Big Brother Spoilers Final POV Winner and Danielle turns food down “it goes straight to my A$$

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Done for the Season
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 13 (Thursday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Sept 12 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Dan and Ian
Last Evicted Houseguest ? (no idea who they are)

9:29pm Cam 1-2,3 The 3 guys
Talking about jackass playing Medicine ball dog ball, stapling notes to themselves, Human shark fishing.

Ian explains human shark fishing, one of the guys on Jackass pushed a humongous fish hook threw his cheek. Rhen while attached to a fishing line the guy jumped into shark infested waters. Shane: “They gotta be drunk to do that.. That guy got bite in the leg..”

It keeps going and going about jackass.. Then switches gears and moves to Viva La Bammn..

Dan starts talking about the youtube video Game Cube Smash (

Dan wonders how Joe would have done in the POV this morning. Ian thinks he would have done bad but thinks Jenn had a chance to win it. Ian mentions to them that Jenn came in second for competitions a couple of times.

Dan asks them the most likley floarter to win this thing.. Ian says Joe, Dan says Ashley. Dan wonders how well Jojo could have done later in the game. Shane thinks Jojo’s personality pisses too many people off. Ian agrees says Boogie couldn’t stand her.

Dan gets called into the Diary Room. Danielle comes out and Joins shane/Ian. They ask her if she’s going to use the veto. Danielle says she’s not going to say. She explains to them how tomorrow works. She gets up tells them if she’s using it or not and if she uses it she selects the person. The one person left not on the block gets to the single vote to evict. Danielle tells them she doesn’t get a vote so don’t bug her. Ian points out that Danielle gets to decide who stays to final 3. Ian also mentions that there is 3 people in the Jury house that hate him already having to vote another person out doesn’t change anything.

Danielle smiles tells him the jury doesn’t hate him.

Dan joins them..

10:16pm Everyone in the living room
Talking about the Jury house. Ian wonders if AShley and jenn are “Getting into it”. Danielle thinks so they didn’t leave on good terms. Ian explains he meant “Getting into it” Ian implies romantically. Shane doesn’t think so says that Ashley wasn’t gay. Ian thinks they were interested in each other.
Danielle: “there was 2 bi girls.. Jojo and Ashley”
Dan: “That’s the twist”
Shane: “Willie was Bi to” (Shane laughs)

Dan tries to feed her some sweets..
Danielle: “Its bad for me it goes straight to my A$$”

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10:44PM Cam 1-2,4 the guys random conversations about nickelodeon and the aggro crag.

10:45pm Cam 3 Danielle taking a shower.

10:47pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Dan
Ian says he’s hard press to win against either Shane or Danielle in the final 2..
Ian: “Either I am going or my best shot is”
Dan: “Who do you think is your best shot to win out of me or Danielle”
Ian: “You.. it’s going to be a biter jury.. I’m voting for who played the best game either male or female”

Ian is certain he needs to to win the final HOH to have a shot to win. Dan says at least he’ll win America’s Favorite. Ian doesn’t think so he thinks it’ll be either Janelle or Britney.

Dan: “No way dude.. If America doesn’t vote for you I’ll be shocked..”
Ian: ”All I did was get rid of frank”
Dan: “It’s a combination of things.. your competitions, Diary sessions, standing up against Frank”

11:17pm Cam 1-2 Ian and Dan Living Room

Ian says it doesn’t look good for him.. he’s not going to give up but right now he’s got a “Sick feeling about things”. Ian mentions that Shane told him that he didn’t want a person to win twice so he’s holding onto that.

