Meech “Queen of Sheba sitting up there with her pursed lips. She’s shady as F, shes a snake!”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-31 03-38-23-452

12am London bedroom – Meech is studying the days and events of the house. Nat stops her and listen to this, I just figure this out. When Paul won HOH who did he put Paulie up and who else? Meech says Paulie and Bridgette. Nat says why would they put Paulie up if they weren’t going to backdoor someone. Meech says that’s true. Nat says they threw .. like everyone made sure that Paulie got the veto. Meech says I wish I didn’t tell anyone, anything. Nat says if I win I’m not putting you up no matter what. Meech says I know. What if I lost to Corey. I would be so sad. Nat says you’re not going to. Meech says I don’t even want to play this game any more with them. Its not fair. Nat says we made it to here with 2 vets still in the house and ahhh what’s his name.. Vic and Paul who are mental and physical beasts and we’re still in the house with them. We beat out Paulie. We’re doing good. Meech says I’m just fed up with the information .. the flip flopping, butt kissing triple threat. He should be evicted by now! He got evicted twice, he shouldn’t be here. We sent his butt home! Nat says we have to study harder and win the next HOH. Look how dumb he is he is studying in the middle of the kitchen with everyone around. Just like Jozea. Nat says I don’t even care any more we need to win win win and get people out. We made big moves.. we got Vic and Paulie out.. We can do it again. Nat asks if you had the bribe who would you bribe? Meech says Victor.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-31 03-39-23-878
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Nat says they’re going to bribe their target. If you were still in the house they would bribe you. Meech asks I’m their target? Nat says no, just so they don’t put you up. Nicole can’t play in the next HOH so they would probably bribe you so you don’t win the next HOH and put her up. Meech says but I will. Do you think they already bribed James and that’s why he’s not studying? Nat says James has not been studying forever and I asked him. He said he doesn’t have a good memory. Meech asks do you think they will bribe him? Nat says they might bribe you or him. Meech asks do you think he would take it? Nat says I wouldn’t. I hope he wouldn’t. I will have to have a talk with him. Nat asks would you take it? Meech says probably not. Nat says take it if you need it but I’m not. It would feel good if I didn’t and then won HOH. Meech says I need to stay first. I’m sick of Queen of Sheba sitting up there with her pursed lips not saying anything. I’m too good to talk to you commoners. She’s shady as F, shes a snake. Nat says you’re smarter than Vic. Meech says he failed in college, he barely passed. He partied all the time. He said he had s*x in college in his gym. James joins them. Meech says I wish we didn’t help Vic with the days. James says you don’t help anyone in this game. Unless they’re people like Nat. Paul joins them.

12:45am Backyard – Paul, Victor and Corey are playing pool. They head to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-31 04-18-52-721
1:50am London room – Nat says if the next comp is a mental one I am out. James says Paul I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the next one out after you or her (Meech). I’m ready to go. Paul says no you’re not get the f*** out of here bro. Nat says he’s kidding. Paul says I would be pissed if I went and then Meech did right after .. to get boned back to back. Meech says we’re public enemy number 1. James says you know who has control of that side. Paul asks who. James says you know me and Nat aren’t going to send Meech home. Paul says I know that. But I ain’t talking to them about that .. I would be super uncomfortable. James asks why? Paul says because she said she put me on the block as strategy. So what am I going to say .. strategically take me off? James and Nat laugh. Paul says I don’t want to ask I would rather be surprised. Meech says I don’t. Paul says staying or not I’ll freak out. Paul says if I go out I’m going to talk to customer service about this (His Round Trip ticket). So if you’re not wearing a dress .. I know I’m f**ked. Meech says they (Production) won’t let one person dress up and another down. They don’t want the audience know who’s going home. They want it to be a cliff hanger. Paul and Meech go to eat. Nat studies with James.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-31 04-31-15-447

4:30am – 5:20am Meech and James in the bathroom. James says that Nat has been distant from me. Its because of stuff I said to Corey. She said it was like a single mans club. Stuff I said to Corey 29 days ago. She feels like she has to distance herself from me. Corey said he knew one of the girls off the Bachelorette. He said I should come to Texas and he would introduce me. Nat heard it and was mad about it. James says she says she doesn’t like being touchy feely but she flirted with people all season and now she has someone that she actually likes and you don’t show any affection at all. I understand with the whole family thing but she flirted with everyone else more than me who you’re supposedly in a showmance with. Meech says maybe its just about taking things to the next level which she’s scared about. James says she’s been very distant. When I am in bed with her I stick to my side. I feel like when I am in bed with her I am non existent. Meech asks she won’t even rub your back? James says no, nothing. James says why am I laying in the bed with you if we’re going to act like an old married couple. Meech asks when did it stop? James says after I was a havenot and in the bumper cars. Not the last one, the one before that. I wake up and she’s in the next bed. She doesn’t want to cuddle because she’s on tv and doesn’t want her family to see it. Meech says she did before. James says exactly. I feel like she wants to tell me she just wants to be friends. I know that she cares about me. I just think she knows that I like her way more than she likes me. Maybe I need to stop giving her so much attention. Let her come to me if she wants to. Meech says maybe have a conversation with her. The best thing is to be open and honest. I feel like I’m the one that is always chasing her. Meech asks what was your deal with Meg. James says I looked out with Meg like how I look out for Nat. She at least made it known that she didn’t want a showmance. Meech asks do you feel the same way about Nat? James says no with Nat its deeper. Maybe we’ll just have to wait and see if we can make it work on the outside. Meech says she could be just stress about things. We just need for me to stay and then to win HOH. James says I’ll have a talk with Nicole tomorrow. I feel like I have a lot of pull with her. I’ll be able to tell if they’re lying to me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-31 04-37-31-142

5:25am James and Meech head to bed. James goes to sleep in the bed beside Nat’s bed.

