Alyssa “I’m just riding the wave. I don’t even want to be in conversations.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa Taylor and Nicole
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Daniel used the power of veto. Taylor and Nicole are nominated.
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

7pm Hammock – Alyssa and Brittany.
Brittany – I like that everyone is in just a good mood. Everyone is partying, hanging out outside and everyone is in little groups and you can float between groups. Like last night was really fun. Alyssa – I like the big dinners when we just hangout. Brittany – Its so hard because I want to be able to talk to everybody and you know .. and I also get that you can’t .. like this is not how all this works. I get the impression that people are like .. like one side is thinking I am with the other and the other is thinking I’m with the other. Like no guys, just floating here in the middle with Michael. Alyssa – yeah that is a good place to be. Like if there are sides what would be one side and what would be the other. Brittany – I don’t know like I feel like I hear different people’s versions Alyssa – I try not to listen.. if anyone starts to talk I am like I got to go. Brittany – that’s how I feel too.

7:18pm Kitchen – Nicole and Terrance.
Nicole – have you talked to Joseph or Monte? Terrance – briefly but from what they say its supposed to be Taylor. Nicole – oh okay. Jasmine joins Nicole in the kitchen. Nicole – I don’t mind cleaning and doing my part .. I am not going to sit here and be a fool for all of you. Jasmine – yeah.

7:30pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Kyle shomancing..
Alyssa – have you lived with a girlfriend before? Kyle – no, I’ve never lived with a girl. Alyssa – now you have, you’ve lived with eight. Kyle – I think I would be difficult to live with. Alyssa – you think you would be? Kyle – yeah, probably .. actually no. I don’t think so. Alyssa – I am a pretty clean person .. the only thing would be my clothes. If I am going out I would take out a bunch of outfits and not want to hang them back up. Kyle – oh my gosh, can I just give you a couple grand and you buy me a whole new wardrobe after? Alyssa – sure! I feel like you have good style. Kyle – no I don’t. I promise I don’t. They talk about taking a trip together when they get out. Kyle – Ameerah travelled a lot. How mad do you think she is right now? Alyssa – probably pissed. This game is stressful. Did Monte really want me out? Kyle – want you out? No. Alyssa – that’s what Daniel said. Kyle – I think Daniel and Nicole are going insane honestly. I think they’re trying to pin Jasmine. Alyssa – we can talk about it later but just keep me updated. Kyle – okay I will. Alyssa – because me and you are a team now. Kyle – we can only have conversations in really private places like the shower or maybe like the pool. Alyssa – tell me more.. or in your bed with the door shut. Kyle – right now? Alyssa – yeah! Kyle – I was looking at the memory wall and going through it and I was like I don’t like anyone up here. I am not going to win this game. I just want to make it one more week and then we make it to jury .. that’s all I care about. Kyle – me or you have to win HOH. Alyssa – yeah. Kyle – I think Daniel is next. Alyssa – really? Kyle – which means that I would go up on the block. Alyssa – that’s what it feels like? Kyle – everyone is just sick of Nicole and Daniel. Alyssa – I am just riding the wave. I don’t even want to be in conversations. Kyle – I know. Alyssa – every night when I go to bed Nicole is like come in my bed I was to talk.. I keep getting suckered in with her. Alyssa – once we make it another week, then we can kiss on the lips. Kyle – Oh we have to wait now that I was ready to get down? Alyssa – No, I want to wait now. Kyle – you do? Alyssa – no.

8:11pm – 8:30pm Hammock – Nicole and Terrance.
Nicole – I don’t 100% trust Kyle but he see’s what’s going on. I am telling you Monte literally didn’t want them to use the veto. Because he wanted to get more numbers for us in the house because he realized if he put me and Taylor on the block he didn’t have enough votes. So now I just need to solidify 6 people. Indy, Alyssa, Jas, You, Daniel .. so I’m basically at an impasse with Kyle and Turner. And its very possible that they will all vote for Taylor to leave because they know that she doesn’t have the votes to stay. So that if I get HOH next week they will be like.. but I voted to keep you. Terrance – who would you put up next week? Nicole – Michael and Brittany. Terrance – ASAP! Nicole – and if they win the veto I am going to put Monte, Joseph and you up.. but we have the numbers to keep you. You’re not going home. Not under my watch. Terrance – and you’re wanting out Monte? Nicole – absolutely! See ya later! What’s the point of keeping him (Michael), he’s too strong. And if he winds the veto Brittany joes home.. because she is the biggest god damn liar. Terrance – you can’t win every veto bro! Nicole – exactly.

