Holly – “Nick can gr*p$ me all day and I’m happy”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. veto players are Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole Host: Tommy. Sounds like the Kemi is the target. The power of Veto is Thursday. They were given a week that they get to compete in the Whacktivity Comp. I’m still piecing that all together.

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7:53am Cliff is the first up

8:16am the entire house is now up.
Christie and Jack talking in the HOH bathroom about last night with Bella and Nick Showmancing. Jack comments on how sweaty Jackson was he can’t wait to get a bed to himself.

8:20am Holly, Christie and Analyse
The girls are talking about the guys and how they don’t want to go downstairs. They talk about Ovi and how weird he is.
Christie – give love, see him as a creature of god he’s just different than us and he just likes to touch people more than others
Holly – everyone likes to touch everybody we’re just fine with it in every other case
Christie – I know why is that
Holly – Nick can grope me all day and I’m happy
Christie – fact
Holly – or any of the other guys
Analyse – it’s because he has a girlfriend
Holly – Sam doesn’t touch us like that
Christie – no he would never.. It’s respect and maturity

8:30am Nick and Jack join them. They speculate about the time for the Power of Veto competition. Christie thinks it’ll be early so that the backyard gets opened up for the live feeds.
They talk about some of the strange behaviors of Ovi. Jack says Ovi brought his Tupperware of cookies to his bedside to protect it. they laugh.
Jack – he’s lost it.

Nick heads downstairs.
Christie says she was looking at the trees in the HOH room and saw a “d1ck in them and now it’s gone”
8:45am Christie, Sis, and Jack
Christie says Nicole is so sweet. “we really got f*ing lucky with houseguests”
jack – yeah we didn’t get one weird one that’s like super weird like Rockstar. I would lose my mind if we had a Rockstar.
Christie – Yes, She was weird and quirky but I thought she was cool and different but I don’t think I could live with someone like a Rockstar
Christie – the only person with Kinda bad energy went home (David) hour 2 hour 3 hour 4
Jack – Swaggy
Christie – yeah, Our superior leader.
They mention how someone says him pre-show walking around with the nook how to be a superior leader.


8:35am Cliff, Nick, Tommy and Ovi
Chit chatting about Cliff meeting his wife. Cliff shows off some dance moves.

8:52am Christie asks him if he has any more cookies, comments on them being good. Ovi says he has 5 or six he saved some for Jack.
Ovi – you can have some too
Ovi says nobody ate the last few so he put them in a Tupperware
Christie – you’re protecting them
Ovi – oh yeah I’m not giving them away
Christie – you gotta earn those
They all laugh that he’s using cookies as a tactic

9:05am Houseguests in the bathroom getting ready. Nick and Sam are “practicing” their Mandarin. Bella helps by giving them phrases.
Nick – Sis, what does it feel like to wake up and still be more beautiful than the majority of America.
Sis- you’re so nice to me

9:32am Sis and Holly making sure they use up all their makeup this morning for the Power of Veto. They Complain about (Ovi?) “always talking never saying much” “I hear that voice and I’m in a bad mood”
They agree they want Cliff to make it to jury “he’s so sweet”

9:37am Tommy, Cliff, Nick

9:44AM Sam and Tommy
Tommy – we’re in a good spot
Adds that he’s worried they are making it obvious, “how we communicate with Kat and Cliff we seem very”
Sam – easy with them like you’re fine
Tommy – too many times they are in the same rooms ae us.. you want to do one on one.

Tommy- she’s so nice Kemi the only reason she should go she’s competitive
Sam – she’s talking game all the time and she’s telling Ovi everything we’re saying. Notice he doesn’t give massages anymore
Sam is sure that Kemi and Ovi are on the “same page” points out that Ovi is now laying low. “still coming on a little strong.. I love him to pieces..
Kemi comes in .. they talk about Ovi’s massages
Sam – I don’t get them anymore.. I don’t know if the DR told him to cut it off

9:56am Nicole and Ovi Checkers
Nicole – If someone comes down who will be the replacement
Ovi – I have no clue.
Nicole says she’s talked to everyone generally about their lives.
Ovi says they should get close to the people they are each close with.
Nic – there’s 6 of us playing.. kat would use it, Cliff would use it, I don’t know what I would do, to be honest. Sam, I couldn’t even tell ya .. and Jack I feel like he follows Christie around
Ovi – if she wants you to take someone down would you do it
Nicole – depends on who she wants to put up

10:16am Power of Veto has started

2:48pm Still waiting.

