“I want to use the power of veto I’m going to tell you straight up”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor


Looks like Daniel wants to use the veto so Nicole and Taylor to go up.

9:12 am Kyle and Monte
Kyle – with Daniel I’ll talk to him be like let’s double check with MOnte to make sure everything is good
They discuss what angle Kyle should use to talk to Daniel about not using the veto.
Kyle – if he finds out about a plan that involves him not putting up Nicolle he will be fine with it then he comes to me.
Mont e- 100%
KJyle – I need to have that happen soon so I can have the conversation with Alyssa and INdy I can’t blindside them. I have to talk to them. I don’t know that I’ll lie To Alyssa and say she’s safe.. dude I don’t know if I can do that. Like Straight up lie to her and two days later… I think with them I’ll ay Listen. I was thinking about it last night and although I said I was going to keep you guys safe Like for my game, it doesn’t make sense. I am not going to use it hate it all you want bu that is the reality

9:20 am Monte and Daniel
Monte – I want to talk to you about a few things I found out. I’m getting a little paranoid. I want to make sure we are all on the same page.

9:27 am Kyle and Daniel
Daniel – Monte wants to talk to me so I guess things are shifting again. H
Daniel – He’s like I know you probably want to use the power of veto but we should talk..
Kyle – REally?
Daniel – I’m going to hear him out.. Makes me question. I don’t know that is pretty wild right?
Kyle – do you think he’ll ask us not to use it?
Daniel – I think he was up late with a bunch of people. I have a feeling someone tried to feed him something About INdy so they can keep Taylor as a number.
Daniel – I thought this was an automatic out (Taylor) sort of thing that is why I’m questioning things already.

9:27 am Jasmine still claiming she can’t use the stairs.

9:46 am Nicole, Kyle, and Daniel
Nicole says that Monte doesn’t want the veto used because he can’t secure the votes to get her out. They speculate that Monte is trying to get Taylor’s vote and take out Indy because she’s a number for their side.
Nicole names the leftover members and says they were all up in the Head of household last night till 4 am.

9:57 am Kyle and Brittany
Kyle is worried that Daniel will use the veto to get out Taylor if he thinks Monte is backtracking because he doesn’t think he has the votes to get out Nicole. Kyle adds that Daniel/Nicole knows the leftovers were up in the HOH last night and thinks they realized last night they didn’t have the votes to get out Nicole.

10:00 am Daniel, Nicole and Monte
Prior to Monte entering the chat, Nicole and Daniel agree to buy into whatever Monte tells them.
Monte says he talked to Alyssa and Indy and both of them warned him about Nicole. He’s uncomfortable putting Nicole up this week “I don’t want a surprise week” It’ll look like he wanted to backdoor Nicole but that wasn’t the case.
Monte – I don’t want to look like a fool putting up you and Taylor and Taylor stays again.
Nicole – I’m ecstatic if you don’t want to use the veto.. It’s very clear Ameerah is my demise because of what she said while walking out.
Nicole – this is a shock to me and Clearly, I felt confident with them (Indy, Jasmine, and Alyssa)
Monte goes on about how those girls said they don’t trust Nicole. He’s very worried that they go ahead with this plan to get out Taylor and something unexpected happens and the vote goes to Nicole, “Then I look like an idiot so I rather not have that”
Monte would rather have two people (Indy/Alyssa) upset with him instead of four people.
Nicole – I never told Daniel about Po’s Pack. Does Jasmine know about everybody that was in Po’s Pack?
Monte says he told her yesterday. “She may not trust me either”
Nicole – they don’t use the veto I’m safe another week.

Daniel – I’m going to go down and Talk to Kyle. Keeping her safe and off the block is amazing to me.
Daniel thinks the target is Indy.
Nicole brings up wanting to stay last night but being so tired.
Monte – I didn’t want to end the party I’m a party guy but at some point, I was like we got to have that veto ceremony Tomnorrow (She knwos this is a lie)
Daniel and Nicole “Thank you so much I appreciate you so much”

10:10 am Michael and Kyle Cam 1-2
Kyle lets him know that Nicole and Daniel are onto the leftovers Nicole knows everyone but Kyle was up in the HOH late last night.