8:33pm Backyard – Nicole, Terrance, Daniel.
Nicole – so Terrance and I were talking as far as which Festie Bestie to join. Terrance – and the thing with me none of them had sh*t to say today. Brittany what do you thing?! UUhhjju!? Uhjjjjhjg?! They laugh. Daniel – oh that was perfect.

8:50pm Bedroom – Brittany and Taylor.
Taylor – I am mad about having to spend time with people that are such hypocrites. Brittany – me too. me too! My list is your list. Taylor – I get we came to play a game, that’s what we all signed up for but to have a vulnerable moment like that. Thank god Turner picked up on it. Laughing the whole time. Brittany – I picked up on it. I didn’t expect this experience to challenge my concept of myself as a person. You don’t get a free pass on being a human here. Like the magnifying glass is on you. Coming into this game you think I am going to be this ruthless, heartless person. Taylor – I am manifesting an HOH win.

Hammock – Indy and Michael
Michael – I am very happy that the veto got used to day. I did not want to have to .. I mean I told you where my ..that you would have my vote to stay. I also did not want Alyssa to go. Indy – everything changes so fast.. and I didn’t do anything to anyone. I am not apart of the Ameerah alliance or anything like that so everyone knows that. Everyone talks sh*t about each other.. I just live my life. Michael – straight up and honest. I think everything went as planned today which was nice.

10:05pm Bathroom – Terrance and Nicole.
Nicole – when I spoke to her .. I was buttering her up like crazy and I said you know I have something to tell you. I said you know you’re the strongest player in this game.. Terrance – You f**King stupid as hell!! I know the hell you didn’t tell that girl that. Nicole – I get it, its the game you have to manipulate and lie but it is so much more than that.. But for me the game is so much more than that.. You have to connect with people.. and like build a team, build a force. And the only way you build that force is on trust. You’re bold face lying to peoples face like that .. the way he is doing it. .. he is not going to win. Terrance – right. Nicole – the culture of Big Brother is not what it used to be. Terrance – it takes a lot of different things to play this game. It takes relationships and you have to have true relationships with people.

10:33pm More showmancing…

10:55pm Kitchen – The house guests are hanging out chatting about what movies / tv shows they watched in sequester before coming into the house.

11:10pm The house guests freak out about all the ants that are all over the backyard. They sit around the hot tub and play the would you rather game.
– Would you rather know how you’re going to die? Or when you’re going to die? etc.

11:33pm Bedroom – Nicole is alone talking to herself. Nicole – I don’t think I’ve been lied to by Alyssa and Indy. I genuinely feel like they’re telling the truth. Maybe this was their plan for reverse psychology so that they would use the veto to put me up but the reaction of Michael and Taylor was hilarious. They seemed genuinely shocked. So I definitely feel like Daniel and Kyle using the power of veto worked. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I hope there’s a secret power and that its given to me. I really hope Jasmine and Indy are trying to stay awake to find out information but with the little hints that Michael was giving me that there is an alliance of 8 they would be included in it. Essentially meaning they have the votes to get me out of this house. It just sucks that I never betrayed any of them. But clearly my friendship with Daniel is threatening to them. Ameerah if you’re watching .. what happened? Where was the disconnect? I feel like I am living one big investigation.. I know who the suspects are.. This is cracking me up, its comical .. I get to play big brother and I’m here but these people are the worst liars in the world. They don’t even realize that their body language alone tells me how much they’re lying.

