“I want to give him the opportunity to grow in the house rather than send him out of the house.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Taylor and Brittany Kyle
POV Players: Turner, Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, Michael
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Micheal used the veto on Brittany. Turner nominated Kyle.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:15pm Hammock – Turner, Monte and Michael.
Monte – Turner, does Meghan have any single cousins? Turner – are you interested? Monte – Perhaps? Meghan’s vibe is pretty chill and I figured her family is too. Turner – she does not. Monte – you know for a fact Turner or are you just shutting me down my dreams? Turner – I do know that, her two cousins are not single. Michael – You know what out of everyone of the cast, I will never forget Jasmine’s Birthday. Turner – nope I will never forget August 17th. Michael – I really think Ameerah should have milked I want to see my birthday in the house. Her’s was September 23rd I think. Monte – that would have taken her pretty far. If I would have knows I would have kept her. If only she would have known about that loophole. They talk about whether or not they would hangout with other members of the cast when the season is over. Michael says that he wouldn’t see himself hanging out with Daniel. I think there will be hurt. Turner – There are some people in the cast that I just don’t want to hangout with. I just have no interest. Maybe it sounds f**ked up but I don’t know I want to hangout with Daniel. Same with, I don’t want to hangout with Jasmine. I don’t want to hangout with Indy either. Turner – some things just threw me off about that man (Daniel).. I don’t know. Like Alyssa he wanted a morning hug every morning. EWWW! Monte – really? Turner – Yeah, I was like he is almost 40! Like I don’t like that at all! That just gave me the ICK! Monte – yeah now that I think about it ..a couple times with Alyssa I just saw somethings or he said somethings. Yeah, he does give me little creep vibes. Taylor joins them. The conversation turns to talking about music. Brittany joins them.

7:55pm Hammock – Taylor, Turner, Brittany and Michael.
Turner – I have some game talk for a second. Just because we talked before I put Kyle up and this is the same group. Brittany – how are you feeling. Turner – I feel totally fine. That’s my goal…. because I would have done it either way but I wanted to build trust back with you guys because I still feel bad about the whole thing. I hope that helped. Brittany – yeah. Turner – simultaneously, I have been proposed the idea .. and it is not from me just in case anyone hears it .. and I would not be surprised if other people were pitched it .. just Terrance being like hey maybe we can get Kyle to stay this week and all I said I am not voting so I don’t know what the f**k this plan is for me. I had nothing to do with it. I don’t want anything to be spun … Nothing .. I was not attached to it at all. He brought that to me and I am like what the f**k am I going to do?!!? Brittany – yeah. Turner – in a tie breaker I don’t even do anything. And I put someone up for a reason. Michael – yup! Turner – and its far past anything to do with the game and because I love everyone here. That was not anything to do with myself. Brittany – no I appreciate that. Yeah I was pitched the exact same idea and I said the exact same thing and I think everyone can vote for themselves. Turner – yeah I didn’t know if that was just to me and it was like okay tell people that are voting. Brittany – yeah, yeah. Michael – did he say why? Turner – no.. it had nothing to do with game but I guarantee it had something to do with game. Just like I want to give him the opportunity to grow in the house rather than send him out of the house. I don’t know if he had a different reason for you? Brittany – no that was the same exact reason. Turner – it obviously was going to be rooted in game .. or that it was like 50/50. That can’t be the whole picture… unless I am being pessimistic about it. Taylor – that is not pessimism. TUrner – but I am surprised that he came to you (Brittany) who is close with Taylor (the other nom). Brittany – me as well! Me as well! I would assume anyone he would not pitch it to would be you and Michael. Taylor – thank you for following through (with putting up Kyle) and for being forthright about this. Turner – no of course and obviously I hope this does not go back to him. They all agree it won’t. Brittany – there is no swaying me. The intent in sharing this was not game, the intent was for everyone to know what was said .. I just feel like everyone need to make their own decisions given what they know. And if Terrance knows what he know and still wants to keep him that is fine. Michael – when did he pitch that? Turner – like 5 minutes after the meeting. Michael – really!?

9pm Bedroom – Terrance and Kyle.
Terrance – my parents are deacons and I think about how they would want me to view this. Is it an easier solution to just send you to jury… and evict you from the house.. of course. And of course that would be the quickest and easiest way to do something and to alleviate the situation. I just think with a lot of time you have the opportunity to change the narrative .. not only what the house thinks but what America thinks. And you got people with conversation who are just looking to see what changes can take place and what in this situation you have learned. And to me if you forgive somebody you should make them whole again. And I don’t forgive the action but … I DON’T FORGET the action.. let me say that .. but I forgive what happened. I can’t forgive you and condemn you in the same sense because that’s not forgiveness. That’s how I look at it and people need to practice that more than they practice condemning somebody and demonizing them for actions. Like you have a teachable moment that you can teach somebody. And I can help you understand the severity of the thought process. Yeah in this realm it just affected game play but out there people are more into the mindset that they do it and it affects someone’s life. Kyle – yeah. Terrance – and I feel like if you can break any chain that is good for me. I don’t have to put words in your mouth … I don’t have to be intimidated or I can’t work with a group of people who you know probably have the same similarities or probably the same view points as me and I need to embrace that and see before passing judgement. You know what I’m saying?! Kyle – yeah. Terrance – I am probably going to have the most gracious aspect because I am the oldest in the house and I am glad I am still here for this situation. Kyle – yeah. Terrance – because I think that I am the only one that thinks the way I am thinking right now. You know what I am saying? Kyle – yeah. Terrance – I had a conversation with Turner and so he knows that. And I said I wasn’t going to say nothing but .. I would prefer if you stay not for gameplay .. you know I don’t care about the game at this point because I just don’t. Kyle – yeah. Terrance – I just prefer your journey doesn’t end right now just for the simple fact that you have an opportunity to learn from what you felt and the things that you’ve said. You just have to fully embrace how you truly feel. That is an empowering and vulnerable thing and that is what makes you feel most afraid when you have to face a mirror. It can be the most refreshing thing in the world to do. Terrance continues to teach Kyle on how to grow as a person.

9:20pm Bedroom – Terrance and Kyle continued..
Kyle – I don’t even know what I don’t know and that is what is hard about asking questions and learning.. I have lived in Utah predominantly white. Like never have I had to experience those types of situations like driving down the street. Like this is all so new to me, like I don’t even know what to ask and if I ask the wrong question is that going to get me in trouble you know what I mean? Terrance – right. Kyle – I don’t even know how to approach this subject. Terrance – and even just saying that is going to be content enough for us to understand. And I feel that you have lived a very sheltered life. And where you have been even in your travels it didn’t take you to learn the real world. This is a life lesson. I’ve talked to people about my idea. I have always been me this whole game. I can’t lose who I am in this game. I just feel that at some point we could right some wrongs that have taken place instead of saying okay lets keep it moving. That is the easy way about it. I am not thinking about game right now. I am thinking about the human aspect. They asked me my political view on it and I just wish people would be human again and have compassion… and have love and truly care about people. Its so easy to cancel. Its so easy to hate. The harder part is to truly forgive. That he throws it in the sea and it don’t come back. Straight away after the veto ceremony I pulled Turner aside and asked hey what do you think about this?! I don’t think that .. I don’t feel that energy ..like if a person was innately like have that… I don’t even want to give it a word … because I don’t like giving it energy. I don’t get that from you. I think that you’re a kid that just made a mistake based on not knowing and not being around and being thrown into a situation that you’ve never been in your life. I want you to keep your head up and repair the situation. And some situations are going to take longer to repair but if you leave then you leave things unsaid. I am just trying to change the narrative. It takes a lot and it takes courage. A mistake is a mistake and we’re all human. Terrance offers to help talk with the others in the house with him. Kyle – I appreciate that so much. Thank you. I might take you up on that. F**k man.. gheezz dude! I don’t deserve this type of treatment. I just appreciate it so much. Like this is the most kindness anyone has ever shown me probably in my entire life. That alone shows the man that you are and I appreciate it so much more than you can ever know. I think I will take the night because today was so difficult but tomorrow I will start having those conversations.

9:35pm – 9:45pm HOH room – Turner and Alyssa.
Turner – I know that Terrance has pitched the Kyle thing and I didn’t want them to think I had anything to do with it. I could not not put Kyle up after yesterday. Alyssa – just the nature of the situation I think its up to Monte and Terrance to make the most educated decision and I support them .. and if their educated decision is to forgive and love and keep him in this house and if that’s what people want to do as a group then I will support that but I will not be the only person to vote to keep him. One, after everything that’s happened I don’t think that we will be together after this game for lots of reasons. Which he said in the house meeting yesterday, he said he has a final two with you … F**K ME! These are my only two f**king friends! Turner – well that formed way .. back when the leftovers just formed. Brittany and Michael had a final two. Joseph and Monte had a final two. It would be foolish for us to not have had a final two as well. Alyssa – okay cool. That makes a lot of sense. Turner – when he said that I was like f**k me?! Why did you just say that .. me and Turner have a final two and out my game to the entire house!? I am like its not even relevant! Like what the f**K?!? Alyssa – and him and Michael/Brittany had a final three and his exact words were if I didn’t have people backing up my showmance I wouldn’t have fought to keep her in this game. One, I am his girlfriend… NOT his showmance. Turner – oh you asked each other to date? Alyssa – we did. Turner – when did that happen? Alyssa – like two weeks ago. Turner – oh happy two week anniversary. Alyssa – f**k that sh*t! Its been awhile of being his girlfriend and being committed to each other and for .. I literally would have done anything for him in this game and I would do anything for you in this game but to hear him say if he didn’t have people backing up his showmance … “showmance” sounds fake to me. I hate the term. And two, if people didn’t want me in the house .. you wouldn’t have fought for me!? I was expendable to you?! I deserve someone who is going to fight for me. Whether he meant his words or not that is who I deserve in this house and outside this house. And this whole situation that we were grouped into something that we didn’t consent to… and that is my story in this game .. one being left out of the biggest alliance in the house and two now you’re making a narrative where its disturbing that the thought process behind the narrative given .. he was raised in an very religious household and was very sheltered and I know this came from a place ignorance and not a place of malicious intent but that is my narrative now… and I don’t support that and that breaks my heart but .. like we say I love you .. like him and I.. Like I love him a lot .. like so much but there is too many things that I have tried and tried and tried and have always shown up for him and I have never seen where he has shown up for me. And Like Michael and Brittany keep asking me questions to see who they can trust and I keep trying not to answer them and sleeping and trying to avoid them because I don’t want to talk to them. I just want to stay with Monte, Terrance and You and hopefully that works out. SO that is where I am at. Turner – no that was a lot. Thanks for sharing that with me. Alyssa – just so you’re completely transparent why I struggled this week like to be committed to someone and love them and be sh*t on 24/7 .. that is horrible but damn you f**king lie to me this entire game .. and manipulated our relationship and then you’re going to stand there and say you wouldn’t have backed me up no matter what .. and then you’re going to stand there and make horrible comments and remarks and a mindset that I am somehow roped into .. Like I was not .. I would never ever ever ever do that in a million years so just everything about that pissed me off. But in the same breath I do love him and support him so if he is hurting I am going to support him and that has been what I have been trying to do. He was laying there crying this morning and I laid with him. I will lay with you as a friend but I think that is as far as I will go for now. Turner – Hmmmm.. so you guys broke up. Alyssa – we didn’t officially break up .. because he kept saying break up with me, break up with me, break up with me… and he was crying. Turner – okay that is weird. Kyle joins them. Turner – Hey we’re just hanging .. you can come hang with us. Kyle talks about his conversation with Terrance. Kyle – Terrance is probably the best person I have ever met.