Dan asks him who he would take to Final 2 if he wins the 3 part HOH.
Ian: “I will take you because I have a chance.. Dani will take Shane to final 2 and she won’t beat him”
Ian :”Between the 2 (Danielle and Shane) as of now I would vote Shane to win.. they both have had it tough but Shane had it harder”
Dan: “He was a target since day one”

11:37pm Living Room everyone
They are talking about picks for All stars.. They wonder who the “older Guy” would be
Dan says Jerry.. “he’s an allstar.. he’s number 3 in the game but number 1 in your heart”
Ian says Boogie is an allstar.
Dan explains that Jerry won 2 HOH’s and a POV he’s number 1 in our hearts. (Jerry is a beast.. the original Powerhouse)

Ian picks for allstar females (More of the groups picks)
Danielle Reyes
Danielle Donato
Danielle (BB14)
Shelly (lol everyone in the room says no so they pick POrsche… Damn people listen to Ian shelly was a awesome player)
Dan says they now have to separate those players into good and evil.
Danielle jumps in and says that Janelle would be evil. Ian laughs and says Janelle would be good, Shane and Dan agree.

Guys picks for Allstars
Evel Dick

Ian says that Adam would try to get back on but they won’t let him. Ian doesn’t think enzo would be let back in, Dan agrees says Hayden would be the one picked to come back (WTF hayden was crazy a$$ boring.. enzo was awesome)

Shane thinks that Ian, Dan and himself would be asked back. Ian says it really depends on where he is in life. He wants to finish his degree first.

11:56pm Cam 1-4 Dan is plugging his new book “Punch it”

Danielle keeps talking on and on about coming back for Allstars she doesn’t think she’ll come back next year but the following year she would.
Ian mentions how awesome it was that the wake up music this morning was duck tales.

12:03AM basic math formula discussion..

12:17AM Cam 1-4 Everyone in Living Room Ian telling them about a girl on his floor that was cute and liked Pokiemon cards. He didn’t go on dates with her because as a R/A int he dorms he’s not allowed to.

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Good Lord, DANIELLE has all the power? NOOOO! This is terrible! Ian better pull a rabbit outta somewhere and save his butt somehow, otherwise we can write Dan the check now!


She only has Pov power if it stays the same Shane has the power The more the pimples on Dani’s face the smarter she gets HaHaHa by finale her face will look like a war zone


He needs to throw Dan under the bus big time. He needs to tell about his f2 deal and what ever else. But I have a feeling Dans “mist” won’t let Shane or Dani believe anything Ian says even if it is the truth.
I think, Dani will keep noms the same…
Shane will vote out Ian =(
Shane will win the next HoH
Takes Dani to f2

Dani will win BB14


Lol I really dont see Dani winning against anyone


Dani haters, you mad? Been saying all season she hasn’t done anything but whine…yet here she sits, last week of the season…HOH and POV holder…beast mode! You mad? Now Ian is going to jury, all you Ian fans are gonna be all sad and crying…cause he couldn’t beat Dani in the POV….call the WAAAAMBULANCE!

Roisin Dubh

Don’t be too sure, if Shane has the deciding vote and knowing that Dan tried to take him out, he just might return the favor. Dani made a statement to Dan with that Nom. She’s making him know what it feels like to get tossed up without warning and might just be telling him that after that last time you put me up, all bets were off.


Exactly all players remaining did enough to deserve the spot they are in even danielles fat ass. But I think Dan followed by Ian are more deserving to win based on game play. Ian was key in playing booger and frank and getting them evicted. Dan on the other hand had everyone misted. Jenn chose slop for the rest of the season and Frank chose to sit out two HOHs all to prevent Dan from winning POV. In the end Dan convinced them to use it on him, I mean this MF came back from the dead. Ian can get in Shanes ear and Dan could be evicted by Shane. Regardless, who ever makes it to the end Dan or Ian they will win. Dani and Shane are playing for second place.


I 100% agree with you the Dani haters are ALWAYS making personal attacks…but Danielle has played a DECENT game….got along with pretty much ALL the jury…..she has Dan and Shane that would take her to F2, so basically she is in good spot for final 2….or even a win, don’t get me wrong I think Dan should win, but yet he did win once and even though he should win again I think someone like Dani deserves to win……HECK she deserves to win MORE than Porsche and Adam from LAST season and Jenn this seasoN!!!

still in love with judas baby

Please stop talking. And could you go fix your hair….

still in love with judas baby

I no longer see danielle…just a red scab with brown hair.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, she does look like the Joker. I’ll really get creeped out if she Starts asking” Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”


@yourboy, I really wish we could just retire the phrase “you mad?” already. This is a forum about a t.v. show, not a sports blog. And even on sports blogs/forums, it’s a stupid, tired out phrase.


