“Honestly McCrae I haven’t done very many things wrong in this game” – Helen

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


4:55pm HOH Aaryn and Spencer

Aaryn says Amanda told her he is targeting her.
Spencer says he’s not and he doesn’t think she would listen to Amanda. Aaryn explains what made her mad last night was that Amanda/McCrae can go around and make deals with everyone in the house but when some else tries to do it they freak out.

Aaryn says she knew Andy, McCrae and Spencer wouldn’t vote out Amanda so she choose Helen.
Aaryn: “Helen is equally dangerous.. “
They both Agree helen leaving is best for both their games.

Spencer says he doesn’t have any deals with Amanda/McCrae.

Spencer explains the only reason he is not the target is Amanda and McCrae need his vote once he isn’t needed he’ll be the target . Spencer Points out it will start with Amanda planting little seeds like he is coming after Aaryn . Spencer adds that Amdan tells a lot of little lies which travel out faster and come together quicker.
Spencer sees what Amanda is doing doesn’t want Aaryn to worry about him he’s got his own plans. He says next week Elissa goes and the week after than he’s hoping he gets the power because he knows what to do. (hinting that he would try to take out Amanda)
Spencer: “This is god’s honest truth the only game I talk with Amanda is what the current week is”


Clownie found dead again.. :(

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


5:30pm Hot tub Helen, GM and Aaryn

Aaryn says that after seeing Candice leaving in the clown suit she felt bad for her. Helen says she was cheering Candice on when she was yelling at Spencer but after it happened Helen felt sorry for Spener because his family would have had to seen it.
GM: “Thats for you Spencer.. putting that fat b!tch in a clown suit”


5:52pm bathroom Aaryn and Amanda

Aaryn: “Something is going to happen with the photo booth I just know it”
Aaryn brings up Big Brother 13 when they had the balls. They wonder if there will be a competition based around it.

Amanda asks if if everything is OK, she’s acting like something is on her mind.
Aaryn I just know that going forward is going to be tough. She adds that after Elissa leaves it’s going to get really intense for home.

Aaryn invites her to the HOH to talk


5:57pm HOH Aaryn and Amanda
Aaryn doesn’t want Amanda to start coming after her. She feel that sometimes when Amanda targets someone it’s all of a sudden.

Amanda: “I trust you I trust you.. I have no choice.. I know you are not coming after me I believe you that you trust the alliance.. I trust the alliance”

Aaryn says she knows how it feels to be a fake target and a real target she just doesn’t want to go up as a fake target and it changes to a real target.

Amanda says that Aaryn is a fantastic competitor in the game probably the best. Aaryn tells her that AManda and McCrae’s social game tops everyone else. Aaryn adds the only person that is close is Andy.

Aaryn: “Do you think Andy and MCCrae are going to get close to Spencer and move away from them”
Amanda: “Nope”

Aaryn says Helen came up to the HOH after the ceremony and was bawling..
Aaryn: “She was saying she’s going home and she wants me and Elissa to work together”
Amanda: “Does Helen want ELissa to go after me and McCrae”
Aaryn: “Do not tell Andy this but I think she’s more pissed at Andy”
Amanda: “both”
Aaryn: “yes.. they are on to it”
Amanda: ‘That is Andy’s downfall.. no one will take him to the final 2 because he’ll beat all of them.. “
Amanda says Andy has been blindsiding everyone in this game whereas Amanda tells people right to their face.

Amanda: “If you and me make it to the final 2 it will be the hottest final 2 ever”
Aaryn: ‘It will be a mixed votes.. it’ll come down to one vote”
Amanda: “People will have a hard time deciding because we’ve played such different games”

Amanda: “we make the perfect player together”.. Amanda points out if Aaryn was a social player like Amanda or Amanda was a competitor like Aaryn they would be gone already.

Amanda says she will never cross Aaryn .

