“I hate all that PC sh!t.. it muzzles real conversation” -Spencer

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots


7:57pm Cockpit Amanda and Andy

They are amazed that every week has gone their way. Andy doesn’t want to mention how awesome they are doing because he’ll jinx it.

Andy asks her what he should say to Spencer. Amanda instructs that he tells Spencer, Elissa and Helen wanted him and GM nominated but Andy, Mc and her told Aaryn to put up Helen and Elissa.

They wonder who Spencer will put up if he wins HOH. Amanda thinks it’ll be Elissa and Gm. Andy thinks Elissa and Aaryn he points out that GM and Spencer have some type of weird bond. Andy: ‘Watch out for the GM/Spencer alliance.. God imagine if you go home because of that”
Amanda says she can’t .. If it happens she would kill herself.
Amanda: “I can’t believe Ginamarie knocked out Helen“ (in the HOH competition)
Amanda: “This week is HUGE”
Andy: ‘What the f*** America we’re not making big move that JUDD move was Big”
Amanda: “It was HUGE.,. f**** that .. maybe this last week we just got rid of Jessie”
Andy: “SOrry..”
They laugh “it had to be done”
Andy says his biggest worry is Helen stays this week and puts up Amanda and Aaryn. Amanda explains Helen has no power this week and no vote the best thing for Andy is to stick close to his “alliance”. She instructs him to let her know she is staying and the only reason Aaryn is putting her up is to ensure Elissa goes home. Reinforce the reasons Aaryn will give Helen.
Andy: ”Then blindside her.. she is going to kill me she is going to be heartbroken.”
They agree after what Elissa said to her before the comp Helen will understand for Aaryn’s game it is best.

Andy: “Jessie was 100% telling the truth about Helen all week. .Helen was blatantly lying to her face.. ”
Amanda: “I know.. I went to Jessie and told her that”
Andy says he did to right before the vote.


8:26pm Ginamarie is waiting for Spencer to come out of the Diary room so she can throw a bag of mung beans at him. FYI she misses after waiting around for 20 minutes.


9:00pm Pranks and chit chat..


9:05pm Living room Andy, McCrae and Spencer
They are talking about the Tweet question from “Xerses” Julie gave Helen during the live show. Julie said she then corrected herself and said He or She.
MC: “She was playing it safe PC style”
Spencer: “I hate all that PC sh!t.. it muzzles real conversation.. you can’t talk about real stuff because of the fear of offending somebody.”
Andy: “People who get offended can go f*** themselves.. life is too short to always be offended by everything”
Spencer and MC agree.
Spencer says people that are easily offended are pu$$ies”
McCrae says he wishes he could remember that Ricky Gervais qoute about offending people. Spencer: ‘What tehy can go f*** themselves” MC: “Ya pretty much “
(“Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right.” ? Ricky Gervais, Heres one)


9:26pm Dinner
Helen in the Diary room
Elissa sleeping
The rest are chit chatting

Amanda is trying to convince Aaryn to request some black hair dye in her HOH basket. Amanda says she’s is going to be completely grey but the time she gets out of here.
Specner: “Are you 28 or 38”
Amanda: “Oh my god I want to die”
They’re explaining to Ginamarie how the HOH competition worked.
Aaryn: ‘McCrae.. did you throw it.. “
MC: “No”
Aaryn: “I thought he threw it”
GM: “Look at that F*** smirk”
MC: “NO”
GM: Don’t lie dude”
MC: “NO”
GM: “You can’t lie bro.. sorry.. your wifey is better at it you can’t lie”
Aaryn: “I walked up to the thing and Amanda said Give it to me” Aaryn explains she heard the music knew it was Veto looked at Amanda waiting for her to hit the button.
Aaryn adds that the first 1/2 of the song she was debating if she should throw it or not. She thought Damned if I do Damned if I don’t McCrae agrees.
Amanda says she told them in the DR she threw the HOH and the said “no you didn’t”


9:46pm Bedroom Spencer, Andy, Amanda and MC
Talking about stuff they would like to get in the game.
Andy: Zingbot
Amanda: Celebrity host
Specner: Elizabeth Shoe
Specner: “I want them to give me a m@sterb@t!on booth”

Andy asks them if Elissa gets evicted do they think she will leave. Amanda isn’t sure they all heard Elissa threaten that she’ll walk out of the jury. Amanda tells them if they get to jury and Elissa is there they need to make her life hell so she leaves that way America gets the vote.


9:48pm Cockpit Helen and McCrae
Helen saying that Spencer is working with Aaryn. MC plays along says he’s worried they are working on something to get him out.