11:47pm HOH room – Monte & Turner. :
Turner – she was like the girls don’t trust me so I know I don’t have their votes. And I was okay, dope! Monte – oh wow so she believes it? Turner – for sure dude, she was stressing. She was like I don’t have their votes, I know I don’t have their votes. I trust Monte. Monte told me this before hand. I trust him for bringing me this. And I was like FIRE! Monte – that is so interesting because she is definitely scheming here because why would she tell you that but then she went up to Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa and told them that I told her that they didn’t trust her. Turner – I was like okay if that’s what you think, then f**k it. Like yeah dude! That’s dope! Monte’s got your back. I was like f**k it!

2am The house guests are relaxing.

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Buh Bye

Nicole is scary aggressive. The physical threats to other houseguests isn’t a good look for CBS. Is it just me, or was she likely invited to leave the police force?


I’ve been thinking the same thing (about her “police” job) & have been waiting to hear someone else think the same thing. ?

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Nicole with a weapon is SCARY!!!!

Keri Helen

“Kyle – I think Daniel and Nicole are going insane honestly.“



Kyle and Shane (BB14) need to talk about how exhausting it is being a piece of meat during the BB experience.

Danielle and Alyssa needed/need to stop!

un autre nom

Well… Kyle i hope you’re happy. You just made your mom’s head explode.

Nic is STILL going on and on and on. ON THE BLOCK, and saying shit like that’s the last time I cook for you. (ED. great, there’s the door, and your banana bread was dry).

I honestly think one of the Leftovers should be starting to plant seeds rather than just saying go with the house. I’m not saying mount an offensive. Maybe just say ‘sometimes she’d a bit too much, and i need a break from her.’

In my last TINFOIL CHAT i was noting that prodo hadn’t decided what road to take yet.
Now that Kyle has given in on showmancing, I guess we have to decide where the train goes next. One of Jasmine or Britt looks like the next logical eviction. They could do Daniel, but for some reason I think they want to give someone entertainment tonight called one of the most reviled villains ever on big brother more weeks? Just a feeling, not a spoiler or even a prophecy.

Targeting moving forward:
Nic and Daniel both talked about going after Monte. big talk. Remember Dan’s HOH? Fear based game when in power. If Nic goes, he aims at Britt or Taylor again. More likely Britt. Nic’s already said she wants to walk over and fuq her up. charming lady that Nic. I don’t see Daniel going after an alpha. He would push others to do it, he himself would try to beat down those he perceives to be weak. It’s who he is.
Indy? Britt if Taylor joins the 2 girls. She thinks Michael should be one of her people and she can’t have him because Britt exists.
Alyssa? Britt. Can’t nominate Turner and Jasmine because a shark bit off her leg, and she likes Turner. NO WAY she puts bunny on the block.
Michael and Britt? go for Daniel, backup being Jasmine.
The rest I haven’t figured out yet.

Nic made a point to say she didn’t tell Dan about the POS. When told about the POS pack days ago, Dan’s answer was he already knew. Does that hit for anyone at all over the next couple of days?
Now that the mance is mancing… how is that going to change the leftovers? Kyle already didn’t really try to stop the use of the veto (come on, he encouraged more than discouraged). Does he stand back and let one of the seven get clipped, trying to bring in Alyssa as replacement now?
Does the fact that he’s now showmancing get him pushed out? Is that how the Leftovers are going to fracture?

Terrance admitted today that he was one of the dogpile and he’s ashamed of it.
Britt told Taylor she regrets not standing up and saying it was wrong.

Nic is sure the girls are locked votes:
Jasmine has a pretty good head’s up from Terrance that she’d better not give Nic a seat on her lifeboat.
Alyssa and Indy don’t want to be FOUTTE so they want to vote with the house (said in front of Michael).
Honestly, at this point, just so Nic Pooches herself 100%, Taylor should get up tomorrow and just act like she’s staying. Hang out and be social. Taylor smiling will 100% make Nic and Daniel combust and run around Pooching hard.

un autre nom

Kyle, gaging Turner on when the Leftovers will turn on each other, has made a final 2 with Turner. Whether this means that his revelation that Michael and Monte are his number one boys is still valid, or he’s trying to alter course with someone that gets along with his showmance… unknown.
The chances of Kyle Joseph power struggle I’ve been tracking is going to happen within two weeks are getting stronger. He’s made the outsiders (but barely if at all cultivated it since leftovers), he’s spent 24 hours schmoozing Taylor. He’s now final 2 with Turner.
For Joe’s part he was the instigator of Alyssa gotta go, has been schmoozing al the same people as Kyle attempting to gain his army, and thinks he has Indy in his corner.


