HOH Comp Results! “I think we put up two girls & see what happens in the veto.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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The live feeds return – James, Nicole, Corey, Natalie and Meech are in the kitchen chatting. James says I wasn’t the first one out. Victor says I asked for volunteers. Natalie says I would do it. James says well technically you can’t be named a havnot. They talk about wanting Zingbot to come into the house. Meech says calls me out for being a cry baby and then cries. I just can’t control it.

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10:10pm In the bedroom – Paul, Paulie and Victor are talking. Paulie says it was a risky move leaving both Bridgette and Meech. But it worked out and if freed me up from Zakiyah. Who apparently might have been doing some sh*t. Paul says I am telling you she was going to turn around and shoot you in the face. Paulie asks do you think? Paul says yes! Paulie asks do you think she was using me? Paul says 100% yes. Paulie asks do you remember in your HOH room and she was questioning everything. Paul says I think a lot of it was a lie and for strategy. At the end of the day do you think she would give up 500K for you!? She would tell you to go D your own hay! Paulie says I know Corey will clip her (Nicole) but I think James is trying to bring her (Natalie) as far as possible. Paul asks do you think? Vic says or just string her alone. Paulie says if we stick to the plan and get Michelle out and then Nicole. I’m not about keeping her around. But its up to you guys, I’m not all about getting called out for making decisions any more. He (James) called me out for that up there. He said we’re only getting out my targets. Vic says I think we put up two girls and see what happens in the veto. I don’t want to use anyone as a pawn. Paul says we don’t even need to talk right now. Vic says I’m good with putting two girls up and ones a pawn for the other. Vic rhyming a nom speech I don’t know if ya’ll have noticed but the girls in this house are weak and one of you are leaving this week. Paulie tells Corey I don’t think Vic would f**k us. Corey says no shot.

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10:25pm – 10:35pm Bathroom – Paul talks to Victor. Paul says if they win the POV they will not use it. They will not use it. We’re all playing. Vic says I don’t want all the attention in the house. Paul says If we don’t make this move now, we’re f**ked! We have the numbers to get them out. Just trust me! Please Please just trust me. Paul says just trust me. Vic says you’re not the one that’s going to take the wrap for it, I am. Paul says They don’t want a final five with guys, they’ve made that clear. Now Nicole already has distaste for him because of the comment James made. If you put up Paulie and Corey .. one of them is going home. We reel in Nicole. If oen of them don’t go we are f**ked next week and you can’t play. Vic says alright, alright .. I can’t confirm anything with you but.. (BB rules you can’t say outright who you are putting up before noms.) Paul asks do you think they want to take 2 guys to the end that are matching comp wins. No. Vic says if Paulie gets himself off the block. Paul says he is playing in it anyway and if he wins it he is not going to use it because he knows he is getting replaced. He knows the game really well. He’s not an idiot. If you put them both up, one of them has to go. You see how Nicole isn’t hanging around them, she jumped ship. Paul says blindside them. Do you trust me? Vic says I trust you. You should have thrown it to me, I would have done it. We take a swing, we don’t miss. Blindside him.. sh*tting his pants. Who’s been boys since day 1, them two. Who’s been boys since day 1, us two. You don’t think they say that?! Vic says sitting ducks. Vic says he put me up on the block and backdoored me .. I don’t forget that. Paul says we need to think about our game. Whatever you do I have your back and James has your back. If we don’t swing now, we will never have the numbers again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 22-30-05-442

In the havenot room – Paul, Vic and James talk about putting Paulie and Corey on the block. We’re getting rid of one of them. Paul says if Nicole wins she will not pull one of them off because she will go up. They’re the only two we have to beat in the veto. You get my logic here?! (Wrong – if Nicole wins the veto she can pull Corey off and she is safe.) Vic says They tried to play us for fools.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-11 23-02-03-694
10:45pm – 11pm London Bedroom – Paul joins James and Nat. Paul asks why the f**k would they take people that are competitors to the end. I’m ready to play this game. I’m tired of these two d-hays! I’ve been on to them for a minute. They talk about how Paulie pushed at a door really hard and almost hit Nat. Paul says I was ready to put him in a head lock.. he talks about playing this game with a level head. James says it seems like Paulie is sh*tting on a lot of people. There was a plan to backdoor you during the double eviction and Paulie was the one that said it. Vic says I’ll get the job done. (Putting up Corey and Paulie) James says we’ve got your back. Vic says the only thing is we don’t know what the care package is, we’ll see after that happens. Vic says I have a perfect reason to put him up he backdoored me.

