“I honestly think you shouldn’t tell them the more they are question marking the better it is”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 15-28-58-445

1:00pm Not a busy morning.. people still sleeping for the most part

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 15-18-47-994

2:38pm HOH Paul, Nicole, Victor and Corey AKA FINAL 4
Nicole teasing about Victor being Corey’s new best friend.

Paul – they were talking again.. .it got quiet again.. (they= Meech, Natalie and James)
Paul – she (nat) asked so wait Paul.. you really don’t know what is going on .. I’m like no

Paul – and she’s like OH MY GOD Michelle doesn’t know anything.. I don’t know either..

Paul explained to Natalie that Victor is voting out Michelle and Natalie is voting to keep Michelle so it comes down to what they all want.

Paul mentions that Natalie said Corey will do whatever Nicole wants.
Paul- I Said not necessarily you don’t know that.. They said probably…
Paul – James started talking about Double eviction again..
Paul – then it got weird.. He said… Paul i’ll be honest with you bro.. I was like here it is..

Paul – he’s like he’s like.. .i’m ready to leave on that double eviction
Nic – what are you kidding me..
Paul – he’s packing right now.. Natalie was like STOP IT JAMES..
Paul – he was like this ain’t my first rodeo..
Paul adds that James is telling everyone if Paul leaves this week he’ll leave nest on the double.

Paul says Michelle wants to know so she can decide what Dress to wear. Paul explains he told them that he doesn’t want to know, “I’m prepping that I am going”

Paul goes on impersonating Natalie saying it’s shitty that nobody will tell them what is happening this week.

Nicole – Nobody has asked..
Paul – I said in their defense.. Has anyone asked them.. They said no..
Nicole – what am i supposed to do go tell them..
Paul – exactly
Paul adds that James and Natalie were telling him since he’s been spending so much time with Nicole and Corey why not he ask for them.

Paul give them a heads up that James or Michelle will be asking them because he told them he won’t ask for them.
Corey says James is trying to get the bribe. Victor doesn’t want him to give it to James.
Paul says he’s planning “something” to do with Michelle during the eviction to prevent her from “Shitting” on people

Nicole – she wants to crap on me hard, everything that comes out of her mouth is pure emotion.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 14-58-34-823

Paul – I was going to suggest to you I wouldn’t tell him
Paul – they want to know.. James, in his head.. He’s trying to put it together but he can’t ..
Nicole – I’ll just make is really hard for them to ask me.
Paul – dude I would just not say anything.. They literally don’t know.. They don’t know
Paul – they really in shambles kinda
Nicole – I’m confused by them
Corey – me too

They go back to giving James the bribe none of them want to. They also agree nobody will drop from the HOH.
Corey says he’s been trying t0o find out what type of comp it is.. Feeds cut..

Paul brings up “They” kept at him about Victor knowing and hanging out with Corey all the time. Paul explained to them Victor and Corey are have nots together, “They were ohhh right”
Paul – i’m shutting down everything they are saying with a logical reason..
Victor – fool wants to be part of our club

Paul – I honestly think you shouldn’t tell them the more they are question marking the better it is..
Victor – do what he did to us.. I don’t know..
Paul – they are like the only way Paul can stay is if it’s a tie and that’s IF Nicole decides to keep him.. So f*** me..
Paul – I would rather have them be like F*** than them know what’s happening.. Why tell them..
Nicole – OK
Victor complains about not getting any sleep.. Nicole says they should stock up on sleep tomorrow morning before the show.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 14-59-08-128

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 15-23-29-099

3:20pm James and Natalie Chit chat.. They are joined by Paul and Corey where they begin talking about Halloween. Paul says he’s hiring a magician for his Halloween party. Paul talks about possible costumes, wants to wear a ship with Friend written on it. “A friend-ship”

Paul – “James you better come”
James says he’ll have to check his schedule “I’m a busy guy”
Natalie asks who he’s inviting..
James- what about Aaron Carter
Feeds cut..
When the feeds are back Paul is telling them they can all invite their closest friends.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 15-30-22-786

3:24pm Nicole and Victor studying..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 16-00-18-408

4:00pm James and Natalie
Natalie – stop saying you are going on a double nobody is taking you out beside Victor

James- that’s strategy..
Natalie says Victor, Corey and Nicole don’t talk any game.
Natalie – I think they are going to stick to the final 4 deal (JAmes, Nat, Corey and Nic)
James – I think so too..
Natalie – they are keeping their enemies closer..
Natalie – good smart man..