Helen: “I think she wants Elissa out because Elissa fought with her right before the competition”

Helen says Elissa didn’t want to sit next to Aaryn and GM and she made a big deal about it. Aaryn went up to Elissa and said something and Elissa ignored her.Helen thought it was silly thing for Elissa to do right before the competition she should be worried about winning the HOH.
Helen: “I’m scared she’ll put up Me and Elissa and put me up as the pawn.
MC: “Or put up me and Elissa.. That way AManda votes out Elissa.”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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If you are having sleeping problems tune in to bb after dark, there is a 90% chance that it will put you to sleep.


HELL-EN is such a dumb twat! She was running away from Jessie so many times during those fights. I hope that dumb whore C U N T bitch goes


Normally a comment like this would be thumbed down because some people would get offended, but we all HATE Helen so much, it’s totally fine. haha! Infact, does Helen even have 1 fan? I have not seen any.


Early in the season she seemed like she would be a smart, strategic player. Unfortunately that quickly progressed to arrogant and eventually delusional as she ultimately helped to evict those that would have been on her side vs. Amanda. Hilarious that she blames Jessie now when Jessie has been trying to do what Helen should have been plotting for the last two or three weeks.

can we opine on "boomerang" helen?

Helen’s EGO and also her failures and successes are almost grandly Napoleonic.
HER rise as a BigBro demi~urge sprang from the collapse of Nick’s bold empire.
If Mitt’s “mittsters” had hired her during the last election, an’ he lost by only 3% of
the popular vote, i dare not opine further becuz i must keep all my deep GONZO
apolitical. so she’s a GOP lobbyist rather than a Democratic honcho/consultant!!!
here i was blaming the guys running for the senate in Indiana +Missouri for Mitt’s
loss or his legendary 47% remark that Jimmy Carter’s grandson covertly videoed!!
Dear sweet lil (2B) blindsided, backdoored & boomeranged Helen has been political
in a very BA$$ACKW@RDz manner at the national level methinks! she is GOP big tyme!

can we opine on "boomerang" helen?

did lil ole Chicago area Helen work for Mitt and adroitly help’d along his 3% loss becuz she can
be MADAM DEAL aloof, DRAGON LADY dictatorial and embarra$$ingly HEPcat out of touch???
Helen is one of the older gamers this BB HG season, is she inside an IKE era social meme??
Helen has trusted Andy’s gossip an’ patter too greatly. Are we inside a Shakespearian tragedy?
I’m still hoping the half million goes to one of the nicer BB players and not the 3 A.M Alliance folk!

Uri Dequad

I am SHOCKED…Demanda’s fat ass on
the HOH bed AGAIN!!! It is constant. She
has never won and I bet she has more
minutes on the bed than Aaryn even though
she has won 4 times(3 for HOH time)

Demanda is so disgusting inside and out!!!!


Question: If you could live forever, would you and why?
Answer: “I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were
supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live
forever, which is why I would not live forever.”

Candice Stewart
Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2002 crown


Hey Aaryn lend Candace some of your Adderall


Well, that explains a lot……


Are you serious? lol

I can imagine her saying that with her eyes bugging out and in that baby voice of hers.


That was actually miss Alabama 1994…..


Yeah, I just googled it. It wasn’t Candice.

Lurker… boo. =:P

can we opine on "boomerang" helen?

rent the sci-fi flic “IN TIME’ from blockbuster or the like. its a neat flic!!! LOOPER is better.
IN TIME has Mr.Timberlake in it trying to act immortal. the movie’s script is chillingly real.


Didn’t see either movie, but both sound cool from their descriptions. I like Amanda Seyfried, so I usually see her movies anyway, and the other has Bruce Willis. I’ll catch them both, so thanks.

I Call BS

Why do you wanna make shit up, Lurker? That ignorant quote was from the 1994 Miss America pageant and it was made by Miss Alabama, not Candice.


I call BS all the time but they keep putting me on *HOLD*

Geez Louise

So glad they decided to get out Kaitlin instead of Aaryn because Kaitlyn was such a competition threat and Aaryn wasn’t. Idiots! Oh, karma, sweet karma, we are waiting…


Show is rigged. The show tonight proves it. They made the players create drama because it’s boring. The announcer’s comments like “the house EXPLODES again” are sooo laughable and full of hyperbole to make us viewers think this is a really interesting show.

ALL of Julie’s questions were answered in a way that clearly indicated they knew the question in advance and practiced the answer.

