“he’s mind fu*ked. tomorrow when he goes on the block I need you to shit on him again”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 00-22-17-309

12:21am MEECH and Paul London room
Meech is saying they should get Nicole out for the next HOH so she leaves the same time as last season. Paulie mentions how PAulie is still going on about everything. If he had nothing to hide why is he still trying to explain himself. Michelle is glad they did what they did. Paulie is claiming to have had a inkley what Paulie was doing and when they came to him it was enough.
Paul – Bridgette took a bullet
Michelle – that’s what I’m saying.. And I feel like shit
Paul thinks as long as Paulie is out this week she’ll be happy.
Michelle – Bridgette I love you
Paul about Paulie – He’s super aggressive.. We can’t have that in the house even at a game level
Paul says that Paulie was almost close to punching someone “It’s a game and someone who claims they are an athlete and are composed in games. You’re a 28 year old man and you almost lost your sh1t to a 23 year old girl called you out.. Are you sure you are composed.. ”
Meech – that was just a preview.. You just wait

Meech – you heard him shouting sh1t
Meech says PAulie makes fun of people for crying, “He’s just funny when he smiles.. “
They mention he was trying to psych Michelle up before the HOH and he ended up being the first one out.
Meech – sorry if I disappointed you guys
Paulie is saying what she needs to not “Feed” into anything “these” people are saying
Paulie explains they will try to tell her that PAul is after her and say “sh1t” to her that’ll make her question if they are telling her the truth.
Meech says they are already coming up to her telling her that Bridgette is playing both side.
Paul says that’s bull sh1t
Meech says Paulie is still denying he had anything to do to get her on the block even after Victor confirmed it.
Meech about Zakiyah/Paulie – “Do you believe that they f***d … I do .. I think they did .. I f***g heard”
Paul – I wonder if the Dr’s caught it

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 01-46-09-005

12:23am Corey, Nicole, Victor and PAulie Kitchen
Nicole, Paulie and Corey being salty. .Paulie says that Natalie only got the care package because of James’ followers. Nicole points out the strangeness of Bridgette and Michelle being enemies all season then BFF’s for a week.
Corey – if you don’t want to be made fun of for having fake T!ties than don’t get fake T1t!es.. If it hurts when you do that than don’t do that.
Paulie saying he called Natalie out “It’s very hypocritical .. don’t come to me and say one thing and you’re doing the exact same thing but you’re a girl.
Paulie – I’ll hang out with Zakiyah, Nicole, but I won’t hang out with any of these other people maybe glen.. I would hang out with Frank
Victor – i’m hanging out with everybody outside the house for the only reason I don’t have to see them again. Victor is going to give everyone another chance and if they are shitty after that fine he doesn’t have to hang out with them.
Victor – i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt until you give me a reason otherwise.

Paulie – it’s going to be weird sleeping in a bed alone
Big Brother tells Michelle who’s in the living room to put on her microphone
Paulie – How much f***g scheming could you be doing right now
Corey – a snake OH MY GOSH
Paulie looks at the camera says the people in the other room must be talking about him because the cameras are following him around the kitchen.
They thank Corey for keeping them safe during the double.
Paulie – Thank you for getting rid of that Vindictive Feminist ER Nurse
Paulie – you should work on both genders equally ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 01-00-41-755
12:45am Corey and Nicole Tokyo Room
Corey – that was a close call way too close
Nicole – you could’ve let me win veto
Corey – no, I wanted to win that.. In that veto i’m like i’m 1000% going to win this.. I was determined.. I was looking at Paulie he was staring me down like Bro you gotta do this
Corey says James is going to regret turning on them. Corey thinks Michelle and Natalie are going up and out of those 2 he wants Natalie out.
Nicole – whatever I get in trouble for saying that stuff it was nothing but the truth
Corey – I wouldn’t worry about James and Natalie winning big comps
Nicole – they picked Natalie over us three
Corey – he’s going to regret it
Nicole – they are making it look like AMerica’s sweetheart … I came here to play and i’m devfeileinely playing I had my fun round now i’m playing.. For being a snake i haven’t sat on the block it’s pretty impressive
Nicole – I’m ride or die..
Nicole says her, Corey and Paulie still need to stick together and they can pull Victor in that’s half the house. As long as 2 of them don’t go up.
Nicole wonders if Paul can convince Victor to do that.
Corey – no way
Nicole wonders who told Victor. Corey tells her he’s tired of talking game. They hug

Corey – backstabbing little brat thinks she’s going to go far in this game.. And I snip her.. Ohh i don’t know I don;t know anything… BYE
Nicole – you tried so hard with her.. You tried so hard
Corey says he was only a little bit sincere with Bridgette, “I definitely tried to keep her as close as I could”

Nicole says Michelle told her if Bridgette had won it would have been Nicole, paulie or Corey leaving.
Corey is glad Bridgette is gone he doesn’t have to be fake around her \

Corey – dude i’m exhausted.. They need to hurry up
NIcole – everything will be fine..
Corey – should I take a shower.. Ugh.. I want to do it in the HOH room
Nicole rubbing her chest telling him to calm down..
Nicole – I just hope Paulie doesn’t throw us under the bus
Corey – he won’t.. I need Paulie to win HOH
Corey – dude I thought we were so screwed earlier..
Nicole – I was praying in the booth
Corey – I prayed too.. I pray at least a couple times a day..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 01-08-01-374
1:05am Corey gets his HOH basket Living room

Reads out his letter from his mom, sister and dad.
(Roars or Rory is Corey’s dog)

“Corey we miss you and of course think about you all the time and so does roars..She is staying with us much of the time and running with Kelly almost every day. ”Roars” is getting strong and everytime you say your name she looks for you we have been at the frat house at least 1 a week in an attempt to keep it half way clean..”