James- i’ll be surprised if I make it outta this double
Natalie – why.. who is voting you out James.. Nicole, Corey not.. Meech no..
Victor – you no Victor yes…
Jame s- if Victor puts up Corey and Nicole or Corey and Me that’s a problem..
James says he doesn’t thin Victor will put that up he thinks it’ll be James and either Michelle and Natalie.
Natalie – Meech has to win
Jam es- if not you’re butt is touching the block..
Jame s- I’m scared..
James says Natalie went on the block because Paulie went against him
Natalie says she would never have put her best friends showmance up..
Natalie says she blew up Zakiyah and Paulie’s game by exposing what they were saying about her and James behind their backs. Natalie calls it Ironic.

Natalie says she’s mentally “Checked out”
Natalie says if she wins HOH she’ll put 2 of Nicole, Corey and Victor up.
James – I would put Meech up..
James laugh, “You should have seen your face”
Natalie – honestly I would put Corey and Victor on the block If I had won, Michelle would put up Nicole and victor..
James saying if Veto is played put Nicole or Corey up as the replacement and everyone would vote Nicole out.

Natalie says she doesn’t care anymore.. James says they should make out.
Natalie adds she’s goign to give every Comp her all and then “Just Chill”
Natalie – never cared.. comps are the only think I like anyways.

They talk about the finale..
James- my manger might be here
Natalie -derrick’s dad
James- time you’re the man..
James says he talked to Derrick before the season he came by his house and they had a conversation.
James says Nicole was never trained by Derrick adds that Nicole “lied” to Derrick and told him she wasn’t goign to be on this season. (Apparenlty she digned up 1 month before it started)
Natalie is skeptical.. “they’re friends they hang out she knows his wife..”
James – well maybe..
James says Derrick told him to throw every single competition for the first 1/2 of the game, “Your social game should be strong it should carry you through 1/2 of the game”

Jame says he needs to win 2 comps to get to final 3.. “2 Vetos to get me there”

Natalie says she’s not goign to Paul’s Halloween party, “I only care about my family and gettign in shape”
Natalie – can’t wait to see what I do with my life
Jame s- me too.. invest 1/2 a million dollars..
Natalie – I hope you win outta everyone in this fricken house..
James- I want you to be up on the chair with me..
James says even 50grand is life changing..

Natalie and James both agreeing that Corey and Nicole are goign to date after the hos
James – they have fallen for each other.. they’re actually really cute together too
Natalie – I know
4:35pm James – the balls in Corey’s court..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 16-46-42-448

4:50pm Chit chat..
Paul talking about his dogs.. “He’s this tall 150lbs.. ”
Vic – dude weighs as much as yo more..
Paul – he’s me as a dog..
Over in the London room James and Natalie are talking about Zakiyah and PAulie. Natalie says she’s staying away from Paulie, “I don’t want him to look my way”
Jame says paulie is going to be her best friend when they get out.
Natalie says her and Paul would pat her like a dog..
Natalie says she viewed Paul as a brother, “a little brother”

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Why the three of them have not gone to talk to Nicole yet is beyond comprehension. They should have been planting seeds for Vic/Paul the entire week. At least, go into the HOH room where all the decisions are made and listen in or stop the conversations. SOMETHING! Paul and Victor have played the strongest games. Victor – even though coached – was not afraid to make the moves. I can’t stand Paul personally and want that stupid blow up duckie to go away along with those tired phrases – but frankly he is the only one with strategy and game play.

IMO – Vic/Paul are the only ones left in the house that deserve to win.

I appreciate Victor telling Nicole to STOP talking about Corey and whining his name all the time. That was great.


smh…James on the live feeds mentioned that him packing up for double eviction is a strategy move. meanwhile… Paul tells Vic, Nicole and Corey about James packing up for double eviction and they are all laughing up in the HOH room.