10:15pm – 10:38pm Backyard pool.

10:38pm Kitchen – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany to Taylor – what you thinking? Taylor – how this house is going to attempt to realign. With Kyle gone and Turner not playing (in the next HOH). Brittany – that’s why they would be stupid not to get Monte to swing. And if Monte feels threated by Michael .. you don’t think? I need to talk to him. Taylor – Monte is strong strong on our three. Brittany – he is? Taylor – yes. Brittany – okay. When we get to four, that is a whole other game but I want to get to four. You know what I mean?! Taylor – Hmmmhmmm. Brittany – I think I would really trust.. you know what I mean. I am okay with that three if we get to that four. Taylor – you might want to take a shot sooner. Brittany – this game is so hard.

10:55pm Hammock. Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany crying. Taylor – its okay. Brittany – why do I like y’all so damn much. Its just seeming more and more a reality .. like I don’t know how he (Michael) is going keep on. You know? Taylor – yeah. Brittany – it literally feels like everyone but us are against him. Taylor – yeah. Brittany – which is fine .. he is really good and I knew it was probably going to come .. but it just sucks. Taylor – yeah but for a lot of people it is the only way they win the game. Brittany – yeah. And for everyone .. and you know we’ve talk about that and I am on board and I know that too.. but oh my god. Taylor – better us than anyone else. Brittany – I just know its better for us the longer he stays in. Taylor – yup. Brittany – because he protects us and he’s a shield. The longer he is in here, the longer people go after him and not us. Taylor – yup. Brittany – because you know we’re very expendable once he’s gone. Taylor – we’ll be okay.

11:37pm – 12:05am Hot Tub – Michael, Taylor, Brittany and Monte chatting about past events of the house. Monte – I was talking to Turner about Kyle revealing their final two and then he revealed that Kyle wanted to put you up as a replacement nominee when Brittany came down. Brittany – really. Monte – I will be damned if I save him (Kyle) for multiple reasons but now for a game level because now okay.. even if I wasn’t working with you guys I save him and I know this information .. next week he tries to take a shot at Michael and misses… who is going up!? Me!! We’ll see how things play out. Alyssa joins them. They talk about random things and about whether or not zing-bot will be the next veto.

1am Hot Tub – Taylor, Brittany, Monte and Michael.
Taylor – someone asked me they’re so surprised every year by how the people on the block on eviction night are like still smiling and interacting with people and I was just like well, it like right before you die and you see all the memories of your life and you’re just happy..

1:52am Backyard – Turner, Monte, Michael playing pool. Turner – I wonder when the next double eviction would be? Michael – I hope there isn’t one. Turner – doesn’t there have to be? Monte – I think there has to be one? Turner – because there’s four weeks left and there are 7 people and 3 on the last week. Michael – yeah but the last couple.. 5/4 and 4/3 aren’t always full weeks. Like a special Tuesday night and .. and so I don’t think there has to be but there definitely could be. Turner – would you say a 50/50 chance? Michael – I don’t know. Turner – I will take that as 50/50. Monte – and that is 50/50 .. you have no idea of the outcome. Turner – I could see the week after next week if there was one.

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So this might blow some people’s minds…

Maybe Michael and Brittany didn’t know a good time to bring it up, and didn’t want to do it when they were in jeopardy so waited til they were safe, cause it would look worse bringing it up when they weren’t safe

Maybe Kyle isn’t a racist just had a bad idea and didn’t realize how bad it sounded when he said it, and is actually a good person.

Maybe Taylor isn’t racist or sexist because she doesn’t want to nominate a black woman…maybe she has experiences in her life where she only wants to uplift other black women.

Maybe the cookout wasn’t racist because they were trying to make history and do something that had never been done before.

Maybe these people are in an environment and under microscope and everyone here is over analyzing every little thing one way or another.

Maybe the people commenting about Kyle, Michael, cookout, etc etc have never walked ainute in any of their shoes amd don’t know what’s in anyone’s hearts except their own.

Maybe most of the comments here are pretty nasty and hateful from alot of people

Maybe that says more about you than the people on the show



And just maybe you can walk on water?


Hahahaha for not being super judgmental? Just trying to point out maybe we shouldn’t think the worst of people and try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Was just trying to point out counter points to all the horrible things people say on here. But if that triggers this response from you I guess Iike I said…that says more about you than me.

No Name

Haters gonna hate,trolls gonna troll.


But why? That’s what a lot of this is about! Haters! Instead of being a loving community, and country for everyone to just get along and be kind to one another. Free country, free people to be just human beings.

Christime Ahrens

This is big brother
Not a community.


Thank you for reminding us BB is a Cast of Characters designed to engage us as Consumers grouped by Corporations to Trigger Us and Buy more stuff and political ads Online from every Warner Brothers platform right before Elections. Thanks to feeds we learn they were recruited for Love Island and TikTokMom Followers demographic so it’s never about the “Prize” but the After Party of Fame and social uproar tgat exploits systematic institionalized racism. Like Twitter the BB audience and Twitter-verse will magnify America’s Racial Divide and weaken us ONLY if we let it.

Until CBS debuts Big Sister, BB, The Challenge and Survivor will always be male archetype driven with females cast to distract and the devious ways corporations can get attention for commercial Sales and Votes. It’s never about the money but the Mactor’s Next Gig and Production Talent Handlers maximizing revenue for the REAL Life Monopoly Game Julie Moonves and her bosses are playing with their Stock Portfolio, lol.


Not even remotely what I said or was even trying to say.

My comment was more about how the people here and on other platforms react to, and over analyze the people and situations in the house.

How people judge the people in the house, and rarely give them the benefit of the doubt.

How people here take sides and bash the houseguests and each other.

And most importantly how the people here who are doing the judging are typically way more out of line than anything we actually see on the show.


Maybe your post reminded Me of the most powerful corporate players in BB who intentionally cast opposites for maximum affect. Ultimately it’s up to each one of us to reflect and find hope in REAL People and not necessarily the Show or Edit.

It’s only the beginning of any discussion for those willing to discuss all the complexities as Michael Brittney and Monte usher this seasons impact on fans.


I find it so odd that some want to have Kyle stay because they think it’s a teachable moment BUT they forget that Taylor is on the block and why should she be evicted because of what another sheltered cast spews out of his mouth. In this life we are responsible for what we speak.


Teachable….he didn’t say anything racist…he was worried about another cookout alliance happening. Why is it okay for an all black alliance? He is playing the game, making an observation and people jump to the conclusion he is racist…COME ON! You can ruin someone’s life with a comment like that. Such double standards!


Thats racism bud, he’s assuming that all black/POC all think alike.
It might not be as extreme as a lot of other cases but it fits.


Absolutely…. the house should understand that Michael and Britney are the ones that are up to no good trying to start a racist scenario where there isn’t one with Kyle. He is only playing the game and trying to vigilant.


Kyle was reprimanded by Brittany when all of that happened and she made Kyle understand the consequences. Now her and Michael are using racism to turn the house against him. If his comments were offensive to them why use the comments as a weapon? Taylor came out and plainly said to Michael and Britney, I don’t believe anything that a white woman says…. are they going to tell the house about that?


Why are your posts getting anything but agreement? You are completely right


People gonna see and hear what they want to know matter how a person means it. What did Taylor mean when she said she doesn’t believe white women? I guess that was a figure of speech or taken out of context?? Kyle had a right to question a ‘cookout ‘ because of last season but not be racist about it. Now Taylor showed her true self and should go soon…..

Big Brother Fan

My favorite comment to date. Too bad there aren’t more people like you in this world…imagine what a better place it could be.


Oh my, you worded that so perfectly and I totally agree with everything you said


And maybe, just maybe, you’re making a good point. Thanks!

No Name

Unfortunately you have to have a mind for it to be blown.


Love this comment! You should also share it in BB groups on other platforms where the comments are just as vile and nasty!


I’m not on any other bb platforms, but feel free to share on my behalf. Pretty ironic that the next post and response directly after mine is exactly what I’m talking about. Oh well.


And Terrance’ words to Kyle.


Well said Hahahaha. My father always told me you never know what happened in someone else’s world that might have prompted a nasty reply that day or the inability to smile back at you. And that a simple kind word or just a smile could make all the difference for someone.

I wouldn’t last a day in that house. I hope for the best for all of them.

And who knows what was said over the wall, and what production prompted each of them to think, say or do.

Thank you again for your take on things.

BB fan 4 life

I love this! Every bit of it. I can’t understand why people automatically feel like they need to make a negative spin on everything.