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151 thoughts on “HOH Comp Results! “I think we put up two girls & see what happens in the veto.”

    1. smh…looks like Paulie won HOH twice tonight. Vic should just hand over the HOH key necklace to Paulie and go cook for the rest of the week.

    2. Yeah looks like Paul’s saved the day and convinced Victor to put up Paulie and Corey. I don’t think there’s ever been a player I’ve gone back and forth on liking and hating as much as I have for Paul. He’s a gamer, that’s for sure.

      1. Paul learned really fast how to play BB both strategically and socially. He was very close to being evicted due to his associations. He may be annoying as hell but he is not walking beat to Paulie’s drum like Corey, Z, Nicole. If Paul wins BB I would be satisfied as he has played well. Natalie and Michelle have also proven to be warriors they just need to pull out some comp wins.

      2. Nicole seriously needs to lay off the addherol on Thursday nights for the hoh comp and the veto if she plays in it…
        Anyone else notice how cracked out she is right now?
        I first noticed it 3 weeks ago and now it’s like clockwork…
        She’ll be up all night tonight and tomorrow night and then crash 3 days later and sleep alot…
        It makes her act so weird too, she makes the weirdest face when she’s on it too and she bites her lips and her pupils are really huge in her eyes and she holds her heart/chest sometimes…
        I’m a Nicole hater by the way…
        But watch how cracked out she is every thursday!

        1. First of all I doubt any drugs are even allowed in the big brother house, second…..if they are they are obviously prescribed to her and third if you were in the big brother house your adrenaline would be pumping so fast too! Hello Thursday night is eviction night and someone new is nominated to run your fate in the house for a week…..my anxiety would be through the roof too!

      3. i think michelle is going to be super cheered with these nominations. i don’t doubt vic will do it, i remember him talking with paulie who was coming to him saying someone (i didn’t catch who) wants an exec meeting, then he goes downstairs after talking to vic (who was hysterical while stringing paulie along talking about natalie, and zak stuff, had paulie believing he knew nothing about it,) and tells corey and james, ‘yeah, uh, vic he wants an exec meeting, just talked to him’.

        if people got together and corey says, ok vic, why did you call this meeting, and vic says, me? i thought you called it and both look at paulie who goes uh……..f(((K

      4. But I don’t think it’s so hard to separate that his personality, his character is the sh*ts….but he’s playing the game and like ONLY Frank and Bridgette, taking on risk when he’s in a good spot, gambling when he’s safe, not just when he’s next out the door….he’s playing to win, not just survive.

        It’s Barry Bonds: You can like him as a player, even while acknowledging he’s a massive d-bag

    3. if victor pulls off this blindside then i will change his name to victor is a GOD. remember to not vote for corey or paulie for supersaftey this week just dont’ give it to them no matter what

      1. Well, that was before the post was updated about how they planned to turn on Paulie and Nicorey. I was done when seeing Victor won the HOH again.

    1. Paulie really believes he’s a Goodfella, and doesnt realize his House of Cards is falling apart..He’s lost his Power in this Game of Thrones..Even though he ran an Amazing Race…he will be voted off, and won’t be a Survivor this week….(sorry its 4AM here and I wanted put all my favorite shows in a post…forgive me…lol)

  1. Victor is a comp beast. He really needs to learn to throw a comp here and there though, because I really think he was 100% safe this week regardless of who won HOH.

    1. U like Michelle. She’s a floater hasn’t won anything and all she does is cry. She doesn’t deserve to win bob.

  2. I hope Victor is just saying this because Paulie is right there but I really hope they don’t go back to playing for Paulie to win and Victor puts up Paulie and Corey. If he puts up two girls thats a waste of an HOH.

  3. Paulie acts like a low-end Tony Soprano. …he’s going to “clip” this one and his sisters are going to bet up his female housemates for saying mean things.

