Ashleigh tells Willow “Spooning leads to forking use your condiments”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

(Godfrey will use the Veto to take himself off the block. Pilar is planning on putting Brittnee up as a replacement. Sindy is going to try and convince them to put Bobby up.)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 05-50-52-352

8am – 8:50am Big Brother blocks the feeds.
8:50am – 9:20am When the feeds return – Bruno, Bobby and Brittnee are in the hot tub. Brittnee says this is the way to start the day. Bobby says this is the way we always start our day. Zach joins them. Bruno says today is going to be a sick day! Bobby says maybe a task or a challenge today! Zach says we’re over the half way point now. They cheers to making it that far. Bruno says Willows costume is funny. They talk about the weather and activities they would do in the nicer weather like camping and fishing. Zach and Bruno head inside. Bobby and Brittnee start suntanning. Godfrey joins them. Brittnee asks him if he’s feeling good after his win. Godfrey says yeah. Kevin joins them. Bruno asks God how he’s doing? Godfrey says good man! I can still taste that chicken! That victory. Willow joins them and says yeah I’ll tan… I might get a little red! OHHHH! (We’re going to be hearing her 1 liners all day)

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 05-51-31-476

9am – 9:20am Up in the HOH room – Kevin and Pilar are waking up. Willow joins them and puts on her ketchup costume. Pilar says you look really cute. Willow says I’m blushing because I saw the salad dressing. Willow says I either pee’d myself or had an orgasm when I saw the mystery card. I had to look at my underwear. Ashleigh tells Willow “Spooning leads to forking use your condiments”

In the bedroom – Sarah tells Sindy to tell Pilar why don’t you use me? I lied to everyone in the house. Even though they used my vote, they hate me! I lied to everyone. You can use me. Sarah says say that to Zach .. and ask will you go with me to talk to Pili?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 06-10-00-970

9:35am Hot Tub – Willow, Zach, Bobby, Bruno, Godfrey, Sarah and Brittnee are out suntanning and chatting about random things. Willow says Sarah you said you wanted to role play. Sarah says I’ll be the hot dog. Willow replies I’ll squirt some on! Ashleigh joins them. The conversation turns to talking about the Simpsons. Pilar joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 06-32-47-483

9:40am – 9:50am Up in the HOH room – Godfrey waits for Sindy to finish her shower so he can talk to her. Godfrey tells Sindy we tell Pili to put up Ash. Sindy says she will put up Britt or Sarah. Godfrey says he’s the logic everyone has been up but Ash and.. Sindy says she will never put up Ash. Godfrey says why not put up someone who has never been up and never been a pawn. Sindy says it doesn’t make sense for me to say that. She had the opportunity to put up Bobby or Bruno and she didn’t do it. I don’t want you to suggest Bobby or Bruno and Zach talks about it saying Godfrey threw you under the bus. Godfrey says I don’t want Sarah, Britt, Bobby or Bruno on the block ..those are the people that voted for me last week. Sindy says I would rather Bobby be on the block because he wants me out and would never vote for me. Godfrey asks you think you can beat him? Sindy says yes. Pilar and Ashleigh join them and the conversation ends.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 06-45-05-393

9:50am – 10:15am Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Sarah and Willow are out by the pool. Sarah says I’ll sit Bruno down again. Willow lays down by Sarah. Willow says so right now they’re kind of like … they’re all up there telling her what to do. Willow says that Bobby hates her (Sindy) and Pili is scared of her. Sarah says where was Bobby when Graig was screaming at me calling me a manipulator… not that I need that but.. They head into the kitchen. Sarah, Willow, Pilar and Ashleigh talk about live feed updates and how people write word for word what they say minute by minute.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 06-55-23-090

