“I don’t want a machoman to win this f**ing show I want them out. But we have to do it strategically not right away”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your day 2 ranks in before midnight


12:23 pm the backyard is open for 2 hours.

12:34 pm Kyle and Taylor
Taylor asks if he’s been talking game
Kyle – It’s been low key. everyone is trying not to be the first to say anything
Taylor – Everyone saw Frenchie (the clown) from last year and said won’t be me.
Kyle – I’m no saying a word.. two weeks in I’m still not saying
Taylor – it’s scary because when you’re not talking you are thinking is everybody else?

12:41 pm more or less the entire house out near the pool. Chit chat.

1:16 pm Kyle and POOCH
They joke around about being called “The blue-eyed bash Bros”
Kyle – did you talk to Daniel a little about..
POOCH – yeah
Kyle – do I approach him?
POOCH – for sure.. I’m going to sell it.. I got you next week. With him he’s super cool. but I see him saying lets get out strong guys .
Kyle- Gameplay smart
Pooch – girl wise.. you want the numbers you want 8
Kyle – I like Nicole she’s strong
POOCH- absolutely
Feeds flip

1:31 pm Terrance, Brittany
Talking about their Spouses. Hard to hear but sounds like she was hoping to form a “Crew” of people that are married.
Terrance – Me, you, Jamsine, Nicole

2:30 pm Chit chat, work outs etc etc.. Backyard time is over for the day.

2:35 pm Joe and MOnte
Broing out
“Lets get it man”
“All I got to say is I gotta run a week with you when we’re not like this.. I’ll leave it like that”
“Real talk…. real talk…we’re definitely not full strength”
“We’re not full strength and like.. bro you’re good peoples and we gotta keep that around… 100% ”
“yeah yeah yeah ”
“The second I saw you and you made the GQ clown … ”
“what do you think about flax seeds”
“Bro bro I’m all for these vitamins just becuase of our diets”
“We need to get it in”
“we need to sub.. ”
“Phyto based”
“This one is pretty solid” (They have what seems to be a dozen Protein powders)
“what? that protein”
“I think this one is better”

2:43 pm Daniel and Nicole
Nicole – has anyone come up to you yet
Daniel – Ameerah is the only one .. I’m pissed (pissed nobody else has talked to him)
Nicole – I’m pissed
Daniel – you’re my number one I’m telling you now
Nicole – you’re my number one you’re giving me goosebumps.. lets do this oh my god
Daniel – no matter what happens next you’ll be my number one

They agree to “Vibe” with other people and keep their final 2 secret.
Daniel – when you see me with these other f**ing guys.. I don’t want a machoman to win this f**ing show I want them out. But we have to do it strategically not right away
Nicole – we need to figure out how to even the house out to.. nobody wants to talk strategy nobody wants to talk game. It’s bothering a handful of people down there
Daniel – if you see me with other people it’s because I’m trying to advance our game. I’m going to try to link up with these big f**ing dudes and me like ‘HEY YO Know’

Nicole – I’m hommies with Monte and Terrance
Daniel – we need one BIG dude that can also be a target later on
Nicole – that’s where I feel like it’s going to be hard .. they’ll protect each other to the point they will push to get someone else out

Nicole – is there anyone you are not feeling at all
Daniel – F*** … game wise? it’s tough. I think Indy maybe.. only because we haven’t talked.
Daniel – I’m pissed that no one has come up… at all today. I’m not supposed to be search out you guys

Daniel – if you have Terrance and Monte I have Paloma.. she’s dope we’re getting along
Nicole – Turner is my little Hommie..
Daniel – will he win comps?
Nicole – he won yesterday

Daniel wants to call their group “Rouge Rats, From rats to riches”
Nicole – if we build alliances outside of the two lets try to keep each other on the up and up

Nicole says POOCH gets to compete in the HOH next week
Daniel – I’m getting dope vibes
Nicole – I am too. I want to see if he approaches me

2:49 pm Happy Bros finally get their protein shakes.

