“Andy might as well play in the park because the sandbox is more his game.. you know” -Helen

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


lockdown over.. Aaryn heads up to the HOH McCrae is right there behind her hoping for a Pandora’s box.. There’s nothing in the HOH room.

3:06pm HOH Andy, McCrae and Spencer

Andy saying Helen and Elissa are telling people they cannot trust Spencer. Andy: “Just stuff you would expect”
Spencer:’ Hey did GM seem like she’s buying any of it”
Andy: “No”
McCrae says GM is the one that worries him.
Andy: “Doesn’t matter there are three solid votes”
McCrae: “no I mean moving forward.. she just gets something in her head”

MC: “If I had gone up on the block I would have died.. cause I threw it and to have that safety then throw it away”

McCrae seems pretty convinced that a jury member is coming back soon. He says if JUDD comes back he would go after Him and AManda.
Spencer: “I don’t think so”
MC: “I was thinking about that last night.. i think that it would happen”
Spencer: “All he wants to do is make a big move..His big move is coming back from Jury. ”
MC says he thinks the 4 Jury members will compete to come back into the house like Season 13.
Spencer: “So like JUDD Vs. Helen”
MC wants Jessie or Candice to come back because they are the weaker of the 4 players. If JUDD comes back he will have staying power.
Amanda joins them. They tell her they’re talking about jury members coming back. Amanda groans.
Amanda:” Helen hates me.. she said she loved me until spencer went up as the replacement nomination now she hates me”
Andy says he is screwed if he votes Helen out and she comes back
Amanda says it doesn’t matter whoever comes back we can get out right away.
MC: “anyone that comes back in the house other than JUDD will get booted right back out.. JUDD has staying power”
Spencer: “If I get out and come back you are all F***”
Aaryn joins them.

Amanda asks her about what the speech was about with Aaryn.
Aaryn says she wanted Helen

Aaryn: ‘Helen really really wanted me to put Amanda up as the replacement nominee.. She really thinks she has the vote”
Amanda: “Who did she have”
Aaryn: ”GM, Andy and Elissa.” Aaryn adds that Helen was telling her that the Amanda/McCrae duo is more powerful than the Helen/Elissa duo so putting Amanda up means the stronger pair get’s split up.
Amanda: “Not to mention Elissa hates you and is only nice to you when they need them”


Amanda:’ Who is Elissa going after”:
Aaryn: “Me Gm.. or me and Spencer”
Amanda: “Helen will tell her to come after me”
Aaryn explains the thing is ELissa cannot play alone she will never work with GM, Aaryn and Spencer. She will work with Andy and Amanda because that is all she has.
Amanda: “WE just have to make damn sure Elissa doesn’t win the veto”

McCrae leaves..
Aaryn says Helen is on high alert right now and when you are on high alert you notice everything. Aaryn explains that Helen doesn’t think she had Andy’s vote and she knows Andy is closer to Amanda. She noticed that Andy went up to HOH last night after he told her he was going to bed.

Amanda brings up the scenario where they backdoor Elissa next week. Spencer says he doesn’t want to go on the block again. Amanda thinks it’s a bit risky not putting Elissa up. McCrae joins them that the odds of Elissa not playing in veto are 1 in 6 which are not very good odds so it really doesn’t matter.

Aaryn: ‘There’s this thing about Elissa when she is on the block she fight balls to the walls”

Amanda and McCrae think that once Helen goes Elissa will not have the fight in her especially if the veto competition is of the “What would you do for veto” variety.

They start talking about Elissa saying she doesn’t want to go to Jury. Spencer says once Elissa is gone he vote mind who wins the money.
MC: ‘I’m so f*** sick of walking on eggshells around Elissa”

They go back to talking about returning houseguests. All 4 of them are thinking JUDD is coming back. MC wants them to all get together and have a house meeting to agree if someone comes back they vote them right back out.
Andy: “Thats not fair.. as a fan I hate when people come back “
Spencer: “you have a mental vacation”
Andy: “I played this game so meticulously to get taken out by someone we’ve already evicted”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


3:50pm HOH Spencer, Aaryn, Andy, McCrae

Aaryn says Elissa turned into rachel during the OTEV competition.
Andy says Elissa almost lost the second road to Helen and she almost lost the third road but she “Enzo’ed” Andy.

Andy says he wants Candice to come back because she sucks so bad. Spencer says that Candice and GM will fight so much.
Spencer brings up how Ginamarie came up to him and asked the last wrestlemania
Spencer and MC laugh that GM watches wrestling still they haven’t seen since they were kids.

Spencer: “If Rachel comes back in this house you will see a spencer you’ve never seen before… “
MCCrea: ‘Evil Spencer”
Specner jokes says he would stick his hand in her food and throw haridryers in her shower, “Like CLonbiwe”
McCrae says he would be pissed too if Rachel comes in the game.
Aaryn says Yeah Clownie is doing great he’s still alive after 24 hours.