Aaryn says McCrae doesn’t want to take her as far as he tells her.
Amanda: “doesn’t matter I do and Andy does. “
Aaryn says Spencer and GM are guaranteed wins for people. Amanda groans does not want Spencer to win this game.
Aaryn is concerned that MC will try to get her out saying she is a pawn.
Aaryn: “Did ya’ll think I would put you up”
Amanda: “Yeah.. and when andy said you were b!tching about me I was like … oh f****”

Aaryn: “He said B1tch “
Amanda’: “no.. he said you were complaining”
Aaryn: “I was fine until Andy saif ya’ll were targeting GM”
Amanda: “I have no idea why he said that”

THey agree they’ve gotten sick of GM talking about Nick. Amanda wonders if Gm is like this with other guys.
Aaryn: “I think she is attracted to gay guys.. she say all the guys she’s dated her friends are gay”
Amanda: “I would think she was attracted to guidos”
Aaryn: “Me too it’s weird.. I just don’t like all the down time I wish we could just power through it “

Amanda says that the first time she kissed MC it was horrible she had to tell him “You need to slow down and use more tongue .. it;s perfect now”

Amanda: “He tells me he loves me”


6:21pm Cockpit Helen and MC

Helen says she’s been hearing things about MC she wants him to know she’s told nobody about the MC, Andy, Helen alliance. Helen knows Amanda wants her gone this week and this makes it tough for MC.
Helen: “I need your vote.. I know Amanda would hate it and you are afraid of her wrath”
Helen says Amanda is not being portrayed well at all and MC doesn’t want to be portrayed as the puppy dog following her along.
MC: “Ya 4 sure.. ya ya “
Helen says if MC votes to keep her it will show people that he thinks for himself.

Helen: “I am not going to leave like Jessie that made up stuff that’s not true.. there comes a point in the game you have to play for yourself.. “
Helen says she wants to take Amanda out but doesn’t want to touch McCrae she wants MC to make it far with her.

Helen tells him to think about the way you are being portrayed and how voting Spencer out will change how he’s being seen by the fans.

Helen says she has Elissa on her side and Spencer is just going to be “Pawned out” so his best bet is to go with her and Elissa.

MC says he needs some collateral information he can use to persuade Amanda. Something that he can use to make someone else a larger target.
Helen: “Honestly McCrae I haven’t done very many things wrong in this game”
MC asks about the MVP. Helen: “I don’t know I know the first 3 weeks.. i’m sorry”

Helen: “I hope you play your own game and I am good for your game.. you are going to need that extra vote… “

Helen: “You know you haven’t been on the block yet and people think that you should go on the block at least once.. this is what people are saying”
MC: “Yay yup ya”

Helen: “Why don’t you stick up to her.. why play her game.. “
MC: “Ya it’s the worst… yup ya“
Helen: “Tell her you know for my game she is good.. if she won’t listen to you MCCrae with something important to you.. life is going to be hard with her “
helen starts to cry
She tells McCrae that marriage is tough and it breaks her heart seeing the way Amanda talks to MC
Andy and Elissa join them
(MC’s only response to this madness is ya yup ya)
Helen: “Why are you so scared of her”
MC:’ I’m not scared ya yup ya”
Helen: “You are not seeing this game right.. “
Helen again points out that Amanda isn’t being portrayed nice and everyone wants her out.
Elissa: “Do you not see when you talk to the DR”
Helen: “All that stuff that happened last night had nothing to do with me”
MC: “Oh of course”
Helen:” If you can’t make a move without Amanda why even talk.. why even compete”
Helen: “America is watching this and America is seeing you as the swing vote..”
MC: “Ya yup Exactly yup”
helen: “People are going to see you as being manipulated by her.. if your friends are watching what would they think”
CBS Interactive Inc.


