Paul “Get your curly a$$ head and go to bed! This is considered r*pe in a few countries!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 01-38-48-897
12am DaVonne and Michelle head into the safari room. DaVonne says something tells me they will try to push out Tiffany to push in Paulie. Michelle says fine with me. DaVonne says but for how long do we keep Paulie in this game. That’s my only fear. DaVonne says my problem is that Frank said Bridgette, Bronte, Tiffany. Michelle asks to what? DaVonne says to get out. These are all girls .. why are we not going boy, girl, boy girl ..until its just us eight left. Michelle says I feel like he might start rubbing people the wrong way soon. DaVonne says not the guys. The thing is I don’t think Vic is gunning for us. And if he gets put up he is definitely not gunning for us. Its too early for us to do anything about it. I am almost hoping he comes back because he won’t be gunning for us he’ll be gunning for them.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 01-50-19-291
12:15am In the storage room – Natalie asks Corey if he and Nicole are in a showmance. Corey says she’s just a friend. It really makes me mad when people say sh*t like that. Seriously!? Natalie says I’m sorry. Corey says me and Nicole are strictly friends. If people bring it up say no they’re not. I don’t want her to think that either because I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 01-47-29-464

1am They’re cooking pizza. They set a timer and it went off but no one told Frank. Frank says ya’ll are f**king j**koffs. Nicole says the timer went off. Frank says it doesn’t matter, I only set the timer so that we could check them and make sure. James says we can put them back in there. Frank says but now they’re cooled off and the whole heating process is f**ked up. Nicole says calm down Frank. Frank says ya’ll are f**king idiots. Ya’ll were like shouldn’t have cooked two pizza’s and now ya’ll are just wasting two of them! They’re f**king idiots. If a pots black, I’m going to call it black. Paul says that’s racist. James says that’s racist, you shouldn’t call anything black. Frank says I’m going to talk to my teammate and one of ya’ll are going to be on the f**k block by the end of the week. Paul puts on his glasses and becomes Patty. He tells Frank get your a$$ out of my kitchen. I slave over the god damn stove all day .. get your curly a$$ head and go to bed! Frank grabs the cucumber called Frank and says he’s going to throw it in Paul’s bowl. Paul grabs it and Frank wrestles for it back. Paul says this is considered r@pe in a few countries. Paul says somebody screen shot this:

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 01-34-05-276

1:30am The girls clip in hair extensions into Frank’s hair.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 01-58-54-342

1:40pm Frank, Nicole and James are in the bedroom talking. Frank says I’ll tell you what after Vic finds out … I am not sleeping down here any more. He’s going to smother me with a pillow in my sleep. James says he’s been really calm with everyone.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 02-17-45-133

2:30am – 2:45am In the kitchen – Nat Nat, Corey and Paulie are finishing off the pizza. Natalie says that she’s bombed all the roadkill comps. Corey asks even the taking off your clothes comp. Natalie says I don’t have that much experience with that. If I’m not in love, it ain’t happening. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Frank, Zakiyah, Nicole, Michelle, Paul, Bridgette and James are chatting about random things. They talk about what hotels they stayed at during the land before time.

2:50am – 3am Havenot room – DaVonne tells Zakiyah that Nicole came to her today about a final 3 between me, you and her. DaVonne says Nicole wants Bronte out bad but the house wants Tiffany out. Zakiyah says I don’t trust her. She’s a guys girl. She’s another Bridgette. DaVonne says I want these boys out but Nicole is right .. right now we have to dance to their tune. DaVonne says to herself I need to somehow someway get Frank out of this house. Should I trust these girls to vote him out. Its too early. Maybe I have to start doing the same thing, making sure I’ve got the votes in jury. Walking around here like blaa bla bla.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 02-48-39-688

2:55am – 3:20am Michelle says that one valentines day she made a fake facebook account called Brody Schiller and went to Walmart and took a photo chocolates and posted it saying best boyfriend ever!! She says later she was dating a guy and he would never get jealous so I started commenting using the Brody Schiller account. He got jealous and eventually admitted it was fake .. he almost broke up with me because he thought I was crazy. Paul says you’re a psychopath and I love it. Michelle says she photoshopped her face and his together. She says she also photoshopped a fake bus pass because “that sh*t gets expensive, 60 cents each way!”
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 02-56-46-631