8:37am Houseguests woken up by Big Brother.. but they are still sleeping…
(regular feed updates will continue this afternoon.. after they wake up.)

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Reality Check

James finally figuring out that Nat shows no affection to him. Ding ding ding! James, you win a prize. It is called “wake up.” You just blew your chance of $500,000 on a failed showmance. Way to go James.

James you fail yourself and you fail your daughter Bailee by giving yourself no shot of winning this game.


James needs to bet a buffalo nickel to himself. Nat not being into him will be the first thing James was right about all summer.


Corrrrreeeeeey should give the 5K bribe money to Nicole to shut up for 3 weeks.


Dan always said that you need to have at least an ounce of respect for anyone that makes it to the end…floater or not. Imagine having to be with the same people for 100 days. 24/7. I honestly don’t think I could spend that much time with ANYONE without going a little crazy. No phones, TV, music, friends, nothing to read. No outside stimulation. Like being trapped. It would be especially difficult with people trying to lie, cheat and back stab you. So, if you’re wondering why CBS and BB cast these people, they would have to be a tad strange to agree to participate in the first place.

Tiny trump hands

Nat was attracted to James when he was standing up to Paulie and Frank, but for the last couple of weeks, James has gotten very timid in his game. He’s scared to talk to Nic, doesn’t plan on studying, he’s becoming more like a girlfriend. Not really a surprise that her feelings have cooled.

Another Hillary Lie

James needs to head up to the HOH room now and start working on Nicole. All he needs to say is that Paul and Victor are going to target her.


James staying out of the HOH room and just hanging with Nat and Meech is going to bite him…the dynamic changes weekly in the BB House. You have to keep up. Corey, Vic and Paul are tight this week. Nicole keeps asking them if she is still their “ride or die chick”, and they all say that she is. She may end up like Britney, or go a little farther like Victoria.


Watch some James and Nat Youtube videos and you’ll see she does plenty of initiation of hugs, etc.


No thank you. I’ll pass.

Anthony Shares His Weiner

Watch them now before James leaves the house because he will be blowing that server up watching 24/7.

WHite IversON

Oh gosh.. don’t tell me James is the male Zakiyah

Anthony Shares His Weiner

I have a feeling that we are going to end up with a terrible winner this year maybe the worst since Andy the Red Rat won.

Curious BB

Very True….Natalie was especially done with him, after the recent HOH comp. Remember she said, You are a grown A## man James….do whatever you feel is best for your game. Natalie realizes he has been throwing comps and she is sick of it. She appreciates him confronting Paulie, but overall she is over it….he is not her type. I feel bad for him….sad friendship.


Yea James she is not into you at all. Wake up man! Chasing her around like a dog in heat. I bet if she was with Vic she would be showing some affection. Maybe not as much as Nicole or Max-Z did but the snuggles would not be one way as they are with James. I would love to see the two of them on the block together and see how fast she turns on him and also see if she says him touching her made her uncomfortable.

Nat's affection...

She didn’t hesitate to throw her legs around Vic’s hips when he reentered the house LOL

smashed against window pane

Natalie’s caption not flattering but I’d still hit that (from the back).


When production chooses these people meaning potential showmances when it came to Natalie I think her options were Paulie and Victor as far as they were concerned and James wasn’t even in the equation maybe production thought he would hook up with big mf meech or maybe Bridgette I could be reaching there
anywho Natalie’s natural instincts are for Victor and Paulie because yes it’s true so open those legs and wrap them around those dudes real quick Natural Instincts you know I bet she wouldn’t be worried about family if her and Victor were still an item when James went to competition she has imaginary shackles around her ankles
even though James is an idiot and getting suckered I can’t help to feel bad for dude he’s getting used and emotionally abused by this fake check


That is her best look. Face down azz up IMO.

Bolt Uprite

But he only has eyes for Corey.

Natalie Sucks

For many of us live feed watchers, we could see Natalie’s fake relationship when it came to James for a while. Yesterday James told her if it were down to him or her in a comp he would have to fight it out with her, I think she turned even more in him. It is so evident that now she sees he can’t be much use to her in the game, she is done. Outside in the hot tub when she was telling him to stop pranking her, she brought up offenses from weeks ago and the way she talked to him and the words she used with him was very revealing (uncomfortable). She is a bratty child.


I find it hilarious that Meech has been predicting everything right and James’ “gut” is always wrong. Nat and Meech would be better off without him “protecting them”. He ruined their HOH by voting out Vic and they are still listening to the BS he spews. He is clueless. CBS and BB Fand like Nicole more at this point. Vic or Paul will get AFP.

The Truth

That’s ridiculous. Taking out Victor was the right move. They didn’t know there would be a buyback.


Ummmm… Meech was telling James and Nat all week that there would be a Jury Buy Back and James kept shutting her down. Same way he keeps saying he’s 99.9999% sure this week is a double eviction and it’s not.



1. Suspecting or predicting that a player will return is not the same as knowing it will happen. These people predict many things that do not occur all the time. Predicting the next “thing” is something they do to pass the time and not something to bank on as though a foregone conclusion.

2. Even if they could know a player would return, they could not predict which one. Altering one’s target based on information that you do not have is a BAD idea and the fact that not doing so doesn’t work out in your favor doesn’t mean you should have.

Want the name of an HG who based game decisions on a twist that he thought was coming? Lawon.