CBS is insulting is our intelligence.

rs wilson

for 15 years and making a killing


Yeah, they obviously barely showed any of that fight.
It was happening on and off for a good couple hours or so.
They didn’t show Jesse and Helen REALLY going at it, that went
on way longer. They also didn’t show Jessie running from have not door
to color room door in the dark trying to listen to conversations (this was at the
tail end of it all).
It really was pretty fun to watch on the feeds though =).
Hoping this week is even better though, I wanna see Helen just lose it completely.


Even for an optimist like me, it was very clear that this season’s “game” is full of it. In season’s past, when would McCrissy and his handler, Amanda, not be put up against each other in that competition?! I guess only the viewers noticed them soooo obviously sitting up under each other during the eviction vote. Not! This is more a scripted comedy of dingbats than a Big Brother season.

McCrissy, Andy and Spencer talking about PC? That’s why there should be an intelligence requirement for President!


Lol @ Hellen…..bout time she gets to worry about being put up. I can’t wait till her and Elissa are actually put up so I can hear Helen’s new lies and see how fast she throws Elissa under the bus!!! Oops too late!!! Ok. You know.


She’s going to hate herself for not going after Amanda sooner. She had the opportunity.


It would be a great moment in the game if this season was actually a game. But, it’s not. It’s so fixed that one can’t even really enjoy a gotcha moment because there isn’t one. In season’s past, the opposing sides played hard against one another, not in unison with one another. So, now it’s like an altar call. I think the word is “anticlimatic.”


Just for curiosity’s sake; can anyone tell me what was so ‘great’ about Janelle? I already know that she won a lot of POV’s and a couple of HOH’s but what else keeps people holding her up to such elevated status as a player? I’m not stating my opinion as a hater here, so please don’t attack. Peace.

Janelle is overrated

Janelle is overrated to me also she is a 3 time loser like mike boogie told her, I would explain more but I have to run because Janelle fans are about to hit me with a lot of angry aggressive thumbs downs and attacks.


Janelle was a comp BEAST…she chalked up more HOH’s and POV WINS than anyone
else ever has.


Thought Rachel topped her on bb13. Could be wrong.


HorseFace Janelle had to win all those comps because she was always in trouble in the house — her social game which is really what BB is about was garbage.

She was really a weak overall player that just won a lot of comps and you can’t win BB that way.


Aaryn’s last win doesn’t count because this season is scripted. It’s not like she had to play hard against the half-wit since the other HG’s were trying so hard to give it to the half-wit. Aaryn only finished her off because she had something more important to do after the competition, and just couldn’t wait any longer for the her to “guess.” Even McCrissy had to answer WRONG to give the half-wit a win. Let’s see: What would a half-wit like Amanda do with $500,000 that she didn’t earn?
So much for seeing her as a great mastermind. It was like one of those candid moments when you catch a politician saying something so unintelligent, and you realize that he/she is just being hyped by the media, and not standing on his/her own merit. Nope, I’m going with this season is scripted.


Yes this season is scripted. I was watching live feeds last night and Andy was talking about one of the comps. He said they were trying to get him to “gay up his lines” Then, of course, the feeds went to fishes!


To the comment above about Amandas age, I read that she is 38 not 28 and she is married. Her hubby is the one that owns the realty company she works for. the site I read this on is thedenisbackonceagain.blogspot.com. Their evidence is fairly compelling! Everyone check it out and judge for yourself!!

Amy no

Amy you are wrong .. That website is horrible and simon and dawg shouldn’t be a part of spreading rumors (And hurting innocent people who happen to have a similar name) Amanda klarsfeld personal info has been displayed (phone numbers addy etc) and will now have to be victim of the dens smear compaign. A complete disregard for the truth is how the operate (check out their comments for proof of their craziness) and the arguments are not compelling at all .. Omg there is more than one person with the name amanda J zuckerman .. Stop the world .. And then they conclude amanda is 38 ..yup thats their argument i the best light … Amanda klarsfeld used to be Amanda JANE zuckerman not our BB star Amanda JOY zuckerman .. Also mrs klarsfeld has a picture out there on the web that’s clearly not BB Amanda .. Please stop spreading rumors .. Thanks!


Ricky Gervais on offending people- This is what Spencer was talking about in case your interested

A comedian’s job isn’t just to make people laugh, it’s to make them think. If there’s a meaning to it, and a substance and a bit of a depth, then you’re doing something. Now, here’s the rub: offence, is never given, its taken. If you’re not offended by something, then there was no offence, it’s as simple as that. If you are offended by something, walk away. I’m offended by things all the time but I haven’t got the right not to be offended, and remember this: just because someone is offended it doesn’t mean they’re right.

