Big Brother Spoilers – “Bwak Bwak Bwaaak .. Bwak Bwak Bwaaak.. How did the Eggs turn out”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony –
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9:00am part two of the Sis punishment.

She has to wake up early in the morning sit on eggs then proceed to make scrambled eggs. Sounds like she has to make 4 different types and deliver at least 1 type to every person in the house. While she does this she has to assume the role of a chicken only saying “BOK BOK”

Sis delivering eggs

10:19 am Christie, Jess, Sis, Cliff

Christie – She’s not allowed to speak English
Christie – she had to do one round of sunny side, one round of Hardboiled and one round of Scramble
Christie – this is her fourth round

Jess – why don’t I have 4 plates
Christie – she doesn’t have to deliver them every time. We got sunnyside
Christie explains she can pick and choose who gets what eggs
Jess – ohh so you don’t have to wake everyone up

Christie said she never ate the Sunny Side but they looked good.

10:44 am Holly, Jackson and the RV get hardboiled Eggs

After completing the punishment she runs back to grab the eggs from Jackson and Michie to egg them in her sandwich.

10:51 am
Sis panicking that they’ll ask her to make a poached egg
Jess says it’s a steamed egg. Christie doesn’t know.
Cliff – you crack it into boiling water
Christie now agrees with Cliff, “You crack it into boiling water”

10:53 am Sis gets called again to make omelets with only egg whites

Cliff – Sis I’m so sorry, you know how to separate eggs?
Christie – I’ll show you
When Sis comes back with the omelet ingredients
Christie shows Sis how to separate whites.

11:00 am
Tommy and Cliff
Tommy says he’s leaning to using the veto on Christie. Claims he would do that for anyone if there were 3 nominees. “I want there to be two people on the block come Thursday”
Adds with three nominations the votes could get “Funky” and he doesn’t want to risk that
Cliff understands.
Cliff says he’s open for a deal if he survives this week. Tommy heard that Cliff was coming after him. Cliff says everyone in the house was saying Tommy, Sis, and Christie as the next to go after jack was Cut. “everybody in the house and I was part of that”
Tommy – I totally understand that
Tommy wants 2 weeks of safety

Cliff – Tommy, I’ll give you more than that
Cliff says he never wanted Jack to win because he wasn’t a fan of the game only saw one season. Plus Jack was controlling the group. Cliff doesn’t feel that way about Tommy he wouldn’t mind him winning because he’s a fan of the game.

Tommy says Cliff is a guy and he wants to keep more guys in the house.
Cliff – I saw JEss and Sis talk so much this morning
They agree there’s no girls alliance though.
Cliff brings up his HOH and keeping his word to Christie as proof he can be trusted once he keeps his word
Cliff – I have no problem making deals
Tommy – I want it to be a fun week.. I want to do easter egg hunts.
Tommy – I love you I would love to work with you in the furture.

Cliff brags that he’s watched 13 seasons and he’s won each one making his own decisions. Explains while watching the episodes and applying his “personal strategy” to the players of that season’s decisions. (WTF)

11:45 am
Holly knows how to make poached eggs etc etc .. explains it to them.

(The chick coop is the same one they had in the field trip competition)

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Tommy Wannabe Grande

Tommy, Christie, Jackson and Nick are my least favorites. Hopefully the house gets turned upside down again this week.


Nick is a stud.

Can have his pick of any housemate (either sex).

Has survived almost certain eviction

Is sitting high on the high now!

Ain’t no one touching my boi!

Maureen Wilson



Not sure if you said “boy” or “boil”, but either way I wouldn’t touch it!

Cancel this season already



This should say.. Please don’t WASTE it on KRUSTY

Summer Gowen

Do you think zing bot will tell on tommy and christie?


Only if Christie manifests it… so no


He won’t tell outright he may hint “tommy Christie have history the history of aunt whatever her name is zing!! “. Cliff shouldn’t be saving his ass and agreeing about christy he should give tommy heads up christy was willing to give tommy up for jack and or something like that. If sis were smart. Lol oh boy tough saying that, she would joining Jess Kay and holly to getcliff or tell her crusty was instrumental in getting out jack watch her slow burn really slow burn against crusty. I know if wishes were fishes.