“every dog has it’s day?” Woof Woof She kinda fits the discription


looks like ians going home poor bastard wish it was danielle.

Roisin Dubh

Is Dan gonna get played by the crazy girl? Did Shane’s date seal Dan’s fate? Will Dani take the candy from Dan and will that candy go straight to her ass? Tune in on Thursday night for another exciting episode of Biiiig Brother.

King Silva


Classic and it would make me tune in. ;D


Wow! Danielle put up Dan?!
Now I really don’t know who’s going out the door. I thought for sure it would be Ian, but I’m not so sure now, with Shane being the deciding vote.


I thought this week’s POV was supposed to be unique, in that the winner had the sole vote to evict. But Danielle’s “don’t bother me – I don’t have a vote” coming out of the DR makes it sound like this POV is just like every other POV this season. If noms stay the same, Shane has the sole vote to evict. Are you 100% sure it’s Ian and Dan up, Simon? The HGs were talkin’ about a “hypothetical” earlier with those two names, but do you have that as 100% solid, from a source you trust? Shouldn’t matter much, either way – just to be sure. Thanks.


Yep, it’s been confirmed. Dan and Ian are up. I hope someone tells Shane that Dan wanted him out, so he’ll send Dan out of there before Alison Grodner can write him another check


Usually, the veto holder has the power in this round. There is only a 25% chance that the HOH will win. Dani just happened to buck the odds. It does give her power though as if puts her in a position to make a deal with the voter.


Laughed my a$$ off at the “Last Evicted Houseguest” up top!

America: Vote 9-Jodi for America’s Favorite Player! She played the smartest and got the hell out of there, day 1!


Jodi is definitely my choice because I feel like she didn’t get a fair chance. I wish CBS would ask her back, but it’s doubtful she’ll accept it if they did


Simon or Dawg, do you guys know why they haven’t showed the jury house at all this season?


I guess there was an ad at about the halfway point on tonights show (I didn’t see it, so maybe it wasn’t shown in all markets) for tomorrow nights show. It shows a clip with Britney and Frank fighting in the juryhouse.
Search for “bb jury house” at youtube to see the ad.

Roisin Dubh

Jury house will be shown on Thursday. Saw the preview, Britts acting all butthurt to Frank about getting evicted.That girl’s got some stones I’ll give her that.


Oh, I can’t wait to see that, I’ve been waiting to see the jury house. I’m not surprised about Britney, she’s such a bitch!

I hope Ian goes home tomorrow!!!!!

billy bob

your a bitch, bitch! lol and danielle sucks fake tits, she needs to join the wwe she could be like the rock with her eyebrows,

Fear the Mist

CMWOJJJ is RIGHT. Britney is a raging BITCH!! BTW, she plays this game horribly and it wouldn’t matter how many times she tries, she will always lose at this game. She’s not the worst player ever, but she is easily the most overrated player EVER. She sucks at Big Brother and she’s a bitch. Deal with it BillyBob

Team Dan FTW

Carol & Steve

Simon sez….. LOL!! I love how when we need confirmation of some possible truth – we come ask you & Dawg. Once ya’ll say it’s so then we can believe it!

I also loved the questionable last houseguest evicted. ROFL!!

Karen S

I’m betting they’re going to show the jury house entries either Sunday night or Finale.
If there’s some drama going on with the votes.. definitely Sunday!
Britney’s always been my favorite HG.. but I’m gonna give my vote
to Ian for the America’s Favorite. He stayed in longer and is probably
one of the most underestimated players. : )


I am betting on Ian being evicted this week and Dani and Shane being F2. Because of that, I will be voting for Ian as America’s Favorite.


CBS will show the jusy house today, and it looks like Britany and Frank have a few words …..

Ian's creaky hammock

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Dan didn’t mist Dani into using the POV on him so he can get rid of Shane. I’d like Ian to go, then Dan and Shane win. Dan’s getting creepier every night asking weird questions, Ian is too cocky now and Dani is just hyper-annoying now.