Spencer: “Helen is going to be dissecting everything people are saying and doing”
MC: “I know i’m trying to not talk to her”
Andy: “She keeps threatening me.. I mean you heard her up here”
Aaryn: I thought she was funny”
Aaryn says Helen told them they are going to go tell Spencer he is safe this week but he must do what they want the following week or he goes home. Spencer: “I would have told her to f*** off”
Andy: “I love Helen but the way she’s talking…. I love her as a person so much but as a game player i’m so over it “
Aaryn: ‘She called Andy a rat”

Aaryn says the MVP twist made her so made.. all it gave you was a nice room and safety for a week. All you get is all this blood on your hands.
MC agrees.

Aaryn gets called into the Diary room

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:14pm HOH Spencer, Andy and McCrae

Andy: “She talks to me like she carried me this entire time”
MC and Spencer agree this is how she talks to them.

Andy says Helen is already planting into Elissa that he is not trustworthy. Andy is only worried about GM’s vote but. Spencer says Gm is solid. Andy now agreeing says that Aaryn will tell GM where to vote Thursday morning.

Spencer is certain if Elissa wins HOH she will want his blood. Spencer: “Ginamarie is headed for a major f**** explosion.. she has stayed mad for so many days.. “
MC: “Then Candice comes back”
Andy: “Honestly that would make for the best TV”
MC: “That would.. “
Andy: “Oh my God.. I feel like Candice comes back saying I’M BACK” Andy explains that once GM sees Candice walk back in she’s clothesline her Candice will be dead and GM will be removed from the game.

Andy: “I don’t’ think Candice is this vile awful person that GM paints her out to be.. she’s not this crack baby wh*re”


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

4:21pm Hammock Helen and Elissa

Helen says she talked to GM in the cockpit. GM told her that she will talk to Aaryn before the vote. Helen: “This is why it’s important that we keep working on aaryn that the target is Spencer”
Elissa says that Andy said the same thing to her.

Helen: “we need to spend a lot of time with Aaryn, Andy and Gianmarie”

Helen: “I really think Aaryn wants Spencer to go you know but Amanda is going to get in her ears a million times”

Helen: “Amanda is being all nice to Aaryn.. the second she’s gone she is going to go back to being the horror show she is”

Elissa wonders if Andy will betray them, she cannot believe that Andy would go with Amanda and MC over her and Helen.
Helen says Andy is so impressible. .he so easily manipulated.. “you know”
Helen says they have to reiterate with Andy that the Brenchel army is rooting for Andy to vote out Spencer.

Elissa says that the fans are going to thing this week is boring if they do what the house wants.
Elissa: “I’m ready to feel fired up”
Helen says if you play the game too safe you are going to lose you have to make moves and take risks. helen brings up when she got Jeremy out was a big move.
Helen: “He’s played so safe that he’s too scared to save his closest ally you might as well play in the park because the sandbox is more his game ……… you know“
Helen tells her if she goes out it’s going to be up to Elissa, GM and Aaryn to take out MC/Amanda. Andy doesn’t have the balls to do that.
Helen: “You know”
Elissa: “Ummm hmmm “
H: “it’s ok to have a split vote sometimes.. “

Elissa asks who is more dangerous AManda or McCrae. Helen says Amanda is.
Elissa asks her if Aaryn will ever vote for her to stay.
Helen: “If you are up against Amanda yes if you are up against Andy no”
Elissa: “Gosh we were doing so good for a couple weeks”

They join Ginamarie in the pool.

Elissa starts talking about the guys taking over the house. GM says don’t control sh!t.


4:42pm HOH MC, Andy, Spencer and Amanda
Amanda says that Elissa is saying that she is allergic to slop. Amanda adds that Elissa is saying she has trouble breathing.
Amanda says that her and Helen are now saying they are allergic to slop.
Andy: “Well if that is the case I’m allergic to Double Evictions”

Amanda gets called into the diary room.
MC says the plan for the comp this week is to start fighting with Aaryn and tell Elissa they are going to target Aaryn if they win HOH. The hope is Elissa drops once she gets too cold.
Aaryn comes in they start chatting about the have nots comp.


Spencer tells Aaryn she looks hot in her HOH pictures.

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jury house

Bye bye bye Helen. Have fun in the jury house.
Why are they still talking about Candice?


Why are they still talking about David (last night), why do they still talk about Judd, why do they still talk about Jeremy, why do they still talk about Nick?
I guess you think it’s jealousy right. You only hear what you want to. They talk about everybody.


They’re as bored as we are.


Maybe not in this conversation but Candace’s name is brought up in a more negative unnecessary tone at times especially by the usual suspects. But nice try .


They are talking about Candice for several reasons. The obvious reason is they hate her for various reasons. Another reason is that they do not respect her game. Andy even mentioned that she was bad. You might not agree with that assessment but that’s coming from a house guest. Who is Candice going to work with? Not Amanda and company. Not Gina and Aaryn. Elissa might be a possibility but where does that get her? Candice would need to come back in the house and win a comp. Asking Candice to win an HOH comp might be asking a lot. However, the primary reason they would like to see Candice back in the game is that they would have front row seats to WrestleMania 3 between Gina and Candice.

