Derrick – The guy we see now is the true Zach he has a$$hole moments but not an A$$hole.

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: Zach & Cody
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-19 17-34-40-009

5:34pm Chit chat.. topics range.. Golf, Jobs, Frankie’s sister, Frankie, nashville, Frankie, Vista verde golf course in texas, Frankie

BB16-2014-08-19 17-49-06-422

5:50pm living room Victoria, Beast mode and Frankie
Caleb saying he’s looking forward someone leaving it means he’s one person closer to the money.
THey wonder if there will be a buy back.
Vicotira says people were pised last year with the buyback “Why would someone like that”
Caleb – there’s going to be no buyback.. not this week
Frankie says they can unite against whoever comes back
Caleb – but they are usually safe for one week
Victoria – everything changes so much in this game.
Frankie thinks there might not do the BuyBack and DOuble eviction because they had the battle of the block.
Victoria doubts it says the last 4 weeks would be boring otherwise..
Frankie – THis season has not been boring
Frankie – I think it’s possible there’s a double eviction this week and a buy back next week and BOB for two more weeks… what No.. SIngle eviction this week.. buy back next week followed double eviction.
(THey have no idea)
Frankie – Nothing has been fair this entire season.. this game isn’t fair

BB16-2014-08-19 18-08-50-635
6:08pm Pool and BBQ
They agree the BBQ is really good brand “Webber”. Zach wonders how profitable the season is with all thie stuff they buy for the hou8se guests..
Zach and Derrick talking about CBS making money off Big Brother because they keep running it every season. Derrick says they are getting 13000 each for stipend. Someone might buy a advertising segment for a couple hundred thousand there might be 5 per segment and multiple segments. Points out one episode could be the winners prize money.

BB16-2014-08-19 18-24-11-792
6:23pm Kitchen Zach and Frankie
Frankie – Frankie you’re a mess
Zach – Frankie your disgusting
Frankie – I hate you beast mode cowboy
(They are talking about the people shouting out to them in the backyard last night)
Frankie says the game is starting to get to Caleb he’s getting paranoid

BB16-2014-08-19 18-36-08-343

6:35pm HOH Derrick and Frankie
Frankie – Caleb is convinced it’s Victoria now (Saboteur).. Zach thinks it’s COdy
Derrick – Caleb said it twas cody.. regardless no one thinks it’s us
Frankie – Zach is still doing good
Derrick – He’s better than he’s ever been.. I think the guy we see now is the true him he has a$$hole moments but he’s not a A$$hole.. i think he played it up for the cameras he got a lot of play.. He’s going home.
THey agree JOcasta is the best person to come back in but realistically it will probably be zach or HAyden. Frankie would rather Zach over Hayden.
Frankie about the BOB – it was designed to get rid of floaters .. No no no it’s designed to keep floaters.. because you need them to put them up every week.. I wonder what the gamers thought of our strategy..
They think the case is production has all the competitions planned out and built but they leave it until the season starts to figure out the order.
Derrick says Donny came to him this morning “He didn’t say like last week you and Frankie are safe this week”
Frankie – “We have to rely on our numbers
Derrick – rely on our numbers then after go to him and ask him what’s up
Derrick – Who knows what he genuinely thinks..
They agree they will never know until after the show is over. Derrick is thinking Donny knows Christine tried to throw the BOB buts doesn’t think they are involved.
Derrick says Donny is making moves with Caleb and Cody.. he’s going to Cody saying there is a pecking order..
Derrick doesn’t blame Donny for it says he’s trying to break the bond they have with Caleb and Cody.
Derrick thinks it’s dumb of Donny to take them out because they have their TEam America bond. “I don’t think he will put us up but we’ll be the back door option”
Frankie – My gut is he would be stupid to come after us because we want him gone the least.
Derrick – we’re his only chance unless he thinks he’s developing something with Caleb and COdy
Derrick brings up Caleb sneaking around, Frankie says it’s weird to eavesdrop.
Derrick says they are in good shape for next week. If Christine wins HOH Donny/Victoria
Frankie – Caleb Donny/Victoria
Frankie – Cody?
Derrick – I don’t know about him.. I think Donny/Victoria.. who would he put up me and Caleb..
Frankie – What i’m concerned about is who that person will backdoor
They think Donny will put them up in a heart beat.
Derrick says everyone will want to take Victoria because they will win the money against her.
Derrick – honestly as a fan of the show it wouldn’t be good for the show
Frankie – THey are pissed zach is going
Derrick – in your eye or ears I should say what was the wording from last night
Feeds cut… (Ohh c’mon)
Frankie says Big BRother is harder than sitting out in a tent in Malawi for 3 weeks.
Frankie – Zach cracked week 2 he’’s cracked 6 times since then..
Derrick – these down days do it..
Frankie – after this Survivor will be easier
Derrick – Jeff interviewed Hayden and he said Survivor is a lot harder
Derrick tells him he knows a guy that did amazing race if Frankie is interested he can hook im up.
Derrick says Beast Mode said he has a spot signed up.. you don’t think that’s true
Frankie – I think at some point a casting assistant asked him would you prefer to do Survivor
Derrick – oh as a personal questions
Frankie – Correct..
Feeds cut