Anthony Shares His Weiner

It turns out that James, America’s Favorite Player, isn’t much of a player.


Ha! Great comment, you’re probably right!

Kathie from Canada

Aha! That explains everything, Simon! lol

Huckleberry Hillary

The biggest surprise watching tonights episode was that Nicole has game.


Its amazing what Nicole can do when she finally drags her ass out of bed.


And being prodded by the DR. I’m sure they realize they have to start doing something to make her more appealing gamewise.

Another Hillary Lie

I can’t believe that James and Natalie are going to sit there while Paul and Vic take control of Nicole’s HOH. James and Natalie talk about putting up Nicole and Corey but that might change once they find out that Paul is staying.


Would love it if Paul or Vic win HOH and put up James and Nicole. I want them both out especially Nicole. Can’t watch much more of her hanging off Corey and the whiney antics. Ugh

Grandma G

All those tirrd phrases of Pauls are the names of the shirts he sells. Friendship.Chill and all the f bomb ones. He doesn’t have a Never Carrd but I’m guessing he will after the show


Paul telling Nicole not to tell James Michelle would be going sealed his fate next week…and that’s if he’s lucky.

Her natural fear and paranoia will compensate for her lack of intellect. Paul is playing dumb, yet going out of his way to socialize with James and Nat. Nicole sees all that, sees how he’s now trying to manage her. Paul says don’t tell them, keep them in the dark. Nicole and Corey will know that Paul plans to say he didn’t even know and Vic was just being loyal…obviously Nicole and Corey are scheming, hoping we’ll take each other out, so we gotta get them for Michelle.

This is going to blow up unless him or Vic win HOH because James and Nicole will talk…and if James, Nat, or Michelle take their heads out of their *ss in the next 24 hours, it could blow up before he even gets that chance.


I agree 100%. This is the moment to look at those two and realize that, apart from enjoying them personally or not, they are the best players. I get some respect for Nicole even, she tries… she comes up with scenarios and analyze them. Her paranoia is annoying but whoever is there to play and win has a natural tendency to act paranoid at least a couple of times.

What I hate is watching stupid dumbos like Corey who’s there to do anything else other than win. He’s so extra. I prefer Natalie who basically tells James to save her and sit back while James works his ass off to keep her safe.


This is all happening because Michelle Nat James decided to turn on their own alliance Victor & Paul.
Michelle would have been good if she would have realized she needed Victor and Paul to target the showmances. She has no one now.
Really good to pick off M/J/N one by one. They deserve to go home from evicting Victor last week.

Reality Check

The thing I hate about James. He does absolutely nothing and looks like he is ready to go home…which suits me just fine. Paul is ready to campaign hard but because Meech decides to munch and sleep this week (plus reassurance by James that she is safe), she did zero campaigning. No campaigning, this week is a snoozefest.

I think James is ready to go home because he has given up. His love for Nat is gone and he has no desire to play Big Brother. Self evict is an option too.

I honestly do not want to see James playing Big Brother ever again. It take balls to play big brother but unfortunately you and Big Meech do not have any.

Another Hillary Lie

The sad thing is that he still might win the 25K for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

An Apple a Day

So James HAS played this game before, riiiighhhht????? (Frank’s voice) When has the HOH EVER gone to all the players to talk game? Never. The players ALWAYS go to the HOH. WTH.


I’m gonna miss Meech…


Alright I’d like to think James knows that Meech is going home but doesn’t wanna tell the girls because they’ll freak out and start stuff. That’s probably why he’s ready to go because he knows it’ll only be Nat and him against them and they have a slim chance of surviving. Or maybe James is just plain old dumb.


exactly on point with that Simon. the problem with James is, he is too worried about if Nat has any deep feelings for him. James is too punch drunk to realize that Nat already sent him multiple signals that she’s not interested in a serious relationship with him. she built a blanket barrier yesterday while James was in the same bed with her. she has James do all the game work for her while she D-teases him with the “oh Jamesy” talk, just to shut him down when he begs for a kiss. I could see if there were any valid evidence of Nat having deep feelings for James, but James got friend zoned from the jump and he continues to make a fool of himself.


