“He’s [X] definitely some sort of government, military or law enforcement not a Lawyer.”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa Claire and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going to be evicted.

3:10 pm Tiff, Claire and Kyland.
Tiff about Xavier’s Age “I mean 27 are you kidding me.”
Claire – he told me that Cody said he was 27 and he was 32.. I did not remember that. he really knew that.
Tiff – I have never seen a 27 year old SO disciplined he has the magnetic pull of an older person. Somebody that people listen to his leadership his discipline. 27 are you kidding. The way you were raised and your career have totally been parallel to give you that type.. to allow for that type of discipline. He’s overly experienced in life for a 27 year old”
Claire – he really open about not being open about this life
Ky – as a parent can you not ask for a picture of your kids
Tiff – as a parent HELL YEAH
Ky – ok, I think about that a lot
Claire – that he had a kid?
Tiff brings up X telling them he was considering getting married and 24/25 years of age. “Look at how he maintains himself he doesn’t have the youthism of a..”
Ky – a DX
Claire – yeah
Tiff – I’m 22 so of course, I’m … (LOL)
Tiff – he is not young to me at all. Nothing about him screams young. I know 35 year old men then are still very youthful as well. He could easily be 32 to 37 years old.
Ky – from a casting perspective this could be tricky.. this would be the first year they had 5 over thirty cast..
They keep going on about how mature X is.
Tiff – X 27? he’s definitely 37… 37 is not old..
Tiff thinks X is some sort of law enforcement.
Claire – he knows how to give false tells and he thought about giving false tells to Brent.
Tiff – remember when I said he walks the straight and narrow
Tiff goes on about how X can’t do anything wrong “His lifestyle doesn’t allow that”
Tiff – A bartender that doesn’t know anything about bartending.. are you kidding. No mint julep, no name of the wines.
Clair e- he said he did Events and the events end at midnight that is why he goes to bed early
Tiff – how does he make a living then?
Tiff – Milwaukee is that where he lives? He’s an agent of some sort. He never tells anything I would agree it’s some sort of law enforcement. People are so comfortable opening up to him and confiding in him without them telling him anything at all. the bare bare minimum

Claire – he’s very good at asking questions. My one on ones with him are very intense. Dx said that Brinti said that they all said that to me.
Tiff – he’s definitely some sort of government, military or law enforcement not a Lawyer. I don’t get an attorney from him
Ky – no no no definitely
Tiff – I don’t get an attorney from him
Claire – no he’s not an attorney

Tiff – everybody has to run something by X .. like what does X think. He ain’t gettin nuthin from me ever. I don’t give a f* if he stays in this house
Claire – YEAH
Tiff – I will never tell him anything
Tiff goes on about Xavier playing a derrick (BB16) game.
Tiff – I don’t need X to think for me

3:30 pm Azah joins them.
Azah is telling them about a bidet toilet
Azah – it feels kinda nice on the butt
Azah – you don’t have many nerve endings there so it more like a good pain (oh)
Ky – on the bottom or in the hole
Tiff – the hole
Azah – around it
Tiffany – I nair there.. I nair my butt. Yes
Ky – does it burn
Azah – if you leave it too long
Claire – what is it, a chemical?
Azah – it’s a depilatory
Ky – how often do you do it?
Tiff – I do it every Saturday
Feeds cut.. (LOL)

3:41 pm BIGD changing the garbage
(Haven’t seen him on the couch for a bit WTF is going on?)

3:49 pm Alyssa and X were both napping Big Brother told them to stop.

3:57 pm BIGD now doing the dishes.. While outside they are talking about Toy Story

4:44 pm Tiffany and Hannah
Tiff – I remember in third-grade kids would talk about my sideburns I was like ‘I hate my sideburns’. Momma Shariff was like your sideburns are beautiful just wait until you get older. I was like well they can wait until I get older. So I took some scissors and I tried to cut them. But then they kept going so I had to go all the way around.
They laugh.
After the chit chat they start talking about the attempt to get Alyssa to use the veto on X.
Tiff – it was fun though I enjoyed doing it.
Tiff – X was so mad he tried to come up and tell me he wasn’t. he was mad.

4:52 pm X and BIGD
X tells him whatever Tiffany does Hannah will do.
X – if anyone takes a shot at Tiffany they almost have to put Hanna up if Hannah were to win teh power of veto she would pull Tiffany down.
BIGD – that means Hannah is coming for me to. If Tiffany is coming for me that means Hanny is coming for me.
X – if tiffany is going over Kyland then Hannah is going for Kyland first.
X – Tiffany wants Kyland and I to take each other out at 6.
DF – all the girls want that I think they want you guys to go after each other while they use me as the pawn. We have to make sure we’re THICK
X – we’re good. Ky and I have been comparing notes significantly. they are trying to get us to take that shot against each other.

