Daniel “You could probably mess it up.” Terrance “If I see an opportunity to sabotage..” Daniel “That would be insane!” ** updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

5:14pm – 6:04pm Big Brother switches the feeds back to the kitty cams. It sounds like the feeds were blocked just to bring in a larger eviction couch for the three nominees.

6:05pm – 6:30pm Bathroom – Terrance and Daniel.
Terrance – so I think the best case scenario ..you play in the veto and win that motherf**ker and keep nominations the same. Or convince him (Michael) that whoever wins it, do it (leave it the same). Daniel – convince them to leave it the same? They’ll never have two powerful players up again. Once this is over .. never again. Terrance – if you get them out now its easier. Why wait? You got them on the line. Daniel – if you break one of them off, I don’t think that alliance would be as strong as it is. Of the three, there is no reason why anyone should want you out. Terrance – Yeah I know. Daniel – I would lose my mind if you’re out of here. I would be done! Terrance – I still want to make sure that I protect that backdoor so the best option for me right now is to leave nominations the same that way we can both stay safe. Daniel – Hopefully I get picked (to play in the veto). Terrance – yeah I pray to f**k that you get picked and that you win it. Or that he (Michael) f**king wins it. Daniel – because then he can make a huge move. We will talk when we see who gets picked. Cause if its a team thing, I don’t know if you’re willing to but you could probably mess it up. Terrance – you think I won’t?! Daniel laughs. Daniel – and Kyle is scared of going up too. Because he knows if I say I am alone, they would know he’s teamed up and send him home. Terrance – if I see an opportunity to sabotage.. Daniel – that would be insane!!! Terrance – and it wouldn’t be that difficult.. have I won anything!? Have I been a comp beast!? You f**ked up! Damn! Oh well fellas we lost again. Daniel – you’ve done it once and you guys weren’t even trying. He could have easily put me up but everyone was like backdoor Daniel ..and I’m like for what!? Who do I have? Stop?! Terrance – if you win it.. Daniel – I could keep it the same and Kyle would do the same.

6:28 pm Alyssa playing for the camera



6:44pm Living room – Turner and Monte.
Monte – I would love to squash things with him and explain last week but at this point he is so desperate I’m sure he would take that conversation and run around the house saying Monte said this that and the third. I am not going to play that game. We can just play it cool and then on eviction night I can just pull him aside and say here’s what happened and then when he is outside the door he knows exactly what the deal is. Like I sort of did that with Nicole where I just had an honest conversation like here are the times you lied to me and I caught you red handed. This is why people are looking at you very suspect. And she was like I respect that. She said her intentions were this that and the third. But even when she was explaining her intentions, she was still lying. Turner – yeah totally. Monte – because I knew that she had another alliance that she was more loyal to but she wouldn’t admit that. She was like your family probably won’t like be after this week.. I was sh*tting on you in the DR. Big Brother switches the feeds.

7:24pm Bedroom – Indy, Alyssa and Kyle.
Indy – do you think there will be that battle back thing? Kyle – no. Alyssa – no, especially since they’ve been pressing us for Ameerah’s stuff like her shoes.

7:45pm – 8:08pm HOH room – Michael, Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – its going to be weird once we get past this Festie Bestie to be playing individually again. Its just been such a big part of our Big Brother experience. Taylor – its a lot to think about .. we still have an alliance to manage. Even then who would you .. Kyle, Joseph, Monte, Turner… I think I want to wait another week until I dive into how the cards fall there. Because we’ve got to see who Monte and Joseph operate in the veto and Turner is not just a wildcard but that dude is a shark! Like we can’t just assume Turner is a safe.. right!? Brittany – anything in particular that makes you think that? Taylor – his mind.. like if there is a mental comp.. Michael – the way that he just spits out percentages. Taylor – have you seen him do mental math? Quickly & effortlessly. Brittany – that is just so amazing to me because he is so artistic.. usually you’re left or right brain.. but it seems like he is both. Brittany – I can tell you right now Joseph will band together all the girls .. he already has Indy and Alyssa. Taylor – I do think that Kyle is as goofy and no where as he seems. Michael – I don’t know, I think he’s smart. Taylor – he almost won (HOH). Michael – this week would have been very different Daniel would have been off limits (safe). Taylor – did he not think that through? Did we not tell him? Should we have told him? Are we in a position where we need to start telling people you need to throw this comp / you need to win this comp. Brittany – at least this week we have enough non-leftovers to take out instead.