Perfectly said!


I absolutely love your comment. Makes a whole lot of sense. I don’t think Kyle is a bad guy. He has been sheltered. But even so he is playing the game. What would ha e happened if Brittany from last season caught on to the cookout and told the rest and said let’s align against them. Is she racist? No she is trying to strategise. Maybe he didn’t use the best wording, but it’s not fair what they are doing. Out of everything I am so upset with Brittany and Michael. They threw him under the bus for the house and America to be against him. They did it for their game. If they were mature they would have talked to Kyle in private. But the way they chose to handle this is evidence that at this point they are doing anything to win the game, even if it means getting personal and dealing a low blow. NO RESPECT for Brittany and Michael. SMH


I think you are missing the point, and only giving the benefit of the doubt to one of the parties involved.

The same understanding you are giving Kyle you should try to give Michael and Brittany.

You are trying to use a snippet of what I said to justify what you believe, but ignoring the part I wrote about Michael and Brittany.

Maybe it had been eating at them, and they did not know how to proceed because of the sensitive nature of the subject. Maybe they waited until they were safe so it did not look like they were divulging the information to avoid the block. You don’t know, and neither do I. That being said I will give them the same benefit of the doubt I give Kyle.

Btw I would say the same thing had you used what I said in reverse.


Did you ignore the rest of the comment? Lol smh


Folks, there was a live feed somewhere where Kyle said that he cleaned up his social media page before he came on the show. His own words. And he said this right after he was called out by Brittany on the whole cookout vs white alliance. Second, Kyle may not be a “racist” but he can have prejudices against people… apparently it is still very common in Utah. I have friends that have moved back to Utah and that is one of their main complaints.

The Beef

I’d be willing to bet they ALL cleaned up their social media sites, not just Kyle. In fact, I think it was either Simon or Dawg (don’t mean to put words in anybodies mouth) who said production asks all the participants which social media they use, then specifically tell them to “sanitize” those sites to ensure there’s nothing on them anyone might find offensive and could use against them before coming onto the show.

Simon/Dawg if either one of you didn’t say that, I apologize for saying you did, but I do seem to remember reading that somewhere on this page, but it may have been in another article. If it was, again, my apologies for incorrectly citing you as my reference.

Big Sister

To that, have you seen what happened at BYU v Duke volleyball game last week? See what went down in Utah. Also, I wonder if Kyle has any Black friends back home who can help him.


i think the exact same thing.
Thank you for putting it into words.

Feeling normal

All fair points. I think that is where production laying it all out in a certain way gets in the way. But, all very fair points. Thank you.

Trenton Makes

Excellent post. The last 2 or 3 days the comments on this site resembled breitbart.com more than onlinebigbrother.com


Well said!


Good points. Kyle is still a boy who is not mature enough to be on this national game show.


Wait a minute….you mean we should give people the benefit of the doubt instead of immediately crushing them as being the worst of the worst?? What a concept!

Thanks for this post btw, welll said.


Certainly this is a good reminder, especially as some people have been swooping in viscerally.

That being said. BB is so popular for so long bc people are fascinated by social interactions, behaviors and psychology.

These guests by and large are not victims. They chose to make themselves vulnerable to exposure of both their strengths and flaws, once they decided to be a part of this show.

In real life if we are rational, we try to gather ‘evidence’, without emotion to assess what others have done and whether they are problematic vs supportive people in others’ lives.

We also each have a right to emotional responses towards what seems hurtful.

There is no shame in that sort of human response, which is very different from some of the outright nastiness.

For me, there is logic to support the strong theory that Michael proceeded to out Kyle in order to further his own game. And that he did not give regard at all for how devastated Kyle would be and the potential long term impact on his life.

In contrast, Brit was crying that day and saying, that no one wins in this situation.

I do think that M’s psychological vulnerabilities got to him this week, but in the end our understanding of the reasons does not make M any less accountable for the harm he enacted this week.

On that I do now carry a lower opinion of him, just as I would if I had seen someone do this to another person in real life. Assuming, of course, I took the time to evaluate as logically as possible without bias or malice.


Fair and valid points. The only thing I would say to that is what Michael and Brittany did does not impact Kyle outside of the house. Those comments were already out there prior. That damage was already done. It has been circulating already.

You could argue that by Michael doing this it gives Kyle a chance to address those things he said on the feeds and possibly national television, get ahead of the perception that Kyle made for himself in the house, and possibly be prepared for what was waiting for him upon leaving.

Kyle being able to address this on one of the shows or on the live feeds reaches a much bigger audience than it would if he addresses it after leaving the house.

He may have done Kyle a favor.


The favor was random precipitate.

I’m referring to Michael’s lack of compassion for someone facing what would surely be an avalanche of backlash.

M brought far more attention to the conversation than general viewers would ever have been aware of.

In turn that gave Kyle a full branding that would force others to fear being seen as complicit by association. Basically that is what happened in the house that would now carry over into real life.

That is a deep wave effect.

As well, that info would of course ostracize Kyle in the house. It’s already psychologically straining in there without adding a fire bomb to one player.

The fact things turned around had a lot to do with Terrance breaking that ice. It was happenstance bc of that particular combination of personalities.

It’s not logical that Michael would have expected that sort of positive development.

I haven’t heard him express any concern for Kyle. It comes off as complete lack of regard, an insensitivity to the inner experience of another human being.

I value awareness of others’ vulnerability and pain. Someone demonstrating absence of that, loses much value as a person in my book.

I’m not saying he’s a demon, but I find that sort of detachment to be problematic.


The real world response to Kyle’s words, his words, was brought on by Kyle weeks ago. The damage to Kyle’s reputation outside of the house was of his own doing, not Michael’s or Britt’s. Britt tried to help him out but Kyle kept being Kyle. At this point, I’m not going to outright call Kyle a racist. I haven’t followed any of this on Twitter or any other social media nor do I know anything about his past social media activity. I know that he did say some pretty sh.tty racist stuff some, playing off stereotyping insinuating the POC were bullying him, coming at him. Painting a picture of thugs going to jump him. It’s definitely not a good look. I know, we don’t get to choose our family or the environment we were brought up in, learned biases. It’s easy for some to excuse him for being young and immature but he is not a little boy. He is a grown man of 29. Still, I don’t know what’s behind his thoughts or where they stem from so I’m not going to label him a racist, maybe just ignorant. (Side note: It wouldn’t hurt Kyle or anyone else to learn about systemic racism. Let go of the biases and stereotyping that we grew up with. Maybe start from scratch, open your mind.)

Maybe, this was just Kyle’s game play to manipulate people to forward his own game which is fair on BB albeit, this would be a poor tactic to choose. I don’t know. I do know that the backlash Kyle is receiving is his own fault, not M/B. As far as timing, I’m not going to judge them either. So, as far as the game, Kyle is playing a messy, dirty one. It is BB! One should not be surprised if someone else decides to fight fire with fire. M/B fired back!!

What I truly don’t understand how people can go on reality shows and not expect for all of their dirty laundry to be exposed. Hello, cameras! Live feeds! Here is an extra “Come On,” for BB superfans who come on show. Do you know what happens in the real world, not only during but after the show ends.

Big Sister

I agree. If Kyle had not said anything, this would not have happened. Sometimes it is better to keep your suspicions to yourself!

BB truth

Yeah M is cutthroat! That’s why Brittany is wondering to Taylor about how he is going to act the rest of the game knowing that everyone will be taking shots at him from here on out.

Alisa Krueger

What I don’t get….Is it’s ok for Taylor to not want to put up a black female….everyone accepts that but if Kyle or anyone else said, “I don’t want to put up a white female” all hell would break loose. It’s a crazy game….Michael did sit on the conversation and use it when it was convenient for him weeks later not because of some “morality” issue and as a gay man who I am sure has had his fair share of prejudices in his life..all of this behavior is some pretty unacceptable and dirty game play. Michael and Britney literally sat up and thiught what they could do to screw Kyle. Kyle is from Utah and doesn’t have much experience….make this a learning experience, trach him some history and mpossibly open some views eyes as well to human rights.

Christime Ahrens

Cuz Kyle threw ppl under the bus and what’s out the open you can’t take it back. I’m not Kyle fan or Terrance nor alyssa. 3 weeks before it’s done each of houseguests will be out. Play big brother this not sympathy game.


I agree.. I also want to mention Taylor saying she doesn’t believe white women. I’m sure that wasn’t a racist comment?? Not sure how it can be fact!?


Very well said. Here’s to you …….

Post comment

Can’t wait to read this next instalment of “Racists who play the victim card when Black people do literally anything.”

Ready, go! Whine like it’s 2008 again!


You mean “Blacks who play the victim card when White people do literally anything.”


Turner is spot on with his views about Daniel, he is one creepy dude.

Terrence’s big crack

So is musty ass Terrence ……he tries to get a hug from Alyssa any chance he can get…..gives misogynistic vibes with Taylor ….it’s mfo


He treats her like a daughter. Your ignorant!


Race, sex and anything that makes any of us different should not matter. We need to stick together to survive this world. I am appalled by M/B for using that to further themselves. Ruining a guy, who has lived a sheltered, life for a game. They held on to that to further themselves Turner and Monte were saying s— about Daniel not being totally “straight”, but that is ok in the house. What about Kayce? She was a POC, female and not straight. Did everyone forget about her? She won for a great game. It’s about good people who deserve to win. If Michael or Brittany win anything, I quit BB. Bring the game back, not all this turning on each other crap.


I 100% believe Kyle did not ask if anyone thought what happened last year could be happening again was meant to be anything but innocent. Anyone with eyes can see he is not very mature, but with that said I don’t believe he is anything but a good kid. He doesn’t think (typical for a young man) because he speaks before he understands the impact of what he said about his showmance. He’s made it clear this whole game he’s protecting Alyssa by his actions. He may say one thing but he had protecting her his goal. If I’m not mistaken, Michael and Brittany quickly said they saw no evidence of a cookout forming and I don’t believe Kyle said another word about it. Michael and Brittany clearly used this info (twisted it) because Michael finally has people targeting him. This is Big Brother and $ involved. People do anything…. and that is the game.




