“Christie, she’s already going back on her word.. I won’t risk firing blanks at Nick for the second time in this game “

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole and Jess get punishments
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Grab your live feeds —-> BB21 Live Feeds Subscription Link
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1:35 am Christie and Holly
Holly mentions Sis saying there’s already a new 5 person alliance.
Christie says Tommy told her cliff said to Sis it was Holly, Jess, Jackson, Cliff, Christie
CHristie – Nicole’s not in it that’s why she was upset and told Jess
Holly – weird ..

Holly brings up noms and Christie and Nick going up
Christie – obviously I prefer not to. Obviously, I did say I would go up as a pawn. I didn’t realistically mean. I didn’t know that meant right now. I was assuming when we get to 5th
Holly – I’m running out of idea about who else to put up the bigger factor that guarantees you play in the veto and to me that’s really huge.
Christie – I’m scared if he wins and comes down who and I sitting up against do I have the votes to stay I don’t know where people lie
Holly goes on about wanting to do everything she can so Nick doesn’t win the veto. She doesn’t even know how the pranks fit into the week she’s worried her noms might be impacted.

Christie – I feel confident playing in a veto against Nick as a pawn
Holly – Christie I low key hustled. We put in leg work (to save her)
Christie – I get it if that’s what you need to do, I’ll fight for the veto.

Christie – this is not my HOH this is yours at the end of the day I don’t have a choice but do I feel Okay if you could assure me i would have the votes. Yeah I will have Jess, Tommy.
Holly – if it’s you and Nick 100

2:00 am Christie and Tommy cam 3
Christie relays her conversation with Holly in the HOH. Says she’s probably going up as the pawn.
Very quiet whispering. Christie says something about acting really cool about going up as the pawn.
Christie – I think Nicole and CLiff might be with them (holly/Jackson)
Christie – if anything I would love it to be me, You, Cliff and Nicole

(I missed that these two discuss the recording that was played exposing their duo. Christie talked to production and they assured her it’s been taken care of. Tommy says he was thinking about changing his vote because ot if. He said in the DR but they wouldn’t air it. )

2:00 am Cliff, Nicole, Jackson, and Holly HOH
Cliff – whichever way you choose you got our votes
Jackson – whats it takes.. 3 to evict
CLiff – 3 to evict no tie so we control
Jackson – that’s wild
Nicole – here it is
Holly – I have an OK idea with the direction to go I want to feel out tomorrow and get a better sense.
Cliff – I know Christie mentioned being pawns and all that I guess she’s serious about it all.
Cliff – it really doesn’t matter you got our support either way you go
Holly – I didn’t think she was wanting us to cash that in so early. I mean she offered time and time again
CLiff – the votes are in here right now to determine whether a pawn is…
Jackson – is a pawn
Cliff – yeah
Jackson – if I recall correctly she was sitting right here use me I’ll be a pawn I’ll go after Nick I’ll be a shot for that guy

Jackson – that’s crazy four people can decide who stays.. 1 HO and 3 votes. that’s wild to me
Cliff – next week it’s 2 -2 and a tie. If someone on the other side wins and has two people. it’s coming quick

Holly says she wasn’t wanting to win the HOH. They talk about finding out Nick was “trying” to make deals with Christie for this week so she wouldn’t put him up

Nicole comments how she’s only played in one veto so far.
Cliff – you’re going to get your chances now
Cliff – if we do thin kit’s hide the veto is their merit with telling each other where you’re putting your veto so you only go after the other people
Jackson – Absolutely, or to check where other people are to make sure they are still there
Cliff – I got a couple of spots but I’ll be seriously looking here for the next day or so

Cliff reassure them that “they’re four” and there’s no game talk going on with Nick
Jackson – I trust you and if anything I would want you to be in the room next to him.
Cliff tells them with Tommy and Nick “Both down there” He’ll keep an eye on things “and keep it honest”
Cliff brings up that Nick was asking him if he was going up, “I’m a little surprised he would think I would potentially be a target”

Jackson saying Christie going off about “I’ll take fifth”
Jackson – who is she thinking is 3 and 4? I don’t know I don’t’ want her to know
Cliff – If one of the bigger targets on the other side go home it limits their capability.
Cliff leaves.