When they come back Caleb is there.. Frankie is talking about his dream Survivor Big Brother Tribe.. it would include Hayden and Caleb.
Frankie says the Survivor competitions are rinky dink compared the the ones for Big BRother.. he goes on and on about how the production costs for Big Brother must be a lot greater than Survivor, “OTEV cost a million dollars.. thats a set an elaborate set”
Frankie thinks twice about that estimate says 100 thousands. He adds that’s the reason why the winning money for Big brother is less because the production costs are more.

Frankie says he needs to get wilderness certified it’s going to take a week out of his life but after that he can get anything done in the wilderness, he’l be ready for Africa, Amazing race and Survivor. Frankie is inviting Caleb and Derrick to come to Africa to build schools with him.

BB16-2014-08-19 19-38-22-973+

Cody hacking away at Tuna.. Caleb is telling them about castrated Hogs and how huge they get

BB16-2014-08-19 19-41-41-693

7:41pm Donny and Zach
Zach is going to tell Christine if he doesn’t vote for him he’s going to put her on blast in front of her husband. .
Donny feeeeewww…
Zach – thats a low blow
Donny – she might now care..
Donny says don’t use his name but he should target Frankie he can always do what he had planned to Christine Thursday morning but he should work on Frankie.
Donny – Frankie has a lot of power if he wants to keep you he’ll keep you
Zach – Even if he doesn’t have a vote
Donny – definitely.. cause they are together..
Donny tells him to go to Frankie about being the number one target really push his paranoia
Donny – No one will take you your sister made you the biggest target.. that might scare him… He’s the most paranoid person in the house.. Derrick is calm as a cucumber..
Donny stresses to jsut do this one time..

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Someone go back and say clearly for Frankie to completely understand, that we think he’s disgusting. I’m in Texas, I can’t do it.


Oh please CBS, put Frankie on Survivor just so the whiny asshat is shown crying in the rain because it is so much harder than BB. I love BB, but Survivor is a way more popular show and has much more money behind it. Frankie b*tches about being a have not because his hands get cold yet has the audacity to think Survivor would be easier? LOL He’s just as delusional as Caleb.


Yes, Survivor is a harder game. First they have to deal with the weather, then the food, and then the layout of the game. I bet if their food was covered by ants they’d eat even the ants for protein, LOL.
BB has HOH and Veto where even if your alliance has the minority numbers if you win HOH you take out someone from the other side. Survivor usually they get picked off one by one ’cause immunity protects one person not the whole alliance.

Big Jacket

Victoria is like the BB house wallpaper. She has just about the same chance of winning this season.


I recently rewatched BB season 1 when four of the Survivor contestants came into the house for a night & a couple of them said BB was tougher in regards to dealing with people. At least on Survivor you can walk away from people and be alone…in the house, there’s really nowhere to hide. Overall, Survivor seems tougher though. And yes, I got so disgusted with this season, I was watching Chicken George again!


I had to LOL when Frankie said survivor comps were “rinky dink” compared to BB. Really Frankie? You obviously have never watched survivor. He would quit survivor after a week.