Helen: “If I leave I cannot guarantee that you have Elissa’s vote.. we’re a two deal package”
Elissa: “I don’t know why we don’t stick with the solid game”
Helen says the Dairy room told her she was the target even when Aaryn told her she wasn’t (gotta love the DR)
Elissa: “If you put your foot down she would go with it”
Helen says being in a relationship with someone is about compromise.
Helen: “I don’t tell my husband this is what I want.. I would never do that to my husband.. we disagree all the time about that”

Helen: ‘Don’t be afraid and timid.. the only reason you would keep Spencer is he’s a chummy friend”
Helen: “You are going to be on the block and thinking shit I needed Helen’s vote and now I don’t even have Elissa’s”
Elissa leaves and Hleen reiterates everything a couple more times. Eventually Amanda comes in Helen says they are just talking about how much she’s missing home.

(This conversation was classic)


7:10pm Hammock Helen and Elissa Helen going over her conversations with MC and GM. Helen knows she’s in trouble but is going to try every angle.

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CBS Interactive Inc.

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This season has been boring of late and the only excitement has been the “Clownie suicides”…


Is it just me or does Clownie have more lives than a cat?


Next week on BB, Clownie gets kidnapped…numerous ransom noted will be found around the house.

The following week Clownie escapes from the BB House, gets a job as The Travelocity Gnome’s sidekick. Julie is pissed she missed Clowine’s exit interview, as she was off set at the time.

Get A Clue

I think Clownie’s suicides should speak volumes to the HGs about how the viewers feel about this season. If these events keep occurring, it must mean something. There must be a reason… Oh, the boredom — we need something “interesting” to pass the time.


Even Clownie doesn’t want to be that house, it’s soo boring!


While I will always view Amanda as the most dicussting person ever in BB, I now find myself wanting Helen out sooner. Her BS over the top pep talks and “next week” coments are just so frickin annouying.


Can people stop calling them houseguests? That’s disrespectful to all the houseguests that have been on Big Brother. Please call them Housesheeps.
Here are some ideas to make this season more interesting for the live feeder’s:
– Put a snail on the grass and let us watch it move from one side of the backyard to the other.
– Show the fish more often.
– Bring Talla into the house! (LOL she was actually so fun to watch)


Honestly…give them more alcohol! That’s the only way we get some entertainment.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Tell Clownie to share his heroin with them.


Yes! And Aaryn only seems to think clearly when she’s intoxicated. They definitely need more alcohol.


But seriously, you are on your way out how can you have the guts to say you haven’t done anything wrong..the only reason why you are playing an okay game is because you are playing with a bunch of morons

Helen needs MH counseling

Did Hell en really say that Amanda has manipulated every house guest? Uh, go look in the mirror you delusional whack job. You are just jealous that Amanda has had a better social game and more HGs like her than you. Plus the fact that you tried for three weeks to betray your alliance with Amanda and get her out. It must really sting to know that Amanda is the reason your ass is going to the jury house this week. That and everyone so over your threats and bullying tactics to vote your way or the highway. You played a shitty game Helen. Your desperate threats to Andy and McCrae just show how pathetic you are. You don’t have the respect of your house mates. That’s why you will be history after Thursday and won’t even be a memory in another week. Dumb ass!


she tries to make MCcrae feel bad about how hes perceived America I know if I was there I wouldn’t care cant win from them im just amazed he can bite his tongue but he knows exactly what hes doing doesn’t matter if Amanda or anyone else is running the house as long as he doesn’t have to do it that’s why hes never gone on the block and regardless what people think he knows Amanda has no chance of winning final 2 Helen is a no elissa a no Candice a no Jessie a no that’s 4 of 5 votes needed already mccraes really very smart he even knows they will try and get him because the only person that would have a chance in final 2 against mc is andy doing the same ian terry deal


I personally think that McCrae should have stopped Helen when she was treating her and just told her to stop. It would have made her look worse and prepared her for what McCrae is about to do

Jadaveon Clowney

Just when ai though the orange-skinned troll-doll Ginnamrie was the most delusional bird in the house here comes Helen to take the crown.
This nutzo chick lives in La-La land or either she’s playing a new game that nobody ever seen before because I can say this bird has done everything wrong.