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Angela's Mustache

Amazing how we have yet another season with the two outcasts (Kemi/Ovi) just happen to have the darkest skin in the house. For it to not dawn on ANY of these idiots to sense that something is wrong with their way of thinking only reminds me that I should have no sympathy for the backlash that they get from this.


Kemi – until I figure you out I’m not scratchy your back.. because my back hasn’t been scratched

That’s her response in the DR about why she didn’t bother to talk to Jackson who was making the decision to banish folks. The other 3 choices were folks who wanted to be director.

The choice to not even try to win some points this early in the game with someone who can threaten your game is just bad.


I have to disagree . The decisions being made so far haven’t seem to me to be based on color. David was picked right along with the other people that ran for Jacks position. He had no other basis to justify putting people up than that. At least he could reason with his nominees on why he chose them to try not to anger them. Kemi was put on because she didn’t campaign at all ! Being black or white doesn’t figure into this at all in my mind. If he didn’t nominate David, how could he have justified nominating the other two. If Kemi isn’t even going to try to play the game and form a relationship with him like the rest of the house guests did, then why shouldn’t she be nominated ??


If it didn’t happen every year, I wouldn’t agree with you…but it does. Very sad.


Sheesh! Michie’s banishments were logical, not personal.


How about Kemi’s a bitch and Ovi is strange? It has nothing to do with skin color. Stop talking about skin color, I’m so sick of it. When David said that he wanted to “represent”, and Ovi said he wanted to show brown people they can do things, I was like STFU. Nobody has to prove anything just because of their skin color. And while I’m at it, why do gay people have to point out they are gay on a constant basis? How about we all just be people. JUST STOP WITH THE INDENTITY politics! Ugh!


F’n preach.

John Doe

Labeling folks bitches and strange are pretexts to justify racist behavior toward them. Kemi is not the first person to play this game hard from the beginning. Hell, some of the other houseguests are playing much harder than she is. Plus, how about Ovi just being different? Rather than tolerance and understanding someone’s differences, such folks are labeled as strange and cast aside. This game is a microcosm of racist America.


I watched every single season but am stopping with this season. That exile was too racist and catering to the midwest and white hurdy durdy same ole same ole casting television is too much for me. Even a white aquaman? Sheesh…


4 people wanted to be camp director, one became the director and the other three became his targets. Primarily because there wasn’t much to base a decision on. Why did he chose Kemi? She was the ONLY person who didn’t bother to argue why he shouldn’t banish her.

Not Aquaman

Bye. Please come back to the board from time to time, and let us know what is happening on America’s Got Talent?


We really could care less if you watch or not.


And why do Christians have to go around talking about Jesus so much??

Oh, wait.

double D

jack – yeah we didn’t get one weird one that’s like super weird like Rockstar. I would lose my mind if we had a Rockstar.

Give it time Jack. Give it time

another name

I hate the use of the term bullying in big brother as it is thrown around at the drop of the hat far too often every season. That said:
As Sam tells Bella that he doesn’t think the comments about Ovi (that he points out are usually started by Jackson and then others jump on), has reached the level of bullying yet…. i get lots and lots of facial expressions and head tilts craning to the side as a viewer.
Sure, why not ask the person who is being shunned and insulted if they feel hurt before you come to the conclusion whether it’s hurtful or not. Just saying.
At the very least, if it has become a topic of concern now that feeds are on that the activity may be perceived as socially or morally corrupt, the best thing to do is to change the activity.
So David was supposedly the guy that wanted to alpha, so some are happy he’s gone. Couldn’t test the veracity of this theory if i wanted to because we had no feeds. All because somebody saw him carrying a book called how to be a superior leader?
So Kemi is supposedly the pot stirrer that named names, so she’s a target. Can’t test the veracity of this theory for the same reason as above. Do i doubt Kemi named names? not one bit. Do i think she named near half the house as targets? not so much. she just named the alphas of the clique to another member of the clique is my supposition.
So Ovi is supposedly socially awkward and touchy feely, but everyone is touchy feely it’s only Ovi’s touchy feely that they take issue with. That smells a little ripe. Yeah, hate to tell you, but i’m getting season 19 warning bells about the Ovi thing. Is he socially awkward? hell to the yeah. Is the reaction and vilification being socially engineered? I’m getting suspicious.
So Jackson was mentioning taking a shot at Christie in a couple weeks so that he can have Jack back to himself. so the guy in a showmance is mad that the other guy in a nomance isn’t broing like he used to. it’s day 9. it’s not like they’ve been down 10 years of history. it’s day nine.
So it’s not because they check the notstraightwhiteunder35 box…. but that doesn’t help? Because different stands out in a crowd? Optically it looks sketchy. It is what it is.
My speculation:
I get the feeling that Bella and Holly have been broken telephoning the house in order to jockey for position. Who did we see talking about what Kemi said? Bella to Holly. Holly to the other women. Who did we see having the most outrage about Ovi? Holly to Jackson, who thoroughly enjoyed her outrage. Who did we see goading the Jackson Jack rift, taking credit for telling Jackson that Jack tells Christie what Jackson says: Holly. Who later tries to imply the depth of showmance between Jack and Christie? Who later attempts to get Sis on page with not trusting Jack? Holly has been a busy girl on night one.
I still think that Kathryn is the only one actively in the Kathryn Jackson showmance now that the feeds are on. If the house is saying she’s being such a good trooper about being on the block because of how she would have reacted in day one and two….. i really want to see how she was acting then cus she’s a bag of cats not a good little trooper now.