Some people are offended by equality, some people are offended by mixed marriage, some people are offended by everything. You can’t worry about that. And you can’t legislate against stupidity. I’m not one of those comedians who thinks my comedy is my conscience taking the day off, my conscience doesn’t take a day off. I can justify everything I do. You have got to be able to look someone in the eye and tell them why you made that joke. And if I’m doing stand-up and I go suddenly go, oh God, I hope so-and-so isn’t in tonight, then I shouldn’t be doing that joke.

Uri Dequad

Andy has really strange ears…especially inside

To me he looks like a red-headed GOLLUM!!!


Andy is Gollum through and through. Always whispering his vile nastiness.


Andy = Opie + Pee-wee Herman.

Aj Hollering

I swear when he spoke during the diary room sessions his face would always morph into a rat for me for some strange reason and seriously getting Judd out is not a big move its sad they really believe that


I think people should vote candy back in, at least she left with a bang and can walk in and mess up the house even more, I think Judd is a little to nice . I want Amanda Arryn and GM to have it a rough end of bb with candy back in


No chance-this has been set up so that the soon-to-be 4th juror is the one coming back in. No way would the other three have a shot to stir shat up if they got back in. More than likely, it’s a set up to get Elissa back in after alliances have been blown wide open so that she and Helen can make some drama happen


I hope you are right and Helen goes out and walks right back in–it is the worst season by far with predictability every week and the power couple controlling everything since the MC blew up. If Amanda somehow went out then the whole house is up for grabs. Save the season and get that whore out already–and yes PC police — whore is an appropriate and accurate word for her.

can we opine on "boomerang" helen?

if Helen goes into the JURY… its 50/50 odds on her returning a.s.a.p into gameplay
and maybe a 35% probability that JUDD does a comeback. The remainder set 15%
has me wondering if its Candice or Jessie who gets the second chance, i’m trying
to factor in luck and playing ability! i feel if Amanda is blindsided and goes to the JURY
the whole group will jump her so McCrae can streak into the top three rather easily. i
think if Amanda enters the Jury House she will stay there, and that JUDD might win the
competition. Candice and Jessie are about evenly matched, i think one may be luckier…
i keep on thinking Elissa might be jettisoned so that Helen can have more BB weeks. i
am assuming HELEN & ELISSA are going up in tandem as Aaryn re-alligns her game…


Thank goodness we don’t get to vote the person back in if people would vote for Candice. I want Judd to come back. I hope he wins the comp and comes back.

Tired of Amanda

Amanda needs to go I’m tired of her running this game by telling everyone who should go each week . This season is boring because you can predict who is going to go up and go home. A big move would be to back door Amanda this week and get her out. She hasn’t won anything she takes over the hoh bed when its not her hoh and she hasn’t won a competition yet. She has a good social game that’s about it.


The suckiest part is that everybody in the house are just Amanda’s minions. I wish I could smack some sense into them and make them see the light. Hopefully Aaryn gets her shit together and sees the Amanda is the real threat.

Also, I think it says a shitload about this season and its cast when my favorite player becomes Aaryn. And she sucks major balls. This season has got to be the worst season of BB ever.


Isn’t it a bit bewildering that aaryn, gm, spencer and Amanda are all still in the house? The four people who have expressed the most racially-charged prejudices?? Big brother sucks.


Amanda is a BEAST!………I mean literally, she looks like a beast. I guess that makes Mcraerae the beauty? Nah, maybe the dirt….Dirty and the Beast… Ahhhh.


I like Elissa. I wouldn’t want the daughter of the arryan nation sitting next to me either. But lets not kid ourselves, Pandora’s box will save Helen and Elissa! Anyone think how?


lets hope whoever the returning jury member will be, will be made HOH. only thing to root for right now.

Real Scandals Phony President

I hope the returning houseguest really shakes this house up because we are going to be bored to death without some new drama.


I don’t normally agree with you, but that would be awesome (the Jury member that wins their way back in is HOH that week).

Still rooting for JUDD!