Frankie’s glitter would get all yucky on Survivor.


Frankie’s glitter (and everything else about him) are yucky already.


No!! No Frankie on Survivor!!
I love Survivor and I have never missed a single episode since the beginning but I don’t think that I could stomach Frankie unless he got voted out the first episode.

You're right...

Frankie is so disgusting…
BB should say…
“Frankie, quit eating with you mouth open…!”

Frodo on Steroids

Someone should fly one of those drones over there and drop a note or a sign or something that says

Derrick is a cop! Frankie is worse than Hitler! Christine is America’s Harlot!

You know, stuff like that….:)


Just simple say FRANKIE YOU ARE A RAT! That will get them all to think. Please yell it loud and clear!


Hope I used this link correctly when I purchased a replacement charger for my computer. Using an IPad (until I get the charger for my computer). On the IPad links open up, for me, in a different manner than on computer.

In the future I will continue to follow your link to make amazon purchases.


Simon/Dawg: I bought a huge amount of stuff from Zulilly after clicking from your site. I’m HOPING you get a commission from that. Am I right?


Well, that’s B.S.! I’d quit promoting their butts, then. What a gyp! From now on, it’s amazon only, from here. Sorrrry. 🙂


Just curious cause I’m a huge survivor fan too, click thumbs up if your a fan or a thumbs down if your not!


also a big fan of amazing race. Am hoping that Donny and his beautiful Christine will be chosen as contestants.


Simon, I’m sure you probably have answered this question before, but… if you could answer one more time for me, I appreciate it. Do you get a flat amount when someone uses this link to purchase through Amazon, or is it incremental? I have a significant purchase to make, and I’m curious if the larger the purchase amount means a larger kickback to you… Just hoping to support you, Dawg, and OBB in any way I can. 🙂


Is this link available year round? Also, is it possible to apply a gift certificate to your Amazon BB acct. Will Amazon give you the cash?


Simon, I order from amazon alot. Everytime I go to look for the link to use to order through, I can never find it. Can you leave the link permanently at the top of your page?


Is that the case on the app? I use my phone more than my laptop and never could find the link on the app.


To the person that said Frankie was disgusting outside the BB house – you deserve an award!


Just wish they would have had a bullhorn so Zach, Caleb and Frankie could have heard them clearly!


Dear Zach Fans,

If you plan on coming to the CBS lot to yell at our houseguests, please take the time stop by our commissary to try our specially prepared sour grapes and spilled milk.


U suck, but that's kinda funny

What, no wine and cheese? #zackattack


I, too, appreciate good humor. Very witty. 😉


LOL Just perfect.

This board is full of teenage girls who are 10x as bad as any of the houseguests, saying horrid things behind a thin veil of online anonimity. Cowards.

This is big brother, not the ZACH IS CUUUTE show. Zach is a BAD player. Suck it up, princesses.


Dear Anonymous (and by the way, using that moniker is beyond rich, in this case),
I don’t care for YOUR comment. So there. And I’m not hiding behind a veil of anonymity, so when you respond, as I know you will, PLEASE use my name. Thank you.


That’s funny.
As for who I want to come back, I think Hayden was onto Derrick and would help Donny more.. I’m not sure Zach has “got it” yet where Derrick is concerned.


And how about we start shouting truths that will blow up others games while we are at it? I bet you have guards patrolling that wall as of right now.


I’m loving the Donny and Zach strategy sessions, and that’s about all I’m loving at this point.

I was a Derrick fan until he threw Donny under the bus on live television. He should be playing the house guests, and not America; live feeders see everything, and we KNEW that Derrick didn’t want to do any TA missions that would jeopardize his game. And he continues to try and play the audience with his diary room sessions about wanting to keep Donny. You notice he’s only recently started doing that after they heard production cheer for Donny? Everything he does is calculated which would be fine if it was geared only towards the house guests, but trying to manipulate the audience is incredibly annoying, and insulting to our intelligence.

Can’t wait for Thursday to see who comes back into the house. Hope it shakes things up!


