“I feel like we send Bridgette home we send Bronte home we send Paul.. Natalie will be lost” Da’VOnne

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 21-15-17-701

8:57pm Michelle, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah
Da’Vonne saying that Frank has to go during double eviction and James right after him.
Zakiyah – I won’t feel too bad sending Frank home
Michelle – do we have the votes..
Da’Vonne – not till jury
Da’Vonne – we got to get out some of these boys..
Michelle says Bridgette is with Frank watch what you say to her and count her vote as a frank vote.
Da’Vonne agrees.

Da’Vonne thinks Paul would put up Michelle or Paulie.. Or Tiffany/Michelle .
They agree Frank is running the house. Zakiyah is certain he brags about it in the Diary room.
Da’Vonne wanting to get Tiffany out before some of the other players outside the 8 pack alliance. .

Da’Vonne and Zakiyah think Natalie will put them up. They are convinced the boys will be able to control her HOH. Da’Vonne says Tiffany came up to her and said Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie want to team up with all the girls. Da’Vonne isn’t buying it.
Da’VOnne – I feel like we send Bridgette home we send Bronte home we send Paul.. Natalie will be lost.

Michelle – Tiffany is really good at talking game with those girls..
Da’Vonne – her true alliance is with Paulie..
Michelle – that’s crazy..
Nicole joins them says Frank really wants Tiffany out next week instead of Bronte.
Nicole – He thinks she’ll put him up for something.
Zakiyah – why is paul so down on the list.
Nicole brings up Frank saying they shouldn’t nominate Paul next week they should give him a break.
They laugh. Da’vonne mentions Frank is building a ‘Guys thing”
They start considering pulling in the other girls into a girl power alliance to take out the guys.
Nicole and Da’Vonne don’t think James and Corey are part of Frank’s guy alliance.
Da’Vonne says their 4 is the strongest alliance in the house (Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle)
They bring up how weird it is that Frank is sleeping in the HOH every night
Da’Vonne – there’s no need.

Nicole agrees Tiffany and Paulie have a final 2. Da’Vpnne now saying maybe they should agree to something with the other side’s girls not an alliance an agreement to target boys.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 21-24-49-313

9:23pm Frank and Corey
Frank freaking out that Paulie is saying he really trusts Tiffany. Frank doesn’t get it and it’s worry him.
Corey says he likes Nicole but he’s been trying to separate himself from her lately. Corey thinks she’s a great girl and all but it’s hurting his game ant.
Corey – I wouldn’t date her AT ALL.. IF Ever…

Frank and COrey agree when Victor leaves the other side is a lot more likable.
They talk about who to bring to the end. Frank warns him not to take Michelle because she’ll win the Final hoh. They agree Da’Vonne has good memory of the dates.

9:42pm Corey, Nicole and Victor backyard
They are talking about saving the alcohol they got tonight which the house is saving for tomorrow.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 21-45-17-180

9:44pm Natalie and Bronte
Natalie says she talked to Paulie and Victor is going up .
Bronte says her’s the best guy here he’s the best player America’s going to be bummed to see him go. (lol WHAT)

Bridgette joins them. They start comparing notes.
Bronte says she say Nicole, Frank and Paulie whispering today.
Bridgette says Michelle rubs her the wrong way or maybe Bridgette is rubbing Michelle the wrong way.

They agree Da’Vonne can’t be trusted especially after she did what she did to Jozea but they are hoping a girls thing can be worked out with them.

Bronte saying they should just hide and hope the rest of the house in power forget about them and take out each other.
Bronte says Paulie doesn’t like her once he won HOH he’s been giving her dirty looks. She suspects this is because of her comments about him flirting.
Natalie says she needs to work her magic with James, “start talking game with him”

Bronte says if Tiffany is in danger of going home she’ll through them under the bus.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 21-50-48-056

9:49pm Tiffany and Da’Vonne
Tiffany says Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette are 200% onboard with getting guys out.