3:35am Zakiyah and Michelle head to the hammock. They talk about Bronte. Zakiyah says she is freaking annoying. Michelle says I think Paulie and Frank are trying to make a final two deal like Derrick and Cody. Who would you vote for if they were final 2? Zakiyah says I would not vote for Frank. Tiffany makes me nervous.. I don’t like the way she’s trying to link up with Paulie. Michelle says I don’t think she’s playing a very good game.. its suspicious. Zakiyah says that her and Paulie don’t talk that much any more. Michelle says watch when you get HOH. Zakiyah says then he’ll be up my a$$.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 07-03-38-527

7am The house guests are still sleeping..

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Jon Snow

I am rather curious as to why so many people like Tiffany and don’t want to see her evicted. She’s rather boring

Say who???

She is boring AF!!!
And No, Day isn’t jealous of her.
She is just one shady mofo (apart from production planting seeds of doubt in Days head)
It wouldn’t bother me if she left this week (even thought she isn’t going to)


Who ever said Da was jealous of her? That’s the first time I’ve seen that. If Da goes that cray over seeds planted by production, then she needs to get it together. Although it’s not surprising, she hasn’t learned much since her last appearance. Actually none of the vets have, they are basically playing the same way they did in the past. Kind of disappointing. I was really hoping one of them would win.


while i agree that frank, da, and james haven’t learned anything since their last season, nicole seems to have made significant adjustments as she’s actually in the power alliance this time around instead of just being dragged along by it.


The game is too long for these vets (& most players) to sustain any real game plan that deviates from their true natures. For all the talk about it being a game (to justify their actions and behavior) the fact that they are not capable of playing it any other way for any length of time suggests they are being themselves more often than playing a role.


How is she getting crazy?? I keep seeing people saying Da is getting crazy. How? Because she said she wants Tiffany out? Frank and other have said the same…..are they getting crazy too? She is playing the game just like everyone else. What is she supposed to do? Sit around quietly in a corner and say yes and ok to everything people tell her? You people FIND stuff to bitch and moan about when it comes to Da and it’s getting really annoying.

Glenn S.

Be careful what you say about Tiffanessa. Her sister Vanessa is trolling this website postiing negativity against anyone that dares insult Tiffany.


Hopefully Mama Day’s tick in her head towards Tiff Tiff will snowball and push to evict Tiffoney.
And let’s all pray Day is next. Can’t wait for her diarrhea mouth to go and the nonsense she rumbles will be gone.


Simple, she’s the underdog. Plus some people in the house are so nuts about her, it’s gets annoying especially if you have the feeds. She’s being singled out just because vanessa is her sister. Personally I don’t like it because all frank and day do is talk sh*t about her. So it automatically makes me want to see her do well especially over them.


Me, too! I may finally have a favorite. She is smart and may be able to move around the haters to win.

Tiny hands

True, Frank is turning into the ultimate Mean Girl and he’s getting too big for his britches (in more ways than one). I hope Natalie takes him out.

sour grapes

Has any HG mentioned Tiffany needs to leave for being Vanessa’s sister? Please elaborate on this. I see her as being over dramatic like her sister, the crying, paranoia. (Paul?) mentioned Tiff wearing sunglasses in the house at night creeps him out, he watched her eyes scrutinize the other players. I think people do not trust her behaviour, scared of her outbursts, having the task of forecasting her behaviour … as in having to reeling her in before going on the block; and having to appoint people to calm her down; not to mention the fears of telling her prior, they are also wary of her multiple alliances.

BB Fan

I don’t want Tiffany to go because I think she will further Nicole and James game.

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Because the rest of the house is terrible outside of Nicole and Natalaie.