I was thinking the exact same thing! Derrick tries to fool America into thinking he actually has Donny’s back in his diary room sessions. He is very smart but SO slimy!!


Derrick treats us like we are all Victorias. Dumb as dirt, as Donnie would say. Stop insulting us Derrick! Your condescending attitude is not gaining favor with most of the BB audience.

Send Derrick and Frankie home

I don’t think Derrick is smart. He is so used to being able to lie and manipulate the young people in the house that now he thinks he is a genius and can fool America. First, we are not ignorant little kids like a lot of those in the house. Second, we have seen him doing everything possible to get Donny out. If Derrick really thinks he can lie to America and make us believe that he has always been “Team America” then he really is delusional!!


How much would it suck if it was Jacosta that won the buyback comp by some miracle?


Didn’t Derrick say he was a live feeder in previous seasons? The guy should know that we see all his garbage. So idiotic to try and play America the way he does. In this game, he is NOT likable in any sense of the word.


Ya even the way he does the missions is his attempt to fool america. Remember when he had to get rid of one of the strongest phisical threats and he choose amber. c;mon that should have been a failed mission. she was strong female threat but really there were many more above her. he just played us for fools being like oh she is the strongest girl. bs. he just didnt want to have to touch zach caleb or cody OR nicole or hayden at that point.


She was already on the target list to be gotten rid of by Frankie and Derrick. Can’t believe TPTB let get a win on that mission but it did give the Outsiders a week off.


Biggest twist will be when Kaysar gets to enter the house a BB guest and takes home the ultimate prize of $500K. Just wait and see.


What up, KAY-SAR!


I knw his cousin. He moved back to the Middle East. After his BB season He wanted to get shirts printed with his face silkscreened on them to sell. Pretty funny.


I really liked him but goes to show how useless the buyback twist is.
Has anyone come even close to winning after returning to the house?


Cody should hold derek pockets because he’s his bitch

Donny Fan


Devin's Tears

Omigosh I finally found the audio clip of the backyard shouting!! Bahahaha! Just in case you haven’t heard it yet….

Devin's Tears

Definitely sounds like Frankie you’re a f#ck face


Either that or “Frankie you’re disgusting”. Either way I still don’t see how Frankie thought they said “Frankie, you’re the best.” He’s more delusional than Caleb.


Maybe in Frankieville Fu€k Face means your the best…lol

Pink Skunk

I heard: ” Caleb I hate you, Zach I love you and Frankie you’re a fu*ck face.” THANK YOU TO WHOEVER SAID THAT LAST NITE !!!


Thanks so much for finding!
Definitely “…. we hate you. Zack we love you. Frankie is a F**k Face.”


Wait, who said, “We love you too”?


I think it was Zac


That’s awesome! They for sure said “Caleb we hate you. Zack we love you. Frankie you are disgusting.” That’s why Caleb is so mopey today (Aww poor BMC). Oh well Beast Mode! Go take a nap with the bunny slippers and maybe you’ll feel better. Frankie’s reaction was just to go all Blanche Debois on us, in total denial, certain that those were his gentlemen callers and that surely they must loooove him.


Another shout out tonight but no one could make it out. We went to fish immediately and the HGs on lockdown for an hour or so.

Thanks to the person(s) doing this I will gladly chip in on a bullhorn for you.
PLEASE yell out “Derricks’s a cop” next time.


Omg Donny, I love you! Please listen to him Zach! #Zonny


thumbs up for donny


Donnie is really smart


Donny really aced it today when everyone was speculating when the date of the finale was. Donny said maybe the season would be a week longer than usual, siting the date on the contract, and that the BB Finale and the premier of Survivor could be on the same night.

Donny Fan

It’s great how Donny has their Ego’s figured out he’s the smartest one in that house!! Hope his advise helps save Zach


Frankie says nothing has been fair this entire season….this game isn’t fair. Are you kidding me? This is coming from Frankie?


In Frankie’s mind, of course this season hasn’t been fair. If everything had been fair, he would have never been on the block. The guy is delusional; the pink dye must be seeping into his brain. So tired of him. Frankie, please just go away…


If it was fair, Frankie wouldn’t have even been on the show or at least not allowed to release who he was to those in the house.