Seriously can’t understand why these people have gone after every showmance/couple in the house (Aaryn/David, GM/Nick, Howard/Candice, Kaitlin/Jeremy), yet they STILL don’t want to break up McCrae/Amanda. I’m hoping something happens to Aaryn and she sees the light and decides to backdoor Amanda. Or even better I’d love to see Amanda’s reaction if Aaryn nominated both her and McCrae instead of Elissa and Helen. Sadly, Aaryn too will play it safe this week and go with the house.
Elissa is such a dumbass! Why the hell would she say that to Aaryn right before the HOH after finally creating some peace afters weeks of hostility between her, Aaryn and GM. Now we are gonna be forced to watch a week of trying to get Helen out through Elissa, when the house should be focusing on breaking up McCranda. Her presence in the house is useless because she clearly doesn’t care about winning or else she wouldn’t have stirred up shit again with Aaryn.
Hoping that Aaryn doesn’t go through with this plan to take out Helen (I don’t get all the hatred toward her). She’s annoying but I’d definitely like to see Amanda and McCrae squirm long before Helen. They are way too comfortable and it’s so annoying.
Side note: Thank you CBS for not devoting a single minute to that wedding!!

Captain Spam

I know there’s a lot of hate towards Amanda but she has clearly played the best game so far this season (which isn’t saying much). She has done a great job of getting people out that are threats to her and at the same time she has known exactly who to pull close and when to pull them in. Aaryn was on her way out until Amanda pulled her in and now that move, made a month ago, is keeping her safe and is going to get out one of the last big threats to her in the game. Amanda has played very paranoid over the last 2 weeks (something the great players don’t do) but I think overall she has played head and shoulders above the rest of the house.


Yeah, I was all for supporting Amanda for a really long time. She really is playing the best game so far and she is so cut throat that she’ll do whatever to advance. Hell, I think she’d kick McCrae to the curb if she had to to save her own ass. I don’t doubt that she is excelling at this game. However, these past few weeks she has been absolutely disgusting. She really is such a vile and gross woman with no shame, class or decency. On top of all that, she is so arrogant and hypocritical and her personality is so off-putting. It makes it difficult to watch her sometimes because she is so extremely unpleasant. Aside from all that, yes she is currently the queen of the house and all the others just do what she wants but going into whatever week we are in now, I definitely want to see her dethroned and to watch her squirm. Even if she doesn’t end up leaving. I want McCrae to leave just to piss her off.

helen is clueless

If you mean putting Mcrae’s mind in a fog with sex then I agree. Other than that Amanda’s social game sucks. If she didn’t have the rat she would be gone already and her bullying has almost blown up in her face. If Mcrae didn’t put out the fire when she was arguing with Aaryn about using POV on Amanda the blondes may have targeted her more. They were pissed about it. If Mcrae didn’t reel her in and fix it Amanda would’ve pushed too hard. Amanda also has a loyal rat on her side. If Andy was loyal to Helen, Amanda would have been evicted this week if not sooner.

Captain Spam

No arguments from me about Andy being a major part of her game but that speaks to her game play. Andy IS loyal to his alliance with Amanda so it’s Helen going home this week and not Amanda. Like her or not she is the best player this season.


Because they (Production) wanted Elissa to start drama so she gets voted out. I’m sure this rigged. They promised Elissa if she gets voted out, they’ll bring her back in and she’ll get the HOH. She’ll nominate Aaryn and Gm. Aaryn goes home, ratings go up.


I hope not. I’d definitely rather see Jessie or Candice return over Elissa. Even though Jessie ended up smoothing things over with people after her tirade and she does flip flop a lot, I feel like if she were to return and be in a position of power, she would definitely make some moves in the house, especially after witnessing the goodbye messages and realizing no one had her back. It may light a fire under her. While I would like to see Candice back, it would be more so for the drama that she would cause rather than to make big moves because Candice hasn’t done well in competitions.


Unfortunately, they’ll show the wedding on Sunday, I’m sure.


Naah, the best we can hope for as fans of the show is that the jury gets to vote for a third contestant: Nobody.


I really am insulted by this season. I didn’t think BB would do this to the fans. Insulting our intelligence, not expecting us to know that this season is rigged. Is the franchise trying to commit suicide?


I hope Julie keeps throwing the houseguests nuggets on how horrible a season this is!

DR Hacker

That was awesome how Julie conveniently used a tweet to casually say that basically America things that this season is boring so make a move. How about Helen’s stupid answer…the Judd move was a big move. Please! Once Helen gets blindsided that will be a big move. I am sure she will still say that it was too early to get Amanda out.

Not a Helen fan

Yup Hellen your an ass and you bucked up your game when you voted out kaitlyn Howard Candice Jessie hope fully you can go first and Candice replaces you loser


Yeah, wanna see how long Helen the Great can keep the kumbaya sham going……want to see her come unglued

Not a Helen fan

Oh yah and Judd too

BB Brotha

For everyone that hated on Jessie’s half-day rant…let’s see how the Brenchel army feels about what Elissa is going to do this week. She is so stuck up…the only reason I have tolerated her for this long is because she might have had the nerve to make a big move. However, she can’t seem to win an HOH…poor little rich girl.