2:17 am Nicole, Jackson, and Holly
Jackson to Holly – you have three possible campaign Jess, Tommy, and Nick
Nicole – Nick was asking me how I felt as well. I was like I never know what’s going on
Nicole – I know before all this went down. Because Nick, Talks and talks and Talks. He said he would go after Christie and Jess but he changes.
Holly – I heard my name a few times
Jackson – I also heard my name
Holly – he’s trying so hard to convince Christie he wouldn’t come after he. She just told me right before the comp.
Nicole – he told me Christie and Jess that’s what I’m doing

Nicole leaves they hug it out
Holly – if there are any whisperings I feel like Christie was a little nervous leaving here
Nicole – about herself or about
Holly – I don’t know .. I was like well I’m not making any decisions right now
Nicole says she’s in the RV with Christie she’s sure she’ll find out
Holly – Please fill me in
Nicole – I will

2:23 am Holly and Jackson
Holly – I’m kicking myself I should have waited until tomorrow to talk to Christie
they talk about how Christie is not on board with going up
Jackson – that’s the whole reason why we kept you here
Holly – I was so afraid of this. I had such a bad feeling keeping her because I know he (No sh1t sherlock)
Holly – She was like, WEll I don’t think I would go up so soon
Holly – I’m also like well we didn’t really time it that’s not how this game works
Jackson – you said (Christie) you just wanted another week. well we gave you another week

Holly mentions tells Christie she’s going up as a pawn and Christie was “Wait what me a pawn”
Holly – yes you a pawn she was backtracking so much
Holly – she said well I do appreciate your vote for keeping me.
Holly – My Vote like we hustled like very low key and finessed you staying here. I just didn’t cast a vote
Jackson – I rerouted my entire plan for the month
Holly – she needs a reality check at some point
Jackson – I’ll talk to her tomorrow and remind her
Holly – I was afraid of this. WE did a lot to keep you (Christie)
Holly says if Nick wins the veto Jess goes up “I think I would rather Christie goes if Nick doesn’t get ou. I don’t know if it will be smarter to send Jess or Christie home”
Holly – If Christie vowes to keep working together. I kinda think in her mind this is a one time deal me putting her up as a pawn that’s alright the end
Jackson – she said she would take 5th, 6th it didn’t matter
Holly says she’s playing up how stressed she is and she’s trying to show people she more weakminded.

They go back and forth about whether or not keeping Christie was the best idea.
Jackson – at the end of the day, all of America saw Christie sit there and say USE ME .. USE ME.. OKAY
Holly – Christie, she’s already going back on her word. She needs to know what pivotal part you and I had in keeping her here..
Jackson – I know
Holly – she literally just said well I appreciate your vote.. MY VOTE .. No F* my vote you’re welcome for my voice
Jackson – and my HOH
Holly – we’re the sole reason she’s in this house
Jackson brings up how he had secured all the votes to evict her last week she was gone until he said otherwise.
Jackson – she volunteered to be used to get Nick out. Guess what there are two seats
Holly – she was shocked when I said her like I thought she was up here because she had speculation it might be her
Jackson – I’m truly having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. Does she not recall the conversation we had today, yesterday and Last night
Holly – today in the storage room.

Holly – she was like well I didn’t think it would be this soon. what do you mean this soon you have to be kidding me
Jackson – you f*ing said you wanted to get Nick out. Guess what Christie, Holly won
Holly – Nickl’s not going to walk out the door on his own if I ask him to. Ther’es steps involve. I won’t risk firing blanks at Nick for the second time in this game

Jackson asks what her options are for a backdoor on Nick, “the odds of him getting picked are high but do you think he’ll play with the same intensity if he’s off the block”
Holly – what do I do Christie and Jess
Jackson – explain they are pawns then there’s no shock
Holly – Jess is not going to understand she’s a pawn and I want Christie out. SHe’ll be like WHAT you just saved Christie why are you doing this.
Holly doesn’t want to share anything with Jess “Any information she gets she wants so share that she got information. How do you do that? by telling everyone the information you have so I don’t dare tell Jess any information.
Holly – maybe that’s better because if he does win it and doesn’t use it Christie goes home she’s still a power player she does make me nervous as heck especially now.
Jackson – or at the end of the day if Jess goes home that’s still not a lose.
Jackson says if she pitches this to Jess she’ll get salty and “run her mouth”
Holly – Jess trust me, Trust me trust me you are a pawn. She’s going to be salty
Jackson says he can talk to Nick and say he talked her off a ledge to keep Nick safe
Jackson – if I spin it, Hey dawg I’m trying to help you out
Holly is worried Christie is running her mouth off to Tommy.