“We went to your hose the other day removed from trash .. forgot to tell you Mom’s starting to work with roars on a few new tricks.. Frisbee catching.. Kelly is busy with work.. “

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 01-48-01-564
1:42am Awkward time in the living room Chit chat.. Everyone is talking but Paulie, Corey and Nicole. waiting for Victors HOH room to open

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 02-09-56-007
2:06am Victor gets his HOH room
His letter is from his big sister, Spanish music, a pillow he made as a kid, 14 bottles of gatorade, foam roller.. Etc etc

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 02-11-18-047
Sad 🙁
(Corey is the only one that really is talking outta these three )

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 02-26-08-038
2:25am Bathroom Natalie and Michelle
Michelle comment how scared Paulie has been he’s not saying a word.
Natalie says right before the double Paulie came up to Jaems and was promising him to have his and Natalie’s back. Just last night Paulie was rampaging around promising he was going to evict Natalie.
Paul comes by says best case they win the next HOH worst case one of Nicole, Corey and Paulie have the ticket and come back.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 02-29-45-479
2:27am HOH Paulie and James
Paulie – did Paul know the plan before the vote
James- I don’t think so

Paulie – I can’t believe who one
Paulie – I just don’t think someone so fake can come across and so so much damage
James- ya
PAulie – he won’t tell me he’s saying sh1t.. People were bombarding me.. I assume it was Michelle and Bridgette
James – who paul
Paulie – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 02-32-16-245
Alone in the HOH.. Sad 🙁

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 02-36-39-216
2:34am London room James, Paul and MEECH
James saying Paulie was trying to find out if Paul knew about the plan for the votes
Paul – don’t worry when he goes up tomorrow..
James- he’s still on it he’s still trying to talk game with me
Natalie comes in
James – he’s (Paulie) trying to find out information
Paul – good let him
Paul leaves..
James- he is paranoid
Michelle – he doesn’t think I blew up his game.. I can’t take all the credit I had help..
Paul – y’all made that man mentally drained.. Mentally drained..
They talk about Paulie ‘tripping” during the HOH competition.
James tells the girls they have to vote out whoever Victor wants them to vote out. James tells them Victor is going to go down with the plan but he’s not sure who out of the three he wants out. Michelle says she’s shocked even after she said all those things Nicole and Paulie still voted to keep her
James- what more could you have said.. She did not expect to go home.. She did not see it coming

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 02-39-32-136
2:39am Victor, Paulie and Paul
Paulie is telling them if someone gets a power from America’s care package they will need to put that person up to flush it out.
Paulie thinks there might be a Diamond power of Veto.

Paulie- I don’t know what the F** Michelle and Bridgette have been saying about me Bro
Paul – I don’t care… not that I don’t care.. Bridgette is gone.. Why you worried..

Paulie says he is pissed off at Michelle POV ceremony Speech – “It did work.. It literally worked”
Paulie says in Victor’s speech he should say Michelle out of all the HOH competitions how many have the guys won..
Victor 7 out of 8
Paul – why did you guys keep her over bridgette
Paulie – she was the bigger threat
Paul – after what she said about Nicole .. the snake..
Paulie – In my mind i said F*** her
Paul says last week people lost their minds
Paulie says he doesn’t know what the f*** he did
Paulie – according to Michelle Zakiyah was feeding into it..

Paul tells him he needs to calm down. Paulie says tomorrow we’ll be “WhOOOOOW” back to how he was.
Paulie says in hindsight it couldn’t have worked out better, Zakiyah is gone, Bridgette is gone and now another girl is going. Goes on abotu really being serious about the guys alliance.

Paul leaves..
PAulie – at least the exec’s won.. and the board.
Paulie says if they keep the board going they will “walk” to the final 3
Victor – like taking candy from a baby

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-12 03-09-50-425

3:09am James, Natalie, Paul and Michelle London room
Paul to James – Hey he was sh1tting on my to you.. guess what he was sh1tting on you to me again”
Michelle – can he ever shut his mouth up
Paul saying that Paulie cannot get over what happened.. “he’s telling me James James James and to James he’s saying Paul Paul Paula’ .. they all giggle
James – we can go up there and blow him up again.. I swear to god..
Paul to Michelle- “you need to do that again because he cannot get over it
James – that’s why he’s so heated man he can’t
Paul – He’s so frustrated.. it’s not what he’s saying he’s just sitting there in his own thoughts. he’s mind fucked…he’s mind fucked. tomorrow when he goes on the block I need you to shit on him again”

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Big Brother is such an emotional roller coaster holy heck. I was legit so flipping mad during the DE and then got even more pissed when Victor won and was agreeing with everything Paulie was saying, and then I’m back up on a high seeing Paul talk sense into Victor. I hate and love this show so friggin much lmao


I have barely slept for watching the live feeds. That D-bag Paulie told America that he boned Z 6 times, 4 times in one room and two in another. Now, does that sound like a classy Jersey boy? I think not.


He better hope she doesn’t get pregnant.

Misty Beethoven

I’ve had that thought many times. They probably haven’t been using protection, and when Z wasn’t feeling well the other day, that was my first thought.

Paul's Beard

SHE better hope she’s not pregnant. Imagine having such a piece of sh*t for a baby daddy? And then the kid has to have him as a father. That’s even worse. Paulie is a cheater. He has the nerve to imply Natalie is a sl*t, but he slept with half of Jersey while engaged??? Nasty. He wants to talk about Jersey girls. He’s a gross @$$ Jersey Shore boy. I was never impressed with his looks or personality. Guys like him are a dime a dozen in NJ, especially at the shore. You can trade 4 skee-ball tickets for Paulie in Seaside Heights. He’s nothing special.


You should get a glow ring with a Paulie for the four tickets. He’s not worth the ink or the paper of those tickets.


I do like that fact that James, Nat, Meech and Paul are working together. Did somebody said Victor added to the mix. (Ugh) I really don’t want Corey, Nicole, Paulie to win this game. Victor, he a nut bucket, and I don’t want him in this game win. James, Nat, Meech and Paul I want as a final 4 for the win.

I just hope Paulie, doesn’t have the round-ticket to win. That sucks, but pls get rid of him. He’s the Amanda, of this season running the house. I’m glad the house has flip, because it boring watching everybody not being their own player.

Evil Dick

Roses are red, violets are blue, Nicole’s a dick chaser & Corey is too


What an a$$hole. Who does that? Brag about boning her knowing he’s on the live feeds. It’s gross to think they even did it in the first place knowing people might be watching, but then to tell the other house guests about it after Z is gone? So disrespectful, like a notch on his belt. I can’t believe how much I can’t stand him. Cody was stupid, but at least likable. Paulie is scum.
And if Z is pregnant, I wouldn’t put it past her to have done it on purpose to sink her claws into him for the next 18 years. Her delusional butt probably thinks he’d do the right thing and marry her….. NOT.