Thanks Terrence for suggesting Grace-
That’s forgiveness we don’t deserve.

Cee Dee

You’re right about grace but terrence is playing the game. His interest in keeping Kyle has less to do with grace and more to do with taking a shot at Michael.


Terrance is welcome to set up his therapy sessions in the jury house. Lots of time to dig into his problems.




Agreed, especially his disrespectful comment towards Taylor. No reason for using a derogatory word against someone just because you are mad. An old man disrespecting a woman has no business teaching a young man about tolerance. He needs a few lessons himself.




I think Kyle is already thinking about pulling a miracle and staying in the house, and I think he is one of the only people in the house that can do it…while Dj ShowTime will probably take credit for it. He has T’s vote, Alyssa can’t stay mad at him for long…all he needs is Monte and that guy isn’t too difficult to manipulate. It ain’t over!


Normally I’d agree with that assessment given Monte’s penchant for staying true to the Pound & working with alpha males, but not this time.

Monte was genuinely hurt by the reveal saying to Turner ‘what else was I supposed to do’? This was in reference to Kyle using something Monte said to Ameerah early in the game against him (he said he would be proud to sit in F2 with a strong black woman).

Other factors weigh in his decision:

  • in the house meeting Kyle revealed he had a F2 with Turner (for some reason I thought he had one with Monte too but I guess he didn’t)
  • Since Michael brought up the Pound to Turner I’m assuming he also told Monte as well as other secrets Kyle knew about Monte’s game (like how he wanted to target Michael possibly before F7)
  • Monte’s #1 was Joe so the fact Kyle sold out the alliance four minutes after they hit the backyard didn’t sit well. Or how orchestrated their return to the house was with them placing all the blame on Joe. Monte learned how Joe fought to stay & how hard the week was for him and you could see it on his face the impact that had on him.
  • Finally, Turner also revealed how Kyle had been working him to put Monte up as the re-nom.

If it was just one isolated incident of Kyle slipping up or something he felt he had no choice in to move his game ahead I think Monte would’ve overlooked it. But, his betrayal hit Monte hard. He knows if Kyle stayed his target would be Michael but if he missed it would be him. He’s already told the Brochella crew about Terrance trying to get him to flip to keep Kyle so that sort of cements the fact he won’t (it’s not his style to reveal something he doesn’t have to & then go back on his word).


yeah, i can’t really fault monte’s game. he really doesn’t overshare or make promises he doesn’t have to. i’d be pretty content with him as a winner. i just find him a little boring.


All very good points.

I do think the most core reason is that Monte would feel hard pressed to vote out Taylor due to his personal ethics and values.

Not only has he continued keeping her in the loop this week, but he would personally need a very good reason to vote out a Black woman who has been bullied for much of the season, vs the guy who made racist comments.

It was never going to happen even if it had made some strategic sense….which it does not.

Kyle is cooked and out the door.


He didn’t have any ethic issues when he took Paloma’s side against Taylor.


See my response to The Beef. Critical thinking includes context in analysis.

The Beef

I agree with your last statement and that’s about it. Kyle is cooked and out the door.

As for Monte’s personal ethics and values and needing a good reason to vote out a black woman who has been bullied, that didn’t seem to come into play much during week 1 and week 2 when he was gung ho to evict Taylor, due to the whole Paloma flap, even though Taylor told him the truth. Monte wasn’t interested in hearing the truth, bullied black woman or not. He just wanted Taylor gone.

Same was true after the formation of the Leftovers. The pound agreed that after Ameerah was voted out in week 3, Taylor would go in week 4. Not sure if Monte was the ringleader in that or not, but he damn sure agreed with it.

As for the strategic reason to keep Kyle, in order to win the game from a “best player wins the game” sense, Monte needs to get rid of Michael. The best, most likely way to do that, especially since Turner can’t play in HOH next week is to keep Kyle in the game and evict Taylor this week. That way he can work with Kyle, Terrance and Alyssa to try and win HOH, and then Turner if they do (5-2) to try and get Michael out.

Is it his best strategy? Only he can determine that, but saving a strong physical player, who would most likely be with him if he saves him, to go after the 2 responsible for exposing him (Kyle) to the entire house, could be a game changing move for Monte. I’m sure he’d get heat for doing it from the SJW’s of the world, but if he’s truly playing the game and trying to win, that’s strategically the best move for his game.


Context is everything.

In this particular moment in time sequence of events, that decision would absolutely create a clash of his personal ethics.

I’m not saying he’s consistent. Few people are.

But anyway the earlier situation was confounded bc he believed Paloma’s lie. So to him, Taylor was a bad character.

Bc he tries to be a stand up guy, he would never support a player who he thinks plays dirty.

It was a judgment error in being manipulated, rather than an abandonment of his personal guidelines.


If monte doesnt want to vote out taylor bc she is black… He is a racist. Why dont people see this?


I agree, I really can’t see a way that Monte would vote out Taylor over Kyle. Kyle is a hazard any way you slice it. His loyalty score is zero, he would sell out any and everyone just to further himself. The fact that he sold Turner out during the house meeting, which was completely unnecessary, proves he’s a liability.


I didn’t see the feeds, so I take your word for it. I’m sure he is hurt and his mind is set, but there is 2.5 days left and a lot can happen. Kyle has been playing a very smart game until his prejudice and ignorance caused his downfall. I can see him managing to raise from his ashes in Dan Gheesling fashion and orchestrating a flip.


Monte isnt difficult to manipulate? Brother is a dang lawyer, think you are projecting.

Steph Poston

I thought Michael and Joseph were lawyers, not Monte


He is a personal trainer. A meathead. I kind of lost respect for him at the beginning for the way he took Paloma’s side against Taylor. He is a loyal dude and plays a straight up game, but he is easily influenced when his name is dropped.


Opps for some reason I thought they all were.


Monte is a personal trainer, not a lawyer.

I Spy

Mr. talk to America and “I want to make love to America’s face” has been reduced to monosyllabic answers: “yeah.”

And Terrance needs to STFU. Its obvious he only wants Kyle to stay as a number because the best place for Kyle embark on his journey of growth and retribution is the jury house. There are 2 poc there whom he has wronged and was a big of the reason they are there. He can start by atoning with them. He’ll have plenty of time and no distractions.


Yo Terance!!!!
What did Michael do Wrong ????
You’re just to blame calling him a racist!!
This show and most of all,these houseguest as a whole need to wrap up this Entire show NOW for what is being played out.CBS hopefully loses viewship because of this .If it continues,make it an all blackcast and let BET show it.
BLack Entertainment Television

Fox 44

Well, they can do a majority black cast with just 1 or 2 white people and show that on CBS. No different then the all white cast with maybe 2 POC for 22 seasons. If CBS can show that without concern why not the other way around? No need for BET.

The Kats Meow

Odd take, but hey at least you gave us a giggle


The truth hurts,and in your case,it gives YOU the giggles.Cookout last season ALL BLACK…Taylor this season says Im not putting up another BLACK woman…Nothing to giggle about that !!And I’ll ask you once again…what did kyle do?????RACISM is NOTHING to giggle about !! I don’t find Anything funny about this Situation.People like yourself are the Real reason why racism still goes on Today. And for 21 seasons,there’s NEVER been problems like this until more POC became houseguest .Like I said in the beginning.


“And for 21 seasons,there’s NEVER been problems like this until more POC became houseguest.”



did you not watch big brother 15? For 22 season race wasnt a problem because there were only 2 people of color casted and those 2 were usually one of the first ones out of the household.


And for 21 seasons,there’s NEVER been problems like this until more POC became houseguest.

Wow you actually typed this and felt good posting it. No wonder you can’t see the racism in what Kyle pitched.


peekaboo I see you under that white sheet. Lol

Trenton Makes

Hey Gramps. We need a little more random all caps and more punctuation marks. You’re slacking in those areas.

So So Sad

Gramps? Really? Flog yourself you, you disrespectful Ageist!

The Corey's

Keeping Kyle is a great opportunity for any of the other guest at this point because no one is gonna vote for him to win.


Kyle is too good, too dangerous, and not very loyal. His stay is beneficial for two people: Big T and Alyssa. Everyone else including Turner is expendable to him. His whole strategy is to carry 1-2 weak players to the end, beat them in the final competitions and take the money. All his final 2 talks with Turner, the pound and everyone else is all BS.

I Spy

Mr. talk to America and “I want to make love to America’s face” has been reduced to monsyllabic answers: “yeah.”

And Terrance needs to STFU. He clearly wants Kyle to stay for game reasons because if he thought, he’d realize the best place for Kyle to embark on his journey of growth and retribution is the jury house. There are 2 poc there that he either wronged and/or played a big part in the reason they are there. He can start by having an honest dialogue and atoning with them.

If he stays in the house, the game would distract him from his journey. In the jury house, he’ll have plenty of time and no distractions.

Surf all day

Wonder how his Deacon parents feel about the numerous times he called Taylor a bitch, a stupid bitch, dumb bitch, personally and horribly criticized her pageant accomplishments, compared her to a whore and on and on. Fake ass gaslighting for votes, phoney. No Terrance you are not America’s Favorite and you were going on the block next week if Kyle won HOH. Duh

Cee Dee


Surf all day

Kyle looking at him like, “mother fu@ker please!”


Turner obviously has the hots for Alyssa, of which he has no chance, and he’s always wanted to get rid of Kyle, so this is a perfect time to do so. Kyle wasn’t wrong to suggest that the black house guest may work together like the last season, the cookout chose to place that potential target on every future African American cast, but choosing to create a team who won the game with an all African American cast. Right? No harm, no foul.

No Name

Turner thinking he can just jump back in with the Leftovers.Really?He let Kyle hijack yet another HOH,put 2 leftovers on the block,and planned to backdoor Michael who he ghosted.MICHAEL!Seriously!?Michael just blew up Kyle’s game and hijacked your HOH.You should be afraid.


Michael will be the next HOH and Terrance or Alyssa will be heading home…Unless one of them spills the beans about Monte & Turner working with Kyle and all that happened last week…And after next week, there won’t be a back door option, so the veto king will go to the end.