Holly – I can’t believe her whole spew was all I have is my word and my authentic self I was like Christie you’ve proven to people in this house time and time again that your word means shit why is that your campaign speech. you’ve betrayed most of the people sitting in this room.

3:00 am Everyone in bed lights out
3:20 am they get called for pies.

Nick gets pied
Tommy gets pied
Christie gets pied


4:00 am Cliff up talking to us feeds watchers.

6:10 am Sleeping around 9 the feeds went to kittens.

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Houka Inumuta

I find it so funny that 1995 is getting evicted on his showmance HOH. Maybe he can watch Barney or Sesame Street in the jury.

Nicole is winning this thing.


Yessss!!!!! Get out Jackson!!!!!!!!!!


She is the only one who can still contend she didnt want to work with Christie n tried honestly to be fair. It would be great if Nicole could win, pull a move n somehow get some more game chops. It would be great if she did


I think Nicole

Crusty Universe

and everyone in the world could interlock hands and sing about living in harmony…

Stella Smith

Who in the world are you talking about?


I can’t believe you’re still making predictions that never come true.


Not relative to Big Bro, but are from Arkansas by chance? I’m a huge Razorback fan!


Yep, I live in Heber Springs.

Sally B

Wooo-pig-soooeyyyy! (Got another Razorback fan here!)


That’s awesome!

J e t s jets jets jets

I think Jackson won the prankster.


Why do u think that?


Yea no sh*t Crusty is going back on her word, that is her actual truth. Gotta hope Cliff wins the prankster otherwise Holly’s hoh is in serious trouble


Agreed…Cliff, Nicole, or Michie need to win prankster.


How the heck did you read Christy going back on her word? Nick told her she was safe with him but she said he is her target!


Because Christie said she’d gladly be a pawn and then changed her mind when Holly mentioned she may put her up as a pawn.


How do we vote for the prankster? I’m not seeing it on the CBS website.

J e t s jets jets jets

It ended at 9am EDT


it is big brother network highlight bb21 vote will come up


Ahhhhaaaa! Yep. Just as I saw it. Christie saying she didnt really mean what she said. Just campaigning lmao. This is a train wreck at its finest AND Holly is about to have another HOH hijacked??? This smells like a perfect recipe for Michie to go. Notice Christie didnt even include Tommy in her 4. #BBNationProductionOverload

Another stupid twist made for Crusty by PTB

What a bunch of friggen idiots. It’s good for them. It’s going to be another frustrating week and while I find Crusty very repulsive. Good for her that she’s still there. These idiots had their perfect opportunity to get her out and they f**ked it up. So with regret. Lol. I hope she kicks their asses.
On the flip side with hope. If Holly gets her ass in gear she might have an opportunity to do what her idiotic dum dum didn’t do. Fingers crossed but not too confident

BB Casting Call

Good for her?

Her and Tommy confirmed that production is doing overtime to keep them safe and playing with advantages. And everything is “taken care of”.

Sally B

Yep, I’m seeing that, too. Dang.


Oh i didn’t know that. Either way. My comment was more about the other idiots keeping her

Stella Smith

Don’t waste a vote for the prankster on Cliff. He will just fudge it up like he did his on HOH. I want Christie back on the block this week although from the looks of it Holly is going to do that anyway.


Well, after reading this update I feel better.

Unreal how Christie just doesn’t “get it” and has seemingly forgotten that she told everyone that if they let her stay just one more week, she will do ANYTHING!

Entertainment value (really?) or not, I am ready for to *poof*..BE GONE!!


Me too!