3:24 pm Monte and Taylor
Chatting about how nobody is talking game.
Taylor says nobody wants to get Frienchied (the clown) and play too hard too soon

Monte asks if she’s vibeing with anyone
Taylor – I get along with a lot of people really well but I’m not super close with anyone
Taylor – I really like Nicole a lot
Monte – Nicole is great
Monte likes the group they talked with during the first competition with the porta potties. (Monte, Kyle, Jasmine. Nicole and Palomar.)

Monte – POOCH is cool people and I really like the porta potty group

3:50 pm Brittany and Turner
Brittany – I swear I will ride with you to
Turner – hell yeah
Turner – we have something now lets go. I will never nominate you you will never nominate me
Brittany – we’re a good compliment.
Turner – I come to you with sh1t you come to me with sh1t. keep this between us.. us till the end baby lets go
Turner – I don’t know anything. that’s why I didn’t want to go to be. I as like are people talking?
Brittany – we need to be careful with the girls.. that’s all I’m saying

(another final 2)

4:03 pm POOCH and Kyle
They tried to get some time in the HOH with Daniel but were interrupted by Michael. Kyle is a bit nervous if the Nominations are tonight and he doesn’t get a chance to talk to Daniel.
POOCH – which girls do you like?
Kyle – I don’t know dude which girls do you like
POOCH – Some of the older girls are cool. You can see Daniel and Nicole are happening like in a group.. Taylor she’s not dumb you can see she not afraid to speak her mind. She’s not somebody I want to be tied up with. She’s got to go. I don’t think he’ll put her up. She;; show her true colours.
POOCH – whoever puts her up it’ll be a loud week. A loud week.. I would do it but it’s not worth the f**Ing headache.
Kyle – that’s a later game move.
Kyle – she wanted to talk game with me earlier..

They both like Monte and agree he’s someone they need to get clsoer to he’ll be good at challenges.
Kyle – I like Joe to.. I hate to say it but a Boys alliance

5:05 pm Daniel, POOCH, Turner
Turner says if he had to drop a name he would say Michael.
POOCH – it’s only week one it’s a hard decision
Turner – If it was me he would be on the block

Turner – should we have an alliance name bro
Daniel and POOCH are down.
Turner suggests a name they can’t use but would be fun to call the alliance production.

Daniel – is there someone you are vibeing well with?
Pooch – I have one person. I really like Kyle. Good dude.
Turner – The people I see that looks like they can be winners is Monte and Kyle.. Both big a$$ dudes.
POOCH – Monte reminds me of Xavier from last season.
Turner- I’m vibing with Alyssa.
POOCH says he vibes with Nicole.

Daniel – I’m going to hit her up (Alyssa) and be like we are kind of waiting to see what happens with the backstage.. just so you know
Poooch – we got your back
Daniel – we got you’re back. Just want you to know we like you a lot.
Daniel – if it flows we’ll bring her into this sh1t

Turner – is there anyone you aren’t vibing with.
POOCH – the only person I would be scared to work with down the line
Monte joins them game talk ends. (Another final 3)

5:25 pm Ameerah and BRittany
Ameerah – something is up with Taylor. She been around the girls more today. I think she’s trying to umm .. like why is she hjagning out over there?
Ameerah – you know what I mean?
Ameerah – she’s wandering around in circles

Ameerah mentions how she wishes they could trust Taylor because they need all the girls they can get but it’s too late. Ameerah trust Nicole more than Taylor
Brittany – Nicole talks to the boys a lot
Ameerah she also talks alot with Indy..
Ameerah – do you trust her?
Brittnay – I do
Ameerah – she’s close with the boys

5:33 pm Ameerah, Paloma and Jasmine
Ameerah going over her conversation with Daniel earlier today.
Paloma says a guy has got to go this week.
Ameerah – if a guy doesn’t go you know he’s working with them

Paloma stresses they have to get two guys on the block.
Ameerah – he (Daniel) said why don’t I put up Michael and a strong player

Jasmine – I think Britney’s loyal
Ameerah – I just talked with her in the kitchen she’s solid