Yeah, Paulie is a punk. I keep trying to figure out whether Paulie just doesn’t know the definition of a “feminist” (who advocates equality in social, economic and political issues) or if he is just ignorant. I think that he is such a woman hater that he would ridicule Bridgette for believing that Paulie is not more entitled than she is just because he has a teeny, weenie little pee pee. He has disrespected all of the women in the house, especially Zakiyah, and threatens to have them beat up once they are out of the house. How can his fellow house guests even give this fool a moment of serious consideration for anything he has to say? What an ass!

Janelle fan

I read about that, too. Class act, that Paulie. If I were the other houseguests, I’d be disgusted & ask where & what surfaces this all went down on so I’d know not to touch anything. And was all of this caught on film? I thought that he was super aware of the cameras?


My heart sank last night when Corey won HOH during the show and Bridget was voted out but I was very happy when I woke up this morning to see that Victor is now HOH and will put up Paulie and Corey. Yay!!!

Never thought that I would be pulling for Paul and Victor but what a turnaround for both of them. At least it’s made BB more enjoyable to watch – no fun when someone just steamrolls through to the end.


Now this is how BB should be played! Love the roller coaster ride. I am disappointed Bridgette was voted out however love that Michelle will continue to shake things up. No fear! Who woulda thunk? Lol


stop the hating .she was picked on and bullied,all the time, a little jealousy maybe?

Zakiyah's used maxi pad

Paulie, Corey, and Michelle were about to shit themselves last night on the feeds when they were sitting in the kitchen. I love how the tables have turned. Also Michelle’s face was priceless when Bridgette was evicted. Ha! She thought she was going.


One million percent agree with you. I was so amped up last night I couldn’t even sit down. I stood up the whole time. Lol.

On another note: can anybody tell me why they call Z, MaxZ? Something about a maxi pad? Just wondering.

Could you imagine if she was pregnant. Wow, that would suck!


She changed her Nasty Maxie pad on live feeds


Ha! Con Corleone sitting on the corner of the couch during the whole episode last night was precious to watch. Max-Z going out when he could have kept her safe was two cherries on top of the sundae! I am gaining some respect for Paul as a game player. He was figuring out the Con even before the others talked to him about flipping and getting out Max-Z. His DR “no scratches” and “it is all about the P and it’s the wrong P” was pretty funny. Corey is so bad at the came he thinks there is no way Vic would stab them in the back! How many time have him and Con talked about stabbing Vic in the back AGAIN and yet no thought that he may do it to them. I am so looking forward to Paul and Vic taking the three turds to task. Nicole thinks since she has not been on the block she has played well. No you Dingus you were protected by a larger group. To watch her squirm this week will be gold. Gold I tell ya! (In my best Kenny Bania voice) Yes we will haveto deal with the whining but I am sure Simon and Dawg will ad their flair to make it that much more funny. Paul is 100% right now is the time to make it happen. Putting up Munchie/Nat is once again only good for the Con. I will love to see their faces and if he gives them a poem and some beads as well……………GOLD I TELL YA!


Corey also thought that there is NO WAY that Tiffany could have won roadkill. He knows nothing.


But he sure knows which of the men he’d rather take first!

I guarantee!


I love BB. When it can turn on a dime, I am so freakin excited!!!


I absolutely loved watching Victor talking to Nicole. Haha he was one class act. Like a Police detective talking to a murder suspect. Priceless:) can’t wait for another bomb to explode under Paulie.

suzy's hoh

Simon, or anyone, can you guys confirm that Corey was told in the diary room that Nicole has the
return ticket? He whispered it to her in bed, she went to the diary room, and then came out all smiles.
Anyone know the truth to this?

Butters Mom

I saw what is being talking about on After Dark either last week or the week before… you couldnt hear exactly what was being talked about but because it was on the heals of the round trip ticket, I also assumed Corey and Nicole were talking about her having the ticket. She had just come out of the diary room and was telling him very quietly about something that was told to her in there… and he responded congratulations! Im very happy for you. Then she started talking about how she couldnt win in a final two this or that person. She has number 9 I think and I have thought ever since that conversation that she has the round tip ticket.

But then why?

If this were true, Nicole and Corey wouldn’t have had private conversations worrying about Meech having the Round Trip Ticket. I read someone’s update
Late Sunday night/ early Mon am: Nicole wonders if they should tell Paulie about Michelle lying about the “advancemen” alliance. Nicole questions Corey if he already told Paulie about Michelle’s lie. Corey says he never told Paulie (he’s lying he did tell Paulie) Nicole say’s he is lying he did tell Paulie, she asks Corey to swear on her life he didn’t tell Paulie, Corey refuses. Nicole says if Michelle’s lie gets out and if she has the round trip ticket she’s screwed since she was one of the only people that knew about Michelle’s lie.


Yaaaaas queen Natalie get Paulie out, he deserves to be sad after how he treated Natalie and zakiyah all game and for going off like a crazy lunatic. It’s a little sad because he’s mentally breaking down but boy u had this coming.

Bridgette's good ankle

Paulie: “Thank you for getting rid of that Vindictive Feminist ER Nurse”.

A real man would not be so disrespectful to women the way that Paulie has been…especially when you have a mother and a sister…who by the way Paulie are BOTH “Jersey Girls”

If Zakiyah did let Paulie slither inside of her on national television after EVERYTHING that was brought to her attention, than she is a sadder soul than i originally thought.

Cross eyed Paulie

Zakiyah is a severely damaged girl. Unfortunately scumbags like Paulie use girls like her and then stereotype the entire female population on the planet based on their experience with pathetic girls.