Most of them may be fine with the touchy feely stuff with the rest of them because the actions are part of normal interactions but when your interactions are weird then even “normal” touchy feely stuff gets put into the creepy category. Plus I think there was mention of Ovi having a girlfriend and Sam wasn’t as touchy feely so that added to the creep factor.

another name

I’m not ready to give the house a bunch of pillowcases and torches.
I’m not convinced it is overt, but implicit bias that is at work (ie anyone that stands out from the crowd is more noticeable in the crowd).
My first impression of Ovi’s personality is not positive. However, I think they are exaggerating their reactions to him because he’s already bottom of the ladder in the social dynamics. Because he is already disliked, it’s socially acceptable in the pressure cooker to dislike and bond with others over the dislike. The more they keep the fire stoked to keep him a target, the longer they last in the game because he’s the next obvious boot choice.
I don’t take issue theoretically with the strategic value of making someone else a target. The methodology is where i’m becoming suspect.


It’s the journey of a thousand steps, if you start out just a little off it won’t be long until you are out in left field by yourself. In the Big Brother house the length of time it takes is drastically reduced.

another name

given it’s her what… fifth crying jag in 24 hours, i’m surprised nobody is saying hey Kat that’s more crisis management than i’m willing to commit to for an entire summer.


Although Kat has Jackson to deflect the negatives so it’s not so jarring. If she keeps it up though the others may decides she’s too unstable to keep around plus she apparently sucked at the comp.

double D

I remember at the start of the season 14, the girls called Ian creepy. And he ended up winning.


Who is Sis? I thought I read everything, but must have missed that.

another name

Annalyse is nicknamed SIS.
Isabella is nicknamed both Isa and Bella.
Jackson is nicknamed Michie (pronounced Mickey).


Wow! I thought it was free.

Whatever you used last year worked fine, right?


The fine print gets people every time

Wag More Bark Less

Am I the only one that thinks Jack’s “Hello” Name Tag tattoo has to be a regret? Lost bet maybe? Triple *ahem* Dawg dare? (lol) Yeeesh.

Julie Chen

That tat is awesome.


Can any one find out what Sam said during the get to know you session that had everyone say WTH?


He said he “bangs gears”, but meant it as a trucker term. The younger HGs use “bang” to mean something else (or pots and pans).


oh, i did not hear it clearly and was wondering what confused them. lol thank you


I thought he said bangs deer


I’m playing fastasy BB with 3 other people. I want to know who has the best team. All the teams were pulled out of a hat before the show started.

Edward = Ovi, nick, Nicole and holly
Lisa = Kemi, david, analyse and cliff
Monica = Jessica, tommy, Isabella and jack
Helen = Jackson, Kathryn, Sam and Christie

Let us know who has the best or worst team.

King Silva

Monica for sure. Isabella and Jack are in my top 3 at least.


I would not want Lisa’s team. I think the rest each have a couple potential game-winners

another name

When you hear one of them say grateful: i think the alliance name for the majority is GR8FUL.
the majority alliance (already in slight fracture mode) is:
Tommy. Analyse. Holly. Isabella. Nick. Christie. Jack. Jackson.
earlier in feeds one of the women (either Sis or Holly) said, “When we get the numbers down to the grateful…”
thanks to last season’s Anal lice… i will be calling Analyse “Sis” from now on because my brain went there typing her name.

another name

It’s similar to the annual comparison / correlation of the asian woman to Jun from bb4.


The love new poll options Simon and Dawg!


Im not saying he did or didnt but how he was interacting with people was not shown and he was gone by the time the feeds came on so literally the only people who would know would be the people who work for the show and the house guests