Captain Spam

I don’t think Amanda would be so quick to give a finals vote to America if she knew they put her on the block twice this season


Stupid phone! I meant to give a thumbs UP.


God i hate Amanda and Mcrae! If they are final two though, Amanda deserves it because Mcrae is a little pansy that, in my opinion, has rode Amanda’s coat tails, and don’t even get me started on that little weasel Andy! God i hope Elissa wakes up and wins the next HOH! I know i’m dreaming~ lol


I really think I’m going to be physically ill if Amanda, Helen, Andy, Aaryn, GM, or Elyssa win… hmm, who’s left? Spencer and McCrae. Not too enthused about those choices either. I would much rather Judd, Candace OR Jessie come back and win. But that probably ain’t gonna happen. UGH.

Candy land

Hopefully Candice goes back in so she and Ginamarie can go at it again I wanA see Candice deal with that momma comment I love this season

Huh what

Well tonigh was obvious Amanda is going to win and McCrae will be next to her. Seriously no one puts them against each other in the HOH comp…I wonder why oh that’s right AG told them not to. If AG wants to rig a game (like she’s done for the last 4 seasons) don’t make it so obvious. Another boring scripted week. Helen and Elissa go up, Amanda will finally break her winless streak and she won’t use it and here comes the shocker…..Helen leaves by another landslide vote. I keep hoping theyll restart the season but at least I have BB-UK to watch….I suggest everyone else who is bored check it out…much more interesting.

This season sucks

BB Australia as well (The accents are a bonus)


helen deserves to be put up. her antics drive me crazy especially those crazy dr sessions. what a snob.


I am def drinking every time Ms. Mother Hen Helen say “YOU KNOW” …”YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN” on BBAD Tonight. Lol

Aj Hollering

this is a silly question to ask but do you know how many times she has said it already? When they show the episodes on tv I always try to catch how many times she will say it and CBS does a good job editing most of those “YOU KNOW” and OKAY out


The only silly question would be, Is Gina Marie really going to marry Nick? Seriously though, Cdoug2662 is going to end up with alcohol poisoning.


AAryn HOH is going to be a waste because hellen is going to be walking right back in the house ….. … I love big brother so much but no house guest in this house can say they made a independent move that would put them with being all star marterial …… WHEN THEY REACH to final 2 and the jury ask why should i reward you with the 500000 all of them should be ashame every single one did what the majority of the house wanted…… They did what amanda and ccompany wanted… I said this befor and i’ll say it again the only person who can save this SEASON for us the viewers is ZZZIIINNNGGBOT ..
CANT WAIT FOR ZINGBOT TO GIVE ANDY AND THE HOUSE A REALITY CHECK HE’S TOO TALKATIVE … AARYN has done all the dirty work but she wont make it to the end amanda, andy and macra cant be sitting next to her with all those hoh wins ……


honestly, the only one I wouldn’t mind seeing in an all star season is Amanda. I would just love to see her game play with people who are actually playing the game and not her little sheep. I don’t like her whatsoever, I would just be really curious to see what she’s like when she’s not top dog.

billy bob

who wants to see my grand wizards room, heil arryon, lol
next season bb should give every houseguest adderrall,
trust me i use pop many adderrals, thats why arryon talks all soft and slow, shes on one,
she aint fooling no one,a.d.d my ass,
they should of gave dan a couple adderralls before he went into solatiare confinemen,he would of came out and ran for president,


I could even tell when she hit the button the first time during the HOH she was drugged out. The way she was breathing, the way her eyes were popping, and the way she was talking to Julie after, she’s clearly on something. Adderall makes you more focused and much better then you would normally be when it’s not prescribed for the right purpose. This is her 4th HOH, I’m sick of seeing her win it, and I’m even more annoyed that she’s on Adderall, and it’s clearly helping her game. That would be like allowing performance enhancing drugs in sports, how is that fair to the competitors who don’t have that edge?? Like what the fuck is going on this season, seriously?!


