria last night?

don't get your hopes up

caleb has moments of clarity followed by weeks of absolutely nothing going on upstairs.

I still expect the stupid production to tell Frankie/put a Pandora’s or some power in play that will allow Frankie to take himself off.


Is this new development to be believed? Were C, C and D each told in their diary room sessions to get rid of the little maggot and make the problem go away? What did they hear the shouters say?


7:39 PM – Cam 1: Outside someone yelling, “Frankie is destroying you in the DR, especially you Derrick and Caleb!”

Derr!ck repeatedly k!lling the idea of backdoor!ng Fr@nk!e

Hmmm.. It’s t00 to the Helen’s reaction last season, when she repeatedly its too early to get r!d of Andy.

Could it be pr0duct!0n’s doing?!?

Know!ng how Derr!ck is ALL about moolah, was he given some sorta $$ incentive to make Fr@nk!e stay as long as possible?

I shure hope C@leb is not all that densed to follow his instincts. I’d lose any ounce of respect I have for him if he does not put Fr@nk!e up. N0 r00m for pu$$!es at this late of the g@me!!!

*$ux when one is stuck in house full of loonie tunes*


You don’t win Big Brother playing safe! Make a big move and send Frankie home. You save Nicole like this, you have her vote.


Is this real, the whole evict Frankie thing? Or is it the weekly “let’s pretend to change our minds for a few hours”.


Come on Caleb! Do it! Backdoor Frankie!!!! You will be a hero if you go through with it!!!!


Hope Caleb is not toying with us. if he puts Skankie up … he found his big boy pants,
Good riddance to that piece of Grande human trash.

Evict Frankie!

Oh what the scandal it would be if Caleb did this! Fakie used the POV on Caleb to evict the only person who has his f***ing back 100% and now Caleb is evicting his dumb a**! I’m ecstatic right now. Karma has finally come to Fakie and is sending his neapolitan hair out the door on Thursday.

Now, only Derrick needs to keep his mouth shut and let this happen!


What is Derrick’s reason for wanting to keep Frankie? Can’t be for TA missions. I wish whoever that is with the bullhorn stop calling out Frankie and start calling out Derrick, Let Frankie go to the jury house this week. Caleb needs to follow his mind and stop consulting with Derrick. Derrick seems to be more afraid of Nicole then Frankie. Now Derrick wants to talk to Nicole and he’s going to go back and lie to Caleb and tell him Nicole said she would put up Derrick. Caleb needs to talk to Nicole himself. I mean just put up Frankie already.


Its so boring without Donny. I wish there would be another buyout so Donny can have a chance to get back in the game. He is the only one that deserves to win


Oh yeah, because Donny was so entertaining….


Anyone who thinks Frankie is going this week is so foolish. I actually believe it a few minutes ago. But then I remembered what I said when Zach was supposedly going first. THIS is just producting asking the houseguests to give the impression there is a chance someone else might leave. It is so apparent. Derrick will decide this. He knows the girls are close to Cody. NO WAY he keeps Nicole with Christine and Cody. He likes Cody, but he doesn’t want Cody to win. This is all for the show. Just watch.


I believe it might finally be out of Derrick’s hands, he’s trying the hardest he’s ever tried, it’s so obvious but for some reason only viewers can see it. Caleb, I might actually be rooting for you this week, he’s so one-minded on this I’m starting to like that trait about him because something may derail him but gets right back on that track when he geets the opportunity.


Totally agree ,but I wonder with all the outrage over Frakie’s recent actions if production isn’t “suggesting” this move with stronger conviction.

Allison in Canada

I think production are putting ideas in Calebs head to get out cover their asses for yesterday!


Oh My BB God, let it happen. I want to see Frankie on the block and out the door. Today episode just made me even more disgusted of him. I think BB want him out too and wont give him hints he’s going up. Hopefully…


Come on Caleb do it! Derrick I love ya but please stop trying to talk them out of it!! Frankie needs to go or u aren’t making it to the end…..DUH! Stop playing it safe!


It pisses me off on so many levels that Derrick is pushing hard for Nicole to go home and then he goes to Nicole and tells her he’s dropping hints to see if he can save her. This only works because of the dynamics of the idiotic bombsquad where they cut out the rest of the house and play as a team whereas this douchebag can say whatever he wants and no one is the wiser because Derrick acts as their saviour while they continue to build enmity.

Roisen Dubh

If Derrick makes final two, his game will be blown up. When they find out he’s a cop, these knuckleheads will flip. He ain’t winning the 500k. I hope they don’t put the camera on Vic, that’s the night she will get crushed.