Ramsay Bolton

Because these sado-masocistic HG’s love torture as much as the Boltons. They’re not playing to win, they know it’s rigged & just want their stipend. In the meantime, they’ll scapegoat, humiliate & threaten violence & eviction on ANYONE who:
1. Ask questions
2. Looks pretty (girls kill each other per Frank)
3. Cuddles & Showmances
4. Talks to Frank
5. Talks to Paulie
6. Talks to Corey
7. James stalks
8. Has a friend in Jury
9. Has kids
10. Expresses independent thought
11. Doesn’t cook for Frank
12. Doesn’t play Court Jester to Frank’s Henry VIII
13. Annoys Da’Vonne
14. Stares funny
15. Doesn’t laugh & suck up “jokes”
16. Doesn’t take orders with a smile.
17. Doesn’t enjoy the Rack & the Block.
18. Doesn’t let Frank win.
Frank has already won the BB Throne, Production tells him everything, but only makes Da’Vonne apologize for telling DR’s “secrets”.


I am rather curious as to why she should be evicted ahead of so many others who are far bigger threats, have many more connections and influence?
Since when is being boring worthy of a quick evict in a game where only one will win it all?


I think Tiffannoy is a big threat because she is an incredibly loose cannon — not to mention that she proclaims to be a math teacher, but she can’t add up to 18.

Wait. What?

Bad at math = Threat?

Loose cannon… like Da? Nicole? Michelle the psycho?

Playin the house like Frank and James…

If I am in there to win it all Tiffany is not high on my list to evict.

Tiny hands

More boring than Corey? Nobody is trying to get him out.


What was that pizza made out of? Gold? Frank is whack.


Didn’t Whitney say that?

Biff Tannen

I like Davonne about a thousand times more than I did last year, but OMG she has no chill. Her two modes are game talk and scowl.

The Sanctuary

LOL, Michelle may be a legit psychopath. She’s cute, but she would be scary as hell to date.


Would love to see the ladies evict all the guys.The cat fighting and backstabbing would be awesome.Great for ratings as well!!!


I wish this house had “social game”. For instance:

As soon as you put your name in the BB hat, you need a romance strategy. Do you want one, not want one, and how do you ensure your decision. If no, you need a story to not lead anybody on, so if somebody likes you, they know it’s a long shot and won’t feel scorned, then vindictive. If yes, you need to either make being a couple part of the game or how best to minimize it to keep it out….you can’t just be willy nilly.

Alliances have to be based on something real, social/personal commonality. If they’re formed to address a threat, it’s short term and they’re over when the threat is dissipated. If they’re based on a past show, then they will be transparent to all who saw the same show you did. If they’re based on gender or hair color or something generic, not backed up by genuine feelings/trust, they will blow up in your face.

Consistency matters. You can’t be all over the place within one-on-one relationships because the other person will see you as unreliable and worse unpredictable, which scares people. Being the “life of the party” invites a target (and saved until you feel danger) but be fun. Being too popular is dangerous, but being the person that makes BB monotony bearable is insurance. Being “everybody’s friend” is equally dangerous, inviting a target, especially with game talk. You have to assume anything you say can and will be used against you, so you either need across the board consistency or have a ready explanation for the inevitable contradiction, one that has a seed planted before anybody rats….again, you can’t be willy nilly.

Appreciate that BB is sensory deprivation. Emotions become heightened in a claustrophobic environment, so play with that. Keep people off balance. Remind them of unknowns. Don’t let anybody feel they have the game figured out, which means they stay uneasy and fear the person with knowledge, who acts like it’s all preordained. Do soft selling, not hard selling. Don’t tell an ally that somebody is suspect, show them….guide them to a conclusion, don’t hammer them on the head.

A “social game” should blend all of this…and yet it seems to this house it just means talking a lot…

Min O'Pause

I think one good whack upside the head with a shovel should get Corey’s eyeballs aligned with each other.wish one of em would do it to the goat abusin’ asshole.


Make sure the shovel is a Craftsman, you can trade it in for a new one after the handle breaks with that one good whack, and give him one whack for me. For all those corpses he’s got buried in his mom’s backyard.

Min O'Pause

That whole Christmas sugar plum bullshit didn’t fool me one bit. He’s a BAD SANTA.