10:31 am Kyle and Daniel
Daniel fills Kyle in on his conversation with Monte.
Daniel – if you could be there to see him come up with stuff.. ohh bro it’s so fake.
Daniel – Supposdly Alyssa and Indy went to jasmine or they confirmed that they agree they don’t trust Daniel and Nicole. And here’s the thing from what I understand those are three 100% votes that will keep Nicole. So he’s trying to plant seeds tp put Doubt in our heads.. oh no we can’t trust the people we trust.
Daniel – his thing is for us not to use the power of Veto and his focus was Alyssa..
Kyle – if you go through the votes we would have 7 right. Me, You, Nicole, Terrance, Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine.. that’s the 7
Daniel – Nicole would be on the block
Kyle – for this vote they would have MOnte, Joe, Taylor, Nicole, Turner, Brittnay so that’s their 6 Monte can’t vote they have 5 votes. We would lose 1 vote then we would have 6 to keep her.
Daniel – and he knows that
Kyle – interesting
Daniel – Indy and Jasmine are “BAD” for my game so he’s hoping we keep it.
Daniel – I hope you realize everything I told you yesterday is coming to fruition. He’s realizing if this changes today he doesn’t have the numbers moving forward he’s thinking long-term.
Kyle tuns the number again we have 7 lose Nicole the other side has 6 but they lose Monte and Taylor.
They recount the votes 6 Vs 4
Daniel – it’s wild to me and kinda entertaining that he’s smart enough to go F** I don’t have the numbers make me make up this elaborate lie over two hours..
Daniel again references what Nicole say last night with Taylor, Joe, Monte, Michael, and Brittany up in the HOH for over 2 hours. “Of course, you are going to come up with this elaborate lie to keep noms the same because those are numbers for us. Especially Alyssa.. ”

Daniel – I want to use the power of veto I’m going to tell you straight up I trust Indy more than ever now
Kyle – Is Nicole cool about it
Daniel – ohh dude she’s smarter than me.. we were both like what the f***
Daniel – if monte pulls you aside feel free to say you want me there or hear him out. It’s dumb if you lose Alysssa and Me indy.
Daniel – at this point, Indy is gung ho I want Taylor out.

Kyle – So just to be clear they have 6 we have 7, Monte can’t vote Taylor can’t vote so they have 4 votes. We have 7 and Nicole would be on the block 6 votes to 4 votes. If they keep Alyssa and INdy up on the block 100% we lose 1 vote. That levels their playing field for HOH.
Monte – ohh dude you should hear him he’s like I really believe you will win HOH
Daniel about Taylor – I don’t understand how she’s still here she’s a cat with nine lives
Daniel – even Nicole is like this is a joke because we know right now we have the numbers
Daniel says Monte’s side was PISSED when they saw they won the veto.
Daniel – you should have seen Nicole’s acting.. she was playing that up.

10:52 am Monte and Kyle
Kyle – he’s using it.. he’s using it 1000% they smelt BS he came right down to me
Kyle – he’s piecing it together he knows the votes. He’s recognizing that Taylor is getting in wither everyone. He said Joe is close to them.
Kyle adds last night when he was with Alyssa the rest of the cookout was in the HOH. Nicole and Daniel are onto that.
Monte – so we showed our cards
Kyle- showed our cards 100% so this morning he said the only reason they are going to keep the noms the same is so Taylor doesn’t go home.
Monte – there lose.
Kyle – he’s excited.. I asked him dude is it 100% eh said ‘I have to’ he’s thinking …
Monte – they will look like idiots when Nicole goes home. and Daniel is going to look at me and I’ll go YO I tried to let you know.

10:54 am Feeds cut to Animals

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Taylormade Victims

If Daniel uses the veto to keep Alyssa when Kyle wants to send Alyssa home….. Proves how much Kyle used Alyssa in contrast to Daniel looking out for her and caring.

Reality TV

Imagine this season took precedent to last time when someone else left with a medical condition week one! Meghan and Paloma is the same thing. Season 19 when 3 people left in the first week. After Cody’s nominee Meghan left for PTSD medical reasons. Cody kept his week one HOH for eviction and Julian left as well. That is lost on a lot of people why keeping Taylor week 1 was suspect and didn’t follow what was set in place for the same exact scenario in season 19. Daniel would have had the same precedent from season 19 that took place.He would have had his HOH eviction and Taylor would have been cooked three weeks ago. The roles were reversed and Taylor got her HOH nulled which kept Daniel. Taylor fans would talk of set up boycotting the show for her mistreatment to take her HOH away. The reason why Taylor and her fandom is so inconsistent.

