Big Brother 21 First Power of Veto Results “it was so slippery “

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. veto players are Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole Host: Tommy. Sounds like the Kemi is the target. The power of Veto is Thursday. They were given a week that they get to compete in the Whacktivity Comp. Smells like they had a whackitywhack com already and Cliff is the suspected winner of this. The Veto was called Food fight. Sam wins it. The entire competition took from around 10 to 5

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4:56pm Feeds back … Sam wins the power of Veto

Sam – it was so slippery

5:03pm Kathryn and Holly
Kathryn crying sounds fake…
Kathryn – it was so embarrassing
(Kathryn didn’t do so hot in the competition)

5:03pm Christie and Analyse
Complaining about Kathryn. Christe – She came at me right after we finished and was like I need to talk to you
They mention how Kathryn is saying she doesn’t want to be backdoored. Sis  – I was like does she know what back door means
Christie – she like you have to swear you have to promise .. I said I swear on my sister and shes like NOOO don’t swear on our sister .  .. you just told me to swear

5:07pm Jack, Sam, and Nick
Sam says it doesn’t matter who he uses it on but he would prefer to use it on Cliff.
Sam – I would I’m taking off Cliff because he’s also a dad.. poor guy he deserves to stay
Jack – let the veto championships begin let’s start winning them boys
Sam goes on about Cliff deserve to be here, Nick agrees.
Jack – Dude Kat is imploding a little bit dude
Nick – we need to calm her down man .. I’ll talk to her
Sam, we definitely have to be ready for the backdoor.. see yourself out (see gif below)
Jack – you want to find two more girls and put together a five.. what the f*
Nick – Christie, and Sis
Jack – you like Christie and sis more than Bella
Nick – sis is going to be a way better competitor
jack – Stage 5
Sam – 5 is a small number. we could persuade others . as it stands it looks like we’re in a group of 8
Stage 5 is what Jack wants to call it.
Sam – what wold our sign be?
sam mentions it should be the backdoor (see gif below)


5:29pm Sam and Jack
sam bringing up the idea about them pulling in 2 more people into their 7 so they have a full 7.
Jack thinks they should wait until the next HOH. if they win it again they don’t need to worry.
Jackson joins them, they bro out about keeping Cliff.
Sam – there’s still a couple of days left until we figure out ./. it could change from Ovi to Kemi.
Sam – Ovi would be an easy vote, if anyone here was up against Ovi he’s the first to go
Jack – agreed
Sam goes on about the Power of Veto competition is themed like a high school cafeteria

5:37pm Christie and Kathryn
Christie –
kat – I’m sure he’ll use it on Cliff
Christie – it literally doesn’t matter we have the votes either way
kat – maybe after she goes up she’ll freak out and I already freaked out so
Christie doesn’t want her to worry “right now you’re good”

5:54pm Cliff makes a birthday cake for his son. Cliff cries. They sing happy birthday to Daniel. Cliff cries more.

6:08pm a bunch of them
They are saying Sam has a glow about him after winning the Power of Veto.

Cliff finishes his birthday shrine

6:36pm storage room
Jack – I’m sorry I didn’t win man.. you’re coming off.

6:50pm there’s concern about the washing machine being locked out for 3 days now.

6:52pm Jessica and Kat
Jessica – I don’t want you to leave
kat – I don’t want you to leave either
jess complains about people already getting close and bonding “I don’t know what happened but Jack and Chrissie are like this”

7:37pm Kitchen
Christie says she’ll drink her HOH bottle of wine tomorrow.