What type of idiot would evict Howard, Candice and Jessie when you know that they were all gunning for Amanda and would be votes to get her out or an alliance against her and Mcrassty?

What type of idiot couldn’t figure out that Andy was a sewer-rat untill the nazi girl put it out there?

Helen’s game is so wack that Amanda was able to get Judd evicted basically because she thought he was the MVP and when Judd left the house he was mad at Helen and Elissa!

Helen Kim will go down in the annals of BB history that talked the most game and expended the most energy with the least to show for it….the infamous Spencer will last longer than her and so will a Neo-Nazi, a diva, a psychotic-bulimic, Red-Gollum, and the ugliest showmance in television history.


You forgot she actually thought and still does think she has an alliance with Mccrae.. who is sleeping with the person she wants out,


haha. Jadaveon Clowney-as a Gamecock, I know you do not have time to watch BB!


The “Orange-Skinned-Troll Doll” Gina Marie.. that was really funny!!


oh my eyes!! I had to scroll right thru the Helen & McCrae conversation – like, ya know? I got bigger fish to fry & just didn’t have time to read it after having to listen to it LOL!!
Hope Dawg wins to come back in the house!!


Ya Yup OK Ya know?


I know Helen is desperate but I LOVE that she is calling MC out for the McPussy that he is! Wake up dude! You look whipped.


It would not surprise me if Amanda had McPussy’s penis locked away in a drawer somewhere and she only lets him have it back when SHE wants to have sex with him or when McPussy tells her he needs to have a pee.


great call


funny thing is he knows exactly how he is perceived Amanda cant win against anyone in final 2 MC knows this better than anyone and the only person that can beat MC in final 2 is andy maybe whos going to vote for Amanda Helen eliisa Candice Jessie gm think about it im sure he doesn’t like it but its the best thing for his game to me its a no brainer


STFU helen and go to jury. You turned on one of your truest allies (Candice) and Howard who had nothing against you, who would have taken you much further than mcranda. They have squeezed what they wanted out of you, your stupidity & and there is no more use for you, its what they have done to judd, jessie, and are now doing to aaryn and spencer. You had your chance, now away with thee!


SMH @ Helen’s desperate plea to MC. Helen, you are totally embarrassing yourself with your pathetic political jargon. that conversation with MC did nothing but hammered the last nail in her coffin.


well, i think she did a good job of making him look like the pussy he is, not only to himself, but his friends at home, and to anyone he might have known in the BB internet community (thats a guess considering how big a superfan he was)


Her attempts may be pathetic and she definitely is a big hypocrite and a two-faced liar, but I do admire her not giving up and campaigning. It’s actually preferable for me as a viewer to see that than watching her sit and lounge around accepting her defeat.


with a sledge hammer

You know, Delusions of Helen addition

You know once I make it to the final two Ellissa will vote for me so that is one vote ok ok ok. Spencer is so shady, I am so happy we are finally voting him out you know. When I win HoH next week, it still won’t be the time to turn on Amanda it is too early you know.

Wrong Again Helen

Nope – the question Helen is – will you cast your vote for Elissa?


Oh McCrae don’t mind being portrayed as a puppy dog, that skank is winning him 500k. He knows she don’t have the votes to win. Problem is, she don’t know he’s not really into her, and just been using her for a shield and to get some ass fro her.


Damn…that makes sense…I always got the vibe that McCrae really doesn’t like Amanda that…sorta…way….but hey! Free Pus*y!! and He*ds…and An*l….


…Its all free until he catches something penicillin cannot cure!… only then will he realize FREE is not always what it’s cut out to be, lol
He will soon be known as McHerpes/McChlamydia


True, but for 500k, I’m sure he’s willing to take that risk.


Thats what it sure seems like to me, MC is using Amanda…he pushed her away the other day….they are such an icky couple


im 50 plus and finally someone who knows what is going on MCcrae knows exactly whats going on screw the people watching im trying to win 500k ill will your a genius like me


Helen is so delusional and full of herself. First thing she did wrong was to make a deal the devil and turn her back on her allies (Howard, Candice and Jessie).