Surf all day

Monte already told the LO when they first pulled him in. That was smart, in case they tried to blow that up.

un autre nom

When I see Kyle on the block, my analysis for pro and con is simple:
Pro’s to voting out Kyle
Has he had loyalty to anyone in the game? The night Oasis was named he approached Monte about targeting Pooch and Joseph. As soon as Nic was brought into the POS he went to Michael and Alyssa about getting rid of Nic, Ameerah and Monte. The same day.
The day Leftovers was made he said keep Taylor for numbers this week, take her out next week, then take out his showmance, who he trashed in the game ad nauseum for over a week and a half. Seven days after Leftovers formed he was pushing Monte as a target to Michael, Britt and Turner. He further proposed taking out Joseph or Monte to Turner, meaning Pound was betrayed.
So that’s all before Dyrefest. He turned on FOUR alliances before he ever outed the alliance.
The day the After Party name was revealed, Kyle already pushed for Terrance to be ousted because he wouldn’t listen to Kyle’s plan and shut him down.
The day the house was rejoined, he pushed for the five with Turner, Alyssa, Mike and Britt and didn’t get the enthusiasm he wanted in response. That meant the pre-existing plan to target Michael was his newest obsession.
He begrugningly rejoined the Pound, renamed the City Council, and an hour later talked about taking out Monte. Monte was pulled into the After Party as a plus one, and 12 hours later Kyle was pushing for Monte to go on the block… and be evicted.
So, If you are in an alliance with Kyle, how can you keep him? I don’t care about reasons, I’m looking at effect not cause here. The effect is what the voter sees. Anyone that depends on loyalty in the game can’t depend on Kyle… so they should vote him out.

Cons to voting out Kyle
Why is Terrance pushing to keep him? Remove cause. Look at effect: Terrance thinks ‘we have the numbers’ and that’s all he cares about.
Why is Turner thinking they should keep him? He put Taylor and Britt on the block, he fears reprisal. It has nothing to do with Kyle at all.
Why is Alyssa…. y’know what… of everyone in the house, i have the most difficult time trying to determine Alyssa. So that’s how i have to leave the question: Why IS Alyssa?

So Pros to voting out Kyle are… he can’t be trusted. Cons to voting out Kyle… he’s… there? (the cons are less about what he can do and more about what his existence means to numbers).


I agree. Keeping Kyle would just be for the Numbers and nothing else. Everyone in that house knows that what Terrence was saying was bullshit. At least Turner was being honest. If Kyle stays I would stay off BBTwitter for at least a few days because people, bots, and trolls will all be acting like idiots

un autre nom

I try to spend as little time on bbtwitter as I can. The only thing that I find valuable is if i’m looking for a clip and can’t remember when it happened… because sooooomebody is going to have that video moment tweeted. Tbh, when it comes to bbtwitter bbcan9 prepared me for bb23, and bbcan10 has prepared me for bb24. Just take the toxicity level from the formers, amplify them five fold for the latters… and you know what to expect.
This may sound odd, but has anyon noticed proximity to d/r visits in relation to conversations about Kyle staying? I don’t actually have an answer to this, I’m truly asking because I haven’t paid close enough attention, I’m way off my game still.


It’s hard to say. when Michael relayed the information to Turner, Turner had so many thoughts he practically begged to have a D/R session though I think he didn’t have a chance before Kyle went in there and then there was movie afternoon. As far as afterwards the feeds were practically on “We’ll be right back” from when Kyle went looking for Michael on Sunday until a certain time on Monday so it will be interesting how Wednesday’s episode addresses everything

un autre nom

We’ll get maximum 5% of the story, and it will be curated to be as protective as possible. When you think of the reveal of his theory in episode it was curated to be based on logical assumption, not paranoia. I imagine the Wednesday episode will follow suit, simply because of the types of feed blocks I’m noting took place. Damn… It looks like there was a good 5 hour feed block at one point? oy vey.


He said what everyone was thinking, BB is starting to be a political platform. It’s alright! If a black person say “We want a black person too win!”, basically because their black. Or Taylor saying she is not willing too put a black woman for eviction because the color of her skin. “So Hypocritical!” But if a white person reveals his concerns about an all black alliance. He is a racist. It’s as though we have a new 2022 affirmative action plan for reality shows. Stack the deck and vote out the evil white people. Make white people feel ashamed that their white. “People are people!” When you do these political games, your actually degrading the very individuals your supposingly trying to help. Malcom X said, the Blackman should never trust white liberals and/or democrats. They are pure evil!

Tom the Canuck

And what are the MAGAts with their gerrymandering and their intolerance? Infinitely worse than pure evil?

Michael Two Wrongs

Big Brother began as an experiment (or reality game show) on what would happen if you placed a bunch of strangers in a house (like The Real World), the only difference being that you vote people out for prize money. In the beginning production tried to interfere as little as possible. Ah the good old days! Now production blocks the feeds more than ever, which is so disturbing as it makes watching the feeds so unbearable, because it’s so filtered. If only CBS had let us see everything the last few days, the meetings and all, we all might be enlightened. But alas, this is not the world we live in anymore. We are given a watered down version of reality which is no longer the actual truth. So disappointing! Now back to the show.
Well so much for thinking that some people might see the value of keeping Kyle. Only Terrance, being the oldest, seems to understand that forgiveness is the best policy.
Alyssa, while only being able to vote for Kyle if she is with the majority, has already begun turning her back on Kyle, because she already had doubts and lacks conviction.
Monte was clearly only giving lip service to the Dyrefest crew in order to get Michael or Brittany out. Now that this is not possible, he has made it clear that Terrance is of no use to him. I am also disappointed that Turner seems to be the most gullible about Kyle’s mistake. He had a final 2 with Kyle and now has turned his back on him to save face with the rest of the house. I thought Turner had more character than this.
I am clearly from another generation. I have never used social media because I find it very dismissive of people in general. I can’t stand cancel culture. It is so narrow minded and treats people like they’re disposable, which nobody is.
So as we watch Kyle walk out the door on Thursday I ask you this: Are you happy?, because if you are you’re part of the problem, not the solution. His exit will be one of the biggest examples in Big Brother history that we, the viewing public, are not getting the actual truth anymore. Let the backlash begin.

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

Kyle’s predicament is of his own making, nobody else’s.

Yet here you are, being his apologist.

The fact that you pointed fingers and placed blame at everyone BUT Kyle, shows that you and your “generational” mentality are the problem.


Turner is not the most gullible. At least Turner was being honest when he said keeping Kyle would just be for numbers unlike Terrence (I wish Simon or Dawg could flag the long soliloquy Terrence gave to the camera yesterday which partially involved the Royal Caribbean so that people who missed it could watch it. It’s….Interesting…)


Why is Terrance calling Kyle a kid. He is a grown ass 30 year old MAN not a child. He knows right from wrong. Why else would he beg America not to cancel him after he made his pitch to Michael and Britney? He may have grown up sheltered but he was aware enough to realize that what he was pitching wasn’t going to be received well outside the house. And that was made even clearer when Britney shut him down and explained the optics after several attempts to get them on board. I’m all for showing empathy when you see someone hurting and not kicking someone when they are already down. I don’t want Kyle to be treated the way Taylor was treated early in the game. But Terrance coddling Kyle, calling him a kid just rubbed me the wrong way. Also Terrance is not coming across as completely genuine in what he saying, he’s manipulating the situation for game and that too feels gross.


As a woman pushing 60 and seeing how much more Kyle has to work out and learn within himself, I see him as a kid, too.

Terrance is only in his late 40s but he does have the maturity and wisdom of someone closer to my age, haha.

Many people under 30 seem like kids to me. That is not meant to be disrespectful.

I knew so much less at that age than I do now. There is a lot of hard learning still ahead for most of us at that age.

Even more so with a very sheltered immature yet kind hearted young man, there is inclination to root for him to find his way.

Terrence in the subtext of his comments was basically saying that he knows a hater bent on hurting minorities when he sees one, and Kyle is not of that ilk.

I was suspicious of Terrance’s motives at first but I do think he genuinely does this sort of life counseling to others in his life.


isn’t Kyle 24 year old?

Kyle's mom

He’s 29

Only Reading Feeds

Hope Brittany goes next.


Nope. Technically Brittany & Alyssa are considered Final 2 material as in someone to sit next to in order to win


What is happening is so disgraceful! I understand blowing up peoples game because that is the game but when you get a whole house to think a white male had malicious ideas and is racist. Did Michael and Brittany not think about what this would do to Kyle outside of the house and his family? So now days you can just call any white person racist and not give a damn the consequences that person will face when not an actual racist? Was there not all all black alliance prior season that cowed to vote out every white person? Did current cast members not voice their game moves specifically based on race? So why is questioning the possibility of another group like that being formed again? America is so screwed!


How old is Kyle…and yet Terrence thinks another week in the house will help the guy grow from being a man-child.
More likely Terrence is just trying the old “I saved you ploy” for a numbers game play from his new alliance. Possibly trying to garner a jury vote.


Exactly! Terrence is going to Terrence.

America’s Favorite

There were so many reasons to get rid of Kyle last week. He exposed the Leftovers for no reason. He threw Joe under the bus for no reason. He exposed himself as a disloyal liar last week. There’s just so much wrong with his gameplay, and I’m glad the houseguests are openly talking about this. Kyle can take his pity party to the jury house and explain himself there (you know, to the members of the Cookout 2 🙂 )


Well people you got what you wanted, a snooze fest, just when you think big brother might be good this year it has turn so quick into another boring season.


Hardly. Just because Kyle might be going doesn’t mean that it will be a boring season after. After all it still wasn’t after Joseph left. Besides that blame the people who wished for a chaotic drama-filled season without being specific in their wishes (we all know the stories about people getting their wishes granted… 🙂 )


I haven’t followed much since the whole Kyle thing started. I’m not quite understanding the problem. I did notice how Michael is a bit of a POS for spinning Kyle’s word from we need to be concerned about a new Cookout alliance to we need a white alliance. Which is about as malicious as you can get on a whole new level to win. Of course Michael has been gunning for Kyle for weeks and has had this info for longer and now he brings out the nuke just to get him one step closer. Just screw Kyle’s life, I need this step!

