Da “Everybody can panic & no one wants to rock the boat, why is it ok for me to panic!”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 13-05-15-456

In the safari room – Corey, Paulie and Paul are talking about clubs in New York, LA, Dallas and Las Vegas. Paul gets called to the diary room. Paulie comments on how he sees how Cody and Derrick are really tight now after this experience. They talk about Cody choosing to take Derrick over Victoria. Paulie says Cody doesn’t regret it at all. Paulie says I love it. I’m so glad I met you and crazy Paul. I would do anything to help you out.

1:20pm Natalie checks on James. Natalie tells James that he’ll have to eat banana’s bread and rice. You’ll have to eat a bland diet. That’s what the doctors told me.

1:50pm – 2:10pm Backyard – Michelle tells Natalie that she can’t believe she got a care package. Natalie thinks its because I’m so close to James. Natalie tells Michelle you are literally one of the nicest people in the house. Michelle asks really do you think so, thank you. I’d like to think I am but its hard when you get frustrated you know! I think I finally got to the bottom of why I got in such a tiff with Bridgette. Originally I thought it was because of the comments she had made but I think it was really that I was really close to Frank in the beginning. Me and him were really tight and I really wanted to work with him. Then all of a sudden he started hanging out with Bridgette 24/7 and I heard rumors of them having a final 2 deal so it was like I felt really betrayed and jealous. Like what does she have that I don’t… like ex-girlfriend thing. I thought he was really cute. That’s why I have had nothing negative to say about her since he left. Natalie says I feel like most people in the house think I’m really dumb. Michelle says you have a college degree. Don’t ever feel like that. I felt like that throughout my life like people used to call be dumb blond. I definitely think I’m the ugly duckling. Natalie says you’re not. I was telling James I feel like I’m trapped in a body that’s not mine .. I just need to work out more.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 14-00-59-522

2:20pm Backyard – Corey is playing pool by himself. In the kitchen Nicole jokes that Corey’s playing pool with all his friends. Paulie tells Corey and Corey comes into the kitchen and says he was playing with all his friends like she was with all her friends when she feel out of the hammock last night.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 14-23-48-850

It’s been a quiet day in the BB house..

3:15pm Safari room – James and Paul are talking. Paul asks you ate tacos and you sh*t your pants? James says I don’t know, the only thing I ate was a pizza with taco meat on it. Paul asks how do you feel about Day? James says I know she’s rubbed people that wrong way. Paul says that’s the replacement but my objective is not to get her (Da) out but since everyone feels a certain way I will respect a certain decision. I’m just here to give you the options, you know. I know that her and Bridgette both want to go after Nicole and Corey. For me personally I think Bridgette is the bigger threat. James says Da never brings you up. Paul says that’s the thing, my objective is to get Bridgette out. I think the whole house feels the same way. James says if you replaced it with someone like Natalie. Paul says I don’t want to do that because I made a promise to you. Do you think the house would vote out Da if she went up? James says I don’t know maybe a few people. I’m just worried about you the speech with Bridgette was pretty blunt. Unless you’ve talked to her. Paul says Da has said a few things. My goal is to get Bridgette out because she’s a loose cannon. Vic joins them so they leave and head up to the HOH room to talk.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 15-58-04-564

3:35pm HOH room – James and Paul. Paul says he (Vic) likes to noisy into all the conversations. Paul says Da did volunteer. I want to put someone up there that won’t freak out. I don’t think Da would freak out. If the house agrees to out vote Da to Bridgette then there must be something that Da has done. To be honest I only trust you and Paulie to talk to about sh*t. You are a man of your words. James says if you judge me from my last season .. I don’t want to be a dirty player like Frank. Paulie joins them. Paul asks would you feel comfortable voting Da out? James says yes. Paul asks would you be still comfortable with Bridgette in the house? James says yes. Paul says she is going after the girls. Eventually when the guys start taking out all the girls they will band together. Paulie says right now Da is the only one that can whisper that. James says Da just asked me about replacement noms. Paul says because she’s worried. Paulie says all the sh*t that Da pulls with me is before competitions. Vic joins them and they end their conversation.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 16-04-45-952

4:15pm James and Natalie are talking. James tells Natalie that no one sees her as a threat. You’re not going up as the replacement nom. Natalie says its okay it wouldn’t even bother me if I was. I could handle it.