So production is trying to get some drama going! They know this season sucks, hopefully they will see Amanda and McCrea on the block is their fix!


Helen has done pretty much everything wrong in this game.

– The whole “going with the house” mentality.
– Thinking that the whole house minus one person can be a good alliance.
– Trusting Andy way too much and it looks like she still does.
– Evicting Kaitlin over Aaryn.
– Evicting her good friend, Candice.
– Insisting to Aaryn that she was never a racist and that other people must have been the problem.
– Telling people that it was always “too early” to make any moves until it was literally “too late.”
– Being unable to control her fake emotions,
– Sticking her head up everybody’s ass every second that she can.
– Mistakenly thinking that America has been on her side this entire time. She’s giving Amanda a run for her money in regards to being the most hated player still in the house.
– Honestly believing that Big Brother is a team game. No Helen, it isn’t. “The house” has never actually been “the house.”

I could go on and on.


Amanda also thought America likes her..

Just like I’m sure Mccrae thinks he is playing one of the greatest games in BB history.

Just like Gina Marie thinks her and Nick are going to get married.

Andy thinks everyone will forget he is one of the biggest rats in TV history.

Just like Ellisa thinks she is attractive with her duck lip plastic parts look.

Johnny (the european one!)

“- Being unable to control her fake emotions,”
yeah, there was one point in this sunday’s episode where she was fake-crying, and after a little it seemed to be real-crying… I was really confused, I never saw when the switch happened…
She should have told us in the dr room about some code to tell us when she’s fake-crying (raise the left arm) and when she’s real-crying (raise the right arm)…
oh, well… no need to start now since she’s gone in 3 days…

Not to mention

She is also overstating her role in saving so many people and for getting rid of others.


here’s more…

– not talking to kaitlen after hearing judd’s rumor about who might be coming after her
– not talking elissa into being better around aaryn
– buying demanda’s bullshit about howard
– blaming jessie then lying about her when she should have had her back
– allowing demanda to turn spencer into another one of her sheep
– believing demanda’s bullshit about judd being mvp
– not thinking about her 3 person alliance with mcpussy and rat bastard andy is real after aaryn tips her off about fake alliances
– the times she’s ever thrown elissa under the bus

probably more.

but that said, i still hope she wins the come back competition because she has potential to do the most damage to demanda, mcpussy, and rat bastard andy


very well said, “addy!”


Helen does realize that Amanda’s not on the block, right?

T. Leary

No – she’s tripping’

Just A Thought...

Instead of posting Helen and (insert name here) conversations, you should just pick one and copy and paste it, since they are all the same conversations with just different people.


Pretty damn sad that Clowny’s alleged suicide attempts have been the most entertaining thing seen on BB lately.


McCrae is so pu**ywhipped…my gawd…He’s so far up her ass it’s amazing.

Amanda is disgusting…and if she wins…God Forbids….Forbids!!!…I’m boycotting BB…

Jessie is the person to break up Amanda and McCrae…She puts them both up and Amanda leaves!!


Jessie would have to win back to back competitions for her to put up Demanda and mccae. She hasnt came close to winning one.


I’ve never seen someone who wins nothing openly running the game and sheep players just letting it happen. Like there have been great players who secretly ran the house but Amanda is openly controlling every eviction and these idiots are just letting it happen….like people who arent even in the loop like ginamarie (and helen before this week) are still working for amanda…They got rid of two players who did absolutely nothing all season (howard and candice) to keep a person who is controlling the house and dictating every eviction….Amanda and Aaryn are the only two people in this house that deserve to win anything


Amanda wants to take Aaryn to the finals, She need Aaryn to win the comps. and she thinks she can beat her in the voting.
How can Andy and McCray think she is going to take them, when yesterday she let slip she wants to take Aaryn to the final 3, all of these people are stupid.
Its pretty bad if the DR is helping you, and you are still too stupid and wimpy to use the information they gave you.