Both James and Nicole are desperate for attention from 2 people who clearly want nothing serious when this game is over. It’s just disturbing to watch on many levels. Needy and pathetic:(


At the beginning of the spy girls alliance, Flirty Spy (Nat) had said that she was going to use her feminine ways to wrap men around her finger to get to the end and she has stuck to it. She is willing to string a guy along and break his heart for money, yet she is so concerned as to how she is being portrayed and how she will be received once she is back in the real world… She dug her own hole.

So stoked

After James told everyone that Nat wanted to keep Vic over Corey last week during the blow up with James and Meech…..no wonder Nat is pulling away from James. And, why isn’t Nicole remembering what Paul did, just last week, over what Meech did when she called her a snake? Nicole….you are not Britney.

Baby Faced Assassin

The answer to what is Nicole?

This years winner.

James/Natalie vs Paul/Victor knocks out James and Vic or Paul. Natalie can’t win anything and Nicole and Corey pick off the survivor when they can’t compete in the HOH contest. Corey probably gets targeted before Nicole and Nicole beats Natalie for the win.


Nicole winner lol!! Nicole is too blinded by animal abuser to see the truth; he is using her! I feel sorry for her throwing her game away for that useless human being!


Agree Shar! People are giving Nicole too much credit. Her priority has been begging for Coreeeeeeyyyyy to give her attention this entire game. She just got out of bed last week and has made a piss poor attempt to play BB. She deserves nothing. I can’t wait until Paul n Victor turn on the her and her boy toy she’s glued to.


Victor has fought more than anyone to stay in and play this game. He has not done anything near as awful as fatal i.e., munch, or ratcole. James is a f$@ktard along with pointless Cornhole. Paul……meh. Just one person’s observation. Go Vic!

Vic the Dck

Are you forgetting him throwing the beads at the girls when he nominated them? I think Vic is the best competitor left but his treatment of the women in the house and the fact that he got bounced twice keep me from wanting him to win.


Nope! It was deserved and hilarious.

Vic's mom

How many times do I have to tell you the bead throwing incident was an ANOMALY! Vic was pressured into it by those 2 rude buddies of his or he never would a done such a thing! Not that I’ll let him off the hook when he gets home, he should have known better! Everyone knows I taught him better than that!

Gnat Sucks

Spot on. Vic for the win!


Really not that hard to figure out, diary room has already made the deal between James and Nicole to vote Paul out. Why else would he have stayed completely away from her all week. Only explanation is, he already knows what she is going to do through the diary room. They more than likely told them to not even talk to each other so no one knows what is going to happen. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am. Nicole wanted Paul out just as bad as everybody else last week and we are supposed to believe she doesn’t still want him out. I don’t think so.


So wait, James is not talking game to Nicole/Corey because the Diary Room has covertly planned for James/Natalie/Nicole/Corey to all simultaneously, yet silently, vote out Paul? I mean it could be that…..or it could be due to the fact that James is one of the most idiotic players that we’ve seen over the past five or so seasons. The guy has probably talked a total of 45 minutes of game total across his two seasons (I don’t count situations in which he’s in a room with people, usually other clueless players, talking game while just nodding his head offbeat and saying “huh?” whenever anyone asks his opinion.) Additionally, telling clueless James and naive Nicole to keep a secret in the house is the equivalent of trying to explain to Corey how Big Brother works – it’s useless.


I guess you don’t get it. It doesn’t have to between The four of them. Because the only vote that matters is Nicole. And if you have been paying attention all year you already know James and Nicole had a deal in place before they entered the house. So no, I don’t think it is between the four of them I think it is between the two of them. Nicole and James. Corey and Nat don’t have a clue about anything that relates to BB. Natalie is going to vote Paul and Corey is going to vote Michelle. To be fair i don’t think that James and Nicole are very good game players either.
I explained in another thread that nicole can vote Paul out, still have victor as an ally, make good tv by plaiying Paul like a fiddle all week long and get big game moves points. I still think that is what will happen. If she doesn’t do that she has to know she has no chance of winning.


OFF TOPIC but…….when S&D are doing updates they always indicate feeds have been cut if houseslobs are talking inappropriately. Why would feeds not have been cut when Z changed her maxipad? That was so disgusting.