8:40pm – 9:13pm HOH room – Michael and Brittany.
Brittney – it feels so good you being HOH and like I don’t know sitting in this room and feeling comfortable. Michael – and not feeling like you’re going home feels so good. Brittany – and the thought that we might be in jury is huge. You have to make a lot of big decision this week but I am like what can I be doing to make sure we’re safe next week. Michael – if things stay the same and Terrance goes, that leaves 5 pairs which is a little bit of a cushion for us. Brittany – if they bring anybody back I am just going to cry. Kyle joins them. Michael – I think because everyone is so on Daniel going which is good in a sense but also sucks because there is no incentive to share information. There isn’t really any incentive to share information if everyone wants the same person. Kyle – any whiff of a possibility that I could go home? Michael – no. Brittany – we were counting that out .. we just don’t see anyway that would happen. Kyle – I know its just this season has just been so up in the air its just so hard to bank on anything. Michael – but if you do get picked for veto, I don’t want you to throw it. Kyle – that’s what is just so hard.. just the fundamentals of big brother like if I have a chance to take it and guarantee myself safety .. I don’t want to be the guy that makes a blunder. Brittany – Daniel is a volatile person.. not that he will be successful with anything. Michael – Taylor brought up .. would it be the worst thing if Daniel was in jury? Because he is going to vote on gameplay. She is not saying she wants him to stay but even if there is a sliver (lol way to make Kyle feel better that the potential to keep Daniel is possible.) Kyle – like send me out? Michael – no, like send someone else out. Not to send you out. Brittany – not like more if we avoid that situation all together. Kyle – And I don’t think you set it up like Monte did last week where he said there was a backdoor target.. maybe Terrance goes home and you don’t upset anyone in the house. Turner joins them.

9:20pm HOH room – Chinese Checkers time (Michael, Kyle, Turner, Alyssa and Brittany)

9:36pm Kitchen Table. Terrance and Jasmine.
Jasmine – I keep forgetting your on the block again. How you feeling about that? Terrance – F**ked up. To me it wasn’t the smartest move to do. Jasmine – wait, why? Terrance – who are you trying to get out? Jasmine – I think its obvious? Terrance – you wouldn’t have done it directly? Jasmine – Because it makes it seem like y’all weren’t the targets. Yeah. But in reality if it doesn’t go well .. then the noms will stay the same and then you have to pick a new target. I promise you, you are no where in their mind. Terrance – okay. Jasmine – no where and that’s between me and you.

10:08pm Bathroom – Monte and Terrance.
Monte – I’m going to try and win the veto. We all should. Terrance – I am trying to stay safe as long as I can. Monte – oh we coming off. We coming off Bro! I think regardless we are. Terrance – okay, I just wanted to make sure the smoke was going in the right direction. I just don’t want it to be blowing our way. Monte – no, no, no, I don’t think so. Terrance – I just dont want it to be the overlay for the underlay. We have to win it. I don’t want Mike to win it. Because if they play games or motherf**kers talk.. I don’t want to put us in that situation.

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Correct me if I’m wrong couldn’t Kyle take them down off the block?


Yes, you are correct. Kyle can still use the veto, even if Daniel says he does not want to use it, keep in mind, Daniel & Terrance are not very good at thinking things out, Daniel said he would have to convince Kyle not to use it I think ? I don’t think Kyle will work with him.

Terrance really needs to be evicted, he serves no purpose, brings nothing to the game, all he does is float from person to person, MF this, MF that, dude just uses profanity to make himself sound like the big bad game Floater.

I’m not sure Daniel can convince Kyle not to use the veto, if they are playing in the veto comp, if they actually win.