Danny B

Well it looks like BB producers are once again manipulating the game to the end with their new TWIST! Their main goal is to find a good looking, sporty couple to move on to their big award winning show AMAZING RACE whether the guy or girl wins final BB doesn’t matter. They have that now with Jackson/Holly. SO NOW they have to focus on keeping its voyeuristic audience interested for next few weeks watching Christie go crazy live on TV. Since the show truly didn’t count on the good looking white people trying to rid themselves of minorities, old people, nerds and large people on the first week…and managed to rid the show of all the dark skinned people in one evening….NOW BB production needs to have one of the outsiders win the show….Cliff or Nicole or Jess, perhaps. Just to show that BB is an equal opportunity program. Even if BB producers have to cheat to make them win. We can’t have the beautiful white people win again. Ahem.


Of course bring race into it AGAIN! This is the exact reason racism will NEVER end. Can’t we just leave it out for once?!

Danny B

Julie tried her best to bring it up when she had the THREE minorities sitting in front of her on the LIVE vote out that night….CBS was being inundated with calls of course and they had to show that their house guests this year weren’t a microcosm of Trump America….BUT the three on the hot seat didn’t get what she was aiming at and so…that moment passed on by.

It wasn’t so much as racism as white narcissists ruling out those whom they would rule out in the real world….the fat people, the old people, the different colors, the nerds, etc….all the above chosen by white superman/gun enthusiast JACKSON…leaving the white beauties whom he deemed f***able…and he went on to achieve that with Cat and Holly. That’s why the nation turned against him and BB producers gave him the almighty TALK….and voila…he changed overnight into a semi-likable fellow and is now on his way to final four, etc. AND Amazing Race, of course.


You are legit misguided and I feel really sad for you that you have to live your life, day in and day out with this cynicism, jealousy, and hatred. Good luck buddy…praying that you find peace in a society that is fair, according to your standards.


If everything is racist then nothing is racist. Just saying

Ovi's tongue

uh, Jess is latina.


That doesn’t fit the narrative. They would only include her if she had been evicted early.


Sis and Jack aren’t white either


David lost a competition that he should have won. Ovi was really really weird and awkward. And Kemi was a hothead. none of their evictions had anything to do with race.


Newmpiece – BINGO

Danny B

If you recall….the very FIRST episode had JACKSON choosing 5 total STRANGERS to be up on the block to fight to stay in the game. Whom did he pick? The Black girl, The Black guy, The Indian guy, The heavy Latina girl. The old man. Yes, the Black guy David lost. (But don’t worry, embarrassed by this first round of obviously biased choices…. BB found a TWIST to get the Black guy back) As for the rest in that lineup, they knew their fates were sealed….as they all faced the block week after week chosen by the white majority. Jess still complains she’s never been included in strategies, etc. Even when she won HOH, it was wasted. Same with Cliff. They don’t belong to the in crowd….as JACKSON pointed out with his very first decision.


You must be real fun at parties Dan. Cliff, David and Jess were the 3 other people that tried to become camp director. So yea the logical thing is to put up the 3 people that you know for a fact didn’t vote for you. And Kemi straight up said I don’t believe in alliances or something like that when Jackson tried to talk to her….nice try


Just wondering if the races were reversed would you still be crying racism? Or are you one of the imbeciles that claim white people can’t experience racism? The human race tends to associate with other humans they can relate to, color aside. If a young man loves good ole rock and roll, he’s not going to be hanging with the orchestra kids, regardless of either’s color. When you, like so many others, stop relating everything to one’s skin color instead of the habit of socialization, racism will actually end, but then what will you have to cry about?


I would hardly call the HOH of Jess wasted. She did get one of the biggest players in the house evicted which was Jack and that helped cause the problems within the 6.


One of the biggest players in the house went out during Jess HOH and helped cause the split in the 6 so I wouldn’t hardly call that a wasted HOH. It was one of the biggest evictions of the season although most people wanted Jackson evicted they were still satisfied with Jack leaving.

Ovi's tongue

If you recall, the people Jackson chose ALL raised their hands when asked if they were going to gun for Camp Director. They self-identified as people who wanted power immediately in the game. Most HG hang back at the start of the game but these expressed interest in having the power so they were the ones Jackson put up.