I think Ian will be gone :( I was hoping he would win pov, since to me it seemed to damn predictable that Dan and Danielle will be the final 2. With me saying that I am not implying that production rigged it that way. Its win or go home and Ian fell short. Maybe he can convince Shane to vote out Dan, but I doubt it. Either way I really don’t want Danielle to win


Simon! Who do you think Shane will send home if noms stay the same!?


Ian expose dan to shane. dani and shane wants to get dan out.

King Silva

Is this confirmed because you would think that would be a headline it could very well mean Dan is going to be evicted by Shane!


I don’t think this looks good for Dan!! I think he could be the one going home! Funny how Ian is feeding them that everyone hates him in jury so bring me to f3, slick! But don’t campaign Ian Danielle said so:) lol! Danielle doesn’t want Shane out so I’m not so sure that means that Dan will be in!! Just evict now and get it over with….gosh!!! I h8 being a bb addict!!!!


Jojo is bi? Is this true

Roisin Dubh

Was Joe in the corner beating it?

ILL WILL *OBB's Shit Talker*

Damn i knew jojo left too soon, could’ve had some lesbo action…..


Simon/ Dawg wat is the run down?? Is danielle going to use the veto is shane gonna vote out Ian? Wat do you guys think is gonna happen??


reason y DAN IS UP BECAUSE HE WANTS SHANE GONE AND DANI WANTS IAN so she has to trust Shane for now either way she cant beat Dan and his furneral


Ian need to drill it in Shanes head He was the target until Dani convinced him not to it was too early


I completely agree plus its a smart game MOVE for her to do what she did cause Shane and Dan NEEDS to take Dani to F2 to get a chance to WIN!

10 things I hate about u.

wouldnt the show be epic if bb had one more twist ..Ian will be able to use his golden veto ball…bb should make this show a little more interesting…

Carol & Steve

I say this only b/c Danielle always brings up how fat she is – but wouldn’t if have been funny if her HOH basket had been full of Slim Fast products?


Danielle, My Girl!!! – she is smart and has played a really good game, even though Dan paved the way for her and at times carried her! – Now, Danielle will be a Good lil girl and do what Dan tells her to do! .. She will use Veto on Dan, and Dan will decide whom to evict! – TeamDan/dani

Carol & Steve

Dan has probably been misting up a storm when he can. All he needs to do is let her think by doing that then whomever goes out will be mad at him & not her – so definitely a jury vote in her favor. I just wonder if she were to use the veto on him – would Dan decide that he’d rather play against Ian and send Shane home b/c the showmance just may be stronger than the coach bond.

I Love Dan's Mist

Ian should start packing.

Danielle said she couldn’t choose between Dan and Shane and I think she is telling the truth.

I know people don’t like her but I’m glad she is doing well.

She also knows that Ian is her main competition at the mental comps so hopefully she will get rid of him.

Carol & Steve

I’m sorry, but wouldn’t you have washed your fave & put that mask on BEFORE your shower? As well if she’s hot then maybe she shouldn’t have taken such a long & probably hot shower & ditch the HOH robe for something cooler….. Stupid girl!


Actually no. The steam from the shower opens up your pores so it’s better to apply a mask after a shower.


If anybody takes Ian to the F2, they can kiss the $500G goodbye

Nicole N.

It’s totally scary to this Dan fan that Shane has all the power to either send him home or keep him. I am not that surprized that Dan is up since Danielle is obsessed with Shane. But what’s on Dan’s side is getting Ian out is good for everybody’s game. I don’t think Danielle will use the veto because that could make a unnessary enemy of Shane and she needs to be just concerned about the end and Shane will defineatly take her to the end. I say 80 percent Shane will evict Ian 20 percent Dan.

10 things I hate about u.

wht if ian gets to use his golden veto ball.. hr still should be able to use it and production should stop wanting ugly pimply stalker Danielle to go to the finals. with her stupid pink shirts loving shane


Danielle looks like she’s getting ready to dance the final scene of The Black Swan in that last close up pic. And knowing Danielle, I’m sure she was once the lead ballerina in Swan Lake of the Bama Ballet.