    Give me a break. Between his constant ball fiddling and his pool pissing…and the oh-so-intelligent f bombs that he constantly throws around, he’s a joke.

    Is there one decent male in this group?

    1. CBS had to bleep out nearly everything he said tonight. Why doesn’t anyone tell him to quit say F**k multiple times in every sentence. (Sigh)

    2. its funny cuz last night doing damage control with james/corey in have not room, when zak came into the room, he’s talking about getting bridge and/or nat out, not sure which, maybe also said paul. i just notice all along when zak is there he’s saying ‘we’ll NIP this one’ then NIP that one. giving her the side eye, like to make sure she hears ‘nip’ and not ‘clip’. so he can continue to deny he ever said ‘clip zak’, cuz if he isn’t saying Clip, then whoever said he said it is lying.

      that’s schemey. you notice too that if someone isn’t doing dirty crap, they stay quiet. but when someone is, gets caught, they fliip out and get all shouty, in order to make it look like they are offended by lies. reality, innocent people don’t have to flip out like that.

      now i feel like i wasted votes on michelle,, definitely did by putting them on bridgette and paul prior to that. however, it can help this new unnamed team to explain why isn’t vic putting up michelle? oh, gee, she’s safe for the week uh oh. i guess we go to plan b.

      vic is growing on me, he’s still too much, and the only reason he wants to keep going is to win 10 comps. he didn’t throw it to paul because he wants 10, when in fact maybe throw it to paul, in order to save him in case his skills are needed to win next time, paul is quite good.

      really? the DE talk was sooooooo long ago, nicole? haven’t they been discussing it since forever? and would definitely be discussing it on eviction day, otherwise you don’t have time to think about who to putup, you need to know who is on the block, and determine are you going to put up whoever is left plus one, or are you the other side and put up whoever was HOH and got your teammate evicted. in other words, people already have their picks set up. sooooooo long ago? like what, 2 hours ago, nicole.

  4. Loving the convo Vic and Paul are having in the bathroom right now. Paul definitely has this figured out. Please let that plan work.
    I say you put up Paulie and Cory and that way you at least get one out. Hopefully get Paulie out, but if they get Corey out Nicole will jump ship.

    There’s only 8 left so all but 2 play for veto anyway.
    When Vic came back in I remember posting Paul & Vic for final 2. It’s looking a lot more likely all of a sudden.

  5. wooowww….wth is going on…. how can this be happen….is there any possibilities that the table will turn? it’s hard to tell

    1. Do you know what backdoored means? It is when someone who hasn’t played in the veto is the replacement nominee, and does not get a chance to save themselves. A player can only be backdoored if (1) they are not one of the original noms, (2) they do not get picked to play in the veto comp, (3) the veto gets used and (4) said player is then the replacement nominee.

  6. Man man man…every week I’m rooting for someone new and right now I’m all for Paul or Nat Nat for the win…Cory is literally more pathetic than Nicole and James is not worth commenting about…the blind side was amazing tonight but if Vic and Paul pull off getting Corey or paulie out…I will officially love bb again

    1. I could NOT believe it when Corey said that America needs to understand they have Paulie all wrong. Ummmm, we have the feeds and can see/hear exactly what kind of ‘jerk’ he is. Corey needs to take several seats and just hope Paulie goes home this week instead of him.

      1. But you have to remember Corey also thought it was funny to set a live goat on fire, his judgment of right and wrong is way off.

  7. Victor and Paul before HOH Competetion – “Paulie needs to go”……”we should put up Corey and Paulie on”…
    Victor and Paul After HOH Competetion – “Let’s put up 2 girls on the block”.

    What the hell is wrong with the cast….You have a majority of people wanting Paulie, Nicole and Corey gone, why are you playing so stupid. Paulie doesnt trust Paul and vise versa, so why are you kissing his ass. I hope everyone gives Michelle the care package because these idiots are so stupid they will actually waste this opportunity in sending Paulie home.

  8. Please please please I hope Paul still wants Paulie out!!! It’s too soon to see if he is bullshitting Paulie right now, I just really hope he is. I swear if it’s a freaking sausage fest final 5 I’m gonna be sooooo pissed!! Paul needs to get in Vic’s ear and tell him to put up Paulie and Ratcole.