Just a fan

AMANda won’t be deciding who to take to the finals. She doesn’t win s*&t, so will just be waiting for whoever wins to take her all the way. That’s another way she doesn’t get any blood on her hands, other than her own.


“THey agree they’ve gotten sick of GM talking about Nick. Amanda wonders if Gm is like this with other guys.”

This is why her fiance left her…. He saw the “Alex Forrest” in her, and bolted. Smart Move


i know helen do alot of suff but she is telling the truth about mcrea amanda aways saying who to vote out mcrea dont even ask he just do just like he want to keep judd but she didnt in he vote judd out in then went to cry im telling you mcrea grow a pair stop being treated like a whoss stand up for what you want i see that relationship ending after the game big time cause amanda dont like mcrea she just using him shit mcrea you make us men look bad men


Helen should just shut up.
What a joke she’s becoming with her long lectures to
the people in the house.

Hurley " the numbers are bad "

Helen is just ridiculous and she makes me want to puke !


Did anyone catch when Helen said that the diary room (DR) told her that the house was coming after her? So production definitely narrates the show. Who knows what information they tell Amanda.

This Season Blows

This show has been outright scripted basically ever since production realized they could milk money/ratings out of Brenchel. Just watch as they rig Rachel’s annoying and stuck-up sister to the final 2 despite her utter lack of game in order to appease the Brenchel fans.


McCrea being such a big brother fan, it’s a huge disappointment that he can’t even play his own game. I hate the p word, but he really is mcpussy.

Chicken George

Helen is embarrassing herself, what a pathetic little woman she is.

When Candice saw that she had no hopes of staying in the madhouse she said fuck it let me get my beauty rest, wake me up on eviction night.

When Jessie saw that she had no hopes of staying in the madhouse she said fuck it let me start a few fires in this bitch and see who gets burnt.

When Helen saw that she had no hopes of staying……whoops Helen is so delusional she still thinks she’s got a shot.

Sad thing about it is DR had to tell her goofy ass that she was the target or else shed most likely be sitting in the hot-tub with Agent-Andy talking about jury-votes and next week.

There is a social side and a comp side to BB and a successful alliance has to have members that can cover those bases.

Johnny (the european one!)

“Helen says the Dairy room told her she was the target even when Aaryn told her she wasn’t (gotta love the DR)”

LOL – Does the fact that BB didn’t even switch to the fishes or say “you’re not allowed to talk about your dr sessions with other houseguests” after that statement mean they’ve given up on covering how they manipulate the game?
Or just that even them didn’t have the strength to listen to Helen all the way through her sermon?


This is played out season of BB, but the storyline is horrible. I could of written a much better script.


How is Amanda’s social game so good? Serious question. All I see is someone who wants her way and if anyone has their own thought she goes ballistic. McCrae could have had a good social game but got caught in Amanda’s crap.


And the pathetic thing is that he is loving it. He thinks his friends back home will think he’s a stud.


I agree 100% Amanda’s social game is nowhere near what she or people claim, in fact it’s terrible, but she’s playing with sheep and stupid people. ANYBODY would look like the ultimate mastermind with these people. Put her in the house with ANY of the greats or just with people that can think for themselves,and she would fail.


i honestly thought there was noo way mccrae would lose this game at the beginning. he’s probably the biggest BB fan in the house, maybe other than elissa. but ever since amanda stuck her fangs into him, she’s going to cost him this game. how does such a huge BB fan not know that a showmance makes you a target? especially if the other half is as annoying and malicious as amanda? wake up.


Karma’s a bitch eh Helen. Although I cannot stand Amanda and McCrae, Helen deserves to go because of what she did to the others in the jury. If she wins the competition to get back in, however, all the more power to her and I hope she is able to take down the dictatorship of Amanda.
Does anyone know if the jury member that comes back in has immunity for a week?