Ian will be evicted. Dani will go F2 regardless of who makes the decision. Shane and Dani have already figured that Dani can beat Dan in endurance and Shane can beat him in physical. Questions are a toss up and doesn’t matter if they are taking each other. Dani may feel guilty for cutting Dan loose, but she won’t win against him. Once she watches the DR sessions, she will know that Dan was playing with Ian as well and that he would have stabbed her in the back if he needed to.


Oh, Ian, PLEASE EXPOSE DAN TO SHANE! This is your only hope. You and Shane deserve the final two (other than my Brit, of course). Danielle winning will be the downfall of BB. She has emotionally manipulated people (especially men) through this game. Shane and Ian have actually played. Dan has just turned to the dark side (still so disappointed in him). I am also very disappointed in how Danielle has said a few unkind things about Brit when Brit was extremely loyal to her (boy will Brit’s mind change when she sees what an unstable person Danielle is). I really think Danielle lives on another planet in her mind. She thinks way too highly of herself. She has Dan, Shane and Brit to thank for where she is.

IAN, use your knowledge of past seasons……NO JURY HOUSE FOR YOU!


Ian needs to get in Shane’s ear: “Danielle is telling you to vote me out for one simple reason. She knows no matter what happens, she is in the final two. If you win the final HOH, you take her to the final 2 or if Dan wins, he takes her to the final 2. But if you vote out Dan, you get to be safe instead of her. If Danielle wins, she takes you or if I win, I take you. Did I not try to help you when you won the puzzle veto? Did I not put Danielle up in your place? My loyalty is to you and you know I would take you to the end. Shane this is a no brainer. I know you would take Danielle over me and that’s fine, but wouldn’t you rather have the insurance policy that you don’t have to win? When Danielle tells you to vote me out, she’s taking the insurance policy for herself.”

Shane is not the brightest guy in the world, but he understands his own self-interest. If Ian can’t sell this very simple pitch then he deserves to go to jury. If he needs to he can even say Dan was targeting Shane and wanted to save Jenn, say that Dan told him, which is why he helped him in the veto.


Not a chance, Bobsky. Ian can promise Shane a lifetime of free hair plugs, and Ian can use Dan’s own bible to tell Shane that Dan was gonna sell him down the river last week. Is it all true? Every word of it.. But none of it matters one IOTA, because while Shane is the lone vote Thursday, he’s NOT the actual decision maker this week – Danielle is. And Shane is under DIRECT orders from Danielle to evict Ian. It is her HOH, her POV, and SHE wants a Danielle/Shane/Dan final three. PERIOD. And, unlike Dan, Shane will NOT disobey Danielle’s wishes. THAT’S the reason Danielle chose to put Dan up on the block, and not Shane. Because Dan mists, and Shane does 100% what he’s told. Bobsky, your mind for detail is always extremely impressive. And logical to a fault. But none of these “detailed, info-swapping” convos ever matter in this game if they can’t alter major BB events. And nothing Ian can say to Shane, no matter HOW “juicy”, will get Shane to disobey Danielle’s “final three” wishes. And if Shane ever DID do it, he’d wake up the next morning to discover Danielle had shaved his entire head while he was asleep! And he knows she would! :)

King Silva

OMG that bitch wouldn’t shave his head! >:(

I wouldn’t put it past her actually.. O_o

Shane should evict Dan if Ian promises him F2 and such.

It would be best for his game but he won’t do it and because of that I just hope it is Danielle/Shane duking it out for the final HOH [and Shane wins]!


I don’t disagree with you at all.

I’m just hoping and praying somebody other than Dan and Danielle actually start playing to win. Just do something, say something, try something…anything…Tell them you have cancer and the surgery to save your life costs exactly $500K…Say that Dan will give the money to terrorists if he wins.

This Quack Pack drives me crazy. First Britney walks calmly to the slaughter, now it looks like Ian will be a good sheep too, and go gently as well. Shane is too worried about…well whatever he worries about and he to will die quietly.

I wonder if the reason they all hate Frank is because he tried so hard to win and it offended them that he did not just allow himself to be killed quietly.