Does anyone understand Adderall. Many seem to think it is some super steroid that makes you a competition beast. CBS would not prescribe Adderall to the HG’s. They have to see a Psychologist and take many tests to determine if they are truly ADD. If a person does have ADD or ADHD then not having the medication would cause them a disadvantage in a challenge. I can’t believe everyone bought what Elissa was saying about Adderall being a super performance enhancing drug. Elissa is so stupid. She doesn’t know what she is talking about most of the time. Elissa really does think she is better than everyone else. She said she had owned a couple of houses by the time she was 25. Wow, is that the measure of being a good person.

Elissa is so aware of the cameras watching all the time. She keeps saying things about how great she is and she is making a fool of herself. I really didn’t like when she was having the discussion about GM’s eating disorder. She says she is SO concerned. Poppycock, she just wanted to make sure America knew about GM’s problem. She loves talking about other HG’s trying to make them look bad so that she can look superior. Elissa saying she did not want to sit next to Aaryn or GM proves what a self-serving arrogant spoiled b**** she is!


never thought I would say this in a million years….but GO TEAM SPENCER!

In the Mix

If Futurama’s “Seymour” and Wallace and Gromit’s “Wallace” had a kid, it would look exactly like Andy.


Helen needs to be blindsided and then come back as the returning player. That would really bring the drama back into the house and expose the shadiness of Andy, Mc Crae and Amanda. That would shock the house and potentially destroy the 3am alliance.


the only move andy made was gettin jessie out, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that will go down in BB history……

Mr Shane

Yes and did you see how upset Andy was after the tweet revelation that no big moves have been made! He was actually arguing this saying Judd was a big move etc how delusional and conceited they all are about their game, trying to convince us they have subtil strategy and comparing themselves to legendary players, when they are all just mediocre players, someone posted earlier that the only reason they would like to see Amanda on an all star edition, is just to see her without her sheep, with True Alpha players, I don’t think she would survive that long……agreed. This is the “big move” week, will love to see Helen’s face when she is voted out, however, if Aaryn put up Amanda and McRae, and rallied up GM/Spencer. Helen/Elissa… She would get the vote and McRae or Andy would be powerless to come after her right after….that would be interesting.

Karen S

Wondering who this “Vote back in a Jury Member” is going to help.
I want to scream… SO PREDICTABLE!!!! And if this is truly all scripted..
I am so over it.. done.. and feeling pretty cheated. ugh ugh ugh


I think Julie said they’re going to have a competition to see who gets to come back into the house. I really hope someone who’s in the jury house right now gets to go back in and not Helen >:-(


why cant Elissa be a competitor like her sister? Rachel must be disappointed in her.

Mr Shane

Elissa just confirmed to Helen that if she gets evicted, she will walk out of Jury since she does not want to miss her boys first days of school….What a waste of space, bb could have had selected a real contender instead of her…pfff Rachel told Jeff Shroeder on CBS that Elissa was a true floater…..indeed.


Rachel is disappointed, she said so on the interview with Jeff on cbs.com.


Helen’s croaky teeny weeny voice is driving me up the wall. If she gets voted out and comes back I will die!


“Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world,
I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those
flies and death and stuff.”



That made up quote could be attributed to any of the girls in the house now. Think about that! Really shows the quality of people that CBS wants in the BB house.


I take pleasure in seeing Helen squirm knowing that she is likely to go up on the block. Payback is a bitch!


Ok. Time for Ms. Mother Hen (Helen) to start selling her bestie Ellisa down the River. Here we Go!!


I would like to see Elissa granted sainthood if she actually went up to the HOH room and told Aaryn and GM that she purposely insulted them in front of the whole house before the competition. Elissa just wanted to make therself the biggest target for Aaryn. Elissa would then say that she wants to work with both of them to get rid of aMANda, McPizza or Andy the Rat. No one would suspect that Elissa is actually working with Aaryn and GM.

It would be awesome, if that happened, that aMANda and Andy the Rat were the nominees. Aaryn could make the biggest move in BB history be telling both of them that they are just pawns, because she has so much blood on her hands and that the other house guests would be in awe of her for putting up two power players. Of course Aaryn would say that if any of the other houseguests won POV they would remove one of the power trio, and Helen would go on the block and be backdoored.

That would be the ultimate move for Aaryn to get the votes to discard McManda or Andy the Rat.


During tonight’s episode they showed the fight between GM and Aaryn. I never saw GM chest bump Aaryn like it was stated in an earlier post. Is it possible Aaryn made that part up? Or did someone see it really happen on the feeds?

In the Mix

Pandora’s box should be that all three Jury Members come back and three existing house guests get evicted – preferably Amanda, Helen and GM.


Elissa used to escort. I know because I was one of her best customers before she left me for that pig in Regina. Amanda acts like a pro, but I assume she is just a promiscuous woman.