Say What

I like Candice, but I don’t want to see her subjected to these idiots again. Bringing Candice back in and expecting her to compete against 6 players is asking a lot. I don’t even think Candice wants back into that house and personally don’t expect her to win an eviction comp. I know all the Candice supporters would like to see her back in, well you might get your wish. However, for me I already saw this play out before and don’t think the sequel would be any different.

Good luck in the future Candice…..and by the way, I never believed a word of Amanda’s accusation about Howard.

Wait ….Candice if its not to much to ask…..and you might be labeled a shit starter if you do it…but if I may ask…..could you please kiss Nick on the cheek at the finale while Gina is looking at you two. I promise I won’t ask anything else for Christmas.

Don't Know

I agree with you. I don’t think Candice can make a difference if she comes back into the house. But I don’t think any of the house guests who might return would make a difference. You could say the same thing about Judd and Jessie. If you really look at it, as far as endurance comps McCrae, Andy and Spencer have little or no advantage over the girls. Gina had proven that she would beat any of the girls Aaryn, Elissa, Amanda, Andy and McCrae and the guys in Spencer. As far as the intelligence comps or luck comps, Aaryn has proven she is the stronger of any of the remaining house guests in that arena. So actually Gina and Aaryn are the one’s that have this game on lockdown. Why they keep doing Amanda’s bidding is astounding.


Lol about Nick.

I agree I wouldn’t want to see her come back in. It would be pointless and more of a hostile environment for her than the other 3. If these were a season of normal people it would maybe be different. It would be like walking back into a nut house. Not that I am rooting for any of them to come back due to how they think and not being sure if they really get it. Jesse was almost there but ended up falling back into her usual pathetic MO. And who knows what landed for Judd. Helen would technically be the best option if voted out. But I was sick of her the 2nd day of her HOH and she doesn’t get it.

Fly on the Wall

Are you kidding me! Candice is not in the house any longer. How can that be, when they never stopped talking about Candice. I know Candice is a sweet girl but she must of touched their lives in such a powerful way. Gina has never stopped talking about Candice. Aaryn still talks about all the fish stories she shared with Candice. Amanda remembers fondly how you use to wear her slippers every chance you got. Andy recalls how you use to share all your hopes, dreams and Howard’s intentions with him. Then there is McCrae, he actually cried when you got evicted. Wait, I stand corrected. He was crying over another man. I am not sure why he was crying over another man Candice.


Oh to be red haired freckled Opie(the rat) in the BB15 house!

I have two issues I cannot figure out this late in the season. The first is what the f*ck is Andy’s end game. If I did not know better I’d say he doesn’t have one. The second really helps in trying to figure the 1st question. Who is Opie’s real alliance? Is it with McManda or is it Arryn and side kick GM.

Idealy the best F2 with anyone is GM if we presume Ellisa doesn’t make it. Elissa is the best from the stand point she isn’t liked and doesn’t need the money! I can’t see Andy pulling it off as he need them F3 and He needs the 3 part final to pick GM over Arryn. I think with Helen gone after 2 more weeks the game will get sloppy. Also I think I’m right we’ll need another double eviction perhaps as early as next week or the week after at the latest.. Got to be before F5 IMO. Hoping Judd is back and someone decides to work with him but I doubt it. Lastly I really liked the idea the returning HG gets HOH automatically. A week of real A44 kissing would be a much needed break from this dilusional cast.


Candice was Fabolous.

I miss her natural pretty brown skin and her curvy shape…….that booty was bootylicious.

I like how she never kissed the white asses just to fit in like Helen did and she never let those maggots see her cry. She she was the victim of bullying,
racial slurs and contempt but she’s the only African-American female in a house with white-trash bigoted racists who use terms like “n*****-insurance” and “Puerto Rican Showers”.

Have to seen Candice resume!? She’s a former teen Beauty Queen and former Ms Louisiannna! She was also an NFL cheerleader and has a university degree, a career as a speech therapist and a degree from Xavier university!

If I was a orange-colored 32 year old mentally-ill woman with no education, no figure, an eating-disorder and the manners of a trailer-park meth-head I’d want to fight Candice too so I can understand GMs pain.

The bleache-blonde Arayn bitch is just a scrawny little hate-filled devil with caterpillar eye-brows and a flat-ass who sounds like she gargles with pig-knuckles and looks like a gutter-wench without her make-up on.

The Amanda bitch looks like her eyebrows are running away from her ugly face and she’s shaped like a sweet-potatoe, ass flatter than a Sony flat-screen and she got worse hygeine than a Russian dog-catcher…they got Herpes medicine inside this house for this slut-monkey and now they need yeast-infection cream.