4:15pm HOH room – Da comes up to talk to Paul. Paul says I think Paulie is going to pull himself down, which I would expect him to. Everything that I wanted to happen, happened. Bridgette didn’t win. Da says surprisingly she came to me and asked what she could do to survive. I told her to talk to you about getting Nicole put up beside her. Paul says I need someone up there that will not freak out. I want to put someone up that I can trust. Someone that will not spread paranoia. Its done Bridgette is going home. Who would be the best person I could put up that would just trust me. I don’t want to put you in that position again but at the same time I just need someone that trusts me. Da says why not put up someone who has never been up there .. never felt the heat. Paul says because they’ll freak out. I don’t want votes to go anywhere but with Bridgette. Da says if someone goes up that’s never been up and starts freaking out .. then you know where the trust is. Da says the only reason I don’t want to go up is because I don’t trust them two. I don’t trust Corey or Nicole. Paul says right now they want Bridgette gone. I think they would much rather want you here than Bridgette. Da asks what’s up with Z? Paul says if she wants to do it. Just help me finish this job. Da asks didn’t Nicole fully volunteer? Paul says she did and then she came up freaking out. I’m just trying to think of the best way to keep everyone quiet. I would love it if he (Paulie) would keep noms the same of course I would because then I wouldn’t need to fill that spot. Da says if you put me on the block I’m a pretty big target. If you put me next to Bridgette everyone plays the sympathy roll because of her let .. I might get sent home. Paul says these past few weeks I’ve heard no ones name but Vic and Bridgette. Da says I think it would be weird for me and Z if you put me up because I picked you. Paul says just as it was weird for me to put up Paulie. Paul says I don’t think you’re a target at all. I don’t think you would be paranoid at all. I know you trust me. Z would freak out exponentially. People just don’t have balls at the end of the day. Da says its just that the option to win the POV is done. How do you unf**k what you f**ked up. She is going home. Da says if it is me that goes up just don’t make it so I find out during the veto ceremony. Paul says he would let her know.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 16-25-47-737

4:38pm – 4:45pm Da and Z are talking out in the backyard. Da says I think I’m going up. Da relays her conversation with Paul. He didn’t say it out right but it sounds like he’s putting me up. I did mention your name but I didn’t throw you under the bus. Everybody can panic .. and no one wants to rock the boat… but why is it okay for me to panic!!! Da starts crying. Why does everybody get a pass but me?! It makes me feel like I’m not apart of the group. Z says I don’t trust anyone else. I don’t trust Nicole or Corey. Da says the more he was saying it, I was getting PISSED! Saying I’ve been there and everyone else would freak out. Z says that’s not fair. Da says I was genuinely excited when he won HOH and if I go home on his HOH … I will look so stupid!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 16-41-45-464

4:45pm HOH room – Bridgette comes up to talk to Paul. Paul says the plan is set. People are saying you are super confident and comfortable. Bridgette says I’ve been sleeping. Bridgette says that Da keeps telling me to talk to you about putting up Nicole. Paul says that’s funny because she tells me you keep approaching her about that. Bridgette says oh my god! I hate her!! Paul brings up how Da was asking why not put up Z .. that’s her closest person. If she is willing to have her thrown up, then how can I trust her when that’s her closest person. Bridgette says I hope you know how thankful I am. When Frank left I thought I was dead meat. Bridgette asks does Nicole know Da is talking sh*t about her? Paul says I don’t care … if you involve yourself in something that isn’t your sh*t it becomes your sh*t. Bridgette agrees.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 16-49-10-970

5pm Backyard – Da asks Natalie if I was on the block next to Bridgette who would you vote for? Natlaie sasy that would put me in a tricky situation. If you want me to vote for you, I will. Da says but that’s your friend. Natalie says but you’re my friend too and we have more conversations. I know you have a kid too. Da says I know James will vote for me 100%.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 17-00-04-528


WEEK 2 – July 31 to August 5th

The winner of this care package could single handedly flip the house by preventing two house guests of their choosing from voting in next weeks eviction.

*** Since Voting ends Friday, August 5th the recipient of the care package will not use it until August 11th. Any votes for Da or Bridgette will not count if they are evicted this week.

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Powder Puff Girls

thank you!


Da is crazier than owl shit!

imma get yo a$$

Yes yes yes Da is finally getting evicted from the house!
Oh happy Da

Big Sister

I am still voting for Da to get#2 on the possible chance she has the return ticket. All of you bemoaning the lack of excitement would surely get your wish then. Da for return ticket is not far-fetched since she has #8 and Ocho (Rios) means eight in Spanish.