HaHa poor Lawon got screwed by prodution getting into Shelly’s head about keeping Rachel, when she was gun-ho with taking her out. You’re right about predictions such…


Some people say that they should have suspected the buy back and considered the potential repercussions. I think that’s valid, but I also believe that you can’t play the game too cautiously once you are down to just a few house guests. It would be one of those ‘it’s too soon’ scenarios where you keep missing your chance to take a shot at a strong competitor. People make it sound simple, but if you’re actually in the house it’s not so clear cut.


They did all know about the possibility of a buyback…. they were all talking about it before the vote. it was a bonehead move they should have voted out Corey. they would be in a much better place because James would have kept his word…. something that James has no credibility with now. Nobody will ever make a deal with James again.


Exactly! Even Nicole doesn’t trust James any more because he let it slip he was going to save Victor before voting him out. Dude is a moron this season.

Canadian Fan

If they had voted out Corey, Paulie would have won the buyback. Corey fell long before Vic and Paulie. How would that have been better?

2nd Season BB fan

I think their mistake was not putting up Vic and Nic and just saying they couldn’t decide see who pulls themselves off.

They burned their bridges too early.


Everyone keeps saying that it was a smart move that Nat and Meech got Victor out but it cracks me up that they were never targeting him. It wasn’t a strategic move to get the strongest player out. They targeted Paul and when they couldn’t get him they wanted to vote out Corey which James wouldn’t go for. Even now Meech still doesn’t want to go after Paul or Vic, she wants to get Nicole. Nat and Meech don’t know how to be strategic. Getting victor out was an accident on their part so when they talk about how they can do it again, it makes me laugh!

Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

To be fair they had no clue there was going to be a battle back competition because the number of remaining HG and weeks lined up


They should of known , because the round trip ticket wasn’t used. So production had it planned for someone to come back. That is why they threw in the jury by back.


I hate defending James because he’s a cowardly, lovesick moron…but his gut protects him and Michelle isn’t vital to his game, so why would he advise her (or Nat for Michelle’s benefit) to play in a way he can’t control, which could blow back on him?

James game is fairly straight forward, play to the camera at all costs to win another $25K, then float, hide, be subservient in order to survive. His strategy is not all that different from Nicole’s of assuming there’s always bigger targets to sell. He’d prefer Paul goes, but it’s not vital because Vic is his fear (He assumes Paul will be more strategic (afraid) of Corey). Then next week, he hopes him, Nat, or Corey wins HOH to get Vic (but he will be disappointed that everybody else votes Paul out instead…including Nat) or he assumes he can sell Corey as a bigger threat. In his mind, even if it’s his time to go, he’ll paint some BS picture of chivalry, how he sacrificed himself for Nat, which he’s certain locks up the $25k.

AF is an award decided by CBS’ edit. The majority of voters respond to that, because that’s BB. Vic and Paul couldn’t even win a care package? How are they getting $25k?

Another Hillary Lie

Good point about Vic and Paul not getting a care package because the same people will be voing for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Natalie and James won the first two care packages so they are probably the favorites to win AF. Yuck.

Anthony Shares His Weiner

I’m voting for Bridgette for favorite player.


Anybody but Frank, Paulie or Messiah.

2nd Year BB fan

If CBS does not show Victor’s BB Nature watch then there would be no doubt.



Big Jim

Poor James. Paulie was right Natalie is full of shit.


Paulie and Natalie are the same Jersey Shore animal. That is why they repelled each other. Both are flirting to get an second voter, without any feelings behind it. Both are trying to bully their way to the end. Paulie was pissed to see Nat using his plays, because a girl will always do better at that game.

Tiny trump hands

Seriously? Now we’re supposed to approve of Paulie’s psycho behavior? Uh, no.


Natilie now has Michelle to work with so she’s backing off from James. He served his purpose getting her this far.
And Natalie realises Michelle has a better chance of keeping her safe than James does.


Michelle is going home so no dice. Last two weeks were worthless predictable


Yeah that’s true but Natalie doesn’t know that yet.


Next Week on Big Brother …. “When Showmances Crumble”


Yeah, vote out Nicole and James then, Corey and Nat’s showmance begins….or vote out James and Corey then Vic and Nicole showmance begins.

Vick/Nicole Not happening

Maybe Vick would like a showmance with Nicole but I don’t think she would.
Didn’t Nicole turn him down for a date in the beginning? Then Vick aggressively came at her in front of everyone saying she made it up and he never said it.
But last night on BBAD James said to Nat and Michelle that Vick told him “Nicole was the type of girl he could see himself with and then Vick asked Nichol out on a date”.
Did you see the look on Nats green (orange) face.
Adding fuel to Michelle and Natalie jealously it will be interesting to see just how catty they’ll get.


Sounds like a title of a Soap Opera

Ino Yamanaka

It is really sketch that Corey plans to give Nicole the $5000 bribe money so “they” can have it to spend. Also after suffering through 4 hours of BBAD tonight listening to Meech chomp her way through the evening, double dipping in whatever jar she can find, sticking her finger in the peanut butter jar, licking it off her fingers and then sticking it back in again……ugh! BUT Victor can eat a whole bowl of food, not chew with his mouth open, no noise at all – I sure would like to meet this guy’s mom – he was raised right!. But Natalie and Meeech are the WORST NOISY EATERS! Sorry, had to vent

Tears on my pillow

Mmmmmmmmmmm…maybe that’s why there are 4 jars of PB open…somebody was observant!! Then again the way they all share forks to share food…I really don’t think they care!!


The $5000.00 bribe is a stupid thing unless if the person takes it and they have to do what they took the bribe for. So say you offer the bribe to throw the HoH and they take the money, they have to sit out that HoH. If it is for say vote Meech out… James vote has already been cast if he takes the money.