5:45 pm Paloma, Jasmine and Ameerah
Paloma – when I was taking a shower. Taylor was doing her makeup over here and then i’m like.. washing my body I pop out and go “oh HEY”
Paloma – She said oh my god why do you look like that.
Jasmine – she is on a whole other level of..
Paloma – she’s in a whole other level.. Oh my gosh why do you look like that
Ameerah – I hate that
Paloma – Brio aren’t you aware you come across as a b1tch. I don’t even know she tries to be a b1tch
Ameerah – it’s natural

Ameerah – she’s been trying to hang out.. I think she’s a spy for them
Paloma – one of the guys

6:05 pm A chunk of the house is hanging out in the HOH sharing random stories.

Terrance is a big Coldplay fan.

6:24 pm Monte, POOCH, Alyssa, Paloma
Talking about what girl they need to bring in to lock down their 6 with Kyle.

6:46 pm Chit chats

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1) I love Nicole and Daniel’s alliance name 2) I want to rate Daniel 5+++ just for him being pissed that hardly anyone has come up to the HoH room to talk game 3) The way Joe talks about fitness routines with such passion I am questioning whether he truly wants to be a lawyer


Geez. No one is ready to play. All cheesy and lovie dovie. They better get to chatting with Daniel.


I like Daniel and Nicole’s F2 alliance. It’s unexpected and that’s smart. Jason and Daniel like.

Seems like Indi will be one nominee and idk the other at the moment.

I hope they don’t go after Taylor. They would be dumb to since she’s apparently the target for all the mean girls..


Wish I could give you a thumbs up but I don’t like Taylor. Want her gone. Sure, she may be good for some drama, but I don’t think she really has made more than one friend in the house. She’s always got something snarky to say. Hope she goes…


It’s not jealousy with Taylor, Janelle and other fans need to get off that false narrative. If Palomar and Alyssa were really the jealous type then they wouldn’t be trying to work with 4 other women which is almost as many women as Janelle worked with as allies across four seasons!
Every season Janelle bashes pretty women who aren’t African American and degrades them on social media to rally up a Fanbase. That is being TOXIC! It’s projection because it’s obvious Janelle doesn’t want someone of her background that’s really pretty and born after 1990 to outshine her! Insulting Sarah Beth for not going along with the cookouts plans last year and Janelle saying f#ck Sarabeth on top of dragging her through the mud on social media all for having a different game plan that’s not Toxic?? Please….. Janelle is not honest at all. She is completely pushing her agenda because she can’t stand being out of the limelight or the idea that there is someone that looks like her that is pretty and potentially better than her at big brother which is why she cheers for them to lose and wanted Taylor to win this season as her preseason pick. It is absolute projection for Janelle to always throw around the word jealousy because she’s pissed that her time has passed and that her preseason pick Taylor to win this season is in a bad position with the rest of the house.

The Underdog

Your comment is low key insulting to black women. I get it! You hate black women. Janelle was bullied by mean girls in many of her seasons on BB so I think she has empathy for women (of any color) that are hated on for their beauty like Taylor. I think you are confusing Janelle with Rachel Riley. Rachel was very catty against other women.


I hate black women gtfoh you’re insulting and go take a hike because this is further showing that you don’t get the point. Hannah Chanda was quite possibly the most beautiful girl last year! In addition to several other former Black houseguests! Amanda from season 4, Amber from season 16 and Zakiayah from season 18 Dominique from season 19 just gorgeous arguably some of the most beautiful ever and of their respective seasons! Parker from season 9, kyland and Xavier from last unbelievably handsome and arguably some of the most beautiful men to ever be on the show. You have no idea what you are talking about!