I think if you look at the least popular poll you will see that nobody else is going to miss DaVonne.

Big Sister

Unscientific polls can be tricky. Just because someone is popular or not on this or any poll does not make it a given for Da or any other House Guest.

Powder Puff Girls

So if you vote for Da’Vonne, she wins the package, she gets voted out, does not have ticket back, then package is defunct. Is this correct due to the dates?

I would be interested in how you are voting for the next package. What is your strategy. The first package I voted for Paulie to get him eliminated from the other packages.

This package is difficult for me, I want Bridgette to get a better package and do not want the #meangirls targeting her. I know Michelle will be jealous and ignite the Bridgette bandwagon.

Cal L

No the care package would go to the next person who had the highest number of votes of Da get it but is voted out.

TX rar

Each person can only win one care package. The rules state. “Since Voting ends Friday, August 5th the recipient of the care package will not use it until August 11th. Any votes for Da or Bridgette will not count if they are evicted this week.”

Your bote will be wasted if it is cast for someone that is evicted. I would like to see Bridgette & James to get a better care package. Voting for Victor right now but that might change based on how the house will vote.

Powder Puff Girls

thanks Dawg ** Since Voting ends Friday, August 5th the recipient of the care package will not use it until August 11th. Any votes for Da or Bridgette will not count if they are evicted this week.

This is hard to vote for this week with double eviction coming up.


Dawg, could not agree more and why the heck is CBS still allowing people to vote for Natalie for Care Package #2 when she is ineligible for it….. Morons running CBS BB website… 😀


All of the America’s Votes have been popularity contests and that will not change here. The “viewers” will just vote for their favorite every week, no strategy involved. This is why I don’t even bother with it. I predict James will get the next one.


Package will be delivered Friday. So my guess is the person with the highest vote count still in the game gets it.

sunny dee

the way the house is right now, and what might be coming, i am not sure what people would do with the 2 votes. i hope they are forced to use the power, and yet i’m not sure how this care package is going to arrive. it’s pretty useless as a gift if everyone knows who has it, and everyone knows who’s votes get eliminated.

i think we know Vic is likely to win a comp soon, if he is HOH, then i want whoever he is likely to nominate to get this power or someone closer. most likely he’s going to target natalie and throw up Zak, i’ve already said i don’t want zak, michelle or day, and would add the guys paul, paulie, vic to not get any care packages, which leaves only nicole, bridget, corey and james on my list of possibles. all of them are mistified, by paulie, so all of them would misuse it in some way, except james, and he would just use it to benefit natalie, which i’m ok with. so i’ll go with james.

the number one reason for my votes will be if the answer to the question ‘will this screw things up for paulie?’ is yes. the number 2 reason would be ‘is this a signal to the other HGs as to who is actually liked, versus who is not?”

michelle is redeeming herself lately, maybe the current events are such that she is no longer listening to Days negativity designed to keep wedges between people. ?


I have to disagree about Michelle. I think she is just playing nice for the cameras because she wants a care package. She is mentally unstable and it’s only a matter of time until something or someone sets her off again. I think she will show her true colors once someone else gets the next care package especially if another girl gets it.

Big Sister

After that I don’t really care because I dislike all of those remaining equally. It is hard enough to watch now. Just thinking that anything to stir things up and possibly “clip” Paulie’s complete dominance would be worth it.


Just remember Paul is ALL Talk and ZERO action. He is Paulies puppet and will do whatever Pauline wants. I promise. His whole “pots and pans” bullshit and that he is going to call out people and never does. He is that guy that puffs up his chest to start a fight but knows his “friends” will “hold him back”. 100% pussy


You underestimate him he is 150% pussy with no balls


So happy someone else sees through him.

I had him pegged as a pussy ass poser by day 2 of the feeds.

I’d bet my house that he was bullied in school and then decided that growing a ridiculous beard, wearing leather & getting all those dumb tattoos would make him seem cool.

I’d also bet that 90% of his stories are complete B.S.


LOL you are soo right about Paul!!! You can tell by how desperate he seems to ingratiate himself with the group.


Is it just me or has Paulie completely lost his mind! He was always talking about Tiffany’s paranoia but he is the main one that can’t let go of something. I’m not a big Zakiyah fan but watching Paulie completely disrespect her is appalling. That girl has been nothing but loyal to him. Yeah she’s crazy and childish but she has given him plenty of chances to just be friends. He should just tell her that he doesn’t like her like that and keep it strictly business. It’s sad to watch him use her and talk trash about her to everyone in the house and they don’t tell her at all.