The fact that Zach would put Christine on blast in front of her husband is why I really really want him to stay. He’s the only one with the balls to do something like that.


When you play dirty games watch it cause the dirt will fly right back at cha. Tell it Zach, what is she going to do – she already dislikes you and everyone else in the house so what do you care and what do you have to lose? Nuttin Honey???


I think if Nicole comes back she would target Christine the only person who would want to work with her besides Donny I think if Hayden comes back he would target Derrick/Cody with the option of Frankie as a replacement and that would have everyone on their toes. I think if Zach com ES back he would go after Victoria which is stupid. Then there’s Jocasta…idk she would just get evicted that week. So if anything Hayden should come back to shaken things up. Thumbs up if you agree

save zach

Have you not watched the feeds. Zach had wanted Frankie out since last week. The only people he wouldn’t hey rid of is Donny, Victoria because she’s weak, and Caleb. He would totally get rid of the other four. He even threw Cody & Derrick under the bus to Caleb this week.


The only way to be sure to get out Derrick or Frankie is to put both of them up at first nominations. Then if one wins Veto, they will have to take themselves off instead of, say Frankie not on block and wins veto, he can take Derrick down. Now you have neither up there. The way you protect yourself is tell them separately (after Veto has been used) that they are not the target. You could even say to Frankie, “Trust me, I can’t tell you until after the eviction, but I will explain everything after that”. Then when one of them leaves, tell the other one that the plan all along was to get rid of the one evicted but you couldn’t say anything. Say, “I had to put you up against him because the only way for him to get voted out was to be up there with you because no one wants to get rid of you”. You have to get rid of Derrick first though because he has half a brain. Frankie would believe you hook, line and sinker.


Hayden or nicole could return and you never know hayden could of convince nicole to take out cody and derek


Frankenstein seems to know viewers’ strong reaction in terms of “viewers want Zach saved, viewers love Zach, and think that I (Frankie) am disgusting.

Hopefully, Derrick will understand the benefit of keeping Zach and start the momentum to evict Cody.

I do not know if production is working behind the scenes to keep Zach safe – or if production thinks it will be more powerful for Zach to get evicted this week and then return to the game.

CBSen would be brilliant to have Chenbot announce during Thursday’s live show that Frankie broke BB Game Rules as HOH, Zach is safe, Frankie has penalty nom. Or inform Vic she is expelled for destroying property at the time she destroyed property the hat was Zach’s personal item; Vic had given Zach the hat and made no attempts to ask for the hat back; there was clear exchange of property with no reasonable understanding that Zach was borrowing the hat and would give it back to her. The reasonable understanding is that she gave Zach the hat and the hat was his when Vic knifed it. More so, knifing items is a violent act. It is a behavior that a person should avoid outside of the house. Inside the house knifing items cannot be tolerated.

It would be great to see an exciting live show – one that everyone would remember – one that would spark the interest. Of non BB viewers to start watching BB.


I so hope you are right about them saying last minute, sorry frankie you broke a rule, Zach is off the block, and you have to nominate someone else. victoria or Derrick the only choices.

i have a feeling tho that Zach was told to read the rule book because he asked a question about a rule, and then reading it finds out that a rule wasn’t broken so not saving him. Will there be a Pandora’s box with a veto available for HGs to find while Frankie is stuck with Rachel? probably not on a Wednesday before eviction day. more likely to be done on a friday or so, right? after nominations, after POV used, because wouldn’t it have to be used the same day as the POV ceremony?

Just hoping. 🙂


Come on Zonny, this has got to work. Zach, just listen to Donny and do exactly what he said. Donny, keep telling reminding him, he has the attention span of a goldfish.


ive watched 2 episodes of bb afterdark. one episode frankie kisses caleb’s bicep. last night he was spooning cody. and they let him. said nothing. really?? these 2 “dudes” will probably be asked wtf?? you gay “boy” lol ?????