If they are giving away prizes, Kyle is going to go for cash, trips, or whatever looks good. I don’t think they have the votes to vote out Monte or Joe, the house will vote out Terrance, he’s so dumb, he won’t make it to Jury where he will make $$$, Terrance and Daniel are not the guys I would trust or team up with.


I have been thinking. What if double eviction isn’t how it normally works. What if the people who newly joined a group are the ones in danger during double eviction

Oy Vey

are you new to BB, do you even care about the integrity of the game?

un autre nom

His week one personality on full display,
He’s on the block.
Has informed hornymanchild that the current HOH, kittyshirt should be the first pound target when they get to 7.
Monte hasn’t picked up at all that hornymanchild threw every reason in the book to the alliance last night why neither he nor his showmance should touch the block.

The retell in HOH is going to be special.
If I liked Monte, I’d feel bad.
I just hate Elvis more… so I’m pissed.



un autre nom

I have a really hard time when it hits me that Kyle is almost 30.
I have an even harder time thinking my last remaining nope is probably staying.
Makes me want to nope more of them. 🙂


I think Kyle is a very immature 29 year old man. Just the way he talks with Alyssa, he comes across like a guy in Junior High School, very goofy and corny, this is more of a kidmance than a showmance ? I don’t see what Alyssa see’s in Kyle, Kyle acts like a big ole kid with very little dating experience.


yeah, i’m getting less certain about my initial read of him as gay, but there’s a “hello fellow straights” way that he talks about being attracted to alyssa/women that just sits super odd with me. very much feels like that guy in high school boasting about having much more experience than he did.

It's me

I’m older, what does “nope” mean?

un autre nom

Way back…. I think back to either bbcan2 or bb16, when I first started commenting, i started creating a nope list every season.
The nope list usually contains:

  • one houseguest added during hg reveals. Just gut response ‘no, I’m not going to like that one’ (I’ve been trying for 3 seasons to give them a chance, so i haven’t been doing this of late).
  • house guests whose behavior, attitude, or creepiness is so disturbing to me that I cannot or will not support them in the game or have anything kind to say about them.
  • house guests that very obviously get production aid or protection. If the d/r tells houseguests “don’t nominate bob” and houseguests talk about not being allowed to nominate bob on feeds…. bob goes on the list.

They are the houseguests I don’t want to see or hear, and don’t want to win.


Hey, you wanted Chaos. This is pretty much the comedic version of chaos


Wait….I understand telling Joe but what would make him think that Manchild doesn’t have close ties with Michael. Mr Buzzsaw might see himself eliminated instead of Daniel thereby repaying Daniel for his past idiocy

un autre nom

Monte views the game like only he and Joe have exterior or multiple connections.
they talked about it today.
Kyle is close to Alyssa. the three numbers ( britt/michael/taylor) have something on the side. Kyle and Turner would never have anything together.
Terrance is with Daniel. The girls (ja/indy) are most with Monte/Joe and wouldn’t be with Daniel or Terrance.
That’s the set game board view they have and there is no allowance for deviation of multiple relationships.


Remember they made the pound (monte, joe, Kyle, turner) to be final 4. He must believe Kyle is loyal to that over anything else.

L.L. Bean Dip

Has anyone else noticed Daniel’s teeth? They’re all crooked and different colors. Nasty!

un autre nom

Terrance ruined muffingate.
he ratted out Turner to Jasmine.
I am having a hard time not noping him right now, just for that.

un autre nom

Correct me if I’m wrong:
the chicken wings are house food, right?

Why has Jasmine taken possession of the wings? And why is she saying people have to ask her if they want chicken wings?
Why is the house allowing her behavior????
I mean… now people are saying if we take out Indy or Alyssa then we have to do everything for her? Is she 4??????
Someone call Sam (bb20) and send her into the house to explain a curbstomp to Jasmine.
I’m not saying perform one, the explanation will scare her enough.
Don’t worry, she knows the directions to get into the house. It’s through the door, down the hall, take a left, go down the hall and take 2 rights and then a left, go through the d/r doors and she’s in the house.