Nowhere was I trying to imply that they black woman aren’t beautiful all I was saying is that Alyssa is prettier than Taylor which is why she is not jealous. In addition to Janelle having a problem with only targeting women of a similar background to her because she has a problem with being prejudice against younger girls under 35 that are pretty Because Janelle’s time has passed and she’s afraid of them outshining her since she never won big brother in 4 seasons. It’s so obvious how bitter she is about this! That is all I’m simply trying to say that it’s obvious that Janelle has a problem and complete prejudice with young pretty woman of her background that men find attractive who are under the age of 35 and mostly born after 1990! Nicole, Angela, Sara Beth, now these two girls from this season And you might as well throw Danielle Donato in there because she was 33 going 34 in season 22. Just look at Janelle always going after white women in previous seasons saying oh they are the ones who are jealous. She completely ripped Sarah Beth apart for being jealous all for not having a similar game plan compared to the cookout and said f#ck Sara Beth that is being Toxic! The fact that you called Alyssa just hair and make up is completely sexist and demeaning against a white woman which is why you’re the one that is insulting so don’t even start with that. If those two girls were really the jealous type then they would not be trying to align with four other women. The fact that you’re believing in this jealousy thing that Janelle mentions ever flipping season is the problem lol because you’re condoning that there is such negativity when all Palomar and Alyssa are doing is targeting someone that is not aligned with them similar to what those other women did!

Telling me I’m insulting when you’re the one throwing out negative connotation for how they’re playing in making decisions and that they’re the ones being personal when the cookout last season made decisions based off of the physical appearance of their entire cast lol That is completely personal & look no further than what Tiffany did last season to Claire and said about Sara Beth. Your logic is just completely dumbfounding and proves that you’re the one who is completely out of touch!
Again Janelle is trying to throw out her own agenda saying their jealous like other seasons because that is her preseason pick “Taylor” it’s right in front of your face.

The Underdog

I am not reading your full essay. lol It’s too much gaslighting. The point you are missing is that this is 100% jealous behavior and microaggressions from some mean girls. If you ever experienced cattiness from other women then you will recognize the mean girls behavior. Jealousy is not always who society deems as more attractive. These mean girls are envious over the fact that Taylor is the total package. She has beauty pageant/modeling titles and she’s a business woman. They also thought they were going to be the only attractive ones: blonde, young, slim, etc. They deemed her as inferior but are upset because Taylor is confident and attractive and she gets along well with the guys. Taylor has done NOTHING to receive this type of hate. It’s only been two days. lol You and people like Alyssa/Palomar are using microaggressions to mask your insecurities and racial biases.

Janelle is NOT toxic and looks better than all the ladies on Season 24 combined. lol Most of the women that hated on Janelle were the same age, so let’s not use the sexist excuse that the older (HOT) woman is jealous of the (basic looking) younger woman. If you are a true fan of BB then you’ll know that Janelle has always rooted for the underdog like Kaysar (who just happens to be Muslim). Janelle was also a friend to Bayleigh when Cody formed his all-white alliance two years ago. She is an empath that keeps it real which is why the nerd herd and Dani and Nichole hated on her.


Janelle not Toxic haha if she wasn’t toxic then she would’t go to social media like she always does to single out a few women that she doesn’t like. Keeping it real is that she a has been that didn’t win big brother in 4 tries and doesnt want a white women that’s attractive to steal her spot and win like she never did.


Yeah because you don’t wanna hear the truth that’s why! Your own words Alyssa is only hair and make up you are completely demeaning and sexist towards white women with a comment like that- that is the jealousy that you speak of!
If Taylor has a poor social game that’s on her for being targeted and people not trusting her; not jealousy. If you think that this is personal what those two girls are doing this season compared to what the women in the cookout did to the other women who didn’t want them in the freaking house last summer all for Xavier kyland and Derek F all who didn’t want Hannah and Tiffany in the final four then you have completely lost your mind and are being puppeted by Janelle.