Da has chilled somewhat for now and is playing a better game, wonder how long that will last. Corey is getting more involved in the social and strategy game, but I just can’t get over those piercing serial killer eyes. The only game Tiffanessa is playing is asking, “is any one coming after me?” in which case she starts freaking out and whining, she has no game. James continues his silly pranks, he goes overboard on this, irritating the HG. He’s finally found a female friend in Natalie after all his “trying”. His motto is: you can’t get to first base if you don’t go to bat. Frank thinks he’s Boogie, but he’s no where near as slick or smart. The whole house can see his conniving and first time he’s on the block, he’s probably out the door, unless he saves himself with the POV. Paul has chilled, but his mere presence is nauseating, give him a little power and he’s back to his old miserable self, wanting to cut off his nutsack, and insulting the female HG. Za ia Za and she’s a floater. Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette are in panic mode but don’t know what to do. Paulie is starting to remind me why I didn’t like his brother Cody. Michelle is in the game to try to win the number two spot, as a super fan, she wants nothing more than for a vet to win the whole shabang. Vic is walking around the house with his tail tucked in knowing that his time is short. Put a shirt on Vic! Nicole whines about this and about that, she has no game and has PTSD: Poor Talented Sorry Dame. Hope she goes in a double eviction, otherwise we’ll all have to put up with her crying and whining for a week of being on the block. Meanwhile Jozea is trying to get in Glenn’s pants and Glenn can add Jozea’s ripped off pee pee onto James forehead to match Paul’s nutsack already stapled there. Glenn may be a nice guy, but he won’t but up with sh*t like that!


I wish Bronte would speak in whisper mode all the time she feels the need to say anything.


Tiffany is boring. Tiffany isn’t a threat. Tiffany should be low on everyone’s radar in context of all the real threats in the house.


This should be read as:

“Tiffany is boring” – according to some posts
“Tiffany isn’t a threat” – given her lack of connections in the house, together with her performance in comps so far; and the sheer number of people stating they do not trust her (to help their games). Tiffany isn’t getting their votes let alone enough votes to win no matter what she does or how well she plays going forward.

Given this reality does it not make sense she should be lower on people’s list to evict?

I do not think she is boring. I do believe she is a threat to “the game” of certain players.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicoles desperate thirsty use of being on Big Brother as her only way to get a bf in life is epically failing because she chose a gay guy as her prey this time.

Poor thing not going to win or have a bf for after the show either. I guess she better hope she at least goes deep into this season so she will have a shot to get asked back to the only place on earth she has any shot at a bf for All Stars.

I get no one in the house realizing that Day Frank and Michelle are playing a back stabbing game but why can’t a small hater group of the posters here see it?

Oh wait I forgot…they can’t get over the fact Vanessa got out thier fav last season and are jealous she is happy and successful in life. Thus all their obsessive anger has been pointed at Tiffany this season.

So yeah keep backstabbing Tiff house guests so the small group of haters here who each have 12 screen names can feel a little happiness this summer. Poor things.


Why should it be boy, girl, boy, girl? 3 boys just got evicted in a row and the guys don’t seem to care! This boys vs girls crap is annoying!


Soon to be 3 boys if vic goes


Every season there is talk about proving the girls can stay loyal to an alliance of all girls and work together. Every season they prove that despite stating the goal they are unwilling to; or incapable of, work(ing) together for any sustained period of time.


Ultimately, BB is an individual competition. Anyone working with anyone else is doing so to further their game and yet every season people label players shady. News flash, everyone of y’all are shady. It is they only way the game gets played. You have to keep your options open, protect the people you perceive as being good for your game while eliminating players in a way that doesn’t get you evicted. The only thing you can really trust in this game is that everyone is trying to use everyone they can in order to win the money for themselves. Trust, in BB, is time specific. Is it that the players do not understand that the game dynamic is always changing based on progressing/regressing relationships, evicted players/who is left in the house and twists so who is best to work with for your game changes more often than not? Calling people out for working the house better than you is pathetic and getting very old. It is a game of last person standing played by people who want to pretend it must be played a certain way to be legit; or to deserve victory.