I disagree that Kemi was a hothead. He biggest problem was when Jackson was the camp councilor, she was the only one not to do a little brown-nosing. Either ego or because he saw someone who he couldn’t work with lead him to target her and folks followed suit. I don’t recall hearing about anything with Kemi other than the Bella thing and that was Bella looking for a fight.


I remember being surprised the first night when she told Michie she doesn’t believe in alliances and whatnot and is there for herself. As a viewer…I was actually rooting for her because as I got to know her, I liked her personality. But as a player….I would have known from that, that she was not someone I could have worked with.


I totally agree and with the Bella bs Bella was totally at fault and would have deserved if she got a smackdown. Lol
I think kemi conducted herself perfectly during her time in the house( when it came to drama). Game wise. Not so much


We ALL must admit that the “in group” didn’t want certain people in their group for a reason. That’s why those named themselves the “outsiders aka misfits”. Whatever that reason is, i can only go by what the people SAID why they felt left out in the house.
Cliff said he was out because he was old.(Ageism? Why not use him for wisdom? No one knew he was good at games because the in crowd didnt give him a shot until they needed him)
Nicole said she was out cause she was quirky n different (trying to survive with the cool kids clique).
Jess said she always felt out and didnt know why no one wanted to align with her. Even after she was so loyal to Christie the girl still said she had no allegiances to Jess. (Even though Christie says loyalty is huge. Apparently excluding Jess)
People choose who they want to align with for a certain reason and no we might not like that but reality is that’s what people do. They certainly didnt choose Sis cause she had great game play….. These people didnt know each other (well most of them lol) b4 they entered the house to have such loyalty until they started to see the game unravel.
However, from the beginning there was definitely an IN crowd and a NOT crowd.
Cliff said it was his age.
Nicole said cause she was quirky n different
Jess said she was never it and wondered by because she was about girl power?
So we may not want to get into race as a hot topic but others gave reasons that I find as a non reason to work with someone like ageism, elitism and yes sexism for the way people have been acting and being treated in the house
Keep in mind if some things that were said in the house weren’t borderline morally wrong then why did BB production have to dish out so many warnings this season?
Just saying that it’s not always about race but some people feel entitled because they r young, because they r in the group or because they r attractive and or in a showmance.
Is all fair in Love and BB war? Apparently so!


I think that the outcasts are the ones who referred to them as such….not the people who were in the group. I’m not going to defend the 6 shooters, because a lot of the things they did, was ugly. I think that many times, when you’re young and immature…you probably look at BB as a sort of survival of the fittest type of game. So, I’m not saying it’s right, but I don’t think it’s crazy…that they would probably not want Cliff, Nicole, or Jess in their group. If you’re older and overweight…or socially awkward because of anxiety…you’re going to hinder, more than help, my game. Also…as a dude…I’m going to for sure be more interested in getting into a group with a fit hottie who shows interest in me. I’m saying this as a 20 something year old. Now, as an older and wiser person….I know it requires much more mental ability to win this game…and that someone overweight doesn’t necessarily have poor stamina. So the 30 something year old me is going to choose diff people to be part of my alliance than the early 20 something year old me.


Whatever the reason people do work with who they do for a reason.
I can only go by what the people SAY they feel was happening in the bb house.
Nicole said she was not one of the cool kids n was quirky (not part of the clique)
Cliff said multiple times that he was the old guy and he knew they saw him that way (a bit of ageism? He’s not even that old)
Jess said she didnt feel like she fit in and was all about women. Why didnt the women want to work with her? She’s the only female that made a power move and was loyal to Christie yet Christie still doesn’t want to work with her? She even questioned if it was because she was “different” what did she mean? She didnt “look the part cause she was full figured?”
There was an IN pretty crowd and a Not so pretty odd ball old out crowd.
Does it make it right? No but that’s life for real.
That’s what the world does. Thats high school. Thats cliques. That’s elitism. That’s big brother
Right or wrong it happens


We all know why the girls didn’t want to work with Jess. The problem is…she doesn’t know why. It is probably easier for her to assume it’s because of her weight or her ethnicity. That requires less personal responsibility and less self awareness. She should search a little deeper and realize it might be because of her loose lips and because her game-talk does not make sense. But she knows by saying it’s because she’s different, that will play better with the audience.