Tiffany is warning them of Michelle says she’s the one girl that might not stick with the girl alliance. Tiffany says she wants to win the next HOH and backdoor one of the big guys.
Tiffany recommends they start talking to the other girls socially. They want a girl to win so bad they won’t put any girls up.
Tiffany warns them how good Frank is at this game. tells her to keep all this to themselves it’s dangerous talking like this when you are on the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 22-12-57-315

10:11apm Natalie And James teasing around pretending they are on a talk show. Natalie uses a big wooden spoon as a microphone.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 22-38-41-362
At 10:38pm Nicole joins them and they ask thee what is going on between her and Cpry

Nicole says he’s super cute.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 22-43-35-353
Paul is their next guest.. He says he’s pissed he’s on the block second week in a row.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 22-47-23-221

10:45pm Nicole, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne.
Da’Vonne suggesting Tiffany and Frank teaming up now after they had that falling out. Points out how they are in the have nots right now.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 22-55-45-840

10:55pm Tiffany and Frank
Frank saying that Victor has ‘sociopathic tendencies’
Frank – He almost looks angry when he’s laughing.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 23-33-37-057

11:33pm – 11:50pm Hammock James and Natalie
General chit chat..

James is telling her if they win the HOH she might not want it to keep the heat off them. Natalie says they might want it to keep them safe.
James- right now yo don’t want to go against the house.. what you were all looking for with Jozea that group…
Natalie – I know
Natalie asks who they should put up if they win HOH
James says if he wins HOH he’ll talk to the house ask the house who they want up and go with that. Again reiterates how you don’t want to go against the house. (F*** the house)
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-03 23-49-21-046

11:48pm Da’Vonne and Michelle
Da’Vonne is suspicious that Tiffany hasn’t come to anyone about a final 2. Da’Vonne thinks Tiffany may be secretly with the guys.

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Davonne is crazy! Tiffany just told her that they should target frank, and she still thinks tiff is working with frank! Davonne doesn’t care, she is dead set on getting her out and is doing everything possible to get her out. She is the worst


Mama Day!!!!!!….You coo coo for cocoa puffs!!!!


Sad to me, to see Tiffany and Frank’s conversation. They are on common ground and respect each other. I like them both. So sad that they want to take each other out, so early in the game.


She’s still mad at Vanessa from last year and her revenge will be getting her sister out.


What did Vanessa do last year to make her mad? She didn’t start playing the game until Da was gone.


Da is crazy all over the map with this Tiffany girl it’s funny how nuts she’s going


With you there, Simon. F&$k the house. Go for what I you want to do.


Ditto,f+++ the house. Man I have a headache.


watch frank team will be safe again next week in people wil start talking watch
bronte an nattlie will till frank about the girls


Damn… just when I thought day was done talking about tiff after that conversation with tiff about taking frank out and you still want to take tiff out make up your mind one day you want frank out then the next you want tiff out gosh !!


Okay, my two cents (if it’s worth even that today) is that Frank is indeed engineering a men’s alliance (who would have seen that coming from a Boogie protege like Frank i say sarcastically) because the 8 has more women than men, and because he’s got the whole bro issue going on in his head. So why keep a woman at all in his final three scenario? because in his opinion if he takes a nice, docile, and fairly useless (in his opinion) female player to the final three he will win. Sad part is woman vs. man in final two us bb, it’s worked historically. So which alliance is he actually loyal to? Himself. Frank’s motivation in regard to Tiffany: she called him to question for going behind the group’s back which could have exposed his game.
As far as the Da’vonne about Tiffany smack that’s just been heating up more and more on Da’vonne’s part as the weeks go on? Misplaced Vanessa issues added to those d/r sessions she keeps getting on the topic of Tiffany. Considering the apology she was forced to make about the Tiffany situation after being called to d/r tonight, i’m inclined to believe that the d/r is indeed keeping the heat on and leading Da’vonne with their questioning, but didn’t expect her to explicitly say the d/r hinted. Da’vonne’s motivation in regard to Tiffany: keep the heat and mistrust on somebody else, so that when the hammer falls on a member of her group, it’s the one seeds of doubt have been planted about and not Da’vonne that takes the fall.
So, what would lead production to incite Da’vonne to go against a member of her own girl’s alliance through leading questions in d/r? Especially after the producers made such a big deal about wanting to see a girl’s alliance break the set trend in interviews? Oh, wait, Tiffany was vocal about Frank sneaking behind the group’s back. Tiffany called Frank into question: Frank, a casting favorite (as stated in interviews numerous times). As well, production is reticent to see another season 15 steamroll happen. Might affect ratings.
What is weirding me out, is that episode viewers don’t really see any of this. it’s being covered up by chosen storyline completely thus far. By the time Roadkill happened Tiffany had flipped the Rousso switch a couple of times, had an initial argument with Frank, and been lied to that she was going to be the nominee for the roadkill. Frank isn’t being shown as lying to and plotting against his own alliance at all so far, and Da’vonne isn’t being shown as sabotaging an alliance mate. If they actually flip the script and take Tiffany out this week, they are going to have to do a lot of flashbacks to make it even remotely believable.