I am a girl. I have rooted for girls on an individual basis but can never bring myself to root for a girl’s alliance and these girl’s are the reason. It happens every year. Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie joined up with the wrong side of the house. Now the guys are cozying up to Bridgette and Natalie but the other girls don’t trust them. Those 3 actually do seem to have a tight and trusting girl’s alliance with each other. Then flip to Fatal 5 (who could have been powerful if they had played their cards right) and they have fallen apart before they were even in a position to make a game move. If all the girls bonded they would have majority votes. Tiff tells Da the spy girls want to join up for a super girl alliance. Da relays it to Zak as one more reason not to trust Tiff yet, a little later says that maybe we could work something out with those 3 (as if it were her idea). Right now the only person or people Tiff would gun for are Frank or a guy. That’s what all the girls want and they would control the vote. Tiff is the only one with the balls to do it but they would rather cut her first because they are all petty and irrational and they are willing to go ‘with the house’ until, guess what? guys control the house. Da hates Tiff because Da plays the game with paranoia instead of judgement. Zak hates Tiff because Da told her to and she’s a little jealous of the Paulie factor. Michelle doesn’t like girls. She would go against Tiff because a guy told her to and would never work with spy girls because of jealousy and insecurity. Much as I liked Nicole I have no respect for her game and can’t begin to root for her at this point. She is playing the exact same game she lost last year. She knew Derrick/Frank was running the house but allowed Cody/Paulie and Cory to convince her to make moves that only benefitted Derrick/Frank. That is why I like Tiff better than the other girls in F5. I am staring to root for spy girls to stick around. I’m hoping for Frank to go home so 8pack is left with no leader. James is too easily led and Cory is an idiot so Paulie will have to step up. The rest of Fatal4 will implode because of Da’s paranoia and Michelle’s jealousy and insecurity and just maybe people will start playing their own games for once instead of an entire house playing a game that only benefits one or two people. I hate this house rule and house vote shit. Back in season 10 you knew where the line in the sand was but people never voted against their own alliance because of mob mentality.

Go 8 pk

I agree with what you’re saying EXCEPT what you said about James. He’s trying to be the good ole boy (friend) to play well with WHOEVER is in power, which we know can rapidly change. That voting with the house is a line they say though not necessarily what they do. All part of strategy.


My thoughts on James’ game is that he’s just there to be on BB. Winning isn’t in his top 5 reasons to be there. James is just trying to build the James brand and see if that parleys into a job being James.

Tiny hands

Spy girls + Tiffany would prob stay loyal, but BB always loads the cast with girls like Nicole who are so desperate to be seen as helpless and childlike in hopes the boys will like them, that they always screw it for the girls who would be loyal.

sour grapes

How about Paulie, Tiff and him are tight… the siblings? Tiff wants to bring in the Spy girls due to secure votes due to paranoia being on the block. Da and Zak has every right to be suspicious of Tiff. I think the 5 should drop Tiff and pull in Natalie after Bronte leaves I think she would be very loyal. Natalie is playing a great social game she just needs a little guidance.


Wow! Michelle sure is showing a new side. Fake FB account? Fake subway/bus pass? Photo shopping pictures? No one has picked up on this?

Same Old Psycho Side

Michelle’s always been a two-faced, backstabbing, chameleon, catfisher, first to turn on her alliance, F2 Tiff, first to tell guys she’ll help take out the girls, too much estrogen. That 30 pounds of hair extension, lip filler and sobbing obsession with her weight was the first clue. This is central bunny boiler Mean Girls fetish casting. Show was much better when they just went to Vegas and hired VIP Bottle Girls from master showman Boogie’s clubs. Rachel was just the first Pretty Woman to take home “her man”. These actresses don’t know which role they’re playing & can’t act. Her last tantrum, she’s never gonna work with little people again after calling Paulie & James the “M” word.

So Sad

Most SJWs are pill popping mental defectives.

Butters Mom

Michelle is creepy.


Tiffanessa’s family will attack you if you post anything negative of the sloth. Each member of their family has 12 screen names and they monitor this site closely.


So Da’s master plan is to work with Frank to get rid of Vic then Tiffany , reducing her Fatal-5 to 4, and then target Frank with her 4 votes ?

To have any shot at voting out Frank two or three weeks from now, she would need both Vic and Tiffany’s votes.

A better plan would be to identify and target the people Frank is protecting, like Paulie for example, or even Paul whom he is grooming for future use. Also, the Fatal-5 needs to get out in front of Frank and pull Bridgette into the girls alliance now because Frank is planning to scare her into submission by taking out Bronte. (Just like he did with Paul).