Swaggie's Missing Brow


Not exactly a real shocker that Crusty lied and can’t be trusted by anyone. Now I’ll admit, lying IS part of the game. The problem I have with her is she doesn’t just lie to everyone, all the time, but that she “manifestly” believes her own lies. Worse, that anyone in the house would continue to believe her lies; particularly Tommy.

I hope production drops a hint to Jackson to clean that Crusty pie off his face; four people got pie in their faces punishment last night.


It would be great if Kristy gets about 100 pies in her face this week,


Does anyone else hate these stupid “deals” they keep making? Why make a deal with someone who doesn’t have any power?! It doesn’t even make sense. How can you promise someone protection when you don’t know who is going to win HOH or the veto and how could someone accept that deal? You’re accepting a deal that has soooo many contingencies and flaws. Its driving me nuts


happens every season. deals are bs and i never understand why people make them.


I know it doesn’t make sense. I get making plans to stay and alliances but deals like jack offering cliff “three free weeks”… You don’t have that power you can say you won’t put someone up but “free weeks”. So annoying.


That or vote how the HOH wants everyone to vote. Uh NO! You’re in there to play and win a game…vote how the F you want to thats best for YOUR game

Save Christy

Diamond pov, cliff’s hoh, beating America’s vote, beating sis. No matter what the drama queen will find a way to win. Go Christy


No matter what production will intervene as long as the storyline needs.


Vote for Nicole she clearly stated she would put up Christy and Tommy! Nick said he wouldn’t put Christy up he has already made peace with her! Let Nicole show she can play this game give her the power to influence! Tommy and Christy need to go then Jackson and Jess need to go followed by Nick and Cliff! Team Nicole, the only one I can root for this season! Sam or Kimmy for America’s player!

Danny B

Why am I continually censored? BB management running this site?


Well just from this thread you are bringing politics into a forum where no one wants to talk about politics

Danny B

Ah, so this social experiment called Big Brother is truly a microcosm of Trump society after all. I see.
Ok…well, what do you think about all the make up Holly puts on her face everyday?


Trump society so I guess you mean economic prosperity, no war and entitled snowflake losers that live in their parents basement that cry and play victim because growing up in the USA now, with the greatest standard of living and class mobility of any country in the history of time is not enough for entitled losers like yourself that refuse to work for anything and want everything given to them?


Danny B. was Big Brother also a microcosm of Saint Obama’s society when he was president for 8 years (I use that term loosely)? If I recall, there were some pretty skanky people playing during those years also.


I want to talk about politics! How do they select magical prime minister guy in Harry Potter land? Is it a vote and do the goblins and other sentient creatures get a vote? If so, has there ever been a non-human prime minister. If not that is truly racist!


Thank you Hmm…, that was funny. I come here to relax, not to talk about the real world.



Banny D

Cuz yous a bitch!

Let's get real

Holly cant believe Christie talked about her word and authenticity during her speech. Holly says Christie’s word means sh!t and she’s betrayed nearly everyone in the room.

But Holly, you VOTED TO KEEP HER! And now you’re surprised she doesn’t want to be a pawn?

BB Casting Call

Don’t worry, the lines were scripted….Holly has to act surprised, it’s part of the character she is meant to play.

In other news, does anyone know how long contractual gag orders continue upon former HGs after they leave the house?


NOW Holly is saying that she had a bad feeling about trusting Christie…..Yeah, now that they are realizing that Christie just said what she had to say to stay she is trying to back track like “I told you so” but wasn’t she on board with this plan?? I don’t remember her trying to talk Jackson out of it. This is why I can’t stand Holly.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Who the f**k would vote for douche bag Nick for prankster ??


I told people not to vote for nick… and seems like everyone did… it will bite us in the collective A#s.


I am thinking Jackson for Prankster. That would support Holly in who she wants to nominate, Nick /Christy. I am all for that! Can’t trust Cliff not to cave and Nicole is an unknown. Not Tommie or Jess
Anyone else having issues with voting on CBS? I am an All Access member but can’t find the America’s Vote tab. Anyone?