sour grapes

I would not read all that from Production it reads like Vanessa/Tiffany Paranoia.

The did not want to tell Tiff about Roadkill due to being afraid of Tiffany’s outburst, drama, crying having to reel her in that is why THEY lied to her. They did not want the crying and tantrums until after the Roadkill announcement. Having to appoint a sitter to keep her calm was another issue to put in place prior to telling her and keeping her in line after.

I do not see Frank forming a men’s alliance I see him with final 2 w/Cody which is his choice and taking Zak makes sense. But we all know that Frank and Cody are not guaranteed to win against Zak she has just as much as a chance as winning.


Not very smart on Tiffany’s part to be saying this stuff to Da’Vonne while she’s on the block. If Da’Vonne really wanted her out all she’d have to do is go and tell Frank. Frank could easily convince everyone to vote out Tiffany this wk and keep Vic as an easy target for next week. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. She is very emotional, paranoid, erratic, and most importantly unreliable. I was watching the other night when Paulie told her Vic was putting her up. She was a hot mess. When she should’ve been calm. If it were James, Michelle, Z, or anybody else(other than Nicole(LOL)) they would’ve been fine with it. Not Tiffany though. She lost it, and by doing that she pretty much told the group, I DON’T TRUST YOU!


What!?? She actually told them the 100% truth. You have to remember she doesn’t know Day is psycho about her, and the people she’s talking to are in BOTH of her alliances. She also knows that the top guys have to be taken out and genuinely wants all the girls to work together to get them out.


No doubt that James wants Natalie in jury now.


it continues to baffle me why vic didn’t put up da or z. you know those two stabbed you and can’t be trusted, yet you go after tiff. why?


frank planted seeds about tiffany with paul and victor days ago.
victor already distrusted tiffany because she sat back and watched too much without saying anything in his opinion.
victor thought only the people he told in confidence knew who had won roadkill. He doesn’t think the others know. he didn’t want the nominee or the other houseguests he hadn’t told to know who nominated, so he chose someone that didn’t vote with his group last week, and didn’t seem well liked by others as an alternative to getting rid of paul, bronte or himself while also not having much power or ability to retaliate if they should remain.


You think Tifna is feeling a little stress, her face looks like a pepperoni pizza! She’s the Locknessa monster.


a totally unnecessary comment.


I must be missing something because Michelle, Natalie, Bridgette, Victor, et al are all just background noise to me.

Butters Mom

Oh Corey… I have been waiting to see if you were going to be someone to like this season… I guess you just blew it for me. Not a Corey fan.


Day is a nightmare! She’s so busy thinking she can buy a clue from production & tryin to glue the pieces together that she’s making a mess of all of it! Audrey 2.0…I had a dream….UGG

Misty Beethoven

I’m going to have to get a white board with colored markers to keeptrack of teams, alliances, targets, secret pacts, and who’s wearing whose underwear. If James goes with the house – AGAIN – then he learned nothing from his last time in BB. Get Frank out asap, or it’s just going to suck. If he’s gone, the girls have a real chance to run the board. It would get nasty and ugly, and make for epic TV.

BB Fan

I think it’s funny how the whole house is so afraid of Tiffany. Of course part of the fear comes from DaVonne’s paranoia. She is talking smack about Tiff to everyone. Honestly, DaVonne looked like an idiot when she said that Tiffany went back and got letters after looking at DaVonne’s word but no one else’s. DaVonne is going to implode, she is not playing a good game.