Do something interesting. You people are like watching paint dry.


production I think every fan will agree for team America misson
target one person who not on team America in get them on the block
in out with a choice we chose who we want dovpov
that’s a fair mession
in who we chose will be secret from the other two
I will pick Donny please listen to your fans production please listen


If you were Zach – were evicted this Thursday – returned to the game winning HOH – who would you put up for eviction?


It i was Zach, Christine and Caleb.

If I was ME, Derrick and Cody.

I Want A Refund!

Hey Julie Chen if you’re reading this, can you tell me when these “Super-Duper Summer of Twists” are going to start? I’ve been hanging-in day after day, now month after month for these twists you sold us on! Hands down the WORST season EVER!! I would bet this will be the final year of BB, just sayin!


Full of twists, to me, isn’t that they carry on double HOHs one week past it being interesting. Full of twists, to me, is that there is more going on than double HOHs with the BoBs. It means hiding a POV somewhere for someone to find with clues (like BBCan2), or Pandora’s box, or America votes for a 3rd nom one or two weeks in a row (I really liked that one, they could easily do that one now the double HOHs are done)


How about America is the HOH this week? BB Canada 2 did that last season and Canada chose Andrew and Sabrina as nominees. Can you imagine the look on Frankie and Derrick’s face if they were nominated by viewers??

Good Concept, Bad Execution

The BoB was designed to take out the weak and have the STRONG players survive. The problem is no genius in PRODUCTION factored in HoH collusion. The BoB would have worked better if…

1. The HoH dethrowned also became a nominee or
2. The HoH dethrowned also could not play in the next week HoH

I personally would rather option 1 and each week “AMERICA” could vote to save 1 nominee. America’s voting results would be revealed live on Thursday night and immediately after that person is saved by “AMERICA” everyone has to start voting to evict. The only catch would be each person would have a maxium of 3 “AMERICA saves” (in the event there are “social media moguls” in the house). This would eliminate “gaming” the numbers because each week no one in the house would know which nominee is safe from eviction. Also it make it possible for 2 nominees to take revenge on the same HoH that nominated them by winning the BoB and having that HoH automatically thrown on the block the same week (thus keeping with the theme “Just because you are HoH, doesn’t mean you are safe for the week”).


hell why not pistols at 10 paces


Legit LOL right here


I would only hope the vote would be open to live feeders since we see almost everything. The live and filmed shows don’t show hardly anything to go by..


hey guys I googled bird abductees we all know Victoria didn’t get picked up by a crow but this golden eagle flew down and got this I guess 1 year olds coat and got him a couple feet off the ground check it out

I'll show you

After having called Victoria a few less-than-pretty adjectives, I’ve decided to just let it slide and see her hang herself.
Her big move – wait for it ——- cutting up her own hat.
I’m confounded and fascinated at the sheer stupidity of this girl.
I love Zach’s inner resolve about it.
She’s grinning and thinking she is a real competitor now.
Way to go – next you can cut up your pink bow that’s glued to your fake hair every other day and show everybody how far you’ll really go to win…. can’t wait.


She is playing the DR, not the BB game. Every day she’s thrilled to be with the DR production people and really thinks her time in there IS the game. No Vicky, you need to be spending your time and effort with the HGs, not the people behind the walls. Many of her conversations have to do with DR sessions and what this one or that one said or did or asked.

The hat cutting was accompanied by something we haven’t heard for a while: her accusing the nominated about to be evicted HG of potentially doing her real physical harm. With Devin she often said she expected him to stab her with a knife, Zach it is throwing boiling water on her face. Where does she come up with these things.


Thats the way SHE would react…..if she were physically capable.


Have you noticed that blank dead stare of hers? I swear I think the pink hat had a higher IQ than her


Without being (or trying to be) vicious, Victoria seriously has the mind of a child. I don’t know if it has something to do with her translation issues or if she was just brought up being very coddled. She stressed about how scared she was of Devin and how she was afraid that he would physically hurt her, and then later did the same thing with Zach with her wild imagination about him throwing boiling water in her face. She actually believes that she was abducted by a bird as a child. She looks at Derrick like he is her father so everything he says must be true, because daddies don’t lie. And she thought she was so clever by stealing and destroying the hat. It’s kind of sad to watch.