The only males left are castrated eunuchs or pot-bellied pedophiles….and poor Helen looking like Jackie Chan.

Andy the Fetus

“worse hygeine than a Russian dog-catche”



“Elissa says that the fans are going to thing this week is boring if they do what the house wants.”

too late, girl. we are already bored.


say simon who ever win the who come back in the game game is they going to be hoh too


They will have a fast HOH


Maybe a hide the chip with their name one it.. They did that during the season with the Brigade.


Jesus!!!! English,man!! English!!! Or ebonics…whatever makes you use punctuations.


….And Helen you might as well play in the toilet, because your game has been SHITTY!!

helen is clueless

Helen is in denial. She can’t fathom that she’s in that s position because of herself. This is everyone else’s fault and no one knows how to play this game except Helen. I am convinced when Helen watches the show she still won’t believe that Andy played her. Helen will believe this is all Jessie’s fault, and she only looks bad because Jessie was in charge of editing.

Win Something

Helen had everyone pledge fealty to her doing her first and only HOH. Only Helen was supposed to be able break the pledge and make side deals. That’s why Helen is so shocked that Andy, had the nerve to see through her game. As good as Helen was, she didn’t understand the basis of her power. Her power came from the votes she controlled in Candice, Elissa, and Jessie. You could say she couldn’t control Howard and that was good move, but why Howard before Aaryn. As much as Howard talked about his ability to win a comp, he hadn’t won one. Aaryn had proven to be a competitor. Then why start voting out your support when Spencer was a wild card to you and was closer to McCrae. Yep Helen you blew your own game with the misguided eviction choices.


If she really is in politics – she had to have read Machiavelli. One of Machiavelli’s fundamental rules: if you strike at the king you must kill him, because if you miss the king will certainly kill you. Helen took a shot too early, missed, and Amanda found out. So the political consultant did not remember one of the first rules of politics.

Machiavelli also said it was better to be feared than liked. See Amanda for proot.


Hilarious! I just sprayed my drink all over my lab top laughing at your comment.



This Season Blows

The returning HG will be a flop too. Either they’ll get voted right back out, or they’ll come crawling right back to Demanda.


How do they know a jury member coming back. ? And Mccrea talking abut the competition being to cold for Elissa??
How do they know so much? Even BB is a RAT!


They’re only speculating that a member from the jury is coming back because of the comments that Julie made…after all, it’s happened in previous seasons. Plus, if you’ve watched BB before, you know that by this time of the summer, they all seem to be wearing long sleeved clothing and sweatshirts at night because it gets really cold in Southern California at night. Since HOH competitions happen at night, it’s safe to assume that it will be cold then.

My problem with this season is that Andy doesn’t seem to catch on that getting Amanda out earlier would be better for his game. Why keep her towards the end? While she’s not winning competitions, she’s extremely influential and manipulative. Getting her out of the house allows other peoples’ games to start shining as they start working for themselves and winning that $500,000 prize. Helen herself couldn’t even see the influence that Amanda had until it was full force in her face. Just like Candice and Jessie. They realized it, too. But only when the threat of being evicted was real. Why was it so imperative to get Howard, Candice, and Jessie out? They would’ve been the votes to get Amanda out. They would’ve been the ones to put Amanda and McCrea up on the block and vote them out. When Helen leaves for Jury on Thursday, all she’ll be thinking is how she put her trust in the wrong people (Amanda, McCrea, Andy) and sent the people who would help her out the door (Howard, Candice, Jessie). Judd was too wishy washy, and it got to the point that I don’t think even he knew where his allegiance was.

Another problem I have is that everyone seems to view Elissa as some big threat and part of a powerful duo. Helen has been more aligned with Amanda than she has Elissa for most of the game. Why not put both Helen and Amanda up, instead? Elissa has yet to win HOH and probably won’t, she complains all the time, she struggles making friends and playing nice with anyone except for Helen. If you can’t manage the competitions, then at least have a strong social game (like Andy). If she had one of those things, then I might view her as a strong competitor, however, she doesn’t. The only thing she ever really had was MVP, but only for the first couple of weeks and then it became clear that she didn’t have it (since she blabbed to everyone when she did have it). Why not keep her in to keep a bigger target on her back since we all know she isn’t really going to get HOH. At best, she’ll get POV and save herself.

Win Something

They expect it will be an endurance comp. Its been cool lately in California and they are thinking it will be cool on Thursday as well. So they are trying to plant the idea that Elissa is safe and why would she want to go through all that pain to win HOH in the cold. I doubt if Elissa going to buy it. She’s going to do her best, whether she wins is different story. Gina is a beast in endurance comps.

The question is who does Gina put up as HOH? My guess it will be anyone that Amanda tells her.


i hope that the vote is 4-1 when helen is evited why cause she know elssia was her only vote in the house guest want know about the returning house guest game in the look on thier face win she wins in come back in win hoh in send andy or macre home that would bost the rating for the show so i say andy you are next in mcrea you too at the end it will be all girls watch what you think simon


I hope the vote is 5-0! I want Helen to think for just a second she is staying then watch the knife plunged into her douchebag heart. Ellisa then says to her you taught me to vote with the house right?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Elissa keeps saying…hmmm mmm I keep expecting her to say…QUACK! QUACK! QUAAACK!