10:20am Brittnee says still no word on who they’re putting up. Sindy asks is that from Pili or others? Brittnee says both. And every time I see Pili I don’t want to talk game with her. I just want to chill out. What will be, will be. Its interesting to see how now that we’re in jury how people are acting. Sindy talks about how Bruno acts around her… and how he hugged her after the the veto but hasn’t talked serious with her. Sindy says I think Pili dropped that I suggested Bobby and Bruno go up. Brittnee says Pili being HOH is a waste. Sindy says its a waste of an HOH. Brittnee says she basically gave it to Ash and Zach. Sindy says when I suggested she put up Bobby or Bruno she said no they’ve been so nice and haven’t done anything to me. She said its still early in the game. Sindy says its half way through the game. Brittnee says basically what she’s implying is .. Like who is she going to put up then? What a waste! What a waste.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 07-18-49-580

10:30am – 11am Brittnee heads up to the HOH room and comments to Sarah that they haven’t said who’s going up. Sarah tells her to relax and sit back. I don’t think they know what they’re doing yet. They’re scrambling. I sense dissent among them. Sindy comes up to the HOH and talks to Sarah. She tells her about the conversation she had with Godfrey suggesting she go up to Pili to get her to put up Ash. Sarah says no don’t do that. They’re scrambling. Sindy asks when should I talk to Zach. Sarah tells her not to do anything yet. Sindy tells Sarah that she is so loyal to her. Sindy asks about Bobby’s secret veto. Has he shown it to you? Sarah says no. Sindy asks do you think he has it? Sarah says it doesn’t matter it in their heads. Sindy questions when Allison (BBCAN2) used hers. Sarah says before the vote. Sarah heads downstairs. Sarah says to Zach you don’t have to say too much but I am here to work with you if you want. Zach says next week if I win HOH you are safe with me. I don’t know too much. If I win next week and keep you safe then you know where I’m at. Sarah says I still trust you. Zach says I think you and Ash have had some great conversations. Sarah says I love Ash and we did have some great conversations. There have got to be people who scare you more than me. Zach says yup. Zach asks do you feel like they’re after you? Sarah says kind of. Why have you heard something? Zach says no. I feel the same … I just don’t know. Sarah says I don’t trust anyone .. I trust B. Bobby won’t give me the time of day. I was trying to comfort Sindy. But to Bobby he thinks I’m trying to work with her. Why would I work with someone on the way out the door. I don’t know where their heads are at. Zach says I realize now if they had power they(Bobby & Bruno) would have (tried to get him out). Sarah asks do you think Bobby has the secret veto? Zach says no way. You don’t tell people that. Sarah says if you send me and B home I don’t know where you would go. I would just pray to win HOH every time. Zach says when we go into the HOH don’t count me as someone that can’t win. Sarah says okay

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 07-50-35-573

Hot Tub – Willow says “Hey Godfrey .. you can lick the bottle!” “You can screw me from the bottom.”


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Couples will go down

Kev, Pili, Ash and Kev need to see that after Sindy is gone, the Bruno, Bobby, God crew could easily pull Sarah and Brit in to get rid of the couples. Willow isn’t going to stick with the couples. What’s the end game for the couples? Who do they think will be their allies when they lose power?


I don’t think Bobby will do that though, he is stupidly loyal to that original group even though the “chop shop” is dead..

It’s amazing how stupid he is, seriously.


Hahaha (Pillar laugh) – I rank the dumbest in this order:
1 – Bobby (dumbest),
2 – Pillar,
3 – Ash,
4 – Kevin,
5 – Sarah,
6 – Zach,
7 – Brit,
8 – Bruno,
9 – Sindy,
10 – Godfrey (smartest).

Zach, you hillbilly honkytonk hick,you awoke a sleeping giant man!!!


Sarah should be near top in smartest…ur order is dumb


Oh lord your nuts!