Nominate yourself

Watching BBAD and Frankie is talking about how Zach didn’t volunteer himself to get put on the block this week. And of course Derrick chimes in about it too. Don’t see either of them volunteering to go up any time recently/or ever.

Lights, Camera and Act!0n!!

That’s what TVGN big brother after dark is to arsehole Fr@nk!e.

He’s always putting an act during those hours.

Tonight, he tried to speak like a Brit, with his uber dumb British accent. I’ve a message for him: go back to taking acting 101 classes. I’ve lived in London before, they don’t speak like that, you sw!ne!!!

Poor Zach is no where to be seen, prolly feeling defeated.

I can tell vain V!ctor!a is feeling the pangs of ostrasization, especially at the backyard scene, where she was lying sideways sullenly alone, whilst watching the boys shoot pools, hang out etc. her expression was priceless!

Derrick wanna cut her loose soon, and on that note, her game is basically over.

The house has gotten rather slow moving and mundane, and it’s tooth pulling just to watch them now.

*Zachary lives!*

Brokeback Gayleb

Could not agree more.I just turned it on for 5 seconds , he’s already picking at his chest zits and then goes down to lay on Caleb’s lap very close to his weiner. Had to turn it off , cuz he makes me sick! Frankie Grab-me!


I would like for Katt William to enter the house just to. Clown on Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Victoria. And Caleb he would have their ass Crying.


Why doesn’t someone put a stop to Frankie’s disgusting talk and behavior? I wonder why CBS doesn’t show his real behavior and comments on the show? It is so wrong. He needs to STFU.


BB15 was far worse.. Where do you want to start? The racism? The homophobia? Amanda who kept talking about her high sex drive? Amanda & Gina Marie’s foul mouths? The bullying of Ellisa from Amanda or the gang up bullying of Candice? I could go and on about last year being a house full of douchebags. Frankie’s mouth may be vile at times, but what came out of last year’s house guests mouths was far worse and those worst offenders were women! Go back and look at some past clips of Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda, Spencer for example and then come back here and tell everyone that Frankie is the worse one of all.


Sorry, but I totally disagree even as disgusting as BB 15 was it did have a few entertaining moments, but watching these people is literally like watching paint dry. BORING and PREDICTABLE describes this season with a lot of disgust because of Skankie’s actions like dry humping the men or popping his continual chest zits or trying to make out like he is a big Broadway start when in reality I hear the only Broadway show he was on he was FIRED FROM BECAUSE OF HIS ATTITUDE. No surprise there.. You cannot say that BB 15 was totally predictable and it was not boring.


I don’t get your logic, because last seasons cast was full of degenerates that condones Frankie’s behavior this season?


Go Donny!!!!!!! During the first couple of weeks people were criticising your lack of play and wondering why you were there. I stated that you struck me as a strategist, an analyst, and a man of few words who keeps his cards close to his chest. I felt that when you were ready to make a move you would. It is just so unfortunate that these kids cannot see beyond their stipends and their dreams of finding fame and glory in California. If they had 6 brain cells between them, they would have realised how they were being played and perhaps you would have had more support. I still believe you can pull this off and although you may not win, I think you are going to turn the house on their lazy collectives arses this week. You have proven that backstabbing, manipulation and hateful comments do not necessarily guarantee a win. One way or another, you will be the BB16 hg that will have numerous offers waiting for you. Team Donny.


Who is Frankie to say that Donnie should want to keep them because they have the Team America bond when they were trying to get him out this week. He’s such a hypocrite!


What’s going on – I’m on TVGN, we’re looking at the moving fish some one was saying what they heard the public say, Frankie, you’re a ” and they cut it off stayed off for a while – is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Something Up


Does anyone know what’s going on nothing but music and fish been like this for while now – what is it that they don’t want us to hear or see


Whats up with bbad its on the fishes


What I would give to be close to studio city so I could yell things through my powered megaphone. Lol. Someone please go back by and yell so they know they are hated. I really want Zach to stay. The game has been so predictable. Derrick and undercover cop ftw how obvious. I would love for someone to outplay him. Hell at this point that person might be Victoria. Lol. Can’t wait til Thursday and for a hg to return. Praying it is not worthless Jocasta. I really wish they would stop recruiting ppl and pick ppl who know the game. Derrick has this if it keeps up the same way. Also where are the twists? If you can predict the season by what happened the previous season what is the point?!