4:56 pm Azah and BIGD
BIGD – I’ve told Tiffany to her face I’m going to put her up if I win HOH this week
Azah – you already said that and that’s fine
BIGD – I don’t want her to know I’m coming for her
Azah – if Alyssa wins it means Tiffany goes home.
BIGD – I don’t want her to know I’m coming for her the only person I told was you and Hannah
BIGD – I want Tiffany, I’ve been waiting.

4:57 pm DF goes back to cleaning.

5:24 pm DF to Claire/Alyssa.
DF – I like to cook and clean at the same time so that once we’re done the only thing that is left is people’s dishes. I tried to get the right pillows in the right rooms

5:45 pm DF and Claire talking about how the ages of this cast balance out
DF – I’m excited to take Britini out.. (God help her)
X walks by
Df – what’s up chocolate drop..
Claire and DF talk about how much Britini can drink. Claire thinks Britini would get drunk fast.
Alyssa joins them..
DF – Alyssa would hang but I couldn’t go Alyssa we’re taking 5 shots lets go out
Alyssa – YES I can
DF – OHH realy
Alyssa – I was a bartender at HOOTERs for six years we would take about 10 a shift. (Yikes)
DF – ohh okay…
Feeds cut.

6:03 pm DF and Xavier
X – whoever wins HOH if it’s the right person we all got top 5
DF – of course, but it could be the wrong person
X – we’re all in danger
DF – Tiffany could win that 6th HOH we’re all f***

DF says he’s been practicing his goodbye speech for tiffany.
X – you’re evil
Df – I want it..
X – from a game perspective and Ky knows this two I don’t think any of us can take her to the final 2 at win.
DF – if it comes down to me and Ky and you take Ky I won’t take it personally He’s got more people in jury that would vote for him. I don’t have nobody. Brinti and Azah that’s it.
DF says if he wins he’ll put up Alyssa and Tiffany.
DF – if Alyssa wins veto that’s not my fault. Tiffany can win veto and I’ll put up Hannah.
DF – call it a day you’re safe.. We can play this game but when we get down to six we can’t be bitter
X – Tiffany gets emotional
Ky walks by DF switches to talking about home life..

6:15 pm Feeds cut to pound kittens.
7:00 pm feeds no

7:40pm Still puppies..

8:24pm – 8:42pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds. Most of the house guests are sitting around the living room couch chatting about random things. Ky talks about how the only celebrity he was told he looks like was Usher but only when he would wear a certain leather jacket. The other house guests don’t see it and say they think Xavier looks more like Usher. Alyssa says that she is told she looks like Penelope Cruz, Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande. Azah says that back in the 2000’s she was told she looked like Heather Headley.

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Hopeful for a Good Season

Hopefully Tiff follows Claire during double eviction.


cookout will try hard to boot Alyssa


I’m hoping for chaos. To see Alyssa to win HOH or veto Thursday. I want to see CO shakeup. Don’t get me wrong I would like to see a CO win but I want to see real game moves. I’m not a fan of DX but him backdooring Christian was a big move unfortunately it later backfired on him but I think he was a good player.


Can anyone tell me who’s side Kyland is on ? It seems like he’s playing both sides but if he won hoh who is he targeting ? After Alyssa ?


I think he is playing both sides but I really think he’s Team Guys. I think once Alyssa is gone he’ll go for Tiff. That depends if Alyssa doesn’t wins HOH or POV.

Christime Ahrens

They better watch tiff shes trouble maker and Hannah. Claire is goung home and tiff this week too.

Tiff”s WAP

Did anyone check out what Ky and Tiff were doing under the sheets? This explains why she so badly wanted SB.

Taste of Meds

No way? Ky is too young for Tiff. Also, was Ky attracted to SB? It seemed very platonic. Also, SB has a girlfriend.


Ky is gay, y’all.


From the intro to houseguests write ups Ky says to identify as a pansexual with a current girlfriend when entering the house.


Ky is not gay. He has a gf.

big brother lover

does Claire know she is going home?

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Duh, she’s white, but nonetheless all previous evictees are sure pretending to be none the wiser….Good actors or just dumber than Fessy….


LOL, right on reflection