Omg I completely forgot about the ZING BOT…. That would be a classic if he came out and said something like ” you all thought that holly and Kat were the only ones that knew each other in the house? Who else knows someone outside of this house, Tommy and Christie””” ZINGGGGGGGGG


I want Nick gone the most, please get that creepy, slimy doochbabg out!

Tommy Wannabe Grande

I know this is an old reference but that creepazoid reminds me of Leisure Suit Larry.


now that’s showing your age, Leisure suit Larry.


He is utterly disgusting.


I think you are jelly!

Silly boy

Roll Tide

Tommy looks like a child running around in his underpants. Really not appealing. Tommy is so fake, tells everyone I love you, you are so sweet, Leaves the room, says that person is so dangerous. Do not like phones, flakey people. Therefore he will probably Winn the show.

House Stark

I’m telling you Nick is a dead ringer for that guy who plays the Burger King on commercials and just as greasy,


I’m glad that Sis has to do something other than just wear the chicken costume. Her punishment was looking way too easy.

Now, seeing how America’s Vote was a useless twist (can’t remember the last time that a twist actually was useful), all I can do is ignore the feeds for a few days so that I don’t have to hear Christie manifesting, bragging, preaching, and then see who wins HOH on Thursday.


I’m glad Tommy has the sense to just say that he is done with alliances, even if it does show that he doesn’t actually know what an alliance is, as he and Christy are in one. I think the problem with gr8ful (besides their terrible personalities) was that they didn’t understand the game. They just thought being the alliance in the house meant that they dictated what happens. While it was semi-effective it wasn’t fun to watch.
Tommy and Christy on the other hand are a true alliance. They look out for each other in the house but aren’t rubbing it in other people’s faces. If Christy were more likeable they would almost be watchable.

Tommy Wannabe Grande

“If Christy were more likeable they would almost be watchable.”

Keywords: If and almost.


How does this get 9 down votes? Christy and Tommy are insanely obnoxious. Ugh, who could ever like them?!?

Dalia Hobelman

I hate Sis Christine Tommy Nick anyone else can win Jack wasn’t even as bad as these assholes

House Stark

I feel like we deserve to see Tommy and Christie on the block next week since we had to suffer through a Tommy HOH.

another name

It would be stupid of Tommy not to use the veto on his secret connection Christie. Yeah, Tommy’s an idiot but he’s not that much of an idiot. He’s well aware that Christie is his big loudmouthed whackadoodle crybaby human shield.
Every possible scenario any one of us comes up with depends on Tommy lacking self interest in the game.
Let’s just come to terms.

If production were really evil, they would have stipulated at the onset that there must be three nominees on the block on Thursday, because two people will be leaving. In other words, people would have gone into d/r to vote on Thursday for which of the three to save.
If production were really evil, they would have had their field trip, gone back to the house, had Tommy instantly nominate another person, and they would have foregone the veto to have an instant eviction like in bbcan season 1-3. Here’s your hoh, make your noms now, oooh not so fast, no time for a veto, so nominees plead your cases, you have 2 minutes each okay time to vote.
Neither of these scenarios happened. There was no stipulation when they revealed the field trip, that we are aware of. So let’s just seven stages our way through the loss.

I have my own theory about the purpose of the field trip. I posted that theory over a week ago. The hidden purpose of the field trip wasn’t the punishments, it was the immunity. For the story arc they are on, the immunity was important.

Danger Will Robinson

Cliff saying he has won each of the 13 seasons he’s watched and how has got me effed up!


Is there any way doe Cliff to convince Tommy to take him down and put up Sis. Making Tommy think the votes would be so split that Kat could go home when really it would be Christie?


One could dream….


It’s time to get the old bag out! Kat needs to stay to work with CHRISTIE


Cliff is back to his typical game play when he remotely feels threatened. And immediately jumps into –oh oh, I might get evicted, let me make insane deals and screw over anyone I’m working with.