  9. I think right now Vic and Paul are just telling Paulie what he wants to hear. Vic for sure is putting up Paulie and Corey, just not telling him that.

  10. Paul just said Corey and Paulie are going up – done and guaranteed. Fucking excited! I’m still not happy Bridget is evicted. James, Victor and Paul could have saved her. It seemed like Paul wanted to. He’s growing on me.

  11. OK thank god, apparently I was wrong I just saw Paul and Victor talking in the bathroom about taking a shot at Paulie and Corey. Victor said they would have to talk to James, Natalie and Michelle about it. I also heard Paul say something about Nicole about to jump ship. So hopefully they stick to it and get either Paulie or Corey out. Victor also said that he hadn’t forgot about Paulie backdooring him. Now Paul is talking to James and Natalie about the plan. I was worried about Victor but thank god for Paul talking to him, I couldn’t stand him at first but if he pulls this off and gets Paulie out then he’s my second favorite in the house behind Natalie.

  12. Ohhh jeez here we go again with these lame ass targets meech and nat… Really vic your not going to win 500k taking out pussy ass targets!!! Am i watching groundhogs day!!! Repeat of last week all over without taking a strong target out yet again… mise well hand paulie 500k now… make a move vic and take paulie out!!! What wld ur reason to jury for u winning taking out all the girls who are now jury members… quit being pussy!!!

  13. Holy cow Paul may be getting Vic to put up Paulie & Corey. I believe he is working w/ James & Nat. Epic. This better effing work!!!!!

    1. What? Victor put up Z to weaken Paulie and it started off nis tail-spin. Victor just now reminded James,Nat,Paul that they need to consider the ACP3 package tomorrow and what it is AND who gets it could alter their plans. Victor is strategic and smart.

  14. At least Paulie didn’t win HOH. Maybe Vic will still want him gone. If not Paulie, hopefully Nicole!
    **crosses fingers**

  15. I’m hoping that Victor’s real plan is to back door Pauline. I think that bottle of wine I started drinking when Corey won HOH is making me think that the improbable is possible.

  16. No worries. Paul is already in Victor’s ear. Victor remembers being backed door by Paulie. PAYBACKS IS A M.F. Paulie and Corey on the block. everyone is already scheming. Nichole trying to abandon ship. Ha. If one of them come down. She gets put up. Hahaha!

  17. Because James voided Paul’s vote on Z’s eviction, Paulie has no clue that Paul flip on him. Paul now controlling Vic by telling him, “here is your only chance to get rid of Paulie or Corey”, they have the numbers and by blindsiding Paulie, their team will be crippled. (only Nicole left)

    Paul with the beard, genius.

    Cheering for Paul, Nat, Big Meech.

    1. A couple of posts ago, i stated the good qualities of Victor – good mood, always pleasant, good cook, extemely neat.
      Now about Paul: true, he’s loud, crass and profane. But he is capable of compassion and tough love, mostly with Meech. He does not like to be played for a fool – who does? – and really doesn’t like the way Paulie bullied people. Despite his rough exterior, I think he is smart and has a good heart.
      Not going to say he isn’t above driving people crazy, but at the end of the day, I think he’s ok.

      1. Victor and Paul both talk about their moms… Paulie only talks about his dad. It shows their character towards women.

        1. That is a very good observation. The peeps on this site are very perceptive, point out all sides, I enjoy the posts.

        2. Victor treated Natalie in a sexist way. She complained to BB. He was hauled in to the DR and put on the spot about it. He was asked several questions and said he felt as though he was on trial. Victor has resented Natalie ever since. I think they try to tolerate each other now just to get through the show. I think Natalie likes James a lot but also uses him to ward off unwanted attention.

  18. I was worried when i first turned on BBAD and learned Victor was HOH but Exec was bonding over putting up Meech & James or Meech & Nat. Paulie was making me so sick listening to his freaking out about things not going according to HIS plan that I was fast-forwarding.

    Sooooo excited that is just a decoy and Paul/Vic are planning to use this crucial week with the votes to get out Paulie/Corey!!! WooHoo !!