Godfrey suggested Pili renom Ash now that’s a moron. Far from the dumbest. Anyone other than Zack as moron of the year needs BB education. JP gone he still thinks he’s good with chop shop lord that’s a complete moron BB style. Pili not to sharp and Bobby is a train wreck. The middle is just that. BB smart that’s Neda… whoops not her season :P. She’d of owned these people hard core I don’t like her. Sarah talkie talkie but nothing behind it. Bruno has social guessing he’s making the moves Wednesday. This time next week he might be BB genius maybe. I like B think she has some BB smarts. Kevs so much suck face now no idea if he has game. This isn’t a stellar year for BB smarts


Well Godfrey did not suggest that to Pili. He is just brainstorming with Sindy and trying to protect his 5 votes from last week. In any of his talks with Pili he has rationalized with her in a non-condescending manner. That is not the sign of a moron.




Whoever goes, they still target the couples, not only Sindy. You think if Sindy stays, they will not target the couples. I doubt it. If Bobby goes, there is a big chance all of them will target the couples.


Kev and Pili should try convincing Ash and Zach that the Bobby/Bruno combo is more of a threat than Sindy who everyone already wants out. Every week Sindy will be in trouble, wasting an HOH on someone already on the out is silly in my opinion


Same thing happens every time someone loses power the become vunerable. Do you folks not understand the game yet. Every deal cut with an HOH can be broken as soon as HOH is played. In recent seasons very few of these deals get honoured. Wake up Canada!
While were at it GOD is a genius at BB some say. Suggesting Pili would put up Ash is simply BB stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.
Unless they are switching targets B/Sarah are going up as renom. Think it will be fun watching Cindy stab either 1 in the back. Interesting bit is Ash wants B gone and Bobby Sarah. Cindy not gone yet if either diapers or BBG change targets. Diapers and Willow can keep or evict who they want. Willow could be swing vote favours Sarah if she is a renom. B up BBG plus Sarah make 4 then Willow decides B’s fate. Both options to save Cindy are tight at best. House unanimous most likely. Kev/Zack versus BBG most important HOH of the season. Sarah or B win I figure both Zack and Kev gone season is basically over. Might be no better if Bruno/Bobby gone. Frankly this double is a terrible idea as the house will become completely unbalanced like BB USA 16. Derrick = Bruno the seasons done. Both sides gotta take the double shot. Morons like Zack will target B/Sarah and GOD as pawn. I think Bruno goes for the jugular and Zack/Kev/Ash. Not gonna be pretty after Wednesday. One side can run the table if they leave Sarah/B alone 1 week. Willow goes running to the majority. Then it’s get rid of Sarah/B or knock off the left overs from the losing side 1st.


Sindy is all upset because Bruno hasn’t talked game to her. He hugged her and such after the Veto comp. and asked if she was OK but she is surprised her hasn’t talked serious to her. Gee Sindy, do you think it has anything to do with you asking to have him or Bobby put on the block? Both she and Sarah have the same thought process and figure its OK with everyone if they throw their names out to be nominated. Was so happy to see her come back, but why would you throw a potential ally under the bus? You need the numbers, so why not push for Willow to go up? Besides, isn’t it a good idea to kind of stay away from Sindy a bit at this point so that it doesn’t show you might work with them? Bruno/Bobby and Zach/Kevin just waiting for the chance to strike each other next week, and these girls are pushing to get Bruno or Bobby on the block? Makes no sense to me.


Everyone is aligned with Sara so far has a bad fate. Sara threw everyone is working with her under the bus even Sindy and Britt.


I knoweveryobe hates the couples, but I can’t take sindy and sarah… They whine all day and try to throw anyone in front of them under the bus. If I was in the house I would never trust them, if you suggest me putting up your greatest ally on the block post-pov, I can only imagine what little thought you would put into me going on the block…..


Sarah, Sindy, n Brit all agreed awhile back to talk crap about each other
but not to severely … to try to make it seem as if they really are not working
together. Sarah has been working Zack/Bruno and trying to pit the guys against each
other… surprisingly Zack/Bruno seems to be falling for it. Sarah’s goal seems to be
all women at the end … surprise/shocker… but if you look at the ratio now
seems there has been some progress made.