I get Cliff is scared but before he even deciphers if he or Kat are the target he immediately offers Tommy to take him to F3 (WTF Cliff???). Tommy btw only asked for 2 weeks safety & Cliff offered the boatload all on his own. Talk about making a deal with the devil. He even tells Tommy he won’t put him up & he doesn’t have to return the favor (slaps forehead). He also tells Tommy he’s a free agent and does nothing to determine who Tommy is aligned with or to find out whom among his group could be in danger. Typical of this cast who bury their closest allies by saying dumb things or repeating things which were meant to be kept secret they also all panic & make stupid deals instead of strategizing. Now, maybe Cliff has no intention on keeping this deal but it won’t surprise me if he’s serious. Another Name is right – Cliff may have the Angels but in reality he wants to work with all guys. UGH

Tommy told Cliff he heard he was his target – Cliff got out of that easily saying the entire house saw Tommy/Christie/Sis as the main targets. But when Tommy repeats his lie “I’m not working with anyone & not trying to build alliances” for like the millionth time since taking possession of HOH Cliff fails to take advantage. It reminded me of when Cliff failed to ask Christie to use DPOV or let him put up who he wanted as a show of faith during his HOH.

What Cliff SHOULD have done is say okay so if you are solid with this deal and want to work with me that’s great b/c I prefer working with people who can keep their emotions in check, value the game and understand game strategy. So, can I be honest with you? (Tommy would say yes). What Cliff should’ve said (and still could ) is the following

I’m trusting this will remain between us just like if you strategize with me I would keep it to myself. So — straight goods — you are viewed as the right hip attachment to Christie. I know you want to play your own game & I personally can see you are doing that but I’m not in the majority with that opinion. You have an opportunity however, to build leverage and gain credibility by not using the POV. I overheard Jess say she would vote how you wanted so I assume others made the same promises & I know you have Sis/Nick. Why not reinforce what you’re telling the house? You’ll still get out your target which I now assume is Kat and still have Christie in the house. Your other option & I’m just spit balling here, but you could reinforce our deal by taking me down and putting up someone else you might want out more. I’m not saying to target these people, rather I’m working with you to see what helps you the most. Do you want to weaken Michie? If yes then you target Holly. If you think you are solid with them then don’t do that. What about Jess? Where do you think you sit with her & are you worried next week is the DE when she could win & target you/Christie or you and another guy? I think we can agree Nicole isn’t an option since she can’t win and isn’t tied to anyone — well maybe to Nick. (this last part is said to protect Nicole).

All of this would plant a ton of seeds in Tommy’s mind. Who knows if he would do it. Who knows if he would keep it to himself. But, Cliff should tell Nicole what he said & say if Nick repeats this to you let me know so I can see if Tommy is trustworthy at all.

At the very least Tommy walks away thinking F*ck me – the whole house is after Christie & I. Or maybe it backfires but they’ve made an agreement now & Tommy does respect Cliff so if it works GREAT – doubtful he’d replace Cliff but even if he leaves noms the same it works for the house (granted Christie will lose her mind). BUT — if Cliff pulled that off then Jess/Nicole/Holly/Michie vote out Christie while Nick/Sis vote out Kat.

Afterward all Cliff has to say is I was on the block – I thought you had those people locked up & then really F him up & tell him I’m pretty confident Nicole voted out Kat b/c she told me that’s what she was doing. Then he might question Nick or Sis’ vote.

Regardless, at that point they are likely heading to a DE immediately only needing to beat Nick/Sis & then they take out Tommy via back door.

If someone is trying to make a deal with me then I’m pushing back to gauge how serious they are. Tommy entered this meeting already knowing they were keeping Cliff and is using the opportunity to gain safety deals. Cliff calls himself a strategist & game player – so then do that & be that!

All I know is that’s what I’d be doing in Cliff’s shoes. And as for whether it’ll work – hey – a lady can dream right?

another name

What we have to realize, I’m afraid, is that Christie in jury when she could have been saved by Tommy is the loss of a jury vote for Tommy. Is Christie, feeling slighted, going to vote for Tommy, no matter what the connection, if he lets her get evicted when he had the power to save her? Tommy knows her better than we do, there is every possibility that there is that concern.

This is the real problem in my mind with casting people with pre-existing relationships. They have guaranteed jury votes. It won’t matter what Tommy’s argument is if he makes final 2, as long as he didn’t play an active hand in getting rid of Christie, she is voting for him to win. The same can be said of Holly. She’s voting for Jackson to win, no matter what the other finalist says or does in the game, because of her pre-existing connection to Jackson. Holly, in final two, as long as she didn’t play an active role in the demise of either Kat or Jackson, has two jury votes in her pocket. That means that Tommy, Christie, Jackson and Kat stand in finals already having 11% of the jury voting for them regardless, and Holly stands in front of the jury with 22% of the votes already in her pocket because of casting decisions.