It's a trap!

You must not know any women. When a woman has shown that she is super jealous…like boil your bunny on the stove jealous…and she says we can just be friends…ummm…ya…CRAZY! He hasn’t been out of line with her at all. She’s the one out of line!

Min O'Pause

Don’t know why these broads want to buy the bull when they can get the beef for free.


Davonne told Z she was being played, and Z told Paulie what she said. He denied it and Z believed him.

ChillTown 2.0

First post this season!! Simon and Dawg you rock!! BB18 you….well…um kinda suck but I am not going anywhere.

I’m sure Day will blow up her game even more once she goes on the block so good riddance. I met her when I went to open casting calls this year (which seems unfair considering she could have met potential HGs she would play with…haha what am I saying BB only recruits now 🙁

I want Brid to win but her ankle must be super f*cked and will be chopped once she serves no more purpose for Prince Paulie. For the record I do not like Paulie but I can respect his control of the house, I mean it isn’t his fault the rest of the HGs are dumb as rocks….

Thanks Big Meeeestake, you are just another reason why BB will stop casting superfans! She is such a vindictive joke of a person.

Did I say how much I like Simon and Dawg and this whole OBB Community !!!!!!!

skeptical onlooker

And so…Davonne not happy. Crying now..but didn’t care about Tiff or Franks. In fact…was a total B***tch and cocky to boot.
Her goodbye messages will come back to haunt her. Da is not good at this game. Talks too much…perceptive about other players..but not about herself.
Da is NOT loyal. And I will be fine with her leaving the game..PRE Jury.
Da is snarky..vindictive..and thinks she’s entitled.
Z….playing Paulie the same way he’s playing her. However..this will end up biting her on the bum. When Da is gone..the players will turn against her. In truth…she has no personality…has done nothing..but is real quick to accuse others of doing nothing. Hello.
Natalie is the nicest…Michelle changing face..because she’s twigged that she’s looking bad. Now..it’s the I hate myself thingy.
Vic, Michelle talking to the live feeders..hoping for a care package. Nauseating.
James has no balls…weak as F**k. No respect for him.
Nic’s whining is so eking annoying. The only entertainment she’s given..is falling out of the hammock..because she was more than a little tipsy.
Bridgitte can win an HOH…and should put up Z and James.
If one of them comes down…put up Michelle.
It really doesn’t matter..re boys VS girls. If the girls can’t win anything..they don’t deserve to win.


Her good bye messages are not really mean. I see them as being playfully mean and not really attacking them personally.

skeptical onlooker

NOTHING playful about the message! Take a look at the whole time Da has been. Da doesn’t have a playful bone in her body.
When someone has been evicted…show some empathy. But Da has NO class whatsoever. In fact..kicks a dog when it’s down.
But I understand you are a fan of Da’s. I’d hate to see a nonplayful message then:(

Bye Felicia

There should be a care package where we can send one person home. Without Paulie the house would be so lost


Da is going to freak out and start some shit once she goes up! Drives me nuts that she’s still blaming Nicole and Corey, when the only reason they started saying her name was because she decided to make Nicole her next target before Tiffany was even out the door! She can’t be that stupid that she doesn’t see its Paulie and Paul running things.. Either way this is your karma.. You lie and start all this unnecessary drama and then cry victim when it comes back on you. Can’t have it both ways!! Good riddance, Da!

Powder Puff Girls

I think Da’Vonne’s ego got in her way she wanted to be the last vet standing. First, Frank, then Nicole. She should have worked with Frank, brought along Michelle, James as she had no alliance of her own. Everyone in that house knows Paulie is running the show they (Da, James) should have nipped it in the bud sooner. All they think about is this weeks safety no long term planning.


James a man of his word who doesn’t want to be a dirty player like Frank. What a delusional douche. His word doesn’t mean crap and unless he is talking about farts he is dirtier than Frank. He offered Nat up as a block sacrifice like He should speak for her! What a man what a mighty mighty good man. Not to mention his going back on his promise during HOH. He is also a stupid man who has given up any power or claim to manhood in this game to get where he was already going day 1. To Jury. Sorry Nat you hooked up with a loser and I sincerely hope Da has round trip ticket to come back so somebody can rock this house. But please don’t include that wuss James in your plans.


Well James did get Frank’s scalp in the game so he is all right with me.


You mean Paulie got Frank out. James is a little bitch who does whatever his master says.