Indy is a wild card that will end up blowing up in his face. I don’t know what it is about her but every so often, when she is speaking about something, Lost In Space’s “Danger, Will Robinson!” comes to my mind


It was Turner that offered the F2 though, so of course, he says yes. The notable comment from Kyle was no way you or I beat Monte/Joe in the end.

That was the key comment IMO. He’ll keep dropping hints to Turner that Monte/Joe needs to be broken up & I’d expect the first shot to occur on a double (which could conceivably be at F10).


I am so DEAD at you coming for Cruel Chef’s dry banana bread!

Watch out she might beat your ass next!

un autre nom

If she chooses me out of the multitudes of people that consider her to be trash, she’s welcome to try. I mean… did you see that banana bread? it’s like she made it with sawdust and a blowtorch.



I’ll ask Taylor to ask Monte to say a prayer for your soul…

L.L. Bean Dip

If I were Kyle I would be careful around Alyssa. She seems like she likes a lot. Everything with her boyfriend back home. Plus She she even claimed she only has pooped twice in the house in the feeds last week.


Why is Alyssa’s poop remotely relevant or interesting?

L.L. Bean Dip



Is Alyssa here just for a showman ? Exactly what is her game play, what does she do other than follow Kyle around the house, or sit around talking about wanting to be with him.

Alyssa is a nice looking young lady, why is she acting so thirsty for Kyle, not being mean, but Kyle is not anything special, and he seems kind of out of her league when it comes to having a lot of experience with women.

Alyssa seems more in tune with hooking up with Kyle, more than having a plan on what she needs to do to win 750K. She keeps throwing herself at Kyle, I don’t think that Alyssa would give Kyle the time of day if they were not locked up in the BB house, Kyle just seems very naive when it comes to women.

Did she forget Kyle was talking about the Canker Sore he in his mouth on the inner lip Alyssa is that desperate to be kissing and making out with Kyle ugh!!

Alyssa needs to concentrate on trying to win the game, forget about Kyle, stop chasing a guy around the house who will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. Was your sole purpose to come in the house and have a showmance ???

un autre nom

She was told by producers that they had a guy that liked the same music she liked that would be the perfect showmance for her.

un autre nom

Joseph, having seen the canoodlling is not impressed (good thing he didn’t see both makeout sessions and Kyle’s ‘watermelon juice’ stain on the front of his shorts).
The Kyle / Joseph fracture is definitely coming.
Anyone familiar with bbcan: think prettyboys target Sam to get Adam back onside with the alliance in the game, then Adam targets Cory to cut off Anthony’s parachute.
This is what it’s basically starting to come down to within the Pound.
Kyle for his part, was unimpressed with the vote flip idea, didn’t follow through encouraging the veto use, and is trying to sleep in Alyssa’s bed. Meanwhile he now has the final 2 with Turner (to go with his week one final 2 with Monte, and his final 2 with Michael, and the pretty much abandoned outsider’s alliance).
What would change some of the perception: If Kyle were telling someone other than Turner that playing around with Alyssa is to have some fun before she’s out. Is it believable? Not really. Would it at least inform and not look shady? Yup.
Then again, Joe has had a weird Kyle thing since the first men’s alliance before Daniel and Turner were included. Kyle has had a weird Joe thing since the latter bonded with Monte.

Cynic view: Joe has noted how much the cameras follow Taylor. Is that part (not all) of the reason he is cozying? More air time? Nasty thought that crossed my mind.


Alyssa is a walking red flag. Kyle get out of there ASAP.
Its honestly disgusting. She is 0 self aware. Kyle has been giving her obvious excuses for days and days. I mean, anyone would get It. He is playing It up cs It must be soo awkward.
If a man was doing that to a woman (kissing arms while they are telling you no, eetc), the man would be out of the game by now.