    Vic is safe as HOH so that leaves Meech for supersafety? And Paul for the BB Bribe I guess………

  19. Its to the point now when I see Paulie smug woman hating face I want to buy him a chimpanzee…….you know the one that ripped that poor womans face off!

  20. Nicole is shitting herself right now ! She is like what did I do wrong ? Like girl you haven’t been playing the game , that’s what you did wrong ! Too worried about Corey &. Taylor swift !

    1. Buuuuutttttt I’m woooooried abooout going on the blockkkk……(adjusts glasses too big for the face with side of palm)

  21. Listening to Nicole and Corey in the safari room. Ugh. She is such a useless whiner. She says Nat is floating and doing nothing so should go on the block? Pretty sure the only ones in the house that haven’t been on the block are Nicole and James.
    And all Nicole has done is lay in bed with Corey and be a jittery self centered freak.
    To quote Paul.. If she gets the care package I’ll rip my own dick off and staple it to Corey’s forehead.
    I can’t wait to see her face when Paulie and Cory are on the block together.

  22. YES!!! Do it, FINALLY. Let Paulie continue treating Z like his own personal concubine in the Jury House so we don’t have to watch it!

  23. No one is telling victor what to do. He’s
    Doing what he needs to do. That’s why he’s still in the game.he’s put in his own work same as Paul. Both of them kept the other safe. It’s called team work. You keep your enemies real close so you always know what they’re doing. Victor does not need reminding that Paulie bd him. He knows.

  24. Vic is making Nicole squirm. She is such a weak player. She is the worst liar. Brings absolutely nothing to the game.
    She is sealing her own fate by being evasive and worrying about protecting Paulie. She’s trying to play him and he is calling her bluff.
    The story she’s telling is when Da and Bridgette were on the block and James slipped when Da came in. The plan was to put up Vic & Bridge. And Vic already knows it. She’s too dumb to realize he’s throwing her a rope to grab and instead she’s wrapping a noose around her neck.
    And the funniest is when she tells him she won’t put him up. Lol. Like she would even possibly win an HOH.
    Let’s see how long it takes her to scurry to Corey & Paulie.
    Vic is killing it. This week is gonna be epic.

  25. Nicole is begging America for a care package right now on the feeds!! She’s shitting herself and I’m loving every second of it!!!

  26. Omg lmao @ nicole saying i need a care package, send me a care package!!! No way we dont like u!!! I did nothing wrong, i cant believe im in this much trouble…hahaha its called sitting back making out with corey not playing bb… Soo glad vic is going to put up paulie and corey!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy its abt freaking time!!! Ok bb no reset cuz paulies on the block that will piss off the remaining fans…

  27. I LUV that Vic was putting Nicole on the spot asking about if she heard of anyone throwing his name up. Tells her to stop toying with him. Haha. She was squirming! He kept it up and she switched to whining . OMG!!! This shows EXACTLY how smart Vic is. He was calm and focused and would NOT let her lie about it. BEST clip of the season !!!!!!

  28. Big Meech must have a four leaf clover on her butt. Twice on the block and twice avoided eviction. Instead of crying that you did not get evicted, just be happy that you still have a chance to win big brother. Even Julie is worry about Big Meech crying skills.

    Hopefully Big Meech will soon realize that America does like her when she receive America Care Package #3 or #4. Although #4 is quite enticing as she could be CO HOH

  29. I’m loving the interrogation that Victor just put Nicole through. She was sweating bullets big time, and her little girl act wasn’t cutting it with him. He was really very good! I was seriously impressed. Glad I didn’t pop the champage tonight, because Z’s eviction wasn’t worth it. But with what might be developing, hell, I’ll get a cheese tray for next Thurs.

  30. Nicole is the WORST liar. Jesus, it’s physically painful to watch her come up with answers when she is put on the spot. She’s talking (whining) to Vic in the safari room and he’s asking if there was a plan to backdoor/evict him on the DE and she’s like “uuuummmmmm let me think….hmmm….it was so long ago….” and Vic is not buying this sh*t at all. Love it.

  31. “I need help, Paul’s been sketchy, like, I’ve done NOTHING, that’s the thing…”

    …we know Nicole, you’ve done absolutely NOTHING besides cuddle with a switch-hitter

  32. Please, is Victor still putting up Paulie and Corey I am confused about some of the posts? I do not have the feeds and AD does not come on till 1 am.