Big Brother would be crazy to invite anybody back who did not fight like hell to stay in the house and win. So if Ian and Shane don’t make a move on Dan now, then why bring them back to be pawns for a strong player in all stars?

Ian's goodbye messages

this is why it was a horrible move not only for Ian to take out Jenn, but a severely horrible move for Dan. they wasted a golden opportunity when Danielle and Shane went out of the house on the luxury prize date. it never hurts to talk game at this stage of the game with everybody still present in the house. alliances need to end, and sometimes the earlier the better especially this late in the game. Dan last week showed he was ready to move on from the quack pack alliance, but it didn’t work out to his advantage. Dan can at least walk away if he doesn’t win BB and say he took the opportunity to take out Shane and Ian. Ian just placed people on the block based on the quack pack alliance. which HOH move did Ian benefited in when he was HOH? right after Dan placed Ian on the block, Ian wins HOH and doesn’t even place Dan on the block. as much as Ian says it was a game play decision, it was just plain shitty game moves on his part. taking out Ashley and Jenn during his HOH reign is nothing to be proud about. I just don’t understand how Ian and Dan couldn’t see how much danger they could be in, in having Shane and Danielle walking back in the house after that luxury prize date. Danielle placing Dan and Ian on block says it all. Shane is going to win BB14.


Vote Frank for America’s favorite!!!!

Nicole N.

Come on Dan mist them all you are very close to getting to the end. I wonder if Dan, Danielle and Shane were in the final 3 and Dan won who he would take. I think he would have no problem stabbing Danielle in the back if he thought he could win against Shane. I think it would be awesome if Danielle could pull off another HOH and then she would directly have to choose between Dan and Shane. I mean that would be entertaining but I am team Dan all the way!


The only way Ian is staying is if he convinces Dan that Ian would sincerely take Dan to the final 2. Then Dan needs to convince Danielle to take Dan off the block so he can vote to evict Shane. I’m rooting for a Dan-Danielle-Ian final 3 with Ian winning the final HOH and taking Dan to the finale… THAT WOULD BE PERFECT!!! Any other scenario would be beyond boring!!


I agree 100 I really want Ian to stay no matter how it happens, why couldn’t Ian pull out that pov win I was so disappointed when I heard Danielle won that I so didn’t want her in the final 3.


“The Donald has his regular “Apprentice” and he has his “Celebrity Apprentice”

Big Brother has regular BB, Newbies vs Oldies BB, Good vs Evil BB, All Star Cast BB; why not Celebrity BB?

Here’s my list of suggestions for the Celebrity Big Brother:

Jessie Ventura, (former wrestler, Governor, Navy Seal)

Charlie Sheen, (actor, basket case)

Snookie, (reality star, drunk slut)

Carrot Top (comedian)

Snoop Dawg (singer, actor)

Tom Cruise (actor, cult member)

Gisele Bundchen (model)

Elisabeth Hassleback (reality star, talk show host)

Bill Maher (political analyst)

Paula Abdul (singer, dancer, basket case)

Evelyn Lozada (reality star)

Dayana Mendoza (beauty queen)

Jerry Rice (former NFL player)

Latrell Sprewell (former NBA player)

Jim Carrey (comedian, actor)

Sean Penn (actor, political activist)

Lolo Jones (athlete)

Roseanne Barr (actress, comedian)

Mike Tyson (former boxer, Las Vegas act)

Cindy McKinney (former congresswomen)

Can you think of any other good celebrity contestants for CBB?

King Silva

LOL at Snooki being a ‘drunk slut,’ Tom Cruise being a ‘cult member,’ and Paula Abdul being a ‘basket case.’


Dan needs to talk Danielle into using veto on him by promising to vote out Ian so Dani gets to keep her coach and obsession until the final 3. If he doesn’t, it could be game over for him. I would think that Dani and Shane would want to take Dan to the finals anyway due to them both being delusional enough to think that if they sit next to him, the jury would never give Dan the money twice.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

Dan would definitely take Dannielle to F2.