Roisen you are so right. Why are so many people ignoring that this is going to happen. No way that the jury is going to vote to give Derrick the money once they find out he was not only a cop, but an undercover cop. The bitterness will be palpable. Regardless of that, no way Jacosta, Donny or Hayden will vote for Derrick no matter who he is in the final 2 with (if he even makes it to final 2, which I strongly doubt he will).


Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I’m team Derrick all day long because I love the game of big brother and he’s playing it the way it’s meant to be played. If you want to watch a group of folks holding hands singing kumbaya join the boy scouts. This is big brother, however, and its about manipulation. Like it or mitt, it’s the truth!


Ok for real now. Derrick hasn’t done squat this game. All he does is sit there and follow the house lead and then tries to take credit for the evictions. You want Frankie out? Np. Caleb? Sure. Christine? I got you. Btw on the way out … Hey I tried my “best” to save you but “they” wanted you out. Derrick is pretty well Victoria … A pig faced floater with no blood, that can’t win comps. All she has to do is start taking credit for evictions and start talking down to people.



Bullet Bill

Please send that pink haired queer back to you tube land. PLEASE!!!!!


It’s derrick’s idea. He hinted to Nicole before he even went up the the HOH room. Go team Derrick!


Sorry, but Caleb had already brought it up first after what he heard from the megaphone outside. And maybe the little Amber fairy in the DR got on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, too. Derrick is just trying to take credit for it with Nicole, just in case Caleb goes thru with it. Such an A$$!


Derrick is working on Nicole’s jury vote by telling her there is something in the works to keep her. When she gets evicted she can tell the others in jury Derrick tried to save her. He is good but he is an idiot to keep Frankie. Frankie is gunning for him. Frankie will put him up in the double eviction this week. Final night will consist of “why didn’t we get Frankie out earlier when we had the chance?” Frankie is scum.

Speaking of faithful jury

Nicole is not going to vote for Derrick in the jury. She just has to play nice as long as she is still there. Once she gets back to the jury (if she goes) she, Hayden, Jacosta and Donny are going to compare notes and vote against Derrick no matter what. Derrick has oustmarted himself in this game. You can’t use religion to manipuate faith filled people like Donny, Jacosta and Nicole: they will tolerate a lot but using prayer and religion will not gain their sympathy. No body seems to realize that for those folks, their religion is a big deal and Derricks use of their faith against them may be forgiveable but won’t be rewarded.


Frankie for eviction!!!! Go Beast Mode Cowboy!!!!


I freaking hate derrick more and more why are u tryin to save frankie he is ur biggest threat u get rid of him u will easily make final 3


WAIT!! Before everyone talks about how much they love Caleb, Lets not forget that its Caleb’s fault that Frankie is still even in that house to begin with. If he would have known how to throw a comp. correctly, Frankie would have been gone weeks ago. Instead, we lost Zach, and have had to endure weeks of the Frankie horror show. So literally, he owes it to Nicole, Zach, and us to finally get rid of him since he f*cked up the first time. Backdooring Frankie should have ALWAYS been his plan b/c it is the ONLY option he had to redeem himself. So congrats Caleb, but its a few weeks too late.

Michael from Canada

Well we can’t all be perfect like you are. Beastmode tried to throw the comp, everyone knew the plan and nobody suggested there was a better way to do it. It was unanimously agreed upon. And it’s not like he could just see that Frankie was doing well, rush up and snatch a chain outta his hand and start jerking it around.

It was an honest mistake and something that no one in the alliance saw coming.


Its kinda hard to throw a comp you don’t even participate in. Just sayin

Michael from Canada

Every BOB before that was something that you couldn’t really do with just one person. They had no reason to suspect that it wouldn’t work. And like I said, it was something that the alliance unanimously agreed upon.


Caleb does not look too thrilled in that picture with Frankie. I bet he wish it were Amber. Oh well, I guess he got what he deserved.


Victoria is the voice of reason right now! Who would have thought?! Tell Derrick the cold hard truth! She is just as perceptive as you Derrick! hahaha


CBS/BB know that the ratings are dropping so they are doing teasers and promos featuring Caleb’s stress and indecision about possibly backdooring the Pink Poodle. Guaranteed to grab attention from the long suffering and now mostly brain dead fans. Perhaps each viewer should be given a grab bag consisting of vomit bag, sleeping pills ( or a 40 ouncer of booze ) and a bottle of smelling salts to revive us when something more exciting than a bowel movement occurs. I swear I get more excitement watch my 3 male dogs hump my chairs and my 2 cats trying to hide their offerings in the litter box.


Where are people getting this”ratings are dropping” stuff? The show is winning either the whole night or, at minimum, its time slot each evening it airs.