If Canada is HOH, I will vote for Sara go on the block so she knows she needs the number to stay and stop selling people out.


Victory! Tastes like chicken.


Watching Pilar as HoH has made this week excruciating. I keep praying for a twist to cut this idiotic week short.


This whole season is excruciating, it could be compressed into a daily show and be done with. They only spend about an hr a day for game & strategy the rest is generic crap and gross spit swapping. Feeds are pointless when they are turned on.. as if it’s entertaining to watch them lay around for hours on end or eat. Hell they don’t even get showered and cleaned up… wear the same thing for days on end. (the bathroom last season was a happening ‘game’ place!) Watching these people is like ground hog day over and over again. AND… when there is any chat the bloody mic system is so horrible you have to be a lip reader provided the cams are not facing an empty wall.
I think BB should select a re-cast from the auditions, forfeit with this dud group out the door and bring in 10 new players then resume the game. Now THAT would be a twisted twist.


Pili is not HOH … Zack n Ash are … Kevin is a major Dud!
Ultimately Zack will tell Ash who to put up… Ash will tell Pili …
(Pili worships Ash … To Pili, Ash is a genius … she knows Godfrey is safe because he won veto)
Kevin will lay around, suck face
*Note to BB casting: Please sit down and play a game of chess with the potential HG
if they can’t play chess … kick em to the curb!


You have to agree that this HOH has finally gotten Pili to get her head in the game. Her talking to Ash makes sense as Ash is, in Pili’s mind, her closest allie. Although it has been excruciating to watch her struggle through this she is attempting to think. Right now the best thing for Pili is that Kevin is a Have Not and can’t keep diverting her attention away from game (it is in his best interest to not have her think). The more she has time to process info the more she will become confident. Give her some time.

Down with the Diaper

The amount of dislike I have for Zach and Ashleigh is not healthy.


Pilar just said on the feeds she didn’t even have to apply/audition to get on BB. Wow.


Really?! Wow indeed, I missed that. I guess BB really was aiming for the epitome of dumb, that kind of stupid wouldn’t be capable nor able to comprehend the application process let alone speak coherently for an audition.
Disturbing considering the numbers of people who took the time and effort to legitimately apply.


Pilar went with a friend got picked out of the line lol. By the way folks in BB USA get picked out of bars to play the game and other places. Not everyone comes from casting calls.


Roger that, I’m not opposed to an outward method of selection. However Pilar? I don’t get what they were thinking when there were so many endless options to choose from with more of a guarantee of something residing upstairs if you know what I’m saying.

another name

I understand what godfrey is doing, but he’s doing it wrong. godfrey doesn’t want bobby or Bruno on the block in case someone pulls a flip like what was just done to save his butt. the mistake is suggesting Ashleigh.
if godfrey had said,’ yo cindy yo get them to put up willow yo, she’s a floater yo and never been on the block yo bro yo and they got no ties to her yo and no reason to keep her yo so she can go yo propa yo’ it would have been something more feasible that cindy might buy rather than suggesting Ashleigh of ALL people.
not his best idea. he must think cindy is really gullible, suggesting ash to pilar is an automatic trip home for cindy.


Pili is terrified that the house will flip so is going to put brittenee up as a pawn. Brittenee’s counter argument should be that if you are worried about a flip, put up two people you would want out. If the house flips one of your threats are gone.


As much as I dislike Zach, he should realize that getting rid of Sarah and Britt over Bobby and Bruno does nothing for him. Bruno and Bobby are bidding their time to turn on him. Granted I think Sarah is too, however Sarah is very pragmatic. Despite Zach’s purposely targeting her in the Have not competition, she’s willing to make him think she still trusts him. He has said he’s wary of keeping Bruno and Bobby. Sarah needs to work that angle subtly, but hard. If she can get that to stick in Zach’s mind than he will command the Diapers to put Bobby up.