I am glad Helen is going home, what a loser.


So did any of her yoga positions help advantageously in escortcapades?


Who’s that munching and crunching in the background? Oh, it’s greedy arse Andy being disgustingly vile as usual.


OK so far, Amanda took Aaryn’s new facial/mud mask (did she ask?) and put it on, joked about how the new headband is really hers, griped about there being no black hair dye in Aaryn’s basket, tried on her Aa’s shirt before Aaryn has had a chance to , is sitting on the HoH bed (what’s new?), and I’m sure she will drink every drop of her alcohol before the night is over. YOU DIDN’T WIN, AMANDA. Take it up with Grodner if you’re not happy about it!!


I hate all these bitches. Helen is a dirty, scum sucking whore. Aaryn is bigot, racist twot. GM is so fucking ugly and a bitch.

I was hoping that fat, smug cunt Amanda would go on the block, but to be honest I dont mind if that gross, weasle Helen “The ‘Whore’ ” goes up. I hate her just as much as Amanada….. It’s a win-win this week.


Helen PLEASE SHUTUP (voice of BB)


Since spencer doesn’t like people getting offended he shouldn’t get offended when people google the name “Spencer Clawson” for now
until the end of time what comes up!


While we’re on the subject of rigging shows, nothing is more rigged then Hells Kitchen. That dirty, poxy faced Ramsay pre-selects all the winners.

His show is rigged and Ramsay isn’t that great a chef. I won’t watch it anymore.

Big Brother and Survivor are my two favorite shows. Although, Whodunnit is pretty good.

Jake K.

Let’s be real….secretly in all of our heads we are rooting for Aaryn. We all got excited when she won HoH. But we usually keep our thoughts to ourselves cause of her actions earlier in the game. We are SUPPOSED to come on here and bash her as a racist, but all of us applaud her gameplay and as of lately her attitude in our heads.


Helen has caused a lot of cr#@ these last few weeks. She lied and pressured to get Judd evicted, and got Judd and Jessie to take the fall for her plan to take Amanda out. And backed out in the last moment and let them take the heat. Talk about some who has lied her way through this game, its Helen. And I hope it comes back to bite her in the butt. She was covering her tracks with Jessie and Judd and she was so scared she would be exposed. She is going this week. Also I can’t stand her, I’m like you mom and I’m your friend attitude, I felt so bad for them and cried, and all the OK OK…..enough already.


It’s going to be hilarious watching the vile decrepit Helen squirm like the worm she is while the supremacist Aryan puts her up on the block where she belongs.

Helen thought she could eliminate all her votes like Howie, Candy & Jessie and then side with the supremacist side of the host and be accepted. LMAO!!

The same girl (Aryan) that told her to “go fix me some rice”, is the one that’s going to evict her…how poetic!

The Axis-of-Evil (Amanda-Aryan-Ginnamarie) are racist and bigoted but that can be an asset when you are the power in a house where there are non-racists and non-bigots, and people who find that type of mentality primitive and irrational.

Poor Elissa is used to being around educated and cultured people so she can’t even hide her disgust toward GM and Aryan for their hideous behavior and foul manners, I guess Elissa wants to return back to society without the backlash that’s awaiting the Gestapo-girls when they return to the world jobless and scorned by America.


Poor Elissa….poo Elissa be damned!!! This phoney former escort is as disgusting and vile as the Gestapo Girls. Because she stands alone and aloof does not mean that she has morals and values. She is a spoiled bitch who thinks that America loves her. People think that she is a coiled spring waiting to strike and bring justice to the house but that just is not true. She is to stupid and arrogant to get down and dirty to win any comps or friends. She is what she is a waste of skin and Helen’s trained monkey. Now she is threatening to walk through the jury house and go home. Do it you crummy bitch, the sooner you are out of the limelight the better. Lordy I hope that CBS has more sense than t let you compete in any other “reality” show. The sooner you disappear the better.


Elissa hasn’t been playing a well thought out game. Her only redeeming quality is that she is consistent in disapproving the race based comments others make. Other than that she has a firm yoga body which was wonderful for what she used to do. This cast is particularly bad, and I think in any other circumstance–better caliber contestants– she would be mocked and ridiculed as an idiot and outed as a teenage mom that resorted to escorting with some wealthy businessmen.


Laughing my butt off now, Elissa with her really bad game play and her craziness, because she is just nuts. But the look on her face when Helen and her where talking and that she just realized she just screwed over either Helen or herself. I wouldn’t mind Elissa gone.