Bridgette's good ankle

Couldnt agree more Cross Eye:)….at least the last 4 days have been more game centered than the low budget, soap opera drama we were unfortunately exposed to all these weeks

TX rar

Yeah, she is a Feminist ER nurse bc she saw what was going on, rallied the house, and still had the courage to blow him up on the way out the door, AND was a classy girl but he can keep talking about an all boys alliance and trashing women’s bodies. (Fake boobs, fat, emotional) Looks who’s EMOTIONAL now? Haha

Another commenter made a great observation. Victor/Paul talk about their mom a lot but Paulie only talks about his dad. Hmmmmmmmm


I think he not only slithered but I think he may have slathered as well. (YUKITY YUK YUK YUK) On TV no less what a couple of classy people. I don’t have the feeds and have yet to see AD from last night but comments here talking about Con bragging about how many times he has been slithering and slathering. Max-Z said she would not change a thing while talking to Julie but I believe she will look back on this experience (especially after seeing how Con talked to his bros about her. How many time did he say never cared?) with shame and regret. Another one who talked big in the DR “I didn’t come here for no man” “I don’t trust Paulie” and so on but never backed it up. For her to go to jury on a week where Con could have guaranteed her safety was the best! He was so damn cocky that he was running the show. I believe it was in the bathroom when he was telling her “sometimes the king makes a move to save the queen and sometimes the king must leave the queen in play” something along those lines. King turd and Queen of the fools. Man I hope Vic and Paul are serious and take the shot at those three smug turds. As Paul said if not now when? I have gained mad respect for Paul’s game play recently. Some of the stupid sh*t he says not so much but I do take some of the “punching her or her in the face” crap as just his stupid way of talking much like ripping off his balls. Unlike Con I think Paul’s mama taught him better then that. It doesn’t make it right but I don’t think it is really something he would seriously do. Con on the other hand I could totally picture slapping a wife or girlfriend and he has never made such a comment. Anyway just my opinion. taking out Munchie or Nat is a pointless game move for everyone except Con because Con is afraid of anyone who he feels would challenge him or go against his wishes. He only want to keep the people who will blindly follow his lead and agree with everything HE wants.


If Natalie stays longer than Paulie, he will never EVER live it down.


Season saved

Zakiyah's used maxi pad

That still doesn’t make up for complete borefest of the last month and a half.


Get your feeds because once the nomination ceremony wraps it’ll be good…you can get a free week if you haven’t already.

You Canadians can watch this too.


Paul can lead Victor by the nose, thank God.


Vices nom poem to Paulie: You thought you would be final 3…but that’s not how its gonna be… you are feeling like a loner… go to jury with Z and bone her.


That is one fantastic poem!!! Love it!
Thanks Simon & Dawg …. Great stuff!!


And for Corey: Your girl Nicole tries for final two, she’s such a snake… but we all know she’s not the one that you would take.


Lol! I really laughed out loud to this lol


If Paulie or Corey don’t go up on the block(with the potential of Nicole being renom if 1 win pov) this week is going to be boring.


Corey’s dream for the SPF (Sausage Party of Five) is getting closer.Three more girls to get rid of and its on.Can they fit five guys in the HOH bed at one time? Paulie is a big piece of shit and Paul has to lose the duck float.(Not funny at all).Vic has an IQ of a folding chair ! Just saying………

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Yeah Paul needs to lose the float toy. Looks like he’s trying to cornhole it. Maybe he’ll let Corey play with it for awhile….


I m really happy the game is finally being played!

Also I d love Corey to go…coz if Paulie goes I really think Corey i sucha non-threat that he could go fat and I honestly thinkhis personlity is no better then paulies, but opposite to Paulie he can teven play the game at all…all he does is look confused and shocked the whole season!!! And Paulie is at this point a vilalin of this show so he brings more to the table then Corey…

Also while Nicorey are feeling safe I think Paulie suspects he s in some deep shit…you can see it in his defeated, pissef off face that he knows sth is off…and honestly I m probably just too soft but I feel a little bit bad for him coz he really looks like on a verge of mental breakdown…and whoever the person is I just don t like ppl losing their sanity in the game….also I m too biased at this point coz nicorey has no game and their personalities suck…while Paulie at least offers gameplay


Don’t worry. Paulie can’t lose his sanity in the house if he didn’t come in the house with it.


The term “mind-f**ked” (MF’d) is appropriate. Perfect timing to screw up his HOH comp. I think his mind is racing wondering if Z was playing him since Meech planted that seed, maybe feeling guilty or feeling played boning Z.

Most of all, MF’d because he didn’t get his way. He put it out there on national TV that Meech was as good as gone, and he was proven wrong. He doesn’t like to be wrong. MF’d because he was blind-sided regarding Z. Maybe MF’d over trying to cover his guilt for not using the POV on Z. MF’d wondering who was strong enough to make it all happen.

When a person spends too much time “wondering” they tie themselves into a ball. Glad the other side found his weakness. If he has a mental breakdown, he brought it on himself. Not an illness, a choice of behaviour.

pots and pans

I’m so happy James Nat Meech Vic and Paul are working together! This is going to be an awesome week! Pots and pans! Hope Paulie goes and doesn’t have the round trip ticket!


You know they were right, Bridgette took a bullet for the team. And, honestly, I really thought it would swing that way: Corey/Paulie winning during the DE then the power would shift right back to AMERICA’S FAVORITE SITTING DUCK TEAM!! Yay..!! But, that is ok. Bridge will win AFP.

So, the last care package… do we give it to Paul? I think that would be best. Either Paul or Victor… Probably Paul.

Cross eyed Paulie

Definitely to Paul. Vic is too weak minded and Paulie can easily get into his head.


Give the ACP to Meech!!!

Duck Float

Hoping Meech wins the care package.

Leopold Stotch

After the current ACP (Super-Safety), there are 2 more left. Next is the co-HOH, then the $5000 bribe.

I do hope Bridgette is told by production that she would have received Super-Safety if she were still in the house. As well, I do hope she gets AFP.

But the question is: what’s up with next Friday’s newly scheduled show?? Before last night’s DE, I heard Grodner said something about DaVonne having a chance to get back into the house. Now I assume that MaxZ, Bridgette and the next evicted HG will also have that chance. Could it be Jury Buyback? If so – I will PRAY FOR BRIDGETTE!

Bitch Face Big Meech

Big Meech is an ugly jealous little troll. I wouldn’t touch her with a 50 foot pole. Paulie never wanted her stink cooch so she decided to try and turn people against him. Just like she admitted her jealousy for Bridgette in regards to Frank. The “D-hays” you are rooting for are huge losers compared to Paulie competition/gamewise. He was speaking the truth about Nat with her fake ass personality and chest. Aka floaters…James, Nat, Meech, and Paul don’t win shit ever (oooh one whole comp maybe). Vic, Paulie, and Corey are the ones who do. Why root for floaters? Pots and pans? You and the Houseguests please get original and stop trying to hijack Evel Dick’s style. I really hope Paulie does have the round trip ticket AND the super safety care package just to piss off all of you loser-floater-flip flop lovers.