    1. Yes that is the plan but they are acting as if he will put up Meech & Nat until the nomination ceremony. Plus they are waiting to see what impact the ACP might have……

      Hey America, you better NOT give super safety to Paulie, Corey or Nicole! That will mess UP the whole plan.

      1. I am so hoping Nicole doesn’t get the Super Safety. I think for sure Bridgette would have had it but with her gone it will go to the one with the next highest votes.

        I switched over voting to Meech this morning but that only gets her 1 days worth of votes. Voting only open until 10am PST/ 1pm EST Friday so get everyone you know to vote Meech just to try and keep Nicole from getting it.

        1. I did exactly the same thing. This ACP delivery will be fun to watch!
          Voting Victor for co-hoh and Paul for BB bribe. It will be great to see the looks on Nic/Paul/Cory when they get zero ACPs. (Fingers crossed America votes well)

    1. Paul is giving Victor good advice and James, Meech Nat support him = 4 votes! Paul is letting Victor in on Paulie’s game plan re: Derrick advised Paulie to keep men. Paul’s downfall is trying to repeat Derricks game these are not the same players Derrick had. Paul does not trust Paulie and he is wise not to trust him. Who takes the best men competitors to the end?

    2. I agree Paul is doing exactly what they are all excusing Paulie of doing. Last week Paul was right on Vic to put up Z, and now he is telling, not advising, him to put up his one time bromance, poor Paul got his girl feelings hurt when Paulie was wanting to save Z and now he is so acting like a woman scorned

  33. Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out Nicole. Why oh why was she allowed a second chance?

  34. Earlier this week, many on here insisted that Corey should have the super save as it was worthless. People said no point voting it for Bridge as she would be safe. Just curious how many wasted votes went to Corey and Bridge since last Sunday and how people plan to use Friday’s votes.

  35. My god…the despondent faces of Paulie, Corey and Nicole sitting at the kitchen table, just the three of them, staring off into space and trying to convince themselves they’re in control…brings a tear to my eye ^.^

    1. I wonder if Corey is kicking himself in the @ss for not BD Paulie? He knew his side was low in numbers (3) had the perfect opportunity to make the best strategic move of the season, would have gained support from the other side of the house, got rid of the biggest threat/competitor, the only downfall is maybe loosing Paulie’s Jury vote. It was not a red herring when Z was voted out it was a red flag.

      1. I dunno honestly, every now and then this evening he looks as though his head might explode but I don’t know if that’s because he thinks he should’ve BD’d Paulie or if he’s trying to decide if he’s hungry or tired.

  36. Tonight on AFD, Nicole was talking to Vic about not going up on the block. It was very interesting the way Vic talked to Nicole. I loved it. Then when she asked him if he did put her up on the block was he going to say a poem…..he laughed and said “of course I am” made me laugh big time.
    People wondered why Vic didn’t put Paulie up, or back doored him. Vic knew he did not have the votes. The best thing was putting Z on the block, it shredded the house, and just think Paulie did this all to himself. Better yet, it now allows Vic to take the shot to get him out of the house. I hope it works!

  37. What seriously was the reason they wanted Meech out and after everything she said in her speeches. They chose to vote Bridgett out over Meech. I’m not seeing where their logic is in that.

    1. Paulie wanted Bridgette out because he thinks it was Bridge who started the house flip and told Nat to talk to Z. He told Nicole, James, Vic and Paul to vote her out.
      Thinking James went along since he just backstabbed Paulie with his vote to evict Z. Vic and Paul went along knowing another HOH was about to be played and needed to ensure their safety in case Paulie won.