Or the guy could be sitting there in shock, thinking surely she’s not actually going to do it.

BB Curious

Who could possibly fall asleep watching these action packed feeds? I can’t even imagcjfhmhvvzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mister pickles

James is a heartbroken little roach, running around the kitchen floor, waiting for a boot to squash him. He knows that Nat has been playing him. It’s Deliverance time, Jamesy. Squeal like a piggy!?!?


Yes!! No pity for the little Pervy troll.


Back to Sticky Fingers for a sec – if I understand correctly Nat can’t find her HOH slippers now? Someone has to lure Michelle out to the backyard while 2 stand guard in the kitchen, while someone else goes through her stuff. God knows what else they’d find: pots/pans, decorative items, one of the fish missing from the tank, James’ balls, Corey’s brain, Zakiyah’s dignity…

Munch is gross

I certainly hope CBS gets the other’s belongings back from the thief. Pretty low down to steal so you can profit on your eBay post. BTW: if she is a nutritionist, I’m a rocket scientist.

sunny dee

i haven’t seen anything about missing items, is this a thing? no one has said much about it on after dark, just james found his shirt or something in michelles stuff, but that was after the place was torn up in hide the veto. I expect a lot of things to get mis placed when cleaning up after that. also we see indoor and outdoor lock downs, production changing things or fixing things or this and that. if she left them outside during an outdoor lockdown, a few things are going to get removed to set up comps, imo. i doubt if they would come back, you leave em you lose em, imo. take care of your stuff, and stop leaving your crap all over the house.

and pick up the kleenex or TP or whatever it is i see on the bathroom floor half the time. or just random pieces of clothing in the hallway? watched natalie walk around something literally in the middle of the hallway from kitchen to the bedroom door, i’m like wtf, why is that there, then realized, it isn’t just one thing, it is 2 things, just dropped, and she’s literally walking past them, of course as do others,

HOH room when vic is there? bed made, spotless. Nicole there? random bits of underwear, random crap all over the place, of course cuz all she does is lay in bed all day.


Is it wrong for me to feel bad for James ? I’ve been frustrated with him all season but I always thought he would fight to stay in the game. I would be doing it for my daughter and to better my life. I really don’t want Cory or Nicole to make final two. At this point I’m pulling for Vic at least he’s fighting for his Big Brother life.


I suspect he feels awkward facing Vic after voting him out. Now he’s doing a Derrick to give them nothing to probe him about I suspect. But I can’t believe he actually thinks Paul is going. Or is that his way of getting Meech and Nat’s jury votes–that he tried to protect them both?


Why can’t they wear black? May be if they pick up stuff in the rooms they’ll find their stuff.

sunny dee

i’ve heard for many many years that you shouldn’t wear full black on TV, something about how it affects the picture when filming. fine if you have the lighting for it, not fine i guess when the person isn’t just sitting down for an interview with a full array of lights.

Bolt Uprite

Vic is going to be ordering some 8×10’s of that pic where he has mounted Corey in the traditional dude on dude configuration. For Corey it will be enough that it will live on the interwebs for the remainder of his life.


So basically , as long as Paul doesn’t do something monumentally stupid, Meech is evicted tomorrow


Watching the line up of POV players…i have never noticed how short Paul is compared to normal.sized people. It seemed the girls were taller than him. He’s very hobbit-like.


We hobbits do have to stick together

T-Rex Arms

He’s 5’3″

sunny dee

he is short but a lot of the HGs were short this year other than giganticous Corey, who is freakishly tall.

i love the complete lack of awareness in the discussions of which couples are going to ‘make it’. Zak and Paulie ‘for sure?” lol. ok, right now they aren’t even talking to each other, so i’m guessing no? corey and nicole ‘no way nope’. well, that they may be right, but this is probably one of corey’s longest relationships without any outside influence and they seem to get along fine still.


James has to check his schedule for Paul’s Halloween party? What his work schedule at Wal-Mart? Does he really think Natalie will move to Texas for a Wal-Mart loser?