I like the thing BB Canada did offer someone money, if they take it, the rest of the House does not get a video/ letter from home. Then show the whole house the offer and the greedy person taking the money. There would have to be something that everyone knew that person took the money.


BBAU was even crazier the one season I watched. They offered two people $ and if they took the $ the whole house had only protein shakes for the week. then they brought out a BBQ joint in the back yard and were selling food! Of course the only 2 who had $ were getting hit up and made to feel guilty. (I think they finally decided to give everyone a grand to buy food as they wished for the week) Oh and the $ the took was DEDUCTED from the end prize money! I want to say they were offered and took 10K each.


OMG watching and listening to Michele eat is disgusting. I think she eats like a cow (CHOMP, SMACK, SMACK). After having three peanut butter jars presently open, she opens a fourth one.

I can’t stand watching James bite at his spoon while he eats.


Even though I am a fan of his, I think Enzo BB12 was the worst eater. On second thought, it’s a toss up between him and Meech. I used to turn the volume all the way down when he was eating.


Enzo was very bad. (why didn’t they bring him back loved Enzo)

Grenades yo

Enzo for President 2016



Houka Inumuta

I really don’t care who wins, I just want this boring season over with. I stopped watching BBAD because all they do is eat (loudly) and sleep. Nicole’s voice is nails on a chalkboard. Paul and Victor are cocky and annoying. Natalie and James hide out and do absolutely nothing. This is probably the worst season ever.

Need Better Twists

I agree with most of what you said but as of right now I still think BB6 was worse.


I never care who wins….but I guess I don’t know why this season is so bad in the context of the rest. If you pay close enough attention, the show is always predictable. I you want unpredictable, stick to CBS. Everybody has a strategy that they think gets them to the end and it’s going to play out starting tomorrow night.

Nicole is sitting pretty. She will watch James/Nat battle Vic/Paul for 2 weeks, totally safe. Her ideal is James and Vic surviving, knowing both will evict the other should they win the final 4 veto, and all three guys see her as the best final 2 partner.

Corey sees the same safety for two weeks, but wants Nat and Vic to survive since he’s suspects Vic would take him to the end and Nat is easier to beat.

James wants Vic out next then Corey, leaving a final four of 2 girls that would take him and a guy who’s strategic and can be reasoned with to take James for jury votes. 3 James thinks he can beat all 3 in comps and jury.

Nat is reactionary and personal. She wants Paul out next and then a toss up between Corey or Vic. She thinks she can do her nice girl routine, maybe girl power to win over Nicole…and she’s got a thing for Vic and has just enough ego to think she can James him. She’s not sure if anybody other than James takes her to the end, but she thinks they can beat Corey/Nicole in comps.

Vic wants to win and thinks his best path is resume building. He’s loyal until somebody presents a better plan, so Paul’s survival is huge. If Paul goes next, he sticks with Nicole and Corey to final 3. If James goes next, Paul convinces him Corey has to go, then they steamroll Nat and Nicole.

Paul’s in the most danger because nobody trusts him and his social game is transparent. Short of him or Vic winning HOH or him winning veto, he’s cooked next week. If they do get HOH, James will be the target. After that, he’ll be working to get Corey out if possible or play the loyalty card to get Nat in a Nicole/Corey HOH. In Paul’s mind, Nat and Nicole are oil and water, while Vic is easy to sell out once they reach final four, so everybody takes him to the end.

These are all different scenarios and while poor Simon has to endure it 24/7, if you stick to the show there’s still plenty ahead.


I don’t understand why Natalie thinks it’s such a big deal if Vic is studying in front of people? Who cares. They should all be studying. What else do they have to do?

And meech is so salty about victor. She needs to stop worrying about what he’s done in college or any place else and worry about getting out of bed, and trying to play the game. Maybe stop eating for 5 minutes and go talk to Nicole. You know, play the game?


She is salty about Victor because she thought they were real friends her feeling are hurt BUT I also notice if you replay her goodbye to Vic it has been altered so maybe she apologized I don’t know. CBS new Victor was coming back so they didn’t play anything from Corey or Nicole. I also notice on their promo pic for the feeds Paul is posed behind everyone looking like the puppet master soooooo hmmm and he had that round trip ticket that could have been switched by production also he knew about the 5000 bribe before the care package(he doesn’t watch the show soo) . My point is they definitely don’t want another super fan winning and I feel like this is perfect scripting(to production). They have the two most attractive guys left(although I don’t find Corey attractive) The hot cheerleaders 2 of the most liked vets , Paul’s a favorite of productions because they think he is interesting and cool. just don’t think they want another superfan. They have to get Michelle mad at Vic so it doesn’t mess anything up plus they read the boards if meech starts not liking Vic then people will be more and more upset with her. I just wish production would stop and let viewers and live feeders(separate care packages) do more.


Victor sees no problem with it. He knows he’s a big target so why waste the energy to be all subtle with the studying.

Tiny trump hands

Weird how obsessed people are by how much, and how often the women HG eat. No wonder girls have eating issues. We get it.. Females don’t deserve food.


That’s kind of a big jump. I don’t recall anyone ever saying Michelle shouldn’t eat. Maybe just focus on actually playing the game and not laying in the bed snacking 99.9% of her big brother life. It’s pretty pathetic that she hasn’t even made an attempt to sway Corey and Nicole to keep her. Between these people either focusing on their showmance and Michelle laying around doing a bunch of nothing, it’s making this season really hard to watch right now.


Oh Please! Exaggerate much?


You are a fool through and through.

Ain’t nobody want you.