First he will use her as the excuse for backstabbing Britney, Frank, throwing the QP under the bus, et al – saying it was the only way he could keep both he and Danielle in the game and its his best defense against the jury’s attack that he wasnt loyal and played a dirty game. He will say all his dirty deeds were done out of loyalty to his original team member Danielle – if he evicts Danielle he has no protection from that attack and has one more jury member who he screwed and wont vote for him to win.

Plus his best chance to win is against Danielle – he can rightfully say he controlled her game and as a coach he not only got to F2 but brought a member of his team to join him.


Wait shane said willie is bisexual? Huh?


Danielle’s face would scare the Joker gay.


My girl Danielle did it again. POV winner. She is gonna take the money home. She was my favorite from day one and hopefully I finally picked a winner. CAN UUUUUUUUUUUUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont think Dan has a shot in hell at winning i know comps arent everything but they are a big part of it most of the people who won without winning alot of comps were up against floaters or border line floaters


@Simon…no funny pictures for house guest this year?


Am I hearing the live feeds correctly? Dani is going to use on veto on Dan tomorrow and Shane is going up? Dan has been wanting to get Shawn out and they have no clue.


shane is too stupid, and almost too….nice…I guess? to oust dan at this point

F3 has been obvious from the start

shane, danielle, dan

I thought jenn city would sneak in instead of shane, was wrong.

disappointed that the f4 was that easy to predict.

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

even if danielle wins, she is far from a all star

King Silva

Danielle think with you heart and do NOT switch your original nominations.

Shane needs to get to at least final 3 and final 2/1 with you most likely especially if Dan is evicted.

I really hope Shane evicts Dan because he is correct a new winner should happen!

Shane or Ian should win.

Danielle will probably get second place though.


From the looks of Facebook Frank is leading the pack with getting th America’s Choice vote. I think it’s funny that event with all the bashing on here Frank and boogie are going to be in a virtual tie for third place money.


Unfortunately for Dan, I think this jury house is pretty dumb and bitter. Besides Britney. And potentially Ian who might end up there tomorrow. Other than these two, the rest of em HATE Dan and won’t respect his gameplay. Let’s break it down:

Frank – Will vote for ANYONE but Dan. His dream was crushed.

Ashley – A complete dumbo who will vote the way Frank does

Joe – 100% for Shane and also anyone but Dan or Ian

Britney – She’s smart and on BB chat with Jeff, she said that she would vote for Dan unless it was Danielle with him in the final 2 then it’s a toss up

Jenn – Probably for Dan but if it’s Danielle and Dan in the end, she’ll vote for Danielle. I think after she learns she got played in the jury house from Frank and co, she’ll realize that Dan wasn’t just using her. Tho I really think Dan wanted to go to the end with her and Danielle cos he thought he could beat them.

Ian – He’ll vote for Dan…unless the veto is used on Dan tomorrow and he votes out Ian…I have a feeling he might vote out Shane and roll the dice with Ian cos of the Renegades thing and knowing that he’ll take Dan to the Final 2 and Shane wouldn’t

Danielle – I would say 60/40 in favor of Shane cos of the “date”…..a week ago it was 100% Dan…toss up at best for Dan

Shane – 100% for Danielle over anyone

So really, Dan IS probably the best person to go to the end with. I guess Dan could mist the jury but I think the mist is finally dissipating. The person in the best spot of winning this game is Danielle. And whatever you think of her, and personally I think she’s insecure, annoying and irritating, she is very much a Rachel clone. She wins comps, she knows how to lie and whine and no one is gonna get between her and her man.


No point in voting for America’s favorite player. The moment CBS brought Jeff (America’s all-time favorite player) out and Julie asked him who he was rooting for? Once Ian came out of his mouth, it was a wrap. All the crazy Jeff and Jordan fans will overload the network to vote for Ian. Not many things are guaranteed in life. You have death and taxes. Now you can add Ian winning America’s favorite player of BB14


Has anyone read Ian’s blog?? He actually believes he Founded the quack pack. Lol.




well Captain how did it go for you and your idol Frank? How about DISASTER?? Say hi to your imaginary friend Jeff!!!