He’s got some intense Black Friday prep that he’s fixing to complete!
And $50K is life changing!?!?
LOL! My oh my, to be young and poor again.


Or maybe he just doesn’t want to hang out at Paul’s party, or with Paul.


How did Meech pass the psych eval to get on this show? She’s a hot mess………….

Just here for the entertainment

James lost Nat when he threw the HOH to Nichole.
She knew this was the point in the game where you can’t afford to throw comps and the looks and mannerisms she gave James said it all.
Earlier in the week someone commented James was shaking and ready to fall. I have rewatched that several times and saw no such thing. If anything he was relaxed squatting and holding on with only one hand.
James you threw it and blew it both the HOH and Nats respect.


I honestly think that with BB putting nothing but wanna be stars on the show now that no one plays to win, but just play to be seen. This has been one of the worst casts in BB history in terms of actually wanting to play! All they want to do is to be seen, and think they are going to become huge stars. They are all so ridiculous an no fun to watch. Really wish I could find someone to root for but Paul is just disgusting, Corey horrid person who abuses animals an even Victor talks about women horribly. No one should WIN!


Well, if it’s that painful for you to watch, don’t. No one is forcing you.


I did not say anyone was forcing me to watch, an you do not have to watch but just be able to read the updates to realize the only thing all these housepets want is to become “famous” lol. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of this season.


What a bunch of idiots. Another wasted HOH if Paul is not evicted.

If Paul stays … Final two will be him and Vic


WHAT the ever-loving F&ck was she wearing?!?


Paul is leaving. It’s a humongous blindside. They’re keeping it on the down low to finally surprise fans. That’s why James hasn’t been doing a thing.
Victor doesn’t give a darn about silly videos online. Corey either.
If you are secure in your sexuality why should it matter? Silly stuff.


Another night of flipping the tv off. A person can only take so much of hearing Nicole yap. Get her OUT please!

BB Curious

You mean you turn the tv off or you give it the finger? Just curious. Either action seems appropriate!


Well CBS gave the viewers…. how they wish the week had gone…………..not how it actually is going.
I wish CBS would be fair and show how some of these people really act, then it would be interesting who would win the AFP.


I cannot stand this cast! Hope PETA is waiting on Corey! He is despicable an something wrong with him for thinking it funny setting a goat on fire. He needs to be in a jail cell for animal cruelty!!!!

An Apple a Day

Oh for God’s sake, let it go, he didn’t do it!


He didn’t stop it, either. So if you see a guy raping a woman and look the other way, it’s OK because YOU never touched her?

An Apple A Day

Uhhhh how can you stop something if it didn’t happen??? It didn’t happen. And if a woman doesn’t get raped, how can I stop it? That’s a stupid analogy.


Why do I feel like Paul will be voted out tomorrow.


Unless something happens it all comes down to Nicole’s vote


Yea James’ reaction to losing AFP will maybe be just as satisfying as frankies reaction when donnie won


Did anybody notice, when Corey saw those reindeer, he turned to one of the cameras and said,”Can we get some lighter fluid?”


Off topic question. Do players ever make money off of being on this show? Did James mention he had a manager? For what? I know a few people have been on The Amazing Race, but do they really think they will be famous?


Simon – question about amazon … So I order stuff from there a couple times a month but was wondering do I have to click from here every time I order or will it automatically include you guys in future orders I make?

Another Anonymous

I just finished watching the Wednesday show. Wow, Meech got a terrible edit this week. So unappealing. And, at the end she said in the DR that she would definitely be campaigning this week. Ummm, isn’t it about time to get started with that?

Natalie was HORRIBLE as the emcee of the Christmas veto competition. It sounded like she was sucking on a helium balloon throughout. If they ever do a re-make of the Wizard of Oz, she definitely should try out to be a Munchkin.


Gnat is actually Zingbot’s spawn. She sounds just like him.


I wonder if Michelle acts that way in real life. The over loud crying to make sure everyone hears her. I mean what adult acts like that. She sounds like a naughty child putting on an act and throwing a tantrum. Seeing if she’ll get her way. Annoying…
She would be a nightmare to have to deal with.