There are girls alliances and they get pointed out and culled, there are Bro alliances that get pointed out and culled and the Cookout was probably the greatest alliance ever, who can’t be pointed out for some reason? I’m not against a racial alliance. Great for the Cookout. They won so hard that all the people who were not in the Cookout were happy to sacrifice their games for the cause.

But we have Taylor walking around the house categorizing people by race and gender as her basis of who she will and won’t vote out and everyone has to ignore that. Now she is offended that Kyle is concerned that she is doing what she stated she was doing? Then they have to ignore the proven viable strategy the Cookout used?


If there’s one thing DJT taught us, it’s don’t apologize, don’t admit any sort of guilt, don’t try to appease, and push back with the same energy. They are tolerant of their own racisms but not others because it can be used to their advantage. Piss on them. If they are too naive to see that Michael is manipulative, 100 playing on their emotions to get his biggest competitor out of the house, and they want to hand the game to him then that’s just what they’ll get for being stupid about this rather than playing the game. In the words of Michael, “Im going to blow this game up.”


Kyle is his biggest competitor???????? Not from where I’m watching!

I Spy

“Michael is manipulative, 100 playing on their emotions to get his biggest competitor out of the house…”

“In the words of Michael, “Im going to blow this game up.””

You do realize this is big brother and this is what they do, right? To be the last man/woman standing?


I was watching the conversation between Kyle and Terrence but Terrence did all the talking and almost every other word is “you know”that I lost interest. Why didn’t I ever realized he says “you know” so much?


Because he’s always laying in be not saying anything. unless he’s mumbling to himself.

East Coaster

Just looking for some clarification or people’s thoughts. People calling Kyle a kid is crazy to me, he’s a 29 year old man. The kid excuse is nuts. I agree with the majority ( it seems anyway ) that Michael and Britts timing to reveal this info is as AN said ick. I don’t like the timing of it at all. However, as someone that doesn’t watch the feeds this is where I’d like the clarification. When it initially came up it rubbed M/B the wrong way. The TPTB hauled them into the dr to say the optics was not great. Britt then had a talk with Kyle about this. Which he ignored and continued to say the same stuff after multiple warnings. Then weeks ago kkkyle starting trending on Twitter, and a wall yeller said Kyle is a racist ( not sure if that is true. ) so to me I don’t think Kyle is actually racist, he says all the wrong things and should apologize and be made aware of why the things he said were wrong. My question is why is Michael getting shit on ” for ruining the kids life ” hasn’t Kyle’s own words done that ? Even after being warned ? Twitter peeps have labeled him that long ago. Want to note though that I get why it looks bad for Michael in the house and the other HG’s for sure. I just mean to the outside BB house.


I think Michael is getting shit because he kind of twisted Kyle’s words.
Even though what Kyle did isn’t right, he came from a place of paranoia and ignorance, which isn’t an excuse and he should apologize for that, but he didn’t come from a place of hatred or racism. Doing something or saying something that is low-key racist (meaning not intented to be) can happen to everyone, including POC people, just because we all grew up in a racist culture and we were educated that way. I think Kyle’s situation fits in this category. We should all learn and work to end those behaviours, but once It happens and it isn’t coming from a place of hate, I think the more mature thing to do is to explain why that is wrong and learn together.
Antagonizing someone because of 1 action helps absolutely noone.
The thing with Michael is that while Kyle said “There may be a Cookout 2.0, we could get picked off one by one (which is what happened on the last season), we should Bang together” coming from a place of stratergy, Michael said that he “wanted to from an all-white alliance”, which makes It sound like he wanted the POC out just bcs they are diferent.
Kyle shouldn’t have done that if there is no reason to think that, but Michael used It on the dirtiest way posible, just for stratergy and behind Kyle’s back. If he cared one bit he would have said It sooner, and specially to Kyle, before calling someone a full racist to the whole house and América.
Personally I think what Michael did is worse than what Kyle did.


The bottom line is that Kyle acted from ignorance and paranoia, but Michael acted out of hate. Michael himself said it was payback for Kyle targeting him. He’s playing Big Brother!!! But he takes it personally when targeted? Michael is a VERY sick puppy.


Hey kids, What’s for dinner?

Mad Max

how about some butter beans and fried apple pie with a little bit of Jazzy on the side?


This is what it is, this whole cast is shady bb 24. I do not like any of the people on this season. All these people are fake and at the end of the day. They are all in it for themselves. If they genuinely cared about race. Nobody would participate in Big Brother until they show full proof they support all races. One season they have an Asian appear. However, none this season. Big Brother US always had a predominantly white cast. They excluded many races consistently since day 1. Whether they did that quietly or not that’s up to everyone else to decided. I think its pretty loud where media stands on issues. Of course there are some races here or there appearing on Big Brother. But we all can agree that PRODUCTION is the issue. For people to blame contestants is ridiculous. In a sense like the Bachelor, Big Brother, etc. If you have shows that provide little to not representation. Now all of a sudden making representation apparent. The way people handle that is going to change up a lot of things. Whether it be the game, the way they play the game, and how they handle their peers, etc. People are discussing internally the way they feel. However, this will never negate someone who will not take advantage of any situation they can. There will always be people who will create a form of racism whether inwardly or outwardly. What Brittany and Kyle did as people disgusts me. And are the exact prime example of two white people benefiting from the privedlege of getting away with racism in some manner. Nobody will call it out because the people outside of them in some manner benefit from that.


https://mobile.twitter.com/hookedonbigbro/status/1564440572877688832?s=12&t=6_VEQnMpUIjiyFzQI6Sf6w A video of Kyles greatest hits for those that still say he didn’t say anything wrong.

Big Brother Fan

As a POC – biracial to be clear – here is my take as I have been asking for what Kyle has said, so thank you for posting. While I find, again to be clear this is my opinion I do not speak for every POC, some of the things he said to be stereotyped, I do not find him racist. Stupid, yup. Immature, yup. Douchy, yup. Do I like him, nope. But to call him racist in today’s climate is life changing. What I find is that most of the race baiting haters on social media are white people. Trying to prove that they are not racist by calling everything racism. If you have ever experienced true racism, this belittles that experience. I’ve received it from both races, at times too black to be white or too white to be black. I’m thankful that my family is just that, a family not any race other than the human one. Swirl ice cream is indeed my favorite flavor!!


The bus is getting workout this week.

I Spy

For those many people who say “what did Kyle do that was racist…” or “talking about an all-black alliance is not racist…” this is the best I’ve seen it put (the video above gives examples):

Kyle speculating about a possible alliance of people of color working together isn’t racist.

Kyle actively recruiting WHITE people to target and take out people of color whom he knows aren’t working together is racist.


Kyle did suspect “people of color” were working together therefore he’s not racist in this scenario.

But you are calling the Cookout racist by your logic. To me that was a successful strategy. People get voted out for being male, female, white, athletic, weird, useless, a different background, any number of stupid things Vanessa from BB 17 came up with. It’s the game.


Discrimination based on race or place of origin is by definition called racism. Cookout had the element of being a social movement to echo what was happening on the streets with black folks being killed by cops. I don’t really blame Kyle for having that on his mind because you really have to expect the unexpected and take everything into consideration.

However, I don’t agree with his approach and how he went about handling it. There was very little reason for him to suspect anything this season, so his efforts to form an all white alliance were driven mostly by his ignorance than anything else.


#1 he didn’t look for a white alliance. He was defending against the possibility of another Cookout happening. There is a difference. He wasn’t looking to take out every POC on the cast. He just didn’t want to get caught in a Cookout like buzzsaw.

He had little reason to suspect?That’s not true at all. Taylor was definitely non stop talking how she didn’t want a person of color going out on her watch and she wouldn’t contribute to it. It would be foolish to think there wouldn’t be reciprocation from anyone. Terrance talked about the cookout. It was a successful strategy to join up and get rid of all the whites. You have to watch out for these groups forming if you aren’t part of them. Sorry, the Cookout happened and it now has to be accounted for just like the Bros or the Girls groups. The Cookout was successful and it was celebrated, now everyone who doesn’t fit into that group has to pretend it’s not a possibility to happen again. It’s complete non sense.

I’m all for any kind of alliance that can win. But to ignore the possibility of another racist alliance to come into the game again is just foolish for anyone in the game. Or maybe we just can’t handle the social experiment Big Brother is supposed to be anymore.


Let’s face it. Taylor’s HOH was a shit show. Kyle is in an alliance with Taylor, Monte, and Joe. It’s the alliance that has been running the show and their first target was Ameerah…another black woman they sent home. Then they went after Nicole who’s another person of color. Another cookout was never a thing in anyone’s mind except his.

Kyle’s intention was planting a seed and trying to get Michael and Britt on his side to go after Joe and Monte. Or maybe it was his paranoia around people of color. He is from Utah where 90% of the population is white, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

I Spy

So what do you think Kyle meant by the “silent majority?” Who do you think he was trying to rally?

And Taylor did not say she didn’t want a poc going out on her watch, she said she would not nominate a woman of color. She had no problem voting out Ameerah, Indy or Jasmine.

I Spy

The Cookout is not a good analogy. Their objective was to advance black folks for a greater purpose. Their objective was not to target whites.

Kyle’s objective was to target poc. He knows he can’t come out and say that or that he wants to advance white people, so he needed a narrative to get others on board. What he came up with was the FALSE narrative that the poc we aligning. Folks didn’t buy it.


So I have gone back and reviewed the live feed updates here all the way back to week #1 and I do not feel that Kyle is racist at all. In Week 1, we have Terrance telling Monte “Have to take honest look at what happened last year. That’s got to be on their mind whether they say it or not” and Monte replies with “That’s what is on people’s mind”. In another conversation Week 1, Taylor and Michael are making references to The Cookout.