If you just google “prankster vote big brother,” the first link that pops up, brings you directly to the vote.


It says on the site that it ends at 9:00am on August
23….thats today


I seriously doubt that our votes even matter anyway since I’m sure that Greasy Grodner will chose who she wants.

Ovi's tongue

Jackson just got done cocking up his HOH. You want him to double down on stupid?


please try to backdoor nick and put up christie so it won’t even matter who the prankster is.


Christie going back on her word?
Now who could’ve predicted

Danny B

I’ve seen EVERY episode of BB since it began….and followed this site since it began…and STILL…participants and observers basically don’t get that this is a high stakes MONEY game on the line….not a therapy class for people who need to find a mate, or a friend, or prove to others that they are good, or a leader, etc. NICK…the man everyone loves to hate…is NOT just a therapist…he’s a high stakes Vegas game player (not the first of his kind in BB)…JACK knew that, he even asked Nick how much money he had left from his recent $250,000 win at the tables…he replied about $60 grand left if I recall correctly. HE is the ONLY one who knows what it means to play such a game for MONEY…not for friends and lovers who cry when someone picks them for the block, privileged beauties who can’t BELIEVE anyone would pick them, or reject them, etc. Can you imagine a poker player in a $500,000 game crying because he threw down a losing hand? Would he or she say they are not liked so that’s why they lost….or they were outwitted, so can they have their money back? Would they accuse the winner of being a back stabbing louse even though the winner played as fairly as expected? SO….don’t be surprised if NICK lasts until the end. That two-faced player is really using his poker face that already has won him BIG BUCKS….and his therapist degree is being used to manipulate all those sad sacks in the house even if he has to lay all over Tommy and then stroke Nicole and then nuzzle Sis, etc. He’s playing as expected in BB game. BUT when BB management steps in with new TWISTS to put a stop to all that….that’s REALLY not fair.
That’s like a Casino fixing the roulette wheel to do its bidding.


Makes sense.


yet you forget Nick was the first in a showmance… and that he lost it on Nicole.


All good points, however…

Nick is good, but Christie is WAY better (ugh, I hated writing that!).
Christie made Nick look like a fool on Taco Tuesday, she annihalated him & left him dumbfounded as he couldn’t counter a single one of her accusations.
In fact, Nick agreed with the majority of what she said, although she twisted his words & she knew exactly how to do it.
Christie steamrolled over him from start to finish of their argument.
She left him standing there with his mouth hanging open in utter disbelief at what just transpired, watching his BB game being flushed down the tubes in a matter of 5 minutes.
I agree with you… I might not like Nick, I may think he’s creepy AF, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Nick has all of the traits that you mentioned (and probably even more than we’ve seen) however…

The difference is; Nick is a manipulator and Christie is a MASTER manipulator. Nick isn’t even in the same league as Christie as far as manipulation goes (that’s a compliment to Nick).
Christie is also a narcissist, so she’s nothing more than self- serving & self-centered.
That’s what drives her… me, me, me, me, me.
It’s also the most notable difference between them. Christie lacks a single ounce of empathy, compassion or loyalty towards anyone that isn’t herself. So, unless you’re somehow there to strictly benefit HER game, she has no use for you & will turn on you in a heartbeat.
Nick is the exact opposite & that’s his downfall in the game, the relationships that he holds dear (not such a bad trait).
That’s the exact reason why Nick will NEVER be on a level playing field with Christie, as Nick has a conscience, but Christie does NOT.
Realistically, Nick can’t hold a candle to Christie’s accomplishments thus far, especially with what transpired this past week.
As good as Nick is, he could have NEVER managed to pull off the move that Christie did & taken himself off the block.

** Oh and just so we’re clear, I absolutely DESPISE Christie. I’ve never disliked a BB player as much as her & that includes Vanessa.
My words have nothing to do with a love for her, in fact these words of praise feel like pure venom running through my fingers as I type them.
Damn you for making me give that girl any kind of props. 😉

BB Casting Call

News flash, they are all actors trying to make it in Cali….they all hope that this is their big break…it’s labeled by fans as a “game show” when it is really a “tv show” where scripts and drama is planned, it has just become more obvious because the producers that run the show now are terrible.