  38. I am glad VIC won HoH tonight. Sad to see Bridgette gone during DE.
    I can’t believe some of the things spewing from Paulie’s mouth tonight, especially the comments about his sister’s going after Bridgette and Michelle after the show. Inciting Violence on anyone should be a concern from the Producers of the show, let alone inciting violence towards women ! – Sadden to see BB has let this go on too long from Paulie without any ramifications. For that reason alone I believe he deserves to be EVICTED !!!
    I hope he is nominated this week along with Corey his ass kisser and number one shower stalker. But I truly hope Paulie is the one evicted !!! – Oh and the Cherry on top would be if MEECH gets the care package on Sunday from America and she can walk around all Week long in the Safety Unitard, while Paulina sits in the corner and starts every sentence with the letter F.
    Not only is Paulie a Pig but he incites Violence against women as he did on tonights show. He doesn’t deserve 500K – and Cody saying Paul rubbed off on him is a LOAD of Bull Crap because Paul is nothing like that towards women – he may be loud and speaks his mind but he doesn’t tell a woman he wants to punch her in the face !!!!!

    1. Paul said he wants to hit Bridgette in the face and another female player cannot remember who. Paul is one of the #meangirls. Paulie has a much worst character than Paul.

    2. Actually, if Paulie says anything that can be construed as inciting violence against another HG, he’ll have to be removed from the game immediately. No jury, no nothing. Natalie said she was going to tell the DR that regarding Paulie she is concerned for her safety, but I don’t know if she did that, or if it was just game play.

  39. Vic grilling Nicole for information was fantastic. She was completely out of her element and it really demonstrated how truly terrible she is at this game. I thought she might pass out.

  40. She just might get a care package after all. I was happy she helped get some excitement going But she only turns into a nice girl when she’s lost and floundering. I will keep my opinion of her somewhere in the middle now and see how she acts when she feels safe again. Really hope she learned a hard lesson I just don’t even understand myself at all regarding Paul. I couldn’t stand him. I liked him. Couldn’t stand him again. Mostly the 2nd round of not liking him was when Vic came back and he was so far up Paulies behind he turned his back on Vic and was playing him. Now. I’m liking him again. So maybe all along I wanted Vic/Paul vs Paulie/Cory. All seems right in the big brother world.

  41. I knew there was more to Paul than met the eye. I’m glad victor won. Paulie deserves a kick in the butt. Paulie is just too pleased with himself for my taste. It’s a shame he doesn’t see a pig when he looks in the mirror.

  42. I’d really love to see Michelle get this care package and watch Nicole, Paulie and Corey’s faces when they realize America is rooting against them lol.

  43. Enjoying the hell out of all the recent events. How big Meech survived a DE on the block twice was a true miracle given her previuos position. We are seeing a classic house flip in progress. The douche patrol is in deep trouble now. Victor, who I thought from the beginning was the ultimate douche bag, has had a rebirth like no one I could remember in BB history. Vic is really the true competition beast of the house. I like his position right now. Stay focused Vic you could actually win this thing. Paul is absolutely right this is their time to take a swing.

  44. man I hope if Vic puts Paulie and Cory on the block, Nicole wins POV takes Cory down and Paulie wins the care package, all three of them SAFE.

    You all suck in wanting any of the other losers to win.

    1. Paulie’s weinerfest fan club is voting like mad tonight to give him a desperately needed care packed due to his game falling flat!

    2. First, If Paulie gets the care package it’ll be Friday before the nominations. Second Nicole would have to win and she’s useless. Third if Paulie gets the package, they’ll switch to a backdoor Corey scheme.

  45. There are only 8 people left. Just throw up your 2 targets, 1 goes home. No chance of it going wrong.

  46. So funny when Paul was talking about doing selfless acts like charity or helping others without thinking about a reward or attention. The whole time Natalie was looking at her hands like she was not interested. She looked bored to death. Everyone seem intrigued except her. I thought she does a lot of charity work. That was a real sincere conversation paul had and she just zoned out. Most of the time Pauls conversations are vulgar but it was nice to hear that side of him. James started talking about the military and Natilie once again not paying attention. If you care for someone wouldn’t you think that part of his life would catch your attention. Not saying doesn’t like him but it was real odd.

    1. Holy crap talk about trying to read something into nothing. She was in her own thoughts. As sometimes happens when one is human.