Amanda's dirty tampon

You mean Aflackkkkkk


Elissa said Hmmmm, which means to the other players that she is agreeing with them. Actually, I think she is disagreeing with them but this way she stays out of an argument.
I think Aaryn is a getting worried that Elissa is going to turn into Rachel, the boys are under estimating Elissa, Elissa is not as stupid as they think and if she gets HOH she will put up a combination of McCray, Amanda, and Andy. Try to make a deal with the other 3 for safety next week.


the only thing im hoping/waiting for that would make this season ALL WORTH THE BOREDOM is 1) evicted house coming back with a vengeance on Amanda/MC/Andy 2) MC turning on amanda (its possible) 3) Aaryn winning the whole thing.

watching Chilltown, dick and danielle, renegades, brigade run a season was fine because they struggled. they had to be smart, there were risks and cunning. i feel like amanda never got challenged. like ever. i would root for amanda if she fought for her control of the house. or showed some slyness. but i cant root for a cocky bully if she loses composures, or cries in a corner, or whines whens shes on the block. i would respect her cockiness if she actually owned it.


Literally everything Helen is saying nobody else has like “making big moves” and “having balls” is the reason she is in this position. She would’ve been able to get Amanda out when she had the chance if she put her money where her mouth is. I thought Helen was a strong player in the beginning, but now all she does is cry about her situation instead of doing something to fix it. She’s a gonner.

I really hope Judd comes back, he’s the only one that would be able to stick around a bit. Jessie and Candice would be out faster than you can say “butterscotch pu$$y”

Amanda's dirty tampon

Andy the rat boy needs to be hung by with his Vagina.


I would love if Helen gets evicted from the house and comes right back in. Wins HOH and puts up Amanda and McCrae!! Don’t get me wrong, I want Helen gone, but that would be some good TV and I know Helen is brave enough to put them up.

VA Vet

Oh really? Wanna bet that Helen will want to backdoor Amanda instead and the veto won’t get used so once again Helen will blow it.

As Larry would say “You can’t fix stupid!”


I want to see Helen but, she would probably be the only one smart enough(NOW) to put Amanda up against McRae if she won HOH. Too little too late. Maybe Elissa will win and put her disgust for Arryn & GM behind her and do the same. We can just hope. Boy will that be cool to see that bitch run around the house with more fury than GM. It would salvage the season. Lets see if she’s such a smart ass in the DR then.


So Helen is kaput, right?


No Helen thinks it should be “next week”.


For Best TV Thursday, Candice or Helen has to come back. I mean who wouldn’t want to see the drama filled events as Candice walks through the door for GM’s birthday’s present. SURPRISE!! or Helen back knowing that Andy was never on her side. O this would be so amazing.


I remember Aaryn commenting on how her dad is not in any of her pictures and she wonders why. He signed the papers and gave them (Big Brother) permission. Anyone else think that he changed his mind after her racist actions in the first few weeks and now refused to be shown on national tv as her father?


Aaryn made racist comments but the worst racists in that house are Amanda and Gina Marie.

Elissa's Botox

That is exactly what happened with her Dad…she probably has figured out that it has to do with her racist comments but she hasn’t expressed it to anyone in the house that I know of


Elissa is so deluded… “the fans are gonna think it’s boring if they do what the house wants”??? How can these people be so damn clueless that we’ve been bored since Helen “invented” the whole “what the house wants”

This Season Blows

The level of cognitive dissonance in the house is scary.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Yeah. that cognitive dissonance makes me itch.


I hate so much how Helen thinks she knows what America wants. America will not vote GM America’s player. we do not think getting Judd out with a unanimous vote was a big move. neither was getting out Jeremy because he already knew that he was going home. and we do not want her delusional ass back. honey you deserve to get evicted for getting rid of all your allies and preaching this “vote with the house nonsense” up until the point where it’s no longer convenient for you. now that you’re on the block, it’s okay to have a split vote. you deserve to be blindsided by Andy, who is so “trustworthy.”
Helen thinks she knows what everyone is thinking. and that’s why she’s on her way out this week. good riddance.


choosing between hellen and amanda is like choosing between the deep blue sea and satan either way you are f##k … With that being said thusrday hurry up please wishing i could of fast foward to thursday already to see the looks on these prick face when HELLEN REENTERS THE GAME you know you know ok ok lol

Amanda's dog Woofy



any chance that the houseguest coming back gets some sort of power? or maybe they’ll give out a diamond POV or coup d’etat during the POV comp?
cause without that, the HG coming back will just get voted right out next Thursday..