You guys nailed it.
James is trying to plant the AFP seed in our heads. It ain’t working buddy.
I also love how Paul is saying right to his face all the people on “the other side” that could be the replacement nom, meanwhile, every person he’s naming James is working with! WAKE UP! This dude is such a joke.
I feel bad for Nat Nat for being attached to this bump on a log. James says ” there’s going be a backdoor possibly”. Nat asks “who’s going up?” James says “that’s all you need to know for now”. .
Aka.. I have no freaking idea because no one tells me shit and I am the lowest dude on this 5 man totem pole.


I think Day will leave if she is nominated because Polly wants her to leave. And what Polly says goes ugh

Pinocchio Obama

I think we are going to see a lot of drama with this weeks eviction.


Have fun getting evicted, Mama Demon. I hope you enjoy spending the rest of your time on BB in sequester away from your baby #Karma’sABitch #JustLikeYou

Only can wish

Okay, we know how you feel about Da. What are you’re feelings about Paulie and Paul? They have lied through the house and talked bad about the females in the house. If you going to point fingers, point them at all of them.


We know the Pauls are both douchelords, but at least they can win comps and follow through with some action. I hate the players that have plenty of shit to say and nothing to show for, which Da’Vonne fits to the T.

At least Paul and Paulie have the nerve to be nasty to people’s faces. Mama Dae is the kinda bitch who does it behind your back and leave shitty goodbye messages. Let’s also remember she pretty much was responsible for the Fatal Five crumbling and turning Frank and Tiffany against the main group alliance.

sunny dee

she had two solid potential alliances that she started cutting down as soon as they wanted her to join in with. She could have fully supported those other 4 women, and she could have fully supported the corey/paulie/zak/nicole group as well, and been sitting pretty to at least final 6.

Instead she told people about these invitations, and started throwing each and everyone’s names out like all those people were now her number one targets. For what reason? thinking she’d be a great team player and alliance member, work together for a common goal? yeah, i’d target people like that, ones who were planning to be loyal and not vote you out are all now 100% on board with putting you up and voting you out in what 10th place?


So true. People on here say she’s the only female “playing” but her gameplay is terrible. She HAD what she needed to get far but she thinks way too much about nonsensical things. She wanted tiff out strictly out of revenge for vanessa. For those that don’t know, when day was voted out last year, she was constantly going off on vanessa on Twitter. She obviously felt slighted by her, and took it out on tiff. Yeah tiff is gone, BUT she really could’ve helped day if day had not started all that mess with tiff and Frank. Just total nonsense like everything she does. Her starting that mess with Frank and tiff is actually what ended up biting her because what you see now is a result of Frank trying to get day out week before last. That’s why paulie is so set on day going.

Also bc of James. Another person that was on her side that she screwed up by telling him she wants to target showmances. Just stupid!! She has no chill. Her only gameplay is planting seeds, bad seeds at that.

Only can wish

They all run their mouth so much that I can’t keep up with who said what. I just feel Da is playing the game without riding someone’s coattail. Bridget/Ex-Frank, Nicole/Corey, Z/Paulie, Natalie/James, possible Meech/Paul: that’s alot of couples. Damn if she do, Damn if she don’t. Don’t give up Da…

Powder Puff Girls

Well said,

She also focused on getting out Frank, Nicole the vets instead of making alliances. Told James she was gunning for the showmance when he was in one. He knew he was on that same list.


Really, that is stupid as hell. Da’ is playing the game as an individual; which everyone should be doing. Yes, she is targeting big fish but isn’t that what the game is about. If you were the last man standing would you be so willing to play against Paulie who’s good at comps or take someone else that you knew you could defeat…no brainer. In past seasons hg’s wanted to take out the strong players first to give them an advantage…is that so stupid? Playing with Corey/Nic/Paulie/Z would only allow her to advance so far. And for those who consistently say she sucks at comps…this is true but keep in mind that she has flipped that house on 2 occasions. She is a threat bc she can sway votes which is why Frank wanted her out before jury. Being mentally competitive is just as important as the physical. Ian and McCray weren’t physically strong competitors. Also what has she done that the others haven’t that makes her so disliked? Nicole schemes and blabs her mouth and so does ALL the other hg i.e. Paulie, Z, Meech, Corey, Paul and James. They’ve all lied to someone’s face, backstabbed and schemed. Give me a break…y’all are making her out to be the villain when she’s no different than the others.