Kyle was not the first one to bring up anything about the Cookout. Watching clips of Kyle’s conversations, Kyle is not pitching that he wants people out because they are black. Kyle could see that the people of color outnumbered the people not of color. Kyle was looking at it from a game perspective and trying to put himself in the best situation he could for his game. If any of the people not of color from last season caught on to the cookout and rallied all people not of color to go against the cookout, are they now racist?

I am more bothered by the fact that Michael and Brittany sat on this information that bothered them so much until it was convenient for them and their game and painted Kyle has a person who is racist. This is something that can have ramifications for Kyle both in and out of the game.

With ANY alliance, the only way to combat it is with the other people not in the alliance. Kyle did not create the alliance because he wanted to make sure there was a white person who won or because he had any dislike towards any of the POC. Kyle only suggested because he thought there was the POSSIBILITY of the POC having some sort of alliance.


Don’t know if you are already aware but People outside of the game were aware of what Kyle was saying and doing before the Michael reveal; it was just edited out by CBS for the most part. This is why you had people act like idiots and both try to lump Michael in with Kyle because he wasn’t revealing anything yet and leaving false bad reviews against Turner and Megan’s business (which I am pretty sure once malicious intent is proven people could go to jail for)


you just sat and watched all of the feeds since week one?!?! LOL… maybe you need to get a job…. Man Child 30 second wonder Kyle is being treated like he is because of his own behavior, PERIOD. Anyone that doesnt understand that, or like it, should look in the mirror – and based on the pic you used for this post, I would imagine you already know that.


Anyone that could say what you just said is beyond evil and delusional.

Tom the Canuck

Ironic. Aren’t you the one who wrote above: “Michael doesn’t even deserve to be alive for doing such an unforgivable thing!”

Tom the Canuck

Bizarre. They’re “evil and delusional”…? Aren’t you the one who wished someone dead?

Reply to IanWasRobbed
August 30, 2022 1:43 pm
“Ruining someone’s reputation and life goes far beyond playing the game. Michael doesn’t even deserve to be alive for doing such an unforgivable thing!”

I Spy

Whether or not you think Kyle is, or what he did was, racist, ANY backlash that Kyle receives outside of the house is a result of what Kyle said and did. Michael had nothing to do with it. And, if you’re watching the feeds, I believe that Kyle agrees that what he did was racist.


Terrance would be a good game player, if his thought process wasn’t so warped. Keeping Kyle instead of sending him to jury will not change Kyle’s ways or thought process. Kyle is also not sheltered, other than he is a momma’s boy. There are many minorities in Utah, and there are many racists and people that are prejudice against folks because of their religion, preferences and life choices. However, we are in 2022, and everyone in the US is fully aware of our differences
…thanks in part to social media. Lastly, Terrance is also not a saint and should focus on his disrespectful behavior towards Taylor which was way out of line. Has he apologized to BB fans or Taylor for what he called her?


The people in the house aren’t buying it. For Terrence, he is saying it because he is strictly a number. Now whether you want to call him racist or that he had idiotic paranoia is up to you; Personally I think it is more of the latter until proven otherwise


Definitely. Kyle is very paranoid. Not the type of personality that should be playing BB!


Kyle’s transgression: 2 out of 100 – similar to jay walking. The reaction to Kyle’s gaff: 98 our of100 – treating him like he’s a child serial killer. He is a current day Hester Prynne.

Im rooting for Michael, but remember, he is a defense lawyer. There is no reason to expect scruples or morals from him. He is going to play to win the game. He will do anything to exonerate his client (ie. himself winning the game) so to speak. We want to think he is an honorable person because it plays into his nerdy gay personae. At the end of the day he is a schemer who will do anything to further himself in this game.


Ruining someone’s reputation and life goes far beyond playing the game. Michael doesn’t even deserve to be alive for doing such an unforgivable thing!


Ok. You have got to be a troll but wishing someone dead because of a move in a game let alone any other scenarios goes too far

Tom the Canuck

He ruined it himself. Kyle dragged them down into the mud with him. Not their choice to begin with. Now MB are being scapegoated by the MAGAt pitchfork mob. Don’t worry about man baby Kyle. He will have even more fans and supporters than ever before — the RWingers.


Get over it. Kyle ruined his on reputation. The backlash he is receiving started weeks ago because he was caught on camera.

I Spy

Kyle’s reputation and life were ruined by him and no one else.


THAT girrrl was for mooncat

America’s Favorite

Wow. You’re way overboard. Nobody’s life is ruined here. His life would be ruined if he, say, got shot dead for walking in his own neighborhood or playing in a park or sleeping in his bed. And what you said about Michael is so uncalled for. You’re confusing people having an issue with something he said with actual discrimination. Kyle is a grown man who is plenty capable of owning up to his mistakes and taking responsibility for what he said. I’m shocked your comment made it through moderation.


girrrrl!!! you still need to get over yourself!!!!


They aren’t showing all of it (they should be). Monte having a real discussion with Terrence right now; it sounds like Monte and his family have had different experiences than Terrence

un autre nom

In no way am i being the justification cop here.
I’m putting myself into the scenario, and determining how i would have navigated the minefield of the reveal.
I wouldn’t have even BEEN in this situation, but IF i were and i was trying not to get blowback, how would i handle it?
I’d be honest about timeline. starting just before week 5 there was concerted push to get Monte out, one of the people pushing that was Kyle. I thought it was paranoia about going on the block talking more than anything else. I’d then inform that Kyle had been pushing a crazy cookout 2.0 conspiracy theory for a while even before that, but that it just seemed like paranoia at first. I’d then inform that he started pushing for an alliance to come together to combat the cookout 2.0. Then I’d say I spoke to him about the look of that, and what it represented, why it looked bad, and why I didn’t want to be part of that scene.
I figured that the idea would be dropped because i’d informed him i wouldn’t be a part of that particular idea, but we were separated for a week. I thought it was no longer an ongoing concern, it had been handled, so I didn’t think I should say anything about it. I was uncomfortable about talking about it. and thought I’d dealt with it. Then Thursday night when we were all reunited He came to me again talking about his alliance to combat the remains of the cookout 2.0, and I realized he hadn’t gotten past this like I’d hoped after out last talks, but two of our group ended up on the block, and I was afraid it would look strategic and performative to say something until after veto (like I was trying to create another target instead of being up front), so i waited until after veto to inform you that I learned thursday night that I had failed in talking him out of his paranoid cookout 2 delusions and the need to band together to fight it.
Yeah, I’d still be performative and icky…. but I think this would have been a better way to say it than what seems to have been the case.
I’d still be a jerk in that scenario, but I’d be a jerk with deniability they don’t seem to have.

Excuse me, I’m feeling the need to shed my skin and slither my way to the shower now. Yeesh. So Cringe.

Big Brother Fan

One problem with ur scenario, Kyle didn’t go to Michael after DyerFest with any Cookout paranoia. It was after DyerFest that Michael, a white fellow, became his target. Michael knew that after two of the LO were put on the block and that’s when magically Michael’s conscience couldn’t bear it anymore. That’s the one and only time he brought up even mentioning outting it, and I believe he said something to the effect about blowing up Kyle’s game. There is no doubt in my mind had the Leftovers reunited that neither Michael nor Brittany would have said anything. This is why Michael is more revolting in my eyes.

un autre nom

He spoke to Michael and Britt in the storage room before HOH. He was trying to cover his bets, so he reaffirmed Mike/Britt with Kyle/Alyysa and Turner was good with it. After Kyle left the room Britt said nope, can’t do that.

I Spy

Michael dropped that bomb exactly when he should — when it became clear that Kyle was no longer an ally. The effect was as intended (getting Kyle evicted) and I don’t believe there’ll be much blow back on Micheal. Except maybe from the MAGA crowd, who already don’t like him because he’s LGBTQ.


“Except maybe from the MAGA crowd, who already don’t like him because he’s LGBTQ”.

What a crock of liberal Democrat BS.

I Spy

Don’t you have more important things to worry about 45?

un autre nom

I don’t agree he dropped it when he should.
Look at the current state of affairs.
If he had started letting some of this out LAST week there would be NO question regarding his motives from the houseguests now. He wanted to play like a guy that is winning multiple comps could sink into the middle, so he kept his mouth shut.
Instead he reveals the day before veto ceremony, after he’s out of danger, and appears to be an opportunist to other houseguests.

I Spy

What about the current state of affairs is problematic? I don’t see it. Being ostracized by the house? At this point in the game, folks are looking for reasons to cast suspicion.
By dropping the bomb, he saved an ally and got a serious threat evicted. He couldn’t be any more of a target. so no harm there.
If he had disclosed earlier, all would likely have been resolved by now with Kyle and Kyle would have remained a threat to his game.
This of course assumes that the game would have followed the same path, which of course we’ll never know.

un autre nom

If he had given out the information while he was HOH:
Monte would most likely not have considered rejoining the Pound boys as the city council, but the problem would have been aired before initial noms.
What is viewed as problematic by Monte and Terrance is the timing of the reveal.

I Spy

Monte floats to power, so I don’t believe any of this would have affected his desire to remain a part of a reconstituted Pound Boys. Also, if Michael had disclosed promptly, then all would likely have been resolved with Kyle by the time City Council formed.

If the state of things means a peed-off Monte and Terrance, I say so what (and it’s better to peed-off than peed-on lol). At this point in the game, you do what you need to survive, including pee-offing a couple of house guests. This was a life and death moment for Michael and he did what he needed to do. Were there costs, yes. But IMO the benefits FAR out weighed the costs.


Will Monte not have Terrence hurt his back this time?


Have there been any live feeds today?


wow sooo much going on this past week, my emotions are everywhere with this show right now, just when I thought things would get exciting, they did in the WORST way possible. I am so eager to see how this all plays out on tonight’s episode. To be clear, I am a white female and have learned so much about my own unconscious bias and have a better understanding of what white privilege really is.

Clearing this is my personal opinion and always open to feedback to grow. I have watched every episode and read this site all the time. I also just watched the montage of Kyle’s words that was posted above. ALSO LONG POST ALERT!!