Dude, switch to decaf it is only a TV show. Clearly a Con Corleone fan which is cool but to insult everyone else because it is not going your way right now. Childish much like the Con man himself. When he thought he was running the show chest was popping out like a peacock. Last night when the tables were turned he was all up in the corner of the couch pouting like a 5 y/o. That tall dude wins HOH he was all chest bumping like he was a bad a$$ and when he goes on the block him and Nicole will both be whining “why don’t they like me” ” what have I ever done to them” But still relax it is just a TV show.


Stop that Corey!


you mad, bro? LMFAO!


Tell em Cody…LOL… are you mad all your and Derrick’s coaching just got exposed because he is a narcissistic douche and the mind games aren’t working on people who aren’t Victoria?

Pull my finger

I think Paulina might pull a Willie and go crazy on someone and be removed from the game.


Wouldn’t surprise me after the past few days. We all know how he acted when his showmance was possibly leaving. Imagine if it is him possibly going?


This season is definitely better than 15, 16 and 17. I was ready to drop this season but this week made me a fan again, and finally we have a house divided, i doubt that Nicorey and Paulie will break apart and the other side will target each other over the three. Paul and Natalie are really the stand out players this season and Paulee as the villain (who has been getting a hero’s edit). Meech is also a great character, she is somewhat a Rachelle Reilly, either you extremely hate or like her. The vets apart from day took a major blow back from their popularity, Frank, James and especially Nicole are disappointments.

Leopold Stotch

Although I can agree with some of what you said, to compare Michelle to Rachel Reilly is a huge insult to Rachel. Rachel Reilly was truly a beast when it came to competitions, and never sat on her lazy ass all day eating cereal and spoiled fruit. However, I do like Michelle a lot more now that she’s no longer floating (which Rachel never did) – and using her words to put Paulie on tilt. I also appreciate that she recognizes the sacrifices Bridgette made for her and the “team”.


We need to send a message that we are not okay with Paulie’s behavior. I lost it when the minute Z was gone Paulie bragging about all the tmes he “boned” her and then insinuated no condoms were used. He is not strategic and he is not logical. He is one of the biggest A Holes to ever set foot in BB House.

Vote for Meech before 1 pm today! She has the best chance of beating Nicole this week for package. Then co-hoh for Paul, bribe for Victor. It is the only way to leave N/C and P empty handed.

I used every email possible to vote as much as possible for Michelle (and I used to like Nicole). Meech isn’t perfect but she isn’t truly evil. Not saying Nicole is evil, but by conspiring with Paulie she is.

I would not be surprised if Cody and Derrick voted for Meech to receive Care Package too. What an embarassment Paulie is to them!!


Derrick and Cody, while not quite the douche bags that Paulie is, are not going to be anything but proud of their little spawn of shit. They groomed him to be the same shits they were (are).


You’re right I refused to vote for Michelle because I still don’t like how mean she’s been to Bridgette. But if Bridgette can get over it, I guess I can too lol. I’ve been voting for Bridgette all week but I will get on and vote for meech. I just don’t want Nicole, Corey, or Paulie to get it.


Paulie – “how dare these women stick up for each other and get in the way of my all-boys alliance?!?!?”

Leopold Stotch

No doubt! I hope CBS edits Sunday’s show to highlight how Paulie has been pushing for an all-guys alliance all season, then show Paulie saying he wanted Bridgette out because she’s a feminist ER nurse! He really is the embodiment of a misogynist scumbag prick.


What is with his woman-hate? ‘No girls in the finals’ sh*t? Methinks he wanted Nat for himself and is taking it out on everyone because he can’t have her. Either that or Paulie is gay. Maybe Paulie and Corey will have a happily ever after together. Better have their final rose ceremony Wed.!


Man get Paulie out already. This guy has not an ounce of respect for Females. It is sickening. He is a true Womanizer.
Yess… yessss feel the Wrath of Michelle/Bridgette/Natalie and how bad he truly treated Zakiyah.

This boy forgot he was born out of a woman.


I hope Paulie’s coach Derrick and brother Cody are proud of the monster they created.


I like all the white knights on here rushing to a woman’s defense lol. Thought this was 2016 but I guess women still need to be treated “special”


“Treated special”?!? It’s called respect jackwagon! 2016 or not…people should treat others with respect!

star gazer

Would you try to help a woman who was being raped, or are you one of those women haters who believe the woman is at fault because of her choice of clothing, etc??


Actually even before this all went down, Derrick stated in an interview that Paulie had basically ignored all of his advice. Which is pretty obvious, Derrick understand the importance of playing without emotion or ego, not winning comps unless you absolutely have to, and staying out of Showmances. But Derrick seems like a nice, grounded guy, which made it easy for him to stick to those guidelines (well, ok, he was married, but that doesn’t stop every HG from getting overly involved with the opposite sex). Paulie, on the other hand, is a miserable excuse for a human being.


I still can’t stand Michelle!

Bitch Face Big Meech

Amen! What a f#cking troll she is. Little crybaby bitch. Ugly inside and out. Can’t wait to hear her Zingbot zings… never disliked a houseguest more, other than the racists in prior seasons.


yep, meech has been a huge bitch for MOST of the season.
paulie has been a LITTLE bitch his entire life.


Put yourself in a sequestered dirty TV station house with no brick walls or real grass with people who backstab, lie, gossip, and where you keep not winning before you criticize her behaviour.


A part of me is dying to see Paulie get evicted this week, but seeing how he’s had an advantage in this game (CBS feeding him info and customizing comps for him to win), I’m pretty sure he has the roundtrip ticket. Wouldn’t it be better to get him out in 2 weeks when there’s no chance of him returning?


I’d rather him and corey go up on the block with Corey leaving. Nicole is useless and will be even more without him… I think Julie said next week is the last week for it to be used…. and I 100000000 percent believe Paulie has it. I’d rather Paulie go after next week.


Idk he’s too good of a competitor. I’m nervous if they don’t get him this week he’ll somehow make it through and not end up getting picked off.