Well you are 1 in a 100 that actually watch and know the game, most on here is actually following Paulie also and doesn’t even realize it, they talk trash on one then when that person is on the broad all of a sudden if Paulie wants someone else you will notice the swing in the comments change right to the person he wants. Wish more on here actually knew the ones playing and the ones that sit around and rubs backs. Thanks for your straight input, wish there were more like you.

Powder Puff Girls

Paul is nasty behind people’s backs he kept his mouth shut about the truth about eyebrow gate his comments were the worst. Read the “eyebrow transcript” that was included in Reddit post: “Based Steve Moses Destroys BB18 Bullies on Reddit”

Has Paul ever said to Bridgette that he wanted to punch her in the face directly?

Da, Paul, Z, Michelle are the worst.


Now tell why she has to be a bitch? Bears always stick together! She’s playing for (self) , likewise should everyone else in the house. Not one person is going to share their winnings with a player in the house.

A Girl Has No Name

Have fun “away from your baby”? That’s the best you got as a comment? Sit your ass down somewhere. Grown folks are talking here and you are obviously not one among us.


Yeah Day has made some mistakes in the game but no worse than nicole at least she’s playing the game instead of hiding behind other players why get someone out that has no one if I was Paul I would toss nicole or Cory’s ass up there and split that shit up

Jimmy 64

I think James has the round trip does he not have lucky number 7!!!!!


James totally sucks. Offering Nat up as a pawn to what?? save Da who told him she wanted showmances out! The time for that dummy to strategize was when he was HOH. He listened to of all people Da and look where that has gotten all of the vets. On the PP train to juryville.


The conversation went: I’m not saying anything about her comps skills..meaning he said she’ll suck so if Paul wanted a strong competitor she’s not your girl.


I just want Da to leave because I want Bridgette to stay. They are the only ones making the house interesting


I just have to add that Tiffany had the best rack in the house…


What about Glenn?

Powder Puff Girls

I think Michelle is trying to rebuild her image to the feedsters saying jealousy caused her to be mean to Bridgette. Admitting that does not erase all the harm that caused she is still a #meangirl. Z, Da, Michelle play mean not strategy.

“Michelle tells Natalie that she can’t believe she got a care package” Jealousy that Nat was chosen this is why I voted for Paulie to get the first package.


This is the first time I have seen Bridgette in quite a while. I wasn’t certain she was still in the house.
Hearing a strategy session with the two Pauls is so painful to my ears. Nothing but swearing, and stupid remarks. I think two monkeys have higher IQS .
When Nat told Big Meech that she is one of the nicest girls in the house I never laughed so hard in my life. I hope Nat was blowing hot air up her skirt, otherwise Nat should not be allowed outside without close supervision.


Aww poor Day I almost feel back for her… Not! Acts like she’s playing soo loyal and wondering why people are picking on her. It really is better to get Day out now cause her social game is wayyy better Bridgette, Day has here hands in almost every body’s business. Can’t believe she thinks she’s playing this squeaky clean game, she just as bad as frank was with playing to aggressive.


And I hope Paulie’s dictator ass and whiney sneaky ass Nicole are next. I hope Da blows up the spot before she leaves. I hope Da gets back in. A bunch of stupid not real showmance. Somebody needs to wake the he’ll up.

Davonne for the win

Paulie truly is arrogant cocky piece of crap. He needs to just tell Z straight up that he does not like her instead of pretending. Horrible watching him. Heres hoping whoever stays realizes Paulies running the house and gives him the back door. Its really the only way they will get him out. And Paul what happened why waste your Hoh?


Don’t be silly. He’s not wasting it… its all about “friendship”.


SAVE DA’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What kills me is they know this is game and you have to play to win. You have to at least win some competitions. Mama Day had no problem laughing at Tiffany when she got kicked out the house. But oh no now she is crying, because she is afraid they will do the same to her. All this crying and then getting angry when they go up on the block or get blindsided is crazy. Do they really think that people are just going to let them win. You can’t believe anything anybody says in the house. James is a prime example of that. Just play the game to win and stop relying on people liking you. When will they learn in the BB house.


James is Bridgette’s target. Why does James not think that she would not go after him after he lied and put her and Frank up? When Paulie came up to James and told him that Bridgette was not the target but Da’Vonne was. James should of stood his ground with Paulie. Every move that Paulie does is self serving. Paul wanted Brigette gone and so did James. James needs to put seeds of doubt in Paul and Victor’s head about Paulie. Open their eyes to what a good manipulator Paullie really is and maybe he is playing them all.