I guess the point here is, Frank is adding votes under his control and at the same time removing votes Da / the F-5 could easily be using (Tiffany being the best example).

Butters Mom

Production messes up every year by over playing in the DR and the cast ends up talking about it on the feeds… seriously disappointing.

Always Played Favorites

Frank talks about DR “tells” ALL the time, like when he said Production wants Vic out, and he NEVER gets called on it or is forced to apologize. BC he’s their “winner”.


So sick of Day. She’s far worse than Audrey in her paronoia and screwy observations. AND BTW – it’s Point blank period. NOT – point blank and the period. I hate when peeps change a saying. Maybe petty but it irritates me


So in the beginning I thought that I would like Da. But she’s going right back to how she behaved the last time. Lame. Tiffany cries about everything, I really think she is crazy. And Bronte….ugh. I say get rid of all of them and let Nicole and James battle it out.


Da is right on a few observations – in that, the longer you wait to get a boy from the main side out, the harder it is going to be. AND the girls all know it !!! The only way I see it happening sucessfully after this week with Frank running his minions, is if James’ Team wins HoH with Bronte becoming HoH and putting Frank and Paulie up on the block or even Corey. – If Natalie was to become HoH let’s hope she doesn’t listen to James and his insane advice about doing what the house wants. Even if Nicole’s team was to win they could choose Zak to be HoH – but they would have to do a lot of planning to get rid of either Paulie or Frank and James would more than likely need to be used as a pawn. – By planning I mean keeping everything on the downlow. – Frank wouldn’t have a say in it at all and you just know sh*t is going to hit the fan.


The thing about Da’Vonne is, she is quite observant and has a grasp of what’s going on in the house. Some may argue it’s because of the DR but I think a lot of it is her insight. The problem is Da’Vonne is a one and done type of person. When she thinks you’ve crossed her or she has a feeling, she doesn’t revisit anything. Her attitude with the spy girls is evident, they surely sense that Da’Vonne will only tolerate and not trust them.

She has potential but you can’t discard entire groups in Big Brother.

So Sad

All these girls are egging James on because they know he’s popular, but you can see by their body language when he gets close that they want no part of him.

No Shame

Natalie already laughed to the girls it’s a sham top stay off the block & says she’s on the rebound from her broken Vic showmance on Nicole’s wooden spoon mic. James doesn’t care, he throws his reputation away for AFP cash. Producers pay him per prank and girl stalking that’s, Jaemes the Clown is half the show, since HOH & RoachKill comps are a scam.

Tiny hands

So what was up with DaVonne telling a fatal 5 that DR told her that Tiffany was targeting her? She got in trouble for it and had to tell the girls it didn’t happen, but the damage was done. It was weird that her opinion of working with Tiff changed overnight. Also last season it was weird that nobody thought about a twin being in the house till Da came out of the DR and suddenly noticed the fat twin. production may have tried to help Da again but she doesn’t know how to use the info.


Anyone that posts anything positive about Tiffany is Vanessa or other family members.

How sad that they can’t get their obsession with Vanessa out of their head. Now they are delusionally thinking their obsession is posting here. Creepy.

I feel bad for them. And clearly a meds adjustment and some closer doctors care is needed. Pray their life gets better.

DaVonne Lies

Funny it never crossed your mind that DaVonne lied about production telling her Tiffany is gunning for her. DaVonne didnt just recently start trying to steer negative thoughts about Tiffany it has been from the start.

You think Production day one or two said to DaVonne “Tiffany is coming after you”? If anything DaVonne was reading wrong a question that she was asked about Tiffany as omg they asked me twice about Tiffany this must mean….

Production steers players to fight when on the block and not give up. They also push certain drama but they don’t have a pre determined winner ever. That conspiracy has been proven wrong so many times it is laughable.

Hey if you think the whole show is rigged. Stop watching. Quit crying and ruining a show you know you are going to watch anyhow. You must be a joy to live with.


The comment by Michelle, “She photo shopped a fake bus pass because “that sh*t gets expensive, 60 cents each way!” makes me wonder where on earth do they find people like her


What is up with Paul and his obsession with that huge cucumber. I see him holding that a lot, must miss his one at home…douche