If Paulie has the round trip ticket then I guess what a lot of people have been saying is true…. Some people think Paulie is who Production wants to win. I really hope that’s not the case. He’s too scummy for my taste. It’s one thing for a nerd, or loud mouth, or even someone only being scummy in the game. But Paulie has taken it way beyond that level. The things he has been saying and the way he’s been treating people is not game play. He just needs to go.


Honestly i really don’t know about my feeling , i feel weird, i mean i hate when people got so much power and just arrogant with it, first frank&bridget, and the table turned they on the bottom i felt bad with them, and then now paulie he’s been loose cannon mouth and dbag, and now the table will turned and i already feet bad for him,i know it’s a karma but i just feel bad,

Poor Paulie

Frank wasn’t so bad, he was kind of fun sometimes, not so vindictive, but Paulie could have been a champion, all the females thought he was attractive including Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette. I think it’s ok to feel compassionate when someone is down in the dumps, I was hating on Michelle’s nastiness towards Bridgette earlier on, but then when she cried I felt compassionate for her too. However, this season of big brother has seen a lot of scapegoating and out right vicious talk against other house guests with out any merit. I believe it’s some kind of bizzarre defense mechanism to not feel bad themselves when they evict someone. Each season starting with 15 has been getting worse and worse. For example, a loose alliance forms, it coalesces around a victim, the target is vilified and is either sent home or continues to be shunned if they survive. It’s not conducive to intelligent and entertaining game play. Big Brother tried this season to steer the show in the right direction with the roadkill and teams. It was a good direction in my opinion. Big Brother needs to continue to reward proper behavior and punish this kind of hateful style in my opinion or ratings will suffer. As of last week, I was basically going to stop watching. Any way, compassion is human, and thank you for your post.


They should call their group Power Rangers though I’m sure that would get copy rite, oh coin slot nostrils you are a snake and everyone knows it because the bigger threats are gone and you will be exposed ,god I can’t believe I was happy she was back in the begining. It would suck if whoever out of the unholy trinity gets evicted and they have the round trip ticket it would make this week pointless then again the co hoh could help counter that if one of those three fruit loops wins, I love the sitting ducks they literally were sitting ducks in the begining of this season


if she starts pots n pans should bout to get stuck. all them are just talk no action

Big Jim

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Paul and Natalie are my two favorite players now. He’s playing both sides wonderfully. Nat really stepped up this week and flipped the house. Now we just need Victor to do his part. Well done


Being the last week for the round trip whoever gets evicted will have the round trip if they dont then i can see a jury buyback.


About Corey…

Michelle – Jozea was so funny he thought he was gay
Paul – probably is


I’m loving Paul!


Michelle and Paul Saying Josea was GAY is right up there with the best line Bridget saying your balls dropped way before these boys

Friendship... Never Cared

She meant that Jozea thought Corey was gay. Paul agreed with the thought.


I remember hearing Paulie say many times that you can’t play on emotions but it’s clear that he is and that his emotions have mind f*cked him and I love it!!! He’s such a spoiled brat and he’s shown just that when things didn’t go his way!


He probably got that line from Derrick. Its easy for Paulie to repeat things he was told but not so easy for him to live it 24/7 for 99 days. His true character has been revealed.

Ghost of BB Past

Not sure where to discuss this – The care package – I’m thinking Nicole for this week so it’s wasted then Paul next week for Co HoH. In a full turn around Meech gets the bribe. Let’s make this work America! I’m guess with Bridgette gone that if she would have won this week then second place will get the package?


Oh my gosh please no. Because if Corey or Paulie take themselves off the block then Vic will have to nominate someone from the good side!


But they still would control the votes 3-2, unless Victor put up a real target as the replacement nom. He would probably put up Michelle.

In that scenario, Nicole and Paulie or Corey vote to evict Michelle. James, Natalie and Paul vote to evict Paulie or Corey.


Unfortunately no way Corey/Paulie/Nicole go on the block. We’ve heard this song and seen this dance b4. Victor will put up Meanchelle and Natalie. Backdoor James. I don’t like it, but that’s reality folks!


NICOLE …. You will be the replacement nominee if either Paulie or Corey win the veto and remove themselves from the hot seat.


I dont want Nicole to get all entitled by getting a care package

TX rar

I would HATE for Nicole to get an ACP. She kept whining about it last night and asking for one. Ummmmm, no Nicole you need to realize America doesnt like you this season so “No Care Packages for You” !!!


Assuming safety is for this coming eviction, then yes kind of wasted, but if given to Meech I think it would boost her self-esteem. She’s not been believing in herself enough.So for that reason alone I vote for her. Paul is a good next choice maybe next package.


PAULIE AND COREY ….. Take a seat. If one of you comes out of it, the other goes to jury.


Paulie is a prick…..that said, Paul is the biggest rat in the house. Hated him from week one, when he wanted Day out for no reason, all the way through the whole PP crap. And now he has weaseld himself into another under the radar situation. Whose going to target him now? The same way you stood your ground with z leaving, is the same way you should have stood your ground for Day…..especially since Bridgette was his true target. I hate this bad ass wanna be

Cross eyed Paulie

Paul is playing the game. This is what BB is all about. I know that he’s loud and often annoying, but He has the skills, the brains and the personality to win this. And I bet you he’s the only one having the balls to eliminate Paulie.


Nat & Meech would do it in a heartbeat.

Cross eyed Paulie

Yes, Nat and Meech would do it, they just seem to not win any HOHs. But I was talking about the boys. Paule is the only one with the balls to do it. And the proof of it is that Paul got into Vic’s ear and is not flipping the house again. Amazing job!


Wait until he’s put on the block and goes Batshit crazy AGAIN! I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He had every advantage coming into the game and what did he do with it? He told everyone! And not b/c he’s stupid but to intimidate people! He is IMO 10x worse than Frank..I really hope him & JAMES get the edits they both deserve (James should get a proper edit too) and Nat & Bridge should get their kudos for flipping the entire game. Proud of those 2 girls..even thought Bridget is gone I think she would be thrilled to see Paulie come to the jury house b/c she knows damn well that it was at her hand. I hope either Nat or Bridget get AFP.
In saying all this we all know Paulie is CBS gold so he likely will have the round trip ticket..I would be willing to bet that they get him out this week & if he doesn’t have that round trip then on this special Friday episode they will anounce a jury buy back.
I also hope Paulie gets booed more than Chrustine..that would finally clue Cody in to just how big of scumbag his brother truly is. Cody is now blaming Paulies behaviour on Paul, saying Paull rubbed off on him & isn’t a good influence. Dude is a grown ass man..Paulie won’t own up to shit when he leaves..he will probably go into hiding or maybe move from NJ lmao All you NJ ladies please make that happen!!!