I think Kyle definitely has some growing and learning to do. He has to be educated and made aware of his unconscious bias. I think his paranoia got the best of him, things were being said and I think it’s natural to think about past strategies, particularly the last season when it came to the Cookout – so makes is easier to make those assumptions of what might be going on. One caveat is the fact that Jasmine, Terrance and Indy did seem on the outs (compared to Monte, Taylor and Joseph) so was a bit of a stretch to lump them all together.

I do think that Monte, Taylor and Joseph had the louder personalities compared to Kyle, Britt, Michael and Turner (what Kyle said) – to me that doesn’t come of false or bias, I think it was factual based on their personalities. Even calling Taylor articulate (I didn’t see whole conversation – just clip above) – why do we have to constantly think that’s a microaggression or about race – I think that’s a compliment and we can’t assume that he thought she was not articulate based on race, heck he could have been comparing her to himself and was just stating a fact – I would love if someone said that to me LOL. I think now, everything Kyle said can be picked apart and twisted as a microaggression or unconscious bias, and although there are some things that absolutely were – these couple things to me weren’t.

I do not think Kyle is racist or anything was intended that way. Doesn’t mean certain things weren’t wrong and he doesn’t have a lot to learn BUT I do not like how Michael and Brittany used when it was best for them. It was absolutely strategic, sure there is never a right time, but they were talking about this weeks ago and if they really felt strongly about it, it should have been broughten up much earlier -not to get Kyle up on the block and out. And i think how Michael painted it, made it seem worse than the conversation was. And this has ultimately made it worse for Kyle and his life outside of the BB house which I don’t think should be the case at all.

I hope we get to see the house meeting – it does seem like whatever Kyle said he made it worst – not sure why he was outing everyone’s games as well. It seems like he made his bed with how he reacted and could have really explained his actions better, took ownership and said he has a lot to learn – and that it was not about race, he was just being paranoid and thinking strategy but he can see how it looked. But it sounds like he really f*cked it up more with what he said – once again showing he does have a lot to learn.

On to game…Michael was my fave, but he has put a bit of a bad taste in my mouth with how he approached this. He is a beast and could still have my vote if he continues to comp beast it to the end. I have always hated Britt and her sad sorry face – always playing victim. She can leave now please. Kyle was not loyal, was fun to watch with all the backstabbing and lies but was going to catch up to him regardless so he wasn’t seeing the end anyway. I can’t stand Taylor – she is not my vibe and is totally annoying to me, just a clash in our personalities really – probably doesn’t help her DR’s are scripted and how she presents them. I do wish she would go. Alyssa is useless and was not here to play BB. Terrance could be better – love how he is stirring the pot but he needs to be more strategic – too chaotic to win but could be brought along. My ideal final two are Monte and Turner, i think they are playing strong social games and have some wins too – leaning towards Monte win depending on how he plays out the season. I actually would like Michael, Monte and Turner in final 3 – but then it can basically be handed to Michael.

This week has really f*cked up BB and this season – I hope for Kyles sake they don’t run him into the ground during the episode – but i’m sure CBS will capitalize on this moment as well.


They will probably air part of Monte’s conversation with Terrence earlier today in conjunction to everything else. CBS has to address this because the Producers blocking the feeds with “We’ll be right back for hours” even though the movie was over and the conversations were starting to happen leading up to the meeting no one saw just made everything worse for CBS. Everyone agrees that the timing of the reveal by Michael and Brittany was bad. Based on talk from yesterday and today it does sound like everything blew up and all secrets were revealed along with Kyle admitting to what he did and said (which is where Alyssa is also upset)


Totally agree with your assessment here! I also don’t understand how people can be so dumb to say things when they know they are being watched 24\7 and how extreme cancel culture is these days. They should know this is the world of social media and everything is going to get torn a part if it can!


I just hate seeing someone being ostracized, it makes me not want to watch. Especially when I see Brittany and Michael just so gleeful about it, and for what? They used this to further their game, and they are lowlifes. I hope ruining a young man’s life and reputation is worth it to them.


We obviously are not watching the same feeds

Tom the Canuck

He ruined it himself. Kyle dragged them down into the mud with him. Not their choice to begin with. Now MB are being scapegoated by the MAGAt pitchfork mob. Don’t worry about man baby Kyle. He will have even more fans and supporters than ever before — the RWingers.

Backseat Driver

Ruining a young man’s life…..? He ruined his life when he started rolling in the hay with his BB girlfriend on national TV……watch out Kyle your Mom is not happy.

un autre nom

There were MULTIPLE conversations. It wasn’t a one off. Kyle brought up the concept 3 times with Michael. He brought it up with Alyssa (who said that doesn’t make sense, Jasmine and Taylor working together? Nope). and he brought it up with Michael and Britt. He later had the bathroom talk with Britt where she pointed out how his gameplan looked, he retorted with but the cookout, and she told him that wasn’t the case here.
Here’s the thing:
His conversation with Michael, the one where he points out Joseph’s agenda as middle eastern on tv, and Indy’s agenda as first Brazillian? THAT conversation was AFTER Michael had decided to target Daniel instead of Monte. At the time he made that statement, he also KNEW that Terrance and Jasmine were targeting Monte, and yet, he still persisted in lumping every poc together? That conversation with Britt i sited above? That was even after THAT. In both instances he mentioned a cookout situation.


Wow. Stretch much? So any conversation Kyle had suddenly is thrown into the “he is forming an all white alliance and a racist and needs to learn lessons”? It’s funny, because I doubt anyone would lump Indy as a POC at any time but so many are now. His discussion was not about POC as much as it was about realizing possible alliances based on nothing more then ethnic passion. If someone came I to the house saying “I want to be the first Mormon to win this game”. Would that have been ok by these standards? Americans will never advance. We are 100% slipping backwards.

The Kats Meow

Might be going out of the limb with facts people but POC means minorities. So Black people, Mixed race people, some Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and native Americans. Nobody in the house is calling him a racist He said he said racially tinge things which she did over and over again. He’s owning it now kind of people are trying to be forgiving and kind to him. They’ve said numerous times that they don’t think he’s a racist. Michael and Brittany never told the house he was a racist. They told the house that things had been saying and the fact that they warned him of the optics and he kept saying it. Honestly a lot of people don’t believe he’s a racist. I just believe he’s a stupid sheltered 29-year-old man baby who by that age should know better. But like anything else if he’s willing to learn and people are willing to forgive and help him grow, it’ll make him a better person.


You do realize that Latinos are classified as “white” on any race form right? There is white and white non-Hispanic. I think you are mixing race with ethnicity. I agree that when using POChere in BB world, anyone other then European white is limped I to POC. But that’s because others are. It is NOT what Kyle said. And NOTHING he said during that conversation was wrong in any way. It was game and following rule 1. Expect the unexpected.

un autre nom

Stretch? I’m looking at the timeline, looking at what I wrote, and I don’t know which part is disputed as being a stretch.
As far as your quote… I didn’t write that… I’ve never called Kyle a racist that I can remember. Go back weeks. You won’t find it. I’ve been of the opinion that he was paranoid and expressed implicit bias. His inability to adjust his thought process? I really don’t know WHY he was unable to shift his perspective. You’d think someone that spent the first 3 weeks alliance hopping would be more capable at altering their perspective.
I actually thought my post was a response to an earlier comment… but i wrote it as a stand alone by mistake I guess, Oh well.
As far as Americans never advancing… I’m not American, but I can sympathize with the fact that you are worried. Please don’t take that as glib. Glib is notthe intent of that statement.
My general perspective for a few seasons now has been there are 16 people playing big brother. Anything more than that isn’t relevant to the strategic theory part of my brain, nor is it pertinent to my gut responses, or even the Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy portion of my brain. I acknowledge each person’s differences, but, in terms of how my brain processes the game information, it doesn’t change how I view them.

I Spy

In spite of all these Kyle apologists, Kyle knew exactly what he was doing. It was a strategic move (I call it a reverse cookout) and it blew up in his face. Actions have consequences.


Alyssa and Kyle hashing things out. It doesn’t sound like this relationship is going to last at all. She has basically said that she was going to watch things back to get more perspective and that she has a habit of falling for people that “need saving”


Having only watched about half of the seasons and refuse to pay CBS for live streaming, I don’t consider myself a BB super fan. I understand, it’s a game where the contestants evict fellow contestants until only two remain in the game. My theory is that I vote to evict those that have a better chance of winning a comp and possibly evicting me, keeping those that might prolong my participation in the game.. I would evict those contestants who can or do win a significant number of comps (Michael) as well as those who are “partners” of these strong contestants (Brittany, Taylor). When it was my time to vote, I’d consider the two possibilities and cast my vote to evict a strong contestant or their “partner”. My vote would not be based on a personal like or dislike of the contestant, their politics, sex(iness, or lack of), sexual preference, race or color, I would base my vote to keep the contestant who would be a “number” for me in future voting. 

If I was to vote this week, I would consider which of the two contestants would or could benefit my future in the game. Taylor, a “partner” to a strong player or Kyle who as of now, would not be a favorite on the final vote. Based on this philosophy, I would vote to evict the beautiful, sexy young lady, Taylor. 

In today’s world, if a person says (said), does (did) something that does not agree with the progressive liberal thinking, they, their trolls and bots use social media to ruin peoples lives. If Kyle’s future employment is affected by Michael and Brittany’s actions, I hope karma bites them.


Anyone know why there have been no live feeds today?


There has been. Our Tuesday/Thursday Coverage is late and lighter.

Was a fan

I was a fan ..but the last few years that show has been going down hill… its suppose to be entertainment….you have ruined this show …the fun of the show is gone and it’s like watching for the first racial comment to be played and the accusations will start to fly and cause all kinds of friction in the house this has taken away from the game people remember it is just entertainment put your differences to the side and have fun for the summer for this I will not be watching anymore I will give up Big Brother entirely tired of all the racial conflict that has occurred over the last few years. Hopefully there’s luck for this show and hopefully people can just start getting along together and quit playing the race card.. everyone is responsible for their own life peace out


Michael is one of, if not the best BB player I’ve seen, IMO. Of course he won’t win because they are all scared of him, as they should be. But the way Turner and Monte are playing everyone in the house and making themselves victims is gross but it’s true BB play!