un autre nom

While season 19 is the precedent set, we have to remember timing.
Meghan left before the veto ceremony, she was a nominee. Also, there was another houseguest that entered the game (Paul).
From what i remember in season 19 there was clap back that they continued with the eviction after Meghan left (feeds were off, so we only had rumors to run with).
The basic clap back after the episode aired was: So you are letting the majority alliance steamroll by taking out 3 of the other side in week 1? Here we go again with the steamrolling.
Let’s also remember that whoever the house voted on was not automatically evicted. They set up a battle for your life against a backstager. There was a 1 in 3 chance that none of Dan’s noms went home, since the voted houseguest would battle one of 2 backstagers.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

It’s not that I’ve loved Taylor’s game since day one. It’s that I’ve come to despise Daniel, Jaz, Nic & Indy more. They aren’t as smart as they think and they are mean on a personal level.

The Beef

If Kyle was using Alyssa, he’d have already tapped that and been done with it. She’s made it very clear she wants to be “used” in that manner by him, yet he’s refused to do it.

Daniel doesn’t give a sh#t about Alyssa, and is only thinking about a) improving his position in the game, b) getting Taylor OUT of that house, and c) doing anything he can to free up Nicole from the albatross that’s hanging around her neck that is Taylor, so that she can play the game with him. That’s it. For you to imply he “cares” about Alyssa for any reason other than the fact she happens to be a vote for his side is simply a joke.

Taylormade Victims

funny how the joke is you Daniel made it apparent he is crushing on Alyssa kept her in game so yea pretty straightforward you got served


Oh the Drama!! Things are about to get interesting. If Nicole is evicted it is because Daniel helped Monte have Follow-through and because Simon and Dawg brought out the right shrine this time, lol

Dixie Lee

I knew they were going to screw everything up but thought it would be later, not this week already and, I also thought it would be for personal gain. They need to get rid of Nichole now. She has so much influence over her side & I think Monte is caving in too. Leave Alyssa for now.


Evil Elvis is going to be extra shocked on Thursday lmfao!

Cruel Chef almost got a stay of execution but her # 1 ally is the reason she is going this week…

You cannot make this shit up!

The Beef

I hope you’re right and EE screws the pooch on this new plan! How ironic it will be, and can you just imagine the look on his face next Thursday?

After this, I don’t think Daniel will make Nicole’s Christmas card list this year.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

I sort of like Alyssa accept she’s aligned with some horrible people. And I’m eagerly waiting for the day Nic or EE get blindsided. But either scenario benefits the Leftovers as long as they stick together. Keeping the numbers for voting is the key. Agree about Kyle. A young guy getting that kind of attention from a hot girl and he’s holding back? He’s thinking with his big head.

Steph Poston

this is some classic Foute action right here!! Cant you imagine Daniel saying he put his ally on the block the way Fessie and Haleigh recapped sending Rockstar and Scotty out hahahahahaha


Haha, Fessy recapping all their horrible gameplay sending out their own members is still one of the funniest moments in BB history for me, and I was actually rooting for Fessy and Haleigh

Cee Dee

When does the POV ceremony happen?

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

BB23 was the first non-celebrity season I skipped. Enjoying this season and the variety of the cast.


Last weeks blindside was good.
This week will be priceless if Nicole/Daniel outsmart themselves.

The Beef

Is she actually putting her stamp of approval on his use of the Veto this week? I truly hope so, as it will make her eviction just that much sweeter, and make the questions Julie asks her that much better too (like the one she asked Ameerah about her saying how “easy” the game was, lol).


I just hope the veto is used and Nicole leaves. It would be the 3rd blindside of the season…that makes watching this season exciting. It started out boring and ridiculous, now we have some drama. I do feel the Leftovers are doing to much, I knew they were gonna get caught. It was fun while it lasted! I feel Terrence is with Nicole and Daniel cause he did not run to Monte to tell him what they said about getting him and Joseph out. That last minute paranoia from Brittney wanting to get Alyssa out pissed me off. Stick to the plan.


Bye Bye Nicole! Daniel/Kyle used the POV!! Taylor and Nicole OTB! Nicole claimed she told Daniel to use the POV. Daniel said to Monte, let’s get out our common enemy first, Taylor. Lol!

Lizzie Lee

You mean the Cookout’s leftovers?


Wow, so far this season is so exciting and entertaining. So happily surprised!