I heard about Cody blaming Paul. Un-fricking-believable. So many reasons this theory is ridiculous.
1-Everyone keeps saying that Paulie comes from a good family. I didn’t love Cody but at least he never compromised who he was. But now Cody is implying that his big brother has no mind of his own, no backbone and no moral compass therefore he is easily led by other people.
2-Paulie has stated several times that Paul is an immature 23 year old kid. How then, could a mature 28 year old man be so easily influenced?

The other reason I find Cody’s theory to be bullshit is this-I started to like Paul after Jozea left. Then he started hanging out with Paulie and turned into an asshat. I liked James o.k. until he started playing the game for Paulie and then I thought he was kind of spineless. I was hoping for Tiff to win buy back but Victor was my second choice. Then he hooked up with team ‘bros before hos’ and became clueless. I was o.k. with Nicole until she decided Paulie paved the path to the end of the game and then she did become a bit snake-like in regards to the girls she claimed to want to work with. The common denominator in all of this is Paulie. He is the one that is influencing everyone. It’s like Paulie is contagious and once people are exposed to him for too long they become infected. Luckily it seems that the house was gifted with a shipment of antibiotics. Too bad they were two doses short so that Nicole and Corey didn’t get the cure.

The Watcher

Who knew it would go this way. i was a major Paulie and Frank fan, but who knew… Instead here I am rooting for the cheerleader with fake breasts because she is faaar more genuine than any of them. As for Michelle, I cannot find myself to ever root for her because I see her as nothing but a mere shell of a human.


I cannot believe the people on this site are voting for stupid winey ass Nicole to get the Super Safety package… Seriously? She is much more hated this season than her previous season. I loved her in the last season and felt that she was completely taken advantage of. Now, she is playing like the wicked witch Christine who made an alliance with the boys and they totally screwed her over. Is Nicole SO BLIND that she does not see that Corey is JUST NOT THAT INTO HER??? It is so obvious and the live feeds have caught so much of his trash talking her. I remember he said that Nicole was not his type (Paulie is more his type). I mean he is such a closet Homosexual it’s so obvious and he is just SO WEIRD!! Where the hell did they find him? I am SO SICK of CBS picking recruits for this show. They need to have ALL super fans play in one season. I swear that would be the BEST SEASON ever!! Stop with the recruits! Can someone tell me if Paul was a recruit cause he is super smart and has this game figured out. I would really like to see him in the finals with Vic, James & Natalie. If someone can tell me WHO the Super fans are and who the recruits are for this season I would appreciate it. Thanks.


HAHA spot on! Nicole is the Christine of this season… who knew??? LOL


Sorry but I don’t have any compassion or sorrow for Paulie. He is truly a vile and nasty person. The kind of person who would get drunk, kick a dog and laugh about it. Nicole also showed her true colors this season and it’s an unfortunate that someone who once has so much potential be such a petty little cunt. Corey aka Jeffrey Dahmer’s cousin is a moronic dumb clueless and boring person with a nasty streak to him as well. I am not surprised that these three are close. They say birds of a feather flocl together….
Oh and those poor tragic Zaulie stans on twitter are DELUSIONAL!!!! The fact that they are sad and crying over Paulie is so creepy. Please no more Z stans from Zankie to Zaulie, the world is scary enough these days!!!!


Glad Victor won HOH!! And a huge fan of the Sitting Ducks. Those two had to grow on me but grow they did.
I think what they should do is put Nicorey up instead of Paulie and Corey…Paulie will take himself down if he wins. Even if Paulie wins and takes down Corey, Nicole will still go home.
My thing with putting up Paulie and Corey is I want Corey to leave, not Paulie. Not yet while the round trip ticket is still in play. Removing Corey weakens both Paulie and Nicole. Removing Paulie just gives him what he wants….to be back with Z (and I am hoping a week with Da’ and Bridge opens Z’s eyes!) and if he has the return ticket, he will be even more unbearable.
My focus would be on Nicorey this week to send another warning shot. After August 18 (my birthday!), open season on Paulie.


Not a bad plan, only thing is Paulie wins more than Corey, so getting a swing at Paulie is key asap IMO.


A huge sign of relief! Paul is actually by far the most entertaining player! Paulie…..I can’t even believe his low, disqusting behavior. Looking forward to 9 months from now! He can name his baby Maxine, or Bumpercar! Boy…if you are stupid enough to “pull and pray” with a chic that is talking about marriage and babies on day 50 of a relationship then you deserve 18 years of mega child support payments. On I can just see the special episode next season highlighting the new baby!!!!


I would hope this is not the case. For a viewer to be so involved in this show as to wish a little retribution to Paulie and Zakiyah after the show has ended for how they played this game is one thing … but to hope for a child to be the retribution is unfair to the child. I assume you are just joking though.

Cross eyed Paulie

Just watched BBAD. Holy shit, if Paul pulls this off, he deserves the 500K.

No Name

I just want to say 2 things….




I will never have respect for Paul. He is a disgusting human being period. Wanting to punch girls in the face and “destroy” ppl. It is a game and I know tensions run high being stuck in a house but that sick m*fer goes beyond. Not to mention his need to make up lies and instigate at the peak of the drama. We all watch for the drama but there is a line and he gets off on spreading pure hate. The enjoyment that he gets from it is sickening.

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

This quote solidifies Paulies douche-bagery:

“Paulie – Thank you for getting rid of that Vindictive Feminist ER Nurse
Paulie – you should work on both genders equally ..”