I agree with Dee. The returning player is gonna get some type of power, otherwise the odds r they get voted right back out! Lets hope this is the case. Its exactly what this game needs to shake shit up


They should just send in all of the evicted house guests and start over


And that is the reason why i dont want judd back because these pricks will control him nothing will change just more of the same if he returns


Judd would be the worst person to come back to the house. He would be on McManda’s side so we would have more of the same. I think Helen should come back as HOH and put Mcmanda on the block.
And talking about something else. Why does McCrae hate Elissa so much? Because he’s a pizza boy and she’s not?


I liked Amanda in the beginning. Now I’m scratching my head as to why I did…
Liked MC… then found out he is a HUGE wuss.
Never cared for Helen and still don’t.
Was liking Aaryn but this wishy washy shit last night/today has me questioning her intestinal fortitude.

So here I stand, FIRMLY behind Dawg… FOR THE WIN!

And for the record: “NOBODY comes between me and MY Dawg”!


Helen thinks that she made a big move??? The slop balls are making these people delusional from being on them for so long. Now that Helen is on the block she says to Elissa ” you have to have a split vote sometimes”. Really. What about this is what the house wants???? They still are questioning Andy’s loyalty.???? What does it take for them to see that he is a rat.!!! He is not impressionable !!! Helen is still micromanaging Elissa to tell her how to play even after she is voted out. This chick has control issues!!!


Does anybody wonder how different the game would be if Nick and Jeremy had stayed in the game? I mean I know Jeremy was a jerk and Nick was kind of a spazz but I know that they would never lie down and let Amanda take over the game.

This Season Blows

I said at the time that Nick and Jeremy leaving would ruin the season and was voted down for it…. turns out I was right. Jeremy would have gotten Demanda out weeks ago.


Well to be fair people will vote down just about anything said just because they can Lol. But I wished they would have stayed longer or better yet a girl vs a guy alliance may have been entertaining. But too many fast showmances and people pairing off too soon.And some of the viciousness early in the game was too much too.


Jeremy was a douche!


If Jeremy and Nick stayed in the game, Amanda would be going around yelling “Blow jobs for Everyone”.

mark h

Jeremy practically self evicted with his braggadocio. He did everything in his power to make himself a target. Nick…..just had the misfortune like Howard of being part of the moving company…..worst alliance in bb history.


If Nick was still in the house he probably would either end up suicidal like Clownie or he’d be facing murder charges. A man can only take so much.


Nick wanted Amanda out. Spencer was the reason Nick went.. which is why everyone wants him gone now. Nobody trusts him.

Helen should tell Gina Marie Amanda approached her and Elissa about getting rid of Nick..

The mention of Nick would send Gina Marie into a frenzy cause she is running out of options.


Is it just me or does anyone else think the production is helping out Amandaonion and McMinute. Seems to me they know all about a jury member coming back. Just a thought on how this game is fixed.



YOU DIDNT WATCH THE LIVE show last week julie told the houesguest that the jurors are not out of the game ….. with that being said they know a evicted houseguest will be returning ….

Just a fan

It was 2 weeks ago Julie made that comment when the first jury member went. She didn’t say anything last week. Plus, they keep talking about the next HOH being the endurance wall. If it is, then it is a HUGE coincidence (and I don’t believe in coincidences) that they happen to remember Julie’s comment now, plus they are ‘guessing’ the next comp is the endurance wall. Too amazing they could ‘guess’ the repeat comps at the right times – CBS must come up with original ideas, because the old stuff on top of this boring cast make this the most snoozefest of any season.

The DR is obviously feeding Amanda with information. I am so sick of her it is pathetic she is the most disgusting excuse of a person I have ever seen, and if she wins, it will be the most disgraceful and disgusting ‘winner’ ever. I have watched every season since about the 5th because I was addicted, but aMANda and McPussy are making this the most vile season to watch, and if they win, I will never even think about watching this show again.

Gator girl

Remember they knew that the competition would be the knockout when they were trying to keep Jessie from winning.
Maybe Amanda’s friend, Alison Grodner is telling her what the comps are going to be. She sure does get good edits and
so many spots on each show. It seems like 1/3 to 1/2 of the show is Amanda in the Dairy room. Very tired of her!
Amanda seems to have inside knowledge of what the comps are going to be. It seems like when production heard them plotting
how to stop Jessie from winning, they would have changed the game. But they didn’t.

us gays hate ANDY

i hate McCrae… he has a bigger pus*y than amanda’s! don’t get me started on fugly ass bot**m andy. he is the biggest rat in all of big brother history. he should get evicted right after McCranda!

Really hope the final 3 will be all girls just the season when Maggie won BB! I honestly think any of the four evicted HG (candice, jesse, judd, helen) will come back and put up McCranda if they win HOH. I think the four will battle it out for HOH this coming thursday. I can’t wait!

Julie Chen

What sweet justice it is to see Helens raggedy ass getting evicted.

I remeber when Candice called her out about “running the house” and the little raggedy snake ran out the room and went and told the other side of the house that Candice “threatened” her.