Wow Jackson and Holly need to get a clue! Christie is already trying to get them out as she is formulating her plan for a Her/Tommy/Nicole/Cliff alliance so she can get them out. Why keep her get her out now before she can do this. What is Nick saying in all this nothing, I don’t think he’s coming after Holly and Jackson yet he has always said his target is Jess. He would rather play the middle. When do they tell the prankster to replace a nominee before nominations because if Jess and Christie go up Nick would keep it that way I am sure! I think Tommy and Cliff are winning this game at this point they are on no ones radar.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Nicole likely won the prankster: she needs to keep quiet about it. Her first real test in the game.
My guess is she tells Holly.

J e t s jets jets jets

It’s truly amazing how Cliff and Nicole have placed themselves in a great place. Both sides of the house want to work with them and they have at least for now removed the target of their back.

Great ear shot on Tommy Cliff.

Kat's Alien Bitch

They are no one’s target. They will both probably survive DE.


9 am today was the deadline for the prankster nom…wonder who won it: 11:30 mountain time—Voting is now closed!
Tune in to Big Brother on Sunday, Aug. 25 at 8/7c to see which Houseguest will be America’s Prankster.


Nicole or Cliff will probably get the blame for the pranksters actions that is if the prankster keeps their mouth shut which is unlikely.

Just me

I agree, hopefully whoever wins it will keep their mouth shut. Of course, this has been the season of no one being able to keep their mouth shut about anything. So, who knows?

another name

IMO: even if the prankster is not revealed before episode, we will have a good idea of who won by the nom.
If Nicole won i picture Christie. If Cliff won I picture Tommy. If Nick won I picture Jessica.
Sounds illogical but: Nicole would want to honor Holly’s plan. Cliff still sees the possibility of a final five including Christie, and thinks Tommy is Nicks puppy. Nick is burying Christie to Holly, yes, but by his character he is thinking he is in danger and potentially will want to nominate someone he can beat. When Holly nominated him against Sam he lamented not being against someone like Jess that he could beat in veto easily.
If Jackson ends up on the block: Christie won. Or mr. i like to gamble nominated himself (don’t laugh, it’s asinine, but he would thinking he would get veto and have the power to renom if d/r couldn’t talk him out of it).
If Tommy won: he crawls to Holly and kisses her ass.

I still see Christie being evicted. I still think the only reason there was any ‘suggestion’ from d/r to keep her was so that there’d be an easy target for the prank. gives viewers some satisfaction that they played a role. keeps production preferred players from being in the hot seat. If the big bad wasn’t still in the house: who would viewers be screaming to end?

From strictly a viewer’s point of view: the house agreement to go after the HOH’s target and disregard the prankster’s nom lasts maybe an hour. The idea that Holly thinks the prankster should tell them who they are: I wouldn’t. The idea that Tommy would want to tell the HOH? suck up kiss ass shaddup.


Reading that Holly and Jackson are suffering from buyers remorse somehow makes me feel a lot better.


I don’t understand why Cliff is so high in the voting. We all know he’ll play it safe and do whatever Jackson/Holly wants him to do.


Ok have a question feeders did anyone actually get to vote? All I saw following their link was a 404 error page not found message. That never changed in the 15 hours voting was to be opened. I smell production in this.


I voted last night


did you go to bb network I have no problem

BB Casting Call

Cliff’s notes about the loudspeaker not having the intended effect that that person was hoping for was telling us viewers that the action was noted and now the rest of the house is being dictated how to continue by what production wants…..

Just me

I voted this morning with no problems.


Thanks folks I tried from phone iPad laptop using bb link to vote never got anything but the 404.

Here is hoping Cliff wins and insurers Christie goes up. Lol


Nick just said to the cameras “thank you America, I really needed that”……..this week will be interesting!


How is Cliffs game different than Nick’s??? Minus the sexual advances


They were stupid to keep Cristie and it’s coming back on them. She’s a liar yet they believed her. Send her home. I’m sick of her mouth