Powder Puff Girls

James: “Paulie is my leader”


James doesn’t have the depth of game play to challenge Paulie like that. His only hope is that someone rises up to take out Paulie and recruits him for the task. James is a lovable moron, lovable will get him to final 6, but the moron part is what dooms him.


I can’t believe Da is already working on the votes and she is not even on the block yet. I hope people in the house see this and take her out. I have wanted her out the second she was stupid enough to go to James and say “we have to take out the couples”.


Why does everyone want to give Bridgette the care package this week? It looks like she’s turning into one of Paulies little Pawns. God I really hope not, the last thing we need is someone else kissing his ass. I’d rather give it to James or Day. Only because I don’t want anyone else in the house to get these care packages. And either it will be wasted with Day or James will actually switch the house up next week. I’d rather give Bridgette the super safety.


Not sure the girls realize the boys have their own alliance but we see it. Maybe we should give one of the girls the 2nd care package. Hopefully theyll win hoh and put up boys on the block


Hopefully Bridget is only pretending to be one of their little puppets, until she can make a move. And yes, one of those care packages could definitely help if that is her intention.


God I hope Day goes up and leaves this week…I have had it with her mouth and this insane belief she has that she never does anything wrong and is good at this good…news flash you SUCK at this game. Calling it as well if Bridgette survives this week I say she is a dark horse to win it all


I am not surprised that Da will be going up as the replacement nominee. – But it will be fun to watch her call Paul and Paulie out on all their SH*T this week once she is nominated. This house needs to be rocked to the core with some yelling matches and a strong woman who can stand up to Paulie. He walks around that house like he owns it, and he most certainly doesn’t.
I am not so sure Paulie has the votes he needs though to get Da out of the house. Just because he tells everyone Bridgette won’t go after them, isn’t the same as her telling them that and her making deals with everyone. All Bridgette has been doing this week is sleeping. Never mind her leg is screwed up ……. Paulie said himself, Mental comps are probably coming up and Bridgette will be good at those. Zak will not be swayed neither will Meech. If they aren’t Nicole won’t be. Which in turn makes it hard to sway James and Nat. That’s 5 votes to keep Da. It’s going to be a close vote this week.

sunny dee

day has been throwing nicoles name out there 100% of the time to everyone. Why would nicole vote to keep her? and since nicole’s name is out there, so is corey, so that’s two who aren’t going to keep her. then paulie knows that day is putting him out there, not to mention victor. victor doesn’t have any reason to keep day, versus bridgette, so why not.

and natalie wouldn’t want to vote out bridgette, so she could easily be convinced she’d be the only voting for b, and hers be the actual deciding vote. Paulie is voting day out, and day loses her vote so it goes day out by nicole, corey, paulie, natalie with james already knows that day is the target so would also vote her out because bottom line is day is targeting couples, and he is a couple, and bridget won’t go after natalie, which be default may mean he is safer in the house with bridget, and less safe in the house with day.

anyway, stupid teen choice awards preempted BB and CBS aired 60 minutes at the 6pm/9pm time slot so super pi$$ed right now

The House Ants even left these vile losers.

BB Alias what show are you watching that James and Nat are hard to “sway” to do anything? James has always and will always do what his daddy tells him to do. Nat follows suit.

The votes to get Day out are easy. Zak won’t even go against Paulies wishes unless she asks him if she can throw Day a sympathy vote.

Look at your bitch Paul. He wanted Bridge out with his HOH and Daddy said no so Paul now will vote out Day.

Whole house is total non players handing Paulie the check. Stop typing different BB Alias because you’re just lying to yourself.


Dang…Nicole’s butchering the King’s English. I thought she was a nurse. Come on Da–you are so observant. Your skills have those big boys trembling.


I cringe every time Nicole juxtaposes her subject pronouns and her object pronouns.


Don’t care if Da’vonne stays or goes.
To bad it’s not Michelle or especially zakiyah. I’ve had enough of those girls already.

Since when

James = a man of his word ? Did I read that correctly ? Whether you like what he did or don’t. Saying he is a man of his word in this game makes me laugh. One day his word might come back to bite you. Would be still be a man of his word then? Silly people.

Min O'Pause

Paul must think he’s Hugh Hefner in that bathrobe. I vote America sends him one with “Dick head ” embroidered on it.


He’s so clueless, he’d take it as a compliment.


These people are stupid. They just want to go to jury not when. They should leave and give Paulie the money, because nobody wants to play the game.


Everyone just remember to vote for Glenn as America’s Favorite House guest.