An Apple a Day

I’d say none of them are good enough actors to completely fake it for almost 3 months. While these circumstances might not always bring out the best side of people, in comparison to the other houseguests in the same situation, she gets a bad edit because she just behaves VERY BADLY. Stupid stuff, like knowing Vic cleans alot and hates to see people waste food or just be lazy and let others clean up after them, so she left an orange peel in his bumper car last night. She’s just a b?#%h. She keeps complaining this game isn’t fare…. like they should be just handing it to her? Like she has to “be nice” to up her social game and she “just can’t”? Yeah, she’s definitely this way outside the house. Judgmental, catty, mean, snarky, hateful, lazy, big baby, Big Crying MF’ing Meech.


Natalie has whiskers! Gross!!!!

1/2 Italian 1/2 German

Hey now, she can’t help it! Some of us were just blessed with hairier genetics! At least she is staying up on her good grooming habits, more than I can say for some HGs!


Most women do but they don’t pluck them in front of the nation. HDTV shows everything though, so whats a girl to do?


Nat very hot in the Christmas costume


Natalie’s is all makeup, when she is not wearing makeup and using the stuff to make her look tanned and pretty, she looks very different. I was ready to scream listening to her emcee the Veto Comp tonight, she has a voice that is so whiny and annoying, just like Nicole.


Nicole’s voice is worse because not only is she whiney she is nasal too!


I miss when the show had a bunch of 30 year old women. They fought till death both personally and strategically while staying loyal to their one and only alliance. The show was always something to look forward to. These 20 year olds just sleep and change alliances like Italy in WW1.


Wow…I was thinking the same thing. This cast is too young. Late 20’s is OK but 30’s would be the best…much more depth and not so ANNOYING.


Watching tonight’s show, I noticed Nicole went and asked Michelle if she was okay after the nominations. Then Michelle goes off on how horrible she is? I’ll be happy to see Michelle go.

sunny dee

so on after dark last night, meech, having slept until about 8pm, gets up, has a full bowl of cereal, then proceeds to make an omelette with a few other things on the side. after that i didn’t see, but having watched her the night before stuffing entire pieces of seaweed chips into her face one after the other after the other (when nat ate them she’d bite off pieces, 3 or 4 bites per chip, meech just stuffed the whole thing in and pretty much before even swallowing has the next one stuffing into her face.

don’t get me wrong, i like to eat, i like to snack, but i’m not a nutritionist complaining about having a tummy ache AFTER eating the cereal AND omelette !! if you don’t KNOW why you have a stomache ache after stuffing your face with the equivalent of THREE FULL MEALS i can’t help you

Butters Mom

LOL… to be fair… she had slept through breakfast, lunch and dinner… she was just having all 3 meals at once.


Jeez… just imagine the farts she lets out…

BB Curious

I don’t know if Corey is gay, and I really don’t think Vic is, but that’s not for me to figure out. All I do know is that they sure seem to make a way cuter couple than Nicorey does! Vicorey?

Let The Beech Go

She’s a non-stop eating machine. Can’t wait for her to go.


“Nicole is painting Corey’s toe nails and doing his hair.”


Who cares if James and Natalie are pissed if Vic gets the bribe, they’re gonna be pissed anyways Meech goes.


I’m gonna have nightmare after looking at Corey’s horrible feet… to make it worse there was nail polish on them. Damn….

Only can wish

1. James needs to stop asking Natalie to make out. He’s starting to look desperate. PITIFUL!!!
2. James takes the thrill out of the game telling us everything that goes on behind the scenes, past players, money, just talks too darn much. He seems like a boring person, so he want us to suffer too.
3. Do anyone else have a problem with James saying Derrick was telling him how to make certain game moves? Isn’t that coaching or is that just me? Im just saying!


James and Derrick have 2 different takes on their conversation. Derrick was on Periscope about 2 or 3 weeks ago and he said that he told James to Not do any Pranks, Don’t get into a showmance; if you do decide to get into a showmance, make sure your partner can win comps. Derrick also told James Not to try to win all of the comps, just the ones that are necessary.


I so want to see Nic play by herself with Corey gone. She will probably whine and act like it was unfair, though. That boy has her glazed over and he said he’s dumping her as soon as the show is over.