  47. I thought this season was doomed when James ran off too King Douche last night but I guess insulting Nat Nats fun bags was the last straw, let’s hope he doesn’t go back to that side, Paul and victor I’m not gonna lie in the begining o thought they were irrating and clueless as hell when playing big brother (same with the spy girls , still sad Bridge is gone :()but I realize that was just Jozea and his hat leading them the wrong direction hopefully they stick to their plan I would just feel life return to this game. Oh I can’t wait to see this scene with Nicole and Victor I wonder if she realized that she has become just like Christine only 100 times worst

  48. Victor has to have a crush Nicole because he’s not nominating her. He told her he really liked her. Paul told him not to talk to Nicole before noms and he still did it anyways. He always listens to Pauls demands. I like these two better than Nicorey lol He seems very Geniun with her.

  49. Nicole and Victor chat: I think she was saying to Victor she enjoyed him in the house and let it slip that she will miss him (red flag). I picked it up right away I wonder if Victor did. It is hard to write down what she said as she slurs, cannot talk straight.

    Nicole said to Victor “I really enjoyed you in the house”, ” I’m really gonna miss (under her breath)”, “say, you no, I, I don’t wanna like throw, I don’t my game isn’t to throw people under the bus to stay off the block.”

  50. Like I said in previous posts u guys get all excited when Paulie maybe getting backdoored so don’t complain if someone like nicole wins the whole damn thing, the boys had a cake walk to final 5 when they could have battled it out like men but u keep the floaters around and u look up and jordan is handed a 500,000 check

  51. I have noticed the poll here for Week 3 Safety has Nicole in the lead. After her convo w/Victor, I hope everyone swings to Michelle for safety instead. Nicole knew without a doubt that Paulie/Corey wanted to win this last HOH and take out Victor. Unfortunatey (not) Victor won HOH. She stammered, fidgeted, and lied saying she didn’t know. She lied and told him that she did hear about it, but it was before Z was even gone and James said it. So, please do not vote for her to receive Week 3 Safety. I am on the live feeds and voted all 15 for Meech. I know Victor will not put up Paul, and if Paulie gets in Victor’s ear he will want either James (that’s his true goal) or Meech out. On the CBS live feeds we can’t vote safety for James or Nat Nat because they have already won a care package. Just my thoughts. We can always agree to disagree.

    Victor! Put up Paulie & Corey!!! Paul is right, if one of them goes, Nicole will swing to the other side.


  52. I don’t know why everyone is tagging on Paulie. Most of the crap Natalie said was lies. Didn’t I read that Paul, Vic, Michelle & Natalie made up all the stuff to tell Z? Paulie have an ego but folks better watch out for Paul. He gets everyone to do what he wants…I don’t see that it’s just Paulie that does that like all the haters keep saying. Vic doesn’t have a brain or just afraid to think for himself. I’m sick of Natalie, Michelle (aka Crybaby), Vic and Paul! I wish one of them would go this week!

  53. step one don’t tell James anything he cant keep anything quiet . two same goes with ratcole . tell both of them then exact opposite and sit and wait 10 minutes . they will run to everybody and spill . wait 20 minutes and they will both say said and did nothing when confronted . 21 minutes michelle will be crying for no reason at all . this is what happens on repeat all day long this season . GLAD VIC WON BUT SAD HE IS SO STUPID . HE CANT REMMEBER HIMSELF WHO THREW HIM OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE . PAUL HAS TO SAY LOOK HERE DUMBA$$ . HE REALLY IS ASD DUMB AS COREY

  54. The only thing that would have made this better would be if Paul won HOH and put up “his boy” Paulie! That would be some great TV right there! I can’t believe I am actually rooting for Paul now.

  55. Paulie has gone from me really liking and rooting for him to the person I want out of the house the most. He is a real jerk to women!! He is terrible, its awful the way he has been talking and treating them I so hope he gets put on the block and is gone asap!!!! Z deserved to go home for buying into his load of BS and letting him run her game, he will want nothing to do with her outside the house. Can’t wait for him to go. On another note Michelle’s crying is the ugliest cry I have ever seen or heard it’s painful to watch yet I am so proud of her for putting Paulie on blast!

  56. Not a Paul fan but it sure looks like he is going to keep this flip of the house going! For that I vote him AFP! I also give him props as last night right after Bridget went out Michelle was sitting in that nom chair balling like the baby that she is and she kept saying “I cannot believe I am still here.” And he told her straight up ” Michelle fine, I am glad you are still here but please stop crying all the time and play the game, your still here, ok?” Gotta give him props for that too!

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