Somebody please coup d’gras me, please. In the back of the head. Quickly. Quietly.



Nonon Jakuzure

I’m so tired of Paulie fans and family complaining that he was unfairly portrayed on tv. They should be thankful because he was actually given a good tv edit. He was MUCH worse than what was shown and deserved everything that happened to him and much more! Im glad he’s out of the house!
Team Victor & Team Paul!!

Meech Hates Paulie

Where are you seeing the posts by Paulie fans? Share it with us so we can have a laugh too!


Wow! Is James finally realizing that Natalie is just not into him? Probably not since he will be back up her butt tomorrow acting like they are in a showmance. This girl has used you to get farther in the game. She had no problem flirting with Victor, Corey and Paulie because she found them to be attractive. Way to throw your game away James for a nomance!


Listening to James trying to portray his and Meg’s friendship as a showmance is telling. I’m thinking Meg had to be brutally blunt to make James understand he had no chance. When they interviewed her she seemed hesitant and coached.


He says in this post, tha Meg made it clear she wasnt interested right from the beginning. I am assuming he was trying to gauge Nats jealousy when he was braging about their showmance… That was around the same time he started acting skiddish, Maybe its the reason why hes acting like he checked out… is because his feelings are hurt?
Meg and him were a couple, not romantic, but they were each others ride or die, and they enjoyed being with each other, as friends. I dont know why people hate on James so much for liking someone? I am sure most people have had feelings for someone that wasnt reciprocated.
James hasnt been mean, or rude or judgmental. He is a good guy, with a bad gut. Cant knock him for that… But the boards will.

Buffalo Nickel

It’s not my first rodeo…James needs to fully accept the fact that she’s just not into him. No, what if’s or why-plain and simple. No convo needed, bite the bullet and move on. Sometimes surrendering to reality is actually winning!


Ok I know I’m not all that much of a super fan but I do not understand how they are talking about how much the jury hates James and yet they want him out next. Wouldn’t it make sense to Keep him over Paul & Victor since they have played a much better game than Nicole & Corey? Also, Meech seems like such a weak player to throw away an HOH on. Nicole should have gone after James or Natalie if aligned with Vic & Paul. Or take out Paul now while they have the chance. Meech is not truly aligned with anyone and would be easy pickings in a later round. Just seems like a very weak play by Corey & Nicole and a great play by Vic & Paul. At this point if the game ended on Thursday I would have to give it to Paul only because he has not been voted out all season with a second place to Vic.


SITTING DUCKS … keep up the good work … just make sure one of you two wins the HoH this week and the one that doesn’t … win it next week.

P.S. … go ahead and win the Veto competitions as well

not that I really care who wins but have to say, these two have overcome a lot in this game where the others have basically floated their way to where we are … for this reason I would prefer the Sitting Ducks find themselves as the final 2.


I think Nicole still believes (or at least believed when she made noms) that by getting Michelle out she would be covered from all angles. If Nat or James won HOH they would target Paul and Victor. If P or V won, they would target N and J. Of course she will be safe if Corey wins. Michelle was the only one that would have won HOH and for sure targeted Nicole.
However, over the last couple days it has become clear that James and Nat still plan on putting Nicole OTB regardless of who goes home.
Paul and Victor are seemingly the strongest pair but Nicole’s odds of lasting another week are still better by getting rid of Michelle. She can’t play in HOH so she will have 3 people playing that won’t put her up against 2 that would. If she kept Michelle and got rid of Paul it would flip those odds.


What you’re failing to appreciate is James and Nat talk out of their a**holes to each other. Nat surely wants to put up Nicole and Paul….then James, who wants Vic out reminds her that’s the worst of both worlds and ensures 3 enemies after next week. James and Nat won’t be that upset with Michelle’s eviction. Nicole will sell it to him (and she is James’ 3rd…not Michelle) and Nat didn’t seek vengeance for Bronte or Bridgette, so why would she change now, especially with James explaining the game.

No way James doesn’t ensure Vic and Paul go up, even with Nat’s HOH. Last thing he wants is both in the house and only putting up one lets the other win veto and use it. But what will be fun in this scenario is in Paul vs Vic, James is likely the only one picking Paul to stay. Corey trusts Vic, not Paul, and to Nicole and Nat, Paul’s the bigger comp threat it comps they think they can win.

Another Hillary Lie

Assuming James or Natalie can win the HOH. Both Paul and Vic get to play the next HOH, if Paul is still here, and they will be tough to beat.


James isn’t obvious as the next to go, aside from Vic…the guy saying the jury hates him…and Vic’s strategy is resume building. He thinks getting James gets jury votes and has no incentive to gamble on them both being final 2. James has evicted him twice.

Michelle now talks to nobody but James and Nat and just last week, she turned on 2 other allies to side with them…she’s 1000% aligned plus she will always be a vote to evict, an HOH to nominate Nicole. Nobody else is a direct and imminent threat, whether they’re better “competitors” or not in these dumb BB games. Why would she leave a threat in, while eliminating one half of a pair, the survivor likely coming after her (and she knows James won’t be that upset losing Michelle and will still pick her and Corey over Vic and Paul…and Nat has a track record of NOT avenging friends evicted).

Nicole’s path is clear, which is she wants James/ Nat and Vic/Paul to slug it out. The ideal would be them going 1 and 1, which means she’s final 4 and everybody’s pick for final 2. If one side sweeps, she’s still guaranteed final 3 since Corey goes first, and if her or Corey win the final 4 veto, she’s back to final 2 guaranteed. She’s sitting pretty to make it to the end, better than anybody, certainly anybody banking a winning competitions.


meech this week and Nicole and James the next 2 evicted.