Helen is a pig….I despise Amanda for being a filthy, disgusting nasty peice of human trash but ai can’t recall her betraying anyone in her little clique.

It’s nothing worse than watching the videos of Amanda/Aryan/GM spewing racist vitriol about Asian-Americans and then watching Helen eat their asses, wash their dishes and give them pep-talks while they secretly laugh behind her back and smile in her face and plot to evict her.


I thought Helen was smart at first but she has done nothing but bully, nag and cry to get her way. Now she knows how Jessie felt. Karma is a b*tch!


Amanda: “WE just have to make damn sure Elissa doesn’t win the veto”

She says WE, like she has a shot at winning anything without someone throwing it to her. and even then, she’ll choke, like in the HOH, she didn’t throw it,. you could tell by the look on her face, she was shocked Aaryn buzzed in.

All the Adderall in the world can’t fix stupid.

The weight rests solely on McCrae and the Rat, Aaryn is wising up to what’s going on, GM, and Spencer never liked Amanda, they’re waiting to strike, which will happen as soon as they get in power..

Cece Drakde

honestly hand amanda the damn check
and go to hell with this crap show




I am bummed, I can’t watch it or read their filthy words. I am trying to watch last nights show and Helen is crying and it makes me want to throw up. The house is disgusting!!! Bye bye BB! Maybe you will return to your glory next year!

Darb Llenrad

On last nights after dark, Aaryn told Helen and Elissa some traumatizing event that happened to David, but it was during commercial break and I never heard what it was. Does anyone know.


Love BBAD either cut it off when a conversation is just about to get good or go to a commercial break during curious moments.

He supposedly told Aaryn he threw some dirt in some kid’s eyes and the kid went blind. And his parents were sued and they went bankrupt. Maybe someone who has the feeds knows the exact details. I don’t know if this happened when David was a kid or in high school. And I have no idea what lead up to Aaryn telling them that story thanks to BBAD.

Mississippi Girl

Darb, what I understood earlier is David threw a dirt clump at someone and caused them to go blind when in HS.. The family sued and his family were bankrupted. From the way Helen acted after commercial I had no idea either.

McCrae's used condom

elissa’s face looks like she is constipated.

This Season Blows

Botox to the extreme.


Actually a cross between the Joker and a constipated duck


Andy: “Oh my God.. I feel like Candice comes back saying I’M BACK” Andy explains that once GM sees Candice walk back in she’s clothesline her Candice will be dead and GM will be removed from the game.

That would actually be funny, Candice and GM fighting, I mean she’s been talking about bring the “hoodrat” out of her if provoked for a while, maybe seeing Candice will be that time?

Only downside to that is, Candice not winning any completions and heading back out next week, I’d rather see someone that might win HOH and do some damage come back.


It wouldn’t waste any more breath of Gina Marie if I were her. The best thing she could do is ice her out and act like she doesn’t exist since she already some sort of unnecessary complex and she wants attention. Now that would be more entertaining to me to glaze her out.


I think they came up with the idea to have someone come back into the game because AG is making plans in case Amanda gets evicted she will have a way to bring her back in…

Amanda's dog Woofy



I think they came up with the idea to have someone come back into the game because AG is making plans in case Amanda gets evicted she will have a way to bring her back in…


True dat true dat!

Brent's Babe

For the record . I am a 30 year old woman with 3 children. and have never had a yeast. infection . These people are horrid. I absolutely love big brother but can’t stand this season.


I am so sick of hearing all this “racist” stuff……….it’s bullcrap……it’s America…….Blacks are racist, Whites are racist, Asians are racist……….everybody is really racist ! ! ! I know blacks that call each other the “ugly” word ! ! ! I know a Chinese girl…..who everyone calls “Chink”………she’s cute and popular and her friends have called her that for the past 20 years……………don’t bother her at all ……….that’s her actual nickname ! So, all this is bullcrap about racism !
Oh………..by the way……………goodbye……Queen Helen………….The $500,000. is waving bye-bye to you ! ! ! LOL


Lol well in this case you are bringing it up. It is what it is. And none of those scenarios have anything to do with the house dynamics that were there. David wasn’t Candace’s best buddy for 20 years when he joked about black Candace dirtying the sheets.If the house guests would have defaulted to their BS than people wouldn’t have anything to react to . If anything that was said or the hateful tone in there in general didn’t bother you than that’s you. Other people see things differently and weren’t and aren’t pulling things out of the air. So you may have to endure more race talk if the it’s brought up again in the house somehow.

Miss bean

The twist should be the new houseguest comes in and America is the hoh. That would shake it up and give the person voted in a chance. This is what happened in BBC tho and Gary glitter was voted back in and managed to make it to final two even tho everyone agreed to vote the person coming back out right away. He would have won as well if it wasn’t for the “miss vote”


That is not what happened in BBCAN. Canada voted on which one of the 4 jury members would be allowed to return to the Big Brother House. Gary received the most votes and upon his return the host of BBCAN Arisa Cox informed the houseguests that the returning player – Gary – could not be nominated that week. The houseguests were pissed! Especially because they were the final 4 and the return of Gary made it the final five.