Janelle has had more plastic surgery combined then all the women in 24 seasons! So how in blue blazins is she more beautiful compared to the other women in previous seasons when she’s completely fake! It is so obvious that you are such a tool for her agenda.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

How am I insulting white women when I gave Janelle a HUGE compliment on her looks? Make it make sense. Alyssa and many women on this show are nothing but hair and makeup. And maybe Alyssa and Palo’s insecurity and cattiness makes them go from a 8 down to a 5. lol And just because Taylor’s social game is not the greatest doesn’t give the mean girls the right to create lies and conspiracy theories against her. But that’s all gaslighting anyway because they have shared their main dislike about Taylor is she is in beauty pageants and she talks to the guys. That’s s3xual competition in their minds. A beauty pageant means a woman’s looks and desirability was validated publicly. They ARE jealous of her this. Listen to their words not your biases. Not sure why you always reference the Cookout as if that was the only season that had girls be catty to each other. And from my memory, Hannah and Tiffany disliked SB after weeks into the house, not day one like the mean girls is this current season. Taylor should not receive hate because she is of the same phenotype of the women from last season. lol

Just a viewer

Oh yes it is jealousy and Paloma is a trouble maker. Watched the live feeds and Paloma was lying through her teeth. Paloma dropped a piece of pineapple and Taylor casually said ” you dropped a piece”. How is that being snarky? Paloma wanted to brush her teeth in the kitchen sink and asked Taylor did she think it would be okay and Taylor said no, she didn’t think that would be okay and she was right. How she thinks it’s okay to do that crap in the first place. Spitting in the kitchen sink where 15 other people live. Alyssa might be prettier to you but she also has a weight complex( from watching the live feeds) which makes her fit in with the jealous girls. Taylor has a confidence about herself and that can be off putting and intimidating to some women. If men were lying and talking about Taylor the way these women are, some of you would call them sexist, weak men. So why is okay for women to target another woman and disrespect her like these women are.

The Underdog

Right! Taylor is just an introverted black woman and maybe that’s rare for some people to witness. She’s being misunderstood. I feel like Taylor’s “flaws” are taken more seriously than everyone elses’ flaws. This is microaggressions and misogynoir! The fact that no one can honestly articulate without telling lies about Taylor just shows they have a bias against her.

The Underdog

I can’t find it here or on the actual live feeds anything Taylor has said or done that was bad. She might be socially awkward but not a super villain. lol I think people are being too harsh on her for their own biases. This is bullying.


Your own biases are completely obvious when it pertains to Palo and Alyssa.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

Biases? If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck…

I am reading and viewing the live feeds and all I see are those two girls talking smack about Taylor just for existing. Alyssa and Palo are acting like Karens. You just agree with that type of bullying because you have your own hidden agenda.

Just a viewer

She didn’t and they got too much jealousy in them to recognize that Taylor could be a good asset because she seems athletic.


Palo and Alyssa are not Jealous when they are beautiful if not prettier than Taylor.
You all are making excuse for her being targeted. Strategically if those two girls have a group of six women in total and they are trying to pull in three other men then that means they will work with a group of 9 people and they’ll have 6-7 people left they can target and it just so happens that Taylor is one of them. It doesn’t mean they’re jealous that is strategy if you want personal look at what happened last season.

Just a viewer

Last season is over and I could pick out seasons before last season. But that’s your poor pitiful fixation. Paloma is playing a Frenchy game and she will regret it sooner then later.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

I was hoping for an all-girl alliance but there are too many karens this season.

Corn Pop was a bad dude

Why is Daniel so worried about strong men? Does he have some inadequacies about himself?

The Underdog

Maybe he’s a confident feminist?

Dixie Lee

It seems like there are a few nerdy people (that’s a good thing, in my opinion) and I’d love to see them go far. I’m tired of the jocks banding together & taking over.

un autre nom

I don’t really see Daniel following the advice/suggestions Nicole or Ameerah have given him (albeit Nicole was more what is your gut saying). He’s hedging too much and consistently bringing up Indy and Michael.
Is this smart?
Short term it’s smart. Long term it’s stupid.
Short term, if he follows the suggestion of Ameerah, he’s doing her dirty work, and painting a target on himself for going after physically imposing bros without having a squad or majority tacit approval.
Long term, he’s already been made aware bros are broing and didn’t include him, so if you aren’t with them… you’re one of their targets.