This is all I am asking for.


When did Meech start this Nicole feud? Is it because of Da? Nicole just voted her out and yes she did not tell Meech but no one else did either. Meech should have her super fan membership revoked for sitting on her a$$ all week and bragging that since Nic won she has not set one foot in the HOH room.

Bad Breath

Big Leech has demonstrated her bullying pattern. Her life is incomplete unless she has at least one victim scapegoat she can aim her hatred and verbal venom on. As soon as she loses her victim(s) she immediately replaces them with fresh kill and the cycle begins again. I don’t think she can live her life without having at least one target for her hatred and verbal barbs.

Tears on my pillow

They were tight in the beginning due to their Michigan connection. I can’t think of anything before the Da vote that would have set this in motion. Hell, Nic was even part of the crew that sent Bridge packing and saved her. I think Meech is the most catty of them all. I also think that her title of Queen of Sheba fits herself more than Nic, only her pursed lips are full of Nacho crumbs!!


I can’t stand to watch and listen to Michelle eat. Three jars of peanut butter were presently open and she opens another one.
James stop biting at your spoon.
Paul stop digging in your behind while in the hot tub then trying to discreetly sniff your fingers. YUCK!!!


That was Paul’s secret ingredient in the fries. That’s right the FRIES!!! I bet Vic knew about the fries and that is why he was on the block. It always comes down to them fries 🙂

Seriously though I am glad I missed him doing the scratch and sniff. It is enough watching and listening to some of the other animals eating!!!

Bolt Uprite

She hasn’t liked Nicole since she actually met her. The saying goes ‘you should never meet your heroes’. Michigan isn’t big enough for the two of them.


On a side note, I laughed at the Natalie in the phone booth pics. I think she’s realizing they should have been talking to Nicole and Corey all week to make sure Paul went out.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

How is Natalie using James? It baffles me when people say this, because they just say this without providing any evidence whatsoever. James is just comp-throwing, cowardly dead weight. James has not done a thing. He hasn’t done anything that he wasn’t told to do by someone else. He hasn’t had an independent thought all season. Natalie was integral in getting out the two strongest competition beasts (Paulie and Victor, even though I disagreed with her decision to nominate Victor). If anything, James is using Natalie and hindering her game. He needs to go.


It is always smart to pair up with another player – so you have a guaranteed vote for you and you have an extra set of eyes and ears. However…. Natalie always approaches every situation with how James can HELP HER…. not how they can help each other. It is always how James can keep HER safe…. That is how Natalie is using James. She hides behind him and then chunks a few heavy rocks and then runs and hides behind him again!


So Big Meech’s big plan is to pout and fantasize about winning the next HOH so she can send Nicole to jury. Maybe they should just move her bed to jury house so she can keep the fantasy alive. Let those still interested in playing the game stay. Also if I was Michelle I would have squashed the nickname Big Meech before it stuck.

Michelle's tears

I must have missed it. How did she get that nickname? Or who started it?


I want to say it was her rap name when she was having some kind of rap off with Paul one night on the feeds or AD. (Thankfully I missed it) They have been calling her that since. I refuse to call her that although she does have a big mouth and when laying out I think yesterday I noticed she does have some big thighs. (not that she is fat like she says or thinks) but due to her eating habits I prefer Crunch & Munch or just plain Munchie. Oh and to the poster that for the second time says “girls are not allowed to eat” It is not that with her. The big thing is how she eats and that she claims to be a nutritionist and snacks and eats cereal and junk food like a starving animal!

Michelle's Tears

Thanks for the info 🙂 I definitely missed that one (and been trying to figure it out since lol)

Paul's French Fries

James should team up with Paul and Victor and get Nat out next week. That would be fun to watch, she would be so PISSED. James is in a bad spot he is basically playing 3 games having to talk to everyone for the girls and make deals to cover Nat’s ungrateful ass. I found it very telling the 1 HOH Nat won she immediately turns in to super bitch telling Paul “we can talk when your not heated” then controlling Meech’s nomination. She’s a shady shady person, who I will give credit made everyone believe her BS I suck at stuff and can’t win anything so float me on through the game bit.

Nat is a user

Well James you finally figured out Natalie is using you and not into you. Little too late to wake up though. Now that Natalie is comfortable in the house she doesn’t need James so isn’t pretending to like him. But once Michelle goes home she will run back and cling onto James. So James vote out Michelle if you want your failed showmance to start back up again. She had no problems touching on Vic or even Pauline once in a while. She just doesn’t think you’re attractive James that is why she won’t touch you. She is a user.

Bolt Uprite

The only place Vic could logically have sex at the gym is in the men’s locker room. So he’s clearly not after Natalie.


You lack creativity. There are plenty of places.

Bolt Uprite

I defer to your obvious experience and expertise.


Nicole does.n’t know how to play this game. Why the hell is she teaming up with the two strongest players (vic and paul)? Very stupid, does she really think they will take her to the end. No way there taken each other. She has a way better shot with james and nat. Corey well he’s so useless. Hey just lays around all day long doing nothing. I like Nicole but shes not playing a smart game.


Do you realize that you’re the 87th person who posted this opinion? Try having a thought of your own. You can do it!


Some people have better things to do than read through all 87 comments to pick on people.

Need Better Twists

He’s not wrong though …


Seriously, I do have a life and don’t ready every single comment made. Don’t know whats up your ass but maybe you should just changed your name from dirk to dickhead.
Appearantly you don’t have a life and all you can do is read every single comment posted. So just take a page from your own book and get a life.




“Paul says if I go out I’m going to talk to customer service about this (His Round Trip ticket).”