Paulie hates you live feeders. Thinks you are pathetic losers.


The feeling is mutual.


The 2nd Care package is a crap shoot as we have no clue which two will be on the block next week since the voting closes this friday. I bet once again it will just be a popularity contest for the favorite house guests and James will probably win this which is a shame as I would rather him win the 4th or 5th care package. I would hate to see Nicole end up with the 4th or 5th package as she seems to be right now the 5th most popular house guest.

DO NOT vote for James for this care package, save it for later if you like him..


Z is a little girl who must have a man by her side. This makes me ill. The women should be strong and want a partner. She doesn’t want a partner , she is looking for a Prince. Paulie is no Prince, he is just a guy. He doesn’t want someone hanging on him, he wants a partner, someone strong. He sees that she is beautiful , but also crazy. So he is looking for someone else to evict her, so she doesn’t do something to him while he is sleeping. He is a little scared of her. And I don’t blame him!


Way too early to give it to James. He and natnat would both be up next week if he got one right after she did


I’m confused about the America’s Care package. I was under the impression that if a House Guest wins a Care Package you cannot vote for them again. If that is the case then why is Natalie still available to vote for Care Package #2?



Once Again Dawg nails the answer…… This is why I just love both you and Simon doing the BB capsules…

Cross eyed Paulie

Up until last week, I was praying for Day to go. However, seeing how PP are ruling the house, we need a troublemaker in there! And that’s Day. She’s the only one left with a backbone. If Day’s gone, then game over, BB might as well give the 500K check to Paulie.


The Da is dull and full of errors.


“I have nerve damage.” Anybody who elected this weak, soft ass turd for fan favorite should be hanging their heads in shame and regret! I can honestly say it has been my great fortune never to run across or no anyone this spineless! James, you are a neo maxi zoom dweebie! Natalie run for your life and for what is left of your self respect!!


Can we send a I don’t care about any of you assholes package to the house?



Karma calling Da'!

Ring ring – da answers hey da just wanted to let you know its karma and yep you overplayed your hand, AGAIN!!! Haha sorry not sorry… Too much talking sweetie gets you into trouble… Especially when your throwing all your so called alliance under the bus!!! Get to steppin… I will be so glad to see her leave this week. She isnt a good player at all… bad attitude!

Only can wish

So, Paulie and Paul are going to be next on the block because they are doing the exact same thing Da was doing. Everybody is lying to each other, calling each other names , etc. Her game is better than most of the people in the house being that she is by herself.


I do not want pulie to have America packages 2 but I start to think if he get it it want be bad
cause he want day out in bridget will stay in we could give bridget America packages 3 super safe or
America packsages 4 if she hoh next week bridget an james will be 3 or 4 for me I want bridget super safe
or cop hoh so I vote 20 times for pulie America packages 2 think about it brdiget will not go home if he get it
second bridget could win super safe or co hoh think about it

Do People Read Anymore

READ THE LAST PART OF THE ARTICLE ABOUT THE CARE PACKAGE… Paulie will not be able to use it until next week…


Pfft … (James) How can you be so pu–y whipped and never got the pu–y. I’m sorry I was typing out loud.

James is skeptical of Paulie however he doesn’t want Natalie on the block so he is quick to sacrifice Day his ally. James is one person Day has never talked about targeting. James is forgoing his own game to be in the good graces of Nat.

James and Zak got insecure attachment issues. Sacrificing all else for people that they “got butterflies” for lmao!!

I’m swear I’m almost done with BB18, if Day does not have the round trip ticket or the next HOH doesn’t atleast put (two of the four) Paulie, Paul, Nicole or Corey up. The towel will be thrown until BB19.

I would love to see a season where all the people that won big brother past seasons play. See how stupid this season has become… I’m already fast forwarding lol.

Bryn Mawr Mama

I dislike so many of these people that everytime I think I have it figured out who I really want out of the house NOW, someone else says something so profoundly mean or stupid (Z and Nicole come to mind), that I have to start rethinking my GTFO now list all over again.
It’s exhausting.


I can’t hardly wait to see that house turn against each other and they see whose really into “Friendship” or trying to win some money! Get your kleenex ready or heating pads that’s going to be needed to place on your belly from laughing so darn hard. It’s about to get real


Tired of the James love. Paul : I know you are a man of your word. BS! James : I don’t want to be a dirty player like Frank. Oh go to hell James. Its BS that you are just there to win America’s fav. Wish that wasn’t even an option. 500K on the table dude. Stop being obsessed with that 25k