Effect if this is the route he follows: the usual low hanging fruit routine. He allows a group he knows exist that he isn’t part of to pull in their sidepieces (if the bros include women, they will not be full members, they’ll be eyecandy with a vote).
Michael and Britany are already considered easy pawns to get rid of any time (mentioned more than once).
What should he do? Quit complaining that nobody has come to him, tell everyone that noms are coming, so the doors open, time to plead your case. Proactive in a place of power gives him more control than Passive wait for them to come to me. At least 4 people have attempted to go to him, and been shooed away in case anyone sees? He’s HOH and noms haven’t been made… who cares if people see him talking to others?

At least, that’s the way I’m viewing the afternoon situation. Tell me if i’m misreading again.

Additions to Relationships forming:
Nicole and Daniel are now Rogue Rats.
Kyle and Pooch are Blue Eyed Bash Bros? Oh someone take off a shoe and bash Pooch upside the head for trying to form a d/r chilltown routine. eyeroll.
Brittany and Turner have final 2’d. Well, her hypnotoad power worked on someone… ok.

The Underdog

Is the Blue Eyed Bash Bros for white guys only? Isn’t this like a white version of the Cookout? I wonder will there be selective outrage for this? lol

un autre nom

it’s a pair.
A wannabe Will / Boogie pair practicing d/r in the mirror together.
Now, if every blue eyed person in the house gathered together to make the case that blue eyed people have been systemically disadvantaged by production for twenty some odd seasons… well they’d be full of shit… but that would be the equivalent for cookout version status.

Alyssa Palo=Karens

I agree!


I wonder if any of them remember that nominations happen on Friday afternoons/evenings

The Underdog

If I lived in this house I would hang out with the men too! These mean girls are obsessed with Taylor. lol From the feeds, I do not see anything Taylor is doing wrong. Why does Nicole get a free pass to hang out with the guys? I guess they don’t see Nicole as s3xual competition.

un autre nom


  • Joseph is being left out of every grouping and alliance and structure chat purposefully. You’d almost think he was a last minute replacement and storyline didn’t have a chance to inform the cast about his role this season. sideye.
  • Girl’s Girls WILL implode. Alyssa and Paloma are already anti Indy. Alyssa and Paloma are the worst women to choose to be in a woman’s alliance imo.
  • Alyssa is so NOT about working with other women. She REALLY wants the meatshields. showmance type and ALL about making other women the target. (and she’s in the all girl alliance… d’oh).
  • By all means, I want to see Paloma and Alyssa go to Ameerah about becoming number six in the newest proposed six alliance with the football team… that should go over like a Hanukkah Glazed Ham.
  • Terrance is being considered as a tag along. Someone to keep safe and use for a while because he is non threatening comp wise.
  • Terrance and Ameerah want a meathead gone this week. the proposed sixth to the sub-basement six and their tag along side piece both want the have not jocks gone. oops.
  • Daniel’s HOH seems boring because the lame ass backstageboss crap elevated Pooch to being the shot caller with immunity this week. Anyone saying he chose the losers of comps is kidding themselves. He didn’t want to risk putting up a guy because he is more afraid of a man winning a comp and targeting him than a woman. Shush. He said it. Daniel is too passive to make an effective first HOH. He’s allowing others to dictate the tone instead of gathering his squad and setting the tone himself.
  • Taylor is damned if you do bitch if you don’t territory. If she hangs with guys she’s not eligible for the girl alliance. If she hangs with girls she’s a guy’s spy. If they borrowed Terrance’s bus, Taylor would be roadkill. Oh well. She still thinks nobody is game talking…. blink blink. The minute they heard Pageant girl, she was out… and she comes across as assertive / opinionated enough that she can’t be considered a bobblehead for the men to use and discard… so she’s even more out. (The entire angry black woman bbtrope they are adding to her? grimace).
  • Michael…. oh. um… where was “be so passive and deer in headlights that you make yourself a blockstar week one” in that bb bible of yours?
  • The trio or more that has Daniel, Turner and Pooch? 3 dollar bill once veto ceremony is over. It could be a fauxlliance until next HOH is over, but it’s not real. It may be Nicole’s dream to have them get along and toss in Monte and Terrance, but Pooch is not about Daniel for real, and Monte is not about Turner for real.