Such BS the Roundtrip didn’t get to be used, I can understand it ending at final 5(if not used) but 8? Paul could’ve used it this week. That’s why I think it’s fair that Paul stays this week. Wasted twist the Roundtrip was IMHO….

Need Better Twists

He shouldn’t complain too much. He got Victor back (a 2nd time), which pretty clearly only happened b/c the round trip wasn’t used.


Been reading where people trying to get CBS to expel Meech for stealing from other HG’s to sell on EBAY. People complained to CBS Vice President and President, Allison Grodner, Julie Chen, Fly on the wall ect. Fans are livid because she admitted it on live feeds. That’s why she was mad at Paul for going touching her bags. Isn’t his $300 glasses missing? She had a tiff with Steve’s(BB17) mom over the fake FB Page she made about him. This chick is past sick in the mind


Is that true? When did that happen? If it’s true, I agree they should remove her.

James "finally figured it out"

Great job James, you finally notice Nat has been using you. It’s time to play big brother and flip the script on her. James can and will turn this around and win the 500k if he plays big brother and understand Nat is not into him romantically. Alright James, back on your side brother.


BIG MEECH … the only things I have found to be BIG about Michelle is her mouth, her whining, and her appetite. If she is not careful with the last item, I may have to add waistline to my list.

Need Better Twists

This is off-topic but could they try to actually come up with some twists that are actually entertaining for next season. Between the Roadkill, the dead end Round Trip tickets, and Victor’s endless buybacks (it’s like he can’t lose for trying) this season has been grueling. The ACP is a decent idea but it’s something that should obviously be done discreetly (it can only lessen the impact when everyone else can plan around it). At least Paulie had that meltdown so that something memorable happened at some point this season!


E THE U …. this is what happens when “Expect the Unexpected” has become “Expect the Expected”. Too much is “Expected” now … what would be “Unexpected” ? … NO TWISTS AT ALL


Maybe we wil see some changes in the online edition at the end of next month


How refreshing would it be if one season went like this ….
– even number of house guests with even number of male and female players (14 or 16 depending on how long you want the season to run)
– no returning players from previous seasons
– no siblings of players from previous seasons
– no related players in the house
– no players with relationships to each other outside the house
– only one head of household per week to nominate two house guests
– a veto competition for one of the nominated players to be saved
– all votes for eviction will be in and the open for all house guests to see
– whoever is evicted is sent home (no jury house or sequesters for a chance to come back into the game)
– when it gets to the final three, have two competitions to determine the final two … all three play in the first competition and winner goes to final two … second competition between the two who did not win the first competition and winner goes to final two
– all evicted house guests are brought back to determine the winner between the final two house guests
– In case of tie, the two finalists are sent back into the house for two days and America gets to vote for the winner


** – all votes for eviction will be in the open for all house guests to see


Vic should have been long gone by now. Evicted twice, and now he’s ruling the roost. How will BB recruit quality HG if they know going in that Production can and will thwart their efforts to win the game? Maybe he’s a nice guy but even he admits that outside the house he’s a real prick, his boyfriend’s girlfriends hate him, and he can’t wait to hang with Jozea.
Any cheap parlor tricks that return evicted players to the house should be discarded as it is fundamentally unfair and not in good faith. Returning the same person twice just undermines any thread of integrity the game may have had. I always hear about returning to old school BB and cheap stunts like buyback and battleback and return tickets just water everything down. If Vic wins after being evicted twice it will be the end of the game. Who will take that seriously?


Is Michelle really stealing peoples thing’s? Where does it say that?

Natalie looks like a beaver in that picture. Funny.


Yes she did. Michelle’s sister posted on Michelle’s official Twitter and Michelle also said on the live feeds on August 13 that she got arrested for stealing at Jc Penney.


I read that is happened August 27 between 1am-2am. Meech and Nat were talking. Nat said that she playfully took James towel so he couldn’t find it. Then Meech said that she has been taking everybody’s things and she plans to sell them on EBAY. Most of the HG’s have mentioned that they were missing things

No wonder Michelles sisters hate her

Michelle: “It’s not fair”

It never is fair to her when she is about to lose. It was fair she told everyone to not talk to Tiffany and spread lies about her when Tiff was on the block.

It’s only fair if Michelle can sit and be a mean girl and stuff her face.

23 years old and acts like a spoiled little 6 yr old.

I hate Nicole and don’t want her to win nor think she will but if she did one thing I would enjoy is how much it would bother Michelle.

I think Natalie secretly is happy Michelle is leaving. Nat is now working a angle where she can be the dumb ditz Paul or Victor take to F2. She wouldn’t care if James went out after Michelle.


Off topic- This b is going to win (Nicole)


Bye Meech! No big loss there as she is one of the most annoying cast members this season, but what a fail of the others to actually get someone out that matters. I used to like James but his pathetic attempts to become Nat’s boyfriend has gotten in the ways of his game. He should be around Nicole 24/7 since she won HOH if not to save his ally Meech this week for next week. Paul and Victor have totally gotten to Nicole because of his laziness. Nicole is playing for 3rd or 4th at this point if I was in there I would go after Paul or Vic first they are going to win this entire game! The time is now to strike at Paul before it’s too late! People that don’t matter at all are Corey, Meech, Nat they are not going to win this game floaters!


Michelle is really the most disgusting dirty houseguest ever. She double dipped the peanut butter last night. Her and Natalie both eat from jars. She dropped food all over her bed and then dropped the wrapper right on the floor between her bed and night stand. She doesn’t wash fruit and eats the kiwi rind. I don’t see her shower or brush her teeth much and her feet are disgusting.