I’m at a loss to explain this, too! What the heck? Why don’t they nope her?

I Spy

Why is Terrance lobbying for the noms to remain the same? Doesn’t he realize that would constitute a pooch?

un autre nom

Terrance is lobbying to sabotage veto so that Daniel can win it or Michael can win it and keep noms the same. Terrance thinks they have the numbers to get out one of Monte / Joe.
That’s the tragic comedy of this week.
Terrance thinks he has the numbers.
Monte thinks he has the numbers.
Joe is trying to get Indy’s number.
Kyle thinks he has everyone’s number.
Jasmine has her socks off so she can count to 20.

I Spy

Terrance thinks they have the numbers to get out one of Monte / Joe.”

Agree. A classic symptom of poochitis: mistakenly thinking you have the numbers.


Terrance needs to stay in is lane, game play is not something he has shown that he’s good at, so far he’s always done what he’s told to do.

Terrance loves to talk tough, blow these mother fuckers up, blah, blah, blah. I’m going to give 100% in this challenge, we know he will throw it, so he can be the first person sitting down. I think Terrance would struggle winning a comp against Brittany.

Terrance is a fool if he thinks he and Daniel can flip the house, who’s going to stop working with a strong alliance that has shown they win comps, to work with a Evil, emotional, 35 year old Elvis impersonator, who put Terrance on the block week 1.

Terrance is an idiot, and Evil Elvis is grasping at whatever he can.


He’s an idiot! Uncle catdaddy needs to go

Oy Vey

no, a pooch is when you volunteer yourself on the block next to Taylor

The Beef

That may be your definition, but intentionally throwing a veto when you’re OTB, not in the majority alliance who’s clearly controlling the vote right now, and you would be the one most likely to go home in the event your big dumb ass is NOT removed from that block is a pretty stupid move, and thus IMO qualifies as “pooching” yourself if you do it.

As others have said he should be asking himself where the votes would fall if the three of them remain up there based on the last two weeks! He should know there is an alliance in play here that both Joe and Monte are a part of (and Michael), and that the only house members NOT a part of it are Daniel, Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa (as well as Terrance of course). That means at most the two other guys will most likely receive/split 4 votes, while he would get the remaining 4 votes to evict and Michael would evict him if it was tied.

However, that assumes all 4 votes in his favor goes to either Joe or Monte. If they split – no tie – he goes home. It also assumes Alyssa doesn’t flip, which is possible due to the fact she’s really enjoying “showmancing” Kyle, as it’s possible Jasmine and Indy may also, since they’ve both approached Monte and Joe about aligning with them (but I think that alliance also included Terrance, so there’s that).

There’s also the possibility that Kyle or Michael (or the two of them working together with Brit) could decide to take out Monte, given the opportunity, but that would just be horse sh@t luck on Terrance’s part if they decided to do that, and not because he made a great strategic decision because he “had the numbers” when he made it. He doesn’t.

Oy Vey

i gave the objective reality of what a pooch is and you says its my definition? lmao did you even watch the game? what you described has happened many times in BB lmao…here’s a pooch there’s a pooch everthing is a pooch pooch…Oy Vey !!

un autre nom

A pooch is more than that. A pooch is when you run around panicking and screwing your own game even more. (His last night in the house).

Oy Vey

Give me a break, that has happened 100 times in BB so its now a pooch?, same with The Beef what he wants to call a pooch has happened many times,..so now a pooch can be anything.

un autre nom

Indy, the wannabe sex therapist, is upset with Alyssa for not being ashamed enough of her behavior with Kyle.
Jasmine, the wannabe, is upset with Turner for not being enough of a servant for her, and his muffin prank has apparently left her in need of a Sally Struthers infomercial on starving women in reality television.

me, the viewer, is annoyed that nobody has bothered to tell them their primadonna bullshit is annoying, juvenile and stupid. I don’t like showmances either, but Indy is indignant because nobody’s been tanning her leather. Jasmine? Well production allows her to get away with whatever the hell she wants, so…. she’s Grod’s fault. Confiscate the eyeliner production, writing tools aren’t allowed.