I have come to a conclusion … it is more entertaining reading these post then it is watching and reading about what they are saying or gonna do . let me take the time to thank all those who post comments on here …lol… I am so glad. With all of you this season wasn’t a total wash out ….lol.. again THANKS ALL for the posts… ps .. thanks Simon and Dawg for the site …

mark h

I agree….good discussion of the game here. Might have completely lost interest by now if not for this blog. At least the fans know how the game should be played…even if the houseguests don’t.


All of these people suck! I have no one to root for. what I don’t like is that Andy’s dumb
Annoying ass is going to float right to the end. no one has mentioned his name ever to be nominated. Wish they could start over with new people!

BB Fan

I can not stand the sight of dirty ass McCrae and Amanda! The actually make my stomach turn. McCrae is just a skank. He took a shower, did not even wash his hair, and those scruffy clothes he wears. I would like to take the socks he wears and shove them up Amanda’s a**. But, now she is starting to wear them! I don’t think I have ever seen either of them vertical for more than five minutes all season. They take over the HOH right away, the couch is not good enough for them. They immediately dive into the HOH basket and start eating whatever they want. They are so pushy and aggressive. Amanda is starting to look as dirty as him! I understand people having sex, but on national television and that whore is worried about what her boyfriend at home has on her. They deserve each other! I just pray that neither of them win. McCrae says vile things about women and I would have to make this much longer to list Amanda’s downfalls. Please someone have the guts to get rid of them to give my stomach a break!


Everyone should do what she did to Howard, Candice and Jessie. Walk away and say ” I’m voting with the house, whatever the house wants”!! She’s so full of shit and she’s a horrrible player. This dumb, arrogant idiot had TWO chances to take Amanda out and now she’s ready to make that move. When Jessie and Candice were trying to get Amanda out ( Amanda was actually on the block) Helen would not do it. Her calling Andy a rat is laughable. Good riddance Helen and most of America think you’re stupid and laughing at your dumb ass.


Candice had too many enemies… and didn’t help her cause arguing with them.

Jessie? She had no pull what so ever.

Nick wanted Amanda out early in the game you can thank Spencer he is gone… Helen was too worried about her own game and being the #1 target when Amanda was gone.

Hurley "The numbers are bad !"

Maybe Helen was a big fan of Lost ” It’s what the House wants ” ” It’s what the Island wants ” lol Helen is very controlling she probably learned that from her parents .I am very tired of Helen’s phony pep talks and bragging about how good she is ( If this is how she does her job as a political consultant that would explain why our country is doomed lol ) I hope they stick to there guns and evict Helen and then break up Amanda and McCrae the following week if neither of them win HOH . Although like many have said you may want to take Amanda to the end because you will probably be able to beat her for the 500K.On a side note, I can’t believe how these people are acting 24/7 they really are making themselves look bad to their friends and family all for $2000 a week part time job and several won’t have a job to go back to when it’s over . I understand no one is perfect ( I am sure not haha ) but it’s not like they are slipping up once in a while it’s actually worse than a Jerry Springer show in my opinion …


Simon & Dawg – How are your ears not bleeding listening to Helen & McCrae? UGHHH!!
Helen – ya know?
Mc – yep
Helen – ya know?
Mc – yeah yeah yeahhhhh

Oh my – I just want her to shut up!!


All these people are guttless. I havnt even checked in in 3 days im so bored with the game. You could script whats going to happen week after week. It realy dosnt matter who comes back they will just fall under the mcmanda spell like everyone else. If Aaryn realy wanted to make a move she would have put amanda up against helen. but no no guts. coloar me tired of the whole thing.


Oh now helen wants to make big moves and have split votes!!!! ( lemme roll my eyes a gazillion times until I get bored) Seeee ya later alligator ms helen :-)


This season is so boring I don’t even bother watching it anymore I just read what happens on here. Can’t wait for BB Canada season 2 because anything is better then this BB15 garbage


I want to see Candace come back so we we can have a true ghetto street fight nola style vs Jersey… hair pulling clothes ripping face slapping nails scratching crazy ass throw down! nobody will be crying about it being boring then! Hahaha


There those 2 pieces of shi- go again. I just hope Arryn figures it out before its too late. Fake a fight with Arryn so if Elissa wins HOH she will put up Arryn and GM. That’s being real loyal players Andy (the rat ) I would love for a player to come back as HOH with America voting for the people to go up.Maybe America would figure out the 2 people team to put up. ( Andy-spencer) -(Andy – GM) (Andy- Arryn). Etc. (Amanda-McRae) (Amanda-Andy). ( Amanda-Elisa). Etc. it would have to be 2 person teams or else you would have Amanda vs. GM. With Amanda staying.