Ratalie and Ickchelle

So at 2:13 am on cameras one and two Michelle and Natalie put their dirty feet all over stuff in kitchen and on handles so gross out and spite Vic. They are disgusting.


Here is video of Natalie and Michelle putting feet all over refrigerator and handles laughing. Trashy Natalie and Michelle

So Deserving of Eviction

Michelle had her chance to get out Nicole last week. She simply could have told Nat that she absolutely would not nominate Paul or Victor and Nat was free to do whatever, I think in all probability Nat would have caved which means James “it’s your HOH” would also have caved. I am not saying that it would have been the best game move but if she felt so strongly about it she should have taken her shot when she had the chance. Now it is too late. And FYI to that dummy Meech just because Nic did not kiss your a$$ when you were HOH doesn’t mean crap. First Nicole wasn’t on the block. Second after Corey went up which was inevitable after Paul won Veto you could not vote so James was the only person she needed to court. And finally you would not have been the tie breaker sending Nicole out which she is which is why you will go to jury.


pual made the biggest game move this season by get victor to put up pulie

Paul's French Fries

What surprises me most is these morons are paid for appearances. Sure we all love the show (when it’s played correctly) but who would actually pay a cover charge or wait in a line to meet any of these fools? They’re not famous, they’re on TV there’s a difference in the two. Although by the look of it a bar and grill could pay Big BEECH and Fatalie in cheeseburgers and not have any objections.


What a couple of immature brats Michelle and Natalie are. I’m so over both those girls. Bitter and mean to the very end. Wish they were gone.
Did Michelle really put her dirty feet on the ice? Disgusting. One could never trust Michelle in their home.


Natalie is looking more and more ugly to me every day.


The outer beauty can only hide the inner ugly for so long

Skips mom

Natalie’s mom and Michelle’s mom should be really proud of how they raised their daughters. To even think it is funny to contaminate the kitchen is inhumane. We have always seen the real Michelle but Natalies fake facade has cracked over the past few weeks and now Natalie WE SEE YOU!


Nicole acts like she’s better than everyone. Not in just a delusional game aspect either. She has this superiority complex. “Aligning” her self with a group of guys….. She’s no Britney (who I loved) , so watching her go will be a relief.

Super stoked

Nicole acts like she’s better than everyone. Not in just a delusional game aspect either. She has this superiority complex. “Aligning” her self with a group of guys….. She’s no Britney (who I loved) , so watching her go will be a relief.


ok I am officially done with Nat. I loved her but like I say ever season the longer HGs stay, the more they are loved/hated because their true colors come out.
pig (I expected it from Meech, but Nat? )

go Victor.

Only can wish

Eventhough, I don’t like James game play, I do feel bad for him. Natalie did play on James emotions. She was giving him mixed signals. What really caught his attention, when she admitted she flirted with the other guys in the house. She even went down the list and James was last on that list. She was willing to show Victor, Corey, Paulie affection, but not him. She is really attracted to Victor, as I said before. She could be thinking if she show James any affection, Victor may not want to be involve with her outside the house. Victor doesnt look like the type that goes for seconds. She doesn’t seem like the type of girl he will take home to meet his mother. I’m not saying she’s a bad person. She’s too high maintenance for him. She probably feel if she tell James how she really feels about him, he would turn the house against her and vote her a$$ out. Poor Natalie is stuck in a situation. SMH

back off on james

she created the situation..

Only can wish

That’s true too! I think if Natalie was straight with him from the beginning as to just teamin up with him and left it as just that, James would have played a better game.


Vic doesn’t look like the kind of guy that likes chicks. And who in that house has been more high maintenance than Victor? Fussbudget? Germaphobe clean freak.

Only can wish

So you are saying Victor is not into female because he fuss and a clean freak? So for him to be into females, he should be a sloppy weak wimp? Okay, we see your thinking process.

No Ladies

Nicole and Z had sex in the house. Z changed her pad in front of others and then didn’t wash her hands and ate community chips. Michelle and Natalie stuck their dirty feet all over the refrigerator and handles in kitchen. Natalie made three racial slurs. And Michelle……there is not enough room to write.


I think this next week will be good, DEPENDING on who wins HOH. If it’s Paul, Corey or Vic, it will be boring.
But if things stand the way they are now, it’s a 2/2 tie and Nicole votes out Michelle, James or Nat wins, it will be a fight fest/bloodiest week in a long time in BB house. PAUL AND Vic will skate right on through because James will definitely be after Nicole or Corey and I don’t think he will care at all about Paul/Vic, he will be going all revenge.
I hope one of them wins HOH so we can watch Paul/Vic run to HOH and make another final four!! But, with it being the three top guys against the two little wimps I doubt very seriously my wish will come true.

back off on james

c’mon guys, ease up on the james hate..seems like a good dude, like everyone else playing it up for the cameras, but sure as hell not the first or last man blinded by poontang, give him credit at least for trying for a big catch..nat is the one who should feel like crap..obviously saw james ripe for the picking after the meg season and rode it for all its worth..if anything i’ve lost the little respect i did have for her. the always playing the victum card that i didnt see for the longest time is becoming quite obvious

Feel bad for James

I feel bad for james. He seems way off today. I believe james finally realize the reality with Nat. It’s time to play big brother james. Go talk to nicole and agree with everything she says. Even though Nicole wants to get meech out, just accept and agree. Also, stay close to nat but definitley keep your feelings out of it. James, you can turn this thing around.

So stoked

I was wondering what would happen between Nat and James after James blew up her game last week in front of everyone. James made a big mistake when he said, “Nat wanted to keep Vic” (instead of Corey). No wonder she’s pulling away.