As annoying as Helen is, she is not a vile racist bigot. Helen tries to see the good in people and that is not something the others do. I am so sick of their personal attacks and threats(Amanda and Spencer). Whoever is using my name, stop it. I have used Newbie for 3 years so find another name. Thank you.

This Season Blows

“As annoying as Helen is, she is not a vile racist bigot.”

You’re right, she “just” personally attacks people in other ways, like accusing Jeremy’s parents of physically abusing him when he was a child simply because he was going against her in a game – like that’s so much better than the racist comments.


Actually if you watch the feeds he did say that his parents were divorced and he hasn’t talked to his father in years because his father smacked him around. So that was true.


No she is just a lying delusional hypercritical.

Many great qualities to pass on to her children

Ministry of Truth

“I have used Newbie for 3 years so find another name.”

Please tell me you see the irony in that statement.

Helen the Delusional

You know, guys, okay, even though I’m going to be voted out, you know, anyone who would keep me in the house, okay, I’m actually the greatest player in the history of Big Brother, okay, I’m the female Dr. Will, you know, it’s not fair for a perfect player like me to, you know, be evicted, okay? *starts fake crying* I thought I had an alliance with everyone in the house, okay, and we were all gonna be BFF’s, you know? Okay okay okay you know okay okay?


Great comments being written here….just reading them is helping me through this awful season of BB. Thank you everybody!


McCrae had a lot of potential, he could have been unstoppable. I could still see him winning but he has got to let go of Amanda…


Why does Helen think that telling these people how they are perceived outside the house will make them change their vote? Andy, be a “good” person, for the kids. And telling McCrae he will look like he uses his own mind instead of just following Amanda around like a puppy.

When, at any time in this game, have any of these people been concerned with how they look to the outside world? That is not the theme of this house. The theme of this house is “I don’t want anyone coming after me”. And for Amanda the theme is:”Someone’s coming after me? Well they’re out!

The Black Fish

The DR probably felt bad for her, the poor woman was practically planning out the next few weeks:

1). Backdoor Elissa because she’ll vote for me in the finals.
2). Form F4 with McManda/Andy
3). Make new handshake and pom poms for super friends.


Diary Room: Helen, there is a rat in the house.

Helen: I haven’t seen one.

DR: He has red hair

H: Clowney?




Helen refusing to sit on the couches because Amanda is sitting on them with nothing on but her drawers – this chick is one nasty piece of work. She’s got a yeast infection. Maybe she’s trying to force everyone to get what she’s got because she’s just that much of a dictator…Gawd.

Scott LaRock

Helen, Howard & Candice had a Minority alliance to protect each other from the Supremacist alliance of Aryan, Amanda, and Ginnamarie.

Helen offered to sacrifice her friend Howard to Amanda as an offering to show her willingness to work with the other side even though Helen knew that Howard wasn’t a threat and was very important to her friend Candice. Elissa and Candice pleaded with Helen to save poor Howard but Helen refused.
Howard was hurt……..and evicted.

A heartbroken and tearful Candice saw her impending doom and pleaded with Helen to target Amanda but Helen had already made a deal with Aryan & Ginnamarie to sacrifice her friend Candice to appease the supremacists and not invoke their wrath. In a last ditch effort for survival a sobbing Candice and sniffling Elissa pleaded with Helen to target Amanda and save Candice but Helen refused.

With the minorities out of the way the Supremacists decided to target anyone suspected of going after Amanda, poor Judd was blind-sided, he could hardly choke back tears as he left the house refusing to bear-hug the mom squad of Helen & Elissa who failed to rescue him from eviction at the hands of the lynch mob.

Jessie had done everything within her power to rally the support to oust Amanda, she put her neck on the line and thought she had Helen’s support but Amanda caught wind of the plot for a coup and she viciously targeted Jessie without compassion. Poor Jessie ran to Helen with tears in her eyes and begged and pleaded with her to save her but Helen refused and and in a fit of anger told Jessie “You’re going home Thursday”, a crestfallen Jessie broke down due to this betrayal and she was ostracized isolated and evicted….