7:46pm Jack and Tommy
Jack is bringing up another alliance with Tommy.
Jack suggests Holly
Tommy says he likes Holly she’s smart and knows what she’s doing.
Sounds like Christie and Holly are in on it. With Christie, Tommy, and Jack being in a tighter 3.
Tommy thinks it will be a 6 thing because of all the girls up in the HOH.
Tommy mentions how things have moved so fast before they were all set on Kathryn leaving now they are all set on Kemi, “Anything can happen at anybody in this thous.
Tommy – I love you
Jack – I love you two dude.. the three without a doubt.
Tommy – I want to win something.. I want to win some f*ing comp;s
Jack – it will be glorious
Tommy says Kemi was crying in the HOH when they were waiting for the POV. Says it was outside of “game things” so he won’t mention it. “it was pretty deep, Jackson was there”
Jack – does it make yopu fgeel idiferetnly abotu putting Kemi on the block
Tommy – No i’m here to play the game.
Tommy mentions why but the feeds cit.. when the feeds come back he’s saying something about the house wants Kemi out.

They go off on top 5 than they battle it out..

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Houka Inumuta

Who here thinks Nicole could win this all??? No one is targeting her and she has no enemies.


I’m predicting a similar fate for her as Christine from BB16. She’ll try too hard to fit in, and be a reliable vote for the cool kids until they don’t need her anymore.

Hope I’m wrong 🙁


At least Nicole is single…


It was a comp involving catching crazy stuff.

Kat said, “I caught zero. I’m a comp beast.” LOL

Sam, Nick, Jack using “Stage 5” (unclear who the other two are because these alliances are so up in the air right now) as an alliance name is a bad idea….too close to Level 5/6

Be original.


I’m glad it’s looking like Cliff will be staying and from the bit I’ve seen on after dark he seems to be seen in a positive light. He might have his toehold! The question is can he progress through the mid game?

Double Ds

Cliff is as good a competitor as the other guys. He outlasted them in the HOH.


The biggest issue was the generation gap but he seems to have found a positive niche that the others will work with him so he’s got a chance to play. Previously the age outliers were relegated to just be numbers or easy evictions and they weren’t able to get anything going. Donny is probably the best example of a person who read the room well and wanted to play but no one would work with him and the most boring season plodded along week after week with everyone asking what the house was doing.

Tom A

Well. It was fun Ovi. You knew the game, just didn’t know how to act.


This early in the game the littlest thing can get you screwed.


Fries are serious business. No one takes fries lightly! Except lightly salted…I’m getting older and sodium is a problem

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Those damn fries. lol

another name

isn’t the target still Kemi?


I think so but they may not be making that general knowledge even among the alliance adjacent yet.

another name

figured because every person but kemi has mentioned kemi will be the renom (including ovi… and since he’s not even loop adjacent) even though they hem and haw about who will be renom depending on who is in the room.


Kemi seems to have more entertainment potential than Kat. Could Kemi get some backing and form a group?

another name

so. the eight person alliance would appear to have a spider web of sub alliances.
8 alliance: tommy/sis/jack/jackson/bella/nick/christie/holly.
sub 1: jack/tommy/christie
sub 2: jack/tommy/christie/jackson/holly/one more (either sis or bella).
sub 3: forming. jack/tommy/christie/jackson/one more.
sub 4: forming. jack/nick/christie/sam/one more.
sub 5: hinted not confirmed jack/nick/tommy/ three more.
sub 6: nick/tommy/sam.
sub 7: nick/jack/sam.
sub 7: jackson/bella.
sub 9: jackson/bella/holly.
sub 10: jackson/ holly/kat.
sub 11: jackson/holly.
sub 12: christie/tommy.
sub 13: jack/christie.
sub 14: jack/tommy.
sub 15: hinted not confirmed tommy/nick/bella.
sub 16: jack/jackson/bella (tv but appears defunct)
sub 17: jack/jackson/bella/christie/nick/holly (tv but appears defunct).
i have probably missed at least 5 more subs within the 8 that occasionally include one person not in the 8.
what a mess. for day 9.
hmmm. sure she’s a bag of cats dramaqueen… but yes Kat, being in only one of the 17 subsets within a majority alliance you aren’t part of means you are correct. they are conspiring against you. just not right now.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

My goodness, that’s going to be alot of hand signals.