That is so true. What happened to no means no. Ok when the woman does it?

un autre nom

Kyle told Turner that even if the alliance tells him to throw so that they can target Daniel, he’s not throwing HOH, he’s gunning for it.
So he’s not targeting Alyssa anymore and can’t target Daniel because he’s in a partnership with him.
Gee. Wonder what Kyle’s planning. Remember, Kyle’s a season 16 guy and thinks he’s the Derrick. That means he will NEVER be okay with going on the block.

un autre nom

Why is Kyle making the move to Turner? Kyle is pathological about never going on the block. He’ll SAY he’s okay with it… and then throw everything he can to make sure he doesn’t. It doesn’t escape notice that target Alyssa came up the moment someone mentioned getting out Daniel. Now with Michael and Britt saying target Daniel next week, Kyle is moving on to Turner. He isn’t calling the shots or being put first… he’s making another plan.
q: is his need to not even be a consideration as a safe pawn so fierce that he could pre-emptively strike against the alliance he has said multiple times he created? This is the season of weekly alliance adjustment. Bears consideration.

another condiseration:
Kyle asking if America likes Kyle and Alyssa, and mentioning that cameras follow Joe more than they follow Kyle. Oh. hmmm. So is that what this showmance crap is? Grab for screen time and followers? Of course it is. recruit.

Game fan

he can put up jas and turner.

un autre nom

Things I found a little icky in the last 24 hours.

  • Elvis pimping Alyssa out to keep Kyle on their side. She didn’t need the encouragement, but his motivation was gross.
  • Elvis planning to use Jasmine’s dead father as baiting to keep her on their side.
  • Copchef wanting to beat yet another ass.
  • Copchef swearing on her mother’s cancer. Personally swearing on a disease holds little weight to me, if you aren’t willing to swear on their life and the fate of the soul, don’t bother…. but it was emotional manipulation in an icky way.
  • Terrance lamenting his part in dogpiling on Taylor to Joe, and less than an hour later joining Nic on her newest hategripe and piling on… Britt.
  • Jasmine. I can’t write about icky without mentioning Jabba, so there. icky. Just… Jasmine.

Terrence is going to mess everything up! Ugh!


These have to be the dumbest and most vile HGs every!!

1. They all based there game on getting Taylor out when she was no threat to anyone
2. Their overall strategy was to bully isolate and humiliate her at every turn for over 20 days and no one thought it was wrong
3. Even after the LOs decided it was wrong to bully her the other hg still continue to bully her
4. The real threats of the game micheal monte and Joe are not really viewed as a threat.
5. Other than getting Taylor sent home the girls have no real strategy
6. Daniel and Nicole say they are super fans and they are playing the game the worst. They are the worst. Their game play is by fear and intimidation
7 alassy thinks she is on love island and could care less about BB

Overall in the past BB has always had a few vile people every season but BB24 has out done themselves this year because the majority of the Hg are vile


Does Alyssa know that Kyle wasn’t going to use the veto and was down with voting her out? People badmouth Alyssa but Kyle is the one using her. Monte and Joe will rat Kyle out eventually.

Palm Oil's Meds

Kyle is a selfish member of the alliance. He only pretended that he wanted Alyssa out so him and Daniel would not be on the block. He’s going to have to trust his alliance and make a sacrifice like everyone else.

un autre nom

Am I the only person getting an odd feeling?
There’s something not quite right in the house dynamic today.
Anyone else seeing conversations that feel weird?
I think the last minute bomb drop is going to be problematic two weeks in a row.
Monte should be giving Terrance more of a definitive heads up. He’s dropping the ball.
I’m starting to wonder if Kyle would ever cave, or flip this week.
I know the day is young. I’m just getting an odd feeling. Perhaps I didn’t sleep enough.

un autre nom

Okay. Kyle cam talked about still voting out Nicole. scratch the would he flip this week question. for now.
But how is he confused as to why the alliance wanted her out? HE WAS THE ONE PUSHING HER EVICTION 2000 times a day.


Nicole can’t come to terms with being outplayed and that her and Ameerah’s strategy in the 1st place has put them in the position they are in. Take the L.