Now Helen is on the block and the last ally she has left (Elissa) can’t save her and her fate is sealed but before she is evicted Thursday she will give millions of viewers a glimpse into true delusion.


Boogie.Down.Productions. Brrrap!!brrrap!!


Race had nothing to do with any evictions. People love to stir up racial tension. I just don’t see it in this house. Howard was targeted because he talked in circles and said he was throwing comps (I don’t believe he was throwing them, he was just really bad and was embarrassed to admit how horrible he was in comps). Candice was targeted because she only cared about her showmance and was going to go after Helen because Helen would not do what Candice wanted. Helen, Amanda, Howard, Candice and Andy are all considered minority’s. The people in this house are not targeting anyone based on color, religion or sexual orientation. They literally change their mind who they are targeting every hour and it has to do with paranoia and mistrust.


That`s why howard & candice are gone, thay done absolutely nothing all season. and stop running down sheep, these people are far worse than that.


When you are on the block, consider yourself a target, even when told not by the HGs. You shouldn’t need DR to tell you that. Campaign, goddammit. Cuz that’s the only way to stay and win. Aaryn and Amanda would be a nice F2, sadly…..a suicidal F2, GM & Spencer….. I may pull all of clownies suicides on myself then, at the same time…..and I think that whoever comes back from jury goes the next week, unless the win hoh or candi comes back Elissa wins….any other way and its kudos, amigo.

Amanda's Therapist

Classic is not the word of choice that would be okay with me to describe the talk b/t momma bear Helen and pizza pussy boy !
Bullshit is the word of choice for me. Imo! Helen talked to McPussy as if he was in a real marriage…OMG!
Amanda is the house hussy and her fake lover boy
McPussy are gagging me!
Wish they would have double eviction # 2 AND clear the house of the Stinky duo! imo.
Also too many things being said by Amanda appear suspect.
…..bc I strongly believe that the production crew for reasons we’ll never know are probably the people helping her in everway… possible ?!? She does not seem all that bright?


Lol. Is Clownie on BB or Whodunnit? He keeps dying. Aaryn needs to rename him Kenny. I wonder who keeps killing Clownie? Whoever’s doing it is hilarious.


I would have said Spencer is killing clownie, but i don’t think he moves his fat ass unless he absolutely has to.

I think production is doing it because they are bored.


OMG – They killed Clownie! You bastards! LOL!!


But wouldn’t it be great if Amanda went home and Jessie came back. Amanda would go nuts worrying about who McRae was with. Jessie or Arryn, she’d probably skip jury to see the 24 hour feeds . God, wouldn’t that be great. Let’s see how much of a smartass she’d be in the DR. We can at least hope.


I cant stand to watch them eat, they are so ill mannered dont they realuze they have. microphones on them.. they talk so crude and dont care what they say at all its ridiculous.


No, Helen, the only things you did wrong was take out Howard, Candice, Judd, and Jessie before Amanda. Then you befriend Aaryn, the most loved person in BB history (sarcasm). I am totally shocked that you are on the block this week (sarcasm again).


Just think if Amanda knew that Jessie was coming back as she & mcrae were on the block. She would be so worried Arryn or Jessie would be after her man if she left she would be throwing McRae under the bus so fast. That could really turn the season around for me with them being on the block for a week . That would be some good fireworks,her meltdown would make GM’s look like a hissyfit.


…but Jessie is in the jury house and Amanda thinks Jessie is after McCrae. She would probably leave him in the house where her minions will keep him out of trouble.

Jeremy's Boat

Not an Aaryn fan by any stretch of the imagination, but can you people cut out the childish LOL Aaryn = Aryan Hitler LOL crap? The girl is from suburban TX, at worst she inherited some minor racial prejudiceses from her parents. Acting like she is a Nazi stormtrooper just makes you look like an idiot.

This Season Blows

Agreed. The real bigots are Demanda and GM. Those two have real deep-seated hate in their hearts, whereas Aaryn just has ignorance that can be corrected, IMO.