I am going to get real pleasure knowing that he will come out of this house being known as not one, but THE most misogynistic HG that BB has ever produced. I hope his mother pegs him as punishment. But then again, he might just like it…


Regarding James-Some people think he is too worried about AFP, that he has no backbone, that he isn’t playing the game, but this isn’t about that. It’s about his ‘Texas Code’.
Paulie boasted of standing up for the girls when Frank was there and let’s be real. I didn’t like Frank but, the stories of his bad behaviors seemed to have been greatly exaggerated once the real truth came out. Once he was asked not to do something he stopped doing it and, Frank was not deliberately attacking women in a hurtful or aggressive manner. With Frank it was more about social ignorance or never being taught good manners to use around women.
Paulie is so offended that his morals have been attacked and to that I say, “Huh? What the hell you talkin’ about Paulie?” Frank called DaVonne a slut in a joking way, to her face, in response to her calling him a douche twice. You have been calling Natalie a whore behind her back, you and your bros have been calling her FTs, and you blabbed on the live feeds about how many times you boned Zakiyah. Morals…give me a minute, let me clear my throat so I can spit on you.
Any man who thinks it is o.k. to be emotionally abusive to his girlfriend for the sake of winning an argument, or thinks it’s o.k. to be verbally aggressive when he has not been provoked to try to rattle someone, or thinks it’s o.k. to fight, argue, yell at and speak in a derogatory and aggressive manner to a girl who is half his size just because she has bigger balls than him, well where I come from that’s not a man-that’s a flower called a pansy.
Then Paulie cries because James allowed a girl to talk to Paulie that way. This is where the matter of code comes in. James did not owe it to Paulie to protect him. I don’t know anything about Texas but most real men will not stand by and let a woman be attacked. That is a man’s code. Corey/Paulie are still in the bros before hos code which is more about the frat boy code. Unfortunately Paulie is not a boy anymore so if he is still living by that code he is screwed-(not literally since he lives in Jersey and I don’t see a Jersey girl giving him the time of day at this point.)


Everyone please vote for Michelle to get ACP#3. Voting ends today.

As it stands now, Nicole has the most votes due to the fact that Bridgette was eliminated yesterday. If that remains the same, then Paul’s plan of putting Paulie and Corey up and evicting Paulie could fail. Like her or hate her, we have to vote for Michelle in order to get the ball rolling on Paulie’s eviction. It’s a game move on our part!


Paul sucks

stop care package for nicole

Everyone go vote for anyone but nicole or she’s going to get the care package and de-rail this week’s plan!

BB is back

The only 2 we have left for care packages are Paul and Vic. Vic won’t be able to compete next week so we should give it to him, hoping Paul wins the actual competition and they are co-HOHs. Then we can vote Paul for the last one. Unless meech doesn’t get this one then we can vote her HOH care package instead of V


please, vote victor next weeks co-hoh package


Be prepared guys if the Care Package goes to Paul and not Michelle. We know for a fact that Grodhog hates Michelle, and there’s screencaps of a tweet to prove it. As much as we hate it, it’s her house and the house always wins


Who knew the bearded sitting duck would save this season? Everything he says about Paulie is bang on. So proud of him.

the more you know

paulie, feminism is about equality and the best person for the job, regardless of gender. that’s it, that’s all the, rest is just rhetoric.




I can’t even get through the updates without laughing and doing double takes at the complete idiocracy of Corey and Paulie. First Paulie talks about boning Zak and then Corey tells a story about calling an Uber for a girl while she is giving him a BJ. Take note Nicole, these are the guys that you consider marriage material. While she is concerned about being called a snake on live t.v. it has not seemed to occur to her that these 2 idiots have made countless offensive comments about specific girls in the house and about girls in general and there are actually people watching the live feeds.
And the whole definition of feminism these two neanderthals have come up with…UGH!!! Let me be clear, I do not consider myself a feminist except in the broadest sense that people should be able to do the job they want and have equal pay for equal work. Basically people, all people, should have equal opportunities. To say that, “Those girls know they can get away with targeting guys by saying I’m a girl, he’s a guy, it’s his fault.” Wait….huh? So when the guys were talking about their clipping order and lining the girls up like ducks in a shooting gallery was that Meninism?
Yes, Corey and Paulie are keepers. Definite marriage material there. But after hearing CoCo’s declarations of how he will never leave Paulie or turn on him I feel that all the people shipping Zaulie and Nicorey, and all the comments about hidden desires between Victor and not gay Corey were off the mark. I think there is a new romantic pairing in the house and I will refer to it as CoCoPaulie.

TX rar

Great post!

Literally at the end of the day

Can’t stand the girl, but I’m giving final votes to Meech. Simply because she’s higher in the polls than Paul or Victor and thereby has a better shot at overcoming Nicole. Nicole would be devastated. Then next package to Victor who would be controlled by Paul anyway, and last to Paul who can bribe his buddy Vic who could use it more of the two.

Outside Looking In

From my observations, Paulie is blowing up his own game through his anger. It is 2016 and only an oblivious person and a person completely not self aware can act like Paulie and not realize it himself. I guess he truly is deep within his own egotistical ways and completely oblivious to others around him.
You can tell by his constant putting down of other people that he himself is highly insecure, no one that is secure within themselves needs to put other down, most people that are secure within themselves can compliment other people, Paulie doesn’t have that in him. You can see when he sits there and boils how much he is in his own head, thinking he is untouchable, yet he is playing in a game where the object is too win, a person like Paulie thinks it is okay for him to do something to another person, yet when it is his turn he BLOWS UP in anger. Paulie has and acts like he has been spoiled his whole life, it clearly shows on the live feeds. I really hope Paulie goes back and watches the feeds and makes a personality change for himself. He will realize being a “nice” person is actually highly rewarding because you constantly don’t have to justify yourself, which Paulie does. Life works paradoxically that way, sometime the one who say and acts that they are the “strongest” are actually the weakest. If Bridgette is a “feminist”, good for her, why does it bother Paulie, because anything that bothers Paulie he considers on a different level from himself rather then actually understand what something means.
I dislike “Stereotypes” and labels, yet Paulie has the neanderthal, drag women by the hair attitude and he forgets we live in 2016.


Paulie is not an anomaly. He’s a sad reflection of the ignorance and biases of our society. Hence a Trump candidacy. Frat boy entitled mentality. Ivy League swimmer getting a slap on the wrist after brutally raping an unconscious girl. It’s all around us. We still have a very long way to go.


Would of thumbs up but for your Trump comment. That’s as stupid as Paulie’s generalization that all jersey girls are no good.


Actually, Winterfell isn’t the only one who made a Trump reference. My husband made the comparison too. Go figure.


It has a lot to do with how parents raise their kids. At 28, Paulie still gets French kissed by his daddy, go figure.