I’m back up – acting kinda quiet with stange mixed with it but still talking, Thanks


Man if Donny would have start playing like this earlier it would be such a different game. Still can’t see anyone but Derrick winning. Yet if Donny wins the HOH the game will change if he makes the right move. He can make them go against each other.

Three men and a baby

I’m new to BB. Have past seasons’ contestants been this lame and unpleasant as people, over all? Like is this just BB normal, or were past comtestants more likeable, loyal etc.?


The only way to be sure to get out Derrick or Frankie is to put both of them up at first nominations. Then if one wins Veto, they will have to take themselves off instead of, say Frankie not on block and wins veto, he can take Derrick down. Now you have neither up there. The way you protect yourself is tell them separately (after Veto has been used) that they are not the target. You could even say to Frankie, “Trust me, I can’t tell you until after the eviction, but I will explain everything after that”. Then when one of them leaves, tell the other one that the plan all along was to get rid of the one evicted but you couldn’t say anything. Say, “I had to put you up against him because the only way for him to get voted out was to be up there with you because no one wants to get rid of you”. You have to get rid of Derrick first though because he has half a brain. Frankie would believe you hook, line and sinker.


The only way to be sure to get out Derrick or Frankie is to put both of them up at first nominations. Then if one wins Veto, they will have to take themselves off instead of, say Frankie not on block and wins veto, he can take Derrick down. Now you have neither up there. The way you protect yourself is tell them separately (after Veto has been used) that they are not the target. You could even say to Frankie, “Trust me, I can’t tell you until after the eviction, but I will explain everything after that”. Then when one of them leaves, tell the other one that the plan all along was to get rid of the one evicted but you couldn’t say anything. Say, “I had to put you up against him because the only way for him to get voted out was to be up there with you because no one wants to get rid of you”. You have to get rid of Derrick first though because he has half a brain. Frankie would believe you hook, line and sinker.

to 3 men

this is the worst season of bb ever believe me, in 16 years of viewing, last year was stinky, I did not think they could out do the stinky. however, this year is stinkier.


Frankie – Zach cracked week 2 he’’s cracked 6 times since, i love Zach, and Frankie has been entertaining…Beast Mode is adorable to me, delusional and inexplicably confident, but in the most good hearted of ways. I like Derrick too, and he is running the game, hats off for his game play. Donny, good ol Donny, I am from NC too so I have seen plenty of Donny’s, straight & simple…just dont wake him up in the middle of the night, he will get his shot gun, lol. Christine, just dont like her, and I am so glad she was called out about her inappropriate for a married woman touching with Cody. Cody is just an affectionate person, as I still cannot get past what looked like an SNL skit of him kissing his dad on his first montage. Victoria, there are no words, she may as well put some hair extensions out of her ass cause that is where her head is at. We don’t need Jocasta coming back, Nicole would be ready for revenge, and Hayden would just try to get back in good and strike quietly, and who knows what Zach attack would do! So I would rather see Hayden or Zach return.


You should add none option in the poll, it’s not fair to bring back someone who”s been already voted out.
I hope whoever comes back, these houseguests gives him/her a ticket back to the jury house the following week.
Derrick deserves to win and should win.


What i don’t understand is how anyone can want Derrick to be voted out when he’s been the only one playing the game since day 1, are you even fans of BB ?

Weenie in the Bikini

Love Derrick and hope its him and BMC at the end. It sucks their bringing someone back. I guess if some one coming back was going to mess up the “favorites” game it would be a problem (you know like when people didn’t want Gary BBCAN1 to come back because they knew it was going screw up Emmets game, ,which it did) but since it seems like it would mess up some ones game who is playing a great game(Derrick) and since this is a popularity contest and not one of good game play all round. Who cares who they bring back. Sooo dumb.
I hope who ever comes back puts Donnys tired ass on the block first thing!!!!
lolololololololol. Now that would be funny as f*ck!