Btw, since prodo has been giving them notes on how the public is viewing the houseguests, expect the shave to just be the first part in the attempt to clean Elvis’ image. They’ll attempt to pull some redemption bullshit, even though his dumb ass will keep screwing it up with trashtalk. But the pity, reflection and redemption d/r this week will attempt to reframe him a little. Now that he’s the media endorsed villain, expect a bit of a shift, not to hero, but an attempt at pathos evoking redemptive underdog learns humility but still isn’t a hero edit cut… before he goes right back to who he was only episode edit sanitized.

un autre nom

Jabba’s gripe list:

  1. Turner didn’t shower for seven days. counterpoint: Jabba as a have not didn’t shower for 6.
  2. Turner didn’t make food for her as a have not that one time. counterpoint: did she make anything for him?
  3. while they were have nots he didn’t do everything for her counterpoint: nic wiped her ass and Jabba voted her out… what’s the incentive?
  4. the muffins. counterpoint: oh, are they not putting sherlock mcmuffin investigations into the episodes? If they are shut up. Actually just shut up and eat the muffin or don’t.
  5. he needs to be evicted. counterpoint: offer to be replacement nom because you have the numbers….DO IT! EVIL CACKLE.
Daisy may123

Jasmine needs to go, her whinny voice and her fake injury. She twisted her ankle not broke it and she has people doing things for her? I wouldn’t she now has a boot on get rid of the scooter. Daniel must go to and I would like to see Taylor take a strip out of him as he leaves. You don’t talk to a woman like that or a fellow houseguest. Sorry buddy you lost out on favorite houseguest! I would like to see Michael win because he seems to be the only one really playing the game. Indy what’s her game? Just do what people tell you to do! I don’t know if I like this house much this season. Oh well it’s something to watch.

un autre nom

Some mental notes my crabby brain collected today.

  • Michael is pulling toward Kyle. Britt is pulling toward Taylor. the way each behaved in the back to back talks with Kyle and Taylor made that abundantly clear. Michael was assessing and judging Taylor and keeping a checklist. Brittany was silently disagreeing and judging Kyle.
  • The back to back convos had a subtle distinction worth noting. Taylor’s angle and choice of words was ‘for OUR game. Kyle’s angle and choice of words was ‘for MY game.’ If it was noted by either of Michael or Britt, it would be important. I don’t think either noted it because they were too busy looking for smoking guns to notice subtleties and nuances of perspective.
  • With act one over (Nic is gone), the Pound has taken priority over the Leftovers. Yes the pound still wants to keep the added people to seven, but the raison d’etre for the Leftovers has been dropped from the Pound vocabulary.
  • I think I’d be a lot less crabby if I’d followed my gut during cast reveal and done a big mass noping. I’m fighting my nope urge a lot. It’s like intentionally denying one of my senses. By this time in 19 i’d noped 90% of the cast. 20? I’d noped 4 of them. 21? just about ALLLL of them. Terrance and Jasmine are on notice. Terrance for being a messy La-z-boy and Jasmine because production is doing too much and she’s doing too little except flapping her foul yap. Don’t think they’re alone. They’re just closest to the red line right now. I don’t find either entertaining.
  • Michael so far as week 5 HOH is… a settlement lawyer not a trial lawyer. His plans are week 6 plans being played week 5. Ask yourself: who is a better juror, a member of your alliance even if the alliance breaks, or someone you’ve NEVER talked game with? Which should you take out pre jury? THAT.
  • Anyone thinking this season’s showmances are legit? Taylor and Kyle and Joe all talked about production pushing and trying to convince them to mance. Before you start getting schmaltzy, remember that. Any showmantic involvement this season is being urged by production not by the people that are flirting.
  • Britt revealed she’s a secret hypnotherapist. Secret Lawyer Michael revealed he has a slackline at home that’s how he did so well in HOH.
  • House has ants. Jasmine hides food. someone do the math, and check under the cushions before you sit down.