Yeah – that makes sense. It would be more of an option if the back yard shouter outed them I guess. I was just spit balling (apparently not very “smartly” lol) on what he might/could do. As I said it’s unlikely even if all 6 of them went to him – I was just trying to think of options & how he could position it.

It would’ve been much easier if someone else won POV other than Tommy but with Nick playing she had a 50% chance of getting off the block b/c they both promised that – tough odds to overcome.

Like you said Cliff wants to play with the guys & that became abundantly clear by how much Cliff offered. I still stand by what I said regarding Cliff offering up way too much. Tommy asked for 2 weeks of safety & Cliff offered him F3 without Tommy needing to reciprocate. Curiously Cliff says he’s made (in his mind) all the right moves every season & yet he does things like this. He could’ve simply said — okay 2 weeks safety – DONE. Why give away so much unless Cliff’s true desire is to go to the end game with Tommy? Baffling.

another name

I’m still trying to think about why Tommy is keeping to himself the slip up that Holly and Jackson made telling Tommy about Holly knowing Jackson’s ex. Is he really that set on getting the corpse of the six to ride again like some unholy nightmare?


Usually You are smart but now you’re letting your emotions and expectations talk . For cliff to talk about getting rid od Christy or even just let the noms stay the same ,
Is gonna get him in trouble. They will know he is against them while kat is playing like she is happy Christy is safe. He needs Tommy and Christy support this week to survive. That’s why he is promising final 3 to tommy. He feel like he is the target and got nothing to lose. And the angels will be broken, so he need any trust and bond now he can build.
He knows tommy will get that when he will turn against this deal . And if not, he is doing what he can to even survive this week.

The Beef

I don’t know why you’re getting so many thumbs down for this post because I think what you say here makes a whole lot of sense for Cliff. His back is up against the wall and he’s got nothing to lose for trying, and frankly, while I can appreciate his effort to “just survive” by caving in to Tommy (just like he did to Christie a few weeks back), I would appreciate and respect a more strategic, thought out plan, as you described versus the old I’ll just go in there and grovel and kiss his a$$ routine we’ve come to expect from Cliff, when the going gets tough.

After all, Cliff is intelligent enough to think about something like this, and he communicates well enough, especially I think with Tommy, to finesse the conversation, just as you did, so as to skate around the outright implications of the suggestions he brings up.

Do I think Tommy will buy it? No, I think Tommy is taking Christie down, 100%. But, if you plant that seed, and maybe he thinks it’s the whole house against Christie, Sis and him, who knows what he may do? He may decide leaving Christie up and letting her go is the best move for HIS game!

One can hope anyway!

SD Bird

This season has been dominated by one theme & it’s not CAMP.
No matter what small glimmer of hope tries to ignite . . . Christy douses the flame.

It began with ‘We are all one big happy family. I love you, I love you more.’
When it’s really Thanksgiving Dinner with your dysfunctional family.

She’s sucks the oxygen out of every room she visits – and she visits every room.
She is the family member that has overstayed, the one everybody wished hadn’t attended at all.

Personalities & Game Play could have developed this season if she hadn’t RSVP.
Instead it’s intimidation & fear mongering that slowly built up to ineffective opposition attempts.

As a Viewer, I feel cheated, as if I keep waiting for the game to begin.
As a Player, I would be so very frustrated to have agreed to play & then been participants in The Christy Show.

Backseat Driver

Your post is spot on……

Roisin Dubh

I think Cliff is going home this week. If Christie gets pulled it’s a wrap. That’s what u get for wasting your HOH.


I don’t want Kat to go. In a perfect world, Tommy would leave noms the same and Christie would go home but we all know that he is going to use the VETO on Christie. Christie will then say that the Universe is rewarding her for being so awesome.

So at this point in the game, if Kat goes I don’t really know who to like. I must admit, Jackson is growing on me a little bit but I really don’t like Holly. I really want Tommy, Christie, Sis and Nick (I finally am able to see Nick how everyone else sees him) to go sooner rather than later. Cliff, Nicole and Jess are just there and I don’t really care about them one way or the other. So this week, if Christie gets off the block, I hope